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CryptoQuikRead_234 - How is Fiat Money Possible [Part 1]

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By Guy Swann
The Technology, The Philosophy, and The Cypherpunks. Welcome to the Cryptoconomy.
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QuikRead_296 - The Long Now [Ben Hunt - Epsilon Theory]
The only thing as scarce as Bitcoin, is Time.  Do you value it accordingly?   For today's read we are diving into our first piece from the awesome collection over at Epsilon Theory by Ben Hunt. The Long Now Pt. 1 - Tick Tock Don't forget to check out the other incredible content over at Other great content mentioned in this Episode: The Bitcoin Survivor's Book List Rational Optimist (affiliate link) Your Life in Weeks ( Click the link below if you want to help support my work in turning all the best written works in the Cryptoconomy into audio!
September 18, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_295 - A New Form of Life - Money, Bitcoin & Time [Part 5 - Robert Breedlove]
Concluding the “Bitcoin” section of Money, Bitcoin & Time. So many fascinating aspects of Bitcoin covered by author Robert Breedlove in this section including: • A new form of life • The many-sided network effects of Bitcoin • Positive feedback loops • The Minority Rule • The TrustNet & more! “It removes the central banks, macroeconomists, politicians, presidents, dictators and military leaders from monetary policy and payments authorization once and for all.” If you haven't listened to the previous parts of this incredible piece, visit the links below: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -
September 18, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_294 - The Simple Truth About Bitcoin - Money, Bitcoin & Time [Part 4 - Robert Breedlove]
Jumping back into Robert Breedlove's great piece with a thorough exploration of Bitcoin as a money, a technology, a network, and a measure of time.   • The Cost and Reward of Proof-of-Work • A Vault Built of Energy • The infinite Hardness of Bitcoin • The Internet of Value • The Bitcoin Social Contract & more! Don't miss the continuation of this excellent piece available on the blog or in PDF at - If You haven't yet, don't forget to check out the first 3 parts of this incredible piece on the episodes linked below: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Other Great works mentioned on the show for further diving into related topics and exploring Bitcoin: 21 Lessons of the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole [DerGigi] Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - More on the Fascinating Nature of Proof-of-Work: Proof of Work is Efficient Bitcoin & the 7th Great Disruption of the Digital Age Anatomy of Proof of Work Bitcoin, Chance, and Randomness
September 17, 2019
GuysTake_23 - Revolution in the Protocol [on Nic Carter's "Peaceful Revolution"]
Today we have a follow up to Nic Carter's excellent piece on Medium, A Most Peaceful Revolution. An incredible article that deserves an exhaustive discussion and easily earns a few ridiculous rants.  What could be better for Guy's Take 23?  Other episodes and works mentioned in the show for a deeper dive: A Most Peaceful Revolution Anatomy of the State A Cypherpunk's Manifesto The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto The Bitcoin Survivor's Book List Bitcoin and the Promise of Independent Property Rights Bitcoin Can't Be Copied
September 13, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_293 - A Most Peaceful Revolution [Nic Carter]
Today we read a veritable Bitcoin Manifesto on a fundamental truth of Bitcoin's nature, the challenge it proposes to the state, the atrocities it seeks to dismantle, the hubris of alternatives, its promethean origins, the values it codifies, the role its already playing, and its patient unstoppable advancement. Do not miss the audio, followed by tomorrow's commentary (there's simply too much to say in one show), of Nic Carter's,     A Most Peaceful Revolution Drop some highly due applause over at his Medium page and check out the other amazing work he has been putting out: Previous episodes of Nic's amazing work: • Media Coverage of Bitcoin is Still a Total Disaster ( • How to Scale Bitcoin Without Changing a thing [Part 1 & 2] • Unpacking Bitcoin's Assurances • Bitcoin's Existential Crisis • How to Critique Bitcoin: A Guide • Visions of Bitcoin Become a Patron to support my work and join the Cryptoconomy Telegram Crew!  Every donation helps in turning all of the best writings in Bitcoin and the Cryptoconomy into the audio version they deserve!
September 12, 2019
GuysTake_022 - But Bitcoin Isn't User Friendly...
