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By Danny Rubio
On this podcast, the Digital Content Coach, Danny Rubio, walks you through the basics of digital content creation. He discusses what digital content entails from social media to websites. Rubio will help you answer all the overwhelming questions and help you tackle your to-do list as you begin your digital content creation journey.
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Content Management Systems
In this episode it's all about Content Management Systems or CMS for short. I discuss three kinds that can get you up and running with a website.  The O.G.'s: Drupal Joomla The One Stop Shops: Wix SquareSpace Weebly The New Kids on the block: Pagekit Ghost Statemic
April 19, 2019
The Minimal Viable Content Piece
In this episode I talk about the fact that it's hard to start a project as you may have noticed with the release of this podcast being nearly a month late.  Starting something is hard and the desire to want it to be perfect IS VERY REAL! But like I share in the show, it shouldn't be. What's worse is getting picky about it and then never finishing it. I share my concept about the MVP or minimal viable product or in this case a content piece and how it helps you. Be sure to checkout our sponsor
March 29, 2019
Let's make a deal — Bonus
Hey guys, I'm hard at work getting these episodes produced and ready for the first season but I wanted to talk a little about the struggle you might be facing or will face as you begin this journey as a creative. That is procrastination and self-doubt.  I share my thoughts about the subject and the deal we should make with each other in order for us to move forward in our desired goals.  I produced and recorded this episode.  Michael Gates created the music and mixed the episode. 
February 15, 2019
Introducing The Digital Content Coach Podcast
From that friend you ask for help to make cool stuff for the internet a podcast about digital content creation and those who do it every day. 
February 1, 2019
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