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Jake and Nate, Wildcat Wire

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Welcome to The Creator’s Life Podcast, where we sit down with young professionals, dreamers and doers to learn more about how they do what they do. We are your hosts, Sara and Alyssa, and we can’t wait to share their stories.
Ben Mohorn, Creative Director at Striv
Ben Mohorn is one of our own. At 19 years old he is the creative director for Striv TV. Ben does it all, from photography, to videography, to editing, and social media. We talk about what inspires him to create his best work, how he manages his time, and what it takes to become a videographer. 
May 20, 2019
Jake and Nate, Wildcat Wire
We sat down with Nate Thomas and Jake Janousek, two seniors from Millard West High School, to spotlight some of our top academy students. Jake and Nate are heavily involved with their journalism class as well as helping out with their Striv Crew. We talk about all things commentating, high school, and setting goals for the future. 
April 15, 2019
Sharing Your Student's Stories
For this episode, we had the opportunity to share a little bit of the work we do at Striv. Sara and Alyssa talk about their conference presentation "Sharing your student's stories," that was presented at the March 2019 NETA conference. We talk about all the tips and tricks we use at Striv to create and share content on a variety of platforms.
April 8, 2019
Heather Callihan, Tech Integration Specialist
Heather Callihan has been a good friend and great colleague to Striv from the start, and we were so honored that she was able to chat with us about what it's like to have professional experience in a variety of different areas.  We talk about work, family life, leadership roles, and how to continue learning on the job. 
March 4, 2019
Kent Seevers, T'Work
For our 4th episode, we sat down with Kent Seevers, side hustler extraordinaire. Kent balances it all, and talked a lot about what it takes to run a business from a personal as well as professional standpoint. Kents offers great advice about getting through the weeds to arrive where you really want to be.  
February 18, 2019
Noah Allmon & Hunter Andersen, Midwest Outdoor Chasers
For our second week on the podcast, we brought on two best friends who just happen to be business partners. Noah and Hunter started an Instagram page that quickly hit 10,000 followers. They talk about how they balance life and business, along with creating content their followers want to see. 
February 11, 2019
Hunter Radenslaben, Athlete Nation
Our first story features Hunter Radenslaben, CEO of Athlete Nation. In this episode you hear all about what it takes to be a young entrepreneur, and some social media trick in between.
February 5, 2019
The Creator's Life: Meet Your Hosts!
Listen to meet your hosts, and learn all about what The Creator's Life is all about. We can't wait to hear your stories. 
February 4, 2019
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