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My Creative Classroom: An EdTech Series

My Creative Classroom: An EdTech Series

By Bryan Ouellette
My Creative Classroom (@MyCreativePod) is an EdTech series that focuses on interview EdTech Industry experts to help inform educators around the world about the tools, technologies and services that are available to them. Our conversations with these leading experts are authentic, genuine and personal, we want to share the how, why, what and how much of everything we talk about. Welcome, to My Creative Classroom!
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Ep 15- Steve Nelson CEO of Nelson Canada
On this episode I chat with CEO of Nelson Canada Steve Brown(@NelsonSteveB). We discuss how how Nelson, a 106 years old company that many of us know as the Text book company, has transformed its delivery method from Paper to digital. This digital form is known as Edwin (@edwinclassroom), which stands for Educational Win, which is a progressive Web app that features live materials allowing Edwin to update both its content and curriculum standards over a short period of time ( As an organization, the focus is Creating communities for teachers by teachers to help educators connect all over the world. Steve talks about how Edwin creates both equity and flexibility for learning whether you're in the classroom or at the kitchen table.
September 14, 2020
Ep. 14: Susan Crouse CEO Traxart Toys- Kinazium
On this episode I chat with Susan Crouse ( who is the CEO of Traxart Toys which is the company behind Kinazium @Kinazium, a tool kit that helps amplify robotics by connecting walls, arches, zig zags to their mats by using pegs, and even the possibility of sensors.  They pride themselves on providing students the opportunity to work on engineering , invention, creativity, communication and so much more! Susan and I talk about how Kinazium is a start up company that began in her garage with her son and his friends and focuses on playing more on the floor. Listen to find how you can claim your 25% discount from Susan!
August 31, 2020
Ep. 13: Lucas Pacentrilli - Education Director @ Phidgets
On todays episode I chat with Lucas Pacentrilli ( who is the Education Director and an Engineer for Phidgets (@phidgetsedu). These small, versatile tools offer a range of sensors, from sound, light, distance, temperature, and connect to a variety of machines like a PC, mac, raspberry pi etc. Phidgets is looking to support educators by introducing real world tools in classrooms to help move away from a more toy based sensor approach, and to do this, phidgets is giving away eduction kits for free! That's right, listen to my conversation with Lucas to find out how you can get your Free kit courtesy of phidgets.
August 17, 2020
Ep. 12- Lionel Loganathan | Director of Academic Partnerships @ Knowledgehook
On this episode I chat with Lionel Loganathan who is the Director of Academic Partnerships at Knowledgehook (@knowledgehook) which is an Instructional Guidance System (IGS) that uses engaging student assessments to unlock insights and expert guidance for math teachers. We dive into the robust features that Knowledgehook offers teachers such as their Game Show Feature, Individual Student Missions and even Paper Mode. This award winning company focuses on creating valuable tools for teachers that can help identify potential strategies to help students who may be struggling with a given math concept. These engaging questions align to the curriculum standards for your given area and even offers a teacher and parent dashboard to see student progress. Knowledgehook offers more to students than just trophies, it provides them with the ability to say I Can.
August 4, 2020
Ep. 11: Edwin | Megan Farrell (VP Edwin Account Management) & Ashley McLellan (Director of Professional Learning and Atlantic Account Management)
On this episode I am joined by Megan Farrell (@meganmfarrell) and Ashley McLellan (@ashmac205) from Edwin by Nelson (@NelsonPK20). Edwin (@EdwinClassroom) is a digital Ecosystem that supports both teachers and students by providing trusted digital content that aligns with the given curriculum depending on the province. We talk about how Edwin focuses on creating a equitable learning environment for students whether they are in or out of the classroom through their easy to use web based platform that even allows the user to cache some content to be used offline. We discuss how the Professional Learning communities, made up of Edwin users from around the globe work on supporting one another not only on implementation but on transformation while using the tool. Edwin ( is a tool that engages the teachers to be collaborative and promotes students ability to connect the dots between subjects.
