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The Classroom Collaborative Podcast

The Classroom Collaborative Podcast

By Deedee Wills and Adam Peterson
The Classroom Collaborative Teacher Podcast is a show about teaching, classroom, and education. Join Deedee Wills and Adam Peterson we tackle new classroom tips and tricks in every episode. Our hearts are centered in primary education with our years of experience in Pre-K, kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade classrooms, but we also connect with outside experts and teachers throughout the K-12 professional development. This teacher podcast is for you!
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Ways to increase writing in all subjects

The Classroom Collaborative Podcast

Teach Children in a Way They Want to Learn With Special Guest Jerry Kolber
In today's episode of the Classroom Collaborative Podcast, Deedee and Adam sit down with the creative genius that is Jerry Kolber!   Jerry is the co-founder and CEO of edutainment company Atomic Entertainment Group. He is also an Emmy-nominated co-creator and showrunner of Nat Geo's biggest hit series Brain Games and Netflix's Brainchild with Pharrell Williams. Beginning his career within the production auditing department of New York Undercover, Jerry dove in headfirst when it came to working in the entertainment field with networks as varied as Disney, Bravo, HBO, National Geographic, Animal Planet,  and MTV. Overall, Jerry has written, produced, supervised, and run over 400 episodes of various premium television and streaming content pieces. Today, Jerry is focused on education - specifically changing the game to create a system that helps children learn without stamping them all out of the same mold along the way. He is the voice behind Who Smarted? a podcast that’s aimed at children aged 6 to 10. Each episode teaches kids something new through humor, stories, and even interactive games. Within just one year, they’ve hit 3 million downloads for the show. You can find Jerry: On Twitter:  @JerryKolber On Instagram: Who Smarted? Atomic Entertainment Group Find ways to help hook for kindergarten, first and second-grade students with the content found on Who Smarted? podcast  and it is free!
June 13, 2022
Let's Chat About Classroom Behavior with Brandie Rosen
Let's Talk about Classroom Behavior!  We have heard from countless kindergarten teachers and first-grade teachers about how classroom behaviors are more prevalent in schools. In this episode of the Classroom Collaborative Podcast, Deedee is joined by special guest Brandie Rosen.  Deedee and Brandie discuss a few practical ideas to include in your classroom to help students become more independent and self regulating. Brandie has spent the past 25 years as a special education teacher, administrator, and teacher coach. She has mentored 1000s of teachers, built district-wide programs, and trained teachers both nationally and internationally in creating classrooms that work for all students. She has worked with students with and without disabilities from preschool through high school. She provides training in classroom management, behavior,  and all things special education.   She is passionate about creating professional development for teachers that is practical, meaningful, and most importantly, makes their lives easier.  She has also created online courses and memberships in classroom management, special education, and behavior management. You can learn more about Brandie on her website:
May 24, 2022
Summer is Coming! Teachers on Summer Break!
Elementary teachers in summer!   How are you taking a break and how can you fill your teacher bucket?  Adam and Deedee talk about some professional learning opportunities for kindergarten and first-grade teachers.  They offer suggestions on books to read and conferences that will get them excited for next year! Learn more about The Educator Summit by going to: The Educator Summit Catch up on all of the past podcast notes by heading to:
May 17, 2022
Spread Classroom and Community Kindness with Yellow Day!
Deedee and Adam chat about Adam's kindness movement that has spread globally.  His #betheyellow message challenges people of all ages to create brightness wherever they go! Adam's TEDx Talk Yellow Day Activities How can you include these kindness ideas in your own classroom?  Listen as Adam explains what Yellow Day looks like in his own kindergarten classroom.
May 02, 2022
Blending Practices that Yield Better Results
Deedee and Adam continue their discussion on the Science of Reading. Specifically, they discuss blending and segmenting best practices.  Deedee was asked by a kindergarten teacher if teachers should include alphabet cards that include the key sound picture (mnemonics) on the card to practice blending and segmenting. Listen in to learn about how to make your instruction more efficient and more effective. Learn more and download the free file mentioned by clicking: Phonics Blending Best Practices – Blending Practices That Yield Better Results Learn more about the Science of Reading in these articles: What Does A Science Of Reading Lesson Plan Look Like? Free File Too How To Teach Blending Letter Sounds And Word-Building In Kindergarten
April 25, 2022
How Much Time Should a Phonics Lesson Take?
How Much Time Should a Phonics Lesson Take? Deedee and Adam discuss an article by Tim Shanahan where he answers the question about the length of a phonics lesson and best practices.  Deedee and Adam talk about phonics instruction AND application in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms through the lens of the Science of Reading. High leverage routines will have students actively apply phonics skills while practicing blending and segmenting. By making your lessons more concise and explicit, you can shorten the time spent doing low-yielding activities.  A few tweaks to your routines will result in amazing results. How Much Phonics Should I Teach? Learn more about the daily routines of a Science of Reading Lesson Plan by clicking: What Does A Science Of Reading Lesson Plan Look Like? Free File Too
April 18, 2022
Sound Walls or Word Walls? Which are Better?
