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The Curious Sheep

The Curious Sheep

By Romy Schill
A curious farmer asking questions, learning and sharing stories about everything sheep, lamb and wool. For old pros, newbies or anyone wanting to know more about farming!
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Welcome to The Curious Sheep

The Curious Sheep

Welcome to The Curious Sheep

The Curious Sheep

Kat & Alex - The Amazing Sheep Shearing Duo.
Kathrine and Alex hail from the USA. They happened to be in Canada for a shearing competition in Holstein Ontario. This lead to their meeting our shearer Charlie and helping him shear our sheep. They are amazing sheep shearing duo who help teach others and compete (yes sheep shearing competitions are a thing) all while also managing a large flock of sheep of their own. Follow them on Instagram @ewe_42 and @alex.moser.1829. The industry is always in need of new and enthusiastic sheep shearers. Check out the Americam Sheep Industry Association if you're in the US at or in Canada the directory at Canadian Wool Growers Cooperative *****THANK YOU all for listening and cheering me on, wow we've done 25 episodes! Unfortunately this podcast needs to be the ball I put down at this time. Maybe I'll get back at it sometime in the future, Season 2? I've enjoyed telling the stories and sharing all the amazing things about sheep. If anyone is interested in taking over or collaborating on the Curious Sheep Podcast please reach out or email me at*****
November 11, 2021
Mariposa Woollen Mill - Ellen and Following Those Dreams
Ellen and her family/crew manage a wool mill and farm market store near Lindsay Ontario. We chat about the big pivot marip a dairy and on farm processing to a passion for wool and renewable resources and sustainable thinking. A true entrepreneur, Ellen, is a living the dream working with wool and fibre farmers, raising farm kids and growing an amazing farm business. Check them out at and find them on social. To see what kind of mill they have check out to see the Belfast Mini Mills.
September 08, 2021
Custom Woolen Mills - Canadian Wool Processing
Episode 23 - Maddy and her family have operated the mill in Carstairs Alberta for 35 years. The mill offers a variety of custom services fromyarns to bedding. They also offer their own lines of yarns. We chat all things wool processing, tips for sheep farmers and the Canadian wool industry. Make sure to check out @customwoolenmills and for all the resources and blog posts.
July 02, 2021
Twin Oaks Farm - A Focus on Fibre
Laura starts off our "Wool Series" with a chat about her wool sheep, wool and yarn processing and wool in Canada. Starting off with just wanting to know where her yarn comes from Laura now has grown her farm and runs a successful local yarn and wool business with her sheep flock. I get asked all the time about what we do with our wool and how we get it processed. I hope over the next few episodes to cover a few fibre farmers, mill and wool world topics. Check out Laura's amazing products at and @twinoaksfarm on social media.
May 29, 2021
F Ewe Sheep Company - Bucking the Trend
Frankie grew up on a sheep ranch but has recently struck out on his own while working a day job to grow and manage his own flock. We talk challenges of building a new sheep flock, unique grazing opportunities in California and much more. You can find Frankie on Instagram @f_ewe_sheep_company and For more on the Pipestone Management System check out
April 06, 2021
Carrie Woolley - Flocks and fields of all kinds.
Carrie and her husband Brett and his family manage a large and diverse farm in southern Ontario. Carrie's specialty is the sheep. Managing a flock through orchards and silvo pasture to utilize and I prove land management she has made the sheep an integral part of the farm. We also chat about the effect covid has haaf on their farm workers, a flock of geese and dealing with tree bylaws. Check out for more about the farm and follow on Instagram @carriewolley1.
March 17, 2021
Nathan Klassen - Adding Value and Finding Your Niche
Nathan is a first generation sheep farmer who's found his niche in sheep farming and compost production on his families farm. Innovation and family business go hand in hand as everyone has their specialty but contribute to the farm as a whole. From cattle to sheep, how they purchase and use unique feeds stuffs an then value add manure. Nathans give us insight into a few aspects of the farm business and has great tips on being successful in new ventures. Connect with Nathan on Instagram @manitobalamb.
February 25, 2021
Heather Little - Changing Directions, Sheep Farming and Real Estate
Heather is a sheep farmer turned real estate agent. After deciding to step back from sheep farming for a bit and look at some new opportunities and changes to the farm Heather and I discuss buying and selling. Owning a farm, running a business, working with family she sure has her plate full but brings some great perspective to both farming and real estate. Find her on social media @heatherlitteheather.little.5209 and with and real estate questions or inquiries. Your dream sheep farm is waiting for you!
February 09, 2021
Janice - Walkabout Farm and Sheeps Milk Cheese
Janice Groenheide and her husband Rob and 3 kids operate Walkabout Farm in Thunder Bay Ontario. This milking sheep operation produces a number of sheep's milk cheeses right on the farm. Janice talks about expanding the farm and transitioning into and producing sheeps cheese. Find the farm at and on social media @walkaboutfarm. OMAFRA Dairy Food Safety Program: Ontario Sheep Farmers Mailing Sheep Resource
January 19, 2021
James Corcoran - Aussie sheep production and capturing the 1%'s
James and his family manage the Gooramma Poll Dorset Stud in Southeastern Australia. This progressive operation focuses on production and terminal traits to produce quality meat lambs for commercial producers. We cover all thingd Aussie sheep and lamb from how our seasons are opposite and capturing those all important 1% gains to improve the flock. Follow James on social media through "Gooramma Poll Dorset Stud" and check out their website
October 20, 2020
Ursina the Number Cruncher and Planner
