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theFIVE10 Podcast

theFIVE10 Podcast

By J C
Started in 2008, has helped music fans connect with artists, bands, and comedians through a fun conversation about their careers and where the music industry is headed. Former guests of theFIVE10 Radio included The Pharcyde, Imagine Dragons, Natasha Leggero, and many many more!
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Episode 39: Lucid Kidd on theFIVE10 Podcast
At just 16 years old, Lucid Kidd  is showcasing a mixed bag of his own carefully crafted, production-minded beats, striking melodicism, and an impressive rap flow, making music that is at once exhilarating and emotional. It is an unguarded reflection of the chaotic whirlwind that is coming of age during a pandemic, and of having to watch the turmoil in Ukraine unfold from a close distance in his native country of Lithuania. Of his new song and video, Lucid Kidd says, “’Nothing Back’ is a song about the escape from betrayal. It depicts the vampires as these fake people that are always draining your energy and using you. The song expresses leaving all these vampires behind and finding your own path, because walking alone is better than being surrounded by fake people. The music video contains lots of colours which represent the escape from the greyness of fake people and becoming your own colourful individual.”* JC got a chance to sit down with Lucid Kidd to talk about traveling, his process, and where he sees his music career headed. All this and much more on this episode of theFIVE10 Podcast!  *bio from Mundane Magazine
September 14, 2022
Episode 38: Imen Siar on theFIVE10 Podcast
Born in Italy to a family of Moroccan heritage, Imen's dreams of becoming a singer were at odds with her Muslim family, especially her father, an Imam at their local mosque. But Imen stayed true to herself, her family, and her religion by exploring topics and presenting an image which didn’t compromise those inner beliefs. Her breakthrough moment came serendipitously while working as a waitress at the London restaurant Nando’s, when she posted a candid video of herself on Instagram, singing into a mop she was using to clean. The video quickly went viral, leading to music deals and her debut appearance on the Arabic remix of David Guetta’s "Family" alongside Ty Dolla $ign and A Boogie wit da Hoodie. "As a child, I was heavily bullied, and I made the decision at a young age to try to put a positive spin on the negative moments in my life," Imen explains." I want my lyrics to empower listeners to be able to do the same, without fear.” She then released her debut single "Lonely People," which earned tastemaker acclaim first in London, and now around the world. But despite her success, Imen takes nothing for granted and continues to work full time at Nando’s as a waitress, hustling to make her music dreams a reality during breaks and off-days.  Imen took time out of her busy schedule to talk about her debut album, what she has learned along the way, and how TikTok has been key to testing the waters on new music. All this and much more on the latest episode of theFIVE10 podcast!
September 07, 2022
Episode 37: theFIVE10 Podcast with Susie Suh
With over 125 million streams on Spotify, and a series of high-profile syncs in the US and abroad, Susie has quietly and organically grown her audience and reach. After being signed to Sony Epic Records for her self-titled debut album, Susie created her own label, Collective Records. Susie’s instinct to produce and own all of her own music and content, with total control of all her creative choices—has allowed for a pure transmission of her artistry. The single “Here With Me” became an internet phenomenon after being featured on the first season of The Blacklist.  And virtually every song on her second album, The Bakman Tapes, was licensed to film and television shows such as Parenthood, Awkward, Containment, and more. In 2021 alone she was added to more than 130,000 Spotify playlists with no touring, marketing, and no big “corporate machine” behind her. JC sat down with the singer/songwriter to talk about her label, how she's developed over the years and the future of the music industry. All of this and more on the latest episode of theFIVE10 podcast!
