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Comicbook talk from across the multiverse and beyond. This ain't your mothers Podcast.
Follow Zack and Justin as they talk comics, movies and all things about the hobby on this fresh new podcast.
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Season 2 Episode 26- 1st Gay Spider-man, Howard Stern In The MCU, Young Justice Phantom Review
Season 2 Episode 26- Justin and Zack continue the discussion on selling comics and what to use for pricing. 1st appearances announced both in DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Howard Stern joining the MCU? Young Justice Phantom season 4 review and Harley Quinn season 3 on HBO Max. Follow us on Instagram @Thecomiccompodcast Email us at
July 01, 2022
Season 2 Episode 25- Ms. Marvel mid-season and Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney Plus Reviews, Comic Book Selling Tips
Season 2 Episode 25- Justin and Zack discuss community driven questions regarding upcoming titles and selling books. Obi-Wan Kenobi season review and Ms. Marvel mid season review.  Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us at
June 24, 2022
Season 2 Episode 24-New Midnight Sons Team, The Boys Mid-Season Review, Obi-Wan In Theaters
Season 2 Episode 24- Justin and Zack talk about the upcoming Midnight Sons team in Marvel Comics, Tim Drake goes solo, and IDW Publishing Comics is Crashing with a new mini series. The boys review The Boys mid-season 3. Obi-wan Kenobi heading to theaters. Follow us on Instagram Email us at
June 17, 2022
Season 2 Episode 23-Black Adam & Sandman Trailer, Netflix Geeked Week, Tim Burton Says F U
Season 2 Episode 23- Justin and Zack discuss the latest DCEU movie trailer for Black Adam. Netflix Geeked Week. Marvel and Penguin Random House new deal.  Follow ComicDunes on Instagram and Whatnot Email us at We are now on AMAZON MUSIC
June 10, 2022
Season 2 Episode 22-W/ Paradox Nerd, Talking Star Wars Celebration, Mid-Season Obi-Wan Kenobi Review
This week Justin and Zack have special guest Peejay(Paradox Nerd) from the SithCast Podcast. Learn everything about Star Wars Celebration 2022. All star wars this week from Tales of the jedi to Bad Batch season 2. Plus our midseason review of Obi-wan Kenobi. Follow PJ on IG @theparadoxnerd Check him out on Youtube on both these channels as well- Paradox Nerd and SithCast Podcast
June 03, 2022
Season 2 Episode-21 Andor Trailer Reactions, Sony Studios Franchises Coming, Star Wars Celebration
Justin and Zack are back to discuss what is a better convention NYCC or Terrificon. Discussing the latest Thor Trailer as well as Andor Trailer. What Sony video games are coming to live action and Zack review the 1st season of Halo on Paramount+. Star Wars Celebration reveals and discussion on Day 1 of the convention. Email us at Follow us on IG @thecomiccompodcast
May 27, 2022
Season 2 Episode 20-Calling Out Community Legends, CBCS's Future?, The Boys and She Hulk Trailer Reaction
Season 2 Episode 20, Justin and Zack, yes that Zack is back and they have the best way to open the show. Talk ill of someone in the comic community. Justin talks about the 3MIB comic swap. What the future of CBCS Comics holds after Steve Borock. Trailer Reactions for The Boys Season 3 and She Hulk for Disney Plus. Thoughts on hologram Stan Lee in the MCU. Follow us on Instagram Email us at
May 20, 2022
Season 2 Episode 19-Batman Unburied Dethrones Joe Rogan, New Trans Mutant In X-Men, Naomi Is No More
Season 2 Episode 19- Justin with special guest co-host Sade(WhatPaigeIsIt) discuss the newest LGBTQ character being introduced into Marvel Comics. CW losing Naomi. Zatanna movie in trouble. Batman Unburied podcast beats Joe Rogan on Spotify. Sade's gives us her review for Dr. Strange In The Multiverse of  Madness. As well as Moon Knight full season review. Follow Sade on all her socials @WhatPaigeIsIt
May 13, 2022
Bonus Content-Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness Review
Bonus Content- SPOILERS- Justin and Zack are talking about the latest MCU film Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness. In depth discussion with spoilers so you have been warned. Follow us on Instagram 
May 10, 2022
Season 2 Episode 18-DC TV Shows Canceled, Kenobi Trailer Reaction, Zac Efron In The MCU?
Season 2 Episode 18- Justin and Zack discuss Star wars Day by discussing the Kenobi trailer. All talks are looking at what is going on with DC CW TV shows what is canceled and what still up airing. HBO Max DC Comics shows coming. Zac Efron maybe joining the MCU and who we think he could be.
May 06, 2022
Season 2 Episode 17-CinemaCon2022 Sony and Warner Bros, FCBD 1st Appearance, Robotech Gets Its Wings
Season 2 Episode 17- Check out Justin and Zack as they discuss whats going on with Robotech the Movie. early CinemaCon2022 news from Sony Pictures and Warner Bros Media. Grab a 1st appearance for Free in 1 week from Marvel Comics.  Follow us Instagram
April 29, 2022
Season 2 Episode 16-No More Marvel For Russia, Thor Trailer Reaction, And Poop????
