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By VLuxxe
Two black women with powerful voices that will NOT be muted.
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It was a damn onion ๐Ÿง…
Our very episode for the new year. Follow us on Twitter @theescattpod and email us feedback, episode ideas or to partner with us
January 15, 2022
Happy New Year!!! This episode wraps up 2021 and we couldn't be more thankful for the listens. Please continue to rock with us in 2022 as we say mo thangs and give ya'll these episodes. Remember we are on Twitter @theescattpod and email Check out for beautiful dolls of color.
December 31, 2021
If you give a boy a kitchen set....
It's the holiday season and why not be gifted with our voices. This episode contains moments to laugh and it has some dark moments, but overall we thank you all for listening. Check out for your hair needs. As always email us at and check us out on Twitter @theescattpod.
December 18, 2021
Who want the smoke?!.... Turkey๐Ÿฆƒ
Happy holidays ya'll ๐Ÿ˜ŠEmail us and follow us on Twitter @theescattpod
November 27, 2021
Is that arugula?
No scripts just us.... ENJOY! Follow us on Twitter @theescattpod
November 06, 2021
Low level clout
But why would you say that? Jump in and take this ride with us while we talk about this that and this follow us on Twitter @theescattpod email us with feedback or topics you would like us to discuss
October 23, 2021
A friendship fee?
Wuz up? Nothing much here just recording another exciting of Thee Scattered Podcast!!! Please listen,laugh, and enjoy!!! Follow us on Twitter at @theescattpod or email us at Check out Utopian Hands on Facebook for crystals,sage bundles,readings and more.
October 09, 2021
Insert title here
Chileeee we in here!! It's been a interesting few weeks. Follow us on Twitter @theescattpod and email us at
September 25, 2021
Low rise jeans and body glitter
What songs from the 2000s are personal classics for you? As promised DevMaccc: listen to our podcast on Apple and Spotify or send us feedback Send us episode ideas or send in feedback RIP Gregg Leakes
September 04, 2021
They do nice things!
What's up ya'll?! The cards we are using are from Ace metaphor: Tonight Let's talk Ladies night edition. Listen to our podcast on other platforms:
August 21, 2021
Some days I really wish I was a kid again
Childhood was a good time! Let's reminisce a little bit and take it back to the playground. Shop Cinnect with us ENJOY ๐Ÿ˜‰ #theescattpod #sephora #nostalgia
August 07, 2021
Damnit Gizelle!
Them damn Gizelles! Beyoncรฉ and #RHOP . Yea we said it ๐Ÿ˜Œ connect with us
July 24, 2021
Even In Ya Mugshot!
Catchin up with #theescattview. Follow us on Twitter: Thee Scattered Podcast. Miiriya: & Twitter: @Miiriya1. #theescattpod
July 10, 2021
Meatballs and I Ain't Got No Panties On!
We are going to wrap up last week's episode about mental health. Then on to the happy stuffs!! #RealityTV #First38 #theescattpod #music Follow us on Twitter @theescattpod
July 01, 2021
Get Cha Mind Right ๐Ÿ˜Œ
Happy Father's Day ๐Ÿ˜. This week we are talking about mental health and self care. What does your self care routine look like? Tell us via Twitter #theescattpod Follow us on Twitter @theescattpod Email us: Aether Candace #MentalHealth
June 18, 2021
What is your definition of a Friend? ๐Ÿค”
Follow us on Twitter @theescattpod Email us at Blessings
May 29, 2021
Wanna Play a Game?
Let's play a lil game ๐Ÿ˜ˆ. Follow the Scattered podcast on Twitter @theescattpod ๐Ÿ˜‰
May 15, 2021
Awwww Hell
We are definitely going to step on some toes with this episode. Oh damn well.. We now have an email for episode ideas and sponsorships Follow us on Twitter @theescattpod
April 18, 2021
Give em their flowerz PT. 2
In this episode we give flowers to our favorite Beige Artists, Comedians and musicans. Link to NazT Mix: listen to our podcast on Apple and Spotify
April 10, 2021
Cry on Black Michael
It's our first episode. Come on in, there's no need to be scared!! Follow us on Twitter @theescattpod listen to us on other platforms
March 22, 2021
Give em their flowerz PT. 1
Given credit where we see fit. This episode is dedicated to our favorite athletes, actors and actresses and television shows. Connect with us
March 21, 2021