Ursina and Andrew manage a flock of 200 Katahdin sheep in Shawville, Quebec. When not busy farming Ursina is an accountant and has a knack for business planning and seeing big picture ideas. She's channeled her number sense into a great website and resource to help farmers start and grow this business. Website -; Facebook - The Farming Frontiers; Ontario Sheep Farmers Economic Workbook -; OMAFRA Farm Business Decision Tool -; OMAFRA Business Plan Tools -
September 29, 2020
Jim & Josh Bennett - From Moo to Baa and Working With Family
Jim and his son Josh manage a large flock of commercial sheep. We chat about their transition from dairy farmers to sheep wrestlers. Farming with family and employees is also a topic we should all pay attention too. Catch Jim on twitter at @JimBen71220505 to see the farm and his sheep updates.
August 15, 2020
Drew Tyler - Pushing Sheep Production
Drew is a farmer who pushes limits and ideas. Prolific ewes, pushing weight gains and milk production. We also chat about the Beef Farmers of Ontario BUILD program that he participated in, industry insights and #cookingwithdrew. Follow Drew on Twitter @DrewTyler_.
July 06, 2020
Laurie Maus - Looking at Sheep Poo
Laurie Maus is a guru of all things sheep, science and poo. Laurie and her husband Bob have been sheep farmers for a number or years and have always used science to help improve the farm; through genetic evaluations to improve stock or biology to improve health. Laurie has been doing a great job helping other producers learn about sheep parasites and how to manage them better. Her No Sheep Sherlock Parasite Management training covers all kinds of aspects of looking at sheep poo and flock health. The No Sheep Sherlock: OVC Parasite Managment Handbook: Parasite Management: FAMACHA Scoring:
June 24, 2020
Sara Sheep Lady - Cooperation, Flexibility and Story Telling
Sara and her family operate a ranch in Montana. From dressing up her goats and lambs and marketing their products to consumers Sara has a great story and insight to the sheep industry. Check out the ranch at The ranch sells theirs meats in mixed boxes from and through a local producer cooperative. The Yellowstone Valley Food Hub at is a unique idea of working together to get more local products to consumers. Also find Sara in Instagram at @sarasheeplady for what happens day to day on the ranch and with the kids (human and animal) and lambs.
June 13, 2020
Charlie the Two Handed Shearer
I catch up with our shearer Charlie as he's on his way to a shearing job. Shearing, the essential task sheep need to stay healthy and clean. The goal is always to make it easy on the sheep. We chat about his farm and the important work he does shearing sheep for others. Follow Charlie on twitter @CharlieCunnin81. The YouTube link for the shearing video
May 28, 2020
Jen McTavish - Ontario Sheep Farmers
Jennifer is general manager of Ontario Sheep Farmers. The board of directors (elected in each district) she works with works give direction and supoort to the industry. They represent producers to develop good government policy and support, education, extension, and so many other items and issues that affect producers. She gives us an overview of who Ontario sheep farmers are and we discuss some of the opportunities and challenges we have. "Sheep will save the world!". Check for resources and links available to producers.
May 20, 2020
Making Babies with Dr. Amanda
Listen in and get all the sheep reproduction tips and information you need from our farm vet Dr. Amanda Topp. We cover basic sheep anatomy and systems for making babies and some tools you can use to manage breeding on the farm. Make sure you consult you vet as well to make the best plan for your specific farm.
May 12, 2020
Mike Swidersky
I chat with Mike about his unique grazing style rotating sheep and cattle on pasture. He's got a completely different management system than us here Circle R and I always find it fascinating. Listen in as we discuss sheep and all they ways we do things different but how finding what works best for you and your farm is key.
May 05, 2020
The Story of Circle R
A trip down memory lane as me and hubby sit down and chat about our journey into sheep production. Some farm history and thoughts on expanding our operation.
April 23, 2020
Top Market Meats
I chat with Leslie about her families farm, all their critters, their sheep (of course), the farm shop and their local food store. We cover alot of ground about the farm but also the insight she has gained for going to farm markets and running a brick and mortar store in the city. Lots is changing with covid19 for them but customers are looking to support local farmers and more consumers are discovering the story of their food. Follow their story on social media @topmarketmeats!
April 07, 2020
Sheep Nutrition 101
I chat with our farm nutritionist Courtney about feeding sheep. There are so many ways sheep can be fed. We cover basic sheep digestion and then some basics of feeding sheep stored feeds in a housed situation. Keep in mind that each farm is different but the basics concepts and ideas are the same. We cover production cycles and how to feed sheep at different stages. We get pretty in depth about some specific topics and nutrients but I hope you can still follow along! Some of this is very specific to our farm here and I use examples of how we do some things. There's lots of ways to feed sheep and we'll cover topics like pastures and grazing in other episodes too. Follow Courtney on Instagram @vriensnutritionconsulting to see what she's up to on different farms.
March 31, 2020
A Students View
I chat with Allison and Daniel, students at the University of Guelph about sheep and their ideas and thoughts on the industry. We cover their future farm plans, consumers preferences, reaching consumers and of course wool!
March 24, 2020
The Mutton Midwife
It's lambing season for a lot of sheep producers so I thought it would be a great time to chat with my friend and future sheep vet Meggy Chan A.K.A. The Mutton Midwife. She's busy studying in Ireland and has a really good background on various sheep operations. Enjoy our chat as we reach into (pun intended) lambing and help you be more prepared. Here are some helpful websites and resources for lambing!
March 17, 2020
Welcome to The Curious Sheep
I started a podcast! A little background about me and the farm and why I started a sheep podcast. Check out our farm on Instagram @circlerlamb and see what we're up to!
March 17, 2020
March 17, 2020
March 17, 2020