Zack and Justin are discuss Justin's lost book problem. Marvel Comics and Russia don't mix anymore. Thor Love and Thunder trailer review. Have we found our Elsa Bloodstone, Netflix canceling Bone before it starts. And yes poop. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us at
April 22, 2022
Season 2 Episode 15-W/ Newbie Comics, Moon Knight Midseason Review, Warner Bros Overhaul Movies, Twig & Red Hood Comics
Season 2 Episode 15- Joined this week by Newbie Comics to discuss the Moon Knight season after 3 episodes. DC Movies are going the way of Marvel Studios and Justin maybe the answer. Image Comics Twig sees huge preorders and a new Robin introduced in DC Comics
April 15, 2022
Bonus Content- Morbius Movie Review
Bonus Content- SPOILER WARNING- Justin is joined on this movie review by Newbie Comics.  Follow Newbie Comics on Instagram and Youtube.  Check out Episode 50 for Newbie's 1st appearance here on the podcast
April 12, 2022
Season 2 Episode 14 W/ GabeLoves90sComics. Escorted out of WonderCon, Knowledge New Readers Need To Know
While Zack is out this week, Justin is joined by Gabe from GabeLoves90sComics as they discuss all things WonderCon 2022- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and yes that headline is true. What new comic reader should look for when just getting into the hobby discussion. DC Comics and WebToons bringing 3 all new original comics to their platform. The end of Ezra Miller? Follow Gabe on IG & Youtube @Gabeloves90scomics
April 08, 2022
Season 2 Episode 13-W/ Nerdy N Inked, Matt Reeves The Joker Scene, SIKTC 1st Appearances, Ezra Miller Detained
Justin and Zack are joined for the Women's Month by Jenn (Nerdy_N_Inked) of the comic book fiend club. We discuss comic collecting, collectibles, anime and King Con with Jenn. Matt Reeves talks about his Joker. Something is Killing The Children has new 1st appearances incoming. Ezra Miller is DC's bad boy. Follow Jenn on IG @nerdy_N_Inked Youtube @Retro & Nerdy
April 01, 2022
Season 2 Episode 12-W/ WhatPaigeisIt, Godzilla/Power Rangers Crossover, Todd McFarlane Hates Female Action Figures
Season 2 Episode 12- Justin and Zack are joined this week by Sade' Paige as they discuss comic collecting, interviewing top creators and cosplay. The biggest crossover comic you didn't think you needed in Godzilla and Power Rangers. Moon Knight Preview and Todd McFarlane gets backlash about action figures. Follow Sade' on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube @Whatpaigeisit
March 25, 2022
Season 2 Episode 11-Ms. Marvel Trailer Reaction, JLA/Avengers Rant, X-men 2022 Gala
Season 2 Episode 11- Justin and Zack talk about comics they overpaid for in their comic collecting. Discussion about Ms. Marvel Trailer for Disney+. New Black Adam comic book coming. Justin rants about the JLA/Avengers Heroes Initiative reprint. X-men Gala 2022 Event coming soon.  Send us your questions, comments, or articles to Instagram or
March 18, 2022
Season2 Episode 10-W/ Moonlit Comics, Kenobi Trailer, WB Movies Delayed
Justin and Zack are joined this week for their Women's Month Spotlight by Michelle Aka Moonlit Comics. Learn about her amazing story in comic collecting in just over a years time. Kenobi Trailer reactions. New characters 1st appearances in upcoming Avengers. WB 2022 movie slated being delayed. Follow Michelle on IG and Youtube @moonlitcomics
March 11, 2022
Bonus Content- The Batman Movie Review
SPOILER WARNING Justin and Zack discuss their thoughts on The Batman by Matt Reeves after their 1st viewing. They are joined by fellow Lords of The Long Box Member, Ryan Aka Darkside Jedi as they deep dive and pick apart this movie. Follow Ryan on Instagram @darksidejedi
March 07, 2022
Season2-Episode 9- Following New Characters In Comics, Matt Reeves On The MCU, New Female Ninja Turtle
Season 2 Episode 9- Check out Justin and Zack as they discuss a great community question regarding new characters in comics. Somewhat old/new female Ninja Turtle returning to IDW. Creative change up with Batman ongoing series. AMC Upcharge for The Batman and Matt Reeves thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Follow us on Instagram @Thecomiccompodcast
March 04, 2022
Season2-Episode 8-The Return Of KingKon Show, Peacemaker and Naomi Review
Zack and Justin are joined by Greg(MTG Comics) to discuss the next KingKon Show 2. Check it out March 19, 2022 in Iselin NJ at the APA Hotel. Check out the Peacemaker review as well the very controversial review of Naomi. Follow Greg on Instagram @MTGComics and @KingKonShow
February 25, 2022
Season2-Episode 7-Star Wars Special W/ Domtober_Old Man Fett, Book Of Boba Fett Review, George Perez Special Variant Reprint
Justin is in the driver seat this week and its a Star Wars filled episode and to head navigate this Star Destroyer is special guest and Co-host Domtober_Old Man Fett. We learn all about the passion and strength behind Star wars fanboy Dom as well as discuss our review on the entire Book of Boba Fett show. Learn about where the next season of Punisher is landing. Obi-wan Kenobi comic coming in May as well as the George Perez very limited special reprint from Diamond Comics. Follow Dom on IG @domtober_aka_oldman_fett
February 18, 2022
Season2 Episode 6-Artist Spotlight with Livio Ramondelli, The Kill Lock Artisan Wraith, IDW To Lose Transformers
Justin and Zack brought the best Transformers artist on the planet to this weeks episode, Livio Ramondelli,  to discuss the 2nd chapter in his creator owned project The Kill Lock Artisan Wraith. Learn all about this Sci-Fi Cult Series involving Robots and Death as well as about Livio's history working at IDW Publishing and whats going on with Transformers and Gi Joe at IDW Publishing. Follow Livio on IG and Twitter @livioramondelli Follow us on IG @Thecomiccompodcast
February 11, 2022
Season2-Episode 5-Avengers Vs X-Men Vs Eternals, Madame Web Casting, Another Mandalorian To Join Mando
