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The Cutback

The Cutback

By Ian Burleigh x Cullen Munz
Welcome to The Cutback Podcast, where we keep our head on a swivel to bring you our living room commentary on the latest and greatest from the world of sports and the business surrounding it.

Two MBA graduates from the University of Oregon's Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, via the University of Michigan - Ian and Cullen have been in the thick of various veins of the sport business industry. From football ops and MiLB to the agency space, the two sit down to share their experiences and take a critical look at sports, the business of sports, and the synergies (or lack-thereof) between the two.
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Who's Your Daddy
Another week another episode for the resident degenerates of The Cutback Podcast. This week the boys do something they never could have imagined doing - talk about soccer! Both the rise and fall of the European Super League and the growth of MLS are on the docket for you futbol fanatics. Cullen and Ian highlight the NFL's announcement of not one, not two, but 3 official sports betting partners and Cullen gives us the low-down on the resting epidemic in the NBA. Shouts out to the University of Michigan Women's Gymnastics team for winning the National Championship! This week's fantasy five is a look into the boys favorite brands and they pick which brands they would most like to be sponsored by. Enjoy!
April 23, 2021
Full Heel
Cullen and Ian both bring the heat in this week's jam packed episode. Draft talk precedes this week's work segment, which features A-Rod's bid to buy the Timberwolves, the NFL and NFLPA's offseason program battle and UCF allowing players to put their social media handles on the back of their jerseys. Cullen kicks off the play segment with a rant that has been stewing for weeks... prepare yourself! College Football Spring Games and the WNBA's latest jersey reveals round out the play segment before the boys head into an absolute battle in this week's edition of the Fantasy Five - Wing Flavors. Enjoy!
April 16, 2021
Play Ball!
Happy Opening Day - well, for most teams anyways! This week Cullen and Ian tip off the episode with an ode to their dear ole Michigan Basketball Team. Next, the boys highlight some of the major announcements out of the NFL's owner's meetings - giving their thoughts on the prospect of full stadiums and what 17 games means for the league and the players. The NCAA is next on the hot seat as the boys talk the beginnings of NCAA v Alston. Cullen shares his hate for college football Pro Days and gives an update on the State of Houston in the midst of continuously increasing Deshaun Watson drama. Finally, in lieu of a Fantasy Five and in honor of MLB's Opening Day, both Cullen and Ian give out their picks for playoff teams and who will ultimately hoist the trophy as Champions of the World at the end of the season. Enjoy!
April 2, 2021
Take Care Of The Star Player 1st
What's up everybody. This week it was Cullen's turn on the hot seat, and boy did things get spicy. Cullen talked about his path from Houston to the University of Michigan, on to the University of Oregon, and now in Peoria, IL as the Director of Food and Beverage for the Peoria Chiefs. Along the way, we find out why Cullen matters and how growing up in Clutch City made him who he is today. We learn the reason for his fandom of Superman and Cullen brings great insight to the world of refereeing. Do refs really make make-up calls?! Only one way to find out. Finally, before getting into this week's edition of the Fantasy Five, Ian puts Cullen through a game of this or that... and lemme tell ya, some of Cullen's answers may surprise you! Keeping the spice alive, the boys face off in a Favorite Hot Sauce edition of the Fantasy Five. Enjoy!
March 26, 2021
Just A Kid From Otsego
Shoutout to the #269. If you've ever wanted to know more about the boys - you're in luck! We kickoff our Cutback Interview Series this week, with Cullen putting Ian on the hot seat for the entire episode. Things get deep quick, as Cullen asks Ian about his upbringing, why he chose the sports industry, his experiences with the Michigan Football team and his decision to leave one career to start anew. Find out what song Ian can Karaoke off the top of the dome, what he would do to NOT have to wear an Ohio State shirt during a Michigan game and the meaning behind the #2. True to form, this week's Fantasy Five features the boys favorite University of Michigan athletes and - no lie - things get a *little* sentimental. Come learn more about what goes on in the brain of the boy the call Eazy and remember, always put the weed in the bag. Enjoy! 
