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The Fancy Code

The Fancy Code

By Fancy I Know
The Fancy Code is the HOW TO Grow Your Hair Business. Business Planning Operations & Services Retail Salary Marketing Customer Retention and much more
Hairstyling Pricing War
For a while there has been this hair styling pricing war. In this episode I talk about the trending concerns from both hairstylist and consumers. The real question is, how will this affect you, and your hair business?
July 20, 2022
Digital Operational Systems For Your Hair Business
I use digital softwares to create systems for my business. Don’t limit yourself to only what i speak about. Each software has multiple features. You have to decide what to use base on your research. Get use to constantly researching and testing for your business.
July 18, 2022
Passively Diversifying Your Hair Business
You can literally create multiple stream of income in Your Hair Business. Here’s how…
July 10, 2022
Think Like a Business Person, Act Like a Hairstylist
Yesterday had me paying closer attention to what I spend, what supplies and how much of it I’m using, my service hours, and why I need to continue to focus on learning to profit more in my Hair Business.
July 09, 2022
Identifying Your Target Niche To Grow Your Hair Business
What Do You Offer? Who wants what you have to offer? Do people in your area want what you offer? Will you get serious and diversify your business?
July 07, 2022
The Hairstylist Follow Up Code no one tells you about
I’m So sorry for the volume on this episode. It’s better to use a speaker or headphones for this one. Nonetheless, 85% of your income comes from following up with clients. In this episode, I dive into to what you need to know, understand, and apply in your business today.
July 05, 2022
The misguided EGO will keep you stuck and broke!
Your misguided ego could be a reason why you’re not growing in your hair business, lets talk about it. Are you easily distracted? Do you follow shiny objects? Are you scared to network? Do you believe you are creating balance in your life?
July 05, 2022
The Over-Leveraged Hairstylist is a Major Red Flag
You spend way too much money and you know it! You know how to make money, but you’re still over leveraging your efforts. It’s leaving you broke, and here’s why.
July 04, 2022
The Number$ Game for Self-Employed Hairstylists
7 Steps to creating your financial business plan. This will include your services, products, and course you provide for your business.
July 04, 2022
Hairstylists DON'T Know How To PROFIT!
Hairstylists learn and know how to make money, but most are struggling to profit. Making money is the front end hustle, after expenses are paid... you are left with your true profits. Lets start profiting more to live the life we work hard to live, but maybe can't. SN: i use some numbers as examples, and misspoke about $150k and meant $140k+, but other than that this episode is golden!
July 03, 2022
Focus On Your Hair Business NOT Skill
Hairstylists focus too much time on skill set and not enough time on growing their Hair Business. Lets talk about it!
July 03, 2022