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The Exposé

The Exposé

By Molly & Rachel
We search for the truth on a wide variety of topics. Molly and Rachel ask the tough questions and look for the answers out there. If there is something too good to be true, suspicious, or spreading lies, we'll be there to expose them!
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Tarot 101: Divination for Dummies
After a break last week (and who didn't need a break last week...) we are rounding out our supernatural themed podcasts with a trip into Tarot readings! Get out your cards because you're going to want to try it for yourself! We tell you the history of these all-seeing cards, plus a bonus session at Madame Molly's Tarot Parlor! Rachel and Jesse get readings, to give you a taste of what Tarot is all about!
November 11, 2020
Sips and Spooks: Story Time!
This episode is filled with scary stories! Our final installment in our Halloween Trilogy, we have some beverages and share some tales that might make you keep the light on tonight. Also, we're together for the first time since March....which means this is a little bit more informal than usual ;)
October 28, 2020
Hallowen History: A to Zombie
Brushing up for a trivia night? Love Halloween? Just like being a smarty pants? Check out this episode, which delves deep into the four thousand year history of one of our most beloved holidays. Get our take on scary movies and trick or treating, as well!
October 21, 2020
Monster Mash: Origin Stories
Boo! Feeling spooky? So are we! Impress your friends, be the smartest ghoul in school with this week's episode. We are talking monsters, and we've got some spooky stories about where, why and how some of your favorite Halloween characters came to be. Spookify yourself!
October 14, 2020
Conspiracy: Just a Theory
This week is a collection of conspiracy theories ranging from sports to national monuments, and of course the Illuminati. Maybe you'll hear one you didn't know about! Get obsessed with us.
August 20, 2020
Twinkie Scandal: An American Story
Who doesn't like twinkies? Are they the perfect snack? Maybe...but the twinkie story has been rife with scandal over the years. Possible murder? Political bribery? All this and more in this week's episode!
August 13, 2020
Body Image: Sizing up the Issue
We get a bit personal this week while talking about body image. Get the facts, some will surprise you! We share stories of our own struggles with body image, and the take-away is that you're not alone, and we're all in this together!
August 5, 2020
Get Real: All about Reality TV
Just like the title says, we're keeping it real about reality TV this week. Just how much of your favorite guilty pleasure is not as real as it appears? Why do want want to watch people living their lives instead of just living our own?? We've got the deets, along with a healthy dose of reminiscing about all the trashy reality TV we've watched over the years. Oof, there's a lot!
July 21, 2020
COVID Grads: College in the Pandemic
The novel coronavirus has affected all of us, and this week we take a closer look at how it has played out for recent college graduates. Our two guests, Mathew Grisham and William Musgrove, talk with Molly about their experience finishing out their final college year in the time of COVID.
May 27, 2020
Dark Web: Price of Privacy
At the mention of the dark web, most people picture terrible crimes: hit men for hire, drug lords, arms dealers. And sure, there are some appalling things there. But how many of the rumors about the dark web are true? What can you really find if you open the portal to the anonymous internet? Find out!
May 20, 2020
40 Hour Work Week: Why though?
Ever wonder why you spend half of your waking hours at a job? Why do we work 40 hours a week? Who decided this? we need to?  We did some research to hopefully answer these questions and talk about how work is viewed differently around the world, what are the limits to our productivity, and what really is the ideal work schedule. Enjoy!
May 11, 2020
Reptilian Overlords: All About Lizard People
The lines between fact and fiction are little blurred this week as we dive into the world of Reptilian conspiracy. Is there a race of human-suit-wearing lizards pulling all the strings? How do we spot them out in public? Are we lizard people ourselves? Find out all this and more....and don't forget to laugh because you shouldn't be taking yourself so seriously!
May 3, 2020
Who's Listening: Is Your Phone Spying on You?
Ever have the feeling you're being watched? Or maybe just that your phone has a freaky sixth sense about what you were JUST talking about? We settle the question of whether or not your phone is listening to your every word....for now. We also bring the truth to you about Facebook ads, smart home devices, someone selling footage of you on the dark web? Find out!
