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The Deep Voice Man Show

The Deep Voice Man Show

By Luke Jean-Louis
This show is a gift to the guests and listeners. Guests promote themselves and share their expertise and life lessons. Listeners can learn valuable information and add to their networks by being introduced to "Centers of Influence" to easily connect with.

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Marshall Adler: Michael Jordan Of SEO

The Deep Voice Man Show

Marshall Adler: Michael Jordan Of SEO

The Deep Voice Man Show

Carol Reinlie: Life And Business Growth Strategist
Carol Reinlie is life and business growth strategist with expertise in business & life development. She uses new, inventive strategies to expand a firm's ROI, leads, business and fun. Carol is an author, NLP Master Practitioner, and hypnotherapist. She is also volunteers for The Drake House. You are in for a treat as Carol provides his insights on the current state of business and its future, her competitive advantage as a coach, the best way to network, advice she gives to entrepreneurs, how to find a great coach, vital life lessons, book recommendations and more. Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with Carol at
April 9, 2021
Cheri Dolan: Queen Of Tech
Cheri Dolan is an Information Communication Technology Consultant at Select Communications. She is a creative genius in her field! She works with companies to create solutions to best utilize their phones, internet, and web security. She provides custom designed solutions to cater to evolving businesses needs. You are in for a treat as this mother of four who knows 4 languages provides her insights on the current state of business and its future, her firm's competitive advantage as a coach, the best way to network, advice she gives to entrepreneurs, overcoming sexism and discrimination, etc. She will regale you with incredible stories, vital life lessons, book recommendations and more. Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with Cheri at
April 7, 2021
Nya Holder: Live a Life to Die For
Nya Holder is a business & life coach—a purpose-driven professional who is passionate about wellness, business development & wealth-building. She typically works with folks who are eager to energize their lives and bank accounts by avoiding burnout, building values-driven businesses, and fostering relationships/daily practices to stay fueled. She has a bachelor's in Psychology and a masters of Public Health from Yale University. You are in for a treat as Nya and I discuss being raised by immigrant parents and how to design life on your own terms. We talk about the three kinds of wealth (money, time and health) and the importance of going for all three in your life and your business. Add this "Center of Influence" to your network. Connect with Nya at or
April 7, 2021
Gary Goldstein: King Of HR
Gary Goldstein is the CEO and co-Founder of Insynctive. He helps business leaders and service providers cost effectively configure HR solutions around their unique business needs using the Insynctive platform and current or other integrated third party best of breed solutions. You are in for a treat as Gary provides his insights on the current state of business and its future, his competitive advantage as a coach, the best way to network, advice he gives to entrepreneurs, how to find a great coach, vital life lessons, book recommendations and more. Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with Gary at
April 6, 2021
D. Scott Smith: Networking Expert, Author, Podcaster, Business Coach
D. Scott Smith is a motivational listener and business coach. He teaches entrepreneurs  that their best customers come from referrals through their networks which is their "secret weapon." Scott teaches a science-based, cost-effective method which is proven to build relationships with new people quickly and to manage that network to promote your solution and get customers. He has written a book on this subject: "Motivational Listener: Be Interesting by Being Interested: Practical Skills to Be Successful at Business Networking Events." It is available on Amazon and I consider it to be mandatory reading. You are in for a treat as Scott provides his insights on the current state of business and its future, his competitive advantage as a coach, the best way to network, advice he gives to entrepreneurs, how to find a great coach, vital life lessons, book recommendations and more. Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with Scott at d_scott Instagram: d.scottsmith
April 5, 2021
Terry Ogburn: Business Coach Extraordinaire
Terry Ogburn is the Founder of Ogburn's Business Solutions. He specializes in helping small businesses grow by teaching owners how to work on their business instead of being caught up in the day-to-day grind. You are in for a treat as Terry provides his insights on the current state of business and its future, his competitive advantage as a coach, the best way to network, advice he gives entrepreneurs, vital life lessons, book recommendations and more. Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with Dave at
April 5, 2021
Dave Roby: International Business Coach
Dave Roby is an International Business Coach. entrepreneurial mentor, speaker and board member. He is the Founder and Chief Coach of BROADWAY ONE, a consulting firm that serves the business community. He has successfully managed multi-million dollar organizations, coached and trained hundreds of business professionals and entrepreneurs over the years. Dave has managed multi-million dollar retail stores to top performance in company ranking for revenue, profit margins, accessories, services and more! You are in for a treat as Dave provides his insights on the current state of business and its future, his competitive advantage as a coach, the best way to network, advice he gives entrepreneurs, vital life lessons, book recommendations and more. Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with Dave at
April 4, 2021
Veronique Verscheure: Queen Of Finance
Veronique Verscheure provides strategies for business owners, professionals and families to build and preserve wealth as a financial services professional with New York Life for over a decade. She has MBA, MS, and BBA from Baruch College where she studied international business, finance, and i/o psychology. I had a fun time interviewing a fellow Baruch alum about all things Finance. This episode is mandatory listening. She gives advice on networking, how to hire a financial advisor, what it takes to become one, book recommendations, vital life lessons, etc. She gives her perspective on the current state of finance and its future. Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with her at (917) 496-4449 
April 1, 2021
Matt Carle: The Business Coach You Didn't Know You Needed
Matt Carle is EMyth-Certified Business Coach and business advisor with Main Ascent. He is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their goals. He has been a coach for more than half of his life. First, being focused on helping athletes develop to the peak of their abilities on the field. Now as a Business Development Coach, he works with business owners to grow personally and professionally in pursuit of their dreams. Matt's background in management and his passion for entrepreneurship led him to small businesses and his coaching ability gave him the skills needed to start helping business owners. During our chat, Matt talks about -current state of business and its future -what makes him effective as a coach -great stories from his life and career -the best way to network -how to be a great coach -advice he gives to those looking for a coach -vital life lessons -book recommendations Matt is offering free copies of the book, "The E-Myth Revisited" by Gerber. Definitely contact him. Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with Matt at
March 31, 2021
Mary Jenkins: Woman Of Steel
Mary Jenkins is a cancer patient advocate and a 2x breast cancer survivor. She is on a mission to save the world. Listen to this interview to find out about her amazing, incredible story. Please connect with Mary and donate to her cause:
March 29, 2021
Dan Keldsen: Co-Founder Of PlexiCam
Dan Keldsen is the co-founder of two companies, - a remarkably simple, nearly invisible “UnTripod” built to help people get the eye-to-eye human contact we’re all missing from the pandemic lockdown without the high cost of tripods, teleprompters and other traditional pro gear. And - virtual events as a service, which delivers high-end virtual events without the wallet breaking cost of a Vegas or New York production crew. Veventaas is for brands that want to make sure their brand identity and customer experience don’t suffer from boring, badly done virtual events done on the cheap, or blow out the budget with events that cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Turns out there is far more to virtual events than just what the audience sees. The magic happens behind-the-scenes and in engaging your audience for the long-term. He’s also co-author of the best-selling book, The Gen Z Effect, published in 2014, still selling to this day. During out chat, Dan talks about -current state of the events industry and its future -what makes his firms unique and effective -how to network -vital life lessons -book recommendations -so much more Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Connect with Dan at:
March 25, 2021
Gail (Tolstoi) Miller: Queen Of Networking
Gail (Tolstoi) Miller is the CEO of Consultnetworx, an award winning strategic staffing coaching and recruitment branding consulting firm that provides highly personalized attention to small, medium and fortune 500 companies nationwide. She is a workplace expert with over 20 years of staffing industry insider experience. She spends a great deal of time providing unconscious bias training and offers online courses on the subject as well. She has done a #TEDX talk about it: She is a career coach who has reviewed over 1 million resumes, placed 15,000+ candidates in jobs, revised 1000’s of resumes & coached 1000's of professionals. She has been sought out by media outlets for her expertise: Forbes, Inc., Fox, MSN, etc. She is a global speaker who has written a book on networking called, "Networking Karma" and has her own podcast called "Your Career Cure." During our chat, Gail talks about -current state of the job market and its future -what makes her unique and effective as a coach -the best way to network -advice she gives to entrepreneurs -how to hire the best coach -vital life lessons -book recommendations Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with her at
March 24, 2021
Elisa B. Bennett: Queen Of LinkedIn
Elisa B. Bennett is the Founder of EB Bennett Media. She is a LinkedIn lead generation expert. She helps clients create their own custom lead generation system to grow their revenue with less time, money and effort through the platform. She gets clients "Leads You Love." Elisa's clients have gotten amazing results. She helped a career growth coach achieve 275x ROI in just 1 year. She also helped a consultant go from almost bankruptcy to so many leads & clients he needs to hire a team. During our conversation, she talks about -how her experience in sales led her to LinkedIn -the current state of lead generation and its future -what makes LinkedIn the best source of leads -the "Rules of the Road" when it comes to LinkedIn -why your LinkedIn profile is so important -what makes her unique and effective as a LinkedIn coach -how meditation can grow your bank account Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Connect with Elisa at
