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the Selah Dubbcast

the Selah Dubbcast

By Selah
This is the Dubbcast, A podcast hosted by Mark E. aka Selah, founder of the group Selah Dubb. The Dubbcast focuses on everything in the surf Roots world from modern reggae rock to the surf skate culture.. With Interviews featuring a wide range of interesting characters Selah focuses on finding the different point of view from informative guests. A cast of musicians, artists, comedians, pro surfers, skaters, health and fitness gurus, philosophers and free thinkers cover everything and anything on the show. It's always an interesting and fun time on the Dubbcast!!
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Dubbcast #6 Bert Wray

the Selah Dubbcast

Dubbcast #6 Bert Wray

the Selah Dubbcast

DUBBCAST #11 actor John David Bulla part 2
It's Dubbcast #11 part 2 of our in depth interview with actor JD Bulla from Walkind Dead, Fast and Furious, Godzilla and numerous other action films. On cast JD goes deep about the protests, lock-down, life working on the Walking Dead. Being born and raised in the land of Blackbeard and how he almost lost the entire treasure chest in a freak accident surfing the Crystal coast.
June 15, 2020
Dubbcast #10 with John David Bulla
Don't miss JD Bulla from The Walking Dead, Fast and Furious, The Hunger games, Godzilla ect. as he goes deep on the virus, the protests, meeting the Dali Lama,  working with Willie Nelsons son, action with The Rock and his most famous scene from the Walking dead that I am Egan....
June 4, 2020
Dubbcast #9 with the Kya magazine
Dubbcast #9 with the kya
June 3, 2020
Dubbcàst #8 (Reggae Festivus edition)
Today's Dubbcast #8 its a reggae Festivus celebration dedicated to our good friend Denny Swinson! on the show today Current events, Space news, and  an interview with Sydney and Eric from the Kaya magazine.
June 3, 2020
Dubbcast #7 Justin Heter
On the latest episode of the Dubbcast, we interview Justin Heter founder of Dubtown Cosmonauts, big wave shredder and drummer with Selah Dubb.
December 5, 2018
Dubbcast #6 Bert Wray
Its a powerful morning! On Dubbcast #6 today we interview my good friend Bert Wray. Artist, Blues Musician, professor of Writing and a colleague of mine in a few bands Including Selah Dubb. On the show he talks about his new Album Home Town Hostage, our early days in Sloppy Joe, jamming with Blues legend Guitar Gabel, opening for Bob Marleys band as a kid in the Dubb, and the current state of the music biz.. Its a super fun show today with one of my best friends indeed, don't miss this great interview!
November 20, 2018
Dubbcast #5 Don De Leaumont
It's a powerful morning on the Dubbcast.. Today we interview my good friend Don De Leaumont, Nationally acclaimed writer of the Great Southern Brain-fart, Frontman for the Colins Drive band and all around musicologist. An excellent conversation indeed! Don't miss it...
November 12, 2018
Dubbcast #4 Peter Popolo
Its a powerful morning as we bring some good vibes to your morning with the weekend recap, the surf report, and an interview with Jah Pops aka Peter Popolo from the original Selah Dubb... Pops talks about old times, his new band, life on the road and life on the southern coast. It's a new Dubbcast to vibe up your morning filled with info and fun stories.. Check it out here on Anchor..
November 9, 2018
Dubbcast #3 Mrs. Beats
It's the Halloween edition of the l Dubbcast Selah gets a chance to interview Mrs. Beatz as well as talks about some of the spooky zones in Wilmington.. music from The Mad Professor the scientist and Selah Dubb
October 31, 2018
Dubbcast #2
This is Dubbcast #2! on this episode we talk about THE weekends big party fashion mishap, great books, a feature on Derrek Moore of Strange Rootz and other great music!!
October 31, 2018
Dubbcast #1
This is the Dubbcast from Wrightsville Beach, the Dubbcast is a podcast that focuses on all things surf roots, from modern reggae rock, to the surf skate culture and all the interesting characters in the mix.. It's always a good time with the Dubbcast!
October 27, 2018