March 12, 2021
Hoodies And Hashbrowns ft. Jake Belzer
Tall Socks and Flip Flops... It's the Spring Ball edition of The Cutback, and this week the boys sit down with Jake Belzer - Defensive Analyst at the University of Oregon. An unfortunate resident of Ohio, Jake kicks off the episode by giving his thoughts on the future of his home town Brownies. Next, we talk to Jake about life inside a football building and how the Oregon football team adapted to Covid-19 this past season. We talk about the differences between college football and the NFL and answer the age-old question, "Is the strength coach the most important guy in the building?" This week's Fantasy Five is a 3-way, with each of the boys picking their favorite stadium names of all time. Enjoy!
March 5, 2021
Feel The Wheel
Woaaah there partner, pump those brakes! While it's a must to be careful on the roads these days, the boys are all gas in this week's edition of The Cutback. After Ian provides his Top 5 tips for successful snow driving, the boys discuss Charlotte FC becoming the first MLS team to implement PSLs and the NHL's recent partnership with PointsBet. Next, Cullen and Ian provide their thoughts on the opening week of the Fan-Controlled Football League... hint... they aren't impressed. #ProducerKennedy provides us with her Crackback of the Week as she brings attention to the egregious GOAT bias being put on display by many a blue check-marks on the Twitter machine and Cullen gives his props to Fernando Tatis Jr. via his Money Move of the Week. It's a cold winter out there, but have no fear -- a Soup Showdown Fantasy Five is here. Enjoy! 
February 19, 2021
Deep Cut
It wouldn't be The Cutback if the boys didn't take a few left turns and deploy a few deep cuts! On this week's episode, Cullen and Ian discuss ESPN's impending sale of the X-Games and Mark Cuban and the Mavs' decisions around the National Anthem before diving into the ever-contentious relationship between MLB ownership and the player's union, as well as the Lions' trade of Matthew Stafford. Yes - Ian does get emotional! Finally, the boys compete in a Fantasy Five for the decade - best albums of the 2010's. Enjoy!
February 12, 2021
Yes... And?
Happy National Women and Girls in Sports Day to all the amazing women on their grind in this sports business world we call life. We salute 🙌🏻 Nike salutes too, and the boys kick off the episode by highlighting their recent initiative, in partnership with the NFL, to increase resources and visibility to Girl's High School Flag Football. Watch your ankles! Next, we touch on Overtime's upcoming announcement of a semi-pro High School basketball league. With Super Bowl Week in full swing, the boys talk about the shift in the ticket resale market and also debate the proper mix of situational and analytical football. #ProducerKennedy provides a Money Move of the Week, praising Australia and their Covid-19 mitigation policies which have now allowed them to host 30,000 fans/day at the upcoming Australian Open. Cullen comes in swinging with his Firebreather of the Week, letting us know that MLB's Hall of Fame selection process needs a desperate overhaul. The boys celebrate some of the greatest Super Bowl Halftime Performances of all-time in this week's Fantasy Five. Enjoy! 
February 5, 2021
To The Moon
HOLD THE LINE!!!! While you make a life's fortune on Gamestop, the boys remain steady in sifting through hot topics surrounding the sports world. We drop the puck of the episode by diving into the NHL's recently acquired debt pool being made available to franchises. Next, we highlight some of the big name brands who you won't see advertising during the Super Bowl and do a little case study analysis on personal branding in professional sports in a classic TB12 vs. Corvette Corvette showdown. Sticking to the branding theme, we highlight Opendorse's partnership with Jeremy Darlow and how vendors/consultant will play an important role in the impending NIL gold mine of college athletics. Last, but certainly not least, the boys pay homage to the Arena Football League by picking their favorite teams in this week's edition of the Fantasy Five. Enjoy!
January 29, 2021
All Gas, No Brakes
And no slow down in sight! On this week's episode, Ian and Cullen highlight some of the latest headlines from the sports business world - Mark Davis buying the Las Vegas Aces, Jared Porter's Firing, the sale of the Atlanta Dream - and provide context around how teams may look to staff up in the coming months. Speaking of staffing up, the boys run down some of the key moves in the NFL coaching carousel and debate the differences between and NFL coach and a college coach. Kyrie Irving shifts our thoughts towards the more profound before diving into this week's edition of the Fantasy Five... 50 states edition. Enjoy! 