August 17, 2022
Episode 36: theFIVE10 Podcast with Danceland
Every so often a new band hits the scene and immediately makes it onto your favorites list. Meet Danceland, a Toronto-based outfit that might just be your new favorite jam band. Originally conceived as the Cherry Garcia Band, the band’s debut album ‘Pink Lem’ is the culmination of a long, strange trip for Danceland. The band’s founding guitarist and singer-songwriter, Joe Ferland, came up as a musician in the 1990s NYC music scene, playing in a variety of rock and pop-punk contexts, and earning a few record deals along the way. Eventually, the music biz hustle burned him out, but music came back into his life during the passing of his mother when he and his wife—his co-writer and co-vocalist Jale—found their way to Danceland. The five-piece band is rooted in a timeless psychedelic Americana tradition, replete with fine, storyteller songcraft; sunny harmonies; lonesome pedal steel; stratospheric lead guitar passages; and a touch of Eastern mysticism. First out the gate is the album’s lead single “Don’t Act Surprised,” a driving acoustic number that evokes ‘American Beauty’ era Dead or contemporary artists like Railroad Earth or String Cheese Incident. 'Don’t Act Surprised' is the story of my mother’s first marriage that brought my sister and brother into the world,” Ferland comments. “After listening to the stories from my mother and sister over the years, I came to the conclusion that my mother left her first husband partly due to postpartum depression and that is why I think there was never really a “this is what happened” scenario. I finally put into words and music a story that has haunted me for many years.” * JC got a chance to catch up with Joe to talk about his lengthy career in music, what has changed over the years, and much more. *bio pulled from
July 14, 2022
Episode 35: theFIVE10 Podcast with She Wants Revenge
For over 30 years Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge has been in the music industry in one form or another. Whether a singer, producer, or rapper, the 49-year-old LA native has always been exposed to the industry through his father who handled promotion for some of the biggest names in music. While a lot of people could point to that as being the reason behind Warfield’s seemingly easy access to making music of his own, it’s his work ethic, drive, and motivation that has led him to the success that he’s had over the years. 2022 is a big year for Warfield and She Wants Revenge. While the band recently announced they were reuniting and going on tour, their most notable single “Tear You Apart” was recently certified Gold and Platinum by RIAA, and Warfield says new music is coming from both the band and his single project. JC got a chance to sit down with Warfield to break down his journey from hip-hop artist to finding success in the dark wave alternative genre. All of that and much more on this episode of theFIVE10 podcast!
July 06, 2022
Episode 34: theFIVE10 Podcast with Love Crushed Velvet
The creative vision of songwriter Alex Skora, the music of Love Crushed Velvet is inspired by post-pandemic Manhattan and the "untapped chaos of urban life" - taut, visceral songs that retain the spark of late-night jams. Blending alternative, glam, and classic rock into a contemporary sound, the band has been called “future superstars” by Black Velvet Magazine - “pure, throaty, blood-pumping stuff to get the masses moving” - and their live show is reminiscent of the glory days of rock and roll. With their debut album getting ready to be released in July, look for Love Crushed Velvet to take the show on the road.  JC got a chance to chat with ALX about his journey, what he's learned along the way, and using VR for their video conveniently called, "The Future." All of this and much more on the latest theFIVE10 Podcast!
June 29, 2022
Episode 33: theFIVE10 Podcast with Queen Kwong
A few years ago, Carré Kwong Callaway—aka Queen Kwong—was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and told she may only have a decade left to live. As a result of the condition, she’s prone to episodes where her lungs fill up with blood and she’s literally drowning. If that wasn’t bad enough, two months after her diagnosis, her musician husband jumped ship—to put it nicely. Within the year, everything else—her security and stability, her home and home studio, her cats—had also gone. This gave Carré no option but to leave Detroit, where she and her ex-husband had bought a house, with nothing but one suitcase and two guitars. “I was homeless for nearly a year, just living on friends’ sofas, and I’m still in the process of rebuilding my life," she says, “but it’s reassuring that we can survive things that feel unsurvivable.” JC sat down with Callaway to talk about her musical journey, what she's learned along the way, and what she hopes will be a bright future for the music industry. All this and much more on this episode of theFIVE10 Podcast!
June 22, 2022
Episode 32: theFIVE10 Podcast with Lizzie and the Makers
Lizzie & The Makers' sophomore studio album, Dear Onda Wahl, embroiders their potent Southern-tinged rock with art-rock, dream-pop, and ethereal elements to spawn something all their own. Released November 5th, it's one of those rare records that combine single-minded artistry with broad commercial appeal. Created around the dusky yet soaring timbre of force-of-nature frontwoman Lizzie Edwards, Dear Onda Wahl was produced by Grammy winner Mario McNulty (David Bowie, Prince) and Cure guitarist Reeves Gabrels (Tin Machine, Bowie). Their influence, alongside the textured six-string and pedal-steel expressions of Edwards' writing partner (and Gabrels protégé) Greg McMullen, ensure an intriguingly adventurous, hugely dynamic – and occasionally otherworldly – take on the traditional. "We're definitely rock 'n roll...[But] it's almost like when we wrote these songs they went through a David Lynch portal, and came out a little bizarre," mulled Edwards. "So I think we've been on this kind of ethereal tear, but our group is really rooted in Southern rock, and some English rock." Atop granite foundations of AC/DC and Black Sabbath, NYC's Makers layer the grooving rock of the Allman Brothers and Pink Floyd's melodic psychedelia. But then there are lurking hints of blues/country rootsiness, and McMullen's accomplished love of the avant-garde. Defying her constant comparisons to Janis Joplin, the classically-trained Edwards summons a heartfelt, nuanced mezzo-soprano shaped by Memphis soul legend Ann Peebles, Heart's Wilson sisters, and jazz icon Billie Holiday. She's assertive, yet vulnerable; defiant, yet proudly flawed. JC got a chance to chat with Lizzie Edwards who spoke about their sound, their process, how it has evolved over time and getting back on the road. 
