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The eMilitia Podcast

The eMilitia Podcast

By The eMilitia
The eMilitia is a group of liberty minded individuals who run pages on Instagram and discuss freedom in the 21st century. Politics, society, culture, law, crime, natural rights and damn near anything else is on the table for discussion as the rotating cast discusses our various views on Libertarian-Anarchy and get topical on current events.
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051: Austin Jones - Atlas Arms: The Dagny Dagger

The eMilitia Podcast

056: Valentines Double Feature - The Ladies
In the second part of our two part Valentines special, Empress of Meme/Smallcrimez/Mel and Miss Buckles of The eMilitia bring on the women of liberty twitter/Instagram and friends of the show: @Rothbirdian @natttgeo @carey_wedler @MISSNH1991 @carryonfreebird @IsIsConfined @think_change_2 and @alijillTN for the female perspective on our listener questions!
February 14, 2021
055: Valentines Double Feature - The Bois
In the first half of our two part Valentines special, we round up just the men of The eMilitia alongside returning friend of the show: CBRNdad and first time guest: Flintlock Faction. We discuss a set of questions from our listeners covering relationships, love, dating and more and give the male perspective on them!... to mixed results!
February 14, 2021
054: The MAGA Cult goes to D.C.
The gang gets together to discuss the MAGA riots in D.C. and why it’s a good thing ordinary morons can break into the holy chambers of the most powerful empire on earth. We also chat about why Gramps (Bootlickers Beware) is so attractive, he should be on money, as well as the v*cine and why everything about it sounds dumb as hell. As promised, the 'girlfriend hugging your junk' underwear. Don't say I never get you anything. All of our merch can be found here!
January 13, 2021
053: Connor Boyack and The Tuttle Twins
Connor Boyack, author of The Tuttle Twins children's book series and soon to be an animated cartoon as well as CEO of the Libertas Institute, joins Rebs, Rezzy and Gramps for a half hour chat about his work, his goals, his faith and what he has coming up with the cartoon as well as his new book for adults 'Christ versus Caesar: Two Masters, One Choice'. You can check out The Tuttle Twins franchise here: ... and if you want to check out Connor's newest book 'Christ versus Caesar: Two Masters, One Choice', check that out here: Christ versus Caesar: Two Masters, One Choice
January 5, 2021
052: Revenge of the Christmas Special
Evidently, the gang made the naughty list… That’s right, The eMilitia alongside special guests Carey Welder, Drew Hopkinth, Pat Watson (Uncensored Tactical), Skulls and Scalps and Redcoat Rebellion, return from hiatus with a holiday special, crammed with just as much suffering as last year! What’s different this time I hear you ask? Instead of listening to flyover state MAGA cultists ‘rap’ their devotion to No. 45, Mel (Empress of Meme) subjects The eMilitia to the viral screeches of the left over the last year, from points of personal privilege to the death of RBG, as well as discussing what the perfect gift this year is and how the gang would run a commune. Happy Holidays all!
December 24, 2020
051: Austin Jones - Atlas Arms: The Dagny Dagger
In this very special episode, we talk to Austin Jones of Atlas Arms about his revolutionary Armor Piercing Hollow Point 'Dagny Dagger', a 9mm (and in the future, all common caliber) round designed to circumvent government regulation legally, the best part being that it will be open source once the project is complete. Gun control is dead and buried with the advent of 3D printing, and open source armor piercing ammunition just piles another 6 feet of dirt on top. We get into the details of the project, what those interested can do to support the project and what Atlas Arms has planed next! Check out their website here: Support the project:
October 18, 2020
050: LIVE IN-PERSON CHAOS! eMilitia Party Ambiance
Live from Havasu, Arizona and in person for the first time ever, the eMilitia (including their spouses and Carey Wedler) records together to celebrate episode 50! Rowdy, drunk, on drugs and as raw as it gets: the gang recounts their exploits hanging out together for the first time ever over a weekend. BR almost kills Guns and his girlfriend during a desert misadventure with an empty tank and mistake a cow’s balls and ass for a demon , Gramps (Bootlickers Beware) Uber’s between states at 1am and blackpills the FUCK out of his driver, Carey Wedler sunbathing gets the eMilitia harassed by cops with a sobriety test on a boat and Carey reminds Guns of his grandma, Rezzy loses his foot and the gang do shrooms together (allegedly). This conversation is chaos, bear with the nonsense and there’s some absolute gems. Also, please refer to Guns as ‘Four gummies’ in all future interactions.
