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The Ecopreneur Show

The Ecopreneur Show

By Vanina Howan
Vanina and her guests share positives stories and tips to inspire your sustainable business and lifestyle. Guests range from entrepreneurs in sustainability, business owners, and leaders in zero waste, sustainable fashion, and plant based living. We have conversations from career to personal advice, to dealing with ups and downs, and leading by example. The Ecopreneur Show has incredible guests so that it can keep inspiring and motivating you to take action on your entrepreneurial journey in sustainability.

New episodes every other week.
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24 Jhánneu // Building A Personal Brand
This episode is perfect for the ecopreneur who wants to know:  - how to build a personal brand in sustainability  - how to collaborate and work with brands  - how we can be more inclusive in the zero waste movement  Jhánneu is a Los Angeles based sustainability blogger, influencer, and Founder of Low Waste Beauty — a low waste beauty blog that is focused on making sustainable beauty more inclusive. With a degree in Theater from Claremont McKenna College, she is a natural at sharing her tips and tricks on sustainable living. With her combined social following of over 54k, she also shares tips on how young women can build their own personal brand. This also the last episode of Season 1! If you're looking for more weekly inspiration + motivation during your ecopreneur journey. Sign up for the Ecopreneur Show newsletter filled with entrepreneurial, sustainable living, and positive mindset tips delivered straight into your inbox.
September 8, 2020
23 Leyla Acaroglu // Advice from A Serial Entrepreneur in Sustainability
If you're an ecopreneur wondering how to take a new idea in sustainability and learn how to make a viable business out of it or a multi-passionate ecopreneur, I can't recommend this episode enough!  Sustainability provocateur and cultural protagonist Dr. Leyla Acaroglu challenges people to think differently about how the world works. As an award winning designer, UNEP Champion of the Earth, sociologist, and entrepreneur, she developed the Disruptive Design Method and designs cerebrally activating experiences, gamified toolkits, and unique educational experiences that help people make the status quo obsolete. Her mainstage TED talk on sustainability has been viewed over a million times, and she leads presentations around the world on activating positive social change through creative interventions and systems thinking.  Leyla is the founder of Disrupt Design, the UnSchool and the CO Project Farm in Portugal. You can find her work here: Co Project Farm:  Leyla's Writing:  The Unschool: UN Anatomy of Action: 
August 25, 2020
22 Queer Brown Vegan // Making environmental education accessible + Creating safe spaces
This episode is for ecopreneurs that wants to learn more about climate justice, how to be transparent as an environmentalist, and create honest + safe spaces.   Isaias Hernandez is the creator of Queer Brown Vegan where he makes accessible environmental education content. As a Queer, Brown, and Vegan environmentalist, he seeks to provide a safe space for other like-minded environmentalists to engage in the discourse of the current climate crisis.  The book he recommends in this interview is the Power of Now
August 11, 2020
21 Tonle // How to move forward in a complex world
If you’re trying to figure out how to move forward even though so many of our current systems are complex.This episode is all about ways to navigate these systems, and in this case it’s the fashion industry. A couple months ago I sat down with Rachel Faller, the founder of Tonle, Cambodia’s first zero-waste fashion brand.  Rachel is recognized internationally as an industry leader and an entrepreneur who has worked in ethical fashion for over 12 years. We also talk about social justice in the fashion industry and how do you take action when they will always be pros and cons to a business. The Ecopreneur Show website:
July 14, 2020
20 Special Ep // How 7 Ecopreneurs Are Taking Action for the Black Lives Matter Movement
Welcome to a special episode for the Black Lives Matter Movement. If you're looking for some ideas and inspiration on how you can take action for the Black Lives Matter Movement as an ecopreneur then this is the episode for you.  In this short but powerful episode you'll hear from entrepreneurs in different fields of sustainability on how they are taking action for the BLM movement.  Activism can be seen in many different ways.   Ecopreneurs on the show:  Better Footprints:  The Sustainable Act:  Good Intent:  Filljoy:  Closed Loop Cooking:  Earth Minutes: Also note that these are just different ways on how ecopreneurs are taking action. If you have any other suggestions on how I can improve the show or if there’s an ecopreneur that you know that needs to be heard you can email me at I hope for this show to be positive and safe environment for us to have constructive conversations to support and empower each other. As always. Thanks so much for tuning in and let’s grow and learn from one another. The Ecopreneur Website:
