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The Devonne Adanna Experience

The Devonne Adanna Experience

By Devonne Adanna
Listeners can look forward to content about my thought leadership as an Isle-preneur using social media for their business (Dear Isle-preneur) and a curation of Bucket List experiences on the island of Tobago (Hello Tobago Bucket List).
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Dear Isle-preneur (7): How Tele Cruz And His Fog Angels Grabbed Social Media By The [Eye] Balls To Take Tobago Carnival International

The Devonne Adanna Experience

Dear Isle-preneur (7): How Tele Cruz And His Fog Angels Grabbed Social Media By The [Eye] Balls To Take Tobago Carnival International

The Devonne Adanna Experience

What is LIVING in TOBAGO really LIKE?
About this video: We explore what it's really like living in Tobago from one Tobagonian's perspective.   Everything I say is going to be biased so do not take offense.   If you have had a different experience please let me know in the comments.   LET'S GET SOCIAL:  YouTube: Medium: Facebook:  Instagram:  Twitter:  LinkedIn:  Pinterest:  Podcast: h
February 25, 2021
Dear Isle-preneur (8): How To Use Facebook To Create A Business You Love With Adanna Austin of Dynamic Business Solutions
How To Use Facebook To Create A Business You Love // In this episode we meet business coach Adanna Austin who will talk about her journey creating a business she loves using Facebook.  If you have been looking for a shot of confidence to let you know that you can do this, Adanna is going to give you exactly what you need!   Get in contact with Adanna here 👉🏽 or via Facebook at  If you enjoyed this episode check out this one I did with Dr. Tamu Browne on how to scale your business.  📲Follow me (Devonne.Adanna) on Instagram► 📲Follow HT.BizzIsland on Instagram►
September 16, 2020
HTBL Series (7) Interviewed by Aussi Bridgett Leslie of on Travels Writer Radio on IG Livestream During the COVID lockdown
The interwebs connected me to a beautiful gentile soul in the person of Bridgett Leslie. She said Hello, I said Hello and the rest? Is IG Livestream history. This episode is a recording of Bridgett interviewing me for her show on Travel Writers Radio. She does there amaszing IG livestreams  from her home in Australia where interviews people in different lands and takes viewers on virtual immersion into countries that no one can go to because we are all locked down right now. I invite you to listen as Bridgett asks me questions about Tobago.  I must warn you that Tobago can be windy in the April May June months and you will experience a bit of that. And now… Bridgett Leslie of Travel Writer’s Radio.
May 31, 2020
HTBL (5): 3 Californias Experience Tobago Cool Down 2020
In this episode we meet Trina, Brittany & Rod. They are 3 Californians who are visiting Trinidad & Tobago for the very first time. They did carnival in Trinidad and then hopped on the plane - stand-by mind you - to get to Tobago. Listen as I ask them all about their Tobago Carnival Cool Down experience and if they would do it again. Their answers and observations about Tobago may surprise you. And now... Trinbago carnival! .... Visiting Tobago is one thing, but finding a keepsake from the island that perfectly sums up your experience is a click away. Check out Tobago's largest online merch store. If you've visited Tobago and wondering what you should take back for friends and family at home, purchase their souvenir at and have it shipped straight to their door. You don't even have to take it in your suitcase. Or you can click dis: Tobago merch right here! .... Looking for more episodes? Tap here to listen to more episodes of the Hello Tobago Bucket List series on the Devonne Adanna Experience podcast Be sure to leave a message about this episode. It's really simple.
March 22, 2020
HTBL Series (6): Why On Earth Has This Massachusetts Native Been To Tobago 28 Times... 🤷🏾‍♀️
He might be from Massachusetts but after listening to this episode you will be just as convinced as I was that this man must have been Charlottevillian in a former life. Dana has visited Tobago 28 times. Find out why he doesn't want you to know about exactly what makes Tobago spectacular. And now... Charlotteville! .... You want "Charlotteville, Tobago" on a t-shirt?  DONE!  Head to Sort by the latest and it's right there.  You don't have to even walk into a store and risk getting Corona virus to get it. Or you can click dis: Charlotteville, Tobago the t-shirt is right here! ....  Looking for more episodes?  Tap here to listen to more episodes of the Hello Tobago Bucket List series on the Devonne Adanna Experience podcast.   Be sure to leave a message about this episode. 