July 20, 2020
Ep. 10: Unruly Splats | Bryanne Leeming- Founder and CEO
On this episode I chat with Bryanne Leeming (@bryanneleeming) CEO and Founder of Unruly Studios (@unruly_studios), the company behind Unruly Splats ( which is a codable floor button that encourages physical play in STEM Education. We talk about how Bryanne came up with the product and why, as well as how Unruly Studios supports teachers in implementing this cross curricular tool into their school so that it doesn’t just sit on the shelf. We walk through using the web based coding platform that offers a virtual splat so that users can Splat without Splats. This durable coding tool takes the students away from the computer screen and engages them in a way that allows them to get the wiggles out
July 6, 2020
MCC at AES | clevr | Mihaela Pal
On this conference edition of MCC we chat with Mihaela Pal ( who is the Director of Marketing at clevr ( who was a feature spotlight speaker during the 2020 Atlantic Education Summit ( We discuss how they support school districts with transforming their paper based forms into web forms that allow for cloud storage and automation of data collection. We discuss supporting this transition as an individual as well as a system and how clevr has helped districts across Canada evolve into the digital age.
June 26, 2020
LIVE MCC at AES | Dr. Alec Couros
We go LIVE from the Atlantic Education Summit to discuss education, EdTech and so much more with Keynote speaker Dr. Alec Couros ( We talk about education during and post pandemic as well as strategies to better prepare not only the students but educators as well prior to entering a new school year. We discuss the value of passion projects as well as the need for a blended approach towards learning for students to truly buy in whether in person or at home. Twitter: @courosa  materials:
June 25, 2020
Ep. 9: Sphero | Jeremy MacDonald Senior Education Content and Training Manager
On this episode I chat with Jeremy MacDonald (, the Senior Education Content and Training Manager with Sphero (@Sphero, @SpheroEDU). We dive into the various tools and supports that Sphero has to offer educators, from free lessons to Professional Learning communities with the Sphero Lead Educator Program and the Sphero Hero Ambassadors and how Sphero works towards making sure that every teacher has what they need when they need it and how play is built into the DNA that is Sphero.
June 22, 2020
MCC at AES | David Whelan CEO- VR Education
On this conference edition of My Creative Classroom I chat with David Whelan who is the CEO of VR Education which looks after the Engage program that will be hosting the VR segment of the Atlantic Education Summit. We talk about how the users can access content, take part in this virtual space and what it offers education in the sense of global learning and interactive opportunities.
June 19, 2020
MCC at AES | Robert Martellacci CEO/Co-Founder C21 Canada and Founder/CEO Mindshare Learn Tech
On this special episode of MCC at AES, I chat with Robert Martellacci (@mindsharelearn) Co-Founder and CEO of C21 Canada (@C21Can) and Founder and CEO of Mindshare Learn Tech. We dive into what it means to be learning during the current Global Pandemic as well as what we can look forward to during his Cross Canada Panel during the June 23-26 2020 Atlantic Education Summit (
June 16, 2020
MCC at AES | Dr. Mario Chiasson- Chair of the Atlantic Education Summit
On this special edition MCC Conference episode, I chat with Dr. Mario Chiasson the Chair of the Atlantic Education Summit ( about how this conference has adapted and evolved to offer participates a new and engaging experience through Virtual Reality. We talk about how the support of sponsors has helped the committee lower the cost of the conference we walk through what participants can expect on June 23-26, 2020.
June 12, 2020
Ep. 8: Let's Talk Science | Brittany Lawrence
On this episode I am joined by Brittany Lawrence ( from Let’s Talk Science @letstalkscience which is a national Organization with over 3,900 volunteers that offers a multitude of services all in the effort of providing High quality learning experiences for both teachers and students. Brittany talks about how her journey has led her to her current role with Let's Talk Science as the Education Program Manager for Professional Learning and how they pride themselves on using evidence based approaches to their learning experiences. CORRECTION: LTS has 3,900 volunteers and not 39,000 volunteers as mentioned in our conversation.
June 8, 2020
MCC | Trailer | Zorbit's Math Adventure | Matt Murphy
This is a sneak peak of the amazing conversation that I had with Matt Murphy from Zorbit's Math Adventure, and how their Blended platform can help transform learning.