January 22, 2021
Yes - in lieu of recent Houston sports happenings, Cullen has, in fact, been on that 24 hour Champagne diet. The boys kick this week off with an update on the economic and logistical impact of the NCAA hosting March Madness in bubbles before diving into the phenomenon that was the NFL's broadcast on Nickelodeon. They touch on the NCAA delaying a vote on NIL regulations, a murky future for MLS and more potential scapegoating by MLB. The boys give a huge shoutout to the WNBA for their role in the recent Georgia run-offs and get into a hotly contested Fantasy Five - Sports Video Game Franchise edition. Enjoy!
January 15, 2021
Just Peachy
Quite the weather we're having, right?! With one eye on the news, Cullen and Ian drop the proverbial puck on Ep 33 by discussing the NHL selling division name and helmet sticker partnerships. The boys turn their focus to college athletics - the logistical nightmare incoming via March Madness bubbles, who really pays the bill for coach buy-outs, and are bowl games dead?! Cullen provides his solution for college football and his thoughts on the Eagles tanking their last game of the season before Ian gives his advice on rooting for other teams in your conference. This week's Fantasy Five highlights the boys favorite Georgia Rappers. Enjoy! 
January 7, 2021
I Don't Cut Checks
STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE! Merry Christmas ya filthy animals and Happy Holidaze to every single one of yin. The boys kick off the episode by highlighting the latest transgressions by one of the most filthy animals, Dan Snyder. Next, Cullen and Ian discuss a handful of SBJ's "What to expect in sports media" predictions for 2021. Do NFL broadcasting rights have a price ceiling? Tune in to find out! Next, the NBA provides some obligatory #TarpTalk and the relocation of the Rose Bowl leads us head first into a full-blown college football conversation. In this week's festive edition of the Fantasy Five, Cullen and Ian select their favorite Christmas movies. Enjoy!
December 24, 2020
Throw Some BBB's On It ft. Tom Bridger
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls - Buckle Up! This week's episode brings a glimpse at the Hoops rolodex that is Tom Bridger. Before getting heavy into hoops talk, Tom tells us all about his role at Tradable Bits and the fan engagement work they do for teams on a daily basis (Hint: data is the new oil). Next, the boys touch on the recent announcement of the NBA's $30M cash infusement to each team and dive deep into the new G-League Ignite team and best options going forward for top high-school basketball prospects. Moving right along, the boys get Tom's thoughts on Michael Beasley, his experience with the Seattle Storm and his outlook for the upcoming NBA season. To wrap up the show, Tom takes on Cullen in this week's edition of the Fantasy Five - NBA City Edition Uniforms. Enjoy! 
December 17, 2020
Style Points
It's not always pretty, but a win is a win! Ian was on the IR earlier this week, but the boys knocked out an episode to send you into the weekend. They touch on the teams of MLB officially selecting their go-forward affiliates and what options remain for the 40+ MiLB teams who were left off the list before wondering if Under Armour is all the way dead. Next, we highlight the latest news in College Football amidst more and more games being cancelled as the season winds to a close. This week's Fantasy Five highlights the greatest rivalries in sports, so make sure to bring the juice. Enjoy! 
December 12, 2020
Let The Beat Build ft. Anne Rogers
Guests on 2 eps in a row? You better believe it! This week we sit down with Anne Rogers - St. Louis Cardinals beat writer for Anne talks about her career journey and the many challenges faced as a sports journalist in the Zoom environment of 2020. We talk about her experiences as a woman working in sports and get her perspective on the monumental hiring of Kim Ng. Next, we chat about the contentious relationship between MLB and the MLBPA leading into the 2021 season and ponder what free agency will look like. Anne drops some gems on how she believes MLB can double-down on its' efforts to attract younger fans and takes on Cullen in a heated battle of the Fantasy Five - Greatest St. Louis Cardinals of All-Time! Enjoy!
