Pavement People - Done With Church As Usual

An episode of theFurnace

By John Burton
Messages of revival, fervent prayer and impact in the cities of the earth
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Grace Focused Churches Can Threaten Revival
There are churches that don't go as far as heretical hyper-grace, but they do promote grace, non-stop, to the exclusion of critical biblical truths. Repentance, hell, sin, brokenness, the terror of the Lord and other core Christian truths are ignored. They may consider themselves to be pro-revival as they focus on the idea that "God is always in a good mood," love, relationships and how excited God is about them. While there are some good things to glean from this model of ministry, there are inherent dangers that we must be made aware of.
August 23, 2019
Snowflake Christians
I'm so tired of snowflake Christians who can't handle intense truth, hellfire preaching and aggressive messages. They fatten themselves on soft spoken, poetry reading style teachers and worship music that never moves beyond supposed "revelations of love" as they overdose on warm feelings. Trade in your pajamas for armor. Thicken your skin. Arise and fight.
August 23, 2019
Quit being a prophetic weirdo! You may NOT be hearing God.
We need integrity and maturity in the prophetic today more than ever! You don't need to be a prophetic weirdo and you don't need to say, "God said," every time you have a spiritual thought! Listen to this podcast and make yourself ready to truly, legitimately hear God's voice.
August 21, 2019
BAD TIPPERS Get Called Out!
Okay, a nerve was hit! You have to listen to this raw yet fun podcast. I don't hold back dealing with the nasty spirits that are driving bad tippers. We should tip HUGE no matter the situation! We aren't called to teach servers a lesson, but rather we should be blessing them as people who represent Jesus!
August 20, 2019
The Very Best Sex
So, I told my wife I was writing an article on sex. She laughed and said, "You don't know anything about sex!" After my crushed ego was healed (not really), I laughed right back and said, "I know! But, people need to hear about the amazing resource we discovered this weekend!" God is ready to breathe life into your marriage and into your sex life. Healing awaits. A life of intimacy and adventure is God's desire for you and your spouse! 
August 19, 2019
Leaving the ministry for your wife's emotional health
I'm convinced there are MANY pastors who need to step out of pastoral ministry and get a secular job for the sake of their wive's spiritual and emotional health.  The reason many pastors wives are spiritually and emotionally devastated is because people don't know how to honor them, lift their burdens and shower them with praise. When people criticize their husband, gossip, scheme, resist, leave the church, stop giving financially or demand too much from him, it can absolutely crush her. So, often the pastor must lay down his calling for the sake of his wife, or people need to start treating both of them much better.
August 19, 2019
Extreme Holy Spirit Activity - Today's Church Is Not Spirit-Filled Enough
Even today's most Spirit-filled churches must embrace radical reformation. Listen as I describe the 2 Chronicles church model, a revelation-driven, prophetic model, that must come to the church, and fast.
August 15, 2019
Should you expose dangerous ministries?
There are streams, movements, churches and ministries that trouble my spirit, but I'm extremely careful regarding exposing others. What do you think?
August 14, 2019
Why You Can't Hear God's Voice
People have some strange arguments about biblical obedience, works, holiness, etc. They say it's unnecessary in order to receive God's love. What they don't understand is that it is all necessary to live a dramatic, supernatural, prophetic life. To hear God's voice requires quite a life of devotion. 
August 14, 2019
We Serve an Angry God
We need to stop attempting to redefine God by eliminating characteristics that don't feel nice and sweet to us. God is God. He has no obligation to explain himself to us. While the love he has is overwhelming, his anger and wrath are still in effect today.
August 9, 2019
Lauren Daigle, Hell, false-grace and the infiltration of compromise in the church
An increasing number of Christians leaders are either refusing to take a stand against various sins including homosexuality, or they are outright affirming them. The bigger issue? The church is allowing this compromise to continue.
August 7, 2019
The Heresy of Not Believing in Eternal Torment in Hell
We need a firm rebuke against the rising tide of what many are calling Christian Universalism, but understand, this belief system is not Christian at all. Rejection of eternal torment in Hell is a heretical belief that absolutely puts one's salvation in jeopardy. They are following a different God with a different nature.
August 6, 2019
Why you can't find or keep a job.
