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The DEEP Podcast

The DEEP Podcast

By DEEP Podcast
Welcome to The Deep podcast.
A Bible based show that brings deliverance, through Real-life experiences, Enlightenment of Biblical topics and to Evangelise the people for the Kingdom of God.

Our greatest desire is that you will be inspired, encouraged and develop a love for God and his word.
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Steps with God
Have you ever been confused, worried and even felt anxious about what is God’s will and how do I move in-line with Him. On this episode join Ethan and Sam Walters as they dive into this topic about how to move in steps with God. Giving practical applications on now to move in steps with God. There is a challenge towards the end of the podcast for you to implement right away after listening to this episode, make sure you listen through to the end also fo the special announcement Find more info about of guest on INSTAGRAM- @vantageground GOD BLESS
November 16, 2020
ASC Campus Ministry
Life as of this year as we know it isn’t as it was and thing have taken a dramatic change. Everyone know and sees it. But one thing continues to move- Education. Join Ethan and Chantal Tomlinson are they discuss the birth, growth and the future of campus ministry beginning in the North England Conference and to England, and to the whole of Uk... get involved and search @adventistsc ministry and also @chantialison for more information on Instagram #campusministry #ASC
October 05, 2020
Faith In Suffering
Pain and suffering is inevitable in this dark cruel and sinful world. We all have experience pain. And there are kinds of pain; mental, emotional and physical pain and we ask the question- Where is God when I am hurting?. On this episode Join Ethan and Chelsea as they discussed and dive DEEP with a message of hope about a man who knows all about pain and suffering, apart from Jesus himself of course, You guessed it, it’s JOB. Follow today’s gues @Painful_purpose and check out her content on her YouTube channel with the same name.
September 21, 2020
The Story 03
It is a myth that those who have grown up in Church do not have a powerful testimony. If anything they have had the same equal struggles, with the enemy breathing down their necks, literally. Join Ethan and Rebecca on this episode as they dive into what it is like growing up Seventh-day Adventist, and Rebecca shares her own experiences.  One of the greatest testimonies, is one that you can walked with God and be faithful to the end- The Bible recalls a story of a man named Enoch, no much is said about him, but he walked faithfully with God all the days of his life and was taken to heaven (Gen 5:24, NIV). God expects us to walk humbly with Him all the days of our lives. You have a story that testifies of His glory.  Do not be ashamed. #NOTASHAMED #SHAREHIM
September 07, 2020
Sacred vs Common
There is a tendency to think that God accepts everything we bring to Him. On this Episode join Ethan and Taku as they discuss the difference between the Sacred and The Common and how God views it. There is a standard that God required form those who know best and often time we miss the mark. How do we avoid falling into this trap of mixing the Sacred and the common?
August 10, 2020
The Story 02
On this Episode I speak with my brother Douglas about how he recovered from one of the saddest experiences beknown to mankind.   You can find his story in written format at: Follow: Facebooka and Instagram @Theinsightblog
July 27, 2020
Biblical Leadership
On this Episode, join Ethan and Craig Gooden the director of PEACE. The times we are living is by far one of the most interesting times to be living in for any young person. We explore how Biblical leadership is experience and the steps to such greatness. The fundamental principles are explored from the life of Nehemiah. Check out @Faith to Faith Ministry @CraigGooden #deeppodcast #healing #sinless #christian #jesus #god #bible #faith #love #jesuschrist #church #christianity #christ #prayer #gospel #bibleverse #pray #holyspirit #worship #blessed #godisgood #hope #truth #scripture #believe #biblestudy #amen #grace #peace #inspiration #jesussave
July 13, 2020
The Touch of Faith
Health is something that we all need.Join Ethan and Samuel as they discuss this topic of healing.  Without good health, life is very difficult. Once it starts getting bad, even sometimes science don't have the answers. The one who has the solution to all lives problem is Jesus. What issues do you have that you've spend a lot of money, time and resources on to fix, but yet remains a hopeless case. Bring it to Jesus. The biggest disease that we have is SIN, that too, Jesus is desparantly wanting to cure. Would you come to him though? Follow Samuel Furaha-  Facebook and Instagram  His online ministry page @TobeTranformed on Instagram  #deeppodcast #healing #sinless #christian #jesus #god #bible #faith #love #jesuschrist #church #christianity #christ #prayer #gospel #bibleverse #pray #holyspirit #worship #blessed #godisgood #hope #truth #scripture #believe #biblestudy #amen #grace #peace #inspiration #jesussaves 
June 29, 2020
The story 01
God has interesting ways of doing things. God, is a God of humour.  Join Ethan with Katlego Kobuane but you can call him Kat, as he shares his story, The miracles seems to be by any stretch of the imagination virtually impossible. You might think it is not real or rather exaggeration, but Only the God who does not dwell with flesh can do such things.  #Delivered #DEEPPODCAST #WORDOFGOD #Relationship
June 15, 2020
When God’s Vision is bigger
On this Episode we explore perhaps one of the fundamental aspects of Christianity. Trusting God.  With one of the greatest Leader in the Bible, Moses is at the heart of this Episode.  With me, is Grace Nkeshimana,  Find out more about her on her blog page @ Instagram
June 01, 2020
Official Intro
Welcome to the Deep podcast. This is our first release.  Please watch out for our social media plages on the Instagam and Facebook @thedeeppodcast for more information.   We will be lunching out a show by-weekly. Look out for them very soon...
May 17, 2020