Deedee and Adam continue to talk about the Science of Reading and specifically get into the differences between sound walls and word walls in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms. Listen in as they discuss an article found on Reading Rockets: Transitioning from Word Walls to Sound Walls
February 28, 2022
Are Leveled Texts Bad? Let's Chat About the Science of Reading
Deedee and Adam discuss the Science of Reading and how it affects leveled texts in kindergarten and first grade.  Many teachers continue to use guided reading as part of their small group instruction or intervention instruction. Deedee and Adam chat about the texts we select to use in our classrooms.  They offer tweaks to instruction that will help teachers align their practices closer to the ideals outlined with structured literacy. Read more about the difference between Leveled Texts and Guided Reading: Are Guided Reading Lesson Plans Wrong? 5 Ways To Bring The Science Of Reading Into Your Classroom
February 05, 2022
Social Emotional Learning in Kindergarten with Elizabeth Coller
Deedee and Adam discuss social-emotional learning with Elizabeth Coller.  Elizabeth is a kindergarten teacher in California and teaches in a Montessori-inspired charter school that emphasizes the importance of social-emotional learning from elementary school to high school. Elizabeth shares some classroom environment strategies that will change the way you approach classroom management and building classroom community.  Through teaching, practice, lessons, and modeling the classroom becomes student-led with peer-to-peer accountability.  This frees up instructional time so the teacher can then focus on instruction and the curriculum.  Come and get inspired by what you hear! You can find Elizabeth Coller on: YouTube Instagram Facebook The KinderHearted Classroom
January 03, 2022
Emergent Writing with Whitney La Rocca Author of Patterns of Wonder
Teaching writing to PreK, kindergarten, and first-grade students can be challenging. Deedee is joined by the author of Patterns of Wonder, Whitney La Rocca as she simplifies the process and offers advice to primary teachers!  This is a must-listen episode!  You can find Whitney's book on Stenhouse Publishers or on Amazon. Inviting Emergent Writers to Play with the Conventions of Language by Whitney La Rocca and Jeff Anderson About Whitney: Whitney La Rocca, with more than 20 years in education, has been a teacher, a literacy coach, and a consultant, working with children and teachers across grade levels, schools, and districts. With a deep knowledge of content, standards, and best practices, Whitney enjoys delivering professional development and coaching teachers to support children as they develop their identities in the world of literacy. She continues to learn from children each day.
December 12, 2021
Homework? Nope, HomePLAY!
Is homework appropriate for kindergarten? In this episode, Deedee and Adam share ideas that allow students to practice essential skills as homework, but it feels like play... because it is!  They will discuss some ideas that primary teachers can use in their own classroom with kindergarten and first-grade students that are fun.  Games are a great way to activate learning and they encourage more time on task. Instead of homework, try these instead: HomePlay Activities BUMP Games
November 08, 2021
Boddle Learning!
Deedee and Adam chat with Edna from Boddle Learning.  What is Boddle Learning?  It is a free 3D math game that makes learning fun and personalized.  This is not just for kindergarten!   Boddle Learning has curriculum-based learning for K-6 students!  Best of all... it is free for teachers. Teachers have control of the math games and activities that students experience.   In this episode, you will hear the history behind this start-up that has gotten the attention of AT&T and Google!  You can learn more about Boddle by clicking: Boddle Learning
October 06, 2021
What Is Mastery?
Deedee and Adam chat about what mastery is and how it should be assessed. This conversation was inspired by an email that Deedee received about assessing letter sounds.  The question circled around what are we assessing and how much support should be given while assessing? Are we really helping students in the long run if alter assessments?  Take a listen!
September 27, 2021
Shifting the Balance Author Interview
Deedee chats with Jan Burkins and Kari Yates about their blockbuster book, Shifting the Balance.  6 Ways to Bring the Science of Reading into the Balanced Literacy Classroom.
September 20, 2021
Fine Motor with Marsha McGuire
Deedee is joined by Marsha McGuire to discuss fine motor skills in kindergarten.   Marsha shares some ideas that every teacher can incorporate into their daily instruction that will strengthen students' fine motor skills. Grab your exclusive Podcast Free file: Podcast Free File Where can you find Marsha?: Differentiated Kindergarten Blog Follow her on: Instagram Facebook Teachers Pay Teachers
July 25, 2021
Redshirting In Kindergarten
Deedee and Adam discuss some of the pros and cons that surround redshirting in kindergarten. SOURCES:  Samuels, Christina A. , 2017, August 29, Delaying Child’s Starting Age for School a Tough Call for Parents, Education Weekly Wong, Alia,  Updated, 2021, March 11,  Beyond the Pros and Cons of Redshirting, Atlantic Weekly, Podcast: Cult of Pedagogy, 2016, APRIL 24,  Kindergarten Redshirting: How Kids Feel About it Later in Life,
July 19, 2021
The Teacher Road Trip!