March 23, 2021
Ben Thomasian: Health, Wealth, Real Estate And IT For $0
Ben Thomasian is a financial professional who founded a firm called HealthWealthAndRealEstate where he assists clients with a range of insurance and investment needs, either as a generalist or within one or more special areas of expertise, such as financial planning, insurance for business needs or estate planning needs. He also has a strong background in IT. He has worked as a technician at Stanford University for over 5 years. He is currently the Director of IT at The Phillips Brooks School. He is a real estate investor. He owns properties in Florida, Texas and Missouri. He also knows a lot about health and wellness. I will definitely let Ben tell his incredible story in this area. He loves to teach people in all these areas and it's completely free.  During our discussion, Ben talks about -the amazing story of his immigrant parents -current state of education and business -stories from his life and career -how to network -advice he gives those who want a coach -important life lessons -book recommendations you don't want to miss Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with Ben at
March 22, 2021
Larry Long Jr: The SuperMan Of Sales
Larry Long Jr. is the Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks, a firm that provides IT solutions to sports-affiliated organizations. He is an experienced salesman with a demonstrated history of success in SaaS sales and a proven track record of hitting goals. He is passionate about coaching, and helping sales professionals take their game to the 'next level.' At his current position, he gets to combine his passions for sports, sales and IT, the trifecta. Larry is an explosive, vibrant ball of energy. So as a result, he is a dynamic, motivational speaker, whether he is talking to a group or one person. He is also involved with venture capital and gives back to the community with charitable donations. During our conversations, Larry talks about -his story of setbacks and comebacks -current state of sales and its future -what makes him unique and effective as a salesman and sales coach -the best way to network -moving stories from his career -advice he gives those who are interested in sales -advice he gives those who want to improve their sales iq -vital life lessons -book recommendations Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with him at
March 20, 2021
Tom Murphy: Emperor Of E-Commerce
Tom Murphy is the Head of Growth at ecomALLIES. They help e-commerce brands scale. As a Shopify store owner (Founder of TRUST Biologic) himself with deep experience in skincare and CBD, he has worked with multiple agencies over the years. He found ecomALLIES, a firm that did such a good job that he joined full time to help other store owners massively scale their businesses. ecomALLIES is the most high touch and high tech eCommerce advertising agency, with more 10X ROI case studies than any other agency. They have a win-win pricing model and 750% ROAS+ average channel performance. Clients have been featured in Entrepreneur Media, Forbes, and Oprah Winfrey's List. During our conversation, Tom talks about -the current state of e-commerce and its future -what the competitive advantage of his firm is -moving and entertaining stories from his life and career -the best way to network -advice he gives to entrepreneurs -advice he gives to those looking for marketing help -important life lessons and success principles -book recommendations you don't want to miss Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with him at 303-913-8570 (cell)
March 19, 2021
Jason Wright: King Of Sales Funnels
Jason Wright has an incredible story. He is the Founder and CEO of Intentionally Inspirational. He helps entrepreneurs and small businesses automate their marketing. He helps them design, build and optimize their sales funnels, engage their contacts, build their list, and increase their sales. ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, and Zapier are his specific platforms of expertise. Digital marketing is broad and complex, so Jason translates it all into everyday language that business owners can actually understand. During our discussion, Jason talks about -how he quit Corporate America twice and became an entrepreneur -the current state of business and marketing and its future -what make him different and more effective than the competition -moving stories from his career -the best ways to network -advice he gives to marketers and entrepreneurs -vital life lessons -book recommendations Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Connect with him at
March 17, 2021
Brian Key: King Of Staffing
Brian Key has worked in recruiting and job placement for close to 10 years. He is now the Director of Technical Recruiting at Spartan Capital Group. Spartan Capital Group provides professional services to job-seekers and employers throughout North America. They've learned that staffing is not a numbers game, it’s a relationship-building business. They emphasize listening, guiding and matching. During our conversation, Brian talks about -current job market and its future -what makes his firm unique and effective -moving stories from his career -the best ways to network -advice he gives to job hunters -advice he gives to those who want to work in recruiting -important life lessons -book recommendations Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with him at:
March 17, 2021
Paul Mackiewicz: Digital Marketing Expert
Paul Mackiewicz has been part of building some of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies in the US as a Marketing Director, Director of Business Development, and VP of Client Success. Then he decided to work hard for himself like he did for others and made the leap from employee to entrepreneur. Paul is the CEO and Founder of #Smart Marketing. They specialize in digital advertising consulting, online presence management, and operational strategies. His favorite part of the business is speaking with clients after 3-4 months and hearing the excitement in their voices as they tell him success story after success story. Paul is also a US Army combat veteran. During our discussion, Paul talks about -current state of business marketing and it's future -what makes his firm stand out in marketing -moving and entertaining stories from his career -the best ways to network -advice he gives to marketers and entrepreneurs -important life lessons -book recommendations Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Connect with him at Instagram: hashtagsmartmarketingMessage FB: Hashtag Smart Digital Marketing
March 17, 2021
Sherri McManus and Lou Everett: Leadership Coaches You Didn't Know You Needed
Sherri McManus and Lou Everett, husband and wife team who founded The Lou Everett Group, are known for their highly effective  coaching, teaching, and speaking on the importance of personal growth and how it impacts our Influence as a Leader. With more than  four decades of combined experience in training, coaching, and leadership, they also have received training and mentoring from well- known and successful coaches and teachers from the likes of Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Jack Canfield, Paul  Martinelli, and are Certified Leadership Coaches and Corporate Trainers.  Their mission is to transform today’s leaders by serving people and businesses through leadership coaching, corporate training,  empowerment speaking, and personal development. Regardless if you are a solopreneur or at the C-Suite level, Leadership is Influence.  Their clients have experienced measurable returns, increased productivity, and up to 200% revenue growth. During our discussion, they talk about -how they got into coaching  -the current state of of personal development and its future -what makes them unique and effective as coaches -Sherri’s near-death experience -the best ways to network -advice they give to those who want to be coaches -tips in order to hire a coach -important life lessons -book recommendations Put these "Centers of Influence" in your network. Connect with them at Google Lou Everett Group
March 15, 2021
Kuda Biza: Entrepreneurial African Immigrant
Kuda Biza is a serial entrepreneur who successfully launched 6 businesses over the course of 10 years and wrote "The S.P.E.A.R. Method," a step-by-step guide that will give you the tools for success and achieving your goals. He has been featured on Entrepreneur, CNBC, Real Leaders and more. He started his first company when he was nine-years old in Zimbabwe. After high school, Kuda moved to the U.S. with only $40 in his pocket to study at Lynn University where he started his second company. With only a $150 in start-up capital, launched a profitable clothing line from a college dorm room, resulting in the education of more than 100 children in Africa. Kuda then spent over a decade in various roles at a Fortune 500 company responsible for launching multi-million-dollar strategic new growth initiatives such as Crock-Pot Cuisine, a meal delivery subscription service that reached over $20M in annual sales in 3 years and also ran a $75M e-commerce division. As a speaker, Kuda has spoken at over 40 events in 4 countries and has given a TEDx talk. Kuda’s life mission is to build profitable companies to solve the world’s biggest problems: education and hunger. Kuda believes in being a force of good and founded the Amani Hope Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with a mission to empower underprivileged children. When not giving back to communities or working hard in the business world, Kuda can be found cheering on Chelsea F.C. and spending time with his wife, Ruth. During our discussion, Kuda talks  -the current state of business and its future -moving stories from his career -the best ways to network -key advice he gives to entrepreneurs -vital life lessons -book recommendations Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Connect with him at Instagram: KudaBiza
March 14, 2021
Jennifer-Lauren Salapka: The Queen Of Creativity
Jennifer-Lauren Salapka is a "Curator of IDEAS" who is an expert in personal and professional development, philosophies of success and leadership. She started a scholastic/research/exploratory journey through a seminar in Pennsylvania and then a quest for adventure, knowledge, insight, ideas, and wisdom (including the ancient traditions and treasures within a host of foreign cultures, customs, philosophies) which led her to Asia, Europe, and South America, etc. 35 countries later, she is analyzing and studying the "global market/village/paradigms." She is skilled at life guidance marketing and strongly believes in the "Pay It Forward" philosophy. As a creative development consultant with Creativity Annex, she empowers artists, designers, inventors, and innovators by taking and supporting their ideas to create beautiful solutions to our world while being practical in her approach. The both of us engage in a conversation that is enlightening and educational. I consider this episode mandatory listening. Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with her at