December 4, 2020
Soul Food ft. Joel Totoro
Listen - we know you're either tired of your family or pissed off that the Ravens/Steelers game got cancelled, but have no fear - we've got you covered! This week, Cullen and Ian sit down with Joel Totoro, Director of Sports Science at Thorne Research. Joel is at the top of the nutrition/dietician game and has worked for both the New England Patriots and Michigan Football programs. Joel talks to us about health and nutrition being an individualized science, the importance of coaching in the nutrition profession, how to gain buy-in/trust and, finally, the growth of nutrition and its' place at the table in sports organizations. Joel drops more dimes than an all-star PG and takes Ian on in a Thanksgiving food themed Fantasy Five showdown. This episode is as full as your belly after round 3 of Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy! 
November 26, 2020
No Ceilings
Hey... do you hear that? Sounds like broken glass! This week, the boys start off by talking about the monumental hire of Kim Ng as the Miami Marlins' General Manager. Next, they hop into a work-topic lightning round and talk about the media exposure gained by the Jordan brand on the heels of DeAndre Hopkins' game winning catch this past weekend, the USOPC's partnership with Opendorse and the NCAA's apparent plan to host the 2021 March Madness tournament in a bubble. Moving into the play topics of the week, Cullen highlights the shift in style of play and different positions across multiple sports and the boys wonder if these shifts will become cyclical or entrench themselves as long-term trends. Cullen provides his Crackback of the Week and Ian highlights his Money Move of the Week, which leads us right into this week's edition of the Fantasy Five - NHL #ReverseRetro Jerseys. Sit back, relax and enjoy! 
November 20, 2020
The MiLB Carousel
!!BREAKING NEWS!! We are excited to announce that we have joined the Sports As A Job podcast network - head on over to to check out the squad! On this week's episode, Cullen and Ian dive into the NBA's 2020/21 schedule and talk salary cap implications. Next, the boys highlight Peloton's meteoric rise throughout the course of the pandemic, capped by their recent partnership with Queen Bey herself. Cullen gives us an update on the beginnings of MiLB's carousel and what it means MiLB teams as MLB teams announce their affiliates moving towards the 2021 season. The boys give their obligatory update on the state of Michigan and Oregon football, highlight the Arizona Coyote's forfeiting the rights to their recent 4th round draft pick and provide some colorful Crackbacks of the Week. This week's Fantasy Five features the boys favorite superheroes. Enjoy!
November 12, 2020
The Hot Seat
Feelin' hot, hot, hot! Is this the beginning of the end for Jim Harbaugh at the University of Michigan? Does Chip Kelly know how to eat with utensils? Will AJ Hinch restore any respect upon the old English D of the Detroit Tigers? Will pro sports have insurmountable salary cap issues as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond? All of these burning questions and more are discussed by those boys on this week's episode of The Cutback. You'll want to grab something to write with as Cullen and Ian go head to head on the greatest TV shows of all time in this week's edition of the Fantasy Five. It's episode 25 and, like Barry Bonds, it's juicy! Enjoy!
November 5, 2020
I Just Flipped The Script
I don't know nobody else who doing this. It's Episode 24 and the boys bring the mamba mentality to the mics with a full slate of topics. First, Cullen and Ian address the wild situation that played out after the conclusion of the World Series earlier this week. The boys stay in baseball and talk about the historic levels of debt MLB organizations has taken on and what that means for the upcoming 2021 season. Next, Esports and Athletes Unlimited get some shine before Cullen provides us with an update regarding NFL ownership requirements. Finally, the boys talk all things college football as the Big Ten returns and struggle to contain their excitement for their dear Wolverines. Thanks to a surprising weather phenomenon, this week's Fantasy Five pits favorite Snow Day activities against each other. Enjoy! 
October 29, 2020
Ding It!
Buckle up ladies, gentlemen and degenerates - we've got a full episode for you this week! A Houston Texans intro quickly leads to a classic Cutback tangent regarding NFL QB development and the incredible differences between the collegiate and professional game. The boys dive into the work topics of the week - PWC's 5th annual sports business survey, Hookit's 50 most marketed brands, Amazon doubling down on the NFL, Glossier utilizing WNBA superstars for their latest beauty & skincare products, and the NFL's stance on CBD. To bring a little balance to the ep, Cullen and Ian  talk the MLB Bubble and upcoming World Series, the various sets of Covid "guidelines" across the NCAA and an obligatory preview of Michigan football. This week's fantasy five pits ice cream flavors against each other... sweet! Enjoy!