Deedee and Adam chat about the upcoming Teacher Road Trip.  This is a series of teacher meet-ups that will be hosted by some amazing sponsors. Fort Worth Tailgate:  June 7 Atlanta Tailgate: June 11 Nashville Tailgate: June 14 Teachers must register at: The Teacher Road Trip Follow the fun on their Instagram Channel: @teacherroadtrip
June 04, 2021
Be The Yellow - Let's Make This The Kindest Week Ever!
Adam and Deedee chat about the #betheyellow movement and the worldwide celebration called Make Someone's Day Yellow! Visit for more information! Get the FREE pack here: English Version Spanish Version
May 02, 2021
A Chat with Hilary Statum
Deedee and Adam chat with Hilary Statum. Hilary is a teacher out of Tennessee!  In this episode, Hilary discusses her life in the classroom while balancing pregnancy, motherhood, and life! Here is where you can find Hilary Pencils to Pigtails Blog Instagram Facebook Pinterest
April 29, 2021
Take The Learning Outside
Deedee and Adam talk about ways to take learning outside!  The weather is starting to get warmer so why not take the kiddos outside! You can find some ideas in Adam's book, Teach, Play, Learn!: How to Create a Purposeful Play-Driven Classroom Here are a few additional places you can get inspiration! 63 Outdoor Learning Activities 130+ FREE Outdoor Learning Activities For Kids Unexpectedly Stuck at Home
April 19, 2021
The Educator Summit!
In this bonus episode, Deedee and Adam discuss the upcoming event of the summer - The Educator Summit! I am thrilled to announce that I will be a featured presenter at The Educator Summit!  The Educator Summit is a three-day virtual conference with over 30 sessions presented by nationally recognized educational leaders. As an attendee of the summit you will receive: ·  Over 30 hours of on-demand professional development sessions ·  The ability to watch and replay to all of the sessions until September 27, 2021* ·  Certificate of attendance (please check with your district for their requirements) ·  Exclusive VIP free products that have been created specifically for this event *30 days for The Keynote Speakers Check out all of the event information and keynote speakers by going to:
April 15, 2021
Our Book Recommendations!
Deedee and Adam share some of their favorite books and some top picks that are available now! Here are some of the books that were discussed: Mrs. Spritzer's Garden Just Read Jasper and Ollie My Teacher is a Robot Dude! Just Ask! Dancing Hands Are We There Yet?
March 29, 2021
Our Favorite YouTube Channels!
Deedee and Adam talk about a few of their favorite teacher-related YouTube channel recommendations for teachers. Here is a list with links to their channels: The Lettered Classroom Kris Szajner (Tech) Pocketful of Primary IMSE (Orton-Gillingham Training) The Kinderhearted Classroom ESGI Assessments and Webinars TedX Talk Parent to Parent (Matt Glover writing)
March 15, 2021
A Day in the Life of Virtual Teaching with Cindy Price
Adam and Deedee are joined by their good friend, Cindy Price.  Cindy is a first-grade teacher in Delaware and has been teaching virtually since last March of 2020.   She explains how she maintains her energy despite being pulled in so many directions.  
