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S2, E10: "The Inspiration Of David Lynch's Twin Peaks In The Pop Culture Medium"

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On the fourth Friday of the month, we drop a podcast. Stay tuned. It's a podcast for all things fandom and culture. We will talk about your favorite superheroes for one month and the best OTP the next. Check out what we will drop next!
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S3, E12: Season Premiere: "Love You 3000; The Endgame Special" #SPOILERS
Today, The Daily Fandom premieres Season 3 with Episode 12 about Avengers: Endgame. Brandon, Alec, Maddie, and I (Shareca) talked about Avengers: Endgame and what it meant to fans of Marvel to see an ending such as this. We also talk about plot points, spoilers, and what we want to see from the MCU in phase 4 and beyond. Take a listen and let us know what you liked about the film. We would love to hear it! Love you 3000. Share your voice message with us! Podcast Guests: Shareca: Podcast Host Brandon: Reoccurring Podcast Guest Alec: Reoccurring Podcast Guest Maddie: First Time Podcast Guest Twitter: @dailyfandomtv Facebook: The Daily Fandom Email:
May 24, 2019
S2, E11: The Season Finale -- "A Roundtable Discussion About The Evolution Of Daredevil"
Welcome to a new podcast, and the season finale of The Daily Bugle Season 2, a podcast that talks about the man, the myth, the legend Daredevil. With the Netflix series recently being canceled, we had to talk about who the character is. Marvel Comics' Stan Lee and Bill Everett created the superhero you see before you. Daredevil's new comic series by Chip Zdarsky is out now under Marvel -- without further ado, let's talk Murdock. Today's guests are the familiar Kyle, Alec, and Claudia whom you've heard of on Iron Fist, Thanos, and now Daredevil. If you want to hear more for Season 3, hang on tight, we won't be gone long. For now, however, we will be focusing on fandom conversation. Want to partake in our conversation? Email us at and become a Patreon. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, FB, & IG for rolling updates about the podcast.
February 20, 2019
S2, E10: "The Inspiration Of David Lynch's Twin Peaks In The Pop Culture Medium"
Remember the gem that was Twin Peaks from the 90s? David Lynch, a powerhouse in the industry, is what we talk about on today's podcast. I ramble about how much I love David Lynch's filmmaking style and talk about the inspirations happening in pop culture today. We do not own any of the music being used in the podcast, it is copyrighted and credited by Angelo Badalamenti. We paid for the music for the podcast from iTunes. 'Twin Peaks Theme' and 'Laura Palmer's Theme' Credit: Released: Sep 11, 1990; ℗ 1989, 1990 Warner Bros. Records Inc. for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the U.S. You can find us on Twitter @dailyfandomtv.
January 25, 2019
S2, E9: "The Pinnacle Of Spider-Man In Film"
Earlier than release day for all of our wonderful listeners (11/21), our Wednesday Thanksgiving Podcast goes out to Spider-Man! This Thanksgiving season, we are thankful for Spider-Man. The Stan Lee created character from Marvel Comics. What is fantastic about this superhero is that we dedicated a whole podcast to him - to talk about the pinnacle of the superhero we know and love in film. From Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire's version, to Andrew Garfield's version, to the recent Tom Holland version. Who is the pinnacle of Spider-Man in film?‎ We have a Patreon: Website ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Twitch ► Tumblr ► Instagram ► Reddit ►
November 20, 2018
S2, E8: "A Round Table Discussion About Iron Fist"
We are back with The Daily Bugle series and this month we have Iron Fist. The man, the myth, the legend that is Iron Fist. We will be talking about the Ed Brubaker run and how Iron Fist has landed in comic culture as a subpar character. Even despite his comic run being one of the best runs in comic history. Much to the exposure of Ed Brubaker. Nonetheless, enjoy the conversation about Iron Fist this week and we apologize for the background noise in some areas. Check out our podcast with special guests and contributors from The Daily Fandom: Kyle, Brandon, Alec, and Claudia. As always with your host, Shareca, the CEO of The Daily Fandom. Want to hear more? Have a question? Email As usual, the podcast is monthly -- the next podcast will be the third Wednesday of the month.
September 18, 2018
S2, E7: "A Round Table Discussion About Thanos"
EARLY RELEASE for our season 2 special, (supposed to be released August 15th, 2018). On the first podcast back from hiatus we have a new series. Starting season two with a bang, we have episode seven: "'The Daily Bugle' A Round Table Discussion About Thanos." We discuss Thanos as a villain, as a character, and more importantly, how he can be defined. Does Thanos have a redemption arc? Does he deserve it? Who is Thanos? Check out our podcast with special guests and contributors for The Daily Fandom: Kyle, Brandon, and Claudia. As always with your host, Shareca, the CEO of The Daily Fandom. Want to hear more? Have a question? Email Check out our next podcast on Iron First coming next month. As usual, the podcast is monthly -- the next podcast will be the third Wednesday of the month. Look forward to major talk about who Iron Fist is and how bad his TV series ended up to be... or did it?
August 11, 2018
S1, E6: "What's Happening In Pop Culture?"
Today we talk about pop culture. What's going on in Comics? Culture? and Marvel? Today we are talking about the last month in Pop Culture. Take a listen! Infinity War Review: Past Two Weeks In Pop Culture: The Kissing Booth Review: Catch us next month with a new edition of our monthly podcast. :-)
May 23, 2018
S1, E5: "The Language of Fandom"
Today we chat about the vocabulary fandom and fanfiction writers use. There's a ton of vocabulary to learn, but that's okay we tackle the most important ones you will hear throughout your day to day life. Works Cited: - - - - Find Us On Social Media: a. b. c. d. e.
April 18, 2018
S1, E4: "What Is Tumblr?"
Today we talk about Tumblr. What is Tumblr and why is it the black hole of the internet? Well, let's talk about the positive and negative effects of being on Tumblr. If you like Tumblr, what do you like about it? If you don't, what do you hate about it? Do you use it often? Resources:
March 21, 2018
S1, E3: "What is Fanfiction?"
Today we *try to* answer the question, "What Is Fanfiction?" What is fanfiction to you? What do you love about fanfiction? Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
February 21, 2018
S1, E2: "What are Fandoms?"
Today we riddle the question, "What are Fandoms?" What are fandoms to you and what do you consider fandoms? Let's chat.
January 17, 2018
S1, E1: "What Is the Best TV of 2017"
When 'Stand by Me' is not a TV show and it's a movie, but you get what I mean... right? Riiiiiight lol, don't roast me for that. Also, let me know what's good to you, what TV shows were great in 2017. Atlanta didn't come out this year or you know I would've said it! Articles mentioned in the podcast:…-castle-review/…00s-television/ Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Itunes:…dom/id1320559864 Anchor: YouTube:
December 17, 2017
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