November 10, 2021
Episode 31: theFIVE10 Podcast with VRSTY
VRSTY (pronounced Varsity) is a 4 piece R&B /post-hardcore infused band from NYC. Since its inception, VRSTY has always been about standing out & setting themselves apart from the “norms & cliches” of the Post-Hardcore scene while also bringing something fresh and inspirational to the listener. Blending heavy and melodic instruments with R&B singing VRSTY has already made waves playing sold-out shows with acts such as The Plot In You, Dayseeker, Like Moths To Flames, Ice Nine Kills & Slaves while also touring the country numerous times. With a new record on the way, the band shows no signs of stopping. JC got a chance to sit down with lead singer Joey Varela to talk about how the band got its start, how they think of genres in general, growing up in Harlem, and how COVID impacted their ability to connect with their fans. All this and much more on this episode of theFIVE10 Podcast!
November 03, 2021
Episode 30: theFIVE10 Podcast with January Jane
New York's January Jane have taken a pretty unorthodox path to stardome. The trio met at a loft party in New York, started writing songs, and within a few minutes figured out that they were onto something. With their new EP "Your Drug" having been recently released by iconic label BMG the band are set to get back on the road in 2022 with plans to put out a full length.  JC got a chance to sit down with the band to talk about the role Matt Pinfield is playing, how they've stayed connected to their fans during the pandemic, and why they believe this band is on a rocketship. All of this and much more on the latest episode of theFIVE10 podcast!
October 06, 2021
Episode 29: theFIVE10 Podcast with Eyes Wide Open
Their music carries the torch from the Swedish melodic death metal scene, mixing it with modern sounds and new influences inspired from metalcore. Catchy melodies, heavy drumming, pumping rhythm and versatile vocals are merging into an own style that excites fans around the globe. The lyrics are handling topics of inner and outer conflicts such as the search for personal dreams and the confrontation with fears and demons. JC got a chance to sit down with lead singer, Erik Engstrand about what makes Sweden such a great place for heavy metal, how the band stayed connected with their fans during the pandemic, and where he believes the music industry is headed in the future. All this and much more on this episode of theFIVE10 Podcast!
September 30, 2021
Episode 28: theFIVE10 Podcast with The Undertaking
If you dig Glassjaw, Every Time I Die, Refused, and early Maylene & The Sons of the Disaster, then The Undertaking! will be your new favorite band, thanks to the noisy, push and pull of their sound. The Undertaking!'s founding members — Brent Jasperse (drums), Keith Butsko (guitar), and Austin Visser (vocals) — were in the band before they even knew they'd created it, having spent their youths playing songs in each other's childhood homes. It wasn't until a revelation in early 2018 that the trio realized they'd been crafting something for decades: legitimate music. They invited James Moyer (bass) and Johnny Mercuri (guitars, vocals) to the party and formally established The Undertaking!. In 2019, they released an EP, became a staple in the San Diego music scene, and immediately caught the eye of Solid State Records. After signing with the label in 2020, they began recording their debut full-length, Funeral Psalms. The album is all grit and all punch, with lyrics that dig deep and music that swings for the fences. Themes of anxiety and depression are wrapped in a record laced with pop and '90s punk, capitalizing on the freedom to vocalize lament while having a good time. The Undertaking! aim to tell the truth with all fun, no frills, and a bunch of cordless guitars. JC got a chance to sit down with Austin to talk about being locked down, how they've stayed connected with their fans, and their new album.
September 22, 2021
Episode 27: theFIVE10 Podcast with DED
DED has only been together a little more than four years since the release of their debut album, Mis-An-Thrope, but it is clear that their take-no-prisoners approach has already turned a lot of heads. Originating from Phoenix, AZ, the foursome embodies elements of rock, alternative, and metal, with pop melodies, hooks and choruses, cloaked in some of the densest, most histrionic, headbanging music on the planet. But when you dig beneath the aggressive surface, DED’s unexpectedly soulful music is about bringing hope, relief and self-awareness, often speaking to and about the young generations that are contending with many deeply embedded issues in today’s society. Rather than the nihilistic, anarchical hellraisers DED might seem to be upon first glance, they’re actually mythical heroes desperately trying to save society, not take it down. Joe Cotela (vocals), David Ludlow (guitar), Kyle Koelsch (bass), and Matt Reinhard (drums) are building a community by offering comfort in times of despair. JC sat down with lead singer Joe Cotela to talk about the formation of DED, what it was like to work with producer John Feldmann of Goldfinger, and their upcoming tour with Black Veil Brides. 