March 08, 2021
5 Ways to Support Multilingual Students
Deedee and Adam discuss ways to support not only your multilingual students but all of your students through 5 specific strategies that were discussed in the Edutopia article. Read this article for yourself by visiting: Supporting Multilingual Students in the Early Grades You can find this free website for wonderful photos that will help spark conversations and help build student background knowledge: Photos for Class
March 01, 2021
Ways to increase writing in all subjects
Deedee and Adam talk about ways to increase the writing your students do across all of the subjects. Why? "Writing about content material facilitates learning by consolidating information in long-term memory." Professor Steve Graham from the Teachers College at Arizona State University Having students write down what they understand about a topic, helps to identify gaps in their understanding. How? Here are a few of the suggestions that were listed in the article: I "wonder" journals Travel journals Low-stakes writing Student-created magazines Creative writing Read this entire article by clicking: The Research is in:  Why Students Should Write in All Subjects Additional ideas to incorporate writing throughout the day: Project-Based Learning Anywhere by Dr. Lori Elliott A Place for Wonder | Reading and Writing Nonfiction in the Primary Grades by Georgia Heard and Jennifer McDonough
February 22, 2021
The Power of YET with Katie Mense
Deedee and Adam chat with Katie Mense about her new book, Yani, the Yeti.  Katie shares about the process she went through to self publish her first children's book!   Katie offers her tips for finding an illustrator to make the story come to life. You can find this book on Amazon Affiliate link by clicking:  Yani the Yeti: and the Power of Yet Here are a few of the links to resources we mentioned in the podcast: Yeti Mountain Adventure Kindergarten Classroom Transformation Yani the Yeti and the Power of Yet: Book Companion Activities FREE Yani the Yeti and the Power of Yet Coloring sheet Here is how you can find Katie Mense: Little Kinder Warriors Blog Little Kinder Warriors on Instagram Little Kinder Warriors on Facebook
February 15, 2021
Don't Miss This Conference! ILASCD PreK-K Conference Preview with Ryan Nevius
Deedee and Adam chat with Ryan Nevius from Illinois ASCD.  Every year, this is a massive Pre-K and Kindergarten conference that is going virtual this year.  Ryan shares how nimble they needed to be to bring amazing content to teachers everywhere!  Learn more about this conference by clicking. ILLINOIS ASCD 2021 PRE-K AND KINDERGARTEN CONFERENCE
February 08, 2021
Checking For Understanding In A Digital World
Deedee and Adam discuss ways to check for understanding digitally.  Back in 2015, an article was written for The Reading Teacher, but it seems like it was made for 2020-2021!  Teachers today have expressed how challenging it is to keep students engaged during distance learning.   Some of these tools may help improve student involvement while also providing great feedback around student understanding. Here are a few of the tools Adam and Deedee discussed: Kahoots Socrative Poll Everywhere Doodle Buddy Quizizz Seesaw Ozmo BOOM Learning You can find the article that Deedee and Adam discussed in: The Reading Teacher Vol.69 Issue 3 November/December 2015
February 01, 2021
Selecting texts to use in your classroom.
Deedee and Adam discuss an article from The Reading Teacher on text selection and integration.  The article titled, "Five Steps Towards Successful Culturally Relevant Text Selection and Integration," walks teachers through the changing demographics and the need for culturally responsive pedagogy.  Here is some information that you might find helpful: The Reading Teacher Vol.71, NO.3 pp 295-307  November/December 2017 Websites with Book Lists American Indian Youth Literature Award Americas Award Arab American Book Award  Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature Batchelder Award Belpre Medal Caldecott Medal Carter G Woodson Book Award Children's Africana Book Award Coretta Scott King Book Award ILA Notable Books for a Global Society Jane Addams Children's Book Award Newbery Medal Skipping Stopes Honor Awards Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award Tomas Rivera Mexican American Children's Book Award Suggested Additional Professional Reading Unpack Your Impact: How Two Primary Teachers Ditched Problematic Lessons and Built a Culture-Centered Curriculum Teachers Who Share Book Ideas on Social Media Vera Ahiyya The Tutu Teacher on Instagram Mike at The Book Wrangler on Instagram
January 25, 2021
100th Day Ideas for In-Person or Virtual Learning Fun!
Deedee and Adam catch up after a long winter break and chat about some fun ways to make the 100th day of school as fun as possible in this ever-changing year of education!
January 18, 2021
Zoo Camp! Virtual Learning and Engagement with guest Cynthia Kaye
Deedee and Adam sit down with Cynthia Kaye to talk about the exciting new learning platform from Alive Studios called Zoo Camp! Students learn letters and sounds with live teacher instruction and engagement. HINT: Adam is the teacher! Learn more:
December 21, 2020
We Got PrincipalED with Dr. Rachael George
Get your copy of PrincipalED From fighting wildland fires with the U.S. Forest Service to putting out fires in the classroom, education was the last place that Rachael thought she’d end up.  It wasn’t until a hard conversation with a base manager in Grangeville, Idaho did Rachael realize she needed to put her chainsaw down and make a bigger impact on the world.  Rachael is a member of the ASCD Emerging Leaders Class of 2015 and currently serves as the principal of Sandy Grade School in the Oregon Trail School District.  Over the past seven years, Sandy Grade School has moved from being one of the lowest ranked elementary schools in the state of Oregon to performing in the top 20% of elementary schools.  Sandy Grade School has been recognized by the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) as a Model School for closing the achievement gap.  Prior to serving as an elementary principal, she was a middle school principal of an “outstanding” and two-time “Level 5: Model School” as recognized by the State of Oregon.  Rachael serves as the Coalition of Oregon School Administrators President Elect, is the NAESP State Representative for Oregon, and is an NAESP Fellow. Rachael just released her first book PrincipalED: Navigating the Leadership Learning Curve with two friends and has two other books in the works. She specializes in curriculum development, instructional improvement as well as working with at-risk students and closing the achievement gap.  Connect with Rachael on Twitter @DrRachaelGeorge.