March 13, 2021
Bill Lennan: Preventative Mental Health
Bill Lennan is the Johnny Appleseed of preventative mental wellness. Just like with physical health, prevention is the best way to go when it comes to mental well being. The issue of mental health is near and dear to Bill's heart and that is why he, along with his partner, a trained clinician, founded the HAERT Program. HAERT is a unique curriculum teaching proven skills that result in calm, confidence, effectiveness, and leadership aimed at high school students (but they are designed for everyone). The program is based on "outliers" who exhibit great mental health at the far end of the "Bell Curve." These people who are free from these mental health challenges have learned and practice a suite of 50+ skills. These skills have 30 years of clinical research and application. You definitely want to learn about Bill's incredible story. During our talk, Bill mentions -the current state mental health and its future -what makes him different from others in this field -the best ways to maintain optimum mental health -the best ways to network -important life lessons -book recommendations you don't want to miss Add this "Center of Influence" to your network. Connect with Bill at:
March 13, 2021
Nigel Davey: The Marketing Man
Nigel Davey helps busy business owners grow their business through smarter, measured, marketing through a firm he owns and runs called SME Needs. He works with B2B firms in a widening mix of sectors. He gets a kick out of helping others. His recent results for firms include: • A services company double their turnover in less than three years • An IT business adds £1million a year to turnover in 6 years • A telecoms business maintain 30% YOY growth for the last four years • A consultancy take the big step of recruiting a Marketing Manager During our talk, Nigel talks about -the current state of business and its future -his competitive advantage -the best ways to do networking and marketing -advice he gives to entrepreneurs -vital life lessons Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Connect with Nigel at: Twitter: SME_Needs
March 13, 2021
Jacqueline Maddison: With God, Prosperity Is Possible
Originally from South Africa, a born-again christian, an innovative and strong willed entrepreneur, an Owner and Editor-in-Chief, a CEO, an executive producer, Jacqueline Maddison, helms this global media empire with a streamlined plan of action and relentless focus. She has forged global business alliances with international media companies to ensure the success of the business in the U.S. and international markets. Her life motto, is “With GOD All Things Are Possible” since starting the business from scratch with faith alone, she has learned to rely on God for guidance to manifest her greatest dreams. Now she shares her story to enlighten others that against all odds, they can live their dream life too! She is the Founder of the God Foundation. She is an impeccable businesswoman, with excellent communication skills and a sharp intuition that guides her way. She is taking the business world by storm, and at such a young age! We won't be surprised to see her on the Forbes list of richest women in the world one day. This interview is mandatory listening. Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Connect with her at:
March 12, 2021
Ash Shukla: Incredible, Successful Immigrant Story
Ash Shukla is the Founder of Financial Chakras. He is a holistic financial business consultant. He specializes in helping holistic, wellness and financial entrepreneurs build energetically aligned, profitable and sustainable businesses using ancient vedic science and the power of chakras from yoga. Ash's motto is "Balance and Alignment are the new path to wealth." His amazing life story is one where he immigrates to the USA from India with only $20 in his pocket and not knowing a word of English. Since then, he is a Amazon best selling author with his books "Sell Like Crazy" and "Financial Chakras." He has been a financial planner with 26+ years of experience and has managed over $300 million. He served as a keynote speaker for small business development centers, several universities and for many congressmen. He helped over 5,000 business owners. He has taken several business owners to over 7 figures in revenue. He received a congressional honor for serving small business owners. During our conversation, he talks about -his amazing story that defies belief -the current state of business and its future -what sets him apart from the competition -the best ways to network and build relationships -how he overcame racism and discrimination -key advice he gives to entrepreneurs -vital life lessons -book recommendations Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Connect with him at:
March 11, 2021
John Timmerman: The Business Doctor
John Timmerman is the Founder and CEO of several businesses. He created Good Monster, a creative digital marketing agency that helps growth-focused businesses develop and deploy smart, profitable marketing and advertising strategies. They work with businesses of all sizes in different industries. John is the Co-Founder of NoBullCon, a virtual business conference with a lineup of national business builders and influencers Gary Vaynerchuk, David Meltzer, Constance Schwartz-Morini, Terrica Lynn Smith and more to deliver advice and inspiration to smash through walls. He also Co-Founded Jaxon Jovie, a firm that makes the absolute best-fitting jeans for the modern athletic woman and man. John also gives back. He serves on the board of Charity for Children, a "child-centered"​ organization dedicated to providing services for children with disabilities, diseases and disorders in Central New York. During our conversation, John talks about -how he got his start in business -the current state of business/entrepreneurship and its future -moving stories from his life and career -the best ways to network -advice he gives to entrepreneurs -vital life lessons -book/guru recommendations Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with John at: Instagram: johnnytimbo Twitter: johnnytimbo
March 9, 2021
Gustavo Romero: Family Coach You Didn't Know You Needed
Gustavo Romero is the founder and CEO of Think Into Success Academy. Their purpose is to coach employees that want to plan an exit strategy from their job to startup their own business. They provide them with the expertise to have the right foundation for success. He works with them to change their employee mindset to an entrepreneur mindset. Gus helps married couples who want to become wealthy but don't really have a strategy to do so. He knows that disagreements over finances is one of the leading causes of divorce. He knows how destructive divorce can be to children. Gus coaches managers to become leaders by giving them the skills to help their employees to encourage growth, confidence, and ambition, improve performance, overcome challenges, reach goals, and build self-confidence. Gus also coaches students and young people into improving their self-esteem and finding purpose. During our conversation, Gus talks about -ingenious methods he used as a business professor -the difference between self-employed and business owner -how he views the family as a business -the importance of teamwork and delegation -what makes him unique and effective as a coach -the best way to network -advice he gives to those looking for a coach -advice he gives to those who want to be a coach -how he helped a woman raiser her self-esteem -important life lessons -book recommendations Put Gus in your network. Connect with him at
March 5, 2021
Charles Read: King Of Payroll
Charles J Read is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), U.S Tax Court Practitioner ( USTCP), former member of the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC), and the Founder of GetPayroll. Mr. Read’s companies have provided full-service payroll services, payroll tax services, and other payroll-related services since 1991. Charles is an accomplished senior executive and entrepreneur with more than fifty years of financial leadership experience in a broad range of industries and author of four books. His latest book  The Payroll Book: A Guide For Small Businesses and Startups  is currently #25 in Small Business Books section on Amazon. He is very knowledgeable and even gives me free tax information during the episode. He is also a decorated United States Marine Corps sergeant, a combat veteran of the Vietnam War. During our conversation, Charles talks about -current state of business and payroll and it's future (it's not pretty) -what makes him unique and more effective than others at helping firms with payroll and tax issues -how he is able to turn the tables on the IRS -moving and entertaining stories from his life and career -the best ways to network and do marketing -advice he gives to those who want to enter the payroll business -advice he gives to businesses looking for a payroll firm to work with -important life lessons -book recommendations Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with him at 972-353-0000 and press 1
March 4, 2021
David Fradin: Product Management Genius
David Fradin is a product management expert. He has experience in building successful products since 1969. He was classically trained as an Hewlett-Packard Product Manager and was then recruited by Apple to bring the first hard disk drive on a PC to market. As a result of his leadership & management skills, Apple promoted him first to Group Product Manager and later Business Unit Manager which put him at the same organizational level at that time as Steve Jobs. David also heads a professional development company specializing in building insanely great products, product management, product marketing and has trained thousands of managers throughout the world based on his over 50 years experience at Hewlett-Packard, Apple and across 75 products and services (representing over $250M in revenue) and eleven startups. Fradin is the author of 3 books: "Successful Product Design and Management Toolkit", "Building Insanely Great Products" and "Organizing and Managing Insanely Great Products" all available on Amazon. His on-line courses & in-person boot camps are based on his book “Building Insanely Great Products” They cover the complete product management life cycle starting with the founding values, vision, product life cycle & management employed by Apple today. What students will learn from Mr. Fradin is exactly what has made Apple the most valuable company in the world. During our conversation, David talks about -how he got his start in product management -current state of product management and its future -what his competitive advantage is as a product "success" management expert -moving and entertaining stories from his life and career -possibly the best networking advice I've heard in awhile -advice he gives to people who want to go into product management -important life lessons -book recommendations Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with him at
March 4, 2021
Peter Michael: King Of Real Estate