September 15, 2021
Episode 26: theFIVE10 Podcast with THECITYISOURS
THECITYISOURS is a five-piece metal band from London who quickly garnered attention and growing support for peers, industry, and fans alike, thanks to a high-octane live show and the success of their debut album. Low smashed into the Top 5 of the iTunes metal charts with several singles appearing in editorial playlists of Amazon, Deezer and Spotify — including covers on New Core and Metal UK. Following the departure of long-standing vocalist Sam Stolliday, THECITYISOURS unexpectedly found themselves in unknown territory. Twelve months on, they are back with the introduction of new vocalist Oli Duncanson and ready to welcome a brand new era of TCIO. JC got a chance to sit down with guitarist and founding member, Mikey Page to chat about how the band was formed, the addition of Oli at lead singer, and their hopes of getting back in front of fans as soon as possible!
September 08, 2021
Episode 25: theFIVE10 Podcast with All Good Things
Fresh off the success of "For the Glory" which was a featured track during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, LA based All Good Things are getting ready to hit the road with P.O.D. which will give their fans the first time to see the band live and in person.....ever. Sure they have played a couple of shows, but for the most part fans from all over the world have yet to see a band they've played through streaming platforms or heard on the radio millions of times. Now with a Billboard #1 hit to add to their resume the band is ready to hit the road with their hard hitting sound to support their new album, A Hope In Hell. JC got a chance to speak with lead singer Dan Murphy about their unorthodox rise to notoriety, how they plan to take in the opportunity to tour, and more.  
August 18, 2021
Episode 24: theFIVE10 Podcast with AVAT
Comprised of Roland "Roly" Velazquez (vocals), Jonathan Rivera (bass), Dimitri Anchipolovsky (guitar), Kevin Stewart (guitar), and Romulo Bernal (drums) AVAT formed in 2015 and have continued to dole out charging riffs, bewilderingly catchy leads, and soaring vocals. The band was described by Revolver as “hard-hitting,” and fans of Killswitch Engage, Trivium, and Protest the Hero will find themselves magnetically drawn to the band’s hooks, their incorporation of their Miami roots into their music, and their blend of progressive and metalcore styles. JC got a chance to sit with Roly about the formation of the band, how they've been able to stay connected with their fans, and what he's learned along the way. All of this and more on the latest episode of theFIVE10 Podcast!
August 04, 2021
Episode 23: theFIVE10 Podcast with Onsen
Started as the solo project of Los Angeles based Drew Straus, (also a member of Twin Cabins) Onsen has grown into a collaboration spanning both coasts. Using a lot of his own personal experiences, Straus' sound can be best described as indie electro. His latest release, "Keeper" (out now) is a snapshot of some of his past relationships which means tracks can span a wide spectrum from mellow chill to happy dance. JC got a chance to talk with Straus about his process, how it's different from his other projects, and the part technology has played over the years in the music industry. All this and much more on this episode of theFIVE10 Podcast!
July 28, 2021
Episode 22: theFIVE10 Podcast with Kate Vargas
A reformed wild child, in recent years Kate Vargas has traded the party for meditation, yoga, clean eating and a renewed focus on what she values most—her music. The half-Mexican, New Mexico-raised, NYC-based artist is building ever more mindfully on her sound, and the music press is taking notice. Vargas has received accolades from a variety of respected outlets including NPR, Billboard, No Depression, and the Huffington Post, the latter assessing, “There is an unlimited amount of potential in this superstar on the rise.” JC got a chance to speak to Vargas during a recent trip to Maui and spoke a lot about her early music career, playing the flute, and connecting with fans during covid. All of this and much more on this episode of theFIVE10 podcast!
July 14, 2021
Episode 21: theFIVE10 Podcast with dredg
Hailing from Los Gatos, CA, Dredg began sharpening their aggro-metal sound in the early '90s. Comprised of Gavin Hayes (vocals/guitar), Mark Engles (guitar), Drew Roulette (bass), and Dino Campanella (drums), the group was performing in area clubs before they'd even graduated from high school. Dredg self-released the Orph EP in 1997. The ambitious Leitmotif followed two years late, and it was reissued with the band's 2001 signing to Interscope. El Cielo, Dredg's proper Interscope debut, arrived in autumn 2002, and Deftones producer Terry Date was at the helm for their 2005 effort Catch Without Arms. They released the concert album Live at the Fillmore a year later, followed by Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion in 2009.*  JC got a chance to sit down with Drew Roulette to talk about those early days, their time away from the spotlight, and how the pandemic impacted their new music. All of that and much more on this episode of theFIVE10 Podcast! *bio taken from
May 12, 2021
Episode 20: theFIVE10 Podcast Best of theFIVE10 Radio
If you are new to the podcast then you may not know that theFIVE10 has been around for more than 11 years. What started out as a passion project eventually became the place where artists shared their stories. These artists and bands included names like Henry Rollins, George Clinton, Serj Tankian, and many many more.  We realized that we had never replayed those interviews here in this format so JC decided to spend an episode reliving some of the best moments in theFIVE10 radio history. In this episode you will hear interviews with New Found Glory, Matt and Kim, and Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys. These interviews, some more than 10 years old are like opening up a time capsule. 