• Keys are being abstracted away. • Users will call customer support to restore their coins, but never give up control. • Ownership of a single UTXO will become rare. • On-chain transactions will be used to build networks, more than transfer coins. • Lightning, sidechains, statechains & more will work invisibly behind the curtain. Things are changing fast, and we go through all sorts of great stuff in this show and I attempt to explain some of the technical elements with analogies using cookies. Gonna be a fun one, so don't miss it! Thank you to our newest patron, Maximilian Schmitz!! Join Max in supporting the show & help make every great work about Bitcoin and the Cryptoconomy into the audio version it deserves! Plus, get access to the exclusive Cryptoconomy Crew Telegram!✊
September 9, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_292 - Rise of the Sovereign Individual [dergigi]
If you were looking for a succinct summation of the philosophy and to understand why we are so avid about using Bitcoin, encrypting our communication, and why we think these things are critical for a better future, this is the episode you're looking for.😘 Beginning with a read of @Dergigi's great piece on the Bull Bitcoin Medium page, "Rise of the Sovereign Individual." Followed by a discussion about what liberty is, why we should be defending it, and what tools we have to truly "install" it on our future. Check out the original article to drop some applause & check out the new Cyphernode project! Other works by Der Gigi can be found below: 21 Lessons of the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Proof of Life Support the show and help make every great work on Bitcoin and the Cryptoconomy into the audio version it deserves! Plus, become a patron and get access to the exclusive Cryptoconomy Crew Telegram!✊
September 6, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_291 - Bitcoin Can't Be Copied [Parker Lewis]
Today we start into the second piece of the "Gradually, Then Suddenly" series by Parker Lewis. Why altcoiners can claim their coin is for something other than money, but it must compete with Bitcoin as money regardless.  Why money will only tend to one. Why copies of Bitcoin are just modern day alchemy. And why toxic maximalism is Bitcoin's greatest strength.  Don't miss a great piece and fun discussion to follow! Bitcoin Can't Be Copied!🚫 Check out the original article plus the other great stuff on the blog over at the Unchained Capital blog: Support the show and help make every great piece shedding light on the incredible impact, the concepts, & the technology of Bitcoin and the Cryptoconomy into the audio version it deserves! Plus, become a patron and get access to the exclusive Cryptoconomy Crew Telegram group!✊
September 6, 2019
GuysTake_021 - Bitcoin & the 7th Great Disruption of the Digital Age
Bitcoin isn't just a token you can send and receive online, it isn't just a digital money, its a complete inversion of the idea of money in the same way that the internet changed the nature of information.  To understand exactly why, we need to look at the previous major societal disruptions brought about by the Digital age, and we can begin to see where Bitcoin will fit into the big picture. 1) Mail & Connecting 2) Publishing & The Web 3) The Infrastructure Inversion 4) Ecommerce 5) The New Media 6) Collaboration & Crowd Sourcing 7) New Money & Permissionless Finance Don't miss a fun exploration through the history of the internet and the role that Bitcoin will play in establishing ground for a second chapter in the Digital Age! Further Reading/Listening mentioned in the episode: Szabo's essential work, Shelling Out: The Origins of Money (no commentary) (with commentary) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 The Incredible Iterative Capital Thesis: What's Really Driving the Cryptocurrency Phenomenon And numerous excellent books that I've pulled together on the Bitcoin Survivor's Book List:
September 4, 2019
CryptoChat_021 - Wealth Power & Influence, Bitcoin talk with Jason & Matt
The Bitcoin community needs more Jason Stapleton, so I'm doing my part.  Super excited to have had the opportunity to join Jason Stapleton and Matt Erickson on a favorite show of mine, Wealth, Power & Influence!  Don't miss this great episode plus tomorrow's follow-up where I go further down the rabbit hole on many topics we touched on in this interview.   Don't forget to follow Jason Stapleton (and Matt Erickson) for more of the endlessly entertaining, Wealth Power & Influence podcast. If you want to support the work I'm doing to bring all the most incredible Bitcoin content and their fascinating ideas straight to your ears, then become a patron! Plus get access to the exclusive Cryptoconomy Telegram Group!