October 21, 2020
Bevo's Last Ballad
It's a mid-week special from The Cutback and we're glad you're here for the ride. The boys bounce around and hit on everything from the evolution of Color Commentators to the Saga of Bill O'Brien. Because this is a respectable podcast, Cullen and Ian also provide their thoughts on the current state of sports TV ratings, leagues selling title sponsorships, the LA28 logo and an ode to our favorite Stormies. We wrap things up with a "Scary" Movie Fantasy Five and a touching sayonara shoutout from our very own Mr. Munz. Enjoy! 
October 15, 2020
It's Jess! ft. Jess Harlee
Ladies and Gentlemen - what an episode we have for you today! One of Oregon's finest, Jess Harlee, joins us to provide an inside look at college athletics. As the coordinator for student-athlete development at the University of Oregon, Jess provides support to Oregon's student-athletes on a daily basis. She takes us through a day in the life and speaks on how the student-athletes have been handling the back and forth nature of the pandemic. We get her views on the growing success of the WNBA and her hometown Baltimore Ravens before Jess battles Ian in a Fantasy Five for the ages. Enjoy! 
October 5, 2020
Tarp Talk
Like the great poet Weezy F Baby once pontificated... "sorry 4 the wait." So - we're a bit late this week, but, to make up for it, we've got a jammed-packed episode this week! First, the boys dive right into the displeasure being communicated by sponsors of the NFL. Will this finally be the impetus for a re-work of the traditional sport sponsorship model? Next, Cullen and Ian talk through a variety of what-if scenarios regarding college athletics in 2021 before jumping into the NBA MVP conversation. The boys provide their picks for Lakers/Heat, as well as the upcoming MLB playoffs. This week's Fantasy Five is budget friendly - Best Tailgate/Cheap Beers. Enjoy!  
September 30, 2020
It's not just what you say, but how you say it. This week the boys revisit the NFL's decision to place tarps on the first handful of rows in each stadium and touch on just how much team's are losing each week without fans in the stands. Next, they wonder if brands are beginning to do too much when it comes to adapting to the Rona Era and realize that MLS might be making a real run at the US sports market. Without further ado, Cullen and Ian dive headfirst into the clusterfuck that is the Big10's return to college football. We wrap things up with a tailgate food Fantasy Five battle, a few MNF bets to hammer, and an ode to the Notorious RBG. Enjoy!
September 21, 2020
Can't Stop Partyin'
After a short holiday hiatus, Ian and Cullen are back with takes as hot as the only Cheeto's you should ever consider consuming. The boys touch on Utah furloughing their entire Athletic Department and Oregon's athletic revenue scenario planning exercise and decide to dive head first into the College Football Conundrum. Next, we highlight MLB's proposed bubble plan and what that means for teams on the diamond and the front office. After a trip to the US Open, it's Football Talk Time and Cullen and Ian provide their respective playoff pictures and Super Bowl predictions. Finally, we introduce a new segment - Monday's Best Bet! Tune in and Enjoy!
September 14, 2020
If It Ain't About The Money
"Stop wastin' my time!" This week, Cullen and Ian kick off the show by diving right back into the NFL's fans in the stands situation and we find out that Cullen might actually hate football. Next, in light of the various sports pauses in wake of the murder of Jacob Blake, the boys ponder what role brands play in the conversation - both those who are directly engaged with sports in America and those who aren't. Cullen shakes his head at his crackback of the week and Ian provides a seemingly less-than-popular opinion with his firebreather of the week. This week's Fantasy Five pays homage to Chadwick Boseman as the boys highlight their favorite Marvel movies. Enjoy! 
September 1, 2020
This week on The Cutback, Ian and Cullen highlight the growth of MiLB's merchandise sales over the past decade and re-visit the potential future scenarios for MiLB and their affiliate organizations. Next, the NCAA finds their way into the conversation and the boys debate how the scholarship game will play out in years to come. Finally, we visit the NBA bubble and the lack of home-court advantage playing out in the opening playoff series. This week's Fantasy Five has a special back to school flavor - 1st Day of College Backpack Must-Haves. Enjoy! 
