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CryptoQuikRead_258 - 21 Lessons of the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole - Chapter 3

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By Guy Swann
The Technology, The Philosophy, and The Cypherpunks. Welcome to the Cryptoconomy.
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CryptoQuikRead_272 - Keynesian Errors on Time and Demand
What if there was a single, fundamental flaw in Keynesian economic theory that could shed light on the major imbalances and debts that have resulted from our monetary system? Does "spending" and consumption of resources truly make us wealthier? Ben Kaufman lays out the argument for how "Time" is the missing piece in the failed Keynesian puzzle. Drop some applause on the original article at the link below, and don't forget to check out and follow Ben for his future work: I also mentioned in the show a comic book that excellently explains the process of economic growth, spending, and savings. If you haven't read it, its not to be missed: Another big thanks to our sponsor eToro! Setup your account and start using their platform in just a few minutes at the link below: 
July 23, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_272 - Statechains, Sending Keys Not Coins
If you've heard of statechains but couldn't understand how they worked, who better to break it down than Aaron Van Wirdum & Bitcoin Magazine? Today we get to read Aaron's piece on the recently conceptualized "Statechains" from the mind of Ruben Somsen. An entirely different way to think of exchanging Bitcoin, by handing keys to the receiver, rather than sending coins.  Don't miss the read & a really fun discussion about the tech to follow. Check out for the full article and the best place for Bitcoin news and information! Dropping a link to Aaron's main page because he has a number of recent articles that are also wonderful (specifically recommend "The 'Noinput Class'") If you enjoy this show and would like to support my work, become a Patron!
July 22, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_272 - Letting a Million Channels Bloom
The Lightning Network does, in fact, have scaling problems of its own. When the network grows to millions of channels we obviously won't be able to run it on a Raspberry Pi.  Don’t tell Rusty Russell or Joe Netti that, because they'll just build their own network and do it.  Another major milestone in Lightning development, the release of the Million Channels Project! Today we are reading & discussing, from the Blockstream blog, “Letting a Million Channels Bloom.” Check out the official post for the network data, charts and optimization benchmarks. Follow the blog and developers involved to stay up on the incredible work they are doing to bring Lightning to the world. Lastly a huge thanks to our new sponsor, eToro! Don't forget to check out the exchange and let me know if you went long or short Bitcoin 😉 eToro -
July 19, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_271 - Bitcoin's Energy Consumption is a Necessity
... And one of the greatest natural subsidies for renewable energy we could've asked for.   Today we hit a piece by Daniel Wingen. A thorough breakdown of the essence of mining, the necessity of its energy expenditure, the incentives for efficiency and renewable sources, and the unbelievable cost that is being rescued from wasteful alternatives. Not only is Bitcoin's energy consumption not a problem, it could be exactly what we need for a brighter future. Check out the full article and many links to other great works. A number of great charts and tables illustrating the argument to explore as well: Don't forget to check out Daniel's other works and follow him on Twitter and Medium:
July 18, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_270 - Investing in Bitcoin
Today we read yet another great piece by @hasufl and @suzhu available on on the core value offered by Bitcoin as a system and the high level trends in macroeconomics and technology that could lead to enormous future demand for just such an asset.   A big thanks as always to the amazing work produced by Hasu and Su Zhu. You must check out their blog over at where you can find many other great works for understanding Bitcoin's nature. Below I've linked to the ones we have covered previously on this show: An Honest Account of Fiat Money: Unpacking Bitcoin's Social Contract: Bitcoin and the Promise of Independent Property Rights: Bitcoin As a Hedge Against the Cashless Society:
July 16, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_269 - Bitcoin is a Human Right
Finishing this week out with a short but wonderful introductory article by Nik Bhatia. Bitcoin is a money, a game, a land grab, works like email, and ultimately, Bitcoin is a human right. My discussion afterward may have gotten a little out of hand with a 40 minute follow-up to a 5 minute article. But when a good article sparks great ideas, sometimes its just hard to stop. ;) Today we read and discuss Nik’s excellent piece, “Bitcoin is a Human Right” Don’t forget to follow Nik Bhatia on twitter and medium and check out his other great work: Check out the other great pieces of Nik's we have covered on the show in the past: The Time Value of Bitcoin: The Bitcoin Second Layer: The Business of Bitcoin Cold Storage: The Bitcoin Risk Spectrum:
July 12, 2019
CryptoChat_016 - Lightning is a Breez with Roy Sheinfeld
The Lightning protocol has made some major leaps in the last few months, and the software landscape has changed massively in the same span!  Here to talk all about the Breez lightning service that has been an absolute pleasure to play with, we have the CEO, Roy Sheinfeld, joining us on the show! If you wanted to hear how their team is creating a seamless experience in Lightning & what it will take to bring it to the everyday user, don't miss this chat! Dont' forget to follow @breez_tech on Twitter! Join their telegram to talk with the community and share your ideas: Check out the website to download the app and learn more about the company:
July 10, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_268 - Major Developments in LND 0.7
Tomorrow we have an awesome interview with Roy Sheinfeld all about the Breez Lightning service! To set the stage, today we dive into the recent Lightning Labs Blog post on the incredible improvements in the 0.7-beta release. Followed with a fun discussion on the major developments and what it will mean for the UX, reliability, and further improvements of the Lightning ecosystem. If you need you Lightning Fix, this is where you'll find it. Don't forget to follow the blog and Twitter handles to stay up on what the Lightning Labs team is building!  Development is happening at a lightning fast pace and the team is straight fire! The amazing team (twitter links included): Check out the interview that Stephan Livera did with Conner Fromkneckt for a more in depth discussion of Wathctowers: And the earlier episode mentioned on "Lightning Wumbology!"
July 9, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_267 - Everyone's a Scammer
Merchants are scammers, Keynesians are scammers, altcoins are scammers, Bitcoin "investments" are scammers, scammers are scammers, and even Bitcoin hoarders are scammers.  Everyone's a scammer. There is a key list of works that are simply the "must reads" of the Bitcoin space if you want to understand the true nature of the new economic incentives and the technology behind it.  "Everyone's a Scammer" by Michael Goldstein, is one of those works.  Another piece that stood the test of time made available by the Nakamoto Institute, not to be missed by any serious Bitcoiner out there. Don't forget to check out Goldstein's amazing work and the enormous collection of quintessential Bitcoin writings over at the Nakamoto Institute:
July 8, 2019
CryptoChat_015 - Alex Adelman on Stacking Sats & Saving Money with Lolli
I was lucky enough to get the opportunity at the Bitcoin 2019 Conference to sit down with Alex Adelman, the CEO of Lolli, and talk all about how he got into Bitcoin and their crazy experience bursting into the Bitcoin scene!  This is definitely a crew to be watching closely as they continue to expand their service and grow with the Bitcoin ecosystem. Shout out to Matt Senter! It was great meeting you & if you ever get the time we would love to have you out at the Raleigh Bitcoin Meetup! Don't forget to grab the extension and visit the website to start staking sats immediately!
July 5, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_266 - How Many Wrongs Make A Wright [Part 2]
Today we finish the amazing journey through Jameson Lopp's thorough compilation of Craig Wright's extensive efforts and complications in trying to convince the world he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.  A huge thank you to Lopp and Bitcoin Magazine for making this extraordinary work available. Don't miss today's conclusion of "How Many Wrongs Make a Wright?" The culprits responsible for this work: // Check out the article for the video clips, graphics, screenshots, documents, & tons of links that accompany this article: Get your copy of the latest issue of the Bitcoin Magazine, back in print! Don't forget to listen to Dave & Grahm's interview of Lopp on his perspective of the whole fiasco, and journey in putting this work together.
