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The Church Witch

The Church Witch

By Lauren Wilde
A podcast curated and led by Lauren Wilde, The Church Witch. This podcast is for those deconstructing their structured faith systems, through a mystical lense. We will explore more mystical and esoteric paths such as astrology, witchcraft, shadow work, rewilding, embodiment, tantra, with the goal of over all expanding consciousness and compassion into the world.

There will be much discussion and interviews with those on similar dharmic paths, helping other humxns find and seek ways of exploring their own inner worlds, new lenses of spirituality and over all come home to their souls.
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Embodied Reclamation: My Heart is Good, My Body is Safe
What is reclamation? How do I trust myself if I’ve been told my heart is bad? What is an archetype? Drawing the reclamation baseline - the body. Divine Feminine Spiritual concepts vs Patriarchal Spiritual concepts.
April 26, 2021
The Backbone of The Witch Archetype: Skillful Sovereignty
Join me to breakdown and discuss deconstruction from a spiritual shamanic perspective. Words are spells. Boundaries are spells basics. Skillful Sovereignty teachings
April 23, 2021
HER STORY PART 2: Navigating Spiritual Death
This episode Lauren talks about spiritual death, and her past. Also she talks about death work such as divorce, deconstruction, and more. Lauren shares her story of leaving Church and trying to find a new sense of self. Trigger warning around suicide
January 05, 2021
The Church Witch HERstory and What Got Me Here...
TRIGGER WARNING  Self harm, depression, and past drug usage.  This podcast is around my personal past and what got me here. I discuss my childhood and mental health related issues, my story of how i came to church then had to leave it.  We talk about inner children, shamanic death, initiation , and how structured religion  gave me the roots to ground, but not to grow.  join me on IG @thechurchwitch  Lauren Wilde, The Church Witch 
December 28, 2020
The Birth of The Church Witch
Welcome to my podcast.. this is a bit of my story about leaving evangelical Christianity, finding new forms of faith and community, and what I’m intentionally creating this container to become.
December 17, 2020