As a New Yorker, Peter Michael has gained a personal familiarity with the varying pace and frequently changing nature of the New York City housing market. He is committed to working hard for all his clients and working around their schedules. He will suit their needs by eliminating possible showings that may not work by listening to their requirements. He knows that New Yorkers dealing with the daily grind and challenges of the city must feel comfortable and content in their homes. We should all feel like a king or queen in our very own castle. Peter's insanely incredible story is one of passion, hard work and perseverance. You have to hear it from Peter to truly believe it. This interview is mandatory listening if one wants to be inspired, motivated and energized. During our conversation, Peter talks about -current state of the New York City housing market and its future -why real estate agents/brokers should be considered "essential" business -what make him unique and more effective as a real estate broker than the competition -moving and entertaining stories from his life and career -the best ways to network and get referrals -advice he gives to those who want to be real estate agents (the answer will surprise you) -important life lessons -book recommendations Please put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Connect with Peter at Instagram: piere.michel
March 4, 2021
Will Fang: Prepares You For The Ivy League
Will Fang is at the intersection of technology and sales for a decade, covering financial services for digital transformation and digital workplace. He has six years of admission prep coaching experience in competitive college admissions. Will is deeply passionate about the education of our young people. He finds it rewarding and fulfilling to help high school students get accepted to top level universities through his firm, Edge Prep. Will's educational background himself, includes Yale, Cornell and Columbia Business School. During our conversation, Will talks about -why he got into education -how the pandemic has affected schooling and education -where he things going in the future -how every child has a certain potential or aptitude -his 3 step "proven method" for educating high school students -moving stories of how he has helped others -the best methods for networking effectively -advice he gives to those who want to be   or are looking for an educator -important life lessons -book recommendations Put Will in your network. Connect with Will at
March 3, 2021
Lane Kawaoka: Escaping Rat Race With Real Estate
Lane Kawaoka's story starts off as a civil engineer who was building a side gig of investing in a real estate rental portfolio. All of sudden, he was able to quit his job 3 years ago and never look back. He now teaches highly paid professionals to do the same. In a world of fake gurus, people know him as the Real Estate Anti-Guru of adding tremendous give away the farm value! This is personal for Lane, because he saw how his parents got screwed with their 401K and it's his mission to get everyone out the corrupt Wall Street roller coaster and into Main Street investments with safer, higher returns that benefit the middle class of America. Lane owns 4,200+ rental units and the is leader of “Hui Deal Pipeline Club” which has acquired over $350 Million dollars of real estate by syndicating over $40 Million Dollars of private equity since 2016. He writes for Forbes Magazine, has a top-50 investing podcast, and  is a Amazon best-seller. Lane uses his Engineering degree to reverse engineer the wealth building strategies that the rich use. During our conversation, Lane talks about -how the most people follow "bad financial advice" -why he believes real estate the best route to financial independence -the best methods for investing in real estate -tips he gives to people looking for a mentor -the best ways to network -important life lessons -talks about the harm of "shelf-help" Put Lane in your network. Connect with him at
March 3, 2021
Raj Goodman Anand: Digital Marketing Genius
Raj Goodman Anand is the Founder of Goodman Lantern, a native English content writing and software development service that helps businesses sell better and grow faster. An engineer by profession, he has founded three start-ups, raised capital, and taken one venture from zero to acquisition. His career also includes working with large and mid-sized organisations, launching both start-ups and new products within them. The products he built have made an excess of £55 million for the companies he's worked with. Raj has also won BusinessWeek’s Europe’s Young Entrepreneur (2007) and has been named one of Revolution Magazine’s 50 Most Influential People in Digital (2009). He has spoken at various venues including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, British Library, and several universities including LSE. Raj and his entrepreneurial ventures have had coverage in The Telegraph, Guardian, BusinessWeek, and Observer. During our conversation, he talks about -current state of digital marketing and its future -what makes his firm unique and effective -what his mother thought of his educational pursuits -the best ways to network and attain referrals -advice he gives to those want to do what he does -how to find the right consultant to work with or hire -important life lessons -book recommendations Put Raj in your network, please connect with him at Google "Goodman Lantern"
March 2, 2021
Krutarth Trivedi: IT Black Belt
Krutarth Trivedi is an IT consultant with a bachelor's in computer science and a masters in information systems. He has excellent technical and business skills. In his career, Krutarth has proved his mettle by working in different industrial sectors like advertising, consulting, IT, fashion retail, and finance. Krutarth believes in avid learning, harmonious teamwork, and devising novel approaches to solving problems. He gives back by volunteering at Sustainability Jersey City, a nonprofit focused on the environmental issues like climate change. He has a First Degree Black Belt in Shitoriyu Karate and he plays the tabla, an Indian percussion instrument. During our conversation, he talks about -how he fell in love with tech from an early age -who he is mos thankful to during the pandemic -where he sees IT going in the future -what makes him unique and effective as an IT consultant -great stories from his life and career -the best way to network and build relationships -advice he gives to those who want to start an IT career -important life lessons -book recommendations Put Krutarth in your network. Connect with him at
February 28, 2021
Suman Ramakrishnan: The Futurist
Suman Ramakrishnan is founder & CEO of Furious Fox, a technology and design studio based in London. At his firm, a team of engineers, data scientists, developers and designers have a single vision: solving problems, social and business problems. Furious Fox is where innovation, design and technology collaborate to create extraordinary products and solutions. To them, no project is too small or too big, but every project is a challenge they relish. They combine traditional approaches and new-age strategies to give clients a future proof solution. From an early age, growing up in India, Suman has always been fascinated with technology and how it affects the world. That is why he got a degree in computer science and engineering and MBA in international business. He believes technology can shape a better future for our planet. It can bring sustainability and harmony, that our minds as of today find hard to grasp. He calls himself a futurist. During our conversation, he talks about -his precociousness as a child with toys -the gift his father gave him that affected his future -why he moved to London to study -the current state of IT and where he sees things in the future -entertaining stories from his career -the best ways to network and get referrals -advice he gives to those curious about the IT world -important life lessons book recommendations Put Suman in your network. Please connect with him at
February 27, 2021
Vidal Espinosa: Shark CFO
Vidal Espinosa, also known as the “Shark CFO”, is the Founder and Principal Partner at Invictus Advisors. With over 20 years of accounting and taxation experience, Vidal and his firm know how diagnose cash flow issues and cure them. As result of working with him, Vidal’s 7-figure clients break their income ceiling, keep more profits, find free time, and create a better financial strategy for their next business iteration. He helps business owners have a clear profit plan and aligns their personal and business financials for maximum benefit in the future. Vidal has two best selling books such as “HELP! The IRS is after me. What do I do?” and “Help! I want to be a real estate investor. What do I do?”. With an MBA and experience working for large companies like KPMG and Deloitte, Vidal has advised companies like Sushi ITTO and Sanyo. He was also a former professor at Loyola University. Vidal regularly manages a portfolio of over 100 clients with total assets of over $10 million and has helped increase an annual budget from $25,000 to 7-figures in just three years. During our conversation, Vidal talks about -why he began a career in accounting (the reason was surprising) -the current state of businesses he manages (the answer will surprise you) -where he sees the restaurant industry going in the future -what makes him unique and effective as a coach -entertaining stories from his life and career -the best ways to network and get referrals -advice he gives to people of color to succeed in society -advice he gives to entrepreneurs and those seeking a business coach -book recommendations you don't want to miss -critical life lessons and success principles Connect with Vidal at:
February 27, 2021
Craig DiVizzio: Job Interview Expert
For 3 decades, Craig DiVizzio has worked as a trainer and coach. He teaches folks skills in the areas of job interviewing, career development, assertiveness, work performance feedback, leadership and team building. Having conducted countless interviews and being interviewed himself, Craig shares his experience in his first, recently released book, "I Got the Job," where he explains how to best prepare and perform for a job interview. He covers the essential keys necessary to compete and win the job, preparing readers to step into the interview confidently and deliver great answers to the tough questions that set them apart from their competition. His goal during the pandemic is to help as many people as he can get back to work! Craig earned degrees in counseling and psychology and has consistently applied his knowledge and experiences to motivate other professionals to their highest level of potential. He also offers an online course with the same title and material as the book.  During our conversation, Craig talks about  -how he first gravitated towards teaching  -how the pandemic has affected the current business and job market  -where he sees things in the future (the new normal)  -what his competitive advantage is as a coach  -entertaining stories from his life and career  -advice he gives to those who want to be or are looking for a coach  -important life lessons and success principles  -book recommendations you don't want to miss  Put Craig in your network by connecting at:
February 25, 2021
Jennifer Logan: Queen Of Branding