May 26, 2020
Ep. 7- Zorbit's Math Adventure | Matt Murphy
On this episode of My Creative Classroom, I chat with Matt Murphy (@MattMAttacks) from Zorbit's Math Adventure (@ZorbitsMath) which is a blended learning platform with a math first game design that focuses providing a multitude of supports for both the learner and the educator. We discuss their home learning kits that are available until June 31, 2020 as well as their Teaching Activities Library that has vetted tools and activities to provide the true blended model for teachers. Listen to how we go from chocolate covered broccoli, gumbo and back to onions.
May 25, 2020
Ep. 6- Flipgrid | Adam Parker Goldberg
On todays episode I chat with Adam Parker Goldberg @AdamShortShorts from Flipgrid @flipgrid, a program that allows a teacher to connect with students virtually through short videos by creating topics and prompts. Adam discusses how Flipgrid provides a global professional learning community through their GridPals, a Disco Library to help teachers get started, and their partnership with Microsoft that allows FLipgrid to be free for educators.
May 11, 2020
Ep. 5- SWIVL | Amanda Regan
On todays episode I chat with Amanda Regan from SWIVL @swivl, an EdTech company that offers a small attachment to your device, that allows you to record with multiple audio inputs and spins to give a 360 degree view of the venue. The SWIVL is this small base that can run on battery or be plugged in, that provides the user with a clear video and audio. Listen to my conversation with Amanda about SWIVL can help transform the learning in and out of the classroom. Visit SWIVL for more information:
April 27, 2020
Ep. 4- Fair Chance Learning | Dustin & Martha Jez
On this episode I chat with Dustin and Martha Jez (@marthajez) Co-Founders of Fair Chance Learning (@FCLEDU) about how their company offers a variety of supports to teachers to help them enhance their implementation of tools and strategies in the classroom. We discuss why they founded the company and their work and partnerships in the decade that they have been around. Listen to my discussion with Dustin and Martha and find out why they encourage educators to engage with them and not just follow them by using their weekly virtual staff chats as an example. 
April 13, 2020
Ep. 3- Logics Academy | Ramy Ghattas
On this episode, I chat with Ramy Ghattas ( from Logics Academy ( a Toronto based company that provides Digital Literacy tools to teachers and students to help transform the classroom. We walk through the Top 5 ways that Logics Academy can not only support learners while at school but also while at home. Ramy reveals the launch of a new platform that will provide opportunities for students and adults at home to pursue inquiry through emulators. We talk about the difference between learning to code and coding to learn. Stick around for my chat with Logics Academy! #makelearningcreative
April 6, 2020
Ep. 2- | Catherine Connors
On this episode of the Creative Classroom we chat with Catherine Connors ( from to discuss how this online learning platform supports language learners, as well as all learners in a variety of subject areas. A company that started in Sweden, has now setup shop in Halifax NS Canada, to build its Canadian content library to better align to the provincial curriculum. prides itself in personalizing its content to the location they are serving, so they are constantly seeking input from its users. Head over to to get you free platform license as they support both students and teachers in the COVID-19 Pandemic (offer valid until July 2020). #makelearningcreative 
March 29, 2020
Ep. 1- PASCO Sensors | Craig Ecclestone
On todays episode we talk with our product specialist from Ayva Educational Solutions @AYVAEducational, Craig Ecclestone. ( From temperature sensors, motions sensors, optical sensors and beyond, Ayva and Pasco @pascoscientific are leading the curve with Sense Technology.  Craig walks us through his top 5 must have sensors for teachers, a few price points and how classrooms can get started in the introduction of sensors to their programs.  SPOILER ALERT! Links to Craigs Top 5! Wireless Smart Carts PASCO’s number one selling product for the last two years.  Great for teaching Kinematics, Dynamics and Momentum and integrating Math and Physics. Wireless Temperature Completely sealed for water damaged protection and can collect data remotely for weeks at a time Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS Fully portable and can be used with GIS display software to investigate microclimates and ecosystems Wireless Carbon Dioxide This is the sensor Biology teachers can’t live without.  Ideal for respiration, photosynthesis and pollution investigations Wireless Motion The motion sensor still features the ingenious pivot head of prior models while incorporating wireless capabilities.
March 22, 2020