Season2-Episode 5- Zack and Justin bringing the latest news from the Multiverse. Madame Web Movie Casting, DC Titans Season 4 Castings. Possible Star Wars Rebels character to join Mandalorian season 3. Free Comic Book Day 2022 bring The big 3 in a big team battle with new character introduction. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us at
February 04, 2022
Season 2-Episode 4- The Next Ultimate Fallout 4 Character??, Reboot Punisher, Percy Jackson on Disney Plus
Justin and Zack are back with episode 4 to dive into the next Disney Plus based on a Young Adult series. Will Black Panther be the next Ultimate Fallout 4 with a new character? Gerry Conway expresses his choice for the next Punisher character. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us at
January 28, 2022
Season 2-Episode 3- Moon Knight Trailer Talk, Justice League Death, Godzilla Going to Apple TV+
Justin and Zack discuss the latest Disney+ Trailer for Moon Knight. Godzilla Monsterverse heading to Apple Tv+. Find out about the series finale of both Justice League and Strange Academy.  Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us articles, questions or comments to
January 21, 2022
Season 2-Episode 2- Bo-Katan Show, Logan Paul Fake Pokemon Cards, New Spiderman Team
Justin and Zack have you covered on all the latest news discussing how the community feels about the price changes with CGC Comics. Logan Paul and his $3.5 million Fake Pokemon cards. Bo-Katan Spinoff show discussed, April bringing back Peter Parker with a new number 1 and a new creative team
January 14, 2022
Season 2-Episode 1- Whatnot Community Drama, Scott Snyder We Have Demons, Michael Keaton on Batman Forever
2022 is back and the boys are ready to bring you all the best news. Big Name writers Scott Snyder and Kieron Gillen have new titles published in 2022. Michael Keaton on Batman Forever and Riri WIlliams may have a villain in the MCU. Check us out on @Thecomiccompodcast Email us at
January 07, 2022
Episode 51-Year in Review for Comic books and Other Series You Should Check out
Episode 51- Justin and Zack want to thank everyone for checking out the podcast this year with this special year end review. They pick their best Artist, Writer, Mini Series and Ongoing Series for 2021. Then take a look back at other several read recommendations over the years. Follow, Share and Support the Podcast on Instagram @Thecomiccompodcast Send us emails, articles or voice mails to
December 31, 2021
Episode 50-Speculation W/ Newbie Comics, Hawkeye Season Review, Dark Horse Comics Buyout
Episode 50- Justin and Zack are joined with Speculation connoisseur, Newbie Comics. Discussion on how, what and when to Spec and even dump out. Characters joining the Batgirl and Flash DC movies. Dark Horse Comics buyout with a video game company. Hawkeye Full season review. Follow Newbie Comics on IG @newbiecomics and also Youtube Have a Happy and Safe Holiday from The Comiccom Podcast
December 24, 2021
Spider-man No Way Home Review
Spoilers Ahead- Justin and Zack discuss Spiderman No Way Home after the 1st viewing.  Follow on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us your review to
December 21, 2021
Episode 49-IG Scamming, Carnage, SIKTC And Batman March 2022, Best 9 Comics of 2021 According To Variety?
Episode 49- The guys dive into an Instagram scammer and what not to do. Carnage prepares for his return in 2022 along with Something Is Killing The Children. The Batman movie has a possible Joker sighting in the movie accordingly social media. Variety locks down the 9 best comic books for 2021 to put on your shopping list. Email us as
December 17, 2021
Episode 48-Spec Books For 2022, Spider-man 2099 30th Anniversary, Florence Pugh Drama
Episode 48- Zack and Justin take to the community question with what books they are speculating on for 2022. Y The Last Man may have a new home for season 2. Captain Carter teaser. The world of X-men is is gearing up for 2022. Miguel O' Hara turns 30 in 2022. Super Crooks Netflix Review. Plus White Widow with some Instagram drama. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us at
December 10, 2021
Episode 47-DC Comics Shadow War, No Way Home Breaks The Internet, Hawkeye Mid-season Review
Episode 47- Justin and Zack are back after the holidays and are ready to discuss The Wheel of Time from Justin's point of view. DC Comics 2022 new comic event. Into The Spider-verse 2 footage coming soon. Spiderman No Way Home tickets breaking the internet and peoples faces. Hawkeye episode 1-3 midseason review.  Follow us on IG @Thecomiccompodcast Email us
December 03, 2021
Episode 46- metropolis Collectibles Visit, Hawkeye Movie?, Power Rangers Shared Universe
Episode 46- Zack and Justin got a short episode this week for Thanksgiving discussing Justins visit to metropolis collectibles in New York. Hawkeye movie or tv show decision. Power Rangers Shared Universe and Zack finally gets to talk about Wheel of Time. Send us messages to DM us on IG @thecomiccompodcast
November 26, 2021
Episode 45-Hulu's Hit Monkey, Spiderman No Way Home, Gwen-Verse Mini Series
Episode 45- The guys are talking about the Spider-man No Way Home Trailer, Justin talks about Hulu's Hit Monkey series. The Force is strong back with Dark Horse Comics in 2022. Gwen Stacy talks over the Marvel Universe with Gwen-verse. Follow us on Instagram @Thecomiccompodcast Email us at
November 19, 2021
Episode 44- Diamond Comics Ransomware Attack, Supergirl Finale, Spider-Man's Newest Villain
Episode 44-Justin and Zack discuss the Supergirl finale of the tv series, Spiderman to introduce a new villain in February and its Goblin related, Diamond Comics delays are no joke with a ransomware attack. The next Ironfist could be an existing character in the Iron Fist No More story line. Possible Black Panther 2 movie shake up. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Send us emails to 
November 12, 2021
Eternals Movie Review
Bonus Content- Justin and Zack discuss their thoughts and review on Eternals movie from Marvel Studios. This is spoiler heavy, so if you have not seen it skip until you have. Feel free to DM or email us your review and we can play or read it on the podcast. Follow us on Instagram @Thecomiccompodcast
