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The Coffee Haus

The Coffee Haus

By Barrie Clark
The weekly ramblings and adventures of a new podcaster/ coffee roaster/ tea maker/ business owner. Consume your favorite form of caffeine and join me for some not very deep one sided conversation.
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Self Care for the over worked Millennial
Take a break! Know when to focus on self care. Taking care of yourself is important. Remember- we work so we can live, not the other way around. Small business of the week is Twin Ravens Studios: Also- check out Winks’ Home for Misfit Toys:
July 04, 2020
Coffee Shops- yays and nays.
Local coffee shops! What I look for in a good local coffee shop. Check out: *This week’s small business: Wicked Hollow Way! A wonderful couple who owns a small candle, oil, and jewelry business. Website:
June 27, 2020
Drogo amongst the Pandemic
How I have been weathering as a small business owner so far during the pandemic. Check out: Shout out this week to Sweet T’s candles! A wonderful small business owner who makes wonderful candles! Website:
June 19, 2020
Drogo- The chaos of being a small business owner.
The story of how Drogo Coffee and Tea started and has grown since then. Forgive the hiccups in the sound- this is baby’s first adventure into podcasts. To learn more about Drogo, be sure to visit!
June 10, 2020