March 17, 2020
Dear Isle-preneur (7): How Tele Cruz And His Fog Angels Grabbed Social Media By The [Eye] Balls To Take Tobago Carnival International
In this episode of the Devonne Adanna Experience you are going to meet Mr. Tele Cruz, band leader - among other things - of Fog Angels Carnival band. Tele is a serial entrepreneur. One of the more successful ones.  Whichever hat he wears: Soca artist, carnival band leader or bar owner, this man knows how to harness the power of social media to make his dreams a reality. Some of the gems he drops in this episode are :- 1. What it really takes to create unrelenting buzz for a Tobago carnival band using photoshoots. 2. How he handles it when Facebook flags his content as nudity 3. And find out what question he asks me about going live on social media. Get pen and paper for this episode because we both give alot of game away. ... Canva Pro is definitely worth it.   I have the USD$12.95 per month package and the kind of graphic design power you get on the app at that package level is ridiculous. Here's the Canva link I was telling you about in the episode: To start creating your own graphic designs you better get on that Canva pro by tapping this .... You mean you haven't become an Elite Isle-preneur yet?  That's sad. What's the matter?  You don't like getting free game about social media for business? Maybe you don't appreciate getting things at a discounted price. Whatever it is, I hope you get over it soon.  Click to this link if you don't have any of the problems listed above and get on the Caribbean's fastest growing email list for Isle-preneurs. .... Have you seen this t-shirt that Isle-preneurs all over the Caribbean are using to start conversations about their business?  One of the most awkward things for an Isle-preneur is talking about their business in a way that isn't awkward.  Want your very own? Get your t-shirt by clicking this. .... Looking for more episodes? Tap here to listen to more episodes of the Dear Isle-preneur series on the Devonne Adanna Experience Be sure to leave a message if you're interested in sponsoring an episode.  It's really simple. ....
February 23, 2020
Dear Isle-preneur (6): Dr. Tamu Shows Isle-Preneurs How To Scale Business From Small To Big... And She Can Show You Too
It is insane to me how the internet almost serendipitously brings people together.  This episode with Dr. Tamu was ordained by some higher power. But for Instagram I'm not sure how I would have met this amazing woman.  I am so glad that she and her tribe found me. I cannot wait for you to meet her.  She can take you from small business to bigger business with her no nonsense let's get down to business style.   Truth be told we all could use a bit of that.   Listen as Dr. Tamu takes us on her journey to making her life's work the foundation of her business. ..... Some of the gems you will hear: * The role tech will play in the future of Caribbean business * How to approach your social media strategy before you hire somebody to do it * Where is Dr. Tamu from anyway? And of course, much more. .... To get daily tips on content creation and reminders that even though running a business is hard, you can totally make it all happen on social media, join the Elite Isle-preneur private email list by clicking here: .... Have a question, comment or concern? Leave a message about this episode.
February 15, 2020
Dear Isle-preneur (5): Proper Middle Finger Etiquette With Author Ash Ambirge
Listen as metaphorical middle finger user extraordinaire Ash Ambirge gives you the punch in the face and the confidence boost to anoint yourself with your own authority.  We  will talk about her journey and her new book, the Middle Finger Project which is really her life's work. Some of the gems you can expect in this episodes besides a couple f-bombs are: * How to use your ideas as your resume * What's the one thing people mowing lawns, those putting on makeup and humans who run multimillion dollar businesses have in common * Where to find a tiger print soda opener - your eyes are working and you read that correctly. Of course there will be much more... and there will be laughing too. To get almost daily tips on content creation and reminders that running a business is hard but YOU can do it, join the Elite Isle-preneur private email list by clicking here:  
February 09, 2020