November 09, 2021
Episode 43-MySlabs $2.15 Million Funding, Book of Boba Fett and Morbius Trailer Reviews
Episode 43- Zack and Justin discuss all things in the way of Image Comics not doing 2nd printings. Book of Boba Fett and Morbius Trailer reviews. The latest news on MySlabs $2.15 million funding to expand. Follow us on IG @thecomicpodcast Send us DM or emails to
November 05, 2021
Episode 42-IG Community Drama W/ Key Collector, Batgirl Villain, Ghost Rider 50th Anniversary
Episode 42- Justin and Zack are back to discuss some community drama with a community member and Key Collector and ComicTom101. DC Fandome news that went under the radar with animated movies. Possible Batgirl villain for movie. Ghost Rider 50th anniversary from Marvel Comics in 2022. Dune Review (spoilers). Titans HBO Max season 3 review (spoilers). Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Drop us an email at
October 29, 2021
Episode 41-DC Fandome, Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage
Episode 41- Zack is solo this week and answers a question from the Comic Community.  He also gives his opinions on the massive trailers that dropped during last weekend's DC Fandome.  Followed by some comic book news in the Marvel and DC Universe.  Zack discusses his opinion Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage. Send comments, show topics or voice mails to Follow us on Instagram as well
October 22, 2021
Episode 40-Jon Kent Superman Explores Options, What If Season 1 Breakdown
Episode 40- Zack and Justin talk about their comic hunting from the previous weekend, new 1 day Comic show South Jersey C.H.U.D. Comic-Con in Swedesboro NJ. Discussion on Jon Kent and Tim Drake relationship changes in Comics, a full WHAT IF? season 1 review and breakdown of the final 4 episodes. Send comments, show topics or voice mails to Follow us on Instagram as well
October 15, 2021
Episode 39-Super Jersey Comic Expo, Jake Gyllenhaal In Prophet, Agatha Harkness Disney Plus Show
Episode 39- Justin is left alone to host this week but he comes with backup, The_Comic_Goon(Instagram) is back as a special co-host. Discussions on not going to New York Comic Con. Super Jersey Comic Expo upcoming show discussion. Agatha Harkness Disney+ show in the works. Jake Gyllenhaal lands another lead role in another Indy comic movie. Breakdown of the new Resident Evil movie trailer. Follow Juan on Youtube at The Comic Goon and his other channel Mondo & The Goon. Support the podcast on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast
October 08, 2021
Episode 38-Todd McFarlane Speaks About Diamond Distribution, Suicide Squad Ayer's Cut On HBO Max
Episode 38- Justin and Zack are back with the latest episode, hot off the heels of KingKon Show in NJ. Justin talks about the show and the community that was at the comic book show while Zack talks about a Fantastic Four 1 he bought. Todd Mcfarlane says his piece about Diamond distribution. A possible Suicide Squad movie coming back in 2022 on HBO Max.  Follow us on Instagram@Thecomiccompodcast Send us messages or voice messages to
October 01, 2021
Episode 37-Live with MTG Comics, KingKon Show Convention, Supergirl on HBO Max
Zack and Justin welcome back MTG Comics to discuss KingKon Comic show this weekend in NJ. We answer some great community questions about comic book collecting and hoarding. Supergirl coming to HBO Max. Tease of the storyline in Guardians of The Galaxy 3 movie??? Follow Greg on Instagram @MTGComics and @kingkonshow Comic show Saturday Sept 25th 10-4pm Clark NJ Holiday Inn
September 24, 2021
Episode 36-Aegis Comics of Alaska Joins, Kenobi Show Speculation
Episode 36- Zack and Justin discuss a community members question on original IPs. What Star Wars character will Hung Kang be playing in Kenobi series? Our friends Lou and Amie from Aegis Comics of Alaska stop on by as we hear all about the pros and cons of opening a comic shop in Alaska. As well as some good old fashion comic shop owner stories that only LCS owners tell. Follow Aegis Comics on youtube, Facebook and Instagram @aegiscomicsalaska
September 17, 2021
Episode 35-CGC/CBCS Rant, Fantastic Sale On Amazing Fantasy, What If Episode Breakdowns
Episode 35- Justin and Zack start off this week by ranting about CGC and CBCS turnaround times and if its even worth sending in books. Breakdown of all the Comic Book related video games shown off at the Sony Games Showcase. Discussion on the Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 9.6 sale. (27:10) What If Episode Breakdown(SPOILERS). (46:50) What Are We Currently Reading. Follow us on Instagram Send us DMs or emails to
September 10, 2021
Shang Chi Movie Review-Spoilers
Justin and Zack review the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Shang Chi. They are teamed up with T-Vo from Lords of The Long Box as he brings more knowledge about the movie then you ever wanted to know. Follow T-Vo on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter on Lords of The Long Box
September 08, 2021
Episode 34-Drama From The Comic Book Community Awards, DC Titans Review, Book of Boba Fett Info
Episode 34- Justin and Zack dive head first into the CBC Awards, even with awards for youtube channels there is drama and we bring it to you like we always do. Some Marvel Thor news from Natalie Portman herself about her role for Love and Thunder. Some Book of Boba Fett information regarding the plot. DC Titans season 3 1st 5 episodes review(spoiler alert). Dont forget about our free giveaway :) Follow us on IG and send us messages or an email at with articles, things to talk about or voice messages.
September 03, 2021
Episode 33-Gabe from Ninja Comics Cohost, Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer, MCU Talk
Episode 33- Zack is joined by good friend Gabe from Ninja Comics to help with the cohost duties while Justin is away.  We learn some background info on Gabe and how he met Zack.  Of course talk about the newly released Spider-Man No Way Home Teaser trailer.  Zack and Gabe give their opinions, hopes, and thoughts on the MCU slate of movies for the year 2021.