Jennifer Logan is a brand developer and an  innovation specialist with over 14 years in the consumer packaged goods industry where she builds performance brands from their incubation through launch stage. She builds these brands through analytics, consumer need insights, strategic planning, cross-functional collaborations, and dedication to commercial viability. She has proven track record of leading projects through ambiguity, stewarding them through ideation and stage gate mobilization, and turning uncertainty into sales growth and measured ROI. In other words she is a branding expert. She has worked with firms like Absolut and is currently an independent consultant with Campbell St Productions. She has a BA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.  During our conversation, Jennifer talks about  -how she first gravitated towards the innovation space  -what is branding exactly and why it is so important  -the 3 most important things that startups need to consider  -advice she would give those who are looking to create a product or service  -the best ways for entrepreneurs and founders to network  -book recommendations you don't want to miss  Please put "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with her at
February 25, 2021
Angel Ribo: CEO Confidant
Angel Ribo is an influencer, LinkedIn strategist, international television host, public speaker, CEO consultant, board member and philanthropist. Established entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs hire Angel to bridge the gap globally for expansion and exposure. In the last 21 years, Angel has helped more than 1,500 CEOs in 33 different countries. In early 2017, he launched his International Foundation, Wisdom for Kids, and he has helped more than 1000 Underprivileged Kids in Latin America become Entrepreneurs using their Local Resources. He was born near Barcelona, and he has lived in 8 countries and speaks 5 languages.  During our conversation, Angel talks about,  -his passion for helping others, his fearlessness and being a people person  -how he got his start in the sales world  -how he sees the business world now and in the future  -what makes him different and effective as a coach  -how he got his start as an interviewer and host  -story about a celebrity interview you don't want to miss  -the importance of relationships and how to network and get referrals  -why everyone should use social media  -key success attributes and habits one must have and do  -his one, key book recommendation that everyone should read  Please put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with Angel at:
February 23, 2021
Purdeep Sangha: Helping Men Find Their Way
Purdeep Sangha is the internationally acclaimed founder of the world's most powerful business and personal coaching for family-oriented businessmen. He is an award-winning author of "The Complete Man" which has obtained many 5-star reviews on Amazon. He teaches men how to be the Complete Man and experience complete victory which is having it all in life. He uses proven methods from neuroscience, performance psychology, and ancient spiritual teachings to help men become alpha males who succeed in life. Purdeep's story is truly incredible. I could go on and on about the obstacles he overcame and his achievements but I want to let Purdeep tell his story  and for you to hear it. For men (and women), I consider this episode mandatory listening. During our conversation, Purdeep talks about -how he got into coaching (the story is inspiring) -the current state of business and masculinity -where he sees things going in the future -how men can improve their lives -what makes him different and effective as a coach -the best ways to network and get referrals -how he dealt with racism and naysayers -advice he gives to people who want to be or who are looking for a coach -important life lessons and success principles -book recommendations you don't want to miss Put Purdeep in your network. Connect with him at For Purdeep's audiobook: promo code: "victory75"
February 23, 2021
Jane M Powers: SuperWoman Of Sales
Jane M Powers is an award winning, international speaker, sales trainer, and best-selling author. She has guided thousands of people, including entrepreneurs, sales professionals and corporations into selling more through better communication. She teaches people to speak with confidence and sell with authority. As a speaker, she has been described as a world class dynamo who mesmerizes, excites and inspires. As a sales trainer, she has mastered the art and science of speaking to sell and selling to serve. She has designed simple systems to help people grow their businesses by articulating what they do with clarity and results.  Jane has real-life experience founding and running multi-million dollar businesses. She is the founder of "Let's Talk Impact" and "Core Communication." As an author, her book "Speak With Confidence Sell With Authority" has several 5 star reviews on Amazon. Jane's life is the pure embodiment of grit, determination, and hard work. She mentors children and folks in prisons. She also counsels people in drug and alcohol rehab and sexual abuse survivors. During our conversation, Jane talks about -important life lessons and success principles -the current state of the business world -where she sees things in the future -what her competitive advantage is as a trainer -the incredible story of her client "Heidi" -the best ways to network and get referrals -book recommendations you don's want to miss -advice she gives to those who want to be or are looking for a coach -the importance of having your own INTROmercial Please connect with Jane and put her in your network: Obtain your very own INTROmercial:
February 20, 2021
Christine Gabriel: Social Justice Through Finance
Christine Gabriel has an amazing story and a heart of gold. While attending college, she noticed she had a strong interest in social justice and fighting inequality. She felt the best course of action was to go into politics and work in the government. However, she soon realized that everything in the world is tied to money and she shifted her focus accordingly. She then decided to begin a career providing financial coaching to under-served communities. In fact, her life mission is to educate and uplift marginalized groups at the grassroots level ("boots on the ground"). These groups tend be ignored by most financial advisors and are untapped markets. You can feel the passion in her voice, it's incredible. You will be moved 100%. Unlike many who go into finance, her motives are truly altruistic and benevolent. She is not motivated by greed in the slightest. In fact, she turns down business if she can't properly educate the client. This is the first time I have ever heard of someone in finance turning down business. She is also involved in the nonprofit sector as well. Listen to the interview to find out more about that initiative. During our conversation, she talks about -her growth in how she thought about money -the current state of people's finances and the industry as a whole -where she sees things going in the future -why everyone needs a "financial coach" -what her competitive advantage is as a financial coach -why people neglect obtaining insurance, setting up a will and saving for retirement -how the industry can overcome its negative perception among many -the best ways to network and get referrals -key advice she gives to those who wan to be or are looking for a financial coach -moving stories from her life and career -how she deals with racism and sexism in a mostly white and male industry -important life lessons and success principles Please put Christine in your network. Connect with her at (516) 547-7213
February 19, 2021
Acute Inflections: Classy, Elegant Jazz Duo
Acute Inflections is made up of Elasea Douglas (vocals) and Sadiki Pierre (bass). Elasea  is a dancer and was a broadway singer as well. They have been described as “A velvety mix of Erykah Badu & Billie Holiday paired with the cool grooves of her 007 on bass.” They can often be found entertaining their clients  like the United Nations, Mercedes-Benz, Saks Fifth Ave, ESPN, Nasdaq, etc.) at high-end events across the country. In addition to corporate events, they also perform at weddings and exclusive soirées. They have shared the stage with Jennifer Hudson, Keith Urban, Sting and other notable artists. Their albums are always favorites on the jazz charts, and their shows are both fun and enchanting. This episode also features Acute Inflections performing their song, Electric psychology. During our conversation, they talk about -the current state of music and the issues created by the pandemic -where they see things going in the future -what makes them unique as artists -moving and entertaining stories from their career -the best ways to network and get referrals -racism they have seen or experienced -advice they would give to aspiring artists -important life lessons everyone should know -book recommendations you don't want to miss Put them in your network by connecting at
February 16, 2021
Marshall Adler: Michael Jordan Of SEO
Marshall Adler is the closest thing to a human being with the "Midas Touch" I have ever seen in my life. He is called "The Google Guy" because he makes miracles happen for businesses when it comes to making them money. I call him the "Real Deal" of the local SEO world and you will too when you learn about this guy. He is the only entrepreneur I have ever met who 100% guarantees his results in writing. What are these results? Ensuring businesses appear on Page 1 in Google search results in 90 days or less. Not only does he put you one Page 1 but he keeps you there as well. He handles all the work, so folks don't have to waste time and money with blogging, posting on social media, paying for PPC, etc.   What he does for firms is nothing short of phenomenal. The results he obtains for companies even blows him away. He is so confident in what he does that he gives people the option of not paying him unless he does what he promises. He knows many folks have been burned by the empty promises and false hype of those in the marketing world. He is simply without peer in the SEO world and has legions of fans on LinkedIn who can attest to his wizardry. He is considered the #1 most viewed SEO expert on LinkedIn with over 70 published articles on LinkedIn Pulse, over 16,000 C-level connections and 17,000 C-level followers. Despite the pandemic (or because of it) he still has been able to thrive. He is a "Center of Influence" with a deep and wide network. You want him in your network.  During our educational and entertaining conversation, Marshall talks about  -how he completely dominates his industry (it's insane)  -incredible stories of helping clients and how they paid him back handsomely -how he overcame the pandemic's fallout and is now thriving  -where he sees things going in the future  -why you need to know who your ideal client is  -the importance of networking and how to get referrals  -life lessons and success principles you should know  -book and guru recommendations you don't want to miss  Please connect with Marshall at
February 15, 2021
Calvin Silva: Escaping Rat Race With Financial Advising
