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The Disability Collab Podcast

The Disability Collab Podcast

By The Disability Collab
The need for a diverse media has never been greater than right now. Introducing the Disability Collab initiative, a podcast for disabled freelancers everywhere. From pitching to commissioning, coping with WFH and dealing with discrimination, we have you covered.
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S1 Ep 3: The Language Of How To Report Disability With Hannah Shewan Stevens 🔥
Hannah Shewan Stevens is a freelance journalist who has written for places including Refinery 29, Digital Spy, The Breakdown and Bustle. Hannah is also a sex columnist for The Unwritten, and also writes regularly for EachOther. Hannah recently hosted an event in connection with Journo Resources that centred round how to report disability without being patronising or using tokenistic tropes, all the while maintaining accuracy and other such standards in reporting. The language of how to report about disability is a conversation that needs to be had, and this episode serves to start it. We cover the three quick things you can change in your copy, why disability is not just a one size fits all monolithic story idea when it comes to the newsroom, the need for better representation, working from home, accommodations and more. 👊   EDITORS NOTE: each podcast guest uses the language of their own preference, and they are not restricted in doing so. This does not necessarily reflect the stance of The Disability Collab.   Contextual resources and articles referenced in this episode:   Hannah on Twitter:    Hannah's column for The Unwritten:    Izzie for The Huffington Post on shielding:   5 Women Who’ve Been Shielding Inside For A Year:   Why It's Time To Close The Disability Employment Gap:   Disabled People's Employment Are Being Affected By Inequalities:   How Disabled People Created Communities In The Pandemic:   Hannah's EachOther page:   Pitch to Each Other:   Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I've Had PTSD Retriggered. And It's Very Real:   The NCTJ's Diversity In Journalism report, 2021:   Journo Resources:  ***  [ADVERT] This episode is sponsored by Swirl Global. A community of swimmers, advocates, parents, teachers and others, founders Steph and Rachael focus on bringing inclusion to the world of aquatics, through education and resources, including sensory friendly swimming aids. You can take part at 
August 08, 2021
S1 EP 2 - "Shy bairns get nowt" Rachel Charlton Dailey on launching The Unwritten, a disability magazine sans trauma porn
Rachel Charlton-Dailey is the founder and editor in chief of The Unwritten. The Unwritten is a publication written for and by disabled individuals, without the inspiration porn or trauma based content you would see in other such publications. Rachel is also a disability activist, and has written for places including Conscious Being, Stylist magazine, Digital Spy and many more. Rachel also runs an Instagram account for her pet sausage dog, Rusty.  In this episode we cover pitching (including how to get that all important commission!) , access requirements and how the Covid 19 pandemic has had a huge impact, how working from home could revolutionise employment, the making of the Unwritten being created as a response to marginalisation of disability in media coverage, and more.    EDITORS NOTE: recording this was beset by a lot of technical issues, such as with internet connections and working from home conditions. This has been edited more as a ‘highlights reel’ to erase as many issues as possible, so that your listening experience will be a lot cleaner. This episode is a lot shorter than we would have anticipated, but it's perfect for a quick listen while running, or while working at your desk. These issues will be ironed out and will be resolved in future episodes.  This episode was also recorded prior to 'Freedom Day' in the UK, which should also be taken into account.  Contextual resources and articles referenced in this episode:  The Unwritten: Rachel’s Twitter account: Rachel's official website:  Rachel’s piece for Stylist magazine: Donate to The Unwritten: Rusty’s Instagram account: Izzie for the Huffington post: How to pitch to The Unwritten:  Emotional labour definition: 
August 02, 2021
S1 Ep 1 - Elizabeth Wright on launching Conscious Being, a new magazine for disabled women
Elizabeth Wright has had something of a multifacted career so far. Born in Australlia with Limb Difference, Elizabeth is a writer, speaker, editor and activist. She has twice competed as a Paralympic medalist for Australia in 1996 and 2000. She is also the founder and editor of Conscious Being, a magazine that has - at the time of recording - just launched into the print world. She is also a disability campaigner, speaker and consultant.  This is the first episode of The Disability Collab podcast, so there may be little audio glitches at times. In this we cover Elizabeth's career, the print launch of Conscious Being (there were some tears. It was an emotional night.), the need for disability representation, and more.      Resources referenced in this episode:  Conscious Being online:  Print version to buy: https://www.flipsnack.comConsciousBeingMagazine/conscious-being-magazine.html  Elizabeth Wright on Twitter:  Elizabeth's website:    How to pitch Conscious Being:  Editor’s note: there were some technical issues at the time of recording. These have been resolved over time. 
July 25, 2021
The Disability Collab Podcast Trailer
The need for a diverse media has never been greater than right now. Introducing the Disability Collab, a new initiative for disabled freelancers everywhere. From pitching to commissioning, coping with WFH and dealing with discrimination, we have you covered. Coming soon.
June 27, 2021