August 27, 2021
Episode 32-Artist V Ken Marion, Riri Williams Joins Black Panther 2
Episode 32- Zack and Justin are joined by highly talented artist V Ken Marion on this weeks episode. We learn about Ken's newest project Deathshroud as well as open up on the idea of a Final Fantasy 7 DC Comics Crossover Comic. We are talking video games, anime and more on this jam packed episode with Ken. Follow Ken on IG @Vkenmarion or Twitter @vkmarion
August 20, 2021
Episode 31- Donny Cates Drama, James Tynion Moving From On Dc Comics, Suicide Squad Review
Episode 31- (sorry about the audio) Justin and Zack are back with another hard hitting episode and this week's guest is none other than Last Level Comics(Matt). We learn all about Matt as well as his time at Terrificon and how he peer pressured Justin into jumping on a mechanical bull. Also he brings us a very interesting Donny Cates story directly from the show.(25:30) We all discuss our Suicide Squad review(spoilers) good and bad. James Tynion jumping ship from DC to move over to SubStack. Justin rants about Stray Dogs!!!! Follow Matt on IG @XLast_Level_Comicsx His youtube: Dont forget send us message or emails to
August 13, 2021
Episode 30- Terrificon Discussion, New York Comic Con requirements, and Masters of the Universe Revelations
Episode 30- Zack and Justin are back from their week off to bring you all the fun things out in the world of comicbooks. Justin discuss his time at Terrificon and why its the best convention to attend. We discuss the new requirements to get into New York Comic Con. Masters of the Universe Revelations spoiler review. Follow us @thecomiccompodcast on Instagram DM us or send emails/voice messages to
August 06, 2021
Episode 29-Comic Shop Pricing Signs, CGC Prescreening Discussion, Batgirl Casting
Episode 29- Justin is running for this episode. Discussing the pros/cons of CGC prescreening. Comic Book shops putting up signs regarding speculation. DC and Marvel film castings. "What Are We Currently Reading" Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us at
July 23, 2021
Episode 28-Review Loki & Black Widow, DC Titans Season 3, Batman The Imposter
Episode 28- Justin and Zack are spoiling all things Marvel on this episode. (2:40) Loki complete season review with spoilers. (20:00) Black Widow movie review with spoilers. (38:00) DC Titans season 3 official trailer discussion. DC Black Label latest Batman title and What Are We Currently Reading. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us at or send us DMs on IG
July 16, 2021
Episode 27-Post Whatnot Live Sale, Superman villain in Black Adam Movie, SDCC@Home No Shows
Episode 27- Zack and Justin discuss their 1st Live Whatnot selling experiences, the plus and minus of what went down. A familiar villain Superman villain will be appearing in the Black Adam movie. Discussion on the big 2 not be attending SDCC@Home this year. Our final thoughts on the eve of Black Widow movie, dont worry we dont spoil anything. Follow us on IG @Thecomiccompodcast Drop us an email or DM at
July 09, 2021
Episode 26-Special Guest AKA Mr. Bolo Talking WhatNot App, Lego Spiderman Spoiler, Batwoman Season 3 Castings
Episode 26-Zack and Justin are joined by Jack AKA Bolo elite member of the comic book community. He joins the panel to chat up his coming up in the world of YouTube and content creating. Learn all about the WhatNot app as we ask all the hard hitting questions for selling and buying. Possible Spiderman Spoiler in a Lego playset reveal, Next Old Guard movie and Batwoman season 3 castings all in this episode. Follow Jack on IG @aka_mr.bolo Follow our WhatNot accts Justin- Neme1s_Pr1me Zack- Manimal
July 02, 2021
Episode 25-Comic Community Drama Is Back with guest J2amir3z, Transformers New Movie, Miles Morales New Costume
Episode 25- The boys are back on the drama train with special guest J2amir3z so look no further. A The ComicCom Podcast exclusive news report on the separation of Dream of August Comics. New The Walking Dead Original Graphic Novel coming soon. Transformers bringing in the beasts with a new movie. Smallville Return??? and Miles Morales 10th anniversary costume. Follow Josh on IG @J2amir3z on youtube at The Low Grades Soundcloud podcast- 2 Stoned 4 Pop Culture Podcast Follow us on IG @Thecomiccompodcast Email or DM us questions to
June 25, 2021
Episode 24-Sinopa Publishing Talks 47 Furious Tails W/ Sam Quinton & Alexia Veldhuisen, DC Titans Season 3 Trailer
Episode 24-Justin and Zack sit down with Sam Quinton(writer and creator) of Sinopa Publishing along with Alexia Veldhuisen(artist) on 47 Furious Tails. They discuss all their current projects from from comics to role playing games. If you like samurais, fantasy or pin ups this is the episode for you. Follow Sam on Instagram @sinopa.publishing or Twitter @LlSinopa Follow Alexia on Instagram @lexamoosa and facebook @alexiaveldart Current Kickstarter- Dungeons & Dames
June 18, 2021
Episode 23- She-Hulk Villain Casting, He-Man Netflix trailer reaction, Spawn Universe and A Bad Idea
Episode 23- Justin and Zack are talking all things comics, questions from the community. Discussing She Hulk Villain and Star Wars castings, Masters of the Universe Trailer reaction. Stan Lee paves the way literally in the Bronx. Image Comics Spawn Universe hits milestone numbers and A  Bad Idea is torn down. Spoilerish talk on Loki episode 1 as well. Follow on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Send us DMs or emails to
June 11, 2021
Episode 22-Hulk and Venom New Creative Teams, Marvel's What If Update, Sandman Casting Backlash
Episode 22- Zack and Justin are back with a fresh new episode, (1:00) 2 great community messages from our listeners. (7:00) Venom and Hulk new #1s with new creative teams chat, (16:45) Neil Gaiman doesn't care for Sandman casting backlash. (23:30) Mark Millar universe update for Netflix. (32:00) "What Are We Currently Reading" comic segment. Send us emails, questions or voice messages to Or on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast
June 04, 2021
Episode 21- Eternals Trailer Review, Marvel TV/Movie Castings, Jason Derulo Comicbook???
Episode 21- Zack and Justin are joined by SithLordly from the Spine Ticks Youtube Channel to discuss Star Wars comics as well as aspects of collecting on name mentions. This week there is a heavy emphasis on Marvel Comics TV and Movie castings as well as shows. A new Star Wars High republic series is announced in the way of a detective crime thriller. Jason Derulo throws his hat into the comicbook ring of creator owned comicbook character. Here what 3 different readers are currently reading this week in "What Are We Currently Reading" segment. Follow Sithlordly on IG @sithlordly Youtube at Dont forget to follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast emails can be sent to
May 28, 2021
Episode 20- WarnerMedia Announcements, DC Comics Fear State, Will There Be Another Comic Market Crash?