August 24, 2020
Other Duties As Assigned ft. Matt Hamilton
We've got a fast and furious episode for your ears this week. Cullen and Ian sit down with Matt Hamilton, Director of Partnerships for the Amarillo Sod Poodles. We pick his brain about his experience handling corporate partners throughout a global pandemic, getting the Texas Collegiate League season off the ground, and becoming the de-facto hall monitor for Covid-19 protocols at Hodgetown. The group talks about MLB's plan to use win percentage as a playoff qualifier and also touch on the recent move by the Big10 and Pac12 to cancel all fall sports. Finally, Matt faces off against Ian in an on-the-fly version of the Fantasy Five - which non-Power 5 schools should be in the Power 5. Enjoy!
August 17, 2020
Secure The Creditors
What's up everybody and welcome to Episode 14. If you're reading this, there's a good chance college football may have already been cancelled for the 2020 season... joy! This week the boys talk about the recent sale of the XFL and again wonder about the legitimacy of a minor league football system. Cullen and Ian quickly touch on the absurd amount of money broadcast companies spend on media rights for the NFL before jumping into the clusterfuck that is the NCAA. Will the Power 5 make like a drug cartel and break away from the NCAA? Will players across all sports unionize? Will the NCAA survive? On a lighter note - the boys praise the NHL's revamped playoff format and provide their Firebreather (Cullen) and Money Move (Ian) of the Week. This week's fantasy five looks at the greatest "heels" aka trash talkers in sports history. Come along for the ride! 
August 10, 2020
Shoot For The Moon
Episode 13 was once only a dream, but here we are! The boys kick things off with some breaking news and dive right into the #WeAreUnited letter published by the PAC-12 player's group. Up next come updates from MLB and the NFL officially being put on bubble watch. Cullen provides his obligatory weekly defense for the Houston Astros, while Ian does the same for his beloved Matt Stafford. This week's Fantasy Five pits the titans of TV game shows against each other and, as always, your hosts send you out with a few Sayonara Shoutouts. Enjoy! 
August 3, 2020
Gather Round ft. Chloe Colligan
I got a story to tell. We welcome our 2nd guest to The Cutback this week, as Chloe Colligan joins us to talk about her experiences working for the Washington Football Team, as well as being a woman looking to make a career in sports. But first, Ian and Cullen provide updates on the NFL labor/covid negotiations and wonder about the implications of an impeding conference-only college football schedule. They talk about their experiences working in sports, which leads into Ian's conversation with Chloe. On the backside of Chloe's interview, the boys talk MLB Opening Day, Cullen provides his Firebreather of the Week and Ian provides his SMH moment. This week's Fantasy Five is ballpark food, so bring your appetite. Enjoy! 
July 27, 2020
The Sky Is Falling...
... the wind is calling, stand for something or die in the morning. It's a jam-packed episode this week, and the boys kick things off talking about the NFL and their incredible procrastination strategy. Ian outlines the Sport Sponsorship Last Ditch Scramble and Cullen educates us about the very-real potential of vertical integration between MLB teams and their MiLB affiliates. The boys touch on a few of the disturbing sexual harassment allegations across sports that were brought to life over the past week before again praising the WNBA for their innovation and dedication to taking a stand. Both Cullen and Ian have spicy Firebreather's this week and your hosts highlight some of the GOAT female athletes for this week's Fantasy Five. Turn your headphones up and Enjoy! Follow The Cutback: 
July 20, 2020
Ahead Of Our Time
10 episodes in and we are now official as a referee with whistle. It's another grab bag episode this week and the boys have a full rolodex of flavors for ya ear. Because work always comes first - we've got Patrick Mahomes on #SecureTheBag alert, the NFL introducing a salary escrow proposal, that team in Washington needing a new name, and, last but not least, the NCAA potentially being all the way dead. We hate to say we told you so, but we've got the receipts on this one! Cutting back for a little fun, your hosts chat NBA Bubble Tea, send big ups to Toni Miller, and circle back to the contentious relationship between the NFL and NFLPA. Crackbacks and Firebreathers galore lead us into the Fantasy Five - Best Appetizers, and the boys wrap things up with a few heart-felt Sayonara Shoutouts. Enjoy Yourself!  Follow The Cutback:  Twitter - Instagram - 
July 13, 2020
Minor League Lifestyle (Might Not Make It) ft. Pat Zajac