You can't find or keep a job? Listen to this podcast. Did you know the Bible mandates that we don't associate with Christians who are lazy and who don't work, who aren't productive? It's true. I often hear about people who can't find or keep a job, and I thought I'd share some insight as to why this might be happening. In the podcast I deal with how to sell yourself, how to ooze confidence, what to say when you have a poor employment history, grooming, what to wear to the interview, questions to ask, being on time, being teachable, being authentic, being available and MORE!
August 5, 2019
Should we be heresy hunters?
What do you do when a minister is way off base? What if they are just a little off base? Listen to this podcast and leave your comments!
August 5, 2019
The coming shift in the church away from senior pastoral leadership
Possibly the most shocking shift coming to the church is the transition away from senior pastoral leadership. What happens now is that pastors are overwhelmed with connecting with people, feeding them what they prefer and ensuring they are attended to—and that has compromised the strength and outward mission of the church. Now, of course, helping people is absolutely appropriate and necessary, and pastors are the ones best equipped by God to do that, but this ministry was never meant to be the primary function of the church! Read the article HERE.
August 1, 2019
A Catastrophic Error Pastors Make: Presuming Everyone in Their Church is Saved
Preaching to the saints? You need to understand that many of them are not safe—if they are saved at all. “Who then can be saved?” Matthew 19:25 (ESV) The call of church leadership is not to confirm someone's salvation, but rather to challenge it. We need the fear and trembling to reverberate through our spirits night and day that only wrestling with our salvation can produce. Read the related article HERE.
July 31, 2019
Pastors: Ten Reasons Why Intercessors Aren’t Attending Your Prayer Meetings
God is raising up passionate people of fervent and strategic prayer. Why aren’t they flocking to church prayer meetings? Read the article HERE.
July 30, 2019
John Burton Ministries - How to Book Me
I absolutely love connecting with other like-minded revivalists and those who are contending for an outpouring in their region. Listen to this short podcast to learn how to book me, what is expected and how to connect.
July 27, 2019
Revival vs. Renewal: What's the Difference?
Give me renewal any time. I'm ready to encounter God and to be overwhelmed by his glory. However, I can't stop there. There's another level, and it will result in a deep tremor in our spirits.  We need revival. Learn about the difference here.
July 27, 2019
Manifestations - Demonic, God or Flesh?
While we need to fully affirm the wild and bizarre activity of the Holy Spirit in the church, we need to learn how to stop acting out in foolish, outlandish and unnecessary ways in the name of God. 
July 27, 2019
Christian Witchcraft: Manipulation, Control and Resistance to Revival Must Cease!
If you are resistant to revival, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, to groans of the Spirit and tongues of fire and to an atmosphere of desperation, depth, freedom and extreme hunger, and your church is attempting to pursue and affirm these things…just leave. Disappear. Stop being an irritant and a pain to the pastor you are supposed to be honoring and supporting. Quit with your manipulation, control and witchcraft. Stop presuming your opinions and insights are so important and that your voice must be heeded. You are hindering the Holy Spirit and those who are passionate about Jesus.  The enemy is using you and you need to either move on or repent in tears. I can't imagine being the one that stood in the way of a move of God. Grieving the Holy Spirit is a serious violation and I pray the fear of the Lord grips you.
July 26, 2019
Demons, The Holy Spirit and Bizarre Supernatural Stuff
What happened to the supernatural church? When we go deep in prayer and the prophetic and as we advance in our assignments, we absolutely will invade the darkness and see the spiritual realm manifest. Listen as John shares a dramatic supernatural story that gives clarity as to why this is so important for Christians today.
July 24, 2019
Exposing the Lie of Failure in Ministry and Life
I was moved to tears during this podcast as I read an email about the legacy and impact we had in one of our assignments in Manitou Springs, Colorado. This message will encourage you and set you free from the lie that you must be ever growing and developing in order to be successful. Much of what you do will never be noticed by others and the impact may not be felt for years or generations. It's valuable though and it's your obedience that counts.