July 3, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_265 - How Many Wrongs Make a Wright [Part 1]
Did you hear about the guy who tried for years to convince the world he was Satoshi? If you ever wanted to explore the evidence against Craig Wright's dubious claims but simply didn't have the time to sit down and read it, this is the QuikRead for you.  Today we begin our journey through Jameson Lopp's thorough compilation of Faketoshi's failed efforts at convincing the world he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.  Published at Bitcoin Magazine, don't miss today's audio of "How Many Wrongs Make a Wright?" The culprits responsible for making this awesome content available: // Check out the article for the video clips, graphics, screenshots, documents, & tons of links that accompany this article: Get your copy of the latest issue of the Bitcoin Magazine, back in print! Don't forget to listen to Dave & Grahm's interview of Lopp on his perspective of the whole fiasco, and journey in putting this work together.
July 2, 2019
CryptoChat_014 - Aleks Svetski on the Death of Blockchain
I got a chance to sit down with Aleks Svetski of the Amber App & blockchain bashing fame at the Bitcoin2019 conference. The Citizen Bitcoin crew joins us to hear his story of bashing ICOs at an ICO conference, and speaking about the Death of Blockchain at a blockchain conference.  Don't miss this one. Aleks other great articles mentioned on the show: ("Blockchain is Dead") (in audio) Follow Aleks on Twitter below: Check out his interview on Citizen Bitcoin for more: And don't forget to check out the Amber App:
July 1, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_264 - A Man Warned is Half Saved
Another excellent piece by @beautyon_ and discussion on the nature of Bitcoin's uncontestable monetary standard and what it means for our future.  Its not volatility or the risks of a scarce monetary supply, "The danger is being left out of Bitcoin."  You have been warned. Plus I do a short follow-up and general thanks to the BTCMedia and BitcoinMagazine crew for such an awesome Bitcoin2019 conference! Had more fun than should be allowed, lol! "A Man Warned is Half Saved": Follow @Beautyon_ on Twitter for other excellent work and insight, plus check out the Hackernoon publication for all things nerd & tech: Also! BitcoinMagazine is back in print! Don't forget to grab the 10 Year Anniversary Edition below before they stop printing:
June 28, 2019
CryptoChat_013 - Richard Myers and a Lightning Powered Global Mesh
Today we have a great chat with Richard Myers all about the recently unveiled Lot49 protocol and how Global Mesh Labs intends to incentivize and help build a global, decentralized meshnet powered by Lightning!  Check out the website and read the whitepaper for a deep dive into the project: Don’t forget to join the telegram for any questions or to join the community: Follow Richard Myers & Global Mesh Labs on Twitter to stay up on new developments and applications: I forgot to mention on the show, but don't miss out on following the amazing GoTenna project & Daniela Perdomo, the CEO/co-founder working to make this a reality (check out her 2017 talk that inspired Lot49): And if, like me, you now feel you have no choice but to start working on your satellite node, you can find the details of that project below:
June 24, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_262 - The Bitcoin Time Traveler
A message from the future... from 2013.  Just one of those memes that made its place in Bitcoin's cultural history, we read the infamous Reddit post that laid out the bleak, Bitcoin-only future that lies ahead of us.  Can we stop it, before its too late? Link to the OP: Donate below if you would like to support this show: 31sBReBuAA9QznVRRrcsjdGp9oc4ajnS4t
June 21, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_262 - The Island of Stone Money
Does money need some alternative utility?  Is there an example of virtual money that could be hundreds of years old?  Today we read about one of the most interesting analogies to the nature and value of Bitcoin in the piece, "The Island of Stone Money" by Milton Friedman.  Made available by the Hoover institute and published in 1991.   Don't forget to check out the huge collection available at the Hoover Institute, including numerous works by Milton Friedman. Other episodes and content mentioned in the show: Friedman's "Free to Choose" Series - The Triple-Entry Revolution of Bitcoin - There is no sponsor due to the licensing with this work, if you value what I do with this show, please donate to help keep this project alive!  Thanks!
June 20, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_261 - The God Protocols
"Imagine the ideal protocol. It would have the most trustworthy third party imaginable — a deity who is on everybody's side. All the parties would send their input to this god. God would reliably determine the results and return the output. In addition, God, being the ultimate in confessional discretion, would ensure that no party would learn anything more about the other party's input than they could learn from their own input and the output."  - Nick Szabo Another great piece by Szabo about the implications of a multi-party virtual computer and the incredible possibilities that such a protocol could open up. With amazing foresight, Szabo wrote this piece in 1997, detailing many of the trade-offs and complications in creating a shared system just like Satoshi's.  Is Bitcoin The God Protocol he hoped to see? Don't forget to check out the collection at the Nakamoto Institute & Szabo's Unenumerated blog: Be sure to follow @nickszabo4 and the @NakamotoInst on twitter!
June 19, 2019
GuysTake_019 - Libra Doesn't Compete with Bitcoin, But it Might Kill Ripple
All the buzz is about FacebookCoin, I mean FacePalmCoin, I mean Libra today with the release of the testnet and giving much sought after details on the new protocol and what they seek to accomplish with it.  The big question, can it do any of what it says, and what other projects does it compete with really?  We read numerous twitter posts, including a great thread by Caitlin Long, tweets from Andreas, details sourced by Jameson Lopp, and more in today's Guy's Take episode. More Links to check out for further exploration: Twitter threads and posts mentioned in the show:
June 18, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_260 - Why America Can't Regulate Bitcoin
This one should not be skipped!    There is a fascinating precedent set by case law and the long battles over PGP and US "munitions" laws, that gives us a rather clear conclusion on how Bitcoin should be treated by the US government.  The short version?  Bitcoin is speech, plain and simple, and should be subject to a total of *0* federal or state laws on money transmission, KYC/AML, financial regulations, etc. This is not an opinion, but an objective and clear truth. Listen to a thorough argument from @beautyon_ explaining exactly why. Don't forget to drop some applause on the original article over at the HackerNoon Medium page: Below is another excellent article by @beautyon_ we covered recently about Bitcoin, and the nature of system critical software:
June 13, 2019
CryptoChat_12 - Talking Privacy, Bitcoin & the New Economy with the Raleigh Bitcoin Meetup
At the recent Raleigh Bitcoin meetup we had an awesome discussion all about privacy and bitcoin, and the intertwined destinies of both. Hanging out with some drinks and talking all about Bitcoin, what could be better?  Thanks to all the crew who helped out and participated! Be sure to check out: The project
June 12, 2019
GuysTake_18 - A Story About Booms & Busts
Today I wanted to cover an analogy I have hit in the past to explain what's happening in the boom/bust cycle.  One that sheds light on the fact that the imbalance is a fundamental element of the fractional reserve system, rather than an unexplainable flaw of humanity shrugged away by "animal spirits."   What do cars, tickets, and vacation plans have to do with the boom/bust cycle?  Listen to find out!