September 2, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_290 - Gradually, Then Suddenly [Parker Lewis]
"What is money? That is the beginning of the real rabbit hole.” Like the process of going bankrupt, how fiat money inflates, and what it feels like to learn Bitcoin... it happens gradually, then suddenly. We take a break today before getting back into Money, bitcoin & Time, by beginning the awesome series at by Parker Lewis that is hitting major topics around Bitcoin and its supposed "failures" one at a time.  A really fun and well written series that's going to inspire great discussion for the show! Today we start with his introductory piece, Gradually, Then Suddenly. Don't forget to follow both Unchained Capital and Parker Lewis so you don't miss the tons of other great stuff they are working on and some really great reading on Bitcoin and the financial markets. Become a patron and help support my work at turning every brilliant piece of literature around Bitcoin and the Cryptoconomy into the audiobook version it deserves!! Love you guys!
August 30, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_289 - Hal Finney, Bitcoin & Me
Harold Thomas Finney (May 4, 1956 – August 28, 2014) In one of his last posts on the BitcoinTalk forums, Hal Finney posted a short message about his past, finding Bitcoin, working with Satoshi, coming to terms with his disease, and the legacy he was leaving behind. On this day in 2014 we lost a true cypherpunk. Hal's, Bitcoin and Me
August 28, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_288 - The Economic Nervous System - Money, Bitcoin, & Time [Part 3 - Robert Breedlove]
Today we continue our journey through Robert Breedlove's thorough work by completing section 1 on the incredible history & profound nature of money. • How prices are the economic nervous system • Histories of failed monies • When gold lost its soundness • The Gilded Age • The Century of War • Skin in the game • Free Markets vs Socialism You'll find this amazing work plus much more at Further reading, listening, & exploration mentioned in today's show: Use of Knowledge in Society The Island of Stone Money All Wars are Bankers Wars Nassim Taleb's "Skin in the Game" If you want to support the tons of work in making audio versions and expanding on all the best written works around Bitcoin and the Cryptoconomy, become a patron below!
August 28, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_287 - Money is a Social Network - Money, Bitcoin & Time [Part 2 - Robert Breedlove]
The network effects that tie society together through its community, language, and money are both incredibly powerful, and very difficult to measure. We continue with Robert Breedlove's broad piece covering all of the core ideas that make Bitcoin the powerful innovation it is, and detailing exactly what it is changing, with a deep historical context.   • Money is a social network • "Hardness" is #1 • The 7 characteristics of a monetary good •  The nature of prosperity • How economies grow So many fascinating concepts and related stories to share on this one.  In the next section we will start back with "The Economic Nervous System" and how the natural emergence of prices creates the incentives to organize and direct our actions. So much more to come, don't forget to subscribe! Don't forget that you can find this incredible work and much more at
August 26, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_286 - Money, Bitcoin & Time [Part 1 - Robert Breedlove]
Today we start into an amazing and broad work that tackles the entire argument for Bitcoin, from the origins and nature of money, to the cost and value of time, by Robert Breedlove titled, "Money, Bitcoin and Time." • How does an economy grow? • Why do we even need money? • How extraordinary are the benefits of indirect exchange? • What makes a money sound? Check out the original piece, and read along for a better understanding by following the link below. You'll find this piece plus tons of other great reading. Don't forget to follow @breedlove22 on Twitter so you don't miss some awesome threads! Mentioned on the Show: A must listen if you haven't heard it, "I, Pencil" - My everyday mission now is to turn every piece of incredible work that sheds light on the understanding of Bitcoin & makes more clear the future of the Cryptoconomy that we seek to build, into the audio version it deserves! Become a patron to help me get that done!  Plus, you'll get to join us in the Cryptoconomy Crew Telegram!