April 20, 2020
Cadbury Caper: The Truth about those Eggs
We are SO excited to bring you this special episode! This week, you get the low-down on what's been happening to Cadbury Creme Eggs the last few years. It will surprise you!
April 11, 2020
Garbage Overload: No Land Left to Fill
We explore the growing issue with all the trash we make. You'll be surprised to learn just how much garbage we make and what happens after we toss it into the bin!
April 10, 2020
Magic Societies: Mystical Roots to Modern Money
With the coronavirus keeping people indoors, Rachel is sadly absent this week. But a guest drops by (well, drops by the pod room anyway) to help Molly out! This is Will's first episode, so let's welcome him to the Expose crew. He listens to Molly talk about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, occultism in general, some fun segments, and finishes off with a few fun news stories from the last week. 
March 21, 2020
Milking It: this episode is not about the coronavirus
It's the first week of daylight savings time, and we are milking the idea that we didn't get much sleep. Also, we talk about milk. Is it good or bad for you? Is it natural to drink something meant for baby cows? Stay tuned until our second segment, where we take a much needed break from the coronavirus and COVID-19 news to bring you some stories from the past week that you may have missed!
March 14, 2020
DNA Tests: Discovery or Danger?
This week, the girls went deep into the world of DNA testing. Are you comfortable with the very building blocks of your identity falling into the hands of government and big business? Is it safe to share your DNA, and if not, what are the consequences? Companies like 23andMe, and others market accurate, life-changing results. But what are you really getting, and at what cost?
March 6, 2020
Fad Diets: Lose Weight, Feel...Terrible?
This episode on fad diets goes into depth on the most popular diets around today, as well as some of the er....lesser known and more underground gems out there. Fancy a tapeworm? How about the Sleeping Beauty diet, that sounds glamorous! Listen to find out what kinds of crazy things people do to lose weight.
February 28, 2020
Flat Earth: Show Me the Curve
This week we explore the what it might be like if the earth was flat, and also take a look at the growing faction that believe this to be true.
February 22, 2020
The Oscars: Let's Talk Movies
For this week's episode, we looked into how movies are nominated, who is in the academy, and some controversies surrounding the longest running awards show in the world. We also teach you a fun game called Moviedinger and give you our opinions on things, as usual!
February 14, 2020
Expose the Hosts: Up Close and Personal
It's your lucky day! Molly and Rachel sit down this week to expose something near and dear.......each other! We gathered questions for each other, some silly and some a bit more revealing. Among these questions are a few games and lots of laughs. Want to know a little more about the ladies of The Exposé? Then settle in for the ride! 
February 7, 2020
Counterfeit Makeup: Arsenic, Beryllium and Cyanide...Oh My!
This week, the ladies of the Expose tackle crime gangs and poisonous facial products. Yes, we're talking about the counterfeit makeup industry, which is huge, by the way! Listen to find out how to avoid getting duped by a dupe, oh, and lead poisoning, too. 
February 4, 2020
Food Label Lies: What's Hot, What's Not
It's not very efficient to milk a spider. Oh, and that stuff that's on your food packaging? Lies! The ladies of The Expose go deep into food labels to guide you through what means something and what is just a bunch of malarkey. We also touch on Kraft Dinner, GMOs, and why we just don't trust anyone anymore!
January 24, 2020
Pink Tax: the Cost of Being a Woman
This week, we're exploring why things marketed towards women tend to cost more. We have a conversation about what that means for half of the population, and how that makes us feel!
January 20, 2020
Bohemian Grove: From Owls to Presidents
Do you know about the Bohemian Grove? Molly and Rachel have pulled together research from various sources to tell you what's really going on in the Redwoods. Ritual sacrifice or drunken business meetings? Find out in this episode!
January 9, 2020
Big Sugar: the Lies We Were Told
This week Molly and Rachel take on the Sugar Industry, looking at hundreds of years of influence and power that have dictated the nutritional guidelines we still follow today. 
January 3, 2020
MLM: the Side Hustle Myth
We cover the basics of MLMs (multi-level marketing) and expose the good, bad and ugly.  Listen to find out how they're different from a pyramid scheme, your chances of success, and some personal stories as well. Sources: Direct Selling Association - www. PR Newswire - FTC - Huffington Post - Reddit 
December 21, 2019