June 11, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_259 - Lightning at the End of the Tunnel
This is an episode not to be missed. With a beta project focused entirely on the user experience, the @Breez_tech wallet is making a huge leap in the UX of Lightning that I thought was still months or even a year away.  Very excited to discuss it and read an excellent article about all the challenges in the Bitcoin/Lightning user experience, and how they will be overcome.  By Roy Sheinfeld, co-Founder of Breez Technology, today we read: Lightning at the End of the Tunnel: Overcoming Bitcoin's UX Challenges Check out the project on Twitter, check out their website, & Sheinfeld's Medium page to stay up to date on developments: Don't forget to support the show if you are enjoying my work! =D
June 10, 2019
GuysTake_017 - Erlay, Dandelion, & BitcoinOps
With help from the Bitcoin Optech newsletter we cover details and implications of the newly proposed Erlay protocol for spreading transactions quickly and efficiently across the network.  An 84% reduction in bandwidth for getting transactions to every node, is certainly nothing to scoff at.  With effects on network efficiency and privacy, let's talk Erlay, Dandelion, & BitcoinOps! Don't forget to check out and follow the completely free BitcoinOptech Newsletter to stay up on all the new developments in Bitcoin and lightning: A link to the official Erlay research paper with tons more data and analysis for a deep dive into this P2P improvement:
June 6, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_258 - 21 Lessons of the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole - Chapter 3
In the epic conclusion of the 21 lessons of the Bitcoin Rabbit hole, we talk about the technology, the network, and how Bitcoin is set to change the world. "The future is here, its just not evenly distributed." Don’t miss the 3rd & final Chapter of @Dergigi’s excellent piece! Check out the full site with tons of other work below:
June 5, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_257 - 21 Lessons of the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole - Chapter 2
Continuing our expedition through the lessons of the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole, we explore the realities of economics & the truth of money that is revealed by Bitcoin’s nature. Don’t miss the next 7 lessons on the economics that bitcoin teaches in our tumble down the rabbit hole. Explore the many other links, graphics, and charts throughout this amazing section, plus the tons of other works available over at Follow dergigi on twitter below:
June 4, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_256 - 21 Lessons of the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole - Chapter 1
An epic journey with author @dergigi on the unexpected lessons he learned tumbling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.  One can always take a closer look at Bitcoin and the strange, new phenomenon that it is.  Don't miss this excellent 3 part series found at! Explore the other work and incredible list of further reading and discussion on each lesson in the "Further down the Rabbit Hole" sections:
June 3, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_255 - Bitcoin An Accounting Revolution
“Those who argue “high fees will kill adoption” fail to understand the intensity of assurances Bitcoin offers, and the ease at which it does this. Put lightly — Bitcoin is insanely cheap compared to alternative options for obtaining high degrees of assurance. Bitcoin is a vehicle built for moon missions, but we are giving it similar treatment to a scooter.” @imacallyoujawdy Don't miss an excellent piece exploring the revolution of money and accounting assurances represented in the Bitcoin system.  Plus my own commentary on why gold acted as a check to the accounting limitations of the past & why Bitcoin has changed the entire game all over again.  From @imacallyoujawdy, we read "Bitcoin: An Accounting Revolution." Don't forget to check out the full article and follow the author on Twitter:
May 31, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_254 - Bitcoin & Software Reliability
" 'Break stuff' in that context means 'Kill People.'  The software simply must work every time, no compromise, no guesswork, no exceptions. There are no 'do overs' or roll-backs." The "To the Moon!" Bitcoin meme is far more relevant than many realize.  Bitcoin is mission critical software.  It requires a vastly different engineering philosophy and design.  With a short, but fun piece by @Beautyon_, we break down the conceptual reasons why the development mentality of Bitcoin should be mirror the mentality of those designing software that carries men & woman to the moon. Check out, and drop some applause on the original at the link below.  Don't forget if you like this work that you can send a donation ot the posted address, along with exploring the many other articles from @beautyon_:
May 30, 2019
Guystake_016 - Drama, Drama, Toxic Drama
Curious about all the #BitcoinTwitter buzz recently?  I went digging to find the associated twitter threads & comments to read, and then discuss my own take on all the drama.   Too long; Didn't Listen - • Don't be a jerk. • We aren't responsible for other people's feelings. • If you have to choose between making someone uncomfortable & telling them what you believe to be true, speak the truth. • Open discourse, no matter how "toxic," is preferable to back room political fighting.   • These are the consequences of freedom of speech. The threads in question, plus one I only found after recording the episode (unfortunately) by @TheBlueMatt that's related to the discussion. @soonaorlater (Soona) @nwoodfine (Neil Woodfine) @TheBlueMatt (Matt Corallo) @Excellion (Samson Mow)
May 29, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_253 - The Magic Dust of Cryptography
Exploring the magic of cryptography using a magic hammer, gray dust, a magic potion, & a pair of very special pajama pants. Don't miss another read from @Dergigi on the absolute magic of cryptography and how it will utterly change everything we think we know about the world.  We are entering a new era of human civilization.  Pay close attention, the world will never be the same again. Check out the other work (plus fun graphics & comics) & amazing collection of work we will be revisiting soon on the show, over at If you prefer Medium, be sure to drop some applause on this article: The episode of @CitizenBitcoin mentioned in the show interviewing @dergigi:
May 28, 2019
GuysTake_015 - The Bcash 51% Attack
In a crazy conversation from last night's meet-up, I learned of discussion of a purposeful re-org, a 51% attack, on the #BCH chain by 2 miners.  After a few hours scrambling to pull details together this morning, this is what I've discovered so far.  Don't miss this Guy's Take episode all about the #Bcash 51% attack! These are the links to the conversations and posts that I found relevant information at: Article on hash power dominance of BTC.TOP: Reddit Threads: Found after I finished recording the episode (will update with details in the next show):
May 24, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_252 - Bitcoin's Security is Fine by Dan Held
Is Bitcoin's security going to be unreliable, volatile, or could it even fail entirely when we lose the block subsidy? Or is #Bitcoin set to operate smoothly with a natural transition from newly minted bitcoin, to transaction fees?  Exploring the security of Bitcoin in the next economic era, with Dan Held's amazing piece, "Bitcoin's Security is Fine." Don't forget to check out Dan Held's other work, the amazing set of links throughout the article, and drop some applause below: Don't forget to check out Dan's Held's asset management company, Interchange.
May 23, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_251 - Use of Knowledge in Society [Part 2]
The brilliance of the price system is in coordinating the values, deeply limited knowledge and scarce resources precisely to their highest value need without having to understand or be aware of every single change in supply, alternatives, and uses of those resources among the economic participants.  It is specifically because we only receive the most important piece of information, its new value in relation to other things (the price), that we can so quickly align ourselves with the new state of the world.  Don't miss the conclusion of Hayek's work, "The Use of Knowledge in Society." Visit the full piece, and the collection of other great work, economic analysis, news, & more over at
May 22, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_250 - Use of Knowledge in Society [Part 1]
Is the idea of a central decision maker for the economy just a problem of gathering all the right information and having the most intelligent in control? Or is there a far more fundamental problem with the entire notion? Continuing our #Bitcoin economics week, today we dive into a piece on a concept we haven't yet covered. What is the true nature of the knowledge involved in economic activity, and how do we utilize that knowledge to solve the problem of economic organization?  A brilliant work by F.A. Hayek and made available by the amazing team over at, we cover and expand on Hayek's "Use of Knowledge in Society." Visit the full piece, and the collection of other great work, economic analysis, news, & more over at
May 21, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_249 - Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value, & That's Great!
Diving into a great piece by Conner Brown exploring the subjectivity of value, and why Bitcoin's lack of "intrinsic value" is a benefit, not a hinderance. Does this aspect of Bitcoin, and the nature of money align with history? Does it challenge great economic thinkers & their theories? Or is it a natural next step in the growing possibilities of the digital world?  Don't miss a fun episode starting off another week on Bitcoin economics! Dont forget to follow Conner Brown on Twitter and explore his other work on Medium.  Drop some major applause for this excellent piece at the link below: And a reminder to donate if you would like to contribute to the "Bitcoin Attackers Wiki" bounty being organized by JW Weatherman here:
May 20, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_248 - Bitrefill's Hottest Lightning Tech of 2019!