April 30, 2021
Episode 19: theFIVE10 Podcast with Mike Park
Few people have made as big an impact on the DIY music community as Mike Park. Playing in bands like Skankin’ Pickle and The Chinkees, his music has been both widely enjoyed and hugely influential for ska from the ’90s to today. But in addition to his own music, Park has also had a big influence on the scene by helping other bands get their start. He founded Dill Records and eventually Asian Man Records in the ’90s. Over the past 24 years, Asian Man has been a home and sometimes a launching pad for many seminal punk and ska bands, from The Alkaline Trio, to Less Than Jake, to Bomb! the Music Industry, to AJJ and countless others. In 2011, he even founded an offshoot of the label called Fun Fun Records to release children’s music, like the Minnesota dance-pop duo Koo Koo Kangaroo. Through the community he established at Asian Man, Park continues to touch the lives of adults and children around the world. Even after decades of involvement in the DIY scene, he hasn’t lost that love and care for the community.* JC sat down with Mike to talk about the Bay Area music scene, what it's like to run a record label during a pandemic, and the lack of all ages venues in the south bay. All of this and more on the next theFIVE10 Podcast! * bio taken from New Noise Magazine
February 04, 2021
Episode 18: theFIVE10 Podcast with Heather Porcaro
Coming from a long line of musicians, Heather Porcaro spent her youth learning from some of the best in the industry. Though it was never predestined that she would be in the music industry, something kept pulling her in. As she got older, she found that she couldn't just bottle her creative needs. She needed an outlet. That typically manifested in some coffee shop open mics or helping some of her friends' project, but eventually she felt as though the music she was created was better suited to be released to the masses.  Having released a few singles, Heather is now working on an album and hopes that 2021 brings us together and that her music plays a small part in all of that. All of that and much more on this week's theFIVE10 Podcast.
January 28, 2021
Episode 17: theFIVE10 Podcast with Zach Carothers of Portugal. The Man
With their peculiar name and remote place of origin, Alaskan experimental indie pop band Portugal. The Man are an unlikely success story. After heading southward to the musical hub of Portland, Oregon, the group -- co-founded by the duo of John Gourley and Zach Carothers -- delivered a series of unique, artfully crafted independent albums throughout the late 2000s, touring hard and eventually signing a deal with Atlantic in 2010. The band's diligence paid off during their major-label tenure with each subsequent album gaining them a wider fan base and increased acclaim. On 2013's Evil Friends, they forged a collaboration with producer Danger Mouse, who again helped out on the group's politically driven eighth album, 2017's Woodstock, which yielded the Grammy-winning hit single "Feel It Still."* JC got a chance to sit down with Carothers to talk about their unlikely rise to the pop charts, their charitable work, and the future of the music industry. All of that and much more on this week's theFIVE10 Podcast! *bio written by Ned Raggett
January 21, 2021
Episode 16: theFIVE10 Podcast with Yo Kinky
Ridegwood, Queens duo Yo Kinky met at the start of 2020, bonding over shared musical interests, and immediately started working on songs together. Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, Laura Wight and Tom Unish self-produced and recorded their self-titled debut EP. This collection of songs addresses trust, communication, love, loneliness, freedom, identity, and expectation. The two-piece incorporates drum machines and buzzing, dissonant, squelching keyboards with guitars that alternately shimmer and shake with reverb and delay. Recorded and mixed by Unish, Wight handled the lyrics while Unish performed the instrumentation. Her bright vocals are delivered with a conversational precision that calls to mind acts like X, Sleaford Mods, and Blondie. JC got a chance to catch up with Laura and Tom to chat about starting a band during a pandemic, what it will be like when they can finally get out to play some live shows, and where they think the music industry is headed. All this and much more on this week's episode of theFIVE10 Podcast!
December 31, 2020
Episode 15: theFIVE10 Podcast with Thin Lear
Queens-based songwriter Matt Longo of Thin Lear had always been drawn to the stories of forgotten eccentrics, but never haunted by their subjects. And yet, upon reading of 1920’s occultist Netta Fornario, and her misunderstood end on a tiny island off of Scotland, he found himself dreaming of her on a consistent basis, often waking with a fleeting image of the woman. Netta had inexplicably left her friends and family in search of magic…and lost everything. After many years of fronting bands, and then releasing several records under his own name, Matt felt an immediate empathy for her, and recognized her story as that of an artist. This week JC sits down with Matt to chat about his background, how he's been able to connect with fans during the pandemic, and the revival of the record player. All this and much more on this week's episode of theFIVE10 Podcast!