Dear Isle-preneur (4): Can A Female Fitness Expert In A Male Dominated Industry Survive On A Island Of 60,000?
Let's talk to the female fitness expert in chief at First Lady Fitness.  Listen as we chop it up about how she came to be the First Lady of Fitness and exactly how she uses social media for business and ministry.  I've been talking to Jay for a while behind the scenes but we had not met in person until this podcast.  She has an awesome personality and I tell her exactly what to do with it.  She is such a ball of energy and you'll definitely feel it in this episode.  To get almost daily tips on content creation and reminders that running a business is hard but YOU can do it, join the Elite Isle-preneur private email list by clicking here:
January 23, 2020
HTBL Series (4): American Visits Tobago And Lives To Tell About It
Hear Courtney X Powell talk about her 13 hour stint on our island. How many of the 101 things to do in Tobago did she get to do. And more importantly did she enjoy it?
January 17, 2020
Day 10 of 365 Questions With Devonne Adanna - What made you smile today?
Foubd out some news yesterday that made me smile and I cannot wait to share it with you. Let's smile together.
January 11, 2020
Dear Isle-preneur (3): What would it take for a female rapper from Trinidad and Tobago to make it?
Listen to musical Isle-preneur Sophie Guillaume tell her story of trying to make it as a female rapper in T&T for almost 15 years and hear the blueprint I lay out for an artist to make it in today's social media climate.
January 10, 2020
Day 8 of 365 Questions with Devonne Adanna
Day 8's question is What's the last good thing you ate? There's a popular Tobago saying that every body says during mango season. Listen to this episode to find out what it is.
January 09, 2020
Day 7 of 365 Questions with Devonne Adanna
Today's question is Can People Change? Listen to how my dad changed his life my stopping a smoking habit. And find out how I connect this back to Isle-preneurs creating a social media strategy in 2020. The name of the website discussed is
January 07, 2020
Hello Tobago Bucket List Series (3) - 5 reasons Tobago carnival differs from Trini carnival & why you should care
In this outdoor-recorded episode, I talk about some of the questions you need to ask yourself when deciding if to attend Tobago or Trinidad for carnival. The two carnivals, just like the two islands, couldn't be more different. And yet in many respects very much the same. By the end you should be ready to decide which Trinidad and Tobago carnival is right for you.
January 03, 2020
Dear Isle-preneur (2) - Facts about Instagram stories every Isle-preneur should know.
In this Dear Isle-preneur episode we will be talking about one my favourite things: Instagram stories. Such an underrrated tool that every Isle-preneur should know how to use effectively. This episode is a recording of an Instagram Live show I did every day last November called An Insta A Day.
January 03, 2020
Hello Tobago Bucket List Series (2): Hello Tobago Bucket List Beach - Pirate's Bay
This is a Google Maps review I wrote about Pirate's Bay in Charlotteville. C-ville as the locals call it is Tobago's most north easterly village and is a Tobago bucket list destination all it's own. But this episode is dedicated to Pirate's Bay. Looking forward to reading your comments. If you have a question or comment about what you just heard leave a message and I will answer on one of the episodes.
January 01, 2020
Dear Isle-preneur (1): Master Money Mixer (Tobago Edition) Keynote Speaker
This episode is for people who are probably fed up with their job. Know they are meant for something better but are in a funk about where or how to start. In this episode I outline my personal blueprint on how to begin unlocking your wealth from within. The S-system I lay out has some actionable takeaways that can help you light your own path to wealth. I even give an unpopular view that some persons in the room were not ready to accept. Looking forward to your feedback.
December 29, 2019
Hello Tobago Bucket List Series (1): Will the Head Honcho at Karibbean Thiscoveries and I like the cake from Kocina Karina?
I invited long time friend and founder of Karibbean Thiscoveries to try chocolate cake from Kocina Karina live. It was a scene that should probably be duplicated. If you are an Isle-preneur from the Caribbean and would like to appear on the Devonne Adanna Experience looke for Devonne Adanna on Facebook or Instagram and shoot me a message.
December 27, 2019
December 27, 2019
December 27, 2019