Today we cover all the incredible new developments coming to Lightning and what they will mean for the future the protocol!  First we tackle the blog post from @Bitrefill introducing the entire list, from AMPs & submarine swaps to trampoline payments & rendezvous routing.  Then I discuss at length further details about each and how these tools together may blur the gap between Bitcoin & Lightning, and turn it into a singular experience.  Don't miss today's show!   If you don't know much about how Lighting works, I encourage you to listen to yesterday's episode where I talk more specifically about what it is, why it will benefit the network, and how we know we can trust it.   Don't forget to check out for an awesome service where you can buy mobile minutes, gift cards, games, LN liquidity, & tons of other stuff with Bitcoin, Lightning & other cryptocurrencies.  Check out the original post on their blog below to find links on each of these for further exploration.
May 16, 2019
GuysTake_014 - The What, Why, & How of Lightning
Today, in preparation of & to understand the significance of the vast array of new features and developments coming to lightning, we cover a full overview of the What, Why, & How of the Lightning Network. What exactly is it, why do we need it, and how exactly does it work? A huge thank you to Aaron Van Wirdum, Pierre Rochard, and Rusty Russell for making this understandable for me, we dive into a high level approach to understanding what’s happening in lightning.  In addition, despite forgetting to mention them in the podcast, a shout out to Christian Decker, Andreas Antonopoulos & Bryan Vu who have also produced great great content that helped in my understanding of lightning as well.
May 15, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_247 - The Ancient Sin of Debt; How Bitcoin Can Make Amends
With a really cool and succinct article from Darren Kleine (@_DKleine), today's read is on the "sins" of debt and usury, and how a good or bad monetary system will either encourage its corruption, or protect society from its abuse.  Don't miss a great little read and fun discussion all about the nature of debt, money, and a new financial world built on Bitcoin. The Ancient Sin of Debt: How Bitcoin Can Make Amends Don't forget to follow Darren and explore the many other great pieces he has written on the topic of Bitcoin & money, plus check out the other work constantly being produced over at
May 14, 2019
GuysTake_013 - Nodes vs Miners, Who Defines Bitcoin?
Today we cover more specifically the consequences and risks of a divorce between miners & the network of nodes.  What could the miners do, are sybil attacks proof that nodes worthless, what exactly are the incentives that keep the different players in this ecosystem working together?  Don't miss another fun discussion on what defines Bitcoin, and the role that proof-of-work & validation play in this revolutionary technology.
May 9, 2019
GuysTake_012 - Full Nodes or Nothing, The Story of Validation [Part 1]
When we dig to the very base elements of Bitcoin, we find it is merely digital points.  What make these integers different from identical ones on billions of other computers?  It is the rules that restrict the editing of those specific integers we call Bitcoin, in other words, it is the network of validating nodes that define it. In this episode you will hear Part 1 of my argument as to why. Don't forget to check out @StopAndDecrypt's relevant article series and the amazing graphics for visualizing the relationship between nodes, miners, and the network by visiting the page below:
May 8, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_246 - Errors in Satoshi's Whitepaper
Today we take a stroll through a collection of known errors, clarification, and terminology changes from the original whitepaper made available thanks to David A. Harding. The chain of signatures, "one-CPU-one-vote," the distinction between nodes and miners, and much more.  This will have some important details we will reference later in the week while exploring validation and nodes on the Bitcoin network, and what it means to "define" the Bitcoin system. Check out Harding's Github page for the full list and other work he has put together, and follow him on Twitter so you don't miss other great content and discussion:
May 7, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_245 - Bitcoin's Gravity
A great piece just full of fun analogies on how to imagine the force of nature that is #Bitcoin.  Don't miss our first piece by @dergigi on the show today, exploring Bitcoin as a force of ideological gravity, and how the network codifies a concept into an explicit set of rules to define the game we play.  Today's read, Bitcoin's Gravity! Check out the other work by @dergigi on his personal page below, and also drop some applause on this article and go through the tons of links to the other great work he has spread throughout the piece! Here are the other smattering of links & great reads we have covered in earlier episodes: • Unpacking Bitcoin's Social Contract by @Hasu • Visions of Bitcoin by @Hasu & @nic_carter • Crypto-incrementalism vs Crypto-anarchy by @tonysheng • The Hodlonaut Defense Fund • The Long Road to SegWit • SegWit2X Bugs Explained
May 6, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_243 - Bitcoin in Heavy Accumulation [Part 2]
The conclusion of the Adamant Capital report from Tuur Demeester & Michiel Lescrauwaet on the current state & sentiment of the Bitcoin markets.  What could send the price lower? Where are we in the financialization process of the Bitcoin market? Is there still a possibility that Bitcoin becomes a globally recognized reserve asset?  Find out in Adamant Capital report: Bitcoin in Heavy Accumulation Don't forget to check out the Adamant Capital website & Blog for more data, and download the full report to see the numerous charts and data that is difficult to cover in the audio: Follow the team on Twitter so you don't miss anything:
May 3, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_243 - Bitcoin in Heavy Accumulation [Part 1]
Today & tomorrow we will be going through the Adamant Capital report by Tuur Demeester & Michiel Lescrauwaet on the current state and sentiment of the Bitcoin markets, and the data that backs up their analysis.  Is the bear market over? Should we be searching for bull horns breaking the horizon?  Find out in Adamant Capital report: Bitcoin in Heavy Accumulation Don't forget to check out the Adamant Capital website & Blog for more data, and download the full report to see the numerous charts and data that is difficult to cover in the audio: Follow the team on Twitter so you don't miss anything:
May 2, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_242 - Neutrino is Dangerous to my Self-Sovereignty
In the follow-up to yesterday's article, we are covering Nicolas Dorier's second article on Neutrino, detailing the systemic risks of widespread SPV, and breaking down the different types and specific consequences of various node setups on the network.  With the controversial stance that SPV threatens self-sovereignty more than even custodial wallets, Nicolas cedes no ground.  Don't miss another great article! A brief shout out to the Casa suite in the commentary as well. Don't forget to head over to @nicolasdorier's Medium page and drop some applause on this article, plus check out the other great work he has done on other topics:
May 1, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_241 - Why I Don't Celebrate Neutrino
Today we read an article from developer @nicolasdorier that illustrates why Neutrino might not be the panacea some seem to treat it as.  It certainly has its benefits, but its important to look critically at every proposal, to ensure we understand what is, not what we wish to be. Why I Don't Celebrate Neutrino Don't forget to thank Nicolas for letting me cover his work and head over to his Medium page and drop some applause on this article, or get a head start on his follow-up that we will read tomorrow: Disclaimer: I did not read this article 100% verbatim, as Nicolas's first language is not english, there were multiple slightly odd wordings when read aloud.  I corrected minor word choice/order on a few occasions to make the sentences clearer, but without altering the meaning as far as I interpreted it. Any mistakes in this regard are my own. Previous Episode Introducing Neutrino:
April 30, 2019
CryptoChat_011 - Lightning, Paywall.Link, & the Bootstrap Bandit
Today we bring Tim K (@bootstrapbandit) on the show to talk all about the Lightning Network & a new tool he built at Paywall.Link.  Don't miss this fun conversation about the positives and negatives of lightning, how easy it is to build for, and what the potential for this network is going forward.  Enjoy! Don't forget to follow @BootstrapBandit on Twitter and check out what he is building over at
April 29, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_240 - Rothbard on Utility Theory
Today we grab a section out of one of the many incredible works by Murray N. Rothbard to discuss the idea of marginal utility and why money must be a good, and actually is not a unit of measure.  As value can only be measured as relational to another good, money follows the same law of diminishing marginal utility.  Find out why with our read & discussion of Rothbard's "Toward a Reconstruction of Utility and Welfare Economics" from the incredible library at the Mises Institute. Check out the full work to dive much deeper into this topic and so much more at and the link below:
April 26, 2019
The Case for Electronic Cash
The full audio version of "The Case for Electronic Cash" by Jerry Brito. Abstract  Cash is more than a method of payment. It is a fundamental tool for individual privacy and autonomy, and it is necessary for an open society. This paper shows that a cashless economy is a surveillance economy. It also argues that removing the option to freely transact without intermediation greatly limits our economic self-determination, placing our economic lives in the hands of financial institutions and governments. This paper presents several case studies demonstrating the dangers of a completely intermediated payments system and concludes that electronic cash is a tool that should not only be tolerated, but fostered and celebrated. The Case for Electronic Cash PDF Jerry Brito on Twitter Cryptoconomy.Life
April 25, 2019
GuysTake_011 - Why Lightning Sucks
Lightning is complicated, difficult to use, sometimes doesn't work properly, requires a lot of learning and experimentation, and is still a risky place to hold Bitcoin funds.  Doesn't this make it a protocol destined to obscurity and disuse?  Doesn't it mean that better, simpler options will simply replace it, and Bitcoin is to fail from its extensive limitations?  Find out all the ways I find Lightning *doesn't* do its job well, & what I think it means for the future in today's Guy's Take episode! Mentioned in the show: schnorr signatures previous Guy's take on the complexity of the internet
April 24, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_239 - How to Scale Bitcoin Without Changing a Thing [Part 2]
Even with #Bitcoin, are we destined for a future with intermediated payments?  Will that give us a different color of the same system we're stuck with today, or will Bitcoin still prove to be a revolution in financial trust?  Lets dig deeper into the objections to Bitcoin Banks in Part 2 of @nic__carter's "How to Scale Bitcoin (without changing a thing)." Another huge thank you to Nic for this work and sparking an important discussion! Drop some major applause on this work and share it with others who have yet to read Nic's amazing body of work!