October 14, 2020
049: Trans Anarchist Satanist for Sheriff - Aria Dimezzo
We sit down with Aria Dimezzo, Libertarian-Anarchist running for Sheriff in Chesire County, New Hampshire on the Republican ticket. As you can imagine, the situation makes for a great chance to point and laugh at the mess we call modern politics, but beyond the shock value headline, Aria offers real solutions to our modern day police state. Running on a platform of only policing crimes with victims and slashing the department wherever possible, whilst also vowing to stand up against Federal enforcement should push come to shove, Aria forces voters to stop and pause before their usual mashing of the appropriate red or blue button depending on their tribalistic affiliation. The gang covers all this and more whilst also asking listener questions. You can check out Aria’s campaign site here:
October 7, 2020
048: Anarchist Bible Study with The Marauder Project
In this episode, the gang gets based and Christpilled, special guest The Marauder Project graces us with his presence to discuss being an Anarchist Christian and how his faith has only deepened his belief in true freedom. We also get into passages of the bible commonly cited in defense of blind statism such as ‘Render unto Caesar’, why Christian Fascists are fundamentally hypocritical, lazy and hilariously backwards in their citation of Biblical texts, why a consistent Christian belief is compatible with the rejection of the state, how to talk to blindly Conservative Evangelical relatives and much, much more! Follow our guest on Instagram @themarauderproject
October 3, 2020
047: Politics with Partners - BR has a Girlfriend?
The first entry in a planned new sporadic series of episodes focusing on talking politics and philosophy with our loved ones, starting out with Bloody (BR) and his girlfriend. In this more intimate setting, the two discuss listener submitted questions they would wish to discuss with their partners and family, everything including: political beliefs and labels, voting, public schooling, firearm ownership and carrying, prepping, radical beliefs, the role and importance of government, Anarchism and much more! Let us know if this helps you break down the behemoth of politics when it comes to discussing it with those who are important with you, we hope to keep doing these with different members of the eMilitia and their spouses and maybe even with our friends, the hope being enough different conversations in this arena make discussing such sensitive issues a bit easier. After all: Shared principles and morals are key to a healthy and long relationship.
September 23, 2020
046: Pat Watson -Friendsteading and Jazz Cabbage
In this episode, we talk to the wonderfully knowledgeable Pat Watson, former Coast Guard and Police Officer turned Voluntarist, educator on everything tactical and host of the Uncensored Tactical Podcast. Usually we bring Pat on to educate us for an hour or two, this time we just wanted to shoot the shit, celebrate the release of his book ‘Tactical Lockpicking’ and talk about the writing process, but for our full episode that serves as a prelude and crash course on lock picking, please listen to episode 29  ‘Uncensored Tactical - Lock Picking and Cocaine’. Otherwise, please enjoy us dragging Pat down the rabbit hole! Check out Pat's book here!: And for more from Pat including classes, videos and more, check out Uncensored here!: Otherwise you can find him on Twitter and Instagram at @UncensoredTac and @UncensoredTac respectively.
September 17, 2020
045: Riots and Liberty
The world is on fire and the gang get right to discussing it (right to it meaning after a brief couple months without episodes). Riots across the country have cropped up since police brutality has become a mainstream talking point once again, and with our community divided on the issue, we get to talking about how we feel about the situation, the factions involved, the Garrett Foster shooting, the black NFAC militia and much more!
September 3, 2020
044: Anti-War War Vet
We’re joined by John, AKA Anti-War War Vet to talk about his transition from military to civilian life, finding your morals amidst tides of propaganda, if patriotism and Anarchy are compatible and the many problems with American foreign policy. Check him out on instagram at @Antiwarwarvet
July 4, 2020
043: Odessa, Texas - What really happened?
We're joined by O'brian and Anthony, two of the infamous Texan 2A absolutists that helped local businesses reopen against Covid sanctions, before making a trip to Odessa to do the same and finding themselves held at gunpoint by the local hick cops and an MRAP prior to being arrested. We talk to them to get the whole story from their perspective.  Their updated GoFundMe for their legal defense will be posted and shared as soon as it is live. Follow our guests on Instagram here: @Liberty_Jedi_1776 @Libertyforthe806
June 16, 2020
042: Drew Hopkinth - Guns, Politics and Burgers
Drew Hopkinth, NOT of T-Rex Arms, Instagram gun and liberty memer joins the eMilitia to discuss a variety of on and off topic issues. Everything from his personal politics and how he came to them to his personal taste in rifles, competitive shooting and suppressors to Bacon on Burgers: Yay or nay? Along the way, being mistaken for a gunfluencer and Gramps and the gang discuss intellectual property and much more! 