August 22, 2019
CryptoChat_020 - ITS ALIVE!! Brandon Quittem & Der Gigi on the Bitcoin Organism
“Life is like fire, not water; it is a process, not a pure substance. […] The simplest, but not the only, proof of life is to find something that is alive.” — Christopher McKay The author of the incredible Bitcoin Mycelium series, Brandon Quittem, & the author of the 21 Lessons of the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole, Der Gigi, join me today for a 2 hour marathon exploring all aspects of this crazy beast we call Bitcoin.  What does it mean to be alive? What exactly is Bitcoin? Does it work for us, or do we work for it? And if this is a new form of life, how will it change the world? Don't miss this awesome Cryptoconomy Chat. Brandon Quittem Bitcoin Mycelium Series: Der Gigi Proof of Life 21 Lessons of the Rabbit Hole & more: Other Things to Explore: Schrodinger's "What is Life" - Conway's "Game of Life" - "Evolution of Trust" (game theory) - Scale of the Universe - Philosophy of Mathematics - If you would like to join us in the Cryptoconomy Telegram Group, become a patron!  Help me make every brilliant piece of literature around Bitcoin and the Cryptoconomy into the audiobook version it deserves!!
August 21, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_285 - Proof of Life [dergigi]
"Ralph Merkle... made the argument that Bitcoin is the first example of a new form of life. In this article series, I intend to take this claim seriously, explore it further, and see what can be gleaned from viewing Bitcoin as a living organism." Today we read and discuss the first part of a promising new series from Bitcoin enthusiast and author @DerGigi, titled "Proof of Life."  It will be the perfect precursor to tomorrow's interview with @Dergigi and @bquittem all about the nature of Bitcoin's decentralized organism!  You will hate yourself if you miss this one! Drop some serious applause on the article over at Gigi's Medium page, and don't forget to follow him on Twitter as well: For more great content on this same line of thought, Quittem's Mycelium series provides brilliant accompaniment, start with Part 1 below: Original: Audio: A shout out to our newest patron, Coley Wommack!! If you would like to join us in the Cryptoconomy Crew Telegram Group, become a patron and help support my work at turning every brilliant piece of literature around Bitcoin and the Cryptoconomy into the audiobook version it deserves!! Love you guys!
August 20, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_284 - Bitcoin is the Antivirus
Our monetary system has confiscated trillions in resources and value by corrupting the very incentives that keep our economy healthy and resilient… in that world, what role does Bitcoin play? Today we read and discuss the fascinating metaphors in Part 3 of Brandon Quittem’s excellent series on the Bitcoin Organism - “Bitcoin is the Antivirus to Uncertainty” Don’t forget to check out Parts 1 & 2 below, links to the audio as well as the original articles. Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism: Part 1 Audio: Bitcoin is a Social Creature: Part 2 Audio: Follow Brandon Quittem so you don’t miss the incredible work and perspective he contributes to the space: Support the show and help me turn every amazing work of written content on Bitcoin and the Cryptoconomy into audio by becoming a patron!
August 15, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_283 - Invalid Blocks Need Not Apply
Everything that defines the Bitcoin network is in the validation rules, and the nodes are its enforcers.  An impenetrable fortress of validation.   Because it deserves an episode of its own, today we read @StopandDecrypt's excellent breakdown of the Bitcoin network and the critical importance of fully validating nodes.  Originally an excerpt from a much longer article covered on the show, "Sharding Centralizes Ethereum." Drop some major applause on the original article below and don't forget to explore the graphics for some amazing visualizations of the concepts discussed: Support the show and help me turn every amazing work of written content on Bitcoin and the Cryptoconomy into audio by becoming a patron!
August 13, 2019
CryptoChat_019 - Under The Lightning Hood: Resurrection
The crew from the Lightning Hood website and weekly wrap-up are back for another episode chatting all about the developments in Lightning & Bitcoin throughout the last year.  What's new, what's the same, and what are the next steps. Bitcoin is back in the spotlight, how long and winding is the road to good privacy, how Bitcoin & Lightning returns power to personal hardware, developing a protocol stack for sovereignty, how Lightning is disappearing into the background, and the coming wave of new Bitcoiners.  Don't miss another fun episode, hanging with the Lightning Hood crew. Don't forget to check out the guests on today's show and follow them on social media! @Pura_Vlda, @PetoVeritas, @CoinBeezy, and the silent, but always present @curlydream60e A shout out to our newest patron, David Parrish for supporting the work of turning all the greatest written work in the Bitcoin space into audio! IF you would like to support my work and join the exclusive telegram group for the Cryptoconomy Crew, become a patron below:
August 13, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_282 - The Right to Read
Do we live in an age of liberty, where information is freely accessible, or an age of heavy-handed copyright restrictions where we are losing the ownership of the very devices we hold in our hands? If I had to judge, it's probably a bit of both.   Today we read a fascinating short story that I just recently ran across at the by Richard Stallman, a dystopian tale of a future where we have to fight, for our "Right to Read." Thanks to SNI for making the work available, I wouldn't have found it otherwise.  And a thanks to Richard Stallman for the incredible decades long fight he has put up for a Free & Open Source Society! Check out the Nakamoto Institute for this and an incredible list of other literature to explore. Shout out to our first Patron, Jesse Lawler! Thanks so much for supporting the show, plus all the help you've been over the last year, and of course, welcome to the Cryptoconomy Telegram Crew! If anyone else wants to support the audification of all brilliant things written about Bitcoin, become a patron and help make it happen.