April 23, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_238 - How to Scale Bitcoin Without Changing a Thing [Part 1]
"I believe that institutional scaling presents an under-appreciated scaling vector, and it is quite possible to employ it without significantly compromising Bitcoin’s assurances." Don't miss today's article, another fantastic read by Nic Carter (@nic__carter), on the Finneyan view of scaling Bitcoin for its highest value proposition; creating a settlement network with the potential of correcting our far-too-frequent problems of monetary inflation & systemic insolvency.  "How to Scale Bitcoin (without changing a thing)" We will finish this up with Part 2 tomorrow, but in the mean time please drop some major applause on this work and share it with others who have yet to read Nic's amazing body of work!
April 22, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_237 - Casa Keymaster Security - Mobile Key Overview
Today we go through a recent blog post by Jameson Lopp and the Casa team that goes into the clever, meticulous design used to ensure the security and recoverability of the mobile key for their Keymaster app.  Don't forget to check out the Casa blog to see the other exciting announcements and ongoing developments from the Casa team.
April 18, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_236 - How Is Fiat Money Possible [Part 3]
Today we reach the conclusion of Hoppe's incredible piece on the nature of fractional reserve banking and the contradictions of fiat money.  With the final section, "From Deposit & Loan Banking to Fractional Reserve: The Devolution of Credit."  Plus a really fun discussion as a follow-up to the entire, 3 part work. "How is Fiat Money Possible." There is no place like Don't forget to check out the vast collection of knowledge and information made available for free over at the Mises Institute!
April 17, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_235 - How Is Fiat Money Possible [Part 2]
Continuing from yesterday's episode with Part 2 of our journey through Hoppe's amazing piece on the nature and origins of the fiat money system.  Could such a system ever work in a competitive market, or are there extremely specific conditions and legal restrictions which make the contradiction of irredeemable paper money, temporarily sustainable? Listen to find out. "How is Fiat Money Possible."  Don't forget to check out the vast collection of knowledge at for this work and many more like it.
April 16, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_234 - How is Fiat Money Possible [Part 1]
"Fiat money is the term for a medium of exchange which is neither a commercial commodity, a consumer, or a producer good, nor title to any such commodity: i.e., irredeemable paper money." Another great suggestion by @stephanlivera, we begin our dive into Hans-Hermann Hoppe's extended piece on the Devolution of money and credit, "How is Fiat Money Possible."  Don't miss an incredible read and fun discussion that follows. Don't forget to check out the vast collection of knowledge at for this work and many more like it.
April 15, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_233 - Exit & Freedom
Building on the principles discussed in our exploration of the consequences of a society without cash, we apply it to a broader principle of how the power to exit acts as a check on abuse and centralization.  And who better to cover this topic with, than Nick Szabo?  Today we read and discuss Szabo's blog post from 2007 titled, Exit and Freedom. Don't forget to follow Nick on Twitter and explore the enormous body of work he has contributed over decades at his blog:
April 12, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_232 - The Case for Electronic Cash [Part 3]
The conclusion of The Case for Electronic Cash by Jerry Brito.  Today we close out this amazing piece with the moral case for why we should not only refrain from demonizing and restricting digital cash, but we should foster and celebrate it! A huge thank you to Coin Center for this work, and don't forget to check out the incredible work they do. The original work can be downloaded here: Also, don't forget that there are tons of footnotes and references that I do not cover in the audio for further digging into this topic.  They can all be found in the full report. 
April 11, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_231 - The Case for Electronic Cash [Part 2]
Continuing with Part 2 of "The Case for Electronic Cash" from Jerry Brito and  The consequences of total dependence upon financial intermediaries and how it is already affecting people today.  Don't forget to check out for tons of information on all topics around Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies. The original work can be downloaded here: Also, don't forget that there are tons of footnotes and references that I do not cover in the audio for further digging into this topic.  They can all be found in the full report. 
April 10, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_230 - The Case for Electronic Cash [Part 1]
Today we begin the long, and rewarding journey through Jerry Brito's & Coin Center's Report on "The Case for Electronic Cash." This is an incredible work present several case studies to explore the trade offs of privacy and individual autonomy, the nature of an open society, the consequences of a fully intermediated society, and how cash plays a critical role in it all.  This will be a multi-part series that is not to be missed! Begin Part 1... Don't forget to check out for tons of information on all topics around Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies. The original work can be downloaded here: Also, don't forget that there are tons of footnotes and references that I do not cover in the audio for further digging into this topic.  They can all be found in the full report. 
April 9, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_229 - Why the State Demands Control of Money
What if there was a clear and obvious reason that the state monopolizes the production of money, that after understanding, you simply cannot unsee?  What if the story we are all told of governments and central banks protecting the economy from crises, is actually the perfect opposite of what's really happening?  Another great piece from, by Hans Herman Hoppe; "Why the State Demands Control of Money." Don't forget to check out the invaluable work made available by the Mises Institute over at
April 8, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_228 - Minimum Viable Decentralization
Today we cover another great piece on the topic of what can be learned from the history of P2P protocols and their successes & failures.  Written by John Backus @backus, his article "Minimum Viable Decentralization," lays out a concept that may have been the deciding factor that separated the winners and losers in the file sharing revolution.  Why did BitTorrent succeed even without a discovery mechanism and its lack of privacy, when technology like Freenet, or iMule offered vastly better privacy and security than alternatives?  Listen to find out. Plus, don't miss my commentary on how this concept, plus others from recent reads, could be applied to the Bitcoin/Lightning stack as well as other altcoins and blockchain applications.  There is an entirely new ecosystem at stake, not learning from the failures of the file sharing years could be a recipe for disaster. Don't miss this one. Follow John Backus on Twitter ( and don't forget to drop applause on his amazing collection of works over on Medium ( Listen to the previous episode by Backus mentioned in the commentary here (
April 5, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_227 - Bitcoin is a Hedge Against the Cashless Society
Another excellent piece from Su Zhu and Hasu at and a great introduction to the dynamics and risks at stake in the cashless society.  Is the cashless society the frictionless future we want?  Or is it frictionless mass surveillance and frictionless negative interest rates?  Cash may serve a far more important role than merely a means of payment.  Find out more in today's episode, reading: Bitcoin is a Hedge Against the Cashless Society Don't forget to follow and check out the many other great articles from these two excellent authors. Plus, click their tags on to find the many other works of theirs we have covered on the show.