May 19, 2020
041: Fuck Gun Control: The FGC-9
In celebration of the FGC-9’s plans being made publicly available on the Deterrence Dispensed website, our 3D printer nerds discuss it’s history and why it is so important in the fight against tyrants. The FGC-9 is chambered in 9mm and can be built and assembled using a $200 printer, virtually no “firearm parts,” and an electro-chemically machined barrel (Essentially: you can make the barrel in a bucket). Joining us to talk about it is the designer: JStark, a ballsy European with a firm belief in the natural right to bear arms alongside guest hosts Ctrl+Pew and CBRN.
May 5, 2020
040: Let’s Bitch about Corona
Sick and tired of all the pandemic talk, we sit down for a laid back episode of drinking, smoking and bitching about current events as a last hurrah on the topic in an attempt at putting it to rest on the show for as long as humanly possible. We discuss natural Libertarian contrarianism, the rapid shift of ignoring and writing new legislation, the hurting economy, hoarding and more!
April 16, 2020
039: Voluntaryism in Action
Why isn't there a Libertarian charity if we believe in voluntary aide over coercive systems? Well, they exist, and they're killing it. We are joined by two of the staff over at Voluntaryism in Action to talk their origins, what they do, what Voluntarism is, how they're handling the epidemic, what the average Joe can do, what is in their future as a charity. Voluntaryism in Action:
April 7, 2020
038: Pat Watson Uncensored Tactical - Bug Out Bags
Once again we are joined by our good friend Pat Watson from Uncensored Tactical alongside guest hosts Ctrl+Pew and Miss Buckles to discuss Bug Out Bags and Bugging out in a more generalized sense such as things to consider, the purpose of your bag and much more! Be sure to check out Pat's show for all sorts of information just like this!
April 3, 2020
037: Pete Raymond - Free Man Within the Walls
Pete Raymond, host of The Free Man Beyond the Wall Podcast, joins the gang to blow off some steam with a good old fashioned Libertarian bitching fest on everything from Martial Law to the wider Police State, personal opinions vs principles, public hysteria, price gouging and ammo shortages, prepping, Ross Ulbricht and his case and much more! Check out his podcast here: The man Ross Ulbricht 'targetted' with a hit proclaiming Ross' innocence:
March 27, 2020
036: CBRN BoogBoi - Active Duty Anarchy, Peace and The Plague
We finally sit down with our good friend CBRN Boog Boi and discuss everything from what CBRN constitutes to it's importance, what life is like as a recent convert to Anarchism as an active duty soldier and how others already in, going through this same transition, should deal with it, peaceful resolutions versus violent revolutions, the Loveland, Colorado 2A rally, the virus and what to make of it and a bunch of listener generated questions for CBRN! If you want to support CBRN and what he does, consider picking up one of his patches here: For high quality Pro Masks, check out this company:
March 24, 2020
035: What is Agorism? With Car Campit, Sal the Agorist & Alex Utopium
As the state uses more and more violence to achieve their ends, how should the Anarchist react? In this episode, Empress of Meme, Anglo Libertarian and B.R sit down with Car Campit of FAGcast, Sally Mayweather (Sal the Agorist) of The Agora Podcast and Alex Utopium to discuss the philosophy of Agorism. What does the ideology represented by the Gray and Black flag mean? What is it about? Is it different to Anarcho-Capitalism? Is it peaceful? What do Agorists think of voting, the ‘Boogaloo’ and Anarcho-Zionism (Free State Project etc.) How is Agorism not ‘giving up’ if it foregoes violent revolution? How can you live a more Agoristic lifestyle tomorrow? And much much more packed into this informative round table discussion with some of our community’s leading voices on the subject. Further reading:
March 17, 2020
034: International Women’s Day Round Table
Empress of Meme hijacks the show for International Women’s Day with a group of lady Anarchists including: Returning guest -Carey Wedler, Ali Jill of the Mises Caucus, Ashley of Think.Change.Repeat, Lady Voluntary and Miss Buckles (Formerly on the Valentines episode). The ‘SheMilitia’ discusses their origin stories, the best path to liberty, propaganda, reaching statists, how to affect change today using the system, which Anarchist/Libertarian women inspired them, the growth of ladies in the movement recently, their thoughts on the Boogaloo, book recommendations and more! Follow them on Instagram: Follow them on Twitter: @alijillTN @think_change_2 @LadyVoluntary @Miss_Buckles