December 24, 2020
Episode 14: theFIVE10 Podcast with The Only Ocean
With a steady stream of buzz-worthy singles, EP’s that have received rave reviews, and a new, re-energized line-up, the L.A alternative-rock band The Only Ocean is making waves in L.A’s music scene. Formed in Lompoc, CA, during bandleader Wesley Hill’s high school days, the band has evolved from an auspicious bedroom solo-project to a flourishing four-piece that’s carved out its own unique place within the sea of playlists and festival stages in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, eventually settling further south in Los Angeles, where all four members are from originally and their sound has continued to evolve and deepen with the addition of new members guitarist Tamara Simons, drummer Jonathan Palmquist, and bassist Jordan Kaufman. JC got a chance to chat with Wesley Hill to talk about how the band got formed, how they've stayed connected with fans, and what to expect in 2021.
December 17, 2020
Episode 13: theFIVE10 Podcast with The Brummies
The Brummies hail not from the English city of Birmingham but a town of the same name in Alabama. These southern origins may suggest that the trio play roots music -- as does the fact that Jacob Bryant and John Davidson, two of the key Brummies, earned success as country songwriters, penning the Band Perry's 2013 hit "Done" -- but the group's 2018 debut, Eternal Reach, is a lush pop record, steeped in classic rock, AOR, and yacht rock traditions in equal measure. Same Trailer Different ParkJacob Bryant and John Davidson first began their creative collaboration as songwriters. Their first notable success was "Done," a song the Band Perry took to number one on Billboard's Country Airplay chart in 2013. Shortly afterward, they began performing as a duo called John & Jacob, releasing an independent eponymous album in 2014 and placing the single "Be My Girl" on the Nashville TV series. John & Jacob's big breakthrough came when they landed an opening spot on Kacey Musgraves's Same Trailer Different Park tour in 2014. While on the road with Musgraves, the duo began collaborating with Trevor Davis. Once the Same Trailer tour wrapped in 2015, the band officially hired Davis and rechristened themselves the Brummies, taking their name from slang for natives of Birmingham, England. Signing with Sandbox, the music management team behind Musgraves and Little Big Town, the band began working on a debut, while also maintaining a steady touring schedule. Eternal Reach, which featured a cameo from Kacey Musgraves on the single "Drive Away," reached stores in April 2018. -
December 10, 2020
Episode 12: theFIVE10 Podcast with Limbs
LIMBS found a home with UNFD in 2018, ahead of the release of their debut album Father’s Son, which gives listeners a dark and brooding look at a young man’s journey out of religion as he comes to terms with both his upbringing and his own actions.. A conceptual album following a young man breaking free from his indoctrinated upbringing, the album explores the harm it causes and the strength in reclaiming your own life. In 2020, they now present new single ‘Empty Vessel’. “’Empty Vessel,’ was inspired by my own struggles of balancing my personal life while also pursuing the perpetual dream of “success” as an artist,” shares vocalist Austin McAuley. “The song immerses the listener in themes of self-sacrifice, vulnerability and the constant desire to have one’s voice heard. The chorus beckons, ‘How long is the breath that I have to hold before I’m worth my weight in gold?’ This statement reflects the trials and tribulations of those who will do anything to make their dreams come true…but as the lyrics tell, “How does it feel? Only the lonely know.” JC got a chance to sit with Austin McAuley (vocal), Jordan Hunter (guitar), and Joey DiBiase (drums) about their lineup changes, how their sound has evolved, and their new EP, "Only The Lonely Know" which is out now!
November 19, 2020
Episode 11: theFIVE10 Podcast with The Score
The Score are made up of Eddie Anthony (vocals, guitar) and Edan Dover (keyboards, production). Hailing from Los Angeles, The Score spent their first few years working to get their songs into the hands of other artists. When that didn't pan out like they thought, they decided to form a band and do it all on their own. It has worked out great having found their songs in surprising places leading to unsurprising results. The boys cook up a signature style akin to Yeezus producing Foo Fighters stadium-size anthems uplifted in equal measure by speaker-busting distortion and glitchy 808s; songs that are unapologetically big, booming, and primed for festival singalongs and celebrations across the globe. A five-year journey brought the duo from a tiny Upper East Side apartment in NYC to gold plaques, nearly three billion streams, one million-plus YouTube subscribers, hundreds of TV and film syncs, sold out shows on multiple continents, and a fan base of millions who sing along to every word. The band’s 2016 Unstoppable EP paved the way for their full-length debut Atlas a year later, and saw the song “Unstoppable” achieve gold certification from the RIAA.  They released the Pressure EP in 2019, and recently released their sophomore album, Carry On, in August 2020, featuring the likes of Travis Barker and AWOLNATION.  Among hundreds of high-profile syncs, their music appeared in the NETFLIX blockbuster 6 Underground, in addition to soundtracking campaigns for Jeep, NBA, and many more. JC got a chance to sit with Eddie and Edan to chat about their journey and what they've learned along the way. 