June 30, 2020
19 Final // Reusable products that reduce the need for single-use products
This week's episode is with Emma Cohen, the founder of Final, whose whole mission is to create reusable product that reduce the need for single use products. You might have seen their kickstarter campaign Final Straw, the first collapsible straw, in 2018 or maybe you’ve seen them on Shark Tank. During COVID-19, plastic + waste pollution has been at an all time high, in this episode I wanted to know Emma's thoughts from a company who's whole mission is to reduce single use plastic, we also talk about why plastic pollution needs to be addressed, and the problem with how we perceive waste.   Connect with Emma here:  You can listen to more episodes: 
June 23, 2020
18 Ma Wovens // Create a Conscious and Ethical Company
Hey ecopreneurs! I've decided to release this episode because it talks about importance of workers rights. That most of our clothes and products are made in factories where workers' rights are limited or non-existent. As someone who has a background in sustainable fashion,  I've had learned that just because a manufacturer says that they have good working conditions doesn't necessarily means its true.  That's why, I'm so stoked to share this episode with you! This week we're featuring Kelly Peyton who actually flew to visit the factories when she was building her business,   Ma Wovens, a conscious woven goods brand and makers of The Ritual Rug, a handwoven yoga mat made from sustainable, organic hemp yarn and non-toxic rubber. In this episode I interviewed the founder, Kelly Peyton. We talk about how she built Ma Wovens from the ground up, and to truly be a conscious company she personally visited the factories.  You can get in touch with Ma Woven here: Thanks for tuning in! If you enjoyed this episode you can on subscribe here:
June 16, 2020
17 Blue Daisi Consulting / / Black Lives Matter + Sustainable Business
Want to learn more about intersectional environmentalism + how you can take action as an ecopreneur for the Black Lives Matter Movement then this is episode for you!  In this episode I sat down with Moji Igun of Blue Daisi Consulting whose mission is to serve small businesses by connecting them with the tools and resources they need to reduce waste and implement more earth-friendly business practices. In these conversations we talk about intersectional environmentalism, what the consulting process looks like with Blue Daisi consulting, and what current actions we can take for climate justice as ecopreneurs. Note: The term Intersectional Environmentalism is coined by Green Girl Leah:  If you want to level up your sustainable business then work with Blue Daisi Consulting here! :  Connect with her instagram: Thanks for tuning in! If you enjoyed this episode you can on subscribe here:  Listen to more episodes on The Ecopreneur Show:
June 9, 2020
16 Albatross // Shaving the World from Plastic
Did you know that 2 billion plastic razors are thrown away every year in the US alone?  In the episode I sat down with Andrew LaCenere, the founder of Albatross, where they create a sustainable shaving solution, by making a plastic free reusable razor. They're a closed loop business, one you're done with your used blades, you mail it back to them where they make them into their Take Back Ware, a metal utensil set.  Pretty sweet right?  We talk about how he created the Blade Take Back Program, why plastic pollution is correlated with climate change, and taking an idea and running with it. You learn more about Albatross here:  Thanks for tuning in! If you enjoyed this episode you can on subscribe here: Find The Ecoprener Show here:   
May 26, 2020
15 Simply by Christine // How to Build a Business Around Sustainable Living
Every wondered how to to build a business around your sustainable lifestyle? Then this the episode for you!  This week I hung out with with Christine also know as the well known blogger + youtuber Simply by Christine. She's also the author of Sustainable Home. In this episode we talk about how she build a business around her passions, how she started her blog and youtube channel, and how she wrote her book.  NOTE: This episode was recorded before COVID-19. Connect with Christine here: Thanks for tuning in! If you enjoyed this episode you can on subscribe here:
May 12, 2020
14 Filljoy // An Easier Way To Shop Zero Waste