August 9, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_281 - Unpacking Bitcoin's Assurances
We make claims about Bitcoin's assurances all the time.  It is censorship resistant, it's open and permissionless, it's counterfeit proof, etc.  But are these things entirely true? When someone wants to acquire, use, or validate Bitcoin, how well do the claims match reality? Today we cover another great article from @nic_carter titled: "Unpacking Bitcoin's Assurances."  Don't forget to follow Nic on Twitter and Medium, and drop some applause on the original article at the link below: Mentioned again because it always seems to come up in discussion, the great piece by @hasufl and @zhusu about Bitcoin as an independent system for property rights: If you love the show and would like to support and get access to the exclusive Cryptoconomy telegram group, become a patron below!
August 7, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_280 - My Path to Bitcoin Maximalism
Today we read an excellent article by Ben Perrin (@Btcsessions) laying out an excellent argument that reveals #BitcoinMaximalism as the meticulous and thoughtful position it actually is.  Rather than the arbitrary, religious, & closed-minded position many altcoiners would want you to believe. Drop some applause on the Medium article for the great work! Follow @BTCsessions on Twitter and Youtube for tons of great content! To dig a little deeper into topics mentioned in this episode, here are a few other works I recommend: Unpacking Bitcoin's Social Contract by Hasu BetterHash - Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining... by StopAndDecrypt Bit Gold by Nick Szabo If you love the show and would like to support and get access to the exclusive Cryptoconomy telegram group, become a patron below!
August 6, 2019
CryptoChat_018 - Investigating Bitcoin with Aaron Van Wirdum
Today we have on the show one of the best journalists in the Bitcoin ecosystem, Aaron Van Wirdum!  We chat about his path to finding Bitcoin, his process in investigating protocol developments, social impacts of paradigm shifting technology, the growing need and coming battle for privacy, his most anticipated new tech, and much more!   You'll find over 300! amazing articles by Aaron at And don't forget the great pieces available in the new 10th Anniversary Print Edition of the magazine! Get your copy = Here are a number of the previous articles of Aaron's that we've now got in audio + commentary: Statechains: Sending Keys Not Coins Bitcoin as a Privacy Coin Understanding Lightning Parts 1-3 Genesis Files: Atomic Swaps: How Lightning Extends to Altcoins If you are appreciating the show and would like to support and become a part of the exclusive Cryptoconomy telegram group, become a patron below!
August 5, 2019
GuysTake_020 - How Bitcoin Could Bring Down the State
Inflation, or manipulation of the money supply to the benefit of the politically well connected, is quite possibly the most pervasive frauds of modern society.  It creates multiple layers of compounded resource misallocation, it benefits the debtors and manipulators at the expense of savers, it puts a constant downward pressure on living standards, and it enables more unchecked corruption and abuse of power than any other aspect of our political systems.   Following Hulsmann's work, Deflation & Liberty, we have a foundation to understand how deflation, and sound money, strips the false elites of this power.  Bitcoin isn't a new player, Bitcoin is a whole new game. Today we have a Guy's Take follow-up to Hulsmann's great work, and a conversation on how Bitcoin could bring down the state. Other Episodes & Works mentioned in today's show: Jorg Guido Hulsmann's, Deflation & Liberty Conner Brown's, Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value Simon Lutz's, Keynesian Errors on Time and Demand Thomas Sowell's, Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One
August 2, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_279 - Deflation & Liberty [Part 2]
"If Bitcoin's supply is expected to be endlessly deflationary, doesn't this ensure a never ending, economy destroying downward spiral?" Today we conclude with Part 2, Hulsmann's incredible work on the consequences and nature of deflation and what it means for liberty. Continuing a 3 episode answer to this critically important question we finish Jörg Guido Hülsmann's amazing piece, available thanks to the Mises Institute: Deflation & Liberty We will conclude the argument for the liberating powers of deflationary money with a Guy's Take episode breaking it all down.  Subscribe and stay tuned so you don't miss it!
