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The First Mint :: NFT Podcast

The First Mint :: NFT Podcast

By The First Mint
The First Mint is what happens when NFT experts and enthusiasts come together. We’re passionate day-one NFT adopters with the data chops to back up our analysis, an interest in turning raw numbers into stories, and the willingness to share our insight with the community.

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The Biggest Buyer on Top Shot [FEAT. DINGALING]

The First Mint :: NFT Podcast

Jonathan Bales
Episode 143 | Jonathan Bales | A year ago, one blog post changed the game. Bales article about his Ja Morant Cosmic purchase was the catalyst event for thousands to join the NFT space through NBA Top Shot. He joins us to talk about that moment and the year its been since.
January 17, 2022
The True Collecting Experience of Top Shot
Episode 140 | The True Collecting Experience of Top Shot (formerly "Let The Hungry Man Eat" | This episode is NOT about food. Its about letting true collectors collect, and bringing the real experience of Top Shot come back to the product after a year-long hiatus. We talk about: Hustle & Show drop, Klay Thompson return, and the ability to buy as many packs as you like!
January 10, 2022
10 Rules for NFTs in 2022
Episode 138 of The First Mint | 10 Rules for NFTs in 2022 | Its a new year, but the principles of NFTs remain the same. This pod recaps the holiday break, the latest market surge of NFTs, the 1st year of The First Mint, and the 10 rules for collecting NFTs this year. 
January 03, 2022
Reward The Community w/ GFunk
Episode 136 of The First Mint | Reward The Community | We got GFunk, one of the big brains behind Pixel Vault and Punks Comics on the show to talk about how their project has built-in community rewards from the very first Genesis drop. This is our last podcast episode for the year, except for our live show December 30th. 
December 22, 2021
The 2022 Top Shot Roadmap
Episode 135 of The First Mint | The 2022 Top Shot Roadmap | A short Monday pod to recap the Top Shot 2022 Road Map, the upcoming Legendary Deck The Hoops pack, and how NBATS needs to focus on storytelling and market dynamics to have a great year.
December 20, 2021
The Taxes on NFTs
Episode 134 of The First Mint | The Taxes on NFTs | Its an awful topic, but one we MUST consider as the year closes out: Taxes! With every single crypto transaction essentially being a taxable event, we welcome Max Minsker to the show to give us a breakdown of how to prep for what should be a very interesting tax year. 
December 15, 2021
The Dark Side Of Flash Challenges
Episode 133 of The First Mint | The Dark Side Of Flash Challenges | The community absolutely loves the flash challenges on NBA Top Shot. But are they healthy for the economy in the long run? We break down the supply being pumped into TS, and how Flash Challenge rewards need to evolve to the next phase of Fandom.
December 13, 2021
Matty the DCL Blogger
Episode 131 of The First Mint | The Key to The Metaverse | Ready to peak into our virtual future? Matty DCL (aka DCL Blogger), founder of The MetaKey, is on to talk all things Metaverse. Where will these digital worlds head, and how can legacy brands adapt? Will gaming help drive mainstream adoption? LG also touches on all the latest happenings in NBA Top Shot. Hosted by LG Doucet.
December 08, 2021
There Are Too Many Top Shot Moments
Episode 130 of The First Mint | Burn The Moments | Justin Herzig from Own The Moment joins us on the show to tackle the big question: Do we have too many moments on Top Shot, and how can that be approached going forward? Hosted by LG Doucet.
December 06, 2021
The Future of Crypto Airdrops
The First Mint Episode 128 | The Future of Airdrops | Airdrops are very real, and they could be coming your way soon. We've seen it happen across the crypto and NFT world, and now its finally happening in NBA Top Shot! On this show, we detail what airdrops are, what possibilities they present, and how to best get in position to claim them.
December 01, 2021
Enter The Matrix
Episode 127 of The First Mint — ENTER THE MATRIX [Feat. Jeff Marsilio] 100,000 'The Matrix Avatar' NFTs are coming Tuesday (11/30), and we sit down with Nifty's Co-Founder & CEO Jeff Marsilio to get all the drop details. We also talk about the entrance of major brands/IP into the space, onboarding new people into NFTs, and what the future holds as we continue to creep into the mainstream. Hosted by LG Doucet.
November 29, 2021
[LIVE] Enter The Matrix, NFL All Day and Holiday Fun
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Wednesday (holiday) night, November 24th, 2021. Tonight we're talking all things The Matrix NFT Avatars with Jimmy Mouton (TFM Day One Member) and Madison Brill of the Nifty's marketing team. We also detail the reveal of NFL All Day, and the NBA Top Shot Fresh Threads release.
November 26, 2021
Sports NFT Utility
Episode 125 of The First Mint | Sports NFT Utility | Slow news week on Top Shot, but we got the co founder of Sports Icon, Alexi Yovanoff, on the show to talk about their platform's token launch, NFTs, and big time athletes joining the platform. 
November 24, 2021
The State of Top Shot
Episode 124 of The First Mint | The State of Top Shot | The man has spoken, and now we are meant to feel good about Top Shot's future. But do we really? This show recaps the first month of the NBA season on Top Shot, and FOUR predictions for what can and should happen to the platform over the coming years. 
November 22, 2021
[LIVE] Ballerz Takeover, A DAO For NBA Team Ownership & Jingle All The Way
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night, November 18th, 2021. Tonight we're talking all things Ballerz with NFT Genius Marketing Director Becca Brown, community member Angie Yarbrough, and Flex Chapman from the Krause House DAO.    
November 19, 2021
Long Term Strategy on Top Shot
Episode 122 of The First Mint | Long Term Strategy on Top Shot | Things are changing. Series 3 has begun, and its time to zoom out and see the forest from the trees. The Dapper Wallet Ecosystem is about to take off, and that will have major ramifications for the Top Shot market. LG discusses his long term strategy for investing on the platform, and the factors that will impact the market going forward.
November 15, 2021
[LIVE] ENS Airdrops, A Top Shot Data Dive and Bozo the Clown
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night, November 11th, 2021. Tonight we're talking to Brantly from ENS Domains, and jamming on Top Shot strategy with Steef + Jon Boy Beats. We're also honoring those who have served as part of Veterans Day (US) and Rememberance Day (Canada).   Featuring:  ** LG Doucet:  ** The Reel Phil D:​​​  ** Steef  ** JonBoy  ** Brantly
November 12, 2021
The NFT Marketplace (Feat. OpenSea)
Episode 120 of The First Mint | Opensea & Building For The Web3 Future (Feat. Alex Atallah) | If you've ventured out of Top Shot and down the NFT rabbithole, you've likely interacted with the OpenSea, the peer-to-peer NFT marketplace. LG sits down with the Co-Founder of Opensea, Alex Atallah, to talk about the origins of the company, the crazy growth over the last year, and what's to come for both the platform, the future of NFTs and the shift to Web3. 
November 10, 2021
The Culture of Complaint
Episode 119 of The First Mint The Culture of Complaint Series 3 has started and the community is not happy. As the twitter verse catches fire yet again, we dive into whether this is a cultural issue in Top Shot and what it will take for it end (if that's even possible). LG also recaps his adventure at NFT NYC, and the latest in NBA Top Shot. 
November 08, 2021
The Future of Attendance [Feat. POAP]
Episode 118 of The First Mint The Future of Attendance [Feat. POAP] Its NFT.NYC and the crypto world is in for a wild week. People will meet. People will laugh. Some may cry. TFM has partnered with POAP (Proof Of Attendance Protocol) to sponsor the NYC Treasure Hunt. To celebrate, we invited POAP's Founder and CEO, Patricio Worthalter, on the show to reveal how the protocol got started and where its going next. 
November 01, 2021
[LIVE] Doodles NFT, Disrupt Art, and #1 Candace Parker
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night, October 28th 2021. Tonight we're talking DOODLE NFTS, Rob from Disrupt Art, and Apelicious who pulled the #1 Candace Parker in this week's Legendary drop! Plus, LG cracks his MLB Icons pack and TWO archive packs.  Featuring:  ** LG Doucet:  ** The Reel Phil D:​​​  ** Doodles:  ** Disrupt Art:  ** Apelicious:
October 29, 2021
From Top Shot to DAOs [Feat. Kylo Ren from Ape DAO]
Episode 116 of The First Mint From Top Shot to DAOs [Feat. Kylo Ren] Top Shot is evolving, and so is the NFT community! We kick off the show with a recap of all the good stuff happening in Top Shot / NFL / Candy, and then welcome back another repeat guest: Kylo Ren! Together, we dive into the current state of NFTs and discuss the emergence of DAOs; how they work, and how Kylo has been one with a great community. Hosted by LG Doucet.
October 27, 2021
Candy MLB Icons NFTs
Episode 115 of The First Mint Candy Digital MLB NFTs  [Feat. Shane Small] We kick this week off with a dive into KLAY THOMPSON + THE SERIES 3 ROADMAP!! Then we sit down with Shane Small, Head Creative at Candy Digital which is dropping their first ever officially licensed MLB Icon Packs this week that will feature MLB All Stars and Rookies. Hosted by LG Doucet
October 25, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] MLB Icons, Usman, Tommy Wilson!
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night, October 21th 2021. Tonight we're talking CANDY MLB DROP, including a MASSIVE REVEAL of their NFTs that is EXCLUSIVE to The First Mint. We'll also chat with Tommy Wilson (NFT Artist, plays baseball sometimes) and Blake G (guy who won the trip to Milwaukee).   Sign up for Candy HERE:   Featuring:  ** LG Doucet:  ** The Reel Phil D:​​​  ** Tommy Wilson:  ** Candy Digital:
October 22, 2021
Players To Grab Before Its Too Late
Episode 113 of The First Mint Players To Grab Before Its Too Late [Feat. Brandon Sowle] Brandon is back for part 2, and in this episode he gives us his list of players and teams to keep an eye out for this season, and whose moments could skyrocket by season's end. 
October 20, 2021
Top Shot Liftoff🚀
Episode 112 of The First Mint Top Shot Liftoff🚀 [Feat. Brandon Sowle] Top Shot is overheating with all the action, and we got Brandon from Shot Talking/Moment Ranks to break it all down with LG. We cover: RIB Drop, Legendary Moments, The Boardroom partnership, Season Kick Off, etc. And all that building to Wednesday's episode where we dive into The Players To Get Before Its Too Late. Hosted by LG Doucet.
October 18, 2021
[LIVE] Run It Back Drop Problems, S1 Legendaries, and Signs
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night, October 14th, 2021. Tonight we're talking Run It Back, Drop Issues, and NFTs in general! LG will be fresh from Flow Fest and ready to tell us all the juicy details on these "Mystery Packs"
October 15, 2021
The Big Week Ahead
Episode #110 of The First Mint The Big Week on Flow It's gonna be HISTORICAL week on NBA Top Shot and on the Flow Blockchain. We got the most anticipated drop ever, RUN IT BACK, right in the middle of FLOW FEST (which The First Mint is partnered on). This episode dives into what the future of RIB could look like (i.e. Legendary Set?), and then into how FLOW FEST will work. Hosted by LG Doucet.
October 11, 2021
Run It Back Announcement! [LIVE]
Episode #109 of The First Mint Run It Back Announcement! [LIVE] RIB 2005-06. Archive Set 2005-06 and 2013-14. This is MASSIVE NEWS, and we went live on Spaces to chat with the community and get some rapid reactions to the news. 
October 08, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Tools of Rock, Live Token, Christian Petracca!
Did you know that Flow Fest was coming? Now you do! We're back in action on Thursday, October 7th for another episode of TFM Live. We're joined by JJ Lane from Tools of Rock for some updates on their project + a brand new tool is being released by Livetoken! Talking FLOW Fest!   Featuring:  ** LG Doucet:  ** The Reel Phil D: ​​​ Special Guests:  ** JJ Lane:  ** Livetoken:  ** Producer Quad:
October 08, 2021
The Fate of Top Shot Experiences
Episode 107 of The First Mint The Fate of the Top Shot Experience Mysterious things are happening in the world of the Flowverse and The First Mint. What could it be? LG gives a recco, and also recaps everything that's going down in the world of NBA Top Shot. And last, we dive into the latest giveaway sending people to Milwaukee, and what those experiences could become in the future. Hosted by LG Doucet.
October 06, 2021
[LIVE] Season Predictions w/ NBA TopShot
Episode 106 of The First Mint NBA Season Preview w/ NBA TopShot TopShot celebrated its first birthday, marking a full year since the launch of the open beta. LG and TheReelPhilD were invited to join the NBA TopShot team on Twitter Spaces to talk NBA Season predictions, and also reminisce on the year that was!  Subscribe to The First Mint newsletter!
October 02, 2021
NFL Rumors + House of Kibaa
Episode 105 of The First Mint. NFL Rumors + House of Kibaa Registrations have opened for the NFL x Dapper Labs products, and we may see moments sooner than we thought! Plus, we have NBA TopShot OG and Top 100 collector KIBAA on the show to talk about the GenZeroes drop for House of Kibaa. NFT are popping right now, so buckle up everyone! Hosted by LG Doucet. Subscribe to The First Mint newsletter!
September 30, 2021
[LIVE] Run It Back: Dwyane Wade
This is a LIVE RECORDING of our Twitter Spaces session during the second part of a MAJOR news days in the NBA TopShot space. The new Run It Back Set for the 2005-06 season is coming in October, and we know it will feature Dwyane Wade. LG Doucet and Phil D break down the action immediately following the massive news.  Subscribe to The First Mint newsletter!
September 29, 2021
[LIVE] NFL x Dapper Labs
Recorded LIVE on Twitter Spaces, we spent over 2 hours discussing the NFL x Dapper Labs news with our fellow community members. This is a purely live reaction with barely any official information about what the product will actually look like. LG Doucet and Phil D break down the action immediately following the massive news. Subscribe to The First Mint newsletter!
September 29, 2021
The Value of WNBA RIB
Episode 102 of The First Mint The Value of WNBA RIB The WNBA Run-It-Back Set is HOT right now, and for good reason. On this episode, LG breaks down the future implications of the WNBA RIB set, its potential short term pullback, and when he plans to collect it. Plus, a look at the weeks to come on NBA Top Shot. Hosted by LG Doucet.
September 27, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Run It Back And Roadmap
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night. September 23rd, 2021. Join Special Guest Host Noobie, TheReelPhilD, Quad and George Wrightster, NFT GOD, Finn The Cat and of course, GIVEAWAYS!!!   FEATURING:  **Guest Host Top Shot Noobie:   ** The Reel Phil D:​​​    SPECIAL GUESTS:  **  Noobie:  ** George Wrightster  ** NFT God:
September 24, 2021
My Mom Loves NFTs
Episode #100 of The First Mint Please meet for her The First Mint debut: Mama Doucet! To celebrate 100 episodes of TFM, there was no better guest than the person who has known LG his entire life. Mom comes on to talk NBA TopShot, Cryptokittie (yes really), and how NFTs compare to other leaps in technology.  Hosted by @LGDoucet.
September 22, 2021
Rep The Community [Feat. El Dumbo]
Episode 99 of The First Mint Rep The Community Trade Tickets are here, and Luke "El Dumbo" (TopShot's Community Rep) joins the show for his TFM debut to talk all things Community, Tickets, and Dog Rescues. He gives his thoughts on the community's reaction to the Trade Tickets, and also gives a preview of what to expect from the TopShot Discord in the coming months. Hosted by @LGDoucet.
September 20, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Phil's Birthday Surprise Show, Trade Ticket Chat with Veerman
We're back with another PACKED Thursday, September 16th show and IT'S ALL A SURPRISE!  Tune in and find out what goes down on this extra special TFM LIVE! We got Veerman on to talk Trade Ticket Reveal We got an all star roster on to play Reality TV for Phil's Bday! 
September 17, 2021
The Future of the Marketplace [Feat. Jon Jackson]
Episode 97 of The First Mint The Future of the Marketplace [Feat. Jon Jackson] What happens to the NBA TopShot marketplace once Series 3 hits? Once there are MORE base, metallics, throwdowns, and HOLOS? We're joined by analytics guru Jon Jackson (@jonboybeats) to preview what the economics of Top Shot will look next year and 10 more years down the line. Hosted by @lgdoucet.
September 15, 2021
Series 3: What Sets May Come
Episode 96 of The First Mint. Series 3: What Sets May Come. The NBA Season kicks off in five weeks, and so it's likely that Series 3 of NBA Top Shot will as well. So what Sets will we see in this 3rd and definitive series of Top Shot? LG reviews what we had in Series 1 + Series 2, and then takes a stab at what may come in Series 3. Hosted by @lgdoucet.
September 13, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Fantasy Football NFTs, Quad's Top 5, and Voting off Series 2
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night, September 9th, 2021. Tonight we're talking to TJ from Own The Moment about Top Shot, Fantasy Football including the Owners Club, their new NFT.  We're also voting off the Series 2 Sets that we don't want to see in Series 3!   Featuring:  ** LG Doucet:  ** The Reel Phil D:​​​   Special Guests:  **TJ Laessig:
September 10, 2021
The Off Season Is Real
Episode 94 of The First Mint. The Off Season Is Real. LG is back from vacation and ready 2 rumble! But is TopShot ready to rumble with him? We dive into the last few weeks of TS action, and LG breaks down what he loves about the WNBA Set, Plays, and Future Value. Plus, a small alpha leak from the NLL Discord last night suggests a new feature is coming to Moments someday soon.
September 06, 2021
The Run It Back Archive [Feat. MBL]
Episode 93 of The First Mint The Run It Back Archive [Feat. MBL] LG is still on vacation so this week we get a rare look at an older video from the archive with Michael Levy aka MBL. They get DEEP into the Run It Back Set, take a listen and let us know your thoughts on Twitter!
September 01, 2021
The First Mint Live is back for another INSANE Thursday night, Aug 16TH, 2021. Tonight LG is gone so we're taking over the stream with guest host Mike Zakarian and it couldn't have been a better week with Top Shot Pumping. We chat about the WNBA Launch, Record Sales, Twitter bots and more!   Featuring:  ** Guest Host Mike Zakarian: ** The Reel Phil D:​​​
August 27, 2021
The Forgotten Sets on Top Shot
Episode 91 of The First Mint The Forgotten Sets on Top Shot [Featuring Corporate Trash] All sets are created equal on Top Shot (we think...), but their long term value is quite different. We've got community voice Corporate Trash on to discuss sets like The Gift, Got Game, Hustle & Show, and other "Forgotten" sets that may never find relevance again in the Top Shot ecosystem. Hosted by @lgdoucet
August 25, 2021
The Value of Finals Moments
Episode 90 of The First Mint (OMG!) The Value of Finals Moments [Featuring Brandon Sowle] The 2021 NBA Finals Legendary Set has held its value post-challenge, despite many other sets doing the opposite. Is that a good thing? On today's show, we'll talk about the long term value of ALL Finals Sets, including 2020 Legendary + Rare, and have a broader discussion on the total supply of Playoff Moments. We're joined by Brandon Sowle, top shot data freak and host of Moment Ranks' shot talking! Hosted by @lgdoucet
August 23, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] RCRDSHP, Tools of Rock, and Austin Kent from top Shot!
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night, Aug 19TH, 2021. Tonight we're talking to Austin Kent from NBA Top Shot for Rapid Fire and Market Update. COE and Founder of RCRDSHP.COM, Obie, joins us to talk about the music revolution Finishing up with the team from Tools of Rock and they'll be bringing the Jams talking about the combination of Classic rock and NFTs.
August 20, 2021
Graduating from Top Shot
Episode 88 of The First Mint Graduating from Top Shot [Featuring. jfresshhh_] NBA Top Shot has been the gateway into NFTs for thousands of new collectors this year. Influencer-in-the-making @jfresshhh_ joins us on the pod to discuss his ascent into NFTs, what he looks for in a project, and how he considers his money lost in NBA Top Shot to be his tuition into the game. Hosted by @lgdoucet 0:00 Intro 0:10 Today's Topics 1:39 Jfresshhh Intro and background 5:37 His exit from Top Shot 7:26 How to get into other NFTs 11:47 The current NFT Lottery 13:25 Your NFT Tuition 17:01 Following savvy collectors 23:23 What's next  25:23 What it would take to come back to NBA Top Shot 30:37 Would you rather 34:13 Wrap Up
August 18, 2021
The Next Surprise on Top Shot
Episode 87 of The First Mint The Next Surprise on Top Shot With Top Shot in a small lull, we use this episode to speculate on what might be coming next on the platform. Will it be a Summer 2021 Roadmap, the rakeback, or maybe even NBA Team Collector Score Integrations? Have a listen and send us your thoughts on Twitter to let us know what you think! Hosted by @lgdoucet 0:00 Intro 0:38 Today's Topic  1:26 Current state of Top Shot 2:10 Vegas Kiosk 3:31 Seeing Stars Set  6:17 What's next from NBA Top Shot? 7:52 Summer 2021 Series Roadmap 9:15 Rakeback 11:04 Team integrations 12:13 Non Basketball promotions 13:07 Pack Reselling 14:12 Series 3 Roadmap 16:13 Wrap Up
August 16, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Seeing Stars Club, Nifty's Founders, and Las Vegas recap!
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night, Aug 12th, 2021. Tonight we're talking to Luke Dick for Rapid Fire and Seeing Stars, The Nifty Team in charge of Space Jam, and CannaBiss about the Top Shot Vegas Experience. Featuring:  ** LG Doucet:  ** The Reel Phil D:​​​   Special Guests:  **Luke Dick:  **Jordan Lyall:  **Jeff Marsilio:  **CannaBiss:
August 13, 2021
The Value of Series 2 [Feat. Steve Veerman]
Episode 85 of The First Mint The Value of Series 2 [Feat. Steve Veerman] Our old friend and Top Shot super collector Steve joins us on the pod to talk about the recent market surge and the conditions needed for it to sustain. But what ended up happening was a depth discovery conversation about Series 2 Base Moments and their future value based on the recent changes to the Collector Score. Some spicy takes in this one!! Hosted by LG Doucet 0:00 Intro 0:10 Today's Episode 1:14 Today's guest 2:43 Recent Market activity in Top Shot 5:48 Whales waiting to jump back in 9:20 Market Confidence 18:52 Series 2 SummerCollector Score Implications 25:25 Selling a Squiggle 27:25 Best Bargain for Collector Score 28:36 Summer 2021 Series 32:43 Reward moment bonus for summer series 34:36 The Draft Experience 43:54 Collecting moments for experiences 44:51 Multiple packs soon? 46:34 Wrap Up
August 11, 2021
The Market Returns📈
Episode 84 of The First Mint The Market Returns📈 The market is UP on NBA Top Shot. Through a series of very positive events and healthy conditions, buyers are returning to the platform and many premium moments have started to rise in value over the last week. But can these conditions sustain? We dive into what's causing the market surge and also look at the positive effects of the Cool Cats benefits announcement. Then we dive into the Vegas Summer League "kiosk", and what that could mean for the future of fan interactions with Top Shot. Hosted by LG Doucet. 0:00 Intro 0:22 Today's Topics 1:09 First Mint Fest Thank you 2:21 The Current Market 3:30 Raising the Moment Sales Cap 4:58 What's causing the Market Increase 6:26 What happens next? 8:16 The Nine Lives Lounge 9:28 Community Influence? 13:15 Vegas Summer League Innovation and the future of Top Shot 16:46 The NBA's Involvement in Top Shot 17:56 Wrap Up
August 09, 2021
Episode 83 of The First Mint. Roham. To kick off First Mint Fest, LG Doucet sat down with Roham Gharegozlou, the Founder & CEO of Dapper Labs, the company behind NBA Top Shot and the Flow Blockchain. 
August 05, 2021
#FirstMintFest Preview!
Episode 82 of The First Mint #FirstMintFest Preview! The Fest has arrived, and the Festival HQ Discord is OPEN! On today's episode, we recap the HOT weekend in NFTs, give a little preview of the FEST and how to make the most of it, then dive into the somewhat stagnant world of NBA Top Shot.  Join the fest!
August 02, 2021
[LIVE CLUB COLD BREW] Legendary Drop, Playoff Common Drop #4
There is no live show this week; rather, there are 3+ hours of Club Cold Brew, recorded over FOUR different sessions on July 29-30. These feature George Wrighster, Corporate Trash, Arsonic, The Worm, Lorax1984, and various members from around the community. Hosted by LgDoucet and TheReelPhilD. 
July 31, 2021
A Brief History of NFT Drops [Feat. RONIN]
Episode 80 of The First Mint (wow) A Brief History of NFT Drops [Feat. RONIN The Collector] Two quiet days on Top Shot? Well lucky for you, we got a special guest: RONIN The Collector. A staple of the pre-2021 NFT community, Ronin is an avid content creator, partnership director, and of course, NFT collector. He talks through his early obsessions and the wild drops that kept him up for multiple days at a time.  Love discovering the world of NFTs? Come hang August 3-5, 2021:
July 28, 2021
What Happens in August? [Feat. PlungeFather]
Episode 79 of The First Mint. What Happens in August? [Feat. PlungeFather) It's a PACKED week on NBA Top Shot: Two Pack Drops, Five Pack Queues, the NBA Draft Experience, and the MGLE LaMelo. But what happens once that's all done and we enter the month of August? The legendary PlungeFather joins us for the second half of the show to talk "Series 2 Summer" and what to expect in the off season. Want to learn more about NFTs? Join us at First Mint Fest on August 3-5, 2021.
July 26, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Legendary Packs, Quavo Promo, Phoenix Suns Suite, Packrip Ewing, Announcement!!
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night. July 22, 2021. Tonight we're talking about The end of the NBA season, Quavo, Legendary Pack Drops and more! Featuring:  ** LG Doucet: ** The Reel Phil D:​​​ ** Steef: ** Packrip Ewing: ** FunGuy95:
July 23, 2021
Pack Drops for Video Games [Feat. Eternal GG]
Episode 77 of The First Mint. Pack Drops for Video Games [Feat. Jeffrey Tong from Eternal GG] The Finals are done, and so is the NBA Season. LG recaps the championship and its implications on Top Shot. And then we sit down with Jeffrey Tong, founder of Eternal.GG, a platform built on FLOW (just like NBA Top Shot) that's packaging up the best moments from Twitch game streamers and building the future of fandom. Eternal will be a big part of First Mint Fest and we're proud to have them on as a Sponsor. Want to learn more about NFTs? Join us at First Mint Fest on August 3-4-5, 2021. 0:00 Intro 0:19 Today's Topics 1:11 First Mint Fest Reminder 1:31 New NBA Champion 2:24 Championship Badges 3:24 Drops left in Series 2 4:02 The End of Series 2 5:10 Coming up for The First Mint 7:07 Jeffrey Tong Intro 8:51 How Jeff got into Crypto 11:17 How he found Top Shot 13:38 Jeff's sports background 16:09 Why Games? 19:35 Making a living on Video Games 20:49 How works 22:10 When launched 23:36 Building on FLOW 25:07 What's in the pack? 28:10 Why should someone join Eternal? 29:18 Converting people to gaming 40:43 What's the overall Streamer NFT Market 32:23 Vetting creators 33:26 Eternal in 10 years 34:48 If not working in crypto 35:42 Would you Rather 39:46 Wrapping up
July 21, 2021
Bet On Your Fandom
Episode 76 of The First Mint. Bet On Your Fandom NBA Top Shot just sent 8x fans to the Finals in a private suite for Game 5. So what does that mean come next season? It could be: Game tickets, Team Experiences, New NFTs, or Top Shot specific Drops. Plus, LG gives a glimpse of what to expect at First Mint Fest and previews the week to come on Top Shot.  Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:15 Today's topics 1:27 First Mint Fest 3:40 This week on Top Shot 5:05 Finals Quests & Showcase software upgrade 6:46 Finals Access Unlocked 9:04 The Logistics  12:37 Starting with the hardest 13:58 What Utility could look like in the future? 19:12 Wrap up- First Mint Fest Reminder
July 19, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] RARE Packs, All Star FREAKS, Space Jam
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night. July 15, 2021. Tonight we're talking Ripping Rare Packs, Chatting All-Star Freaks, and Space Jam NFTs! Featuring:  ** LG Doucet:  ** The Reel Phil D: ** Producer Quad:
July 16, 2021
Will Sports Go Full Crypto?
Episode 74 of The First Mint Will Sports Go Full Crypto? [Feat. Olivier Aubin Mercier} We recap The First Mint NFT drop and dive briefly into the week ahead in Top Shot (hint: we might in for a pack drought after today's drop!). Then, we have a featured interview with Olivier Aubin Mercier, a French Canadian MMA fighter who wears a Bitcoin QR code when he fights. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:12 Today's topics 1:17 The First Mint NFT Drop 3:10 What's next from The First Mint 5:00 Coming up in Top Shot 6:37 New Challenges 6:59 Rare Set Dropping 8:13 Breakdown of the coming weeks 10:18 Intro to Olivier Aubin Mercier 11:39 Olivier's background and history in MMA 14:30 Olivier's Notable Fights 15:19 His Crypto Background 17:40 Bitcoin  21:25 The MMA world's reaction to Bitcoin payments 22:26 How other athletes are catching on 23:46 Suggestions for UFC moments 27:11 Would you rather with Olivier 30:07 Wrap up
July 14, 2021
The First Mint NFT Drop
Episode 73 of The First Mint. The First Mint NFT Drop. This is a LOADED episode. The First Mint DAY ONE NFT drops this Tuesday with only 500 available. LG recaps the long road it took to get to the drop, and what the future may involve for those who hold this rare NFT. We also dive into the coming week on Top Shot, implications of the RARE Conference Finals Set, and the MASSIVE promo going on with Top Shot and the Phoenix Suns. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter:
July 12, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Blockchain Steve, NBA Trivia with LG, and the Biggest NFT Game In The World
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night. July 8, 2021. Tonight we're talkign to Blockchain Steve, Axie Infinity (the biggest NFT out there), Moto GP packs, and then we test LG's basketball knowledge. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro  5:16 Blockchain Steve  9:40 Steve's community video  22:27 Championship badges  34:14 Gameday Quests  36:46 Boring Finals?  43:45 Caterpillar update  37:10 Giving away LG's collection  51:16 Axie Infinity  1:00:06 MOTO GP  1:12:50 NBA Trivia  1:30:46 The First Mint NFT
July 09, 2021
The Pundits Pick The Finals [Feat. Taylor Stein, Steef. Chugs]
Episode 71 of The First Mint The Pundits Pick The Finals [Feat. Taylor Stein, Steef. Chugs] The NBA Finals have arrived, and we ask our experts to predict the next two weeks of NBA Action and Top Shot market movements. And don't worry, we recorded this one well before the start of the game. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:11 Today's Topics 1:28 Steef Intro 2:33 Injuries  4:14 Finals market shift? 6:08 Steef's final prediction 6:46 Taylor Stein  9:35 Lack of finals experience 10:37 Playoff challenges 11:58 Taylor's final prediction 12:12 Chugs Intro 12:50 Chugs feeling on the 2 finals teams 14:20 What it takes for the Bucks to win 15:37 Chris Paul no longer cursed? 16:52 Playoff Challenges? 19:16 Chug's finals predictions 20:38 Wrap up
July 07, 2021
Did Top Shot Get Boring?
Episode 70 of The First Mint. Did Top Shot Get Boring? The NBA Finals start tomorrow, yet Top Shot feels pretty underwhelming. Why? And is that a good or bad sign of things to come? LG continues his conversation from last week around the current market slump and the general lack of hype in the Top Shot space. We also take a look at some major hints of NBA integrations to come in the very near future.  Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:26 Today's topic 1:19 Get outside! 2:29 This week on Top Shot 3:13 Challenges 4:39 Pack Drops 5:43 New Sets 6:37 Did Top Shot get boring? 7:20 Low daily buyers 8:46 Reasons for a drop in interest 9:22 The Roadmap 10:11 This year's NBA Finals 13:43 Ready for a reset 14:29 Future Utility 16:20 The end of Series 2 17:20 Wrap up
July 05, 2021
The First Mint Live is coming at you with another packed show on Thursday night. June 14th, 2021. Join LgDoucet, TheReelPhilD, and Special Guests as we dig into the Mitchell Quest Mistake, First Mint Idol, and Fucking Pickles.
July 02, 2021
A Star Is Born (on Top Shot) [FEAT. Peter Overzet]
Episode 68 of TFM. June 30, 2021 A Star Is Born, Featuring PETER OVERZET In early January, as Top Shot blew up, LG was asked to appear on the Peter Overzet show. Weeks later, Club Top Shot was born and Peter Overzet became a staple of the NBA Top Shot community. What happened during those historic few weeks, and who was Overzet before his Top Shot influencer fame? Hosted by LgDoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:15 Today's Guest 1:31 Peter Overzet Intro 2:52 When Pete found Top Shot 4:01 The Bales Article  5:18 The community in the early days 6:56 The Fred VanVleet story 9:09 Pete's background in streaming and performing 12:54 Pete's current streaming content 13:42 Up next for Club Top Shot 15:42 Building community in crypto 19:18 Interacting with your fans 21:41 The MANZ and MANZ Coin 25:27 Being vulnerable on stream 29:10 Advice for new content creators 30:42 The future for Peter Overzet 31:52 The boys of Club Top Shot 34:24 Would you rather with Peter Overzet 40:22 Wrapping up
June 30, 2021
The Playoff Market Slump
Episode 67 of TFM. June 28, 2021 The Playoff Market Slump With 185,000 packs sold over the weekend, the market took another nosedive as people sold off much more than just Playoff moments. What exactly is happening here, and why are Collectors so keen to dump their moments all of a sudden? LG dives into the reasons behind the slide, as well as theories for the upcoming playoff challenges. Hosted by LgDoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 1:16 Upcoming playoff challenges 4:37 The market slump 5:47 Why the selloff is happening 6:48 Playoff moment fatigue 8:10 Big names not in playoffs 9:16 Transparency 10:46 Why this summer might be hot on Top Shot 13:49 Taking a break is healthy 15:34 Wrap up
June 28, 2021
The Donovan Mitchell Fumble [Feat. Quadzilla]
Episode 66 of TFM. June 23, 2021 The Donovan Mitchell Fumble Yesterday's challenge rewards for the Donovan Mitchell moment were released with some errors; older collector accounts were given many of the low serials, which prompted a response and then compensation from NBA Top Shot. But is that enough to regain trust from the Top Shot faithful? On today's show, we've got LG and Producer Quad on to give both sides of a very contentious issue. And yes, we're breaking routine here - this Wednesday's episode is NOT about other NFTs, as has been the norm. Hosted by LgDoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter:
June 23, 2021
The Next 60 Days on Top Shot
Episode 65 of TFM. June 21, 2021 The Next 60 Days on Top Shot. With a relatively clear roadmap laid out for the rest of Series 2 on Top Shot, we take a look at what the next two months could entail as the playoffs will come to an end and the prep for next season begins. LG also kicks off the show by discussing the very exciting news about The First Mint Day One NFT  Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:13 Today's topics 1:59 The First Mint NFT 3:46 Wrapping up the first phase of The First Mint 6:14 The Day One NFT 6:48 This week on Top Shot 7:25 This Friday's Playoff Pack drop 8:53 This week's challenges 9:40 Marketing from Top Shot 10:08 Roadmap for the future of Top Shot 13:04 What do the next 60 days look like? 13:50 The next MGLE release 14:42 The NBA Finals 15:25 Expect the Unexpected 17:03 The Offseason 17:30 Wrap-up
June 21, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Holo Pack Openings, Playoff Chatter, and The First Mint NFT.
The First Mint Live is coming at you with another packed show on Thursday night. June 17, 2021. Join LgDoucet, TheReelPhilD, George Wrighster, and Special Guests as we dig into the HOLO Drop, the Playoff Moments, Cold Brew, and The First Mint NFT. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter:
June 18, 2021
Can Sports Go Full Crypto? [Feat. Jack Settleman]
Episode 63 of TFM. June 16, 2021 How Sports Go Crypto [Feat. Jack Settleman] We're joined by Top Shot community staple Jack Settleman, who is one piece of Club Top Shot and a huge piece of Snapback Sports, one the biggest Snapchat sports communities. He's on the show to share his experience trying to get all the old heads in sports to understand social media, and now, blockchain.  Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter:
June 16, 2021
The Obvious Playoff Theory
Episode 62 of TFM. June 14, 2021 The Obvious Playoff Challenge Theory Coming off a wild ending to last week, LG touches on the recent controversy in the Top Shot community and then dives into his theory on what the First Round Playoff Challenges will look like in the coming weeks.  Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:12 Last week recap 1:25 This week’s schedule 3:09 Last weeks “emergency podcast” 7:04 LG’s experience with the situation 9:28 LG’s thoughts 12:45 What LG has been buying 13:23 Playoff moments 14:00 Theories on playoff challenges 16:30 Another playoff pack drop? 19:12 Wrap up
June 14, 2021
The First Mint Live is coming at you with another packed show on Thursday night. June 10, 2021.  Join LgDoucet, TheReelPhilD, and Special Guests as we dig into the upcoming playoff packs, play Hot or Not, and try to get Phil his first Zed Run horse!!   We got: Amir  We got: Moment Nerd  We got: Hella Dope Poem Guy  We got: Gutter Cat Guy! Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter:
June 11, 2021
The New Collector Score [Feat. Alan Falcon]
Episode 60 of TFM. June 10, 2021. The New Collector Score [Feat. Alan Falcon] This emergency pod comes to you courtesy of NBA Top Shot. Today we welcome Alan Falcon, co-creator of NBA Top Shot, the man behind the intricate game design that has us hooked this deep. He's on the show to reveal updates to the NBA Top Shot Collector Score and other changes coming to the platform in the coming months. Recorded on the evening of June 9th, 2021.  Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter:
June 10, 2021
The Best Sets on Top Shot [Feat. GirlDad]
Episode 59 of TFM. June 9, 2021. The Best Sets on Top Shot [Feat. GirlDad] Infamous Twitter personality GirlDad joins The First Mint to talk about his favorite sets to collect and how he approaches a market from a financial management background. He also dishes on his history in Top Shot and current strategies for the market. Wednesdays will be dedicated interview days from here on out, and we're starting with a solid one here! Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:20 Today’s interview 1:19 Programming note 2:21 Intro to GirlDad 3:45 How GirlDad found out about NBA Top Shot 5:09 GirlDad’s sports background 6:50 Special moments to GirlDad  8:37 Becoming active on Social media 9:14 What is floor smashing? 11:11 How he views the Top Shot market 15:28 How to judge market sentiment  16:35 Series 1 moments and picking your set  19:55 How he approaches badges  20:35 Sets GirlDad avoids and sets he holds 21:52 Thought on Run it Back sets  23:01 Cool Cats  24:40 Who is the next superstar? 28:12 Would you rather with GirlDad 31:18 Wrap up
June 09, 2021
The Market Bounceback
Episode 58 of TFM. June 7, 2021. The Market Bounce. Prices are up? Yes. Yes, they are. Since last Thursday night, the Top Shot Market has seen a boost. So what could be causing this positive influx of buying behavior? Could it be Collector Score updates or the Roham Office Hours? Or did we finally hit bottom two weeks ago and now its time for the playoff push we were all waiting for? Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:16 Today’s topics 1:13 What’s going on at The First Mint this week 2:28 Lamelo Ball “Apes in” 3:54 Roham’s Office House last Friday 5:02 Perks for holding moments in the future 6:01 Future Staking/Defi future of Top Shot Moments 9:32 What caused the Top Shot Market Bounce? 14:04 What LG’s been buying the past couple of weeks 17:26 Sets LG is looking at now 18:28 Wrap up
June 07, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Collector Score Bonus, Bored Apes, and Bonsai Trees!
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night. June 3, 2021. Join LgDoucet, TheReelPhilD, and Special Guests as we dig into the past week in NBA Top Shot and NFTs!   We got: JOSH ONG, the king of the Bored Apes  We got: THE BONSAI TREE DUDES!  We got: APE TRIVIA  And of course, GIVEAWAYS!!!   0:00 Intro 0:07 Phil + LG 1:42 Today’s Agenda 4:11 Giveaway! 7:02 Josh Ong joins the show 10:08 Playoff RSVP packs 14:15 Cool Cat perks 22:15 Topps vs GaryVee 26:30 Lamelo NFT Drop 29:18 Bored Ape Yacht Club 35:00 Apes taking over The Sandbox 37:35 Ape Trivia 48:55 Weekly Challenge 59:49 GoodBye Cool Cats 53:59 The Bonsai Guys
June 04, 2021
How To Pick Your Next NFT [Feat. ScalyNelson]
Episode 56 of TFM. June 2, 2021. How To Pick Great NFTs. Scaly Nelson, NFT and DeFi master, joins us on the podcast to share his knowledge of the NFT industry, including the early days of an MLB crypto project and crypto punks. He's on to talk about his criteria for picking a great NFT project, whether you have a lot or a little to spend. We also recap the Master Cool Cats Challenge Reward. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:14 Today’s topics 1:44 Cool Cats Master Challenge perks 3:53 RSVP Playoff packs 4:37 Holo Drop delayed 5:14 Scaly Nelson intro 6:02 How did Scaly Nelson hear about Top Shot 7:30 MLB Crypto Heroes 8:37 The early day Top Shot Discord 9:51 Scaly’s NBA background 10:42 The crypto landscape in 2019 12:39 how Scaly found crypto 15:05 Scaly’s first NFTs 18:40 How communities keep projects in check 21:39 How to find other NFT projects 26:15 Bored Apes Yacht Club and how to evaluate a project 31:32 How to balance flipping and holding 33:30 What does a good NFT collection look like 36:34 Scaly’s Cryptopunks 37:01 Red Flags for NFT projects 38:11 Would you rather with Scaly Nelson 40:17 Wrap up
June 02, 2021
The Blueprint for Top Shot
Episode 55 of TFM. May 31, 2021. The Blueprint for Top Shot. With so many features in Top Shot (Badges, Tickets, Baller Status) and so little Utility (so far), it's becoming clear that Top Shot's final form will take years to develop. We dive into what that might look like, and the hint at the first integration through an app called Collab Land. Plus, we preview the week ahead, including the potential release of Playoff Moments. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:19 Today’s Topics 1:01 What’s coming up this week on Top Shot 1:19 Playoff Packs 2:37 Roham hosting Office Hours this Friday 3:40 Holo Icon Drop #3 4:29 New MGLE moments 5:09 This weekends challenge rewards 5:41 Utility in Top Shot 8:40 Top Shot’s partnership with CollabLand 10:32 Utility takes time 13:59 Wrap-up
May 31, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] In Memoriam: Cool Cats, FEAT. Lil Noobie, Tommy Wilson
Episode 54 of TFM. May 27, 2021. The First Mint Live  Join LgDoucet, TheReelPhilD, and Special Guests as we dig into the past week in NBA Top Shot and NFTs!   We got: TOP SHOT NOOBIE, the top shot blog queen  We got: TOMMY WILSON, NFT Artist and Mets Pitcher  We got: BOT PATROL, a new segment about MULTI ACCOUNTS  We got: PACK OPENINGS
May 28, 2021
Cool Cats Is Over
Episode 53 of TFM. May 26, 2021. Cool Cats Is Over. That's right. The Master Challenge that's been lingering for almost FOUR MONTHS has finally been posted and will wrap up next week. We recap the long journey that was for this forsake LaMelo moment, and also recap the last few days on NBA Top Shot. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:26 Today's topic 1:17 What's happening at The First Mint 2:46 What's coming up at Top Shot 3:46 Cool Cats Wrapping up 4:29 Master Challenge officially announced 5:10 A recap of the Cool Cats Timeline 9:02 How to fix challenges 12:27 Challenge Trading Feature 14:05 Wrapping up
May 26, 2021
Where Is The Value on Top Shot? [FEAT. MBL]
Episode 52 of TFM. May 24, 2021. Where Is The Value on Top Shot? It's a Holiday in Canada and LG is taking the day off. But luckily he interviewed Michael Levy (MBL) last week about where to find value on Top Shot. We talk through his history approaching Top Shot and his basic strategy principles. This is a great episode for someone who is new to Top Shot, or a good convo between two familiar voices for the veteran collectors. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:18 Today’s topics 1:29 MBL Intro 1:59 MBL’s background in NBA Top Shot 4:04 What MBL saw in top shot when he joined 6:31 The first thing MBL bought on Top Shot 8:05 How to evaluate the Top Shot market 9:54 What MBL targets on the market 10:57 How a new user should approach NBA Top Shot 15:26 The ebbs and flows of challenges 17:28 How to value low and special serials 18:55 MBL’s last mint obsession 21:10 How to prepare for the unknown in NBA Top Shot 23:34 The Collector Score 26:09 MBL’s sales history and what he would sell if he had to 28:49 The last moment MBL would ever sell 31:24 Moments MBL is chasing 32:43 The expected value of packs 35:24 Choose your own adventure 37:36 How to handle the negativity 41:00 Meeting interesting people through Top Shot 43:19 The ideal future of Top Shot 46:18 Would you rather with MBL 47:55 Wrapping up
May 24, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Hustle & Show Pack Drop 2
Episode 51 of TFM. May 20, 2021. The First Mint Live takes over the NBA Top Shot Twitch Stream for the pack drop. Join LGDoucet, TheReelPhilD, and Special Guests George Wrighster, Preston Johnson, and Jacob from Dapper Labs. We break down the Hustle & Show Drop, the Lebron James Play-In Dagger, and Jacob drops some MAJOR bombs about what's coming up at Top Shot. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter:
May 21, 2021
Top Shot Goes To The Playoffs [Feat. J.E. Skeets]
It’s Episode #50 of TFM. May 19, 2021 Top Shot Goes To The Playoffs [Feat. J.E. Skeets] That’s right. We’ve made 50 of these. Thank you for sticking with us. There’s plenty more to come. We got J.E. Skeets from No Dunks on today to talk playoffs. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 A Message from LG 1:10 Today’s topics 2:19 Play in games 3:22 Series 2 will end after The NBA Finals 3:58 40-45k CC+ moments coming 5:09 Hustle and Show drop Thursday 5:46 This week at The First Mint 6:32 Who is J.E. Skeets? 7:01 J.E. Skeets intro 7:34 How J.E. Skeets found Top Shot 9:41 How he approaches Top Shot now 10:42 How did No Dunks start? 16:28 The NBA Playoff magnifying glass 17:24 Will there be a Tyler Herro like player this year? 18:26 Why it has to be the right player going off 20:12 Top Shot is a popularity contest 22:28 How to manage your favorite team’s expectations 24:01 This postseason is wide open and anything can happen 26:18 Skeets predicts the Final 4 28:46 Skeets wants a Lakers vs Nets Finals 29:58 People are sleeping on Kyrie 30:44 Would you rather with J.E. Skeets 34:45 Wrapping up with Skeets
May 19, 2021
The $1 Top Shot Moment
Episode 49 of TFM. May 17, 2021. The $1 Top Shot Moment. With Base Packs now a weekly occurrence on NBA Top Shot, we have seen the return of $1 Moments on the Marketplace. In fact, since last Friday, over 300 Moments have been sold for just $1. In this episode, we look into WHY this is happening and how it might actually be a good thing for the Top Shot ecosystem. Plus, we look into the week ahead and when we might start to see NBA Playoff Moments. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:12 Today’s topics 0:58 Challenges wrapping up this week 2:16 What’s possibly coming this week 2:39 The NBA Playoffs 3:19 Playoff Sets 4:35 The $1 moment intro 5:50 Why we need $1 moments 6:58 Why would you sell a moment for $1? 7:31 The market needs a true floor 8:36 A representation of stability 9:19 Setting realistic expectations for new people 10:53 What could happen from here 12:29 Pack fatigue 13:16 This is not a dip 14:45 Wrap-up
May 17, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Reality TV Star, Top Shot Philippines, and more!
Episode 48 of TFM. May 13, 2021. The First Mint Live RETURNS TO ACTION!  Join LGDoucet, TheReelPhilD, and Special Guests. We got reality TV star CHRIS MANZO, Dijo and Marvin from Top Shot Philippines, and a bunch of pack openings! And plenty of other special surprises and challenges. 00:00 Intro 02:15 Chris Manzo on the show 07:30 Top Shot Marketing 10:15 Chris can’t withdraw yet 12:30 Chris flagged account 14:30 Cool Cats still going 18:30 Throwdowns Tankathon 23:00 Selling Throwdowns for nothing 26:45 The #1 De’Aaron Fox 30:15 What to do with the #1 Fox 36:25 The Giannis Jersey Number 44:30 The Philippines Top Shot Crew! 48:00 Buying Together Strategy 51:00 Philippino NBA Players 54:30 How It got started 56:00 They got scammed! 59:30 We need a scammer or bot! 1:02:30 Philippino Trivia 1:05:30 The McDonald’s of the Philippines 1:07:15 Jollybee’s menu 1:09:20 Weekly Challenge 1:12:00 Snipes cracks a pack! 1:14:55 Stone Cold Steve Austin
May 14, 2021
The WNBA On The Blockchain [FEAT. ROS GOLD]
Episode 47 of TFM. May 12, 2021. The WNBA On The Blockchain, featuring L.A. Sparks Colour Commentator Ros Gold-Onwunde. With the WNBA Season just days away from kicking off, we welcome well-known broadcaster Ros Gold to the show to talk about what women's basketball will look like in the NBA Top Shot ecosystem. And lucky for us, it turns out Ros is quite well versed in the NFT space, even going as far as to own a Crypto Punk! Also, LG has a special announcement regarding a programming change on The First Mint (hint: live show). Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:12 Today’s topics 1:12 Throwdowns moments tanking 2:18 Cool Cats challenge announcement soon? 2:35 Marketplace changes soon? 3:38 The First Mint Live Show Is Coming Back!!! 4:47 Ros Gold-Onwunde Intro 5:40 The WNBA on Dapper coming soon 6:30 Welcome to the Show Ros! 7:34 Ros’ Basketball Background 8:52 Tesla as a first job 9:45 Her start into broadcasting and current projects 10:10 Ros’ Drops an Exclusive Announcement 11:30 Working for the Warriors during their championship run 12:28 Ros’s first impression of NBA Top Shot 14:30 How Ros thinks the WNBA will integrate into the platform 15:36 The WNBA is hot right now! 16:24 The WNBA ladies are on the front line fighting for justice 17:07 How Ros would launch the WNBA Moments 18:17 The 25th season of The WNBA and honoring the past 18:46 Growing up around the WNBA 19:38 This is just the beginning for Top Shot 20:50 What other NFTs Ros is into 21:58 Why community is valuable 22:31 Why Ros bought a Cryptopunk 23:31 What Ros is keeping an eye on and why 25:19 Would you rather with Ros 28:29 Wrap-up
May 12, 2021
The End of Profitable Pack Drops
Episode 46 of TFM. May 10, 2021. The End of Profitable Pack Drops. It's not an easy sentence to read, but it's true. Today's Throwdowns Drop *might* mark the first time since Series 1 that the value of the moments in a pack is, on average, lower than the cost of the pack. We break down WHY this is happening, and how it might be the norm from now on in Top Shot. We also look at the week and challenges ahead. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:13 Today’s topics 1:04 What’s going on this morning in Top Shot 1:21 Another Pre-registration pack drop this week 2:02 Hustle and Show Challenge ends today 2:32 The Expected value of the Giannis Challenge Reward 3:17 What’s going on with Cool Cats? 3:47 Predictions for the coming weeks 5:07 NBA Playoffs Marketing? 5:42 The Reveal of The Collectors Score 7:29 The End of the Profitable Pack Drop 8:04 The $3 floor 9:01 Why this is a good thing for Top Shot long term 9:50 The EV of The Throwdowns Packs 11:11 What a Throwdowns Pack might look like 11:51 What a Throwdowns Challenge might look like 12:39 The factors that could make Throwdowns challenges less desirable 13:27 The end of the “Rent Seeker” 14:01 Wrap up
May 10, 2021
The Fate Of The 2020 Rookie Class [FEAT. STEEF]
Episode 45 of TFM. May 7, 2021. The Fate Of The 2020 Rookie Class. The Regular Season is about to end, so what's going to happen to all these 2020 Rookies? Specifically the non-playoff bound players, like Anthony Edwards, Tyrese Haliburton, and Saddiq Bey? We welcome The First Mint associate Steef from Rookshot Market to discuss the topic and give his expert opinion (and projections!). Plus, we recap the potential impact of Throwdowns on the Challenge ecosystem. Hosted by @lgdoucet Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:13 Today’s topics 1:01 Newly minted base moments 1:49 Friday’s Pre-registration drop 2:35 Cool Cats Update 3:19 The next Coll Cats Challenge theories 3:49 New Throwdowns Set 4:18 How The Throwdowns Set will shift the challenge landscape 5:07 Introducing a mid-tier challenge 7:05 Nothing new on The Throwdowns Set release date 7:20 Steef intro 8:07 What will happen to the rookie moments when the season ends 9:05 Last year’s rookie data 10:20 Last year’s biggest rookies 11:01 How does this year’s rookie class stack up 12:28 Does benign in the playoffs this year matter in August? 14:06 Who is this year’s Tyler Herro 16:07 Series 1 rookies vs Series 2 Rookies 17:28 Will every rookie have a moment? 18:35 Are there too many rookie commons? 19:10 Did the badges live up to the hype? 20:42 Will The NBA Playoffs live up to the hype? 22:08 Will Steef be purchasing the playoff sets? 23:06 Who will win The NBA Championship? 25:49 LG’s pick for this year’s Tyler Herro 26:33 Wrap up
May 07, 2021
NFT 101: Token Gated Access Is The Future
Episode 44 of TFM. May 5, 2021. The Token Gated NFT. The future of Top Shot and all NFTs lies in their ability to unlock community and experiences. With many prominent NFT drops lately, we explore how the term "Token Gating" and how many projects have unlocked this power in recent weeks. We also recap the latest in NBA Top Shot, including the Throwdowns Series 2 Set, Cool Cats 6, and Collector Score. Hosted by @lgdoucet Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:22 Today’s topics 1:31 Throwdowns Series 2 set details 2:56 Notable players in the set 3:16 Cool Cats 6 ending soon 4:00 More RSVP Packs 5:03 Why pack availability is important 5:37 Office Hour bombs 6:09 Collector Score details 6:57 Tokengating intro 7:22 How trade tickets are an example of tokengating 8:48 What is tokengating? 10:06 Other examples of tokengated NFTs 11:07 Friends With Benefits 12:08 The Metakey Launch 13:26 Bored Ape Yacht Club 14:03 Gary Vee’s NFT “Veefriends” 16:39 How does this apply to NBA Top Shot 17:55 How the players can get involved 19:09 Finding out more about tokengating 19:31 Wrap up
May 05, 2021
Do We Need 10 Million Series 2 Base Moments?
Episode 43 of TFM. May 3, 2021. Do We Need 10 Million Series 2 Base Moments? After today’s drop we’ll have over 10 million series 2 base moments but what does that really mean? After recapping today’s drop of a new base set, Hustle and Show, we dive deep into the possibilities for the 35k CC moments and explore the option of a moment with a 100k circulation count. Hosted by @lgdoucet Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:17 Todays Topics 1:13 The Hustle and Show drop 2:12 What’s the point of more base sets? 2:54 How Hustle and Show could affect the Cool Cats 6 Challenge 3:30 Will there be a Hustle and Show Master Challenge? 4:11 The new series 2 base moments 5:51 What else is in the Hustle and Show Packs 6:35 10 million series 2 base moments 7:21 Weekly pre-registration base drop 8:15 Do we have too many series 2 base moments? 9:28 Will the 35k CC moments go LE? 9:58 The base moments with the most released supply 11:45 Possibilities for the 35k CC moments 14:20 Wrap up
May 03, 2021
How Much for a Trade Ticket?
Episode 42 of TFM. April 30, 2021. The news we've all been waiting for has arrived: Outstanding Series 1 Moments will be available in packs that are accessible with Trade Tickets that you trade your Moments for. We have The First Mint friends Snipes, Quadzilla, and OG Collector Arsonic on for a rapid-fire reaction to today's news, during which we discover important questions like Will we be able to buy, sell, and trade the Trade Tickets? Hosted by @lgdoucet Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro  0:10 Today's topics  0:54 Backgroud on the Series 1 Moments  1:55 The plan for the Series 1 Moments  2:14 How to get a trade ticket  2:56 What will the Series 1 Pack look like?  3:54 Recycled Packs 4:32 Discussion Intro  5:15 Quadzilla's reaction to the news  6:03 Arsonic's reaction to the news  7:12 Snipes' reaction to the news  8:08 Would burning be better than recycling  8:58 Quadzilla's thoughts on Recycled Packs  9:50 Arsonic is the modern-day Robinhood  10:36 Is Snipes going to be buying floor moments?  12:18 Will people sell $2 moments if you can trade them for tickets?  13:59 Pre-registration packs flooding the market  14:19 What is the going value of a trade ticket?  14:58 How many tickets will a Series 1 pack cost?  15:54 The 18-month timeline  16:41 Snipes' prediction on how many tickets will be needed to join the queue?  17:55 Calculating the floor value of Series 1 Base Packs  18:48 The start of more utility in Top Shot  21:10 What else the tickets could be used for  22:50 Can you trade tickets?  24:43 Wrapping up
May 01, 2021
He Sold A $35,000 Video You Can Find On The Internet [FEAT. THE NON FUNGERBILS]
Episode 41 of TFM. April 28, 2021. He Sold A $35,000 Video You Can Find On The Internet It’s double trouble today on The First Mint! Luke and George from The Non FunGerbils Podcast join us to talk about being 2 of the first 100 in NBA Top Shot, The landmark Bales sale that broke the internet, and how they come up with their own gerbil NFTs with their community. LG recaps recent NBA Top Shot events and explains why the rest of this week could be crazy. He also shares some bombs that were dropped in Office Hours yesterday including a Series 1 release plan coming by this Friday, April 30th. Hosted by @lgdoucet Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:12 Topics 1:08 A slow day on Top Shot and Flow 1:40 Surprise base pack stress test recap 2:01 Pre-registration pack drop 2:40 Office Hour bombs 2:55 What’s happening to the outstanding Series 1 moments 4:01 Special Cool Cats Reward 4:53 Rare “Throwdowns” set coming in May 5:21 A wild end to the week coming? 6:01 The Non FunGerbils Intro 8:11 Where the Non FunGerbils name came from 8:49 What The Non FunGerbils Podcast is about 9:24 How their actual gerbil NFTs are created by their community 10:29 Being a part of the first 100 in NBA Top Shot 11:13 Their NBA background 12:30 Their initial NBA Top Shot pack purchases 14:28 How they acquired the Ja Morant #1 15:50 The Bales sale being a catalyst for NBA Top Shot 16:37 Luke on Selling his Lebron Cosmic for $12,000 17:57 How the Bales sale went down 18:54 Why they did the deal on the marketplace 19:57 LG reminds Luke of his Cosmic Lebron sales history since he sold 21:20 How the Bales sale broke the internet 22:30 George’s start in crypto 23:31 Luke’s start in crypto 24:00 The DAO hack 24:50 The hard fork 25:31 Cool new projects in NFTs you should look into 29:31 Having Paris Hilton on as a recent guest 30:23 Putting the “G” in LG 32:19 Would you rather with Luke and George 33:43 The Non FunGerbils Gallery 34:32 Closing Advice Subscribe to us on Youtube: Find us on Twitter: #TheFirstMint #NBATopShot #TopShot
April 28, 2021
Is Top Shot Marketing Right Now?
Episode 40. April 26th, 2021 Is NBA Top Shot Marketing Right Now? LG takes a deeper dive into the current marketing activity happening at NBA Top Shot and what the future marketing could look like but first we look at Top Shot by the numbers. He also recaps the past week where we saw a stress test, Cool Cats 5 announcement, and rumors swirling of another common set on the horizon. Hosted by @lgdoucet Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter:
April 26, 2021
The Biggest Buyer on Top Shot [FEAT. DINGALING]
Episode 39 of TFM. April 23, 2021. Someone Just Spent Over 2 Million(!) Dollars on NBA Top Shot and We Got Them on The Show! Special Guest Dingaling joins the show in a first-of-its-kind interview format to share about why he’s after #1 serials, his motivations for buying right now with the market in a slump, and where his unique name comes from. LG recaps this week in Top Shot including Cool Cats 5, Baller Status, and the Luka MGLE Challenge. Hosted by @lgdoucet Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:20 Today’s topics 1:07 Who is Dingaling? 1:43 Premium pack drop recap 4:14 Luke MGLE Challenge 4:35 Fred VanVleet Cool Cat 5 Challenge 5:21 Baller Status updates starting to show 6:20 Dingaling’s recent transactions recap 8:03 Dingaling interview format explanation 8:35 Dingaling welcome 8:50 Why is Dingaling buying right now? 9:06 Where Dingaling gets his money 9:24 Where the name Dingaling comes from 9:40 Why Dingaling collects #1 serials 9:56 Alternate strategies for buying other serial #’s 10:40 Dingalings view on challenges 10:57 Would you rather with Dingaling 12:08 Wrap up
April 23, 2021
Your Next $500 on Top Shot
Episode 38 of TFM. April 21, 2021. Where Should Your Next $500 On Top Shot Go? The First Mint contributors Snipes, Chugs, and TheReelPhilD join the show to talk about The NBA Playoffs, The Olympics, and how they would spend $500 in the current Top Shot marketplace. Chugs talks Grizzlies, Phil tells us who this year’s Tyler Herro of the playoffs while Snipes identifies some underpriced superstars he is watching. LG recaps some newly minted moments this week, along with some rumblings about a possible baller status update soon. He also shares some new additions and the current schedule of The First Mint. Hosted by @lgdoucet Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:14 Today’s topics 0:54 New additions to The First Mint 2:01 The First Mint release schedule 3:30 30 New Moments 4:48 Cool Cats Master Challenge soon? 5:06 Baller Status update 5:19 Discussion intro 6:57 How Snipes would spend $500 on Top Shot right now 7:31 Targeting NBA Playoff lock teams 8:02 Top Shot hates The Clippers 8:50 Should you want a return on your investment? 10:15 Low-cost bets on playoff teams 11:00 Snipes on targeting 35k cc moments 13:08 The 1 player Snipes would buy now 13:31 How TheReelPhilD would spend $500 on Top Shot right now 13:51 Targeting Olympic players 17:20 What happened to Quickley 17:42 This year’s “Tyler Herro” 18:42 Lower seeds that could surprise you 19:36 Phil’s HOT TAKE 22:27 How Chugs would spend $500 on Top Shot right now 22:58 Targeting 3rd and 4th players on playoff teams 24:01 Spreading the $500 around 25:21 The double-edged sword with playoff players 28:10 Memphis Grizzly talk
April 21, 2021
Can Trading Cards Survive? [FEAT. DJ SKEE]
Episode 37 of TFM. April 19, 2021. TOPP 70 artist and trading card collector DJ SKEE joins the show to talk about physical trading cards, The TOPPS MLB NFT launch, and his overall views on the NFT space. LG gives his short and long-term outlook on the Top Shot market including a regular drop schedule, more moments going LE, and the reveal of the Cool Cats Master Challenge plan. What does Top Shot look like going into the playoffs? Hosted by @lgdoucet Want NBA Top Shot and other news in your inbox? Subscribe to The First Mint Newsletter: 0:00 Intro 0:12 Topics 1:12 Where you can find The First Mint Podcast 1:48 The First Mint Newsletter 2:08 LG’s short and long-term Top Shot predictions 2:44 Potential regular pack drop schedule 3:15 Cool Cats Master Challenge reveal? 3:50 Could more moments go LE? 4:30 What new types of sets will we see? 5:39 Long-term Top Shot predictions 6:43 NBA Playoffs 8:20 LG’s TOPPS MLB NFT thoughts 9:20 DJ SKEE intro 10:12 When DJ SKEE discovered NBA Top Shot 11:36 DJ SKEE’s first Top Shot purchase 12:33 Minnesota Timberwolf Fandom 13:38 What you should know about traditional trading cards 14:58 The Junk Wax Era 15:23 Grading cards and scarcity 17:13 How to start collecting physical trading cards 19:18 Why people love physical trading cards 21:24 TOPPS MLB NFT drop 22:46 Why DJ SKEE is excited about the future of TOPPS 25:08 DJ SKEE’s NFT Cards 27:02 Long term bond between physical and digital products 28:25 Pushing the envelope with NFTs 30:29 Can transitional cards and NFTs co-exist? 31:45 Future potential in the NFT space 34:47 The tokenization of fandom 36:23 Would you rather with DJ SKEE
April 19, 2021
What's Next For NFTs [FEAT. J1MMY]
Episode 36 of TFM. April 17, 2021. Special Guest J1mmy joins the show to talk about NFT technology, how to branch out into other NFT projects, and his company NFT42. J1mmy shares about their March 2022 conference in Las Vegas and discusses possible advances in minting technology. Luc also gives a brief update on exciting new topics at The First Mint, Cool Cats 4 Drop, and moments turning LE. Hosted by @lgdoucet 0:00 Intro 0:14 The First Mint Update 1:13 Top Shot recent events update 1:25 Cool Cats 4 Challenge 2:44 Moments going from CC to LE 3:39 More details on other moments going LE 4:09 Pack drop update + Legendary pack possibilities 4:59 The First Mint Newsletter update 5:15 J1mmy Intro and Bio 5:52 How J1mmy discovered NFTs and Crypto 8:47 J1mmy’s background in Tech 10:38 When J1mmy figured out NFTs were the next big thing 12:50 How to branch out from Top Shot into other NFTs 14:44 Luc and J1mmy talk about other projects they’ve participated in 16:20 Finding your group 17:00 J1mmy gives examples of groups he enjoys 18:15 Immersion in NFT’s 19:31 What is NFT 42? 20:27 Tokensmart NFT Conference in Las Vegas 22:40 Tokensmart Minting Technology 24:30 Why composability is important to new NFT projects? 27:22 What industry do you hope can be changed by NFTs in the future? 30:48 J1mmy’s Top Shot collection and basketball background 31:38 When J1mmy knew Top Shot would be a hit 33:58 Would you rather with J1mmy
April 17, 2021
Will Top Shot Ever Explode Again? [FEAT. BLOCK J]
Episode 35 of TFM. April 14, 2021.Special Guest BLOCK J joins the show to talk Top Shot Boom, Bidding System, and Market Stability. We also recap The First Mint NEWSLETTER, the Cool Cats 4 Players, and all the new stuff that has happened in Top Shot. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Notes: 00:00 Intro 01:10 We got a Newsletter! 02:30 Cool Cats 4 coming soon 03:35 Cats 4 Challenge Speculation 05:00 Holo Drop Recap 06:00 Great Stuff from Dapper 08:00 Chat with BLOCK J 08:50 Block J's first NFT 09:45 He ignored Top Shot at first 11:25 Buying the ZION legendary 13:10 Block J the big fish! 14:12 Market Cap system does not work 14:45 Bidding System 16:35 Quantifying the demand 18:05 Effects of a Bid System 19:10 Will there be another boom? 20:33 What IS a boom? 22:20 Will Hardcourt impact us? 24:00 Would You Rather!
April 14, 2021
LG bought his own NFT [FEAT. DEAN, REX, PHIL D]
Episode 34 of TFM. April 12, 2021. The Holo Drop is today! LG and Phil D recap the Pack Drop Restrictions in advance of the release. And then, we have a chat with Rex and Dean who created "Top Shot Legend" NFTs; paintings of LG and other community voices made into Top Shot-like NFTs. Then LG buys one. Hosted by @lgdoucet.
April 12, 2021
The Next 30 HOLO ICON Moments [FEAT. PHIL D]
Episode 33 of TFM. April 10, 2021. 30 Holo Icon Legendary. 30 Metallic Gold Rare. 20 Base Moments, with many Top Shot Debut. Are we ready for it? Special guest The Reel Phil D joins us for a Weekend Edition of the podcast, where we recap all 80 New Moments coming to the platform. Hosted by @lgdoucet.
April 11, 2021
The Moment Designs [FEAT. TYLER HAYES]
Episode 32 of TFM. April 7, 2021. Today, we feature tech journalist Tyler Hayes who recently published a story about the look and feel of NBA Top Shot Moments. He went in depth with the team from Dapper Labs to uncover the history meaning of the design. Plus we recap what to expect from the next two weeks of NBA Top Shot and how storytelling has evolved in the space. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Notes: 00:00 Agenda 01:42 Slow Week at NBA Top Shot 02:40 How Gifting might look soon 04:40 1 million packs on the way 06:35 How to handle Common Moments 08:02 Legendary Moments coming 09:30 Storytelling has changed 11:25 The Passion of the community 12:37 Go and make your content! 13:54 Intro to Tyler 15:00 Getting into Top Shot 16:35 Tyler's Collection 17:55 Still looking for good serial numbers 19:02 Best Purchase so far 21:55 Design process for the Moments 24:15 Colours of the Moments 26:06 Hardcourt Hints 27:25 Future Designs and Other Artists 28:42 The Long term plan for Moments 31:35 Baseball is his thing 33:02 Would You Rather
April 07, 2021
The Top Shot Reboot is Coming
Episode 31 of TFM. April 5, 2021. Marketplace. Gifting. Drop Restrictions. Withdrawals. New hires on the Dapper side. These are all very positive signs. And as the market continues its dip, we realize that this entire adventure is lining up for its next phase. So LG gives a couple recommendations for how to prep for it. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Notes: 00:00 Agenda 01:45 Signs of a Top Shot Reboot 02:30 Gifting is coming back 04:19 Drop Restrictions 05:30 Top Shot Marketing 07:10 Bottom of the Dip? 07:55 Changes to Value Evaluation 09:15 Healthy Collectors 11:30 Assumptions for Recommendations 13:00 Moments that will hold value long term 14:20 Total Moments for a player 16:30 Players with few Moments 18:45 Evaluating the best play 20:05 Moments that will matter in Hardcourt 22:30 The "Core Set" Moments 24:10 Stretch Run + Playoff Planning 25:30 Playoff Heroes 26:20 Non Playoff Players 27:30 New Content on TFM
April 05, 2021
Episode 30 of TFM. March 31, 2021.The voice of NBA Top Shot, Jacob Eisenberg, joins us for a monster episode. But here's the trick; we're not talking about Top Shot that much. Instead, we're diving into the mind of Dapper's Community Lead and learning about his Basketball knowledge, Portuguese proficiency, his love for Pablo Prigioni, and the time he asked Kobe Bryant an interview question. Plus, LG reviews the month that was in March 2021. Hosted by @lgdoucet. Notes: 00:00 Agenda for the day 02:03 March 2021 in Top Shot 04:15 Challenges + Trade Deadline 06:00 Recap at The First Mint 08:05 The First Mint website 09:20 JACOB JOINS THE CHAT 10:15 Jacob as an NBA fan 15:01 Jacob as a Video Gamer Manager 17:20 What makes a good NBA Player 21:03 The next 10 years of the NBA 24:02 Why Pablo Prigioni 29:16 Advice for the casual NBA fan 34:04 More about Pablo 37:45 Why he speaks Portuguese 39:30 Work-life balance during Top Shot 42:15 The Community Team 45:03 Interview Question to Kobe Bryant 47:44 His Days as a Reporter 49:10 TRIVIA WITH JACOB
March 31, 2021
The Potential for Pack Drop Restrictions [FEAT. GREG MURRAY]
Episode 29 of TFM. March 29, 2021. Will you ever need to qualify for a pack drop? It has happened before, and it could happen again. We welcome TFM contributor Greg Murray to the show to discuss this topic and the precedent that has already been set by NBA Top Shot. We also review last week's Rookie and Top Shot Debut Badge release, and look at the week ahead in Top Shot. This episode was recorded well before the Pre Order Drop was announced, so some information might not be accurate! Hosted by @lgdoucet. Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:45 Agenda for the show 02:30 The First Mint website! 04:35 Badges hit the market 05:30 I like the badges! 07:01 Office Hours every week 09:21 Gifting will change! 10:22 Challenges coming up 12:26 Greg Murray comes on the show 14:26 Greg's start on Top Shot 16:15 How many Packs did Greg get 17:30 Past Requirements for Drops 18:45 The Gift 19:50 All Star Game Drop 21:29 Speculation begins! 22:52 Barrier to entry for Common Moments 24:22 What if it was 10 Moments 25:45 How many people just resell? 26:30 Stages to the membership 28:35 The Market is too expensive 30:44 Series 2 Club? 32:20 LG forgot Baller Status existed
March 29, 2021
Being Liquid in NBA Top Shot [FEAT. WADES]
Episode 28 of TFM. March 24, 2021. The Marketplace has been painful (despite a small rebound today!). This episode is low on updates, but high on experienced knowledge. We are joined by Wades, a staple of the Top Shot community and a man who knows his finance. We discuss the concept of LIQUIDITY in Top Shot, and why it's important to keep cash on hand Notes: 00:00 Agenda for the show 02:22 The Supply that might be coming 04:20 Old Plays in all that supply 05:21 Cool Cats 3 Recap 06:29 Interview with Wades 07:21 Three Podcasts dropped the same day 08:10 How Wades got started 09:40 Top Shot in the early days 11:00 Trading ETH for Moments 13:02 Cosmic Pack Openings 15:20 His NBA Fandom 16:16 Which NBA Game he would go to 16:43 Why WADES the name? 19:07 LIQUID CHAT, 10% is good 20:27 Plan Ahead 21:38 His Recent Sale 23:11 His Plan to Liquidate 25:04 His recent purchases 26:30 Advantage of being liquid 28:16 Stay Liquid in Bull Market 29:45 Stick to you plan 31:50 Start from scratch PLAN 35:08 WOULD YOU RATHER
March 24, 2021
The Marketplace Tumble [FEAT. EASYACES]
Episode 27 of TFM. March 22, 2021. The Market is down and we break down the reasons why it's dipping so hard. Skip to the 8-minute market to hear that part. LG also breaks down the key injuries around the NBA and upcoming challenges. Last, we chat with EasyAces, the man who sold a Lebron for $210,000 over the weekend (the current highest all-time sale). Hosted by LgDoucet. Notes: 00:00 Intro 01:30 Lebron's injury 02:30 Lamelo injury 03:27 Cool Cats 3 today 04:45 Tons of Challenges right now 06:30 Seeing Stars Lebron Challenge 07:52 MARKEPLACE CHAT 15:40 Interview with EasyAces 16:15 How the Sale went down 18:05 Negotiating a big deal like this 20:20 The dog is eating his shoes 21:30 Getting into Top Shot 23:02 Selling stuff once in a while 24:33 Lebron's injury in Top Shot 25:52 His most treasured Moment 27:20 He wants the Kawhi shot
March 22, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] 2021 All Star Pack Openings Feat. AwesemoDFS
FIRST MINT FRIDAY! Friday, March 19, 2021. LG Doucet, TheReelPhilD, and PlungeFather dig into the past week in NBA Top Shot and today's 2021 All Star Game Drop (which none of us got). We'll feature multiple pack openings from different members of the community, and the FINAL FOUR contestants from MINT MADNESS! Special Guest Star Alex Baker aka AwesemoDFS FIRST MINT FRIDAY! Friday, March 19, 2021. LG Doucet, TheReelPhilD, and PlungeFather dig into the past week in NBA Top Shot and today's 2021 All Star Game Drop (which none of us got). We'll feature multiple pack openings from different members of the community, and the FINAL FOUR contestants from MINT MADNESS! Special Guest Star Alex Baker aka AwesemoDFS FEATURING: The Reel Phil D:​​​​ Plunge Father:​​​​ LgDoucet: Awesemo: Notes: 00:00 Intro + Agenda 03:00 Mint Madness Recap 06:00 Mint Madness Pitches from Contestants 13:33 Awesemo joins the stream! 15:30 Awesemo collects tons of Luka Cool Cats 20:08 Planning for Lamelo Master 24:45 Best Moments in Top Shot 28:40 Jordan joins the stream! 33:00 PACK OPENING #1 39:50 Oneshot joins the stream! 44:01 PACK OPENING #2 51:00 Lebronizard joins the stream 1:00:02 PaulRuddsCousin gives his pitch 1:05:40 MoBambaMoProblems gives his pitch 1:10:30 ThiccJesus42069 gives their pitch 1:16:23 PACK OPENING #3 1:21:50 Steph Curry no look! 1:25:30 Raffle 1:30:10 Best background painting
March 20, 2021
Daryl Morey is deep into NFTs & NBA Top Shot (and he's not selling!)
Episode 25 of TFM. March 17, 2021.Today we're joined by Daryl Morey, President of Basketball Operations of the Philadelphia 76ers. He joins LG to chat about collecting NBA Top Shot and his extensive experience in NFTs and Blockchain. Listen for the Moments he has bought and the first NFT that he has created. Skip to the 11 minute mark for the interview! Hosted by LgDoucet Notes 00:00 Intro 02:00 Plunge Show Last night 03:05 Mint Madness 04:21 Lebron Challenge Revealed 05:28 New All Star Game Set 06:30 Yesterday's Stress Tests 07:46 New #2 All Time Sale 08:21 Gifting Returned 09:11 What's Coming Next 10:50 My next guest 11:40 Daryl Morey 12:05 How he got started in Blockchain 13:07 Daryl lost all his Bitcoins 14:21 Didn’t like Top Shot at first 15:07 He bought a CryptoKittie in 2017 16:41 What he bought on Top Shot 17:44 Getting onto Sorare 18:50 Daryl’s unrealistic expectations 20:00 The issue with Top Shot 21:49 Daryl’s NFT Collection 22:38 His strategy for NFTs 24:05 Buy his NFT! 26:00 What will Top Shot change about NBA 27:20 "Analytics Moments" in Top Shot 28:30 The 3s they missed against GSW 30:00 Would You Rather Game
March 17, 2021
Strategy for New Moments + Chat with OG NFT Collector [FEAT. WEREKITTY]
Episode 24 of TFM. March 1, 2021. The First Mint sits down with WereKitty, a pillar of the NFT community in Cryptokitties and Avastars, and one of the OGs of Top Shot. She tells us about her introduction to Top Shot through CryptoKitties, and the work she's doing in the NFT space with Avastars. LG also dives into his strategy for the coming weeks as more supply hits the market. Hosted by LgDoucet. Notes: 00:00 Intro + Agenda 01:45 Mint Madness Competition! 04:06 Pre Order Packs Dropped! 06:02 Release 22 might come soon 07:10 What's up with Marketplace 08:05 LG's Strategy for what to look at 09:00 The Market is very reactive! 10:02 Look at Triple Badges 4000 LE 12:07 The Star players to focus on 14:33 More Moments are coming for the same players 16:11 Too many Lamelo Moments 17:18 WereKitty Interview 18:15 How she got into Top Shot 20:15 The Sports she likes 21:40 Norwegian Curling Pants 22:25 Her Collecting Strategy 23:30 How Avastars work 25:06 Why Collect all these NFTs? 27:00 Her shift to Full Time NFTs 28:45 Would You Rather game
March 16, 2021
Episode 23 of TFM. Friday, March 12, 2021. LG Doucet, TheReelPhilD, and PlungeFather dig into the past week in NBA Top Shot and the UPCOMING RELEASE 21 of 600,000 new moments!  We'll have special guest Britt Wallace on to talk about her channel Top Shot Callers and her exploration of the NFT space. Then we'll chat with Aussie Rules Football superstar Christian Petracca about his first few months on Top Shot and what he expects from the platform as an athlete. And...the LONG AWAITED RETURN OF CRYPTOBABE!!! A true legend returns to The First Mint Friday to rekindle with The PlungeFather. But all is not as it seems. Notes: 00:00 Intro 02:03 Agenda For “PRE ORDER” MADNESS 03:15 Did Plunge ask to have Cryptobabe on the show? 04:52 What’s going to happen with Pre-Order pack drop? 06:30 What will be in the packs? 08:27 Will we ever see $1 moments again? 09:34 Plunge selling off 15000 LE 11:15 Mike Conley Rumor Mill 13:39 Team Durant East Update 16:08 More Cold Countries? 17:39 @TheReelPhilD – no belief in the system 19:17 When is the next pack drop? 21:02 Britt Wallace’s First Mint Debut 23:45 Britt Wallace on her Basketball Family 24:55 How Britt Wallace got into TopShot 26:25 What’s the most three pointers she hit in a game? 27:46 Playing against Pat Summit 28:30 What WNBA Moments would she like to see? 29:30 Her perspective on NFTs 32:00 How she evaluates NFT art 33:00 What artists Britt Wallace is tracking 35:00 Your Plungealytics Fix 36:45 Recapping The Gift Challenge on Rookshot 48:18 AFL Star Christian Petracca on the First Mint 50:00 How Christian first got into Top Shot 53:44 Where is Christian in the Global Popularity Rankings? 1:08:00 New Cools and Cats to watch out for 1:13:35 Cryptobabe Recap 1:16:30 CRYPTOBABE RETURNS! 1:22:00 Introducing…Mint Madness!
March 15, 2021
The #1 Account on NBA Top Shot [FEAT WHALE SHARK]
Episode 22 of TFM. March 10, 2021. WhaleVault, the biggest account on NBA Top Shot, is worth over $50 Million USD. And on this podcast we talk to the man who runs it. WhaleShark is a one of one in the NFT space, and runs one of the most unique and fascinating communities in the metaverse. LG sits down with him for an in-depth chat on the WhaleVault strategy, long term holdings, and how it all came to be. Plus, WhaleShark reveals details about his personal life and past in Basketball. The interview is preceded by a quick PSA about Top Shot Challenges and a preview of the Packs that are coming very soon. Hosted by LgDoucet. Notes: 00:00 Intro 01:45 Data stream from PlungeFather 02:30 Friday show coming this week 03:11 Enter the contest 03:45 Seeing Stars Challenge Clarification 05:00 Why no Lebron Challenge yet? 06:00 Why is Luka Cool Cat CC+ still? 06:45 What happens when player traded? 08:00 975,000 more moments are coming! 10:05 It's about to get crazy again 12:00 WHALESHARK INTERVIEW 13:33 How WS got started in Top Shot 14:40 Who owns the Whale Vault? 15:20 How they decide to sell 16:54 How did the Vault get so big? 18:05 Secondary Market Purchases 19:06 Advice on buying NFTs 20:22 Michael Jordan + Steph Curry 21:40 Will Whale Invest more in Top Shot? 23:50 Investing $150,000 into Top Shot 26:15 What is the Whale Vault? 27:30 Why Whale Shark? 28:40 What his name would be if not WS 29:30 How to get started in NFTs 31:02 Where will NFTs be in 10 years? 33:50 WOULD YOU RATHER GAME 36:55 WhaleShark is Yao Ming
March 10, 2021
778,000+ New Moments on All Star Weekend [FEAT. ChugsnBugs]
Episode 21 of TFM. March 8, 2021. The All Star Weekend was wild: 4x Pack Drops, which is great, and tons of Marketplace downtime, which is bad! LG gives his thoughts on the downtime and marketing decisions. Then he is joined by ChugsnBugs to discuss marketplace dynamics moving forward with the influx of new moments. Hosted by LgDoucet Notes: 00:00 Intro 01:25 New Challenges 02:45 Cool Cats 3 Challenge 04:00 New Supply Coming? 05:00 Rule Changes in Top Shot 05:55 Long Term NBA Support 06:30 The First Mint is in for the long run 07:15 Outlook into the future 08:20 Marketplace Primer: Base Moments 10:30 How to prepare for the future 12:15 Chugs joins the pod! 13:20 Seeing Stars + Rising Stars arrive 15:15 THE NEW SUPPLY 16:10 How to value New Moments! 19:00 What does Utility mean? 23:25 How much to sell for? 25:25 More Packs and Impact on Market? 28:35 Prices going down 31:18 New Moments of Old Players 32:45 Triple Badges will last longer 33:50 New Moments Players could have 36:10 New Data to look out for 37:55 Rare Moments and Serial Numbers 39:25 Patience on Predictions 41:30 New Content to check out
March 08, 2021
Episode 20 of TFM. March 5, 2021. LG Doucet, TheReelPhilD, and PlungeFather dig into the past week in NBA Top Shot and the DOUBLE PACK DROP for the All Star Game, Seeing Stars and Rising Stars. We also feature special guest RudeMoose, an NFT OG and queen of CryptoKitties. Then this one takes a wild turn as we welcome Matty Ice, which leads to a surprise appearance by NBA Player Josh Hart who accepts a Boy Scout Badge Deal from The PlungeFather. And finally, we crack some packs just in time for Cryptobabe to make an apperance! Hosted by @lgdoucet, PlungeFather, TheReelPhilD Notes: 00:00 Intro 02:10 The New Tiered Pack Drop System 05:15 Need for New Supply 07:00 Is Phil on the Blacklist? 10:05 Cost of Immanuel Quickley? 12:30 LG uses a Trash Can for KD 14:45 Is Cool Cats Still Cool? 16:55 Welcome to RudeMoose! 19:30 Why do they call you Rudemoose? 22:07 How She Got into CryptoKitties 23:04 What is CryptoKitties? 25:35 Why CryptoKitties are special 27:55 Dapper and the Flow Blockchain 30:34 Top Shot Collection vs Kitties 36:00 Conversation with Harrison Barnes 40:22 Estimate for Seeing Stars Costs 44:03 When will there be a Lebron Seeing Stars Challenge? 48:00 How much were Seeing Stars going for? 52:08 Matty Ice joins the show 54:00 Matty's experience so far in Top Shot 57:44 Plunge trades Boy Scout Bagdes for Moments 59:00 Josh Hart crashes the show 1:02:00 Light Harted podcast 1:07:20 Josh Hart Friendship Trivia Challenge 1:14:20 Matty opens up a pack 1:16:07 #25 Giannis! 1:21:00 Top Shot Cat joins the show! 1:22:30 Canadian Kentucky Players 1:26:18 Cat opens up a Pack! 1:30:18 Message from CryptoBabe 1:32:00 Phil's Picks for the week
March 06, 2021
The Value of Series 1 [FEAT. GREEK FREAK]
Episode 19 of TFM. March 3, 2021. [Addendum: Added a blurb about the *RISING STARS* announcement.] Updates about The First Mint & NBA Top Shot, including Challenge Rewards. LG gives his thoughts on the current dip in the Marketplace (hint: we need new supply!). We also have a special guest: GreekFreak, on the show to discuss the long term value of Series 1 Moment (Caution: he is drinking tea during the interview and you can hear his spoon). Hosted by LgDoucet 00:00 RISING STARS ANNOUNCED 01:00 Players announced 02:06 Actual episode start 02:35 Agenda for the day 03:45 The First Mint Update 05:45 Audiene Poll 07:00 Rewards Distributed 08:15 KAT Released 10:00 Marketplace Dip High Level 11:40 We Need New Supply 12:20 Everything is Overpriced 13:30 This Happened a Month Ago 14:15 Interview with GreekFreak 15:30 How Greek Got into Top Shot 16:30 He has 12,000 Moments 17:45 How to Know What to Sell 19:00 In 5 years S1 will be untouchable 20:50 Trading for Genesis & Platinum Ice 22:40 What Greek would Sell First 23:30 Buying the Low Mints 24:30 Biggest Regret 26:05 Series 1 Hidden Gems 27:00 GAME: Would You Rather? 29:00 Arsonic wants his Cody Zeller
March 03, 2021
NBA All Star Week on the Marketplace [FEAT. PHIL D]
The First Mint is making moves on the charts. We cover all things Cool Cats in NBA Top Shot, like the Anthony Davis challenge, the Towns drop, and Master Challenge. We recap Metallic and Pre Order. Then LG chats with TheReelPhilD about how the marketplace will react to the NBA All Star Game and Dunk Competition. Hosted by LgDoucet. Notes: 00:00 Agenda for the day 01:30 The First Mint on the charts 03:00 What's coming up on TFM 04:40 COOL CATS SEASON 06:45 Cool Cats 3 Speculation 08:00 Lamelo Master Challenge 09:00 Pre-Order Drop 10:10 Metallic Gold Drop 12:00 Metallic Gold Challenges 12:50 All Star Game ramp up for Top Shot 14:00 Is Top Shot marketing right now? 16:00 All Star Game advice with The Reel Phil D 18:30 When will Pre-Orders come out? 21:30 Dunk Contest speculation 24:00 Will there be any trades? 26:15 Players talking about NBA Top Shot 28:05 Will there be an All Star set? 30:15 Mentions of Top Shot at ASG 32:00 How far we've come on Top Shot
March 01, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Feb 26, 2021 :: Metallic Gold Returns!
LG Doucet, TheReelPhilD, and PlungeFather dig into the past week in NBA Top Shot and the arrival of the new Metallic Gold 2 Set (MGLE 2). We also feature special guest Anorak, a master of the NFT video and NBA Top Shot OG. We are then graced by *special surprise guest* CryptoBabe, who accepts Top Shot Moments for private photos. Hosted by @lgdoucet, PlungeFather, TheReelPhilD Notes: 00:00 Parental Discretion Advised 04:30 Metallic Gold Drop This Morning 09:00 Luka Cool Cats Prices 11:10 Is CryptoBabe Real? 14:05 Was there a dip this week? 17:30 MGLE Pack Opening 24:00 GUEST Anorak NFT, his story 29:40 Anorak the biggest sale in October 33:20 Chatting about NFTs 36:30 The Grinch NTFs 38:00 Plunge Father Data Breakdown 41:00 MGLE Price Trends with PlungeFather 48:00 What happened with Evan Fournier MGLE 51:00 New MGLE Challenge happens live 53:10 SPECIAL GUEST: CryptoBabe 55:00 Dance off with CryptoBabe 57:35 The story behind CryptoBabe 1:00:04 New Babe Product 1:04:25 Phil's Picks for the week
February 27, 2021
Don't Open Your Packs (FEAT. KYLO REN]
Episode 16 of TFM. February 24, 2021. On this episode we feature special guest KyloRen, one of the OG members of NBA Top Shot and owner of a top 15 ranked portfolio. We talk about keeping packs unopened and what the potential long term benefits will be of doing this (and why's its so hard!). Plus, LG discusses the Series 2 Common dip and the impact of the All-Star Game selections on the market. Hosted by LgDoucet. EPISODE NOTES: 00:00 Agenda for the pod 02:05 The First Mint update 03:45 New Supply of Moments! 05:30 Stress Test Release 19 05:50 80,000 people on the drop 07:00 Trading Strategy 08:00 When Packs? 08:40 All Star Reserve Prices 10:30 Gifting Moments to NBA Players 11:45 Flow on OpenSea 12:45 Interview with KYLOREN 13:30 UNOPENED PACKS!!
February 24, 2021
SHAQ is coming to Top Shot!
We recap the Friday Live Show, the SHAQ and Allen Iverson announcement, and the record-breaking week that was in NBA Top Shot. NBA Player Streams, Mark Cuban, Gary V, and other big players join the game. Plus, we sample a conversation from LG's appearance on The Burn. Hosted by LgDoucet NOTES: 02:00 How The First Mint Works 03:00 Friday Show Recap 06:00 LG on Clubhouse 06:30 SHAQ announced! 07:45 Gary V and the week that was 08:40 Players opening packs 10:15 Excited as a collector 12:05 Pranksy buys up the market 13:15 When Packs? 14:15 Platinum Ice 15:30 NEW MOMENTS? 18:00 Chat with The Burn 30:00 Staying safe on Top Shot
February 22, 2021
[LIVE SHOW] Feb 19, 2021 :: Cool Cats Season
NOTES 00:30​ 15000 LE Reaction 07:00​ Lamelo $2000 13:00​ Lebron No Look 3pointer 16:15​ The Gift Analysis 22:00​ Steph Sutto 26:00​ Steph Buying Strategy 31:00​ Are we near the top? 34:00​ Steph doesn't follow NBA 37:00​ TWIN SISTER REVEAL 38:00​ Psychic Power Trivia 45:00 Lebron James Prices 49:00 Trae Young Holo Icon 57:00 Evaluate.Market Presentation 1:02:00​ Deep Moment Analysis 1:17:00 Arsonic RETURNS! 1:20:00​ Zeller Purchases 1:22:00​ Zeller Giveaway 1:27:00 Discord A Fool 1:32:00​ Cool Cats Analysis
February 22, 2021
The Value of Metallic Gold [Feat. ALXO]
Episode 13 of TFM. February 17, 2021 Today we chat with ALXO (real name Alex), one of the first 100 people in NBA Top Shot. He tells us about the early days of Top Shot, and we deep dive into the value of the Metallic Gold Set, Series 1 and Series 2. Plus, LG breaks down the Cool Cats 2 drop. Hosted by @lgdoucet
February 17, 2021
"The Gift" & Prep for Cool Cats 2
Episode 12 of TFM. February 15, 2021 Cool Cats 2 launches TODAY, so LG's got a full breakdown of what to expect: the prices, the market's reaction, and the master challenge. We also review THE GIFT drop from this weekend and predictions for the next 6 weeks on NBA Top Shot. LG also talks about Gary Vee's mention of Top Shot, and gives his picks for the week. Hosted by @lgdoucet
February 15, 2021
The Past & Future of HOLO ICON [w Steve Veerman]
Episode 11 of TFM. February 10, 2021 Today we interview Steve Veerman, the man behind Intangible.Market and a Top Shot OG. Steve tells us why he LOVES the HOLO MMXX set and his predictions for the future of the HOLO ICON set. He also reveals things that LG did not even know about HOLO, MGLE, and Base moments. Hosted by @lgdoucet
February 10, 2021
Cats Master Challenge Details (30 Moments!)
Episode 10 of TFM. February 8, 2021 Since our last pod, there have been 2x Base Set Releases + 1x Legendary (HOLO ICON). Things did not go as planned though. On this pod, we look at what's new in The First Mint world, discuss the details of the Master Cool Cats Challenge (and some fan theories), and review the HOLO ICON Drop. We also look at how LG approaches Common Series 2 moments and where he finds their total supply numbers. Hosted by @lgdoucet
February 08, 2021
The Marketplace Dip
Episode 9 of TFM. February 3, 2021 Yes, the market is down. But why? We dive into this with the podcast's first ever non-live guest, Andy8052. Together we look at what may be causing a 10-20% dip in prices, and what the next few weeks will look like on NBA Top Shot. Plus, we look at the CC vs LE blog post, and LG gives a couple picks to round out the week. Hosted by @lgdoucet
February 04, 2021
Cool Cat Estimates + Master Challenge
Episode 8 of TFM. February 1, 2021 On this episode we look at how many Cool Cats sets are complete and dive into the upcoming master challenge of four sets of Cool Cats. We also discuss more Safety protocols in the Top Shot ecosystem, and LG gives his picks following this weeken's NBA action. Hosted by @lgdoucet
February 02, 2021
Cool Cats Questions Answered
Episode 7 of TFM. January 28, 2021. On this episode, I go deep into COOL CATS and speculate on all your hot questions for the Luka challenge. Also review what's in Release 10 (happening soon!) and announce a special edition of tomorrow's podcast LIVE in Discord. Hosted by @lgdoucet
January 29, 2021
Cool Cats and More Metallic Gold
Episode 6 of TFM. January 27, 2021. On this episode, I speculate on WHEN new packs will drop, and review the current supply for Cool Cats and Base 2. I also chat about how to stay safe on the crypto internet, and list what I think will be iconic moments from Base 2. Hosted by @lgdoucet
January 27, 2021
S2 Release 7, 8, 9, and New Moments!
Episode 5 of TFM. January 26, 2021. NEW Moments from Series 2 are out. Discuss Release 7, 8, and 9 from Base 2 last night today. Look at issues and upcoming Cool Cats prices. My picks for the current market. First of daily podcast! Hosted by @lgdoucet
January 27, 2021
How a Challenge Works and Picks for Series 1
Episode 4 of The First Mint. The Top Shot marketplace breaks $2.1M in 24h sales, and a new top sale all-time, $71k for Lebron. We also break down how challenges work, and how dive into the issues around marketplace this week. Last I give my picks for the week and which moments I love in Series 1 and Series 2. Hosted by @lgdoucet
January 22, 2021
Making a Top Shot Portfolio
Episode 3 of The First Mint. On this episode we look at what drove the Top Shot Marketplace to break $1 million in 24h sales. We also break down the Cool Cats release + challenge for Luka Doncic. And finally, I give my recommendations for how to build a great Top Shot Collection Portfolio. Hosted by @lgdoucet
January 18, 2021
Rookie Badges and Player Tier Rankings
Episode 2 of The First Mint. Covering today's Base Series 2 Pack Drop, and this week's Rookie frenzy on the marketplace. I also look at what the Rookie Tags means, and share my Player Tier Ranking system for Top Shot Moments. Hosted by @lgdoucet
January 13, 2021
First Episode
Record setting day on the marketplace with $242,000 in sales 2020 Playoff Sets on the rise and their future values NBA Players who do NOT have Top Shot moments (yet!) LG gives his top pick ups for the week
January 07, 2021