April 4, 2019
CryptoChat_010 - Guy & the PayPod on How Bitcoin Will Change the World
Today we have another great chat with Scott from The PayPod discussing the impact and philosophy of Bitcoin!  Check out, the sponsor for The PayPod and where the are hosted to find many other episodes of their show discussing new technology in the world of digital payments. And don't forget to follow them on Twitter.
April 3, 2019
My Favorite Bitcoin Holidays? A Walk with Guy Through Bitcoin History
Today we go on an extended walk through some of the most epic days of Bitcoin's and the Cryptoconomy's history! Telling some of my personal experiences and the crazy times that were had.  Do you know about the origins of some of Bitcoin's biggest memes?  Do you know what started the Blocksize Wars? Do you know when the first shitcoin was born? All this and much more in our discussion of my Cryptoconomy Holiday Calendar. If you want to celebrate these holidays with me, and want this on your own calendar, feel free to grab the info off of the website. It is obviously free to use and share around.  If you would like to save yourself the work, then I have made a calendar you can easily download and import to your own so you can be notified of every one! Find it on below: Mentioned at the beginning of the podcast were Ansel Linder with the Bitcoin & Markets podcast, and the guys over at the Citizen Bitcoin podcast.  If you haven't explored their work they have some awesome stuff to check out.  Not to be missed!
April 2, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_226 - Schnorr Signatures & The Inevitability of Privacy in Bitcoin
"The need for privacy and the long-term sustainability of Bitcoin without block rewards are perhaps two of the most most alarming issues surrounding Bitcoin today." - Lucas Nuzzi Could Schnorr signatures be the puzzle piece that eliminates a major limitation on the costs and ease of privacy at Bitcoin's base layer, while at the same time, incentivizing a robust fee market, and enabling a wide range of more dynamic smart contracts? The next soft fork in Bitcoin could be the most exciting and significant change that Bitcoin ever sees. You don't want to miss this great piece by Lucas Nuzzi covering the ins and outs of Schnorr signatures and how it will change the game for Bitcoin privacy.   Drop as many claps as you can on his article below and remember to check out the tons of other great articles of his and others posted on the Digital Assets Research publication:
March 29, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_225 - Bitcoin & the Promise of Independent Property Rights
"That is the key innovation of Bitcoin: It detaches property rights from the legal system and the monopoly on violence. For the first time, we can have property that does not rely on a local authority to enforce and protect. It is easy to conceal, defend, divide, move, and verify — all by yourself, granting you the highest level of personal sovereignty." @Hasu & @suzhu Don't miss Part 3 of the "Skeptics Guide to Bitcoin" breaking down how Bitcoin enables property rights under an entirely new paradigm of social institution.  Is Bitcoin a competitor to VISA and Paypal, or something else entirely? Check out the full article, plus the rest of this series and many other great articles by clicking the link: Subscribe to @Hasufly and @suzhu's medium pages and Twitter tags so you don't miss their next piece! For Parts 1 & 2 of this series in audio if you've yet to cover them, listen at the links below:
March 28, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_224 - Bitcoin is a Social Creature, Mycelium Part 2
"To the casual observer, most of bitcoin’s life is boring — months go by with relatively little action. Then when conditions are just right, bitcoin explodes into life, growing massively in size, and hijacking the consciousness of observers." - Brandon Quittem Today we're diving back into the series by Brandon Quittem that peers from a bird's eye view at the nature of Bitcoin, and explores its patterns and growth through the framework of a mycelial network.  Can fungi teach us something about Bitcoin? Can it teach us something about ourselves? Find out in Part 2: Bitcoin is a Social Creature View the graphics and drop some applause on Brandon's article over on his medium page: You can find the link to read or listen to Part 1 here: And the link to read or listen to Hasu's article referenced in this piece here:
March 27, 2019
GuysTake_009 - A Trust Model Comparison: Bitcoin vs. the Mighty Dollar
Disclaimer: If you are an ardent supporter of government projects, believe in the moral fiber of politicians, and in the power of voting to produce the greater good, then you will likely not enjoy this episode.  You were warned ;) It feels like a good day for a long discussion comparing the trust model of government money, and the trust model of a decentralized, proof-of-work blockchain.  Aka - Bitcoin vs. The Dollar.  So lets take a dive into the various systems, their consequences, and the incentives that envelop both the rules and monetary policy that govern the Bitcoin system, and those that govern our political and banking institutions. Don't forget to check out to explore more episodes like this plus hundreds of Bitcoin articles made available in audio format. Spoiler alert: The dollar doesn't fair so well.
March 26, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_223 - Ethereum Architecture is Flawed
"Ethereum’s #1 problem is not a problem of product-market-fit but one of engineering soundness. Ethereum architecture is based on a flawed and unscalable idea: it assumes that “smart contracts” need computations to be replicated on thousands and thousands of machines." Today we cover Hugo Nguyen's Twitter-thread-turned-blog-post on the flawed fundamental philosophy of the Ethereum system and what the core value provided by a public blockchain network really is.  Drop some applause and explore the many other great posts from Hugo over at his Medium page and follow him on Twitter:
March 25, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_222 - Decentralized Disruption, Who Dares Wins: BitTorrent Lessons [4 of 4]
So what is the outcome of decentralized disruption?  Who are the winners when there is a shift to an entirely new paradigm? Don't miss the conclusion of Simon Morris's excellent series on the lessons #Bitcoin & Crypto can learn from the history and challenges of the BitTorrent ecosystem.   Somehow I managed to entirely miss the Post Script at the end of the article which deserves a nod!  So when you head over to follow @Simonhmorris on Medium and applaud this series don't forget to check out the post script at the end of Part 4!
March 22, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_221 - Intent, Complexity, & The Governance Paradox: BitTorrent Lessons [3 of 4]
In the context of Part 2, knowing that the true value of decentralization is in breaking rules, Simon Morris now explores the consequences of a systems "intent," the incredible complexity and balance it requires to sustain them, & the paradox of making changes to a system whose power resides in its capacity to resist change.  Listen to Part 3 of Simon's series on the lessons we can learn from BitTorrent. Lets see if we can't add 300 claps to Simon's series by heading over to the original article and going trigger happy on the applause button at:
March 21, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_220 - If You're Not Breaking the Rules Then You're Doing it Wrong: BitTorrent Lessons [2 of 4]
Today we cover Part 2 of Simon Morris's excellent series on the lessons we can take from BitTorrent to better understand the goals and value of Bitcoin and Crypto.  If it doesn't break the rules, then why does decentralization even matter?  Don't miss the excellent article, with a few exciting updates from today about Lightning Network development, and followed by my commentary on all the different ways I think #Bitcoin is "Breaking the Rules." Click that applause button like crazy to throw some digital claps at Simon Morris on Medium (also follow him on Twitter) for this great series! To check out the #Lightning developments discussed early in the episode, follow the links below:
March 20, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_219 - Why BitTorrent Mattered: Lessons for Crypto [1 of 4]
Bitcoin is an incredibly novel technology, there are few technologies that can boast the revolutionary impact that Bitcoin potentially has. However, there is still much to be learned from its predecessors and benefactors.  One of those being the resilient and disruptive ecosystem of the BitTorrent protocol. Simon Morris, a 10 year veteran of the company, BitTorrent Inc., brings us a 4 part series exploring exactly what we can learn from our Peer-2-Peer history, and the challenges that faced an industry breaking technology. Find Part 1: Why Bitcoin Mattered, on Simon's Medium page below, along with the rest of this excellent series.  Don't forget to drop some claps on this one! You can also check him out on Twitter below:
March 19, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_218 - The Resolution of the Big Block Experiment
If you missed the insanity that happened during the "Block Wars" that extended from 2014 all the way to late 2017 with the split of Bitcoin Cash, then you aren't going to want to miss this article.  With a thorough overview of both the history and core ideas behind the numerous ideas and personalities wrapped into the blocksize debate, Lucas Nuzzi lays out the full picture with his article "The Resolution of the Big Block Experiment." Drop some applause on this excellent write-up by heading over to and while you are there be sure to check out his more recent article on Schnorr Signatures and Bitcoin privacy! Follow @LucasNuzzi on Twitter to stay up on the other incredible work he is doing. 