December 14, 2020
That Episode That Was About Nothing AND Everything
In this episode Deedee and Adam talked about trying to find gratitude in this moment in time.
November 23, 2020
Teaching Sight Words When Students Struggle Part 2
Deedee and Adam continue their discussion on how to help students who are struggling to learn to read. They discuss the Orton-Gillingham approach to instruction. Join them! They discuss how using the science of reading and orthographic mapping to teach high-frequency words to move students away from memorization and guide them towards mastery. Read more about the Science of Reading Lesson format by going to: What Does A Science Of Reading Lesson Plan Look Like? Free File Too
November 16, 2020
Teaching Sight Words When Students Struggle
Deedee and Adam discuss how to help students who are struggling to learn to read. They discuss the Orton-Gillingham approach to instruction. They discuss how using the science of reading and orthographic mapping to teach high-frequency words move students away from memorization.  Read more about the Science of Reading Lesson format by going to: What Does A Science Of Reading Lesson Plan Look Like? Free File Too
November 09, 2020
Professional Books for Teacher with Guest Tara Martin
Deedee and Adam are joined again by their special friend Tara Martin. In this episode, Tara gives a preview of some of the teacher professional reading books that are available through Dave Burgess Publishing!
November 02, 2020
Don't forget to PLAY! (Even Virtually) Part 2
In today's podcast episode, Deedee and Adam share some play ideas teachers can use in their classroom. You can incorporate a few play ideas while still teaching! About the Podcast The Classroom Collaborative Podcast is a show about teaching, classroom, and education. We tackle new classroom tips and tricks in every episode. About Your Hosts Deedee Wills is an early childhood educator, instructional coach, and international educational consultant. She is also the author of the award-winning blog, Mrs. Wills Kindergarten. Adam Peterson is a kindergarten teacher, nationally recognized speaker, and educational consultant. He also the creator of the popular YouTube channel, I hope you enjoyed this episode! See you on the next one! Deedee & Adam
October 25, 2020
Teaching Virtually with Guest Greg Smedley-Warren
Deedee and Adam are joined by their friend, Greg to discuss his experience with virtual teaching and how he has prepared as his classroom transitions to face-to-face instruction!
October 12, 2020
Don't forget to PLAY! (Even Virtually) Part 1
Deedee and Adam share some play ideas teachers can use in their classroom. You can incorporate a few play ideas while still teaching!
October 05, 2020
Phonological Awareness with Special Guest Deanna Jump
Phonological Awareness with Special Guest: Deanna Jump
September 14, 2020
Back to School Assessments! Yes, You CAN!
Deedee and Adam talk about some new back to school assessments and ways to manage assessments while teaching virtually.
September 07, 2020
The Collaborative Classroom with Trevor Muir
Trevor Muir joins Deedee and Adam in this episode to share his passion for teaching essential skills that many would consider "soft skills."
August 17, 2020
Bitmoji Classrooms and more with Dr. Lori Elliot
Lori discussed the Bitmoji Classroom craze has caught on this year with Deedee and Adam.
August 10, 2020
Facilitating Student Talk with Virtual Teaching
Deedee and Adam discuss questions they have received about how to facilitate student talk while virtual teaching.
August 03, 2020
Conversations with the "Other Side"
Deedee and Adam discuss this "other side" issue in this episode.
July 20, 2020
Preparing for Conversations with your Students about Race and Covid-19
Deedee and Adam share some tips so you can be prepared.
July 13, 2020
Back to School in 2020?
Deedee and Adam talk about what "Back to School" might look like in 2020.
July 06, 2020
Virtual Professional Development
Deedee and Adam return to talk about virtual teacher conferences! We discuss what we love about them and what we miss about in-person conferences!
June 29, 2020
Why Is It Hard to Talk to People About Race Part 2 with Marisol Rerucha
Deedee and Adam continue their conversation with Marisol Rerucha and talk about why it is so hard to talk about race
June 15, 2020
Why Is It Hard to Talk to People About Race Part 1 with Marisol Rerucha
Over the last two weeks, the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and many others have rightfully driven our nation to sorrow and outrage about systemic racism and its profound impact on Black lives in America.
June 08, 2020
Summer Living List While Social Distancing
Deedee and Adam talk about their "Summer Living List." Join them!
June 01, 2020
Trauma Informed Intervention with Guest Linsey McDanel
There are times when we, as teachers, feel helpless. I think we can all recall a student who really struggled with behaviors that were disruptive. Adam and Deedee sit down with Linsey McDanel who shared her personal journey with Trauma-Informed Behavior Interventions.
