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The Feed

The Feed examines global food trends and invites industry insiders to weigh in on how technology will shape the future course of our food and agriculture systems.

The show provides a unique perspective across European and American markets, discussing modern challenges within the wider ecosystems, proposing potential solutions to inspire action.
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005- Promoting diversity in food with Rahanna Bisseret Martinez
Rahanna Bisseret Martinez is an Oakland-based 16-year-old Top Chef Junior alum with experience at four Michelin starred restaurants. Matt sat down with Rahanna to discuss how black voices can be amplified within food media and the current state of diversity within the greater food ecosystem. Check out Rahanna's latest recipe:
July 23, 2020
004- Personalized nutrition and the gut microbiome with Richard Sprague
Richard Sprague is a veteran technologist from Apple and Microsoft who has done over 600 microbiome tests using skin, nose, and fecal samples over the last six years. His fascination with his gut microbiome has led him to start Personal Science, a personalized nutrition project to help people discover their ideal diet by helping them track their glucose responses to doctor-prescribed meals. We speak with him about the future of gut microbiome testing and personalized diets that are projected to become a $64bn market in the next two decades.
June 25, 2020
003- Grocery of the future with Bill Stenger of KNAPP group
Bill Stenger is the Director of Food Solution for Knapp North America, the automation partner for Takeoff Technologies which was recently dubbed a Technology Pioneer in the grocery microfulfimment space by the World Economic Forum. Microfulfillment is a disruptive new technology that reduces labor and last-mile delivery costs associated with online grocery by creating small automated warehouses on the back of existing retail stores. We cover everything from consumers’ shopping preferences during the pandemic to Amazon’s suburban strip mall grocery strategy.
June 25, 2020
002- The necessary evil of delivery apps with Alex Canter of Ordermark
Alex Canter isn't just the founder of an online delivery management platform, he's also the fourth generation of the famed Canter's Deli in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. We talk about everything from the potential Uber/Grubhub acquisition to the harsh realities currently facing the oversaturated restaurant industry. If you're curious about where the future of dining is heading, this is a must-listen conversation.
May 19, 2020
001 - Plant and Cell-based Food Innovation with Big Idea Ventures
On our debut episode, we speak with Andrew Ive and Christian Cadeo of Big Idea Ventures, a VC fund and incubator dedicated to plant and cell-based proteins and ingredients, about the consumer and entrepreneurial landscapes across the US and Asia.
May 13, 2020