NOTE: This episode was recorded before COVID-19. In this episode I hung out with with Derrick Chao, the founder of Filljoy: whose mission is to reduce single-use plastic, packaging and product waste in retail environments. They are dedicated to supporting grocery stores and zero waste refill shops achieve their sustainability goals. Filljoy’s innovative technology solution makes it easier for customers to say no to single-use plastic and reduce waste by buying only what they need. They've designed an ecosystem where customers can shop conveniently with their own reusable containers, their kiosk and three-step tap & weigh system makes it quick and fun to shop and pay - without waste, hassle or excess packaging. We talk about how he left his job from Google after being there for 5 years, how he built Filljoy, and the future of sustainable shopping.  Connect with Filljoy here:
April 28, 2020
13 Closed Loop Cooking // Food Media Platform Focused On Reducing Food Waste
NOTE: This episode was recorded before COVID-19.  In this episode I hung out with with Hawnuh Lee the founder / designer / illustrator behind Closed Loop Cooking, a food media platform focused on reducing food waste and single use kitchen items. Closed Loop Cooking is the culmination of Hawnuh’s multidisciplinary creative approach. The platform is at the intersection of design education, storytelling, and sustainability–pulling inspiration from her 10+ years of restaurant experience and professional design work. We talk about all things food waste, being vegan and low waste in different cultures, and also fun ways to reduce your waste at home!  Connect with Closed Loop Cooking here: Thanks for tuning in! If you've enjoyed the episode you can subscribe here:
April 14, 2020
12 Conscious by Chloé // How To Start A Sustainable Blog Part 2
This is part 2 for the ecopreneur that wants to start a sustainable blog, create community, or learn more about slow fashion! In this episode, I interviewed Chloe, also known as Conscious by Chloe. We talk about slow fashion and curating a capsule wardrobe, how to create community, and being known for sustainability.  You can find her amazing blog here:
March 31, 2020
11 Zero Waste Wisdom // How To Start A Sustainable Blog Part 1
This is part 1 for the ecopreneur that wants to start a sustainable blog, running workshops, or be a sustainable public speaker!   In this episode, I went to Seattle to interview my good friend, Jenica, the owner of Zero Waste Wisdom, a blog about zero waste, DIY, clean beauty, and how to reduce your carbon footprint. We talk about how to start an environmentally conscious blog, collaborating with other brands, becoming a public speaker in sustainability, and all the essentials you need to learn how to start doing zero waste + DIY workshops!  You can connect with Jenica from Zero Waste Wisdom here:
March 17, 2020
10 Scoop Marketplace // How To Start A Zero Waste Grocery Store
If you're an ecopreneur thats interested in how to start a zero grocery store or already is running one, then this is the episode for you! This week, I interviewed Stephanie Lentz, the founder of Scoop Marketplace, one of the first zero waste grocery stores in Seattle. We dive into honest conversations on things she's learned after starting the store, how she got the funding, what her best selling products are, and so many other pieces of wisdom!  If you want to learn how more on how you can start your own zero waste grocery store, you can find her course, How to Open a Zero Waste Store, at Scoop Intelligence: h  You can also connect with her here:
March 3, 2020
09 Good Intent // How To Create Meaningful Content
Every wondered how to create authentic and meaningful content? In the episode I interviewed, Alex, the co-founder of Good Intent, an online resource for low waste living. And low waste living online store and pop-up. In just one year, the founders Alex and Lindsay, went from zero to a 20K community on Instagram. We talk about their strategies such as how to create original content, how to be consistent, and create a genuine voice on social media.  You can find Alex and Lindsay here: If you're just feeling super inspired by the episodes and looking for ways to take action in your life. Check out Good Intent's online shop where they have all the essentials you need to start a low waste or plastic-free lifestyle! My personal favorite is their Butterfly Razor by Albatross.   Use The Ecopreneur Show Discount:  Or use the ecopreneur discount: ECOPRENEURLOVE Thanks for tuning in! If you've enjoyed this episode you can subscribe here:
February 17, 2020
08 Recycling Advocates and BPI // Achieving Triple Bottom Line Performance
This week, I interviewed Brion Hurley, the founder of Business Performance Improvement, where they help businesses and organizations achieve “triple bottom line” performance using Lean and Six Sigma. He's also the president of Recycling Advocates,  Oregon's oldest grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable future through local efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle This episode is perfect if you have a sustainable product based business and want to learn the best practices to achieve the triple bottom line. 