The boys are honored to welcome their first guest to The Cutback as they sit down with Pat Zajac, Director of Partnerships and Promotions for the Eugene Emeralds. We're talking baseball again, as Pat brings his insight and perspective to the many obstacles facing Minor League Baseball following the official cancellation of the 2020 season. The squad dives into how teams are attempting to stay afloat amongst ever-changing guidelines, re-visit the already contentious relationship between MLB and MiLB, and muse about the general state of professional baseball in America. To lighten the mood, the boys share some memories that are incredibly minor league. Pat celeb-shots for Cullen and takes on Ian in this week's edition of the Fantasy Five - MiLB logos. Time files when you're having fun and we promise that strapping in for all 2+ hours of this one is well worth the time! Enjoy and #GEOGFY  Follow The Cutback @thecutbackpod on Twitter + IG Find Pat @otherpatzajac on Twitter + @pat_say_jack on IG Follow the Eugene Emeralds @eugeneemeralds on Twitter + IG  Support the Emeralds by checking out some merch @ 
July 6, 2020
Friends With Benefits
Sometimes messy, always entertaining - that's The Cutback way. This week the boys opt for a grab bag approach and touch on multiple topics, of course keeping a work-life balance. Climate Pledge Arena, Mixer, Under Armour, and the monetization of collegiate athlete's NIL all catch some work, after-which your hosts talk implications of the various return-to-play scenarios being finalized across professional sports. Cullen provides a spur of the moment Crackback of the Week, while Ian double dips with a Crackback and Firebreather of the Week. As teased last week, this week's Fantasy Five highlights the boys favorite Disney Movies and we wrap things up with a few sentimental Sayonara Shoutouts. Enjoy!  Follow the Squad:  @thecutbackpod - Twitter + IG The Cutback - Spotify 
June 29, 2020
Trust Issues
All I care about is money and the city that I'm from... It's episode 7 and the boys come through with a Care Package for your ears. Ok - enough with the Drake references. This week your hosts dive into the clusterfuck that is the MLB labor negotiations and wonder if Rob Manfred is, in fact, the most incompetent commissioner of all time. Next, Cullen and Ian circle back on collegiate sports return to play plans and wonder if anyone really has any idea of what is going on. The boys break down the lack of trust between athletes and coaches, and how it is being put on full display thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement. Ian plants his flag as Team Stafford with his Firebreather of the Week and Cullen calls on the eyes of Texas for his Crackback of the Week. Finally, the best sporting events are drafted during this week's Fantasy Five and a few well-deserved Sayonara Shoutout's are delivered. Things get a little heavy this week - enjoy!  Follow The Cutback Podcast Twitter: @TheCutbackPod IG: @TheCutbackPod 
June 22, 2020
A Quick Aside  If you're reading this, thank you. We appreciate you. Realistically, nothing Cullen and I talk about on this show is important. Fun? Maybe. Funny? Sometimes. Informative? Sure. Life and Death? Absolutely not. What is life and death, however, is the current state of our country and the generations of systematic and institutionalized oppression of and discrimination towards people of color, specifically Black Americans, upon which it was built. Change is not only needed, but imperative. To create a society in which all are truly granted equal rights and opportunities takes empathy, understanding, and a desire for action and accountability. We urge you to take action and hold yourself accountable. It'll be uncomfortable and certainly won't be easy. Luckily, is here to help. We have to be better. Today, tomorrow, forever. One Love.  
June 15, 2020
We're Going To Disney World!!
Ok - so we aren't going to Disney World (yet), but the NBA is! Cullen and Ian talk the NBA's Orlando tournament plan and discuss the importance of home court advantage. But first, the boys put in a little work by diving into the world of esports and it's status throughout the largely sports-less pandemic. Next, your hosts attempt to answer the unanswerable - how do you cultivate culture and what role does it play in the ability for an organization or team to win or achieve success? After putting a full court press on the NBA's return to play plan, Cullen comes through with his Firebreather of the Week, as well as delivering a Firebreather celeb shot from our very own #ProducerKennedy, while Ian hits you with his Money Move of the Week. This week's Fantasy Five is dedicated to Sports Movies and let me tell ya, you might want to grab a pen, some paper, and take notes! The outro beat drops after a few short and sweet Sayonara Shoutouts and Ep. 5 is in the books. Enjoy! 