Episode 20- Justin and Zack are recovering from their drunken NJ weekend to deliver you all the comicbook news that the web has to offer in a DC heavy week. Community message, will the comic book market crash again? and recap of the Statue Collector cook out. WarnerMedia new animated shows coming from DC 2 best characters. DC Movie announcements for upcoming projects for Harley Quinn and Batgirl. DC Comics fall event Fear State information. "What Are We Currently Reading" this week. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us at
May 21, 2021
Episode 19- Jupiters Legacy Review, Star Wars The Bad Batch Whitewashing?, Origin of our IG handles
Episode 19- Zack and Justin are asked about the origin of their Instagram handles which spins out of control into other nicknames. (12:20) Netflix Jupiters Legacy review SPOILERS, comparisons to between the show and comic series. (30:20) Star wars The Bad Batch gets some hate because of facials tones. (36:45) "What Are We Currently Reading" talking about 6 different comic books tonight for you comic readers out there. LIVE on YOUTUBE May 14th 9pm edt Follow us on IG- THECOMICCOMPODCAST
May 13, 2021
Episode 18- Mortal Kombat Review, Star Wars The Bad Batch, Marvel Studios Celebrates Movies Trailer
Episode 18-Test Your Might as Justin and Zack talk about their upcoming LIVE show on May 14th on Youtube (4:10) Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies Trailer discussion, breakdown of all the movies coming out over the next 2 years. (24:29) Happy May The 4th Star Wars talk. Statues and shows, breakdown SPOILER of The Bad Batch episode 1. (36:30) Mortal Kombat news about a new movie as well as our movie review SPOILER. (51:35) What Are We Currently Reading, breaking down some good reads for the week, LIVE SHOW ON YOUTUBE May 14th 9PM EDT Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Send emails, voice messages or articles to
May 07, 2021
Star Wars Spec-Episode 4 Cere Junda
Happy May the 4th- Justin brings you a very undervalued 1st appearance of a character who could show up sooner rather than later in the Star Wars Universe in live action, animated or next video game. Her 1st appearance is one not to sleep on. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email questions,message,topics,comics or voice mails to
May 04, 2021
Episode 17- Falcon and Winter Solider Review, KingKon Comic Show Promoter, Making The Grade Facebook Group
Episode 17- Justin and Zack sit down and chat MTG Comics a comic book collector and promoter of KINGKON a 1 day show in New Jersey in late September. MTG Comics discusses the idea behind the comic show as well as his Facebook group MAKING THE GRADE (definitely go join). Falcon and Winter Solider complete season review. Marvel's Hawkeye has some new digs as well as a familiar character. DC Titans brings the fear with a new villain entering Season 3. Sweet Tooth Trailer review. "What Are We Currently Reading" double the picks this week. KingKon Saturday September 25th-Holiday Inn, Clark New Jersey Follow on IG @MTGCOMICS and MTG_Direct Follow us on Instagram @Thecomiccompodcast Email us, comment, articles or voice messages at
April 30, 2021
Episode 16- Sony And Disney Make Nice, Emilia Clarke New Comic Book, Shang Chi Trailer Reaction
Episode 16- Justin and Zack have a lot to dissect on in this episode. (:50) In the community section the guys have a guest on the panel, JB from Discoverybay Comics. We learn about JB and his current method of investing in comics instead of stocks. (21:30) Follow up to the Sony and Disney deal on when will Spiderman be on Disney+. (27:20) Emilia Clark and Images Comics have a great comic coming out this July that you may want to hear about. (42:20) Trailer reaction to Marvel's Shang Chi And The Legend of The Ten Rings. (49:30) Shang Chi gets a new 1st appearance in July. (52:50) What Are We Currrently Reading, Justin brings an Indie limited series you may want to read and Zack brings some Marvel and takes advice on one of Justins old picks. Follow JB on Instagram @Discoverybaycomics Follow the Podcast on Instagram @Thecomiccompodcast Email articles, questions or voicemails to
April 23, 2021
Episode 15- Invincible Midseason Review, DC Movie Castings, Boom Studios Comic Out Sells Something Is Killing The Children
Episode 15- Zack and Justin bringing loads of news on this episode. Community question for all you possible Star Wars speculators out there. 2 Big DC Comics movies castings are discussed as well as a Ghost Rider joining The Last Of Us HBO Series. The guys discuss their thoughts on Amazon Prime's Invincible animated show. New Boom Studios book, outsells Something is Killing The Children and Once & Future???? Newest X-men announced in Comic News. "What Are We Currently Reading" Zack has several books to talk about and Justin has a great book that every DC fan should be reading. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email or voice messages can be sent to
April 16, 2021
Episode 14-Sony/Netflix movie deal, Jupiter's Legacy Trailer thoughts, Falcon and Winter Solider midseason review
Episode 14- Justin is alone for another week, or is he??? (3:00) Community question, best strategies on how to read comics. (11:00)  Marvel X-men relaunch and new phases for Jonathan Hickmans run. Sony and Netflix enter into a new deal for movies. (22:50) Discussion about the upcoming Netflix show Jupiters's Legacy. (27:50) Falcon and Winter Solider mid season review. (41:20) "What Are We Currently Reading" segment, comicbooks you may want to pick up and read. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Send emails, voice messages or articles to
April 09, 2021
Star Wars Spec-Episode 3 Yrica Quell
Justin is back with another very undervalued 1st appearance of a character who could show up sooner rather than later in the Star Wars Universe. This character 1st appearance is cheaper than a cup of coffee at StarBucks. X-wing Fighter pilot and leader of Alphabet Squadron.  Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email questions,message,topics,comics or voice mails to
April 06, 2021
Episode 13-Suicide Squad Trailer thoughts, Warner Bros and Sony Movie Delays, DC Titans Rewind
Episode 13- Justin is hosting SOLO tonight. In the community section, he has a question regarding variant covers and what would be his go to variant to buy. (5:40) A quick spoiler free review of Godzilla vs Kong. Some upcoming Warner Bros and Sony movies are delayed. (10:40) Justin rewatches season 2 of DC Titans and lives to talk about it by breaking down all the characters and his thoughts on it prior to season 3. (19:45) James Gunn Suicide Squad trailer thoughts who is gonna make it out alive and who wont. (28:50) "What Are We Currently Reading" segment, Justin has a new Image Comics books that sounds like it could become a future tv series. Email us at  Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast
April 02, 2021
Episode 12- Marvel Comics Changes Distribution, Image Comics Movie Announcement, 007 transforms Into A Doctor