July 23, 2019
Donald Trump, The Anti-Christ, Immorality and our Responsibility
"So, you've never sinned?" That's the snarky question people ask when Christians, who are promoting holiness in the fear of the Lord, scrutinize immorality in other Believers.  How should we handle it when others sin? What about when a Christ-professing leader sins publicly without repentance? Should we remain silent? What about Christians who support abortion and homosexual rights? We can say nothing because we too have sinned in the past? John tears apart this ridiculous defense and calls people to be more interested in God and holiness than they are in supporting others.
July 22, 2019
It's Time to Scare Visitors Away From the Church
Many are working hard to attract the wrong crowd on Sunday—and the result is an Ichabod church. I've met countless pastors and others who say they are focused on revival, but who are misguided on exactly what it is. Their focus is on attracting people to the church, on people getting “saved” and on other church growth strategies. The problem? The foundational pursuit of revival has nothing to do with church growth or the lost. It has everything to do with the church awakening, contending in intercession and attracting the fire of the Holy Spirit. The lost didn't show up in the Upper Room. Marginal followers of Jesus were repelled by the Upper Room.
July 20, 2019
Grace, Sin Consciousness and Behavior Modification
This is a must listen! Where is the fear of the Lord in the church today? People have been duped and deceived into believing that sin has no eternal consequence in the lives of Believers. They reject the ideas of sin consciousness and behavior modification. They presume intimacy with Jesus and the grace of God are sufficient to keep them free. It's not true.
July 20, 2019
How to Become a Prayer-Driven Revival Church
People are crying out for a church on fire, and it's time to transition the tired old wine skin out as God prepares us for a saturating, explosive outpouring. John shares clear steps on how the Sunday service can become a furnace of revival.
July 20, 2019
President Trump and the Call to Holiness
It's disturbing when professing Christians are turning a blind eye to serious failures by our President, who claims to be a Christian. We can pray for him, love him, support him and believe that he's God's man of the hour without also affirming immorality and inappropriate speech.
July 19, 2019
The Spirit of Pilate in the Church
Pastors today are giving in to the demands of the people out of fear of losing their position, finances, their members and their churches...instead of trusting Jesus and offending the crowd. 
July 14, 2019
Revival Fire! Message and Ministry in West Virginia
This is a MUST LISTEN! The fire of the Holy Spirit descends at this meeting after a powerful, provocative message.
July 14, 2019
Pavement People - Done With Church As Usual
Pastors, stop with your ridiculous church growth strategies. Stop counting people on Sunday mornings. Stop with the programs. STOP!  We need people who will cry out, who are desperate for a move of God, for the fire of Heaven to consume them!
July 13, 2019
The Rise and Danger of Mega Grace Churches
 I am a proponent of unifying around the absolutes of Scripture while rejecting what so many of the heresy hunters are doing. I don't want to come against legitimate movements, even if there is some error on a lower level, if God is truly anointing them. I don't want to call out people of God simply because they aren't in my stream. However, I have been so disturbed, for years and years, about the mega-grace churches, ministries and movements. This is different than hyper-grace. I've dealt with hyper-grace which is false, unbiblical grace, as I believe it's clearly heretical. However, there is a rising tide of what I call mega-grace ideologies that are overtaking churches. They put most of their doctrinal eggs in one basket, focusing mostly on the positive. It's the "God is always in a good mood" and "the world is getting better and better" crowd that causes the grief in my spirit. It would be very difficult for me to accept a ministry invitation to one of these churches. I just can't shake the alarms sounding within. The problem? Much good comes from some of these ministries. Powerful truths, worship and impact can be found there. Is that enough for me to wholeheartedly endorse them? No. Is the danger I sense enough to renounce them? No. So, here I remain, in the valley of disturbance, waiting on God to give me revelation on how or if to deal more directly with it. That may come soon or never. But let it be known that I sense something is off, and those under the influence of these ministries should use great wisdom and discernment while also being life-giving and honoring.
July 12, 2019
The grace camp rejects fervent prayer and passion for Jesus as works?
You'd be shocked at how often people in the grace camp wholeheartedly reject fiery devotion to Jesus and an intense commitment to prayer as works. Thoughts?
May 31, 2019
The danger of the grace movement
While not as dangerous as the hyper-grace message, grace churches that major in the positives and minimize critical truths are putting millions at risk of eternal separation from Jesus
May 31, 2019
Are you really ready for the great tribulation?