March 8, 2020
033: Hoplite Armor - Lyman Bishop for Governor
We sit down with Lyman Bishop, CEO of Hoplite Armor, unwitting bootlicker provocateur and candidate for Governor of Montana. We discuss the history of his company, how he agitated the entire online Law Enforcement community with his comments on the UPS shooting in Florida, the resulting #zerobootslicked campaign and his run for Governor of Montana and what some of his policies are. Check out Hoplite Armor here: Check out Lyman Bishop for Governor here:
March 3, 2020
032: CTRL+PEW - 3D Printing The Death of Gun Control
The eMilitia sits down with Ctrl+Pew, a 3D printing pro using his prowess to fight gun control, to discuss the emerging technology and covering everything from getting into the practice, it’s capabilities, legality and much more on the subject! Check out his website here: Ctrl+Pew’s Instagram: Ctrl+Pew’s Twitter:
February 18, 2020
031: UK Gun Control - And Why it Should Matter to Americans
In this episode, our first fully family friendly, educational show, we focus on British gun control. Why did it happen? How did it get so bad and what can we learn from it as US politicians tighten their grip on the right to bear arms? Anglo and B.R explain the history and get into the details covering everything from the Anglo-Saxon warrior culture to the effects of the Anarchist bombings in New York in the early 20th century to the Second World War right up to the present with P.A. Luty’s firearm activism in the UK and the most recent gun control legislation.  We also prelude our episode on 3D printing of guns with Ctrl+Pew explaining why not everything is quite as dismal as it seems thanks to this emerging technology! P.A. Luty’s Gun control timeline: Uncensored Tactical - The Importance of Gun Ownership:
February 17, 2020
030: Love for Dummies - The Gang and Friends does Valentines
Struggling to find love as a Libertarian? Being an Anarchist straining your relationship? Worry no more listeners! The eMilitia and guests Whiskey and Rebellion, Mr and Mrs Trijiconfucious and Miss Buckles join us for a whirlwind episode where we take your agony aunt questions about love, romance, sex, dating and more and do our best... and sometimes worst, to help you navigate the precarious world of being a radical seeking a meaningful relationship.  Special thanks to our awesome guests and you the listeners for providing the questions.
February 14, 2020
029: Pat Watson - Uncensored Tactical Lock Picking & Cocaine
Continuing the string of kickass guests, we are joined by Pat Watson of the Uncensored Tactical Podcast. We discuss his career, what brought him to Libertarianism, his expertise on lock picking and his upcoming book and courses on the topic. As is tradition, we also drag him out into the sticks with your questions and our off topic ramblings. If you’re interested in learning more about Pat’s training courses, check out his website here:
February 4, 2020
028: Matt - The Statist Quo - Prison and Liberty
We sit down with Matt from The Statist Quo Podcast to discuss his origin story on coming to Libertarianism, his time in the military, PTSD, civil asset forfeiture, the criminal justice system and go deep on the time he served in prison and the effects of the prison system on the incarcerated.
January 28, 2020
027: The Virginia Episode - With Trijiconfucious and Hang 'em
We catchup with Trijiconfucious and Hang ‘em after the Virginia 2nd amendment rally in Richmond. We discuss the day itself, the message sent, what comes next and the bigger picture for what comes next for other states facing 2A infringements.
January 27, 2020
026: Car Campit - Boog Communications and 80% Ham Radios
In this very informational installment of the eMilitia podcast we are joined by Car Campit of the Friends Against Government Podcast (FAGCast) for a crash course in HAM radio communications. Be prepared to pause a plenty as you scribble down note after note on using non-internet based communications, a necessity in the age of subversive action against the state in the age of mass internet based surveillance. APRS in action:!lat=32.7787&lng=-96.8217
January 18, 2020
025: The Year in Review (Without Violating the NAP)
The gang wraps up their last year within the politigram and podcasting sphere, how we've grown as individuals, as a team and the crazy exponential growth of the liberty movement. We also discuss how we came to start the podcast. Happy New Year people!