November 12, 2020
Episode 10: theFIVE10 Podcast with We Are Scientists
We Are Scientists formed in Berkeley, Ca, in 2000. It consists primarily of guitarist and vocalist Keith Murray and bass guitarist Chris Cain, with drummer Keith Carne joining the band in the studio and for live performances since 2013. The band have released six studio albums, not including their early release Safety, Fun, and Learning, which the band have gone on to describe as more of a rough draft, than a proper album. The band's breakthrough success came with their debut studio album, With Love and Squalor, which sold 100,000 copies in the first six months. This was followed by the releases of Brain Thrust Mastery in 2008, Barbara in 2010, TV en Français in 2014, Helter Seltzer in 2016 and Megaplex in 2018. As well as music, Keith and Chris are known for their comedy, often injecting humour into their interviews, press-releases and off-the-cuff jokes at their live shows. This has been carried over as part of producing many of their own music video treatments and their 2009 series of television shorts Steve Wants His Money made for MTV, as well as a podcast series titled Dumpster Dive in 2020. JC and Clay get a chance to chat with Keith and Chris in a hilarious behind the music style interview that covers everything from the East Bay area music scene to losing an NME award to...NME. All this and much more on this latest edition of theFIVE10 Podcast!
November 05, 2020
Episode 9: theFIVE10 Podcast with Jordan Kurland
Jordan Kurland is the founder and owner of Zeitgeist Artist Management, LTD. Formed in 1999, with offices in San Francisco and Manhattan, Zeitgeist focuses on cultivating long-term careers for independently minded artists. The company’s roster includes Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, She & Him, The Head and the Heart, Bob Mould (ex-Husker Du and Sugar), New Pornographers, AC Newman, Surfer Blood, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, and Rogue Wave. Jordan has also helped to grow San Francisco based music festivals Noisepop and the Treasure Island Music Festival. JC got a chance to sit with Jordan to chat about how he got into music management, the music festivals, and the future of the music industry. 
October 29, 2020
Episode 8: theFIVE10 Podcast with David Ellefson
As one of the founding members of the long running metal band, Megadeth David has seen a lot of changes in the music industry. Whether it's through his solo project, Ellefson or other side projects David has experienced pretty much everything a musician can experience.  This week we brought back our editor and photographer, Clay Lancaster with JC for a rare three way interview with David for a very special edition of theFIVE10 Podcast!
October 22, 2020
Episode 7: theFIVE10 Podcast with Sam Himself
After extensive live and radio performances in and around Switzerland in 2019, Sam Himself enters the next decade with a new body of work. “Slow Drugs,” his upcoming EP due out 5/29, represents a stylistic departure from Sam’s earlier, more band-driven recordings. Touring and performing solo have inspired tunes that function equally well with a full band onstage or when Sam’s all by himself. In the studio, the five-track EP reunited Josh Werner (bass – Iggy Pop; Bill Laswell) and Parker Kindred (drums – Jeff Buckley; Joan As Police Woman) under the direction of mixer and producer Daniel Schlett (DIIV, The War on Drugs), Sam’s longtime creative collaborator, first listener and Second Beatle. The EP’s lead single of the same name, “Slow Drugs,” is scheduled for release on 4/3. The song features harmony vocals by Sam’s frequent live partner Denitia Odigie, a prolific, Brooklyn-based songwriter and vocalist. All songs were mastered by engineering legend Greg Calbi (Bruce Springsteen; David Bowie).*  JC got a chance to catch up with Sam to talk about his background and how he's able to do live shows in his native Switzerland. All this and much more on this week's theFIVE10 Podcast! *taken from publicist's site
October 15, 2020
Episode 6: theFIVE10 Podcast with Eric Victorino
Eric Victorino, lead singer for both rock band Strata and electric/alt band The Limousines is no stranger to the creative process. Whether it is writing a book filled with gut wrenching topics like mental health or finding an outlet to his happiness, Eric has always had a need to share his experiences with those that can find it the most helpful. For Eric, it's almost therapeutic. However, there is a downside which is that feeling in which you have shared so much of yourself that it is impossible to run away from how it can perhaps define you. Regardless of all of that, Eric is happy that many of his life experiences have helped those that need it the most.  JC got a chance to sit down with Eric to talk about how Strata got its start, why he felt the need to write happier music with The Limousines, and our current political climate. They cover a lot in less than an hour so buckle up! You're in for a fun ride.