The way you prepare as a pre-tribber is RADICALLY different than the way you prepare as one who believes he will go through the great tribulation as a Christian.
May 28, 2019
Haters and Debaters—Addressing a Contentious Christian Culture
Addressing error without compromising our credibility The need for people who rightly divide the truth is only going to escalate as the end-times season we are in continues to unfold. These Bereans are valuable and it would do us all well to embrace the opportunity to analyze our belief systems and to grow. Instead, all over social media especially, we see critical and arrogant spirits assaulting others they disagree with theologically. For Christians to be rude and to operate in a spirit of accusation makes one wonder if they are saved at all. In fact, the moment we utilize methods of communication that contradict the fruits of the Spirit, we lose our credibility. Fortunately, there are many people who confirm their credibility by debating and discussing with love and honor. Communicating with them is a pleasure. However, all too often, supposed guardians of theology are zeroed in on proving their point and on shaming all who disagree. On the contrary, the shame is on them as they attempt to demoralize and invalidate people’s ministry. The focus is on mistakes, errors, disagreements and weaknesses instead of building them up, honoring them and encouraging them in the Lord. 10 Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Romans 12:10 (ESV) As one who absolutely affirms bold and provocative messages, I’m dismayed that so many who name the name of Jesus presume boldness equates to cruelty and divisiveness. Haters and debaters who are driven by a contentious agenda against those they disagree with are doing great damage to the church. Strangely, they presume to be the champions of truth, knights in shining armor who are to be celebrated for defending their absolutely “perfect” view of Scripture. They presume themselves to be Bereans when in reality they are aligning themselves with a dark spirit of accusation and assault. These are no Bereans. They are, in fact, Thessalonians. Read the article:
March 9, 2019
Extreme Supernatural: Bizarre Emotionalism or a Key to Breakthrough?
The weird and wonderful realm of the supernatural may contain the key to your breakthrough! I refuse to tone down the activity of the Holy Spirit out of respect of those less hungry. That’s been a commitment of my ministry for years. I also refuse to disinvite the Holy Spirit when the manifestations cross the line of our human comfort. In fact, I believe many people will be held accountable for limiting the Holy Spirit in the name of biblical order. Simply, we need God to move in other worldly power!
March 5, 2019
Dressing Up Jesus—Misguided Attempts to Make Jesus Attractive
Evangelism and church growth strategies have gone off the rails in an attempt to close the sale. Enough. The church has been failing far too miserably for far too long in one specific area—dressing up Jesus. This tragedy is rooted in movements that refuse to embrace the severity of God. Their infatuation with emotional love, intimacy and connection to the exclusion of an inner tremble and utter brokenness that can only come from a revelation of the terror of the Lord has compromised a generation. This puppy dog, cuddly Jesus that so many yearn for is a fantasy. If the extent of your relationship with God is enjoying his kindness and goodness to the exclusion of his terror and severity, you actually may be developing intimacy with an angel of light instead of the lover of your soul.
March 1, 2019
7 Reasons Pastors are Silent, Passive and Disengaged
In a generation marked by child killing, illicit sexual sin, rampant rebellion and a society that's growing more wicked by the hour, many pastors are remaining silent. I share seven reasons why pastors are refusing to wield a prophetic blade against the enemies of today. They are silent, passive and disengaged and it's time for them to either repent and awaken or to step aside.
February 28, 2019
Killing Children: Sanctioned Slaughter of Kids of All Ages
Slaughtering anything that threatens what people value is next on Satan’s plan for America. I’ve been saying for years that we are moving closer and closer to a reality in our nation that includes killing children well after they have been born. The only requirement for that medically sanctioned prescription to kill our children is proof of hardship, threat or inconvenience. If our way of living is negatively affected by our children, the option to eliminate them may be afforded us if something doesn’t change, and fast. Read the article HERE.
February 26, 2019
Pastors: Ten Reasons Why Intercessors Aren’t Attending Your Prayer Meetings
If God is awakening people to the power of prayer, why aren’t the prayer rooms full? If there is a growing remnant of people who yearn to encounter God and to contend for the passions of his heart night and day, why do pastors have such a hard time compelling them to come together for