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The Coaster Podcast

The Coaster Podcast

By The Coaster Podcast
#TheCoasterPodcast is all about the fun, no limit to where the conversation goes and tackling the here and now. Russeni sits down to talk to friends, family and those that inspire him about all things in his thoughts. He can’t be the only one on this roller coaster, coasting and need a coaster for this strong drink called life.
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Lets talk diversity, visibility and disability ft. Miss Jacqui

The Coaster Podcast

The Scene ft. Jak Traded
It's the day to be educated on what the scene is! Join Russeni and Jak Traded as they dive right into queer lingo and slang. Have a listen and you might just pick up some new knowledge or gain some clarity. In this episode, Jak Traded also shares his journey from small town to big city London. #TheCoasterPodcast Socials Host: @russeni Guest: @jaktraded @queerartistsconnectuk Follow us:
November 04, 2021
Rounds on the dating Apps ft. Shanice Noel
Ever had a bad experience on a date? well, our Shanice definitely has and is here to share. Russeni also has her going back to the start of her career as a hairstylist. So grab a seat and maybe a snack and listen up to some of the wildest dating stories Shanice has to offer. #TheCoasterPodcast Socials Host: @russeni Guest: @shanicenoelhair Follow us:
October 28, 2021
10 Years of Love ft. Delicia
This week is all things love. Russeni and special guest Delicia go down memory lane and how she found her soulmate. If you love, love, then this episode is for you, and if don't have a listen and see if this changes your mind. Also, do you remember when Ayesha Curry said she wanted other guys to fancy her? #TheCoasterPodcast  Socials Host: @russeni Guest: @deliciaemusic Follow us:
October 21, 2021
Chicken Back is Life ft. Kirk-Ann Roberts
Join us this episode with Kirk-Ann Roberts where we talk all things, being a Jamaican immigrant. Russeni And Kirk-Ann dive right back into stories from their homeland, cuisine, music even the beatings growing up. So grab yourself a patty or a piece of chicken back and enjoy all the highs and lows from their very unique experiences. #TheCoasterPodcast Host: @russeni Guest: @kirkann.roberts Follow us:  
October 14, 2021
Testing, testing we’re back! ft. The Man Behind The Camera
After a break due to Miss. Rona The Coaster Podcast is back! In this episode, Russeni sits down with the man behind the camera Darien Charles. They talk about Darien's recent advantages and what and who got him to the path he's on. Hot topic talks petrol lines and the music industry and those that don't deserve air time. You're in for a good listen, just don't forget to leave a review as every little helps. #TheCoasterPodcast  Host: @russeni Guest: @rayzemedia Follow us too:
October 06, 2021
Lets talk diversity, visibility and disability ft. Miss Jacqui
Miss Jacqui joins us to talk about diversity and disability in 'the industry'. She even gives us a live performance from her EP Perception. Do yourself a favor, listen up, be blessed, and learn. #TheCoasterPodcast  Host: @russeni Guest: @iammissjacqui Follow us:
April 15, 2021
Harry and Meghan are just the tip ft. Sian Gentle-Green
It's been one of those weeks so let us break it down. Russeni and Oren Hanzo touch base with Sian to talk about almost all things race. They dive into hot topics from J-Lo to Meghan and even Khloe K. Have you seen Coming to America 2 because they have and they come with reviews. Sian then shares her experience growing up as a mixed-race woman and there's definitely something for everyone to take away. #TheCoasterPodcast Host: @russeni Guest: @siangentlegreen Follow us:
March 17, 2021
I survived ft. Xaharah
Don't you just enjoy a deep conversation? Well, thanks to Xaharah that's exactly what episode three brings to you. We didn't forget about the hot topics and laughs we just tailored it a bit. Hope you enjoy it and always remember we all have those days. #TheCoasterPodcast  Host: @russeni Guest: @xaharah7  Follow us:
March 03, 2021
Episode two is here!
Episode two is here! We are finding our feet and pushing on. Come and find out wagwan for us, and the hot topics of course. We've even got a thorn and a rose depending on what you need. Also do let us know what you think of our new jingle and if you do roller coasters or not? #TheCoasterPodcast  Host: @russeni Follow us:
February 17, 2021
The Coaster Podcast: Remember 2020?
To start off a new podcast and year, we look back at what came before. This week we dip our toe into 2020 and wrap it up. We touch base on the royal family, Miss Rona and of course tiger king.
February 03, 2021