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the consciously powerful

the consciously powerful

By UW-Whitewater Sustainability Office
throughout our episodes, we will be diving into topics like: the history of environmentalism, environmental and racial justice, sustainability, how to create a more sustainable lifestyle, feminism in the outdoors, plant care, outdoor recreation, our love for dogs, and more! all topics will be subject to amazing special guests. we hope you stick around, so subscribe to hear more.

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pandemic productivity
Long time, no see!! Our Engagement Team has been hard at work celebrating Campus Sustainability Month here at UW-Whitewater. Shoutout to all who attended our Harvest Party, Wellness in the Prairie event, and Haunted Trash Pickup! In this episode, Caroline and Jess talk about productivity during the pandemic and the (almost) post-pandemic world. From reactions to quarantine to the transition back to in-person classes, Caroline and Jess navigate their own habits and realizations. Learn about concepts such as eco-grief and emotional sobriety as they relate to the pandemic.  Special shoutout to our campus photographer, Craig Schreiner, and our intern Lyss Engels who both took amazing photographs at our Campus Sustainability Month events.  To learn about mental health and wellness resources on campus, visit
November 15, 2021
book worms and tree huggers
long time, no see! celebrate international podcast day with the UW-Whitewater Sustainability Office in this episode about Jess and Caroline's favorite environmental literature novels, including: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley Walden by Henry David Thoreau Silent Spring by Rachel Carson The Home Place by J. Drew Lanham The Thousand Miler by Melanie Radzicki McManus The Unsettlers by Mark Sundeen The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah for all of the college students out there, we hope your semester is going well! remember to allow yourself the space to rest and take care of your mind amidst all of your hard work. remain mindful of your surroundings and appreciate the beauty that is the season of autumn! 
September 30, 2021
new hosts and Thoreau's ghosts
a new semester brings on new hosts and new topics! Caroline, our greenhouse manager, and Jess, our digital marketing intern, joined by Wes, the sustainability director, celebrate National Day of Simplicity (July 12, 2021) in honor of author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau. as the new hosts find our "podcast voices," we ponder our own patterns of consumption and offer ways to practice mindfulness. check out Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now and Lord Huron's new album Long Lost sources: Brown, K. W., & Kasser, T. (2005). Are Psychological and Ecological Well-Being Compatible? The Role of Values, Mindfulness, and Lifestyle. Social Indicators Research, 74(2), 349–368. Ericson, T., Kjønstad, B., & Barstad, A. (2014). Mindfulness and sustainability. Ecological Economics, 104, 73-79. for more information about the aforementioned prairie tours, go to email us at with any comments, questions, or concerns!
July 26, 2021
carrying on the legacy
welcome back to our LAST episode! this was a very sweet bittersweet episode to record but all good things have to come to an end i guess. we brought on two other interns, cam and jess. ashley and i worked closely together with these two ladies this semester and this episode gives you a little peek into what our weekly meetings were like, random and too many side comments from me (gabby) lol. ashley and i are sad (but oh so happy) to go but we know this podcast will carry on strong! thank you so much to all who have followed along and supported us! p.s. it’s gabby and i got the job ;) email us at: with any questions and feedback! music credit: ‘past lives (nvmbr remix)’ by BORNS
May 11, 2021
two girls with two new mics!
join us for another fun Q & A! ashley and I dive into more questions given to us by YOU. we talk about topics ranging from our favorites of anything at the moment all the way into more sustainable topics! we have just one episode left together so be sure to look out for that one coming your way soon :) email us at: with any questions and feedback! music credit: ‘past lives (nvmbr remix)’ by BORNS
April 20, 2021
the (wo)man, the myth, the legend
drum roll please… our special guest this week is our boss's wife, Maryam Enterline!! she is a fellow graduate of UW-W in 2012 with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. Maryam still belongs to the UWW community as an employee where she is the front desk supervisor at the Parking Services Office. if she isn’t impressive enough already, Maryam is also the owner and founder of Enterline Designs and an avid adventurer. listen with us as we get to know this amazing lady and spark some great conversation on topics like being a woman of color in sustainability, her lifestyle, amazing advice, and much more. - Maryam’s staging business - Maryam’s favorite podcast - Maryam’s secret weapon for planning and goal getting email us at: with any questions and feedback :) music credit: ‘past lives (nvmbr remix)’ by BORNS
March 26, 2021
danners, doc martens & more
welcome and welcome back to the consciously powerful! our fourth episode is here so sit down, grab a coffee or your beverage of choice, and learn more about your hosts :) we’re answering a handful of questions of all different topics submitted by our interns, our friends, and our social media followers. thank you so so much to everybody who submitted questions and look out for another episode where we finish off these questions! email us at: music credit: ‘past lives (nvmbr remix)’ by BORNS
March 08, 2021
chasing dreams ... and a stable wifi connection
back again with Jaida from UW-Whitewater’s BSU student organization. in this episode you’ll get to see what it’s like for a student here at whitewater who is in an e-board (chair position) in Black Student Union. Jaida opens up about what projects she’s working on, why this org means so much to her, what she hopes it can do for the students on campus, and a little bonus round of questions she answers at the end! we’ve added a little disclaimer to the end so be sure to keep an ear out for that and i’m sure it’ll get repetitive so you can always skip ahead in the other episodes once you’ve heard it on this one. :) thank you all so much again for sticking around. see you soon. roberta's art gallery details: racial and social justice initiatives:  please visit their facebook page to find out more about their events, meeting times & other social media pages. email us at: music credit: ‘past lives (nvmbr remix)’ by BORNS
February 20, 2021
5 degrees, one man
wooo, episode 2! ashley and I were violently nervous for this one because Dr. Key is such an inspiration to both of us and our University, so once again, bear with us through the EXTREMELY awkward laughs from me (gabby), weird conversation gaps here and there, and the overuse of 'oh my gosh that's awesome.' overall, we can’t thank Dr. Key enough for sitting down with us, sharing his story, and talking about some really really important topics. we included the link that he mentioned about some great panel discussions so be sure to explore that website. & don’t forget that if you see something, say something! email us at: music credit: 'past lives (nvmbr remix)' by BORNS 
February 05, 2021
no hate on bamboo toothbrushes
bear with us on this first episode! webex isn't the greatest and you'll discover that with some fun background noises that can't be edited out... in this episode we chatted with our first guest, Wesley Enterline, UW-Whitewater's Sustainability Director.  UW-Whitewater Sustainability Website: 
January 29, 2021
welcome, we're glad you're here
this is where it starts. welcome to the consciously powerful. 
January 29, 2021