Episode 12- Justin has a special Co-Host for this episode as Zack is out on assignment. (5:50) Juan from the COMICBOOK FIEND CLUB joins the podcast and tells us about his origin of collecting as well as the community group he is involved in. (19:20) Image Comics get a movie via Tokyo Ghost with a director attached. James Gunn announces a Suicide Squad trailer release date. Black Adam adds a Doctor to the cast to fight the Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming movie. (33:50) Marvel Comics leaving Diamond Distribution in September, find out whos picking them up. (41:50) "What Are We Currently Reading", what books are Justin and Juan reading this week that you should give a try. Follow Juan on Instagram @the_comic_goon Comicbook Fiend club on Instagram @comicbookfiendclub Follow the ComicCom Podcast on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Send message, comments, articles or Voice messages to
March 26, 2021
Justice League Snyder Cut Review-Bonus Content
Unite the 2 Hosts- Justin and Zack sit down and discuss their SPOILER review on Justice League Snyder Cut now streaming on HBO Max. They discuss the ups and downs as well as break down each character of the Justice League from the previous Joss version to this version. As well as pick out some easter eggs and hidden characters you might have missed. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us questions, articles, comments, or voice messages to
March 23, 2021
Episode 11- Rarest DC Comics Modern Comic?, Ezra Bridger Star Wars Rebels casting, Upcoming Disney Plus shows
Episode 11- Justin and Zack are hot off their 10th episode which was live on youtube so this week they have community messages discussing DC Comics that you should be specing on for future returns. Thanks to a fellow instagramer he provides us with some juicy information of what seems to be a shady article written on Bleeding Cools website. Jump in for the drama. Disney Plus announces bringing some old Star Wars cartoons to the streaming service this april. As well as a recent Disney actor trolling on social media his possible role in a live action Star Wars show. In our TV and Movie section, we discuss what are we looking forward to in seeing Justice League Snyder Cut and Falcon and Winter Solider. Finally, "What Are We Currently Reading" this week in our comicbook reads segment. Send in emails, articles or voice messages to Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast
March 19, 2021
Episode 10- Community Drama with Special Guest Kingdom Comics, ATTInvestors Days DC NEWS, Wandavision Wrong Specs
Episode 10- Wow there is so much in this Episode with Justin and Zack. Community messages talking about when to when to slab books and when to sell for return on investment or personal collection. We dive into our top 3 Cover Artists. Discussions on what to expect with the Justice League Snyder Cut and AT&T Investors Day, showing off all the upcoming DC Comics movies,tv shows and video games. Whats the biggest anticipated name on the list. Talking Wandavision final thoughts and all the Specs people got wrong, this is fun to listen too. Finally our guest Kingdom Comics joins the podcast episode to discuss a recent video on his Instagram that had some Drama with our man Zack. Free Giveaway slabs congrats to our 2 winners. Contact us via email or Instagram to claim your prize. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email or send voice messages to
March 13, 2021
Episode 9- Community Messages and Drama, Tons of Star Wars News, DC Infinite Frontier
Episode 9-Justin and Zack talk history of their collecting in the community section of the podcast as well as some mystery box drama towards Justin. Loads of Star wars news to discuss from tv news, who's appearing in what show and who maybe replacing another character in a different show. X-men coming to the MCU news sooner rather then later and Justice League Snyder Cut chapter titles discussion. "What Are We Currently Reading" segments looks at DC Comics post Future State with Infinite Frontier. Next Week March 11-LIVE Show on Youtube channel at Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email us question, comments or voice messages to
March 05, 2021
Episode 8- Community Drama with Comic Book Exclusives, Superman & Lois Review, What Marvel Character Is Stealing the Infinity Stones?
Episode 8- Justin and Zack have tons of news to chat about this week. (2:05) Comic Community Drama involving ComicBook Exclusives and their latest variant cover. (17:15) Marvel and DC Comics TV and movie news everything from Titans, Spiderman and Halo. (30:30) Spoiler Free review of Superman & Lois episode 1, thoughts on if its good or bad. (39:00) Image Comics series wins an award from one of our favorite writers and as teased in the title what upcoming Marvel character has a summer event planned to steal the infinity stones and gauntlet???? (49:30) "What are we currently reading segment" 2 current comic series you probably should be reading before its too late. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email-questions, comments, articles or voicemails to
February 26, 2021
Star Wars Spec-Episode 2- War of The Bounty Hunters/Book of Boba Fett
The Star Wars connoisseur himself Justin from The ComicCom Podcast is back for another bonus segment. In this segment Justin will be bringing you 1st appearance of Star Wars characters in comics that are cheap and affordable for any buyer or speculator. This 2nd segment takes a look at some of the bounty hunters who may show up in the War of The Bounty Hunters story line or maybe Book of Boba Fett tv series. 1 hunter who could be quite the surprise for all you collecters Follow us on instagram @THECOMICCOMPODCAST email questions, messages, comments or voice mails to
February 23, 2021
Episode 7-Miles Morales Spec Characters, Justice League Snyder Cut, Star Wars War Of the Bounty Hunters
Episode 7- Zack and Justin are both dealing with snow from NJ to TX but that doesn't stop them from putting on this weeks great content for the masses. (2:55) Community messages with choices of what Miles Morales characters to spec on for live action. Zack goes in on a community member who cant take the heat of a simple conversation(you know who you are). (18:00) Talking Justice League Snyder Cut what excites us and what expectations we have for the movie. (24:00) Newest and biggest Star wars Crossover to date from Marvel Comics surrounding Boba Fett. Todd McFarlane drops big news about the future of Spawn for 2021. (34:00) TV news Punisher and Jessica Jones back with Marvel Studios as well as a certain Arrowverse character showing up in Stargirl season 2. (43:00) "What are we currently reading" segment what goodies are the guys reading this week that you should be adding to your pull list. Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast Email questions or voice messages to
February 19, 2021
Mutant Monday with the Manimal-Spotlight Cyclops