Calvin Silva knows how turn lemon into lemonade. Calvin moved from New Mexico to New York, the capital of the world, in order to attain the American Dream. He was a successful stock broker on Wall Street who was forced to transition after the Financial Crisis. He found himself in a corporate role with Thomson Reuters. However, he longed for the freedom and flexibility that business owners like his father had. So he set off to be a financial advisor combining his passions of helping/educating others and all things finance. During the interview, you could hear the passion in Calvin's voice when it comes to these two topics. Calvin is an awesome storyteller as well. He currently works with TrueNorth Financial Solutions. He provides services to help with retirement planning, long-term savings goals, investments and risk management for individuals, business owners and their employees. He has also worked with AXA Advisors and Nasdaq. He has even been interviewed on Bloomberg TV by Trish Regan. In this conversation, Calvin talks about -the current financial landscape and the effects of the pandemic -where he sees things going in the future, the "new normal" -why everyone needs the services of a financial advisor (this is personal for him) -how the find the best advisor for your specific needs -moving and funny stories from his life and career -key advice he gives to professionals, particularly minorities -the best ways to network and obtain referrals (most aren't doing this) -the most effective way to sell anything (you don't want to  miss this) -the important lessons and success principles he adheres to -book recommendations you don't want to miss Please connect with Calvin and put this "Center of Influence" in your network: 505-400-9096 (Mobile)
February 12, 2021
Kristy Peankurdsuk: SuperWoman Of Finance
Kristy Peankurdsuk is an amazing financial advisor who works with New York Life. She helps folks meet a number of insurance and financial needs like college funding, retirement and more. Prior to that she was a day trader for several years. She has a special place in my heart because she is a fellow Baruch College alum. We met at a networking event and continued to stay in touch. We are so blessed she decided to carve out some time in her packed schedule to sit down and have a chat with us. During our conversations, Kristy talks about -the current state of the financial landscape and its future -why everyone needs a financial advisor -how to find the right advisor for you -why folks neglect purchasing vital insurance, saving for retirement and setting up a will -what it takes to succeed as financial advisor (the answer is really simple) -the best ways to network and get referrals -important life lessons and keys to success that everyone should know Please connect with Kristy and put this "Center of Influence" in your network 646-598-9228 (Mobile)
February 12, 2021
Travis Rosbach: Welfare To Founding Billion Dollar Firm
By the age of 42, Cpt. Travis Rosbach has experienced more out of his life than most people twice his age. He has rubbed elbows with folks like Oprah Winfrey, Riddick Bowe, The Queen of England, Alan Jackson, and several billionaires. His story begins as a kid raised by a single parent "eating government cheese" who was thought by many that he wouldn't amount to much in life. From relying on public assistance growing up to being a yoga instructor, commercial airline pilot, scuba divemaster/instructor, US merchant marine boat captain, public speaker, world explorer, and founder of the Billion-dollar Hydro Flask. He is a world explorer and entrepreneur by nature. His journey includes destinations like the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, China, Florida, Oregon, and many more. Cpt. Rosbach is also a consultant with The Tumalo Group, with heads of industry, startups, celebrities, and even countries as his clients. He not only shares his wisdom but practices it himself in the many startups in which he is currently involved. This interview takes you inside the unique, innovative, and highly creative mind of a Master Entrepreneur. During our conversation, Travis talks about -where the business world is now and where it will go in the future -the best way to network and obtain referrals -key advice who would give to entrepreneurs -book recommendations that you don't want to miss -important life lessons that everyone should learn You definitely want the Captain in your network, please connect with him at (361) 287-2847
February 11, 2021
Rachael Todd: Wall Street To Life Coach
Rachael Todd attended a top, undergraduate business school and worked for 4 years as an overworked, sleep-deprived consultant on Wall Street. She was working so hard, she contracted an autoimmune disorder and other ailments. She saw her poor health as a sign and began a mission to rescue people from commonplace burnout and stress. She left the rat race to become a full time life coach and yoga instructor who has obtained several certifications. She has shared her knowledge on US News World & Report and Yahoo News. She has extensively studied Eastern philosophy, meditation and mindfulness for the past 8 years. During our interview, Rachael talks about -why "mindset work" is critical to overcoming burnout -what types of mindsets lead to burnout -key advice she gives to anyone looking for a coach -key advice she gives to anyone who wants to be a coach -important life lessons that everyone should know -book recommendations you don't want to miss Please add Rachael to your network. If you want more information on Rachael and her coaching program, check out her website at If you want some free resources, including the Stop Hustling and Start Flowing guide that she mentioned, check them out on her Free Stuff page. Rachael also loves receiving personal emails so don't hesitate to reach out to her at As a gift to our listeners, Rachael is offering free 60 minute sessions to the first 10 people who reach out to her. If you are interested in taking this offer, email her at and mention the Deep Voice Man Show.
February 10, 2021
Tony Mizell: Communication Coach You Didn't Know You Needed
Tony Mizell takes struggling non-video speakers & presenters and transforms them into confident and effective communicators in their area of expertise. He is a consultant who specializes in social media management, brand strategies, video and Content Creation & Business Development. He is the CEO/Founder of Mark Your Trade. He is a sole proprietor who who is transitioning his firm to an agency. He is a major "Center of Influence" that you want to connect with and have in your network. During our conversation, Tony mentions -how the pandemic has affected the his business and other entrepreneurs, (the answer will surprise you) -where he sees going in the future, (a completely, new normal) -strategies for networking and referrals -advice he would give to someone who wants to be or hire a consultant -the importance of time management, intuitions and his other success secrets -book recommendations you don't want to miss Please connect with Tony at
February 5, 2021
Boruch DuBrow: Life Coach You Didn't Know You Needed
Boruch DuBrow is on a mission to help people live exceptional lives by becoming exceptional people through his firm BSD coaching and communication. He not only assists folks professionally but spiritually as well. In addition to being an ordained Rabbi, he is also a performance coach for organizations and individuals. Boruch learned early on in his life, that helping others was the reason why he was put on this earth. He is one of the few people I know who lists his phone number in his LinkedIn profile just so people can call if they want to chat (without any hard selling from him). He is the epitome of dedication, generosity and benevolence. He understands that giving and providing massive value to others is how one succeeds in life. As a result, he shares an incredible amount of wisdom in this interview, that you will learn a great deal.  During our enlightening conversation Boruch talks about,  -why schools do a disservice to students by not teaching certain, critical skills  -explains the difference between a therapist, a counselor and a coach  -how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the coaching industry  -where he sees the industry going in the future after the pandemic subsides  -why everyone needs a coach, particularly in the two areas of life most people struggle with  -moving stories of he has helped others throughout his career  -the best type of people to surround yourself with and learn from  -why he loves networking and the best ways to do it and the worse ways to do it  -how to find the ideal coach for you -advice he gives to those who wish to be a coach  -Indispensable life lessons that everyone must know, including how he defines success  -book recommendations that you don't want to miss  Put this "center of influence" in your network. Please reach him at Rabbi_Boruch
January 29, 2021
Ian Watchorn: Irish Immigrant Achieves American Dream
Ian Watchorn is another inspiring, immigrant story from Ireland. Following his father's advice, he parlayed his talent for art into a successful career in architecture. He left Ireland for New York, the capital of the world to make it big in the land of opportunity. However, he decided after years of working for others, he would work for himself. A transition that many are fearful to make. Being an entrepreneur, allows Ian to have the freedom an employee cannot enjoy. Despite starting a business in the midst of a pandemic, Ian's nimble firm was able to thrive and expand. He is someone you want to learn from and have in your network. During our conversation, Ian talks about -the current state of the architecture industry and where he sees its future -why New York is a key place to make your dreams come true -how network effectively and obtain referrals -how one can live a successful life with "no regrets" -vital advice he would give to all who want start their own business -why every entrepreneur needs to read "E-Myth" by Michael E. Gerber -other book recommendations you don't want to miss Put this "Center of Influence" in your network. Please connect with Ian at
January 28, 2021
Itzy Holczler: Virtual Networking With The Purple Guy
Itzy Holczler is a, positive, energetic, smiling, larger than life force of nature. He's "The Purple Guy" and a perfect example of turning crisis into opportunity. With his firm, Purple Exhibits, he worked as a Trade Show Booth expert, helping firms create great displays for conferences, but than COVID-19 reared its ugly head. So he transitioned to helping firms plan, market, and host virtual events that practically mimic the real thing with his new firm, Purple Virtual. You have to see it to believe it. It's incredible. It will blow your mind. In our conversation, Itzy talks about -what made him gravitate towards the event industry -the harmful impact of the pandemic and how he had to adapt -where he sees the future of networking and trade shows -the competitive advantage that his firm possesses, that others don't -why entrepreneurs should focus on the "long game" when it comes to networking -the key advice he gives to people who want to enter event marketing industry -how to deal with the inevitable naysayers and haters Definitely put the "The Purple Guy" in your network. He is a key, "Center of Influence." Please connect with him at
January 26, 2021
Elena Smirnova: Supernova Of Real Estate