March 18, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_217 - Sovereignty as a Service
Another short but excellent blog post covering the incredible work being done by the team over at @CasaHODL.  For the first time we are seeing a user friendly application of one of Bitcoin's core differentiators.  Sovereignty as a service is a beautifully simple idea with huge implications.  Don't miss this short episode and check out the other awesome tools and products at
March 14, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_216 - Formalizing & Securing Network Relationships [Part 3]
The risks and benefits of chargebacks, the nature of the trade-off between contract enforcement & ensuring privacy, the elements of splitting contractual elements (the ripped dollar bill) to minimize trust, pseudonymous credit ratings, and so much more in our completion of Szabo's essay, “Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks.” More amazing foresight into the problems of smart contract design, detailed more than a decade before Bitcoin even existed. Link to the Nakamoto Institute for hosting this incredible work: 
March 12, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_215 - Szabo’s Formalizing & Securing Network Relationships [Part 2]
Listening to an essay from 1997 that details specific challenges of something as distant as the smart contract embedded into the Lightning Network shows the unbelievable foresight of the cypherpunks. As well as the dedication to seeing their vision become a reality. Don’t miss the continuation of Szabo’s amazing piece, “Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks.” Link to the Nakamoto Institute for hosting this incredible work: Don't forget to check out the many different elements discussed in the commentary if you want to learn more. Neutrino: Eltoo:
February 27, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_214 - Szabo's Formalizing & Securing Network Relationships [Part 1]
"... The movement from static to dynamic media promises to bring about a fourth cost revolution in the related areas of jurisdiction, trust, and security. Impacts on business will be felt in law, accounting, auditing, billing, collections, contracts, confidentiality, and so on: in short, the entire nature of our business relationships will be altered in ways only partially foreseeable." - Nick Szabo Diving into another excellent piece from Szabo on establishing and updating how we create, enforce, and control relationships in the world of cyberspace.  Check out the full essay at the Nakamoto Institute: And don't forget to follow Szabo on Twitter:
February 21, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_213 - MuSig, A New MultiSignature Standard
Cypherpunks write code! Last year we received a published paper detailing the advantages of the new MuSig Multisignature Scheme, this year we get the code.  From the incredible minds at Blockstream, don't miss an exciting development in cryptographically securing and verifying ownership among increasingly complex & private groups of individuals. To explore numerous links and further reading, as well as the other amazing work from Blockstream, check out the full article below:
February 19, 2019
CryptoChat_009 - Holding the Lightning Torch on the Rollo & Slappy Show
If you haven't heard it yet, don't miss an awesome discussion all about Lightning and holding the Torch with the guys from the Rollo and Slappy Show! Check out @RolloMcFloogle and @Slappy_Jones_2 for more awesome content & definitely check out the amazing playlist for a deep understanding of Bitcoin over at
February 13, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_212 - 5 Things I've Learned After a Year in Bitcoin
Another great Twitter thread to cover, this time from Jason Smith (@iwearahoodie) covering 5 incredible lessons learned after a year of being seriously into #Bitcoin.  Are they the same things you've learned? Follow Jason and read the full thread here.
February 11, 2019
The Human Threat Model
"The human threat model is intended to help humans better understand the threats to that they face and the tools available, and in active development, for defense. Threats are assumed to be any activity designed to prevent humanity from accomplishing it's mission to make the world delightful."  @jwweatherman
February 8, 2019
The Bitcoin Threat Model
"The Bitcoin Threat Model is intended to help developers, investors and users better understand the security of Bitcoin. Threats are assumed to be any activity designed to prevent Bitcoin from accomplishing its mission to become cash (including a unit of account)." @jwweatherman
February 8, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_211 - Human Threat Model [Part 2]
The conclusion of the epic "Human Threat Model," by @jwweatherman.  An exploration of the attack surface that exists in the very nature of being human, and how #Bitcoin could both change the fundamental relationship that we have with thieves and governments, as well as open up avenues to actually exploit the selfishness of corruption to take actions against itself.  Another exciting read from JW!
February 8, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_210 - Human Threat Model [Part 1]
Today we begin the "Human Threat Model," by @jwweatherman.  An exploration of the attack surface that exists in the very nature of being human, and how #Bitcoin could both change the fundamental relationship that we have with thieves and governments, as well as open up avenues to actually exploit the selfishness of corruption to take actions against itself.  Another exciting read from JW!
February 7, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_209 - The Bitcoin Threat Model [Part 2]
Continuing with Part 2 of the journey through the "Bitcoin Threat Model" to be followed by the "Human Threat Model," both by @jwweatherman.  An exploration and extensively sourced work on the many different attack vectors and adversarial conditions within the Bitcoin system, their likely effect, and the security measures in place to mitigate them. 
February 5, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_208 - The Bitcoin Threat Model [Part 1]
Beginning the journey through the "Bitcoin Threat Model" and the "Human Threat Model," both by @jwweatherman.  An exploration and extensively sourced work on the many different attack vectors and adversarial conditions within the Bitcoin system, their likely effect, and the security measures in place to mitigate them. 
February 4, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_207 - Announcing the Casa Browser Extension
A lot of announcements and tons of exciting stuff to talk about in this episode!  Plus our read of the just released Casa Browser Extension, inspired by the Lightning Joule extension,  which is one of the coolest additions to the Casa suite yet, plus they are now Open Source!! Don't miss an exciting episode with today's QuikRead!   Check out the official announcement article & other posts over at And follow Nick Neuman, Jameson Lopp, Jeremy Welch, Alena Vranova, Blake Neuman and others to stay up on the incredible stuff happening at Casa! These guys are changing the game on the daily!
February 1, 2019
GuysTake_008 - The Lightning of my TCP, or How the Internet is Too Complex to Work
A follow-up to our previous episode "#Reckless to Wumbology" discussing the incredible development and new tools coming to the Lightning Network. As well as an exploration of the vast complexity of the internet and how, surely, it could never work. Get ready for a long rant in this Guy's Take episode XD
January 30, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_206 - #Reckless to Wumbology, The Lightning Network Infrastructural Build-Out
Want to know more about Neutrino, Submarine Swaps, Dual Funded Channels, Atomic Multi-Path Payments, Splicing, Sphinx Send, Eltoo, Channel Factories, Watchtowers, and the incredible list of new products coming for the Lightning Network? Look no further, Arjun Balaji (@arjunblj) & TheBlockCrypto (@theblock__ + @mdudas) brings us a walk through the major developments in Lightning with "From #Reckless to Wumbology."  Don't forget to check out and the tons of links to explore in the Full Article. 