February 4, 2020
07 Hidden Opulence // Alterations Service Specializing In Upcycling and Mending
This week, I interviewed Drea Johnson, the founder of Hidden Opulence, an alterations service specializing in upcycling, mending and tailoring and small batch production. In this episode we talk about how she created her alterations business in a fast fashion world, how mending is also a form of individuality, and why upcycling is the future of fashion.   You can learn more about Hidden Opulence here:  
January 21, 2020
06 Fernweh // Low Waste + Plant-based Outdoor Food Company
In this episode, I interviewed, Ashley Lance, the founder of Fernweh, where they make plant-based dehydrated meals and snacks for the everyday adventurer. The packaging is reusable or low waste and they work with local farmers. 
January 7, 2020
05: James Recycling // Becoming An Everyday Hero
Say Hi to James' Recycling. a pick up service that recycles what curbside pick-up won’t. At the age of 4,James Harris, was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. James soon found his passion in protecting the environment and the welfare of animals. As a solution to take action, James soon became fascinated with recycling. His mom, Kathi Goldman saw James intense interest in recycling and helped James turn his passion into a thriving business. At age 18, they started James Recycling alongside his behavioral therapist, Mari Gotesman, who has worked with James since he was 10 years old. With challenges along the way, the business has now been running for 4 years and are up to capacity with customers that they even have a waitlist. They are in the process of opening a drop off site. Connect with James 'Recycling: Support their Indiegogo: Show Notes: Denton Plastics :  
November 19, 2019
04: GO Box // Creating A Business That Eliminates Single Use
Jocelyn Gaudi Quarrell is the owner of GO Box, a reusable takeout food and drinkware service working to eliminate the need for single use plastic disposables. After spending nearly a decade working on sustainable transportation solutions, including launching bike share programs across the US, Jocelyn is a believer in the positive power of sharing systems. She is excited to leverage that experience to scale GO Box powered reuse systems around the world.   Jocelyn is committed to building a triple bottom line business, utilizing the principles of circular and inclusive economies. GO Box is a 1% For The Planet business member and is working toward their B Corp certification.   Jocelyn holds a BA in business administration and marketing from the St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. When she’s not working to do better for our tomorrow, she enjoys off-road cycling and gardening. Jocelyn lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Danny, Bruno the dog and Birdie the cat.
November 5, 2019
03: Make A Positive Impact Starting With Yourself
In this episode I sat down with Cayla Pruett, also known as Minimal Millennial.    Cayla has dedicated her life to helping educate and inspire others to engage in the fight for a cleaner, healthier, more just planet. She has taught courses on ecological ethics, and has done talks on climate justice, to zero-waste living, plant-based eating, minimalism, and the intersections of religion and environmental ethics.    I was honored to spend the time with incredible person and I’m excited to share this episode with you.
October 22, 2019
02: Taking the Leap
This week I hung out with Lee Ann Moyer, the owner of Frigg’s Mercantile and Make + Take Studio, a DIY space in North Portland, where you can learn to make your own bath and body or pick up specialized bulk products such as oils, butters, waxes, and fragrances. She also is the owner of Portland Mom’s blog. In this episode we talk about taking the leap, how she started three business while being the mother of four children, and the funny story about how she even got into the DIY movement. Enjoy!
October 8, 2019
01: Starting A Zero Waste Pop-Up
Nadine and Rebecca are the owners of Utility, Portland's first zero waste pop-up. They sell high-quality, earth-friendly home and body care products in bulk. They encourage customers to bring reusable containers for refills, and have a variety of reusable bottles and jars incase one forgets. In addition to retail, they offer services to help minimize and simplify your belongings, detox your home, plan zero-waste events, and look at business operations to reduce waste.
September 27, 2019