Elena Smirnova of TripleMint is one of the most successful people I know. She is a great example of a successful, immigrant story, coming from Russia. As an agent, she has overseen some of Manhattan’s largest real estate transactions in a nationally-ranked, top-producing team. She has completed well over $150 million in transactions over the past 8 years and she has also served as Director of Residential Sales & Leasing of GAIA Real Estate, the CEO of GAIA Property Management, and the CEO of Park River Properties in NYC. She is extremely well-versed in sales, leasing, contract review, execution, negotiation, planning, forecasting, and budgeting. She also has an immense passion for music and loves combining that with her passion for real estate. Some of Elena's achievements include: -top sales agent awards, including an award for the Biggest Deal at her previous brokerage  -lifetime achievement award from the Million Dollar Club -featured on Bravo TV’s hit series Million Dollar Listing New York -interviewed for The Real Deal Magazine after closing a $17 Million deal  -invited to join the Forbes Real Estate Council, an exclusive membership for senior-level real estate executives in North America -First Prize in an international piano competition where she performed at Carnegie Hall -Founder/Chairman of Little Chopins, an in-house music lessons company based in NY that launched in 2012 During our conversation, Elena talks about: -the current state of the market/industry in NY and where she sees things in the future -why everyone needs a competent, reliable, honest real estate agent -the key concept one must understand when it comes to networking and obtaining referrals -the best ways for women to overcome sexism and discrimination from macho types -her advice on how to find a great real estate agent -important life lessons she wants all to know -her book recommendations that you don't want to miss You definitely need Elena in your network. She is a key "Center of Influence." Please connect with her at • • • • • •Instagram: Supernova_NY •
January 25, 2021
Dale K. Matthew: Finding Freedom In Financial Advising
Imagine you have a secure, well-paying job and then leaving it for a role that is 100% commission. Would you be able to make that "leap?" Most people wouldn't, but Dale K. Matthew isn't most people. Most people who start this role quit, but Dale K. Matthew isn't most people. He left the world of accounting with it's steady paycheck to enter the world of financial advising where it's sell or go home. He succeeded in making that transition as he worked with firms like NY Life and Northwestern Mutual. He currently works with Empire Wealth Strategies. Making it as a financial advisor is not easy, as there are so many advisors out there that sell the same or similar products/services. Dale knows how to stand out and differentiate himself from the competition. In this interview, Dale shares his thoughts and most importantly, secrets to success. In the interview, Dale talks about 1. The one "silver bullet" that separates those who make it in the industry and those that don't. 2. Why people neglect to purchase vital financial products like life insurance,  a will, etc. 3. How the pandemic has affected the Financial world and where he sees it going in future. 4. Why everyone needs a financial advisor and why it's hard for one to do it all on their own. 5. How to go about networking effectively and getting referrals. 6. The advice he would give to one searching for a reputable, ethical financial advisor. 7. His one key book recommendation that you don't want to miss. It's essential to have Dale in your network. Please reach Dale at
January 25, 2021
Robert Bowden: Chocolate Champion Cowboy
How does one go from being a prospective speechwriter to a world champion horse trainer to an award winning chocolatier? We ask "Mr. Chocolate" himself, Robert Bowden, the founder of Viveré Chocolates. This is a story of growing up gay and black in the Deep South on a farm to ending up being a consummate, knowledgeable entrepreneur who is considered a "Modern Man of Distinction" by Black Enterprise. Quite a life. Robert reminds me of the motto, that "life is 10%-what happens to you and 90%-how do you respond?" Robert drops a ton of vital wisdom in this lengthy and valuable interview. Fortunately for us, Robert loves to share his secrets to personal and professional success. He volunteers educating the youth about business and success. People pay for this sort of advice and have paid Robert for it. It's clear after listening to this interview, why Robert is a sought after strategist and speaker on the issue of business and entrepreneurialism. Some of the things Robert shares, much of it new to me: 1. The errors entrepreneurs make which often leads to the high failure rate of businesses.  2. He goes into detail about the harsh reality of the restaurant industry, even before the pandemic. 3. The effects the pandemic are having on the food industry and where he sees things going in the future. 4. The importance of adapting, changing course and being flexible. 5. The best way to overcome adversity and setbacks. 6. The right ways and the wrong ways to network in order to build your business and obtain referrals. 7. The advice he gives to minority and/or LGBT professionals when it comes to reaching goals while facing discrimination. 8. His book recommendation is one you don't want to miss. 9. And so much more.... You definitely want Robert in your network. He is a key "center of influence." Please connect with Robert at
January 19, 2021
Danny Ghitis: Another Coach Leaves The Rat Race
After being a New York Times photographer for 7 years, he left it all to be a life coach. People thought he was crazy but I feel he's actually brave (and sane) for following his true calling. Danny brings a great deal of intelligence, honesty, and research to the coaching industry. His approach to coaching is different from that other coaches. Danny feels coaching provides accountability  for clients in ways that a book, blog or article cannot. As a NYU student, he coached a colleague into immediately living his life on his terms and not others. That experience spurred him on in his journey as he saw the positive, powerful impact coaching can have on one's life. He deftly describes how broad, effective and fast growing the industry is. However, he warns that due to limited regulation and low barriers to entry, the industry attracts a great deal of charlatans and hacks who know how to market and charge high prices. Danny offers great advice on how to find the right coach and avoid being scammed. Critical advice for anyone who is interested in seeking a coach. Danny also also expresses some criticism for the "self-help" book/guru industry. You will find Danny's views on competition, courage, locus of control, happiness, etc. to be enlightening. Danny's book/author recommendations should not be missed as well. I learned a ton of new information from Danny in this interview. You will to. Please reach Danny at (Just google Full Frame Coaching)
January 15, 2021
Gene Panasenko: Escaping USSR To Achieve American Dream
As a financial advisor, Gene is the real deal with 25 years of experience. He works with high net worth individuals, corporations and CEOs. He has even took part in ringing the Nasdaq bell. He has seen and done it all. Only a few advisors ever attain even a fraction of his success. He is one of the smartest and inspiring people I know. He knows multiple languages. I am honored that a busy man like himself carved out some time in his busy schedule to be a guest on my show. How does an immigrant come to this country with nothing and knowing no one accomplish so much? It's because Gene understands the secrets of success and simply applied them. While in Communist Ukraine, he was inspired after reading classics written by Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and others. He is shocked that most Americans don't know of this material and fully realize their potential. He believes folks need to drop their excuses in order to achieve their dreams. Gene loves this country because he understands that the free market capitalist system that operates here makes the USA the best country in the world. Gene's advice on networking and obtaining referrals is something that no professional should miss. Gene is a major "Center of Influence" and you definitely want him in your network. His life is filled with so many fascinating stories, that he could write a best-selling book if he wished. He talks about meeting Robert J. O'Neill, the navy seal who took part in eliminating Osama Bin Laden. He talks about his wife, a medical professional who serves on the front line fighting the invisible enemy of COVID-19.  You will be moved and tremendously inspired by his incredible, life story. The life lessons he imparts are critical for every human on Earth. For many, this episode is mandatory listening.  If you wish to network with Gene and/or utilize services,  please reach Gene at: (929) 2674877 You owe it to yourself to check out Gene's podcast/show on Spotify, Youtube, SoundCloud, Google, and Apple: STRAIGHT & UNFILTERED with Gene Panasenko
January 15, 2021
Jonathan Mercado: Spiritual Coach Escapes The Rat Race
What would you call someone who leaves a secure, comfortable, promising, well paying career at  one of the 4 major accounting firms to set out on his own to be a spiritual and professional coach? Some would call him crazy, but I would say he is brave (and sane) for following his heart and mind. He did what many are too fearful to do. Since the time he took a sociology class as a student in Penn State, Jonathan has been studying personal growth, conscious creation, and art. He has even written a book, "What is the meaning of life?" Jonathan has been on an incredible journey that started by joining Bob Proctor & company and has taken him from Japan to Mexico. You will be immensely inspired by his life story.  Jonathan and I engage in a conversation that is deep and profound. He drops a great deal of knowledge when it comes to the areas of networking, self-discovery, listening, trusting yourself, thinking positively, balance, etc. As a coach, he sees himself as a "mirror" for his clients. He beautifully defends his industry from critics who may not fully understand the value that coaching provides, which he sees as an art as well as a profession. He goes over the process of how one should properly find a coach and how to be one if you wish. Jonathan knows the importance of maintaining key habits like meditation, visualization and affirmations. These habits have helped him in his own life tremendously. The books he recommends every human read is something you can't miss. There is a lot to learn and digest in this episode. You can reach Jonathan at
January 13, 2021
Lacey Confer: Wonder Woman Of Finance