May 18, 2020
How to Decompress During Stressful Times
There is no doubt that this moment in time of distance learning is stressful. Teachers are being asked to stretch themselves in ways that nobody could imagine. So how can teachers recharge their batteries? Deedee and Adam have a few suggestions. You can see these tips from
May 14, 2020
Virtual Field Trips to Engage Your Students
During this time of social distancing, taking students on a virtual field trip might be exactly what you need! Deedee and Adam discuss a few ideas for virtual field trips. Find a few additional suggestions at:
April 30, 2020
Next Level Teaching w/ Jonathan Alsheimer
Adam and Deedee sit down to talk to Jonathan Alsheimer, the author of the book, Next Level Teaching. Jonathan is an international speaker and they talk about the limitless impact teachers have on their classroom and school culture. You can follow Jonathan on Twitter: @mr_Alsheimer Grab his book today on Amazon: Next Level Teaching
April 20, 2020
Embrace, Love, Free with special guest Justin Sandler
Deedee and Adam sit down to talk with director, film maker, actor, drummer, writer, speaker, and cancer survivor, Justin Sandler.  Justin shared his positive message of how he overcame obstacles and how you can too!  You do not want to miss this episode! You can find Justin Sander at: Watch his award-winning film on Amazon Prime:
April 13, 2020
Tools For Teaching Remotely!
Deedee and Adam sit down to talk about tools teachers can use during this time of distance learning. -Seesaw -Flipgrid -Alive Studios (our sponsors) -Zoom (be mindful of security settings) Book recommendations by Alice Keeler on Google Classroom can be found on Dave Burgess Consulting
April 13, 2020
5 Must-Have Technology Sites for Kids with Guest Mary Amoson
Adam and Deedee site down with their good friend, Mary Amoson.  Mary shares her favorite technology sites for primary grade students.  There is even a bonus recommendation! Teach Your Monster to Read Epic! Sight Word Ninja ABC Mouse Class Dojo for Portfolios Vooks You can find Mary on her popular blog: Sharing Kindergarten
March 30, 2020
Balanced Literacy: Writing Instruction
Deedee and Adam discuss writing instruction in the primary grades. They will share their tips for keeping writing instruction fresh and how to instill the love of writing for yourself and your students. Recommended Resources: In Pictures and In Words by Katie Wood Ray
March 30, 2020
LIVE Episode: Teaching Remotely
With the closings of schools due to the Clovid-19 virus, teachers are working in overdrive to try to create meaningful lessons and connections with their students. Distance teaching can be challenging, but Adam and Deedee will share a few tips to make it a bit easier. Be well! Resources Mentions: Osmo ABC Mouse Flipgrid Marco Polo Matt Miller - Ditch that Textbook Homeschool Virtual Field Trips
March 20, 2020
Powering Through Self-Doubt with guest, Tara Martin
The Classroom Collaborative Teacher Podcast: Powering Through Self-Doubt with guest, Tara Martin. Adam and Deedee sit down with instructional coach, keynote speaker, and author Tara Martin to hear her incredible journey. Tara tells the story of her journey and how a second-grade teacher took her under her wing to change her life forever. Listen how she went from paddling in the shallow end to being a jumper in the deep end! She tells us to be real and cannonball in! Tara will inspire you! You do not want to miss this episode! You can find Tara Martin's children book, Cannonball In on Amazon You can find her inspirational book, Be REAL: Educate from the Heart on Amazon You can read more about Tara and find out how to reach her by visiting her website:
March 16, 2020
Encore Episode: Our Favorite Games and Activities to Foster Learning Through Play with Special Guest Kim Adsit!
We are going to do an encore episode this week because we got overwhelmed with conferences. Join Adam and Deedee as they continue their discussion on bring play into the classroom. They are joined by their special guest, Kim Adsit, as they share their favorite ways to couple learning with play. Kim Adsit taught kindergarten for over 30 years and now works as a national presenter. She has a passion for teaching and shares her ideas on her popular blog, Kindergals. This is a link to the original broadcast.
March 08, 2020
Balanced Literacy Part 4: Phonemic Awareness
In today's teacher podcast, Deedee and Adam continue their conversation about balanced literacy and the importance of phonemic awareness in early childhood education. They discuss the importance of segmentation and blending of sounds and their essential role as young children learn to read.