August 2, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_278 - Deflation & Liberty [Part 1]
When we think about the unmatched scarcity of Bitcoin as a monetary good (particularly after looking at @100trillionUSD's stock-to-flow model), it inevitably leads to an important question.  If Bitcoin's supply is expected to be endlessly deflationary, doesn't this ensure a never ending, economy destroying downward spiral?  Doesn't deflation halt economic growth and investment? Beginning a 3 episode answer to this critically important question we start by reading Jörg Guido Hülsmann's amazing piece, available thanks to the Mises Institute: Deflation & Liberty We will conclude the argument for the liberating powers of deflationary money with a Guy's Take episode breaking it all down.  Subscribe and stay tuned so you don't miss it! And to get started with eToro, our awesome sponsor for the show, click the link below:
July 31, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_277 - Modeling Bitcoin's Value with Scarcity 100trillionUSD
The incredible model for predicting and assessing the value of the Bitcoin network by @100trillionUSD is analyzed in his exceptional article that we read on today's show, "Modeling Bitcoin's Value with Scarcity." With an R^2 above 95%, if you plan for a bitcoin future without closely assessing this model, you are ignoring a powerful indicator.  Hear all about what it means for "orange coin number" in today's episode! Don't forget to drop some major applause for the excellent work at the original article: Be sure to follow @100trillionUSD on Twitter so you don't miss out on his continuous amazing work: Other episodes mentioned in the show to dive deeper: Conner Brown's - Bitcoin has no Intrinsic Value, & that's Great! Money, Blockchains, & Social Scalability Shelling Out: The Origin of Money If you want to support my work and be a part of the exclusive Cryptoconomy Telegram group to get the inside scoop on the show and what other things I'm working on, become a patron!
July 30, 2019
CryptoChat_017 - Reminiscing with Car & Bird on a Crazy Year & a Changing World
If you haven't listened to the earlier episode where I went on the Friends Against Government Podcast, then you no longer have to miss out! A year later, we get back together & talk about what a crazy year it has been in Bitcoin, podcasting, & the increasingly confused world.  Just an awesomely fun time! Check out the Friends Against Government Podcast.  Entertaining, informative, & just the right amount of absurd! And follow the guys of twitter for some Grade-A, Anti-Govt trolling: And don't forget to start playing around with the awesome platform + app of our newest sponsor, eToro:
July 29, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_276 - More Immutable than Stone
We start today's show reading a short Twitter thread by @simonlutz21 which sparks a fun discussion about the presence of Proof-of-Work in nature, the awesome utility of immutability, and the power of Bitcoin's inalterable ledger.   Like the original thread by Simon by following the link below: Don't forget to check out the presentation by Andreas on "immutability and proof of work": And if you would like to support the show, become a patron!