Lacey is on a mission to improve the financial livelihoods of her fellow citizens. She's been at it for over 10 years and she has certainly seen and experienced a lot. The advice and knowledge she drops in this episode is beyond vital but surprisingly new as well. Everyone can benefit from listening to her. She skillfully explains the importance of insurance, saving for your retirement, writing out a will, having health insurance, saving money, etc. and why people don't get around to doing this indispensable activity. You can feel the passion in Lacey's voice, particularly when she is talking about her firm Empire Wealth Strategies. She knows finance and loves talking about it. As a result, this episode is the longest of the bunch so far. Great record to have.  As a woman, she knows how to succeed in an industry that is dominated by men. She brings a softer, ethical approach to the world of financial services. She is looking to transform the image and reputation of the industry which is often perceived as high testosterone, aggressive,  criminal and dishonest. (Think "Wolf of Wall Street.") The stories she describes are moving, gut-wrenching, entertaining, and educational. Lacey knows the importance of networking and referrals as well. She goes into detail about the best strategies for building a rock solid network and arriving at a point where one relies mostly if not solely on referrals. The information provided by her is truly eye opening for anyone who sells anything, which is all of us. It's so important to have Lacey in your network. She is a key "center of influence" and hell of a financial advisor. Definitely reach out to Lacey (even just to ask a simple question) at (646) 432-7858
January 12, 2021
Garrett Halsell: A Beautiful (Business) Mind
What can I say about Garrett Halsell? When it comes to business/marketing, he is one of the smartest, creative people I know. I learn more in one minute listening to him than most other people. He is someone who is on the cutting edge of what businesses need to stay in business. He knows more about business than business school professors because he is in the "trenches" everyday listening to business owners and helping to diagnose their problems. He works with businesses in all industries. If you own or know someone who owns a small business, he is the man to meet. He is one of the founding members of Vox Direct. I consider Garrett a "master networker" as well. He explains how most people's networking skills are subpar and how they can improve them.  Garrett's story starts when he leaves Texas to come to New York where he knew no one but he hit the ground running. He considers himself "selfishly selfless" and that is what drives him. Listening to his insights is quite a treat. You are in for an entertaining, as well as educational interview. I consider him a major "center of influence." You definitely want him in your network.  You can reach Garrett at Text garrett  at (844) 267 6492
January 12, 2021
Za Gagliardi: Business SuperWoman
How does a single mom of 3 kids maintain her laser focus while helping people in the realms of health/wellness, hair, make-up, skin care, weight lifting, etc. through her "solutions-based business"? We interview Za Gagliardi in order to find out. Her story is as inspiring as she is bold. It starts off as a tale of a young girl not knowing what she wants to do blossoming into a strong, independent woman who knows how to take control of her life so she can fully obtain what she wants. Za knows many of the secrets of success and she is gracious enough to share it with us. We are blessed. Za goes into detail about how she started her incredible journey. As a young child, she loved beautifying her friends by being their barber. So she decided to parlay her talents into a career in the beauty industry. However, she wanted more, she wanted to be her own boss, as she explains, being a salon employee is tough. She loves the time freedom that owning your own business provides. Get inspired by her ability to overcome adversity like a divorce, pandemic, and sexism. Za goes in to detail about the sexism and harassment  she faces as a female entrepreneur from chauvinists who waste her time. She found a simple "solution" to that issue. We were lucky that she decided to regale us with some of the funniest and most moving stories from her career.  One story in particular leaves us both laughing hard. She educates us about the untapped, recession-proof gold mine that is the make up industry and health and wellness. Her most important lessons are what it takes to succeed. You have to listen to find out.  Za can be reached me at
January 12, 2021
Mallikarjun (Arjun) Pateel: Inspiring, Successful Immigrant Story
Immigrants who have the courage to leave their countries and come to the USA to seek and capture success have always been inspirational role models to me and others. So I definitely want to introduce the world to Arjun Pateel. He left his home of India to achieve his dreams of success in the capital of the world, New York of course. He did face setbacks like losing his job during the pandemic in the hard hit hospitality industry. He also spent money and time on the goal of developing a travel start up. That dream was also upended by the COVID-19 plague as well. He overcame all those setbacks by deciding to become a real estate agent and entrepreneur. A decision he does not regret, as he has found success in this endeavor working with Keller Williams NYC, the most well known brand in real estate. He knows the market inside and out, the current trends, etc. He explains why real estate is such a great investment. He shares his valuable insight with us on the current state of affairs and where things may go in the future. His ultimate goal is to start his own brokerage firm. Once you are familiar with his drive and work ethic, you realize that is a mission that will definitely get accomplished. He knows what it takes to succeed in a profession that sees over 90% of folks quit and fail during the first few years. He details the competitive advantage he possesses as an agent.  The life lessons he shares during this episode  are truly remarkable and can help anyone attain their dreams. He knows how far one can go with the right kind of teamwork and the best mentor. The critical advice he provides on networking is something all of you will find helpful. He is definitely someone you need to have in your network whether you want to build a relationship with an incredible person or if you (or someone you know) needs to buy/rent a house or apartment. You can reach out to Arjun Pateel at: (615) 513 9958 (call or text) To schedule a free consultation with Arjun Patel:
January 9, 2021
Bryan Glick: Entertainment Advisor Turns Singers Into Stars
If you're an artist (or know an artist) who wants to take their career to the next level, Bryan Glick is the man to meet. The self-identified "Covert Connector" has helped connect budding artists to industry knowledge, providing them the necessary resources to grow their careers for the past decade. Bryan Glick's life story is simply an inspiring tale of personal growth, from an introverted, small town guy to an extroverted liaison to famous entertainers who has traveled extensively around the nation to learn all the tricks and tips of the industry in order to relay that information to artists to help make their job easier. He has also pitched his ideas to Shark Tank. How cool is that!  He is remarkably a fan of all types of music, as music is his #1 passion. He builds relationships with local politicians to ensure that the arts are not neglected. Bryan has spearheaded the "Visionary Initiative" with the goal of revitalizing the arts. He talks extensively about this initiative during the the interview. Bryan has worked with artists like Kendra Black and Teena. While working with Kendra, they landed an exclusive performance slot at Nashville’s SpringBoard Festivals where he connected her to two-time Grammy award winner and author Thorton Cline. They now collaborate on numerous projects. Kendra runs her own clothing line, performs nationally, and has performed with Snoop Dogg on her track “Rude.” He discovered Teena, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter, busking in Penn Station. He has since taken Teena from street-side songstress to performance powerhouse, as she’s now tackled Long Island’s most prestigious venues, opened for pop icons like Aaron Carter, and toured at world-class music clubs like Los Angeles’ Viper Lounge. He was also involved with the South by Southwest music festival before the things in the industry took a turn for the worse. He has since turned crisis into opportunity and is thriving as a result. His future is as bright as the sun. You owe it to yourself to reach out to Bryan and have him in your network as a friend and a colleague. Bryan can be reached at: Https:// Club house @bryan Glick
January 9, 2021
Neil Trivedi: Super Hero To The Downtrodden
It was a pleasure to have Neil Trivedi on my show as my first guest. You will be highly impressed by this amazing individual and what he is doing. I have absolute confidence that the organization he founded will one day soon be a household name. You will love hearing this guy's message. I promise! You will not be disappointed. You owe it to yourself to listen to him. I swear! Neil Trivedi is the Chairman and Founder of Unity For Equality, an innovative, revolutionary charity/non-profit that will one day change the world. The work they do is multi-faceted and wide ranging. The strategies they implement in order to uplift all New Yorkers of all origins to help build economically stable and sustainable communities is truly unique and remarkable. I am not familiar with any other non-profit doing the exact work they are doing. You have to know about them. This is an organization that should be famous and well-known. Please check them out and be apart of it. Neil is one of the most generous and benevolent people I know. He is only person I know who will buy a homeless man a meal and then sit down on the ground and eat with him. In this interview, you will be inspired by his incredible story of overcoming adversity and feel his immense passion. He is driven by a singular life purpose that guides him everyday. Neil's insights and critiques of society are 100% accurate and he is on a mission to do something about it. The stories he tells are moving and inspiring. During our conversation, he issued an impassioned call to action for all of us to do our part to improve the world. I know him as a truly principled individual, an inspirational role model and a good friend. I have him on as a guest because I want you to know him as friend too. You owe it yourself to have Neil in your network. It is my honor to introduce Neil to you.  You can connect with Neil and his tremendous organization at: (202) 878-0027
January 9, 2021
The Deep Voice Man: Introduction Of Host
My name is Luke Jean-Louis. I was born and raised in New York. People have always told me that my voice is deep, rich and amazing. People would tell me on the phone and in person that it was pleasant to listen to me. They told me I needed to find a way to parlay my voice into a lucrative career. Folks suggested I seek a career on radio, do voice-overs, get into broadcasting, etc. I never followed through with that until I started hosting my very own radio show (my podcast of course). This is only just the beginning. I am finally sharing my gift with the world by putting my voice to good use. I also love helping and educating people in any way that I can. So I decided to do this show to help guests promote themselves and for listeners to educate themselves as well. I know you will find the show to be entertaining as well. If you wish to be a guest on the show, please reach out to me. Thank you for listening!
January 6, 2021