March 03, 2020
Balanced Literacy Chat with Melissa Leach
In today's teacher podcast, Deedee and Adam sit down to talk to literacy professional staff developer, Melissa Leach. Deedee and Adam continue their conversation surrounding balanced literacy and the implications for classroom instruction. More on Melissa! Leach’s Literacy Training, LLC provides unique and dynamic professional development for schools and school districts across the country. Melissa Leach, owner and president, is a sought after literacy change leader for her knowledge of the Balanced Literacy Framework and her ability to make success in each and every component feel achievable to every participant. Melissa has been a dynamic classroom teacher (Michigan and Texas; 2000-2008), a state-level Literacy Specialist (Texas; 2008-2012) a Professional Learning Designer for the District of Columbia Public Schools (DC; 2012-2014), and a K-12 ELAR and SLAR Specialist (Texas; 2014- 2015), and she currently works full-time alongside her team of literacy consultants to run Leach’s Literacy Training, LLC. It is Melissa’s life work to make an impact on student achievement. Leach’s Literacy trainings blend the research and knowledge of best practice Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop with hands-on application to a real-life classroom setting. Melissa’s desire to reach more students is happening, one teacher at a time. Visit Melissa's website to learn more. Find her on Facebook:
March 03, 2020
TEACHER PODCAST PHONICS INSTRUCTION In this teacher podcast episode, Deedee and Adam talk about phonics instruction in light of the science of reading. As life long learners, Deedee and Adam discuss how, sometimes, being a reflective teacher can be challenging.
March 03, 2020
Balanced Literacy - Part 2: Sight Words
In this podcast episode, Deedee and Adam talk about a new approach to teaching sight words in elementary classrooms. Based on the research, they discuss how sight words can actually be part of your explicit phonics instruction! Book Recommendations: A Fresh Look at Phonics by Wiley Blevins (Judy will you link to: This is Balanced Literacy by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Nancy Akhavan Judy will you (link to:
February 10, 2020
Encore Episode: When Students Struggle
Deedee and Adam share some tips to help communicate with parents to help support the student in and out of the classroom.
February 03, 2020
Finding Your Authentic Self with Jeff Koziatek!
Finding your authentic self with Jeff Koziatek! Adam and Deedee had the honor of chatting with Jeff Koziatek about how teachers can be true to themselves and bring out the best in those around them. Learn more about Jeff Koziatek and bring him to your school:
January 28, 2020
What is Balanced Literacy? Part 1 - Phonics
What is Balanced Literacy: Part 1-Phonics Deedee and Adam discuss the alarming statistics on language-related learning challenges and how that influences classroom instructional practices. They offer practical advice on how to incorporate more focused implicit instruction in less time. Read more on the article Adam shared on 2019 Educational Research:
January 28, 2020
Teach Better in 2020 with special guest Rae Hughart
Ep 24: Teach Better in 2020 with special guest Rae Hughart "Teach better today than you did yesterday. Teach better tomorrow than we did today." - Rae Hughart Three Tips for 2020: 1. Allowing your students to own their own learning. 2. Build-in community purpose and relevance. 3. Connect with other educators. Helpful links: LEARN MORE ABOUT RAE: VISIT THEIR WEBSITE: FACEBOOK GROUP: TWITTER: @teachbetterteam MASTERY CHAT ON TWITTER Thursday nights 7pm CST, 8pm, EST: #masterychat TEACH BETTER TALK PODCAST: EMAIL:
January 07, 2020
Make Someone's Day Yellow...All Year Long!!!
How can we make kindness an active part of our community? Adam will share the movement he started in 2013 that has spread around the nation. Y: It starts with you E: Engaging in a conversation L: Listen L: Learn O: Offer a compliment W: We Learn more and join in!
January 02, 2020
Growing Professionally with Dave and Shelley Burgess
Deedee and Adam are joined by the husband and wife team behind Dave Burgess Consulting, Dave and Shelley Burgess. We discuss how they, through their company, help give voice to teacher and education leadership authors. Learn the story behind Dave's blockbuster book, Teach Like a Pirate. You can find out more about Dave Burgess Consulting by visiting their website:
December 24, 2019
Engaging Students with Augmented Reality w/Special Guest Cynthia Kaye
Adam and Deedee sit down with the creator of Alive Studios, Cynthia B. Kaye, to discuss the past, present, and future of her award-winning software program that engages even the most reluctant learners.
December 16, 2019
Our Favorite Winter Books!
Join Deedee and Adam as they share some of their favorite winter books to use in your classroom! Here are some of the books we mentioned in this episode: Winter Dance Snow The Snowy Day Ice Bear The Snowbelly Family of Chillyville Inn The Missing Mitten Mystery Snow Day The Emperor's Egg Find additional winter read aloud book suggestions by clicking:
December 09, 2019
Celebrating In The Classroom!
Adam and Deedee talk about some fun holiday projects that can be enjoyed by the entire classroom! You can find Adam's Christmas Giving Project video by clicking: You can find Deedee's Snowman Project by clicking: You can learn more about Heifer International by clicking:
December 03, 2019
Classroom Fixer Upper with Jose Cortez!