January 28, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_205 - Seven Guiding Principles at Casa
Today we go through a short but awesome run down of the guiding principles at Casa. This company is one to watch very closely over the coming years, and a few things from their recent post make this very clear. Check out the full article and follow Casa on Medium Here. Don't forget to grab your Casa BTC/LN Node if you haven't yet, and of course, be sure to follow them on Twitter.
January 25, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_204 - Bitcoin, Winner Takes All, or Winner Takes Most?
"Today, there exists over 180 currencies across 195 countries. The reason for such an anomaly is simple: there is no free market for currencies. Currency markets have been restricted by governments in order to maintain financial control." A great start to a 3 part series by Misir Mahmudov and Yassine Elmandjra. View the full article here, and don't forget to follow the authors on Twitter at @misir_mahmudov & @yassineARK. Bitcoin: Winner Takes All, Or Winner Takes Most? Listen to find out.
January 23, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_203 - Dont Trust, Verify, A Bitcoin Private Case Study
An amazing piece of work from the team using the full node data and some serious digging to uncover the fraudulent minting of over 2 Million BTCP coins!  A detailed analysis of how and when the coins were created, and how it managed to go unnoticed for such a long time. See the article in full plus the accompanying charts and data proving their findings at: Check out the incredible research by the CoinMetrics team at their website and follow them on Twitter.
January 17, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_202 - Dan Hedl thinks Satoshi's Vision is a Silly Endeavor
Taking a dive into an awesome tweetstorm from @danheld about the context, purpose, and beginnings of Bitcoin and whether it meets "Satoshi's Vision," or if it even matters.   Follow Dan on Twitter and check out the full thread below: For some more fun regarding Satoshi's Vision and whether BCH is any nearer or further from that ambiguous idea, check out my own article - How Many Forks Does it Take to Get to the Center of Satoshi's Vision?
January 15, 2019
What's Really Driving the Cryptocurrency Phenomenon? - The Iterative Capital Thesis
The complete reading of Iterative.Capital's incredible and thorough thesis, "What's Really Driving the Cryptocurrency Phenomenon?" For more excellent research and news in the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency space, visit and subscribe at For OTC trading at industry low prices, visit And for an extensive collection of Bitcoin related educational and written content available in audio, visit http://Cryptoconomy.Life
January 12, 2019
GuysTake_007 - Happy Birthday Bitcoin, Looking Back on 10 Insane Years
A look at the crazy past, the present, and the future of Bitcoin and where I think things are headed.  Bitcoin is here to stay and there are 10 amazing years of Proof-of-Survival I can point to as evidence. Happy Birthday Bitcoin, may the next 10 years be just as crazy!
January 3, 2019
CryptoQuikRead_201 - Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism - Mycelium [Part 1]
"Bitcoin is a living system constantly changing based on environmental stimuli. True understanding is a moving target unlikely to ever be hit. Attempting to answer the question “what is bitcoin,” I found exploring parallels to the natural world to be particularly illuminating." - Brandon Quittem Don't miss this dive into understanding Bitcoin by exploring some of the most powerful systems in the natural world that evolve and survive against all odds. Bitcoin Is A Decentralized Organism by @bquittem Drop some applause on the article and check out the graphics and many links to videos, other articles, and websites that expand and elaborate on the fascinating world of mycelia at:
January 2, 2019
CryptoChat_008 - Under the Lightning Hood with @petoveritas, @Crypt0PuraVida, & @CoinBeezy
After setting up and experiencing The Lightning Network firsthand as part of the Casa Node crew and our own little pool of channel liquidity and management, we bring 3 guests on the show to talk all about Lightning, what they are working on, and what they hope for the future. Don't miss this one! And don't forget to bookmark (@lightning_hood) for all your Bitcoin & Lightning resources! Our Guests: (silent 4th guest) Mentioned on the show:
December 20, 2018
CryptoQuikRead_200 - Why Bitcoin's Lightning Network is Ingenious
“by having the double accounting system rely on and be backed up by the triple accounting system you get the throughput of the double with the security and trustlessness of the triple.” -Todd Kronenberg Don't forget to check out the original article and follow @TK_CodeBear on Twitter and Medium:
December 18, 2018
CryptoQuikRead_199 - Confidential Auditing by Nick Szabo
"Auditing controls might fairly be called the security protocols of capitalism… [but] auditing is in deep conflict with efforts towards greater privacy." -Nick Szabo Don't miss a great read and conversation on auditing, confidentiality, privacy, and how Bitcoin has changed the game. Another great piece by @nickszabo4. This article can be found on Szabo's Blog or at the Nakamoto Institute's website at:
December 13, 2018
CryptoQuikRead_198 - Unpacking Bitcoin's Social Contract
"When Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin, he did not invent a new social contract. Satoshi did something else—he leveraged technology to solve many problems of past implementations and implemented the old contract in a new and better way." - @hasufly Hasu brings us another great article with Part 2 of "The Skeptics Guide to Bitcoin." What becomes clear when we understand both Bitcoin and money as a social contract? Can it answer some of the more complex philosophical debates within the Bitcoin ecosystem?  Listen to find out. Don't forget to follow @hasufly on Medium & Twitter and drop some major applause on the article:
December 11, 2018
We hit a major milestone in the show! Thank you to everyone who has stayed with us and contributed to the show! Today I'm covering the past & future of the show and new things coming to Cryptoconomy.Life! Feel free to send some satoshis or open a channel with the official Cryptoconomy.Life Lightning Node: 03609e92ab6dff378b6a7aca6f856bf5e9d56cadd622bd402a9b03d9a583c817b5@ Donate Bitcoin to help the show & provide Liquidity for my #Lightning Node: 31sBReBuAA9QznVRRrcsjdGp9oc4ajnS4t Support the Show: Amazon Affiliate = Trezor Affiliate =
December 7, 2018
CryptoQuikRead_197 - An Honest Account of Fiat Money
"While sovereign money has undeniably led to a lot of abuse, as evidenced by instances of hyperinflation, seizures or capital controls, the absence of all control brings problems of its own." Today we begin an excellent short series by @zhusu and @hasufl with their article "An Honest Account of Fiat Money." Join us today for a great read followed by my lengthy rant about the ethics of a money susceptible to political inflation. XD Drop some applause on the article and get a heads up on tomorrow's episode with part 2 on @Hasufly's medium page:Part 1 - An Honest Account of Fiat MoneyPart 2 - Unpacking Bitcoin's Social Contract Feel free to send some satoshis or open a channel with the official Cryptoconomy.Life Lightning Node:03609e92ab6dff378b6a7aca6f856bf5e9d56cadd622bd402a9b03d9a583c817b5@ Donate Bitcoin to help the show & provide Liquidity for my #Lightning Node:31sBReBuAA9QznVRRrcsjdGp9oc4ajnS4t Support the show:Amazon Affiliate – Shop while supporting the Cryptoconomy Podcast! Affiliate Link – Secure your Bitcoin with a TREZOR
December 6, 2018
CryptoQuikRead_196 - Understanding the Technical Side of Bitcoin
Curious about where to start or what to possibly focus on when learning Bitcoin, Lightning, and the fundamentals of the most important tools in this ecosystem? Look no further, today we read and discuss Pierre Rochard's excellent piece that breaks it all down. Don't forget to save the article in your bookmarks for later reference and drop some mad Medium applause for the awesome collection of links: Feel free to send some satoshis or open a channel with the official Cryptoconomy.Life Lightning Node:03609e92ab6dff378b6a7aca6f856bf5e9d56cadd622bd402a9b03d9a583c817b5@ Donate Bitcoin to help the show & provide Liquidity for my #Lightning Node:31sBReBuAA9QznVRRrcsjdGp9oc4ajnS4t Support the Affiliate LinkThe Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our LivesMastering Bitcoin
December 5, 2018