January 7, 2020
024: The Gang and Friends Does a Christmas Special
Why celebrate the holidays in some wholesome, overplayed manner when we can suffer needlessly through the cringe of the MAGA cult for our viewers entertainment? If this is not proof we love you, the only thing remaining is a blood sacrifice. In this episode the eMilitia, joined by guests Jared from Biting the Bullet and Car from the Friends Against Government podcast, review a select handful of entries for the 'MAGA challenge', a competition where entrants submitted rap videos about President Trump in an effort to win a meeting with him. A prize that so far, has gone unclaimed. The meme fodder was there for the taking and it has been a while since we suffered for you.
December 24, 2019
023.5: BONUS EPISODE Trijiconfucious’ VA 2A Speech & Starting Sanctuary resolutions
Trijiconfucious (Now Trijiconch after his most recent deletion on Instagram) and Dr. Boogaloo join Guns & Emp for an update on the Virginia situation, the gang goes over how to set up sanctuary resolutions where you are and we listen to Trij's speech made to the local government. Sanctuary city document
December 18, 2019
023: Trijiconfucious & Dr. Boogaloo - Gun rights, R.A.T.S and Tampons
Instagram 2A boog icons Trijiconfucious and Dr. Boogaloo join us for a conversation that goes everywhere from the gun rights situation in their home of Virginia to medical myths, IFAK essentials (and what an IFAK is) and info on the good Doctors upcoming medical guide with the usual detours into absolute nonsense from the outright scatological to the more tangibly related weirdness you've come to expect from both the eMilitia and listener submitted questions.  Check them both out on instagram for news on the armed VA rally: Jan 20th, 2020 at the Virginia Capitol steps in Richmond and plenty more 2A and liberty related goodness.
December 11, 2019
022: Biting The Bullet - What is this, a crossover Episode??
Three USMC Marine vets turned Anarchist shoot the shit with the gang. The eMilitia hosts our sister podcast hosts from 'Biting the Bullet' on an extra long episode packed with chaos, degeneracy, controversy and a total lack of traditional formatting. So you know, the usual shit. We discuss the controversy with Maj Toure and the Libertarian Party and devolve into nonsense including the economy of using Jalapeño peppers as currency. 
November 28, 2019
021: Hang 'em goes to D.C.
This episode, the eMilitia discuss Hang 'em's visit to Washington D.C. for the 2A rally as well as a mixed bag of topics including: Our thoughts on violent resistance, we harass Rebellious Liberty about magic mormon underwear again, laugh at Beto dropping out, talk about Virginia gun confiscations, no income Tax in Texas, answer the question “Why is a distrust of the state seen as childish?” How to be the ‘adult in the room’ when discussing your ideas and discuss politicians running on an open gun confiscation platform vs Being deceitful on their 2A stance.
November 12, 2019
020: Campfire Spooky Time with Skulls and Scalps
In this episode we celebrate Halloween with some campfire stories led by returning guest Skulls and Scalps on Native creation myths and their brutal history fighting the government.
November 1, 2019
019: Whiskey with Whiskey and Rebellion
Everyone's favorite anarchist makes an appearance. We know this is the one you've all been waiting for, Whiskey with Whiskey! The gang shoots the shit with him discussing the phenomenon of the Boogaloo,  Fascists attempting to attach themselves to the Liberty movement, joining the military, Guns attempts to pick a fight and much more!
October 17, 2019
018: Carey Wedler - Love at Gunpoint
Viral Liberty preacher Carey Wedler, Editor in Chief of, editor at FEE and of course known for her own brand of online short videos joins us for an episode on libertarian empathy, community and media.  PLEASE NOTE: In the video, Carey says that Larken Rose was referred to as a domestic terrorist by a venue being used to host AnarchoVegas, she wanted to clarify that they referred to him as 'on terror lists' instead, referring to communications supposedly taken from the FBI, DHS and Vegas PD.
October 11, 2019
017: Amber Guyger VS The State of Texas
In this bonus episode the eMilitia gets serious and breaks down the court case of a Dallas cop, Amber Guyger, shooting and killing a civilian, Botham Jean, in their own home completely unprovoked.  Why is this case so important to understand and follow? In our current climate many LEO's go unpunished when they carelessly take lives without so called 'justification' and to see a case actually get a serious prosecution willing to ask damaging questions of an officer we have the potential to see a change in our culture. A change from police being protected citizens with an elevated status to being held accountable like everyone else. Fat chance, but you can hope.
