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The podcast to be for all things meta, fandom, speculation, and more! We talk about all things television, film, fandoms, gaming, fanfiction, and more; trust us, you want to be here for this.

New episodes air every third Wednesday of the month. Next episode airs March 21st, 2018. The episode after that airs, April 18th, 2018. And, so on. You get the gist, right?


6 Episodes
Podcast #6: "What's Happening In Pop Culture?"
May 23, 201824:41
Podcast #5: 'The Language of Fandom'
Apr 18, 201833:46
Podcast #4: "What Is Tumblr?"
Mar 21, 201826:16
Podcast #3: "What is Fanfiction?"
Feb 21, 201811:57
Podcast #2: "What are Fandoms?"
Jan 17, 201811:04
Podcast #1: "What Is the Best TV of 2017"
Dec 17, 201713:41
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