On this episode of Mutant Monday, Manimal will tackling a question asked from a listener about the top 5 best Cyclops storylines.  Manimal will break down why these 5 storylines are definitive to the character of Scott Summers aka Cyclops. Email us at with any questions or voice memos Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast
February 15, 2021
Episode 6-TV News and Drama, Cameo vs. 1st Appearances, Wandavision Discussion
Episode 6 Justin and Zack discuss some comments related to last weeks episode regarding a comic book community drama issue. (5:10) Discussions about the current state of Gina Carano firing. (11:42) Last of Us Tv Castings some familiar names and faces for this HBO Max series, (14:35) DC Comics/Marvel TV news from Brian Michael Bendis recent social media post talking about several projects to characters he created. (22:20) Spoiler alert for Wandavision episodes 1-5. (28:23) Zack and Justin discuss the age old topic of cameo vs 1st appearance of certain characters and prices in the market, (49:20) to end with comicbook talk "What are we currently reading" as Justin and Zack dive in to this weeks picks for the current comic books they are flipping through. Follow on Instagram @Thecomiccompodcast Email-
February 12, 2021
Episode 5- Youtube Auctions, More Comic Community Drama, DC Comics Post Future State Plans
Well back to the fifth installment of THE COMICCOM PODCAST with Justin and Zack as they discuss Justin's USPS Driver's issue at his home. (3:00) Discussions about the Pros and Cons with youtube channel auctions and what irks us watching one. (12:20) Some comic book community drama that involves a member of the community and a Facebook group with regards to an exclusive variant cover for Something Is Killing The Children. (21:00) Zack and Justin discuss the next slew of titles for DC Comics post Future State as well as Infinite Frontier. Who is getting news titles and who is joining what teams? Yara Flor, the new Wonder-girl among others being added to the current DC continuity. (29:50) The current status of Wandavision after 4 episodes SPOILER WARNING, what are our current thoughts and hopes for the remaining episodes. (35:40) "What are we currently reading" segment of the show where Justin and Zack discuss what are some of the titles they are currently reading from around the comic book multiverse.  Follow us on Instagram @Thecomiccompodcast Email questions, comments, articles or voice messages to 
February 05, 2021
Star Wars Spec-Episode 1 Sana Starros
Newest segment brought to you by the Star Wars connoisseur himself Justin from The ComicCom Podcast. In this segment Justin will be bringing you 1st appearance of Star Wars characters in comics that are cheap and affordable for any buyer or speculator. This 1st segment looks at the Marvel Comics created own character Sana Starros; where you can find her, what's her back story and why she has potential to gain in value. Follow us on instagram @THECOMICCOMPODCAST email questions, messages, comments or voice mails to
February 02, 2021
Episode 4-DC Titans News, Sandman Universe, Comic Community Drama
Episode 4 is here- Justin and Zack are back with some (1:40) great questions from the comic book community, 2 comic book annuals you should be picking up now and why, and much more. (25:00) DC titans season 3 newest casting. Zack talks about the latest Sandman news and 1st appearances you can grab now for cheap. (34:00) We talk Comic book community drama and would you guess its comes from one of our own hosts, can you guess who? (43:00) Finally our comic book segment "What are we currently reading", comic book series you maybe reading or maybe should be reading. Follow us on Instagram at THECOMICCOMPODCAST send emails or voice mails to THECOMICCOMPODCAST@GMAIL.COM
January 29, 2021
Mutant Monday with the Manimal-Mutants in the MCU
On this episode of Mutant Monday, Manimal will be talking about the inevitable introduction of Marvel's Merry Band of Mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Will be exploring possible introductions of mutants into the various announced films and television shows in the next phase of the MCU. Email us at with any questions or voice memos Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast
January 25, 2021
Episode 3-Wandavision review, Dc/Marvel Cinematic news, Justice League and Ghost Rider
We are back for Round 3, Justin and Zack go through (1:30) comic book community messages and answer them in style. (17:00) We take a look at the news regarding Ghost Rider and his next role in the cinematic universe as well as discuss what is happening with Black Widow in 2021. On the DC side we have updated news of Zack Snyder Justice League. (29:00) Wandavision review of episode 1 and 2. (36:00) New weekly segment for comicbook reader "WHAT ARE WE CURRENTLY READING", Justin and Zack discuss what you may want to start reading or get into it before its too late. Follow us on Instagram at THECOMICCOMPODCAST Email questions and voice messages to
January 22, 2021
Episode 2- Community Messages, Marvel Comics The Punisher, New Star Wars Game
Back for round 2, Justin and Zack take on some hard hitting questions from around the comicbook community with regards to Nick Spencers current Amazing Spider-man run,  the Post At&T days at DC Comics and should Star Wars smaller format books be considered 1st appearance of characters, buy or avoid the hype. We also take a look at Marvel Comics backlash on changing The Punisher logo with the current situation in America today. Also discussion on the new Ubisoft partnership with Lucasarts Films for a new open world video game. Finally we talk preview of our thoughts on Wandavision prerelease as well as discuss the Marvel Studios Legends on Disney+ for Wanda and Scarlet Witch. Don't forgot to follow us on Instagram @Thecomiccompodcast and send voice messages and things you want us to talk about
January 15, 2021
Mutant Monday with the Manimal-Return of X-23
On this episode of Mutant Monday, Manimal will be talking about the return of X-23 in the current Jonathan Hickman storyline of the X-Men.  Also will be breaking down the characters of Children of the Vault and the supporting cast of the X-Men. Email us at with any questions or voice memos Follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast
January 11, 2021
Episode 1- The Official 1st Episode-Star Wars The High Republic, Wonder Woman 84, DC Future State
The official 1st episode with Justin and Zack on The Comic Com Podcast. Learn where the guys have come from and why they started a podcast.  We talk about the movie that was Wonder Woman 84 and give you an honest review. DC COMICS Future state started this week and we dive into each of the several times from the New Wonder Woman and Batman to the Harley Quinn and Swamp Thing book. Rounding out the week we talk Star Wars The High Republic Era-Novel, Comics and more. Be sure to email us your thoughts, questions or voice messages at and follow us on Instagram @thecomiccompodcast
January 08, 2021