Adam and Deedee sit down again with their special guest, Jose Cortez of Jose shares his latest project, Teacher Fixer Upper. Learn how this project came to be and listen in as he shares his thought process around designing a classroom that is student-centered. Links discussed in this episode: National Business Furniture: Save 10% with code: Berteau YouTube episodes of Teacher Fixer Upper: ESGI: Pajama Campaign Use code: GoodnightPodcast
November 29, 2019
5 Side Effect of An Organized Teacher with Special Guest Jose Cortez
Deedee and Adam sit down to discuss organization with their good friend, Jose Cortez of Berteau and Company. Jose discusses the 5 side effects of an organized teacher! They also discuss how organization and planning extend beyond the school day!
November 21, 2019
Engaging Students with Rich Literature
Teaching students to not only read but to LOVE reading is our passion! Join Deedee and Adam as they discuss engaging students in reading through rich literature!
November 13, 2019
Technology That Works!
Adam and Deedee share some of their classroom technology essentials! Vooks: Animated books free for teachers at this time! Chatterpix: Students can animate their illustrations (free). Document student learning and share it with parents (free) Osmo: An app that interacts with real objects Dot and Dash Coding: Robotic coding Bee Bots Coding: Robotic coding: Reading Eggs/Math Seeds: Online games that are differentiated for the individual student. ESGI: Online assessments. Use code: PODCAST for a discounted rate and 2 months free access
November 04, 2019
Project Based Learning w/ Special Guest DR. LORI ELLIOTT
Dr. Lori Elliott shares her passion for project-based learning with Deedee and Adam. She helps clarify the differences between themed classroom units of study and true PBL experiences. Dr. Elliott travels extensively to schools and districts as a mentor and facilitator. Learn more about her work by visiting her website:
October 28, 2019
Our Favorite Fall Books!!!
Deedee and Adam discuss some of their favorite books for fall! Here is a list of the classroom books that were discussed. These books are perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade teachers! Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant Boo! by Robert Munsch Creepy Pair of Underpants by Aaron Reynolds Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds Bat Loves the Night by Nicola Davies Otis by Loren Long Autumn's First Leaf by Steve Metzger Stellaluna by Janell Cannon They also discussed Storyline Online Audiobook Site:
October 21, 2019
Engaging Students with Room Transformations w/Special Guest - HOLLY EHLE!!!
Join Adam and Deedee while they chat with teacher, Holly Ehle. Holly shares her passion and practical tips for adding that something special to her classroom lessons that elevate student engagement. Follow Holly on her Facebook page to find inspiration!
October 21, 2019
Empowering Teachers w/Special Guest - ADAM DOVICO!
Join Adam and Deedee as they talk with Principal Adam Dovico empowering teachers! Adam Dovico shares how he helps celebrate teachers' strengths and works to build a positive school culture. About Adam Dovico: Adam is a principal, college professor, and national speaker. Additionally, he is the author of the books: The Limitless School: Creative Ways to Solve the Culture Puzzle (link: and Inside the Trenches: An Educator's Guide for What You CAN Do in the Classroom (link:
October 21, 2019
Tips For Teaching Writing
Join Adam and Deedee as they offer a few tips to help foster student independence during writing. Recommended Professional Development Books: Engaging Young Writers by Matt Glover In Pictures and In Words by Katie Wood Ray Related Blog Posts: Blog Posts About Writers Workshop
September 30, 2019
Strategic Assessments To Guide Your Instruction
How do you use assessments to guide your teaching?  Deedee and Adam discuss how to use formative assessments to help drive instruction! Want to try ESGI Software for streamlining your one-on-one assessments!?!?!  Visit and use code PODCAST to get 60 FREE Days plus $40 off your first year!
September 23, 2019
Games and More with special guest Kim Adsit!
Deedee and Adam invite their first guest to the podcast and chat all about learning games with the Dollar Store Diva, Kim Adsit!
September 15, 2019
Purposeful Play In Every Classroom. Yes, you can!
Ep.7  Deedee and Adam discuss balancing play with teaching in today's classroom.  They offer practical solutions on how to merge play with learning so everyone wins!
September 09, 2019
Bring KINDNESS Into The Classroom!
Deedee and Adam share their favorite ways to create a kinder classroom and make the world a brighter place!
September 02, 2019
Positive Partnerships with Parents!
Deedee and Adam share their tips for creating positive partnerships with the parents of your students!
August 26, 2019
Favorite Books To Read To Your Students!
Deedee and Adam share their favorite back-to-school (or anytime) books to read!!!
August 19, 2019
Make The First Day Of School Special!
This episode focuses on Deedee and Adam's favorite ways to make the first day of school as special as possible!
August 12, 2019
Teachers...take care of YOU!
In this episode, we share our favorite ways to separate school and home.  We strive to create a teacher work/life balance and offer our tips on doing so! Teachers, taking care of you - show notes
August 05, 2019
Why a podcast? Find out!
In this episode, Deedee and Adam introduce themselves.  Both Deedee and Adam work with kindergarten and first grade students.  They also provide professional development for teachers across the country. Why a podcast?
August 05, 2019