June 8, 2020
The Profit Problem
It's episode 4 and the boys are back for more. This week your hosts tackle the growing momentum behind conference realignment in collegiate athletics. Accelerated by the financial ramifications of the Covid-19 Pandemic, colleges and universities around the country are faced with a serious problem - a profit problem. Cullen and Ian debate whether the solution to the problem lies with the costs or the revenues and provide their thoughts on the future of conference structure at the collegiate level. The boys talk narratives surrounding generational toughness in sports and have some obligatory hockey talk in honor of #ProducerKennedy. Cullen shakes his head with his Crackback of the Week and Ian gets critical with his Firebreather of the Week. This week's Fantasy Five has a sweet ring to it - Candy! Finally, the boys send you off with a few Sayonara Shoutouts to wrap things up with a nice bow. Enjoy and go forth with empathy. One Love. 
June 1, 2020
Not Just Surviving... THRIVING
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, good people of the internet - it's Memorial Day Weekend and if all was right in the world the only thing we'd be worried about is firing up the grill for a cookout or 3 in between long sessions of sitting on the couch watching America's pastime... Baseball. You'll have to handle the cookouts on your own, but we've got your baseball fix covered with this one. To kick things off in the top of the 1st, Ian and Cullen slide into recent re-opening proposals made by the MLB and team owners. They cover the financial concessions players are being asked to make, pocket watch the owners, and ultimately talk how sponsorship agreements may change to meet our new reality. Before you know it, it's time for the 7th-inning stretch and the boys come out on the other side debating Team Bat Flip vs. Team Unwritten Rules, and the role each play in the future of the game (Hint: Pimpin' ain't easy, so let the people know when you do!) The boys double-dip on the Firebreather of the Week (Lakers fans beware) and Ian provides a bonus Money Move of the Week. The top of the 9th brings the Fantasy Five - Pizza Toppings edition and your hosts close out the bottom of the 9th with a few Sayonara Shoutouts. The boys brought the high cheese this week... Enjoy!
May 25, 2020
The Facts They Are a-Changin'
The boys made it to episode 2, who would have thought!? For the benefit of the listener and our own sanity, we've made some serious improvements in audio quality this week. We aren't quite to the Big Leagues yet, but if we were in the Cubs' organization we'd at least be in Tennessee playing for the Smokies (IYKYK). Ian and Cullen skip the appetizer and get right to the main dish this week - the effect the Covid-19 pandemic is having on the landscape of college sports. They wonder about the odds of an upcoming college football season and talk financial ramifications for athletic departments and universities across the country. Moving right along, the boys travel across the Pacific to talk Korean Baseball, the beautifully savage bat flips that seem to happen on a nightly basis, and ESPN snagging up broadcasting rights in the U.S. Next, your hosts provide their thoughts on the latest round of NFL uniform updates before hitting you with their Firebreather (Cullen) and Crackback (Ian) of the week. Finally, the boys wrap things up with a HOTLY contested edition of The Fantasy Five - Quarantine Fast Food edition. This one gets a little spicy... Enjoy!
May 18, 2020
Follow The Money
In the inaugural episode, Ian and Cullen tackle the XFL's recent bankruptcy filing and debate the pros, cons, and ultimate feasibility of a minor league football system. Next, the boys highlight the NFL's recent partnership with the NAIA to bring organized women's flag football to the collegiate level and talk Title IX implications. The NFL Draft is next on the docket as your hosts provide their takes on their respective teams' draft efforts and the overall execution of the virtual draft, as well as project best landing spots for players from their alma mater's. They run through their Crackback, Firebreather, and Money Move of the Week, wrapping the episode up with The Fantasy Five - Quarantine Board Games edition. This first ep. is a long one - buckle up! 
May 12, 2020