October 08, 2020
Episode 5: theFIVE10 Podcast with Kevin Martin
Candlebox were formed in Seattle in December 1991 by singer/guitarist Kevin Martin, a native of Elgin, Illinois who'd grown up partly in San Antonio, and drummer Scott Mercado. Initially calling the band Uncle Duke, they added lead guitarist Peter Klett and bassist Bardi Martin (no relation to Kevin) and changed the group's name to Candlebox, after a line in a Midnight Oil song. Their demo tape found its way to Madonna's Maverick label, which quickly resulted in a record deal in 1992. Candlebox's self-titled debut was released in 1993, and while the first single, "Change," began to build them a following, it wasn't until 1994, when the follow-up, "You," appeared, that Candlebox really started to take off. "You" gave them a breakthrough hit on mainstream rock radio, which set the stage for the success of "Far Behind," essentially a power ballad for the grunge era. "Far Behind" was a major hit on both mainstream and alternative radio, and also made the pop Top 20; its exposure helped Candlebox climb into the Top Ten on the LP chart and eventually sell over three-million copies. JC got another change to sit down with Kevin after 9 years (not 7 as he and Kevin recall in the episode) when he was touring with The Gracious Few. 
October 01, 2020
Episode 4: theFIVE10 Podcast with Dave Allen
Dave Allen is the founding bass guitarist for the post-punk band, Gang of Four. In 1981, he left Gang of Four to form Shriekback. He later founded World Domination Recordings and two of its bands, The Elastic Purejoy and Low Pop Suicide (with Rick Boston). He appeared on several LPs and EPs with each of these bands, The Harvest and the Elastic Purejoy's The Clutter of Pop and Talk Radio. After leaving Shriekback in 1988, Allen founded King Swamp with other former bandmates. According to, in 2006, Allen formed a super-group under the name Faux Hoax with Danny Seim of Menomena, John Askew of Tracker, and Pioneers Press author Adam Gnade. A 7" single, "Your Friends Will Carry You Home," featuring Gnade on vocals, was released by Polyvinyl records in 2008. JC got a chance to sit down with Dave to talk about the formation of Gang of Four, getting into the tech industry, living in the PNW, and what he's up to now. All of this and much more on this new episode of theFIVE10 Podcast!
September 24, 2020
Episode 3: theFIVE10 Podcast with Marco Collins
For nearly a decade Marco Collins was the voice of Seattle's 107 The End. Breaking bands such as Garbage, Beck, No Doubt, Prodigy, and many more Marco introduced America to the grunge scene in the 90's and radio was never the same again. Part of Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, Marco was also the focus of a documentary called "The Glamour and the Squalor" which chronicled his fight with addiction as well as his fall from grace.  Today Marco still lives in Seattle and has been sober for more than 3 years. On top of it all, he has also survived a bout with cancer. He is still working in the music industry helping young companies find their footing.  JC sits down with Marco to cover all of it and more on this episode of theFIVE10 Podcast!
September 17, 2020
Episode 2: theFIVE10 Podcast with Joe Wong
Joe Wong is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, and podcaster based in Los Angeles, Ca. He is currently the host of The Trap Set, a weekly podcast and radio show about the lives of musicians. As a drummer he is known for his work with Parts & Labor, Marnie Stern, Aa, Man Forever, and Mary Timony. Wong was also chosen to participate in the Boredoms' event 88 Boadrum. Wong's drumming style has been described as "trancelike", "propulsive", and "explosive". As a composer he has worked on projects that include the hit Netflix series Russian Doll and Master of None; the Sundance Special Jury Prize winning feature, The Pool; documentaries such as Collapse, The Yes Men, and Independent Lens; the hit young adult film To All the Boys I've Loved Before; and avant-garde work such as Adult Swim's Superjail! and the 2014 film Hamlet A.D.D.. Wong's scoring projects have garnered praise from the New York Times, Time, and The A.V. Club. (bio taken from Wikipedia) In this episode JC chats with Joe about his new album, Nite Creatures (out Sept. 18, 2020) on Decca Records, working with film directors, and where the music industry is headed. 
September 10, 2020
Episode 1: theFIVE10 Podcast with Clay Lancaster
For over 10 years Clay Lancaster has been theFIVE10's photographer. From Metallica to Justin Timberlake, Clay's pictures have found their way into other sites and even on the cover of Ben Folds Live album. Throughout his career he has worked closely with JC to capture and document interviews and shows for most of theFIVE10's history.  In this episode JC and Clay chat about their most memorable shows and conversations. From The Pharcyde to venues closing in the San Francisco Bay Area due to COVID, they cover a lot of ground in the first episode back as theFIVE10 radio reinvents itself as a podcast. 
September 04, 2020