October 3, 2019
016: Don't Tax Me Bro - Arcology and the 'Free City Project'
Instagram memer and thinker: 'Don't Tax Me Bro' joins us for a discussion on practical ways to prepare society for anarchy. We discuss self sufficient cities, a small scale version of the Free State Project concept, the collapse and what we can start doing tomorrow to put our ideas into practice and prove their merit.
October 1, 2019
015: Filth, Guns and Porn - The gang defends Ancapistan
Sounds like heaven on earth, right? In this episode we defend the common, and often very memeable, critiques of Anarcho-Capitalism from the reasonable concerns to the hyperbolic absurdities that belong only in comics and science fiction.  Also: B.R gets high for the first time in an episode and forgets more than usual.
January 15, 2019
014: Red Flag Laws and The Quest to Stay on Topic
A very typical eMilitia episode where the guys start out on Red flag laws, discussing the serious implications of them being put into place, how the government already abuses it's power in cases such as unnecessary audits against Tea Party activists during the Obama years and then somehow ending up discussing which part of the country has the best pizza, eventually finding their way back to the topic and wrapping it up nicely. Also: Gramps sounds like his batteries are dying at a few points but we're (mostly) sure he's not a T-800.
January 14, 2019
013: Empress of Meme - Agorism for Dummies
Agorism, peaceful solutions, and more with empressofmeme.
January 13, 2019
012: POG Actual - Low Dough Militia
We talk to our fellow Instagram boogaloo boi PogActual about how he came to be a Libertarian after leaving the military, the coming collapse, red flag laws and more.  Be sure to check out his new podcast 'Metal meets the Militia' on YouTube!
January 12, 2019
011: The Drunk Q&A: Bad Answers to the Wrong Questions
The title really says it all for this one, the gang records a second episode immediately after finishing episode 10. The resulting conversation is what happens when we carry on drinking and discussing liberty and (attempting) answering viewer questions.
January 11, 2019
Origin Stories part 2, we follow up to our popular origin story episode and cover how our ghost hosts: Rebellious Liberty (Rebs), Founding Fathers (Dads) and Bootlickers Beware (Gramps) came to be Libertarians.
January 10, 2019
009: Fuck your morals
How would we protect morality in a stateless society? The gang discusses the cries of 'degeneracy' from authoritarian critics of Libertarianism and Anarchy.
January 9, 2019
008: Skulls and Scalps
The first episode to feature a guest: Skulls and Scalps, a Native American Libertarian Anarchist. We discuss the treatment of Native Americans by the United States government in both the past and present and how the state continues a silent war against a people it committed brazen genocide against.
January 8, 2019
007: Free Range Libertarianism
A free form episode without any particular topic in mind, the gang discuss the Dallas courthouse shooting and Boogaloo Clyde, rant about the abuse of police dogs and police wives by cops, Crypto, Guns talks about getting a van, Gypsies, E-thots and more! This episode was sponsored by cheap whiskey and thot bathtub water.
January 7, 2019
006: Anarchy The Bad Word
The eMilitia discuss the misconceptions people have about anarchy as a philosophy and the indoctrination the masses receive connecting a word meaning 'A lack of rulers' with 'Chaos'. Apology for the audio quality.
January 6, 2019
005: Censorship is [REDACTED]
The gang gets together and discusses social media censorship, what can be done about it, alternative platforms and more!
January 5, 2019
The first 'Origin story' episode, featuring Anglo Libertarian, Bloody Revolutions (B.R), Guns and Guillotines and Hang 'em's tales of how they came to be Libertarians.
January 4, 2019
003: Foreign Policy (and Ostrich Figurines)
Libertarian-Anarchist views on foreign policy explained, using some rather eccentric analogies...
January 3, 2019
002: Electric Boogaloo
In the second episode we discuss the liberty/gun community phenomenon that is the boogaloo, the likelihood of a civil war and the reality of increasing gun regulation on Americans.  Are you #BoogalooReady?
January 2, 2019
001: Freedom Pals
The gang's first official assembly, in our first episode we pretend to be intellectuals as we discuss the political compass, the New Zealand mosque shooting, the Non-Agression Principal (NAP), Minarchy versus Anarchy and more!
January 1, 2019