July 26, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_275 - Bit Gold
There were many precursors to the Bitcoin system, but IMO, none came as close to correctly defining the problem, & solving the key issues of trust as Nick Szabo's Bit Gold concept.  Reading another great piece made available by the Nakamoto Institute, we read and discuss the incredible prescience of Szabo through one of Bitcoin's forefathers, Bit Gold. Check out the amazing collection of literature at the Nakamoto Institute and see the original piece at the link below: Other great work from Nick Szabo includes the #1 must read of anyone who wants to understand Bitcoin, "Shelling Out, The Origins of Money" Securing Property with Owner Authority: Another I forgot to mention that pairs well with today's episode, "Formalizing Network Realtionships" And Lastly @Hasufl and @zhusu's piece "Bitcoin and the promise of Independent Property Rights" Don't forget to download and check out the eToro Bitcoin exchange and app at the link below:
July 25, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_274 - BetterHash, Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining with new Hashing Protocols
What if we already had a solution to one of the biggest threats to the Bitcoin network, but simply weren't implementing it?  Today we read another great piece by @stopanddecrypt breaking down the numerous vulnerabilities of centralized mining pools, that simply wouldn't exist, with the implementation of a @TheBlueMatt's new hashing protocol, #BetterHash. Drop some applause on the original article & check out the library of work on StopAndDecrypt's Medium page: Other resources & media mentioned on the show: Support my work and join the official #CryptoconomyCrew telegram group by becoming a patron:
July 24, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_272 - Keynesian Errors on Time and Demand
What if there was a single, fundamental flaw in Keynesian economic theory that could shed light on the major imbalances and debts that have resulted from our monetary system? Does "spending" and consumption of resources truly make us wealthier? Ben Kaufman lays out the argument for how "Time" is the missing piece in the failed Keynesian puzzle. Drop some applause on the original article at the link below, and don't forget to check out and follow Ben for his future work: I also mentioned in the show a comic book that excellently explains the process of economic growth, spending, and savings. If you haven't read it, its not to be missed: Another big thanks to our sponsor eToro! Setup your account and start using their platform in just a few minutes at the link below: 
July 23, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_272 - Statechains, Sending Keys Not Coins
If you've heard of statechains but couldn't understand how they worked, who better to break it down than Aaron Van Wirdum & Bitcoin Magazine? Today we get to read Aaron's piece on the recently conceptualized "Statechains" from the mind of Ruben Somsen. An entirely different way to think of exchanging Bitcoin, by handing keys to the receiver, rather than sending coins.  Don't miss the read & a really fun discussion about the tech to follow. Check out for the full article and the best place for Bitcoin news and information! Dropping a link to Aaron's main page because he has a number of recent articles that are also wonderful (specifically recommend "The 'Noinput Class'") If you enjoy this show and would like to support my work, become a Patron!
July 22, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_272 - Letting a Million Channels Bloom
The Lightning Network does, in fact, have scaling problems of its own. When the network grows to millions of channels we obviously won't be able to run it on a Raspberry Pi.  Don’t tell Rusty Russell or Joe Netti that, because they'll just build their own network and do it.  Another major milestone in Lightning development, the release of the Million Channels Project! Today we are reading & discussing, from the Blockstream blog, “Letting a Million Channels Bloom.” Check out the official post for the network data, charts and optimization benchmarks. Follow the blog and developers involved to stay up on the incredible work they are doing to bring Lightning to the world. Lastly a huge thanks to our new sponsor, eToro! Don't forget to check out the exchange and let me know if you went long or short Bitcoin 😉 eToro -
July 19, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_271 - Bitcoin's Energy Consumption is a Necessity
... And one of the greatest natural subsidies for renewable energy we could've asked for.   Today we hit a piece by Daniel Wingen. A thorough breakdown of the essence of mining, the necessity of its energy expenditure, the incentives for efficiency and renewable sources, and the unbelievable cost that is being rescued from wasteful alternatives. Not only is Bitcoin's energy consumption not a problem, it could be exactly what we need for a brighter future. Check out the full article and many links to other great works. A number of great charts and tables illustrating the argument to explore as well: Don't forget to check out Daniel's other works and follow him on Twitter and Medium:
July 18, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_270 - Investing in Bitcoin
Today we read yet another great piece by @hasufl and @suzhu available on on the core value offered by Bitcoin as a system and the high level trends in macroeconomics and technology that could lead to enormous future demand for just such an asset.   A big thanks as always to the amazing work produced by Hasu and Su Zhu. You must check out their blog over at where you can find many other great works for understanding Bitcoin's nature. Below I've linked to the ones we have covered previously on this show: An Honest Account of Fiat Money: Unpacking Bitcoin's Social Contract: Bitcoin and the Promise of Independent Property Rights: Bitcoin As a Hedge Against the Cashless Society: