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Lift Free And Diet Hard with Andrew Coates

Lift Free And Diet Hard with Andrew Coates

By Andrew Coates
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EP 82 Phil Graham: Impact Lives, Make More Money
Belfast, Northern Ireland based fitness entrepreneur Phil Graham guests to talk about the difference between young business coaches spamming in your DMs, vs what it takes to develop a career of credibility as a business coach. Phil attacks the "I just want to help people" justification for not welcoming the effort to earn a greater livelihood in your fitness career. We dive into the nuance of the value of having social media followers measured against the pitfall of having so many that take a lot of time but don't lead to business growth. Phil shows the path to impacting more lives and making more money. 
May 17, 2022
EP 81 Dr. Mike Israetel: Spectrum of Evidence
Dr. Mike Israetel returns to share how RP's social media and content creation have evolved with their brand growth and changes in social media platform reach. Mike eloquently explains why different prominent academics are more liberal or conservative in their interpretations of new research, and how you can navigate this. We also deconstruct the tribalism and hostility sometimes found within certain fitness industry communities, and how Mike prefers to navigate his interactions. 
May 10, 2022
Ep 80 Brandon Senn: Kabuki Education
Brandon Senn is the VP of Athlete Experience and Head Coach at Kabuki Strength. Brandon provides a peek behind the curtain of his role with Kabuki and what it took to organize the 2nd annual Kabuki Education week this past January. Brandon shares how his value system have shaped his career, and his ambitions about continuing to educate and support other coaches. Listen and you'll also learn Brandon's answer to the question: "If you could have 1 million engaged social media followers tomorrow, would you want it?"
May 03, 2022
EP 79 Nick Lambe: Making The Industry Better
Nick Lambe guests to share his passion and experience behind creating and hosting fitness events, like his upcoming Recovery and Sleep Summit and Raise The Bar in Orlando this past February. Nick is also a public speaker appearing at The Inland Empire Fitness Conference this August. Nick believes we can make the industry better by scaling our reach through mentoring other fitness professionals, and creating access to great education. Nick shares why he believes its more important to focus on people than just the topics or concepts in education. 
April 29, 2022
EP 78 Eric Roberts: Life and Career: Behind Social Media Success
Eric Roberts guests to talk about both his meteoric rise on social media, and the foundation and career behind and before it all. Eric shares a peek behind the curtain of what kind of time and effort his media takes, what social media growth has done for his career, and shows a rare passion and energy for helping people. We talk about what to expect if you aggressively pursue social media growth and how to go about it. 
April 26, 2022
EP 77 Molly Galbraith: Creating a Better Experience For Women in Fitness
Molly Galbraith makes her long overdue first appearance to share some sobering facts about the experience of many women in the fitness industry, and how we can create a better experience. Molly shares the importance of getting clear on your values and being relentlessly focused. She also shares wisdom and experience from her career with new and emerging fitness professionals.
April 19, 2022
Ep 76 Luke Carlson: Working In VS On Your Business
Luke Carlson guests to share his extensive wisdom as the founder of the Minnesota based Discover Strength. We talk about why fitness professionals should spend more time learning business and marketing, the importance of embracing a brand, and why playing the long game matters with your career. Luke shares his thoughts on the value of developing a niche. We also talk about his event, The Resistance Exercise Conference, where he keynotes, and I'll be speaking on the weekend of May 13th-14th. Luke shares why you should consider joining us there. 
April 12, 2022
EP 75 Nathalia Melo-Wilson: Olympia Resilience
Former Miss Olympia Bikini and evidence based coach Nathalia Melo-Wilson guests in one of the more candid, funny, thoughtful, and entertaining episodes I've hosted. Nathalia shares her humble start saving her allowance to go to the gym in Brazil, to moving to the US at 20 with $350, living in less than ideal spaces, and becoming Miss Olympia. Nathalia shares her love of learning, why she's never coached competitors, how she manages to stand out against "influencers" with her evidence based brand. Nathalia shares some lessons training and communicating with women who aren't happy with their self image, and who are moms or working through pregnancy. We also dive into our philosophies about finding the right clients. 
April 05, 2022
EP 74 Jason Brown: The Conjugate Method For Your Career
Strength and conditioning coach, author, and mentor Jason Brown guests to talk about Louie Simmons's influence on Jason's career. Jason explains the conjugate method, popularized by Louie, and how to apply core principles of strength and conditioning to general population training. We talk extensively on career development and the balance of learning technical skills plus the soft interpersonal skills to be a successful coach. Jason highlights the value to writing articles to build credibility and grow your career. 
April 01, 2022
EP #73 Brett Bartholomew: The Art Of Coaching
Brett Bartholomew makes is long overdue appearance to talk about his work making the industry better at coaching. Brett shares how he helps our industry avoid burnout by creating a value system to operate within. We discuss the importance of earning a good living as a coach and go into depth with our discussion of communication. 
March 29, 2022
EP 72 Tom Morrison: Mobility U
Mobility educator Tom Morrison guests to talk about all things mobility training. He shares his experience with a major low back injury from poor training and movement through his education in moving better to not only help him lift and perform but coach and educate others. We talk about the importance of the language we use around injury and pain, body awareness and why Tom feels this is essential, and the importance of training specific abilities as we age. 
March 25, 2022
EP 71 Patrick Umphrey: Imposter Syndrome
Hope you enjoy this discussion with Patrick Umphrey, a respected online and powerlifting coach. Patrick shares the power and value of his 20,000 plus member Facebook group Eat, Train, Progress, in how he's been able to help more people and have a fulfilling career. His group highlights a non-traditional type of social media following. Patrick also shares his thoughts on dealing with imposter syndrome. We also have some fun with the presence of predatory business coaches in our industry, and some nuanced thoughts on selling, dealing with objections, and whether you should niche your brand. 
March 22, 2022
EP 70 Chris Duffin: Knowing the Value of Your Time
Iconic powerlifter turned entrepreneur and engineer, Chris Duffin makes a rare podcast appearance to share stories. Chris explains how he chooses from the abundance of opportunities thrown his way. He shares the story of how Bearfoot shoes came to be along with his decision making matrix around alignment with his values and vision. 
March 15, 2022
EP 69 Dr. Justin Farnsworth: On The Front Line Of Fitness
Justin Farnsworth, Doctor of Physical Therapy is one of the most entertaining and forthright guests across this podcast's history. Justin shares why he chose to work within the fitness industry to make more of an impact than by staying in a clinical setting. We discuss the not always good relationship between physical therapy and the fitness industry, and how to get the most from it. Justin highlights his enthusiasm for working with other fitness professionals, and we discuss some important training concepts for working with older adults. 
March 08, 2022
EP 68 Dan John: Always A Place At The Table
Legendary strength coach and educator Dan John joins the podcast to share wisdom from his 40+ years as a coach. Dan talks about getting a wide variety of coaching experience early, of "Being so good they can't ignore you" a famous Steve Martin quote, in regards to cutting through social media novelty, and how he values problem solvers and thinkers, not problem finders and memorizers. Dan also shares some nuanced thoughts about his legacy and the importance of giving credit to people for their work. 
March 01, 2022
EP 67 Sam Forget: The Client Is The Priority
Online coach, podcaster, and writer Sam Forget joins to talk about why we need to pour everything into the client in front of us. Both to ensure great client outcomes but also to ensure great career success. Sam shares how you can use long form content to enhance your career. We talk about travelling and meeting people in the industry, supporting people on the same journey you're on, and how to interact with established industry leaders. Sam shares a lot of powerful wisdom that will make you better.
February 22, 2022
EP 66 Jeff Tomko: Keep Writing
Jeff Tomko, contributing editor at Muscle and Fitness magazine joins the podcast to talk about being a successful writer in the fitness industry. Jeff shares the delicate balance between being professional and earning opportunities with putting yourself out there and asking. Jeff shares what he looks for in a writer he wants to work with. Jeff also shares how he stays passionate about his personal fitness efforts including his enjoyment of Jiu Jitsu. We also discuss how the industry has changed with the rise of social media and the shift away from print to more online content. 
February 16, 2022
EP 65 Chad Landers: Selling the Best One on One Training
Chad shares his 19 years of gym ownership and 29 years of personal training experience in a practical lesson on having a successful fitness career. We double down on authenticity, the relationship with the client, the client experience as a whole, and what you need to do to stay in the business you love. We talk about Chad's love of T-shirts and why its ok to wear them as a trainer, depending on your environment. Chad shares the importance of managing your finances early in your career and why owning his gym has been essential to his success. 
February 01, 2022
EP 64 Kenny Santucci: Build The Community First
Kenny Santucci guests to talk about the passion and perseverance of starting his 3rd gym in Manhattan. Kenny talks about why he prioritizes hosting continuing education and why he wants his gym to feel like the show Cheers, "where everyone knows your name". He describes why he started with his community the built the gym around it. We talk about considerations for having a lasting career in fitness instead of eventually going on to a "real job". Kenny also shares his passion behind starting a 3rd t-Shirt/apparel brand. 
January 25, 2022
EP 63 Derek Mendoza and Nick Lambe: Raise The Bar
Derek Mendoza and Nick Lambe are the hosts of the Raise The Bar conference, so be held Feb 4th - 6th in Orlando Florida. They've assembled an all-star speaking lineup and talk about their passion for and commitment to continuing education and supporting other fitness professionals with educational resources. Derek and Nick talk about why this went mattered, how they worked on it, plus advice for others seeking to grow in the educational space. They also talk about what to look for in a partner to work with on any project or business venture. Barring interference I'll be attending, so hope to see you there. 
January 18, 2022
EP 62 David Otey: Keeping Trainers Training
David Otey joins the podcast to share his vision to support and educate other fitness professionals to stay within this career path. David shares his recent success in the backdrop of years of coaching, writing, educating, which has most recently led to publishing a book. We talk extensively about how to grow your own career and approach with the attitude of giving as much as possible instead of asking people what they can do for you. This is a can't miss episode if you want to grow your career.
January 12, 2022
EP 61 Angela Gargano: Pullups and Mindset
If you listen to just one episode please choose this one with Angela Gargano. Her positive energy, mindset, and philosophies toward brand and career will help you going into the new year. Angela talks about taking a lot of "messy" action, how she's build different tiers and price points for her services, all about her free media and content creation, and ultimately about helping people. 
December 30, 2021
EP 60 Nick Tumminello: Being Team Client
Nick Tumminello returns to discuss his frustration with the tribalism, dogma, and attitude within certain corners within the fitness industry, corners more concerned with being right than helping the person who seeks guidance. We talk about our issues with language that creates fear around exercise. We discuss why we dislike leaving people feeling like they're dysfunctional or broken. Nick also shares his philosophy behind assessment and his new Movement Performance Assessment, plus some ideas for coaches who want to step into developing education for others in the industry. Nick highlights why he primarily cares about the experience of the client in front of him. 
December 24, 2021
EP 59 Jonathan Goodman: Competitive Advantage by Being Human
Jonathan Goodman returns to talk about his recent major business and media pivot. Jonathan shares why you hold a competitive advantage against the big companies simply by being human in your interactions. We discuss why "productive procrastination" is hurting your progress and why you need to build "career capital". Jonathan shares his new energized approach to social media and he's trying to share his lessons. Listen in for more
December 07, 2021
EP 58 Don Saladino: Abundance Mindset and Career Success
Don Saladino joins the podcast today to share a lot of kind words about other people and friends in the fitness industry. Yet Don himself has had what feels like a fairytale career. Maybe there's a connection here. Don also shares how he navigates saying yes to opportunities and requests of his limited time. Don shares how valuable his roots in the evidence based fitness industry have been when leveraged across his mainstream reach. Don tells you about the things that don't matter as much along the way, and key pieces to building a great foundation for career success. 
November 30, 2021
EP 57 Shane McLean: All About Fitness Writing
Shane McLean guests to talk about fitness writing. Shane is a coach and fitness writer for Muscle and Fitness, Barbend, and more. Shane shares some of the wisdom of his experience writing and mentoring other writers. We talk about how writing can benefit your career and what it's done for ours. He talks about how to focus on writing for one person first, and finding something you love to write about. 
November 25, 2021
EP 56 Dean Somerset: Anatomy of a Successful Career
Dean Somerset returns to share his insights of blending the road to success before social media, with maximizing the benefits social media offers today. Dean highlights the importance of authenticity and not jumping on trends. Dean shares his insights into personal and professional financial wisdom for fitness professionals. Dean also shares details of his upcoming Scientific Application of Mobility Training seminar in Toronto on November 21st.
October 19, 2021
EP 55 Dr. Lisa Lewis: Psych Skills For Fit Pros
Dr. Lisa Lewis returns to talk about her work teaching psychology skills to fitness professionals. Lisa talks about what she has in store with her courses and upcoming in-person presentations, as the world opens back up to in-person education. Lisa shares some helpful books and a process to help decide if books and resources are credible. Lisa shares some of her perspective and value as an aligned professional but as an "outsider" to traditional fitness coaching. We discuss just how much of your education should be directed to better understanding of psychology and coaching, and we dive into the importance of self care for people in our industry. 
October 12, 2021
EP 54 Luke Tulloch: Relationship Coaching
Luke Tulloch makes his first appearance to share his enjoyment and process behind his social media content. Luke explains what he means by a subtractive mindset. We discuss why clients and coaches often use too much exercise variety and Luke shares his approach to making his online coaching a meaningful relationship with his clients. 
October 01, 2021
Ep 53 Luka Hocevar: Vigor Fitness And Business Summit - Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Luka Hocevar returns to share how attending live fitness events have enriched his career. We've met countless friends and forced valuable industry connections.  Luka is forging ahead with his late September 2021 Vigor Ground Fitness and Business Summit in Renton, WA and gives a run down of what attendees can expect. I fly down next week to be there. Luka provides some insight into the value of social media growth. 
September 16, 2021
EP 52 Danny Lennon: Coach, Educator, Podcaster
Danny Lennon guests and shares the value and experience of his 8 years hosting Sigma Nutrition Radio. Danny explains why he's moved deeper into educating within the fitness and nutrition industry, and how he's sustained his passion for his podcast and his overall work. We talk about making good decisions along the way, keeping us on the path as coaches, and how this mirrors the experience of our clients. 
September 14, 2021
EP 51 Andy Morgan: Why You Shouldn't Take Nutrition Advice From Joe Rogan
Andy Morgan makes a brilliant appearance talking about why we shouldn't take nutrition advice from Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan. We talk about his new book The Diet Adjustments Manual, and how Andy developed the ability to take complex technical information and make it accessible. We talk about how to compete against the charlatans of our universe, and an in depth discussion of how to approach filtering the right type of clients for you and your business. 
September 10, 2021
EP 50 Austin Current: Live To Train Another Day
IFBB Pro and author of Science of Strength Training Austin Current makes his first appearance to talk about how his history of competing and his education molded his career as a coach and educator. We discuss moving away from imagery and brand around our physiques and how to navigate content shift with an established audience. Austin explains how his book came to be and shares his philosophy of creating consistently without any expectation of reward. We talk about how Austin balances his personal brand with that of his business. 
September 01, 2021
EP 49 Quinn Henoch: Education and Pain
Quinn Henoch, DPT, makes his first appearance to talk about the value of formal and informal education in physical therapy and strength and conditioning. Quinn explains why coaches should show their work early and often, and why you'll never be 100% sure you're right on any strength or therapy prescription. Quinn shares a lot of philosophy about helping people deal with pain and improve performance. 
August 26, 2021
EP 48 Krista Scott-Dixon: Radical Compassion
Krista Scott-Dixon returns in what can only be described as a discussion where existentialism meets practical wisdom about coaching in the current state of our client's lives. Krista explains why growth sucks while you're going though it, how to discuss understanding tradeoffs with clients, and a wild array of other nuanced coaching topics. We also talk about Krista's book Why Me Want Eat. 
August 17, 2021
EP 47 Chris Hitchko: Show Up For A Successful Career
Chris Hitchko joins me for a discussion about how to be more successful in your fitness career. From going above and beyond basic certifications, to creating brand and media that resonates with consumers, we have to do more to stand out in an industry that on the surface feels saturated, but isn't truly close to saturated with skilled, caring, integrity based professionals. 
July 28, 2021
EP 46 Josh Hillis: Skills For Stress/Emotional/Bored Eating
Josh Hillis makes his first appearance to talk about developing skills with our clients around stress/emotional/boredom eating. We talk frameworks for thinking about eating with your values and your identity. Josh talks about translating his body of work and reputation into a growing social media presence. I hope you enjoy Josh's passion and enthusiasm for helping people develop valuable skills around the nutrition and lifestyle. 
July 22, 2021
EP 45 Brad Dieter: Smuggle In The Good Information
Brad Dieter returns(though first appearance on the new format) to chat about The Inland Empire Fitness Conference where we will both be presenting Aug 6th and 7th in Spokane WA. Brad wanders through a series of his thoughts on career success, the benefits of growing a social media brand vs being a pure coach within the umbrella of a successful and growing company like Macros Inc. Brad shares his vision for a better corner of the fitness industry and our role in developing front line preventative health care to meet future demand. 
July 13, 2021
EP 44 Ben Mudge: Be A Pathfinder
Ben Mudge shares how his work on the season 1 set of Game Of Thrones turned into a career in fitness. Ben may look like Thor but shares how his battle with Cystic Fibrosis leaves him identifying more with Captain America. We discuss our recent T Nation article collaboration and philosophy of sharing and abundance mindset. We discuss how Ben's approach to media leaves him more influential and sharing better information to where he's beating the "influencers" at their own game. 
July 07, 2021
EP 43 Jordan Syatt: Following Doesn't Equate To Happiness
Jordan Syatt returns to share why he's pivoted with his social media. Jordan shares the challenge of dealing with negativity with such a large following. He discusses how he stays grounded in the face of all his success. Jordan explains why his podcasts are his favourite form of media and why he feels it's never to late to start one, or start a career in fitness. We talk Jordan's passion for MMA, in this fun, light hearted catchup. 
June 30, 2021
EP 42 Dani Shugart: Navigating Political Correctness and Cancel Culture
Dani Shugart returns to chat about how to become a writer and what it takes to write for T-Nation where she’s an editor. Dani poses a lot of questions about how our industry deals with the infusion of political correctness, cancel culture, and shaming. Check out this thought provoking and enlightening discussion.
June 22, 2021
EP 41 Joel Jamieson: Recover To Win
Enjoy Joel Jamieson in his first guest appearance. From the corner at UFC championship matches to your ears, Joel shares his expertise in conditioning and heart rate variability(HRV). We discuss Joel's 2009 classic book Ultimate MMA Conditioning and the plans for a new book. We talk in depth of energy system training for MMA fighters and how Joel's work can be applied by coaches for the general population. Joel rounds out the discussion with his thoughts on spectacles like Logan Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather. 
June 15, 2021
EP 40 Mike Millner: Mind Over Macros
Welcome and enjoy coach, author, and podcaster Mike Millner in a discussion of how to develop credibility beyond just social media content, developing your writing, and if you should start a podcast. Mike dives into a nuanced discussion of how to navigate the challenges of our clients' food environments and lifestyle challenges. 
June 08, 2021
EP 39 Martin Rooney: Culture, Coaching, and Focus
Listen in for early details on Martin's upcoming book release. You cannot help but feel energized when listening to Martin Rooney's energy and ideas. Martin shares how he went from travelling 150 days a year to turned inward during a challenging year to focus on his family, his organization, and himself. Martin used the time to write a new book "High Ten" his follow up to the highly successful "Coach to Coach". Martin shares how his ability to focus is essential to his success and career development. Martin believes that "you're going to be a professional at something, you decide what". Your choose how you apply your time and energy which leads you to your destination.
June 01, 2021
EP 38 James Krieger Financial Planning, Investing, And The Risks Of Crypto
James Krieger returns to share practical financial advice for fitness professionals. We wade heavily into the risks and problems with the rise of Crypo in our industry. James details his success with, and approach to trading and the traps to avoid. We talk about how get rich quick mentality ties into the same mentality about losing weight and getting in shape fast. Check out this episode and James's work to learn more about how to develop a long term sustainable approach to your finances. We also talk about how to approach pivoting away from a full time fitness career as your career progresses. 
May 25, 2021
EP 37 Hannah Gray: This Is Not An Industry For The Faint Of Heart
Listen in as Hannah Gray returns for an informal catch up between 2 old friends who've travelled very divergent paths yet sharing some important common ground. Hannah shares her thoughts on the efforts along her career to become a published writer and industry presenter. We share some wisdom for coaches who aspire to these goals. We discuss important career capital to develop to establish a stand out brand in the industry. 
May 18, 2021
EP 36 Sarah Ashman: Growth and Abundance Mindset
MBA and RD Sarah Ashman returns for an in depth discussion of career success through the lens of a growth vs fixed mindset combined with an abundance vs scarcity mindset. We also trash the idea of hiding our individual achievements and successes in a tough year for fear of offending others. Sarah also highlights how valuable it is within a fitness career to be skilled at taking complex concepts and translating them into simple messages for the everyday user. 
May 11, 2021
EP 35 Dr. Tim DiFrancesco: Philosophy and Methodology
Dr. Tim DiFrancesco guests to talk about the pros and cons of spending 6 years as the head strength and conditioning coach of the LA Lakers NBA team. Tim fills you in on the unglamorous sacrifices you need to make to work in this world an contrasts life running his own facility in Salem, MA. Tim shares what he means by needing to be in the right place at the right time doing the right stuff. Tim caps this episode off with a break down of why its important as a coach to have a philosophy and a methodology for your work. 
May 04, 2021
EP 34 Dr. Allan Bacon: Most People Quit Too Early
Dr. Allan Bacon of Maui Athletics joins to dive into detail on how coaches can teach beginner and intermediate lifters to know how hard they can push themselves toward true failure. Allan dives into some research and strategies to help you use concepts like percentages, RIR, and RPE with clients. We also go in depth on how to utilize Facebook groups and social media in general to establish authority and serve more people with your knowledge. 
April 22, 2021
EP 33 Christian Thibaudeau: Navigating Extremism In The Fitness Industry
Christian Thibaudeau returns to discuss how to navigate(and in many cases avoid) extremism in the fitness industry. Christian goes far and wide in this animated discussion about how he's managed this past year, how his career direction has evolved, thoughts on doing a great job with online coaching, and dealing with introversion, social anxiety, and low self esteem. 
April 05, 2021
EP 32 Sivan Fagan: Moving Your Career Online
Sivan Fagan joins the podcast to share her experience and advice in shifting a mostly in-person fitness career to online. Sivan shares her thoughts on how long you need to train in person before you're ready to work online with clients. We discuss the value in long form writing and how to enhance your writing skills. Sivan explains why she believes it's a mistake to try to compete with the "big names" or influencers. Sivan also shares strategy to develop a business training clients in their homes. 
March 30, 2021
EP 31 Logan Dubé: Being an Educator
Logan Dubé is energized and fulfilled by teaching fitness education to other coaches. Logan often travels many weekends to present The PPSC and other certifications. Logan explains what it takes to pursue a career in fitness education. Logan also details how to help people change, through changing their energy to support the change strategy. Logan also dives into being a great team player and working within someone else's business instead of needing to build your own. They also detail the pursuit of work life blend instead of work life balance. 
March 23, 2021
EP 30 Tom MacCormick: Getting Jacked And Lean
Muscle gain coach Tom MacCormick joins to chat about the effort and tools it takes for people to go beyond getting fit and active for general population training. We dive into the commitment needed to put on serious muscle while getting lean. Though geared toward men, this applies equally to women who want to achieve these goals. Tom also shares his advice for longevity in the fitness industry. 
March 16, 2021
EP 29 Mike Howard: Selling People What They Want While Giving Them What They Need
Mike Howard returns to talk about helping people with good messages while not running afoul of the "lunatic fringe" of extreme nutrition ideology in our world. Mike shares how he approaches behaviour change with his clients, focusing on process goals not outcomes, and choice architecture. We also tackle how to approach or avoid internet arguments. Where there's benefit and where you're using your time poorly. 
March 09, 2021
EP 28 Danny Matranga: Careers, Creating, and Clubhouse
I've enjoyed Danny Matranga's media so much I had to bring him on as a guest to share with you. Danny and I dive into career development and how we don't always know the path we're on nor do seemingly polished fitness professionals always have a clear plan. We commit to a process of consistent work which leads to unknown future opportunity. Danny approaches everything with an abundance mindset and we talk about sharing and supporting other fitness professionals. Danny also explains the value of the new emerging social media app Clubhouse as I detail my reservations. We talk in depth about choosing social media to invest time and effort into. 
February 10, 2021
EP 27 Jill Coleman: Focus Inward Then Build Outward
Jill Coleman guests to talk about how she navigated the uncertainty of the last year while supporting the coaches who mentor under her. We talk about the new social media app Clubhouse, being careful with industry status games, and career growth philosophy. We explore how to get more female coaches into spaces like strength and conditioning while understanding that women often self select into other parts of the industry like general fitness and nutrition. Plus how Jill would advise her younger self given a chance to go back in time. 
February 04, 2021
EP 26 Robert Linkul: Training Older Adults
My friend Robert Linkul, owner of Training the Older Adult joins to chat about how he pivoted his business this year to navigate the shut down of his business facility. We dive heavily into the importance and opportunity for coaches to market within the older adult population going forward. We discuss important skills to develop to serve and reach this population. We go over the importance of 'top of mind' marketing and social media presence. We also discuss the importance of considering the state/province/county you set up or move business to going forward depending on their policies. 
January 26, 2021
EP 25 Carolyn MacDonald: Content Creation
Carolyn MacDonald takes a short break from her role as Director of Marketing of Renaissance Periodization to discuss content creation. Carolyn highlights how content creation efforts can help find a secure job and then pivot with the time demands and role of the job. We explore who a lot of coaches are struggling to gain traction with their media or even struggle to get started. We hit topics like sharability, the trouble with following trends, and avoiding trying to do it all. Plus what are some low value activities coaches tend to lose time on. 
January 19, 2021
EP 24 Pat Davidson: Questioning The Status Quo
Long overdue for an appearance, Dr. Pat Davidson guests to talk about the ideas behind his new book, A Coaches Guide To Optimizing Movement: Rethinking The Big Patterns. Pat has developed a reputation of challenging the way coaches thinking about the common ways of teaching and implementing strength training. Pat shares his thoughts of some of the existing training literature and the choice of words we use. Pat also discusses goals and resolutions, how make them effective through good planning. Shake up your approach with this refreshing take on our world. 
January 12, 2021
EP 23 Kevin Mullins: Writing, Social Media, and Relationships
Kevin Mullins returns to discuss our different approaches to social media. We talk about goal setting and resolutions in this very first episode of 2021. We discuss our shared interest in writing and the value of long form content for coaches to develop brands. Plus Kevin shares his experience with the importance of truly getting to know yourself before you can really help others, and the importance of making and learning from mistakes along the way. 
January 05, 2021
EP 22 Bryan Krahn: Success In Coaching
Legendary coach Bryan Krahn returns to talk in depth about being a successful coach. Success in terms of helping people and positively impacting lives. We talk about what online coaching meant long before the current trend, what was needed for staying power in the industry, and navigating difficult topics like addition and eating disorders with clients. Bryan drives home the importance of listening as part of being a great coach. We also talk about shaking off the feeling of being off track in your career development and re-energizing your brand and business. If you want a dose of practical and positive energy, enjoy this episode. 
December 29, 2020
EP 21 Nick Winkelman: The Language Of Coaching
Nick Winkelman joins the podcast to chat about his new book, The Language of Coaching. Nick elaborates on why this book was important to write and its focus on the research supporting the superiority of external cues vs internal cues. Nick explains when internal language is effective and when a coach needs to step back and simply direction into external cues. We discuss why everyday lifters and even elite athletes don't automatically make great coaches, and how the appropriate use of language is as important for everyday clients as it is for high level athletes. Nick also builds in some ideas to help the coach who's reluctant to change from a system they've long used and learned to trust. 
December 22, 2020
EP 20 Nick Shaw: Internal Locus Of Control
Nick Shaw, cofounder of Renaissance Periodization finally makes his first appearance. Nick goes in depth about his new book: Fit For Success and why he wrote it. The book and our discussion is rooted in Internal Locus of Control, and the other principles he believes are essential to personal, career, and health and wellness success. We talk about some of the great people on his team and some of the well known clients he's worked with. Take lessons from Nick's humble and giving nature in this episode. 
December 15, 2020
EP 19 Dr. John Rusin: Be The Best Hour Of Your Client's Day
Dr. John Rusin drops in to talk about how he built his Pain Free Performance Specialist Certification into a successful brand backed by a world class team of coaches, teaching across the world. John shares his thoughts on the future of fitness education, why we will always have in-person education, and in-person coaching. We talk about seeing 2020 as an opportunity which will forge a lot of unstoppable coaches and seeing our industry through a lens of opportunity and anti-fragility. John drills down to why we do this, to "be the best hour of your client's day". We also go in depth on thoughts on personal brand, authenticity, and the value of being part of a team. 
December 08, 2020
EP 18 Marci Nevin: If You're Speaking To Everyone You're Speaking To No One
Marci Nevin drops in to chat about the pros and cons of specializing in coaching women and some of the limiting beliefs we deal with when struggling to continually share engaging content. . She highlights the problems with tying nutrition to your identity and the challenge of navigating clients with patterns of disordered eating. Marci also breaks down the unseen headaches and effort involved with managing and engaging with a large social media following. We talk about what coaches don't realize they're getting into when they hope to create a larger brand and reach. Marci shares how she navigates losing followers and dealing with negative interactions. If you're setting out to build social media following, this is a must listen. 
December 01, 2020
EP 17 Pete Dupuis: The Practice
Pete Dupuis and I dive into Seth Godin's book The Practice and its underlying mantra of developing a consistent process without being married to specific outcomes. Pete shares insights from both his process of content creation, and from years of running one of the most successful fitness industry brands. We talk about his approach to social media and its pros and cons for your career and life. Pete will share with you why he takes a long view with everything he does, giving with no specific demand in return. "Content creation is an act of generosity". 
November 24, 2020
EP 16 Luka Hocevar: Learn, Apply, Reflect, Course Correct
Luka Hocevar unloads his thoughts on coaching and career. We discuss the process it takes across a long career to create a compounding effect on long term results. It doesn't come quickly or easily, but if you plan and practice patience, the process will get you results. Luka notes the importance of regularly reflecting and course correcting so you don't end up off course in your work. Luka talks about his work ethic and the balance with making time for the important relationships in his life. He shares the importance of understanding the sacrifices involved in building something special. Through the discussion we share more good books you should read, than most adults ever touch in their entire lifetime. This is one of the best episodes in the library. 
November 17, 2020
EP 15 Mike Doehla: We Sell Better Lives
My good friend and founder of Stronger U, Mike Doehla is back to talk about how he wants to see his customers and his coaches thrive in life, fitness, and business. Mike not only created and built a great company, he shares a ton of free advice for career and business success, despite not offering a paid service in that area. We talk about why we do this. Mike also shares the benefits of being a coach under a brand that takes care of the marketing and finding the clients, letting coaches do the part they're passionate about, the coaching. Mike also has a background in finance so he's been more passionate about getting coaches to learn financial literacy. Hope you enjoy this episode. 
November 10, 2020
EP 14 Dr. Derek Wilcox: Being More Formidable In Life
Derek Wilcox, PhD of Sports Physiology and Performance and coach with Renaissance Periodization joins me to chat about where he put his energy and focus this year and how his competitive powerlifting and education unfolded and intertwined with his career as a coach. We talk about some of his pet peeves in the common messages in the fitness industry and how to reframe nervousness into positive excitement when competing or just stepping into a gym for the first time. Derek seeks to give people the tools to be formidable in life through performance and strength training. He also shares the value he sees in being part of a greater team at RP vs going it as a solo brand. 
November 03, 2020
EP 13 Susan Niebergall: Relationships: The Difference Maker
Please welcome back Susan Niebergall to the podcast. Susan is inspirational and educational in the fitness and nutrition space. Susan reveals she has a book in the works, shares her love for my client Larry(often featured on my IG), along with her various thoughts and philosophies toward our world. She shares thoughts on content creation and putting yourself out there, the value of relationships in her success and the importance for any fitness career, and imposter syndrome a recurring and popular topic. Susan shows relatability and we discuss not appearing superhuman, how many fitness professionals feel pressure to. We explain why now might be the best time to stay in the fitness industry and how to time block to care for your priorities. 
October 27, 2020
EP 12 Chad Hargrove: How To Grow Beyond This
Business and brand, dealing with staleness in your career, and how to grow beyond where you currently are. Chad Hargrove examines these topics in our discussion on this week's episode. Chad explains the validation you get from social media, the dopamine driven compulsion of having a large following, and changes to instagram. He also explains his adoption and potential within TikTok. This is the career horizon episode you don't want to miss.
October 20, 2020
EP 11 Lee Boyce: Diversify Your Approach
My friend Lee Boyce is back sharing how he made the best of 2020. He discusses some of his long term ambitions as an educator and why he thinks mobile coaching is a good play for trainers. We talk about why the fitness industry is better than you might think and how the stability of secure salaried jobs is more of an illusion than you believe. Lee shares why he values instagram and various thoughts about building a following. 
October 13, 2020
EP 10 Dr Jordan Shallow: Get Out Of Your Own Way
Dr Jordan Shallow drops in for episode #10. Jordan and I share our Newfoundland origins before diving into his ideas on career development and how he progressed into education. Learn about his powerlifting origins training under legendary powerlifter Dan Green, our perspective on imposter syndrome, and Jordan’s attitude toward fitness influencers who don’t share great information.
October 06, 2020
EP 9 Matty Fusaro: You're Not Putting Out Content For People Who Don't Like You
Matty Fusaro joins me for Episode #9. We hammer on relatability as a fitness professional and brand. How to walk the line between having super human and down to earth qualities. We dive into the value of networking within the industry. Matty shares his experience becoming successful on YouTube and advice for anyone wanting to explore that media. We discuss starting a podcast and I push Matty to start one, and how you should approach the pressure to be on all platforms. We dive into a lot of ideas about content creation. Matty explains why you want other people to win, and the importance of sharing. “Just because someone else is doing well doesn’t mean that they’re taking anything away from you.”
September 29, 2020
EP 8 Dr. Sam Spinelli: Guard Your Time and Choose Your Attitude
Join Dr. Sam Spinelli and I for a big discussion of personal development and how to look at 2020 as an opportunity. We dive into why it’s essential to learn and get comfortable with sales, the difference between people who use their money for experiences vs accumulating material possessions, and maximizing your clients’ experience with you. We also hammer on the value of your time and guarding it against people who rob you of it and your mental energy. We finish off with a big discussion on how we can expect a surge in demand for coaching in the coming months. Find Sam on Instagram at @dr.samspinelli plus @citizenathletics1 and @e3rehab and
September 22, 2020
EP 7 Tony Gentilcore: Fundamentals Never Go Out Of Style
Tony Gentilcore returns to share various career lessons from his 18 years of coaching, writing, speaking, and why he doesn't have his own podcast. We jam on how his focus and priorities have shifted across his career, why he's so focused on teaching the fundamentals instead of a creative and curated social media brand, and the importance of building rapport and personal relationships. We also delve into how his speaking engagements began and how this launched into the brand that is today Tony Gentilcore. 
September 15, 2020
EP 6 Gareth Sapstead: What Can You Do For Someone Else?
My charismatic friend Gareth Sapstead joins me from across the pond to talk about creating connections and making friends in the industry. We detail the importance of finding out "what can you do or someone else?" instead of approaching people with what they can do for you. Gareth shares how to get started in writing, expanding your trainer toolbox, where his creative ideas come from, understanding body dysmorphia, and variety vs consistency in programming. We also discuss the pros and cons of showing a more ripped aesthetic physique on social media and the classic discussion around whether trainers need to be fit(nuance warning).
September 08, 2020
EP 5 Jordan Syatt: Career and Life Endgame
Where does Jordan Syatt want to take his career and life going forward? Gain some insight as he shares how life changed starting a serious relationship. He shares his upcoming plans, plus we discuss: Should you be looking to leave the fitness industry now, what type of content should you be focused on, are industry leaders annoyed if you share and tag their work, resources to be a better writer, and more.
September 01, 2020
EP 4 Matthew Ibrahim: Getting To The Top Of The Mountain
Matthew Ibrahim is a breakout emerging star of the fitness industry and prolific content creator and educator. He joins me for an engaging discussion about training philosophy, active listening, communication skills, creating behaviour change, and how he approaches his career and media. Matthew explains how he approaches everything as a problem solver. This entire episode is a showcase of Matthew's skill in engaging and communicating.
August 25, 2020
EP 3 Jonathan Goodman: 4 Pillars: Family, Health/Fitness, Sleep, Business
Jonathan Goodman returns to discuss the current and future direction of his work with The PTDC and Online Trainer Academy, why he doesn’t plan to write any more books(at least for a while), and the importance of taking care of yourself first before you’re able to support others around you. Jonathan breaks down the 4 important aspects of his professional and personal life and how you can’t make great progress in all 4 simultaneously. We also explore why fit pros don’t want business advice and how to instead help by leading by example. Jonathan also details why he doesn’t love Instagram.
August 18, 2020
EP 2 Mike Israetel: Success in RP Company Culture and Social Media
Welcome to Episode #2 of the rebranded Lift Free and Diet Hard Podcast with host Andrew Coates. Dr. Mike Israetel joins to share how Renaissance Periodization developed a successful brand and culture. We discuss RP and Mike’s individual approaches to social media engagement, should trainers touch politics on their media, and pitfalls of isolated research like the now famous, dubious, and possibly fraudulent squats vs hip thrusts study.
August 11, 2020
EP 1 Sohee Lee: Content Consistency and Saying No
Welcome to the 1st episode of the revamped podcast. After 150 episodes of The Fitness Devil Podcast, life and work are taking Dean onto other project focus, leaving Andrew Coates to host The Lift Free And Diet Hard Podcast solo. Sohee Lee jump starts the rebrand with a discussion about her recent life travelling with boyfriend Ben, a shift in her social media and experiencing new engagement, the value in consistency within your content creation, scaling to educate a larger audience, building a team of coaches in her business, and the importance of saying no to preserve your time and emotional energy. 
August 04, 2020
Rog Law EP 148: Law Of The Rings
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Eric Bach EP 113: I'll Be Bach
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April 18, 2019
Mike Howard EP 85: Solo Preneur
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April 11, 2019
Michael Dietrich EP 82: I Am Trainer
Mountain Mike.
March 21, 2019
Clifton Harski EP 81: Burn After Listening
Clifton Harski joins us to talk group training, reality vs expectations, and his company FitWall. Managing(or mismanaging) work life balance while teaching multiple certifications on weekends on top of his main work, yet finding time to be a Dad. We also talk Clifton’s deftness with mockery of all things fitness without being a offensive ass about it. Plus some commentary on Clifton’s predictions for 2019.
March 14, 2019
Chris Shugart EP 80: Politcal Correctness Predator Commando
Chris Shugart, long time editor of joins us to talk about political correctness in our industry. We dive into declining testosterone in men and the use of trt. Chris explains the benefits of marrying a fit person and why in his view psychologically unstable people are drawn to extreme diets. Plus some writing and publishing chatter.
March 07, 2019
Kelly Coffey EP 79: The Hunger Addiction
Kelly Coffey returns to discuss food addiction. Kelly works closely with and speaks openly on addiction in all forms. We even ask if you can be too addicted to fitness. Kelly tells us more about limiting her time in the online space while focusing on the people she’s working to help. We also explore how thinner doesn’t necessarily equate with happiness.
February 28, 2019
John Romaniello EP 78: Want A Cookie?
Latest episode of The Fitness Devil
February 21, 2019
Eric Trexler EP 77: Creatine Is All You Need Bro
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February 14, 2019
Brian Krahn and Marty MacPhee EP 76: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Coaching
Latest episode of The Fitness Devil
February 07, 2019
Sam Spinelli and Darren Bishop EP 75: Get Physio'd
Latest episode of The Fitness Devil
January 31, 2019
Yvette D'Entremont EP 74: Are You There Gwyneth Paltrow? It's Me Scibabe.
Yvette, D’entremont, better known as the Science Babe, joins us for a take down of gurus who promote pseudoscience. That means her favourite target Gwyneth Paltrow and her site Goop, plus several other notable baddies. We cover The Cornell Food Lab academic fraud, Netflix documentaries, the Horrible Bullshit Awards, and more. We assess the science behind Die Hard as a Christmas movie and we finally tackle He Who Shall Not Be Named, the Snake Diet Guy. Enjoy
January 24, 2019
James Fell EP 73: Holy Sh!t Costco Members Suck
James Fell joins us to talk about more than just his new book The Holy Shit Moment and why writing it was necessary. James goes off on the crazy bullshit quackery and pseudoscience we see everywhere, “every dumbfuck food documentary on Netflix”, and his disdain for bad Costco behaviour. We set James loose in this fun and fully loaded episode
January 17, 2019
Brad Dieter and Mike T Nelson EP 75: PhDs Can't Jump
Latest episode of The Fitness Devil
January 15, 2019
Dani Singer EP 72: Hating On Cardio
Dani Singer takes a break from his busy schedule to talk to us about choice minimalism to improve your life and that of clients. He details the creation of his business and how he came to work with The PTDC and what it’s done for his career. We hate in cardio a little and explain where we feel it matters. Dani also adds his thoughts on standing out in a crowded fitness industry space in 2019
January 10, 2019
Sohee Lee EP 71: 1 Million IG Followers
Sohee returns to tell us about adopting her new puppy Jellie and unleashes her thoughts on social media and the rush to be relevant for new fitness professionals. She details some of the catalysts of her industry success to date, attitudes and behaviours that lead to client success, and hard pills for people to swallow about fitness and nutrition. Sohee also details her upcoming project The Beginners Guide to Lifting Weights for Women
January 03, 2019
Eric Helms EP 70: Dodging Wrenches and Too Much Early Career Success
Eric Helms explains his personal evolution and maturity as a coach from his early years to now. We delve into the role luck has played in Eric’s career and the importance of putting yourself in the position to benefit from luck, while not just waiting for lucky breaks. Eric explains what he meant in a social media post about how “you shouldn’t want to be hugely successful early in your career, and his thoughts on recent use of social media to gain fitness industry credibility. We get away from the technical knowledge you can find in Eric’s work to dive into his thoughts and philosophies about our ever changing industry.
December 27, 2018
Bryan Krahn EP 69: Drunk On A Park Bench
Bryan Krahn shares his musings about his friend and mentor Charles Poliquin, his life, death, and often controversial status in the industry. Bryan goes off script in a thoughtful exploration of his experience within the fitness industry, protecting your mental space, how coaching is really managing emotions, and a discussion of unresolved food issues.
December 20, 2018
Marty Macphee EP 68: Marty and the Bikini Girl Factory
Mega Marty MacPhee blows us away in a charismatic and entertaining episode. We discuss the advantage of working in the competitive fitness industry with an evidence based approach, recovering from injury and mentally handling the time off, Marty’s approach to empower and educate his clients and how it’s the opposite of a lot of what we see, exploring the right and wrong reasons to compete, and being prepared for being talking at and about you when you undergo a physical transformation and not all of it is good.
December 13, 2018
Nick Tumminello EP 67: When Fitness Calls
Nick Tumminello bring his critical thinking to the podcast to discuss Gatekeeper Syndrome and how our industry struggles to agree on what constitutes a good personal trainer. Nick shares some nuanced thoughts about social media, how we interact, and how to avoid giving trolls your attention. Nick shares some keys to longevity in the industry. We also learn why Nick prefers to watch the movie vs read the book. Hope you enjoy one of our most intellectual and thought provoking episodes to date
December 06, 2018
Dani Shugart EP 66: The Better You Are At Social Media The Worse You Are At Life.
Dani Shugart joins The Fitness Devil to talk about her quest to educate our industry about breast implant illness. We discuss how attaching fitness and nutrition labels to yourself can be detrimental to your results, the brain benefits of exercise, what the spotlight effect is and how it scares people away from working out, and some honest criticism of life on social media. Dani cuts loose and speaks her mind on this one.
November 29, 2018
Bret Contreras EP 65: The Inception of Pain and Gain
Bret Contreras unleashes candid thoughts on how he pushed through criticism to establish his industry changing ideas about Glute training. Bret shares the challenges involved in moving states and opening The Glute Lab, unexpected expenses and having to dive into his reserves of work ethic to succeed. Bret details his thoughts on the use of language on our industry that makes people feel broken and damaged. Join one of our best episodes to date.
November 22, 2018
Episode 64: Derek Stanley, Jeb Johnston, Nick Sorrell EP 64: The Knowledge Base Jam
Today’s episode features returning guest and firebrand Nick Sorrell along with our two friends Derek Stanley and Jeb Johnston. All 3 are Stronger U coaches. We spend this episode discussing the importance of controlling your attitude in the face of events beyond your control. The importance of empowering people and breaking away from victim mentality. How forming small consistent habits add up to long term successes. Each of our guests share some difficult personal experiences and how that shaped their life outcomes.Special Guests: Derek Stanley, Jeb Johnston, and Nick Sorrell.
November 15, 2018
Episode 63: Jeff Snow EP 63: Fridge Raider
Jeff Snow brings his practical solution based approach to nutrition. We focus on how to set your environment for success, how cannabis directly and indirectly affects nutrition, managing snacking and it’s triggers, the myth of late evening eating and where it can cause weight gain, and a discussion about children and nutrition. Special Guest: Jeff Snow.
November 08, 2018
Episode 62: Mike T Nelson EP 62: Do You Have Metabolic Flexibility? It'd Be A Lot Cooler If You Did
Dr. Mike T Nelson joins us to explain two concepts he works with extensively, metabolic flexibilty and heart rate variability. He explains how you can use them to improve your training. The discussion deepens into carbs vs fat as fuel. Mike is also a prolific content creator and we disucss how he manages this. Special Guest: Mike T Nelson.
November 01, 2018
Episode 61: Meghan Callaway EP 61 Terminating Weakness
Meghan Callaway returns to The Fitness Devil to discuss how just getting stronger tends to correct a lot pain, minor injuries, and issues. How physical therapists should have strong knowledge of strength training and not just offer passive treatments. Building income streams as a trainer beyond just coachinf clients. Plus a nuanced discussion of work life balance working in our industry or any industry where your work becomes your life. Special Guest: Meghan Callaway.
October 25, 2018
Episode 60: Charles Staley EP 60: No Gym For Old Men
Charles Staley joins us to disucss the importance of developing and maintaining strength as we get older. How it took getting to his 50's before he got into the best shape of his life, and why it can be challenging for fitness professionals to prioritize ourselves. Charles gets hot about gym ettiquette so we discuss the importance. We cover what rep range is the most efficient sweet spot for building muscle. Special Guest: Charles Staley.
October 18, 2018
James Hoffmann and Mike Israetel EP 59: Lock Stock And Two Smoking Meatheads
Doctors Mike Israetel and James Hoffmann from RP join us to talk about their experience working together, what overtraining is and isn't, important considerations for recovery from training, the occurrence of deception in our industry, and a very thoughtful discussion about the pitfalls of fitness professionals making their message more about politics and social issues than actual fitness and nutrition. Special Guests: Dr. Mike Israetel and James Hoffman.
October 11, 2018
Travis Pollen EP 58: Guardian Of Science
Travis Pollen joins us to talk about injury risks for everyday people and athletes while working out, why people ask for core training, what they really mean, and why it can be important. Travis details his experience as a Paralympic American record holding swimmer. We discuss how our industry can sometimes fixate on the bad mainstream information yet often miss communicating effectively to the mainstream audience we are trying to help. Special Guest: Travis Pollen.
October 04, 2018
Carolina Belmares EP 57: I Stand In Wonder
Carolina Belmares has enjoyed a great deal of success as a result of blind determination and the fearlessness to jump at opportunities as they presented themselves to her in her career. She shares the story of her career so far. Carolina talks about how "there is no perfect time to start", prioritizing ones self when life isn't going perfectly, the importance of not taking mental health for granted in the pursuit of physical health, our need to "fill up" physical and emotional spaces and why its ok not to, and a thoughtful discussion on taking a very human and balanced view when discussing controversial or delicate social issues. Special Guest: Carolina Belmares.
September 27, 2018
Mike Doehla and Michael Alessi EP 56: White Knuckle Nutrition
Mike Doehla and Mike Alessi the minds behind the success of their company Stronger U join us and discuss how they found success with a business founded on "the anti-diet", their hatred for the word macros, and most of all their unique vision for how we should work with people and their nutrition. The Mike's sell long term and sustainable in a sea of fast and easy and they care about their clients when all too often our industry says it does but actions show otherwise.Special Guests: Michael Alessi and Mike Doehla.
September 20, 2018
James Krieger and Brad Dieter EP 55: Not All Bros Are Created Equal
Brad Dieter and James Krieger aka the nice guys, are back to talk about the main claims behind the current popular fad diets compared with the truth, a deep discussion about fear and misinformation about fructose and high fructose corn syrup. Why James said "not all reps are created equal", and why Brad once said "Bmr might be the most useless piece of data for most people who are striving for weight loss". Special Guests: Brad Dieter and James Krieger.
September 13, 2018
Lee Boyce EP 54: Talking Tall
Lee Boyce shares his unflitered thoughts on his experience in the fitness industry, some of the systemic problems and key successes. We get Lee's thoughts on how the industry can contribute to unhealthy minds and diminished self worth. We expose the practice of trainers lying about their credentials and experience and why this is silly. We discuss how many trainers enter the industry with big dreams of coaching high level athletes and/or celebrities, how unrealistic this is, and how its not much different than everyday people to begin with. Lee also opens up about his experiment to lift every day for a year, the pros and cons. Special Guest: Lee Boyce.
September 06, 2018
Episode 53: Mike Howard EP 53: A Beautiful Mindset
Mike Howard discusses mindset with us in depth. We tackle self forgiveness and negative self talk, cognitive biases that take people off track, the dangers of rigid dietary approaches, and some mindset strategies for overall health. Special Guest: Mike Howard.
August 30, 2018
Episode 52: Jason Maxwell EP 52: Pumping MUSCLE
Muscle building expert Jason Maxwell joins us to talk about building muscle. Jason discusses his simple but effective approach to putting lean muscle on people. Jason shares how he grew up in a small town, followed education on the road to being a real rocket scientist, only to walk away from that path to work with people and help them get fit. Jason has taken his straight forward approach to building muscle and combined it into a book, appopriately titled Muscle. We also discuss super hero bodies, the pursuit of aesthetic ideals, and how Jason's high quality social media presentation is still a reflection of a pretty normal day in the life of. Special Guest: Jason Maxwell (JMax) .Links:Muscle by Jason Maxwell : Free Book
August 23, 2018
Jonathan Goodman EP 51: Ergo Fitness - The Architect of Online Training
Jon Goodman joins us and shares his recent professional focus. The challenge behind creating the Fitness Marketing Monthly and the upcoming class of The Online Trainer Academy. Jon's thoughts on how to approach the latest hottest marketing trends vs focusing on what works for you. Jon also shares how he hasn't ever formally hired a coach or mentor, somehow figuring it all out, yet understanding and explaining the true value of a coach and what to look for. Special Guest: Jonathan Goodman.Links:Settings - Fireside
August 16, 2018
Dean Somerset EP 50: Fast And The Fitness
Dean Somerset returns for our milestone #50 episode to talk about what he's been up to since becoming a private independant trainer. We talk about the differences between starting in the industry now vs when he began and what this means to potential clients, Dean's thoughts on emerging fitness industry trends and consumer wants, and good and bad gym policies. Add to this the apparwnt rush. Dean adds his perspective on handling the not so straight forward challenges with clients who are dealing with personal and emotional obstacles to their fitness goals. We also couldn't leave out some thoughts on Dean's love for all things pro wrestling.Special Guest: Dean Somerset.
August 09, 2018
Peter Dupuis EP 49: Major League Fitness
Cressey Sports Performance is a legendary gym and atheltic training facility, most noted for working with Cy Young award winning MLB pitchers all the way to minor league and high school athletes. Pete Dupuis, co-founder and general manager of CSP has long enjoyed life away from the spotlight. Pete joins us to talk about his personal brand and work outside CSP, a committment to authenticity and how its driven success with CSP, and the pros and cons of putting your own name on a gym or fitness business. We explore why we appear to see more injuries among young athletes and a great discussion of balancing work with family time. Special Guest: Peter Dupuis.
August 02, 2018
Carter Good EP 48: I'm Back
Carter Good is back in his continued fight against the relentless liquid metal terminator that is obesity. Carter goes in depth about his succes growing a huge social media following and what its enabled him to do with his career and to help people. Carter's thoughts on the future of social media for our industry and how he stays creative with his message, his own obstacles and challenges to maintain his lifestyle and successfully keep the weight off, and more depth in the discussion about the psychological aspects of nutrition that go beyond just knowing to eat less and be more active. Special Guest: Carter Good.
July 26, 2018
Alex Viada EP 47: This Used To Be Called Exercise
Alex Viada joins us and tells us how things used to be before the fitness industry branded and repackaged old basic concepts and how he likes to reread old textbooks. He shares thoughts on his passion for being outdoors, the human psychological side to dealing with clients and their programs, and his thoughts on future trends that will be important. We bust some big cardio myths and we disuss how fitness pros write for the approval of their peers vs writing for the end user. How that can be valuable and how it can miss the ultimate audience. Special Guest: Alex Viada.
July 19, 2018
Ryan Ketchum EP 46: The Wolf Of Fit Street
Ryan Ketchum joins the podcast to discuss his mission to help fitness professionals build their businesses to be able to reach and help more people. Being a business or social media coach is hot right now. Ryan discusses why its become popular and the dangers of choosing a coach without a track record of success. Ryan shares his insight as to what makes a truly successful trainer or fitness business owner, his thoughts on the rise of online coaching, its benefits and limitations, and for our enthusiasts, Ryan shares insight from his own weight loss journey as to how to succeed with transforming yourself. Special Guest: Ryan Ketchum.
July 12, 2018
Alberto Alvarez EP 45: We’re Off To See the Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Macros
Alberto Alvarez brings his kind and genial nature to the podcast in our most detailed nutrition epsiode to date. Alberto details his path from a young overweight man, searching for information, losing the weight, the pitfalls along the way, and transitioning into a coach who helps others. We explain just what macros are and other basic nutrition concepts, why some people are easily lured in by the unscientific promises in our industry, how Alberto helps people get started on a weight loss journey, thoughts on merging the science of nutrition with the emotional and psychological aspects, and some of the cultural nuances in the Spanish speaking world and how it affects his work differently. Special Guest: Alberto Alvarez.
July 05, 2018
Chad Landers EP 44: Never Go Full Entitled
Chad Landers could have been a movie star had he not chosen fitness a long time ago and had Robert Downey Jr not taken all his roles so Chad set out and somewhere along the way became more than just a good trainer. He won awards and become industry renowned as a world class trainer and person. Chad shares his thoughts on why what we do in the fitness industry is so important, the right reasons to work in fitness, the importance of happiness for ourselves and our clients, thoughts on owning his own facility, and delivering value in our work. Perhaps best of all, Chad sheds light on the sense of entitlement we now often see of personal trainers who frustrated having to work in commercial gyms, to gain experince and learn the business.
June 28, 2018
Greg Nuckols EP 43: F%$k You Science
Greg Nuckols joins our podcast to explain what he would like to look back and have changed and influenced over his career. We discuss the health implications of strength athletes who carry heavy body mass over their careers and beyond. Greg explains a why so many people kn our industry are so ineffectively communicating if their intent is to pursuade ohers to change their thinking. Greg dismembers the "train smarter, not harder" mantra. Plus Greg weighs in on the potential push to see greater regulation in the fitness industry. Special Guest: Greg Nuckols.
June 21, 2018
Louie Guarino EP 42: Everything I'm Not Makes Me Everything I Am
Louie Guarino brings his sense of style along with a ton of substance to the podcast. We hit on style without substance in our industry, fashion sense something our industry often lacks, fat loss success and tips from his work, and a no BS approach to marketing and working with clients. Special Guest: Louie Guarino.
June 14, 2018
Bryan Krahn EP 41: Are You Not Entertained?
Bryan Krahn follows up his roundtable apprarance with a solo episode and doesnt have to fight with two othe guests for the chance to thoroughly entertain and enlighten you. We address the fact that most everything in our industry boils down tk wanting to look better naked and Bryan isnt afraid to say it. We address the complex topic of alchol and lifting, ideas from the traditional bodybuilding world that work and ones that really just need to die. "It all begins by chasing vanity". Come chase some vanity with us. Special Guest: Bryan Krahn.
June 07, 2018
Sarah Moorman EP 40: Science Pool
Sarah Moorman joins us on her first ever podcast appearance. Sarah tells how she got started in powerlifting, figure competition, and coaching others. Sarah discusses organizing the Women’s only Womxn’s Strength Summit and some of the less than thoughtful responses from men in response to the exclusive event. That takes us deep into how pervasive sexual harassment is within the fitness industry and Andrew may or may not go completely off about the problems he’s witnessed over his nearly 8 year career. We tackle some of the pressures trainers feel to look a certain way and how we feel pressure to present a composed image and mask how depression can affect us as well. Special Guest: Sarah Moorman.
May 31, 2018
Episode 39: Josh Citron EP 39: More Than Meets The Eye
Josh Citron joins the podcast to share his experience and love with pro wrestling, vegan lifestyle(and how he isn’t militant), his passion for helping fitness professionals be better fitness professionals, and clients be better clients. Plus a better idea for BMI. Special Guest: Josh Citron.
May 24, 2018
The Incredible Roundtable EP 38: Ownership as a Coach
I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to invite Dr Spencer Nadolsky, Bryan Krahn, and Dr Mike Israetel onto the podcast all at the same time to talk about coach ownership over the client result and experience. We far too often see coaches in social media blame clients for not adhering to programs when in fact it’s on the coach to use whatever resources and attempts at communicating to work with the client to achieve success. We discuss in depth this issue. We also hit heavy on the topic of firing clients. Circumstances where it’s needed and how poor it appears when fitness professionals brag about doing it. Somehow the topic of “mansplaining” got loose in this episode. You will need to listen in to see how that turned out. And this charade then went deeper down the hole into the issue of having romantic relationships with clients. Tune in to this fantastic fiasco for the whole story. Special Guests: Bryan Krahn, Dr. Mike Israetel, and Dr. Spencer Nadolsky.
May 17, 2018
Episode 37: Dean and Andrew EP 37: Show Down Little Edmonton
Dean and Andrew basically needed to record an episode. We travelled last week to the Kansas City Fitness Summit and through the business of it all we weren’t able to arrange one more episode guest to have in advance. But no worries as we return with 3 guests next week in a roundtable with Dr. Mike Israetel, Dr Spencer Nadolsky, and Bryan Krahn who isn’t a Dr. Meanwhile we this week went over some highlights of the previous 36 episodes. Various relevant Fitness topics, and Andrew may or may not have had a few scotch and shared some very unfiltered thoughts you might enjoy.
May 10, 2018
Brad Dieter EP 36: Jacked To The Future
Welcome to the future of the fitness industry according to Brad Dieter, Andrew Coates, and Dean Guedo. But mostly according to Brad. We tackle artificial intelligence, Brad’s work in biomedical research, the validity or lack there of in current DNA testing and where it will develop, and a lot more. Brad also explains his hypothesis about intolerances and how people are “drawn to them”. Brad also explains how you can’t “hate yourself lean”, and we hammer at the pointlessness of Internet arguements, over concepts like burpees. Special Guest: Brad Dieter.
May 03, 2018
Nick Sorrell EP 35: Pulp Fitness
Nick Sorrell joins us for a blunt and vibrant conversation that should challenge some of the ways you think about your own mindset toward fitness and nutrition. Nick will provoke thinking as he tackles the fact that people don’t know what the fuck they actually want, how most misunderstanding what self love really means, a nuanced discussion of how “I’m doing it for my kids” may not be a good answer, and a lot of discussion about getting to a deeper why for your clients. Join us for a mind expanding discussion of a lot of important fitness mindset ideas. Special Guest: Nick Sorrell.
April 26, 2018
Sarah Ashman EP 34: Gut Check
Sarah Ashman was so engaging in a shared episode that we had to bring her back on her own. We expand on our discussion with her about gut health and gut microbiome. Sarah explains germ theory in this context. Yes you have to listen to learn more. We explore why “people would rather take a pill or drink a tea than exercise”. Sarah also elaborates on her recent Masters of Business Administrarion and how end clients benefit when skilled fitness professionals compliment their training and nutrition knowledge with business skills. Find out why Sarah likes octopi and has an octopus tattoo. Special Guest: Sarah Ashman.
April 19, 2018
Joey Percia EP 33: Feed Your Good Wolf
Joey Percia joins the podcast to shed some light on a part of the fitness industry that’s often undervalued and misunderstood. Joey hS written a great book, Why Do You Hate Money? That teaches trainers and anyone important skills within marketing, and writing copy, content, and key messages to potential clients. We discuss why this actually benefits the end consumer. Joey shares the significance of the fable of the good and bad wolf that we choose to feed, and the benefits or consequence of those choices. We hammer change mindset, some coaching ideas from Joey’s past as a fitness professional, and why you need to avoid over promising and underdelivering as a fit pro. Special Guest: Joey Percia.
April 12, 2018
Holly Baxter EP 32: Un-F**king Your Diet
Meet Holly Baxter. Holly holds a Masters Degree of Dietetics and a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition. In addition to an array of coaching and speaking work she’s also an IFBB Figure Competitor and a fitness model. She has everything and we have her join us to talk about a lot of nutrition that you wil want to absorb. Holly shares the experience coming from Australia to the US, and the challenge in setting herself apart as a credible and well educated mind in nutrition in a sea of Instagram fitness models. We get into to practical info on fibre, alcohol and fat loss, ketongenic diets, and a lot of stress, anxiety, and eating disorders are playing hell on women’s health. Holly also has a Macro Friendly E-Book you should check out and and an upcoming contents prep Ebook. Tune in for all the details Special Guest: Holly Baxter.
April 05, 2018
James Krieger EP 31: Krieger, James Krieger
James Krieger joins Fitness Devil to talk about his current work, the industry conflict over low carb dietary ideology, industry tribalism, and his upcoming appearance as a speaker at the Inland Empire Fitness Summit in Spokane. We weigh the pros and cons of engaging in battles with those who perpetuate training and nutrition misinformation. James discusses his role as a teacher within the industry. We also discuss taking large, seemingly daunting goals and breaking them into smaller attainable wins to pursue. Join us for what proves to be an intelligent and accessible discussion.
March 29, 2018
Dr. Spencer Nadolsky EP 30: aka Dr. F**kwad
Dr. Spencer Nadolsky joins the podcast to talk about his work on the front lines of battling the obesity epidemic. He highlights some of the dangers in believeing weight loss is the sole missing ingredient to happiness. We tackle some of the controversy over rhetoric from the extreme end of the Health at Any Size Movement. We also have a good laugh at the crazy comments Spencer gets on his social media in response to some of his practical posts to help people struggling with weight loss. We also discuss his work with distance medicine and Steady MD and his book The Fat Loss Prescription. Special Guest: Dr. Spencer Nadolsky.
March 22, 2018
Peter Baker EP 29: Fear and Loathing in Tampa
Join Peter Baker with us in our discussions about modern nutrition and the religious devotion some factions engage in, pros and cons of the intense sense of community in some fitness corners, mental health and fitness professionals - why it can be hard to openly discuss, curated social media images and the dangers, and direct arm training. Add to that we talk about Peter’s new competition preparation book he’s coauthored with Dr Layne Norton.Special Guest: Peter Baker.
March 15, 2018
Jordan Syatt EP 28: The Last Unicorn Comic Standing
Jordan Syatt joins out podcast and we ask him about what attitudes and actions led to a lot of good fortune and success he’s had in the industry, and what he intends to do with his success to positively affect the world. We cover Jordan’s relentless positivity and how he handles the Karen’s of the world(tune in for the explanation) who casually spread misinformation. Maybe most interesting of all are Jordan’s bets for future trends that will affect the industry and fitness consumers. Special Guest: Jordan Syatt.
March 08, 2018
Leigh Peele EP 27: The Ghost in the Fitness Machine
Fitness industry writer, podcasted, author, and online coach Leigh Peele goes toe to toe with us in one of our best episodes to date. Leigh explains why we as coaches need to be careful not to treat clients as mirrors of ourselves and why clients also must use caution in trying to emulate their trainers. She nails a critical conversation about some difference and nuances in training women, including some important messages in speaking toward female clients. We tackle the importance of accountability, credentials - where they matter and where they don’t, and a bunch more.
March 01, 2018
Episode 26: Jay and Sarah Ashman EP 26: For sickness and in Gut Health
Sarah and Jay Ashman are a power couple in the fitness industry. Known for Pump, Dump, and Hump collectively, Jay for, and Sarah for and her cutting edge work with nutrition and gut health. We discuss their various current projects and get into an extensive discussion about Sarah’s nutrition expertise in particular underexplored areas like gut health and gut microbiome. Plus more. Special Guests: Jay Ashman and Sarah Ashman.
February 22, 2018
Episode 25: Robbie Farlow EP 25: We Need a Community...a look into how fitness and "nerd" culture can work together, building community, and star wars.
To describe this episode as simply an intersection of nerd culture and fitness would completely fail to do justice to the pure electricity of Robbie Farlow’s personality. Robbie is fun, intelligence, and irreverence all bundled up into a brilliant Fitness professional. We talk about The Hero’s Journey archetypal story and it’s relevance, how nerd culture became mainstream and how the fitness industry has embraced this so serve that audience. This episode has a unique flow and charm so hopefully you love it. Special Guest: Robbie Farlow.
February 15, 2018
Episode 24: Eric Bach: The Noble and nutrition basics, creating a successful fitness business, and grinding to success.
Eric Bach joins us as we discuss his road to personal career success and advice to other aspiring fitness professionals, including being a better writer. Eric explains important fitness and nutrition concepts for everyone to improve their own life, particularly the big rocks to turn over and focus on. We also tackle how important it is for trainers to have their own coaches, the value of having a business coach, and Eric's own work as a business coach. Special Guest: Eric Bach.
February 08, 2018
Episode 23: TJ Sadler: YEG Fitness and beyond...magazines, fitness trends, with a little bit of hockey.
TJ Sadler of YEG Fitness Magazine joins us to discuss the origins and inspiration behind founding the Magazine. We discuss the athletes and fitness professionals that grace the publication's pages, where the industry is trending, and what TJ hopes to accomplish through this platform to help people. We discuss the upcoming YEG Fitness Awards and their significance. Join us to explore the pulse of Edmonton's fitness community Special Guest: TJ Sadler.
February 01, 2018
Episode 22: Meghan Callaway: Pull-Ups and Empowerment Through Fitness
Meghan Callaway is a goddess of pull-ups and training information. We spent an hour borrowing just a little of the library of knowledge in her brain. She discussed training tools to be able to perform or improve pull-ups. She may know more on he topic than anyone else alive. We also hit on some of the traditional problems with felmale fitness marketing, why the answer "it depends" is important to understand in fitness, workouts for empowerment, and a discussion about the dangers within our industry of taking extreme positions on social or political ideas.Special Guest: Meghan Callaway.
January 25, 2018
Episode 21: Braeden Wright: Model to fitness helped build a foundation.
Braeden Wright chronicles his approach to fitness and nutrition as he pursued a successful modelling career, working for Calvin Klein among other notable brands. Now progressing into a career in music, Braeden's fotn as regimen remains at the core of his success. He offers his habits and tactics that have worked and shares some fun stories about his career. Special Guest: Braeden Wright.
January 17, 2018
Episode 20: Andy Morgan: BIG Steaming pile of Andy...success in Japan, how to network in the fitness community, and the blueprint to becoming an industry leader.
Andy Morgan graces us with his British charm and wit, takes us through a series of long thoughtful pauses as he recounts learning karate in response to a bottle attack in Birmingham England as a youth that later took him all the way to Japan where he established himself as a leading authority in nutrition. Andy has a lot of great advice for trainers learning their way through the industry and a ton of valuable nutrition takeaways for the fitness enthusiast, particularly some blunt thoughts on ideas like biohacking. Join us for a big steaming pile of Andy. Special Guest: Andy Morgan.
January 16, 2018
Episode 19: Mark James & Michell Bagnell: THAT Fit couple...asthetics, mastering your mindset, and doing fitness in China?
Michelle Bagnell and Mark Mitchell visit our podcast to talk about their careers in fitness, time spent living in China and the different world of Chinese gym culture. They hit on the highs and lows of their individual fitness competition experience, the dangers of taking shortcuts to achieve the ideal physique, plus more. Special Guests: Mark James Mitchell and Michelle Bagnell.
January 15, 2018
Episode 18: Chad Hargrove: Selling The Truth...Cutting through the social media fluff to provide honest info.
Chad Hargrove a Toronto based personal trainer and online coach joins us to talk about going from just scraping by in a commercial gym to having a successful independent business. We talk about how social media helped boost his career and how we can use online coaching to help more people and how clients benefit. Chad shares his thoughts on how we deal with the dishonest messages often shared through social and mainstream media. Special Guest: Chad Hargrove.
January 11, 2018
Episode 17: Dean Somerset: There can be only one...Career advice for young trainers, moving facilities as an established trainer, and a little bit of #science
Dean Somerset is among the most accomplished yet young professionals in the fitness industry. 13 years deep at a commercial gym it was time for a change. Dean discusses the move and his upcoming plans for this year. We get into his personal evolution over that span and look at how the industry has evolved over time. We also have details about Dean's info product with Dr Mike Israetel - The L2 Fitness Summit which is now available to download. Enjoy our first returning guest interview. Special Guest: Dean Somerset.
January 04, 2018
Episode 16: Lindsay Somerset: Winning against depression, eating disorders, and serious injuries. Oh and dogs, lots of dogs!!!
Lindsay Somerset is indomitable. She shares her winning attitude and experience as she triumphed over an eating disorder that could have halted her cycling career. Add to that the battle with depression and anxiety. Fate wasn't done yet, throwing her over her handlebars in a brutal crash leading to a serious back injury. She recovered with her husband Dean's help(you may have also heard of Dean Somerset) Yet she stood on a national podium accepting a medal in spite of all of those obstacles. She shares the story with us. Oh and she loves all things dogs. Listen to find out more. Special Guest: Lindsay Somerset.
January 02, 2018
Episode 15: Sam Spinelli: The Strength Therapist
Sam Spinelli joins us from his new home in Southern California as we hit the deep freeze in Edmonton. In our last podcast of 2017 Sam talks about his pursuit of his doctorate in Physical Therapy, his passion for barbell sports and how their rise has benefited people. Sam gets into his passion for battling fitness misinformation and a deep discussion of the scope of practice of physical therapists and trainers, where the lines blur, and dangers of professionals going outside their scope. Special Guest: Sam Spinelli.
December 28, 2017
Episode 13: Mark Fisher: Building a Business Around Ninjas and Unicorns
Mark Fisher graces us with his time to discuss the unique success of Mark Fisher Fitness his business in New York City that caters to an underserved community blending the artistic flair of the arts and theatre community with the evidence based fitness industry. Mark approaches his world with unconditional positive regard. He brings a charisma to our world that helps penetrate deeper into the he mainstream consciousness usually dominated by the trendy sellouts. We talk about the important of culture in our world and a series of other great discussions that we cannot quote do justice in a brief description. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Special Guest: Mark Fisher.
December 14, 2017
Episode 12: Kelly Coffey: Hit of Pleasure
Kelly Coffey of joins us to dive into the challenges within the emotional side of our fitness journeys. She is a passionate trainer and writer who helps primarily women work through the difficulty of our tendency to self sabotage. We don't feel worth the effort and we defeat ourselves. Kelly works to beat back that mentality and help people treat themselves better. Enjoy Kelly's provocative charm as we explore her work and discuss some great takeaways that we hope the listener can use to help themselves. Special Guest: Kelly Coffey.
December 07, 2017
Episode 10: Patrick Umphrey: I Believe In Magic
Patrick Umphrey shares his career exploits as an online coach and the creator of the famed online fitness community Eat, Train, Progress. He talks the challenge in running a group of now 14,000 people, moderating the occasional trouble, and dropping a nasty banhammer on the worst offenders. Patrick also talks about his second career as a close up magician. Join as Patrick shares his perspective on a variety of relevant industry topics including his thoughts on what trainers should look like(here's your hint - he strongly believes it shouldn't matter). Special Guest: Patrick Umphrey.
November 30, 2017
Episode 11: Hannah Gray: Hannah's Commandments
Hannah Gray is an Edmonton based trainer and fitness writer on her website Hannah joins us and we dive deeply into the battle women face to succeed in an industry that is dominated by men. We talk kids and weight lifting, Hannah's own journey from an obese trainer to a strong lean weightlifting machine, and a variety of other takeaways for our listeners.
November 30, 2017
Episode 9: Dr. Mike Israetel: From Russia With Love
Dr Mike Israetel joins our podcast to tell his life story, leaving Communist Russia as a child, getting a PhD in the US, bodybuilding and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and co-founding the wildly successful Renaissance Periodization. We talk what works and what doesn't for building muscle mass and wander down a few fitness industry rabbit holes. Join us for easily the funniest episode to date. Special Guest: Dr. Mike Israetel.
November 23, 2017
Episode 8: Sohee Lee - Making Moderate Cool
Sohee Lee is a skilled and sought after Fitness and Nutrition Professional who took a break from studying her Masters to talk with us about a wide array of important fitness and nutrition topics. Most notably making the often unsexy message of moderation and healthy habits into something people buy into and depart from the extreme behaviours that are often en vogue in Fitness. Special Guest: Sohee Lee.
November 16, 2017
Episode 7: Carter Good - Info-graphic Guru
Carter Good is a rising star in the fitness industry thanks in large part to his skill at creating eye catching nutrition infographics. He joins us to talk about how his career took off due to his use of this tool, his own personal weight loss journey, how that journeyed translated into an online coaching career, and a few other related topics. Join us as we talk in depth with Carter Special Guest: Carter Good.
November 08, 2017
Episode 6: Jordan Jeske - Community.Golf.Performance
Jordan Jeske is a skilled, passionate, and charismatic trainer in Edmonton. Jordan created the Golf Society as a vehicle to help people and create community, and merge his dual passions for fitness and golf. Jordan sits down with us to talk about all of this and tells the story of his earlier career in carpentry and the transition into full time training. Special Guest: Jordan Jeske.
November 02, 2017
Episode 5: Jay Ashamn - Pump, Dump, and Hump
Jay Ashman is a veteran of the fitness industry. Having worked as a coach and manager in a variety of roles over the years along with an athletic career, Jay brings a ton of experience to the table to help others. His Facebook group community, Pump, Dump, and Hump is a growing project that creates a safe place to have conversations that not only relate to fitness but also sexuality and gastrointestinal health. Please enjoy Jay's story and follow him on social media and join Pump, Dump, and Hump Special Guest: Jay Ashman.
October 26, 2017
Episode 4: Michael Dietrich - Mountain Mike
Our friend Michael Dietrich joins the podcast to talk about his Moutain Mike adventures with his dog BearBear, about a career in the fitness industry, practical nutrition, competitive fitness industry pitfalls, and more. Check it out. Special Guest: Michael Dietrich.
October 19, 2017
Episode 3: Alfred Jong - The Strength Guy
Alfred Jong of the Strength Guys is gold medal winning IPF powerlifter and gold medal winning coach. He joins us to be our very first recording guest in an episode that tackles a variety of fitness and nutrition topics. Special Guest: Alfred Jong.
October 11, 2017
Episode 2: Tony Nguyen and Jordan Pariseau - F.R.E.E Fitness
Tony Nguyen and Jordan Pariseau of F.R.E.E. Fitness join us to talk about their unique Pay How You Feel business model and about making fitness more accessible to more people. Tony and Jordan are Edmonton based trainers and entrepreneurs on a mission to bring a more flexible and affordable training model to more people who need support. In this episode we delve into the process of how they hatched this clever concept and hints at their future. If for nothing else listen to experience Jordan's pure fire behind a mic, as his career doubles as both a trainer and a successful hip hop artist. Special Guest: F.R.E.E Fitness.
October 04, 2017
Episode 1: Dean Somerset - I only believe in #SCIENCE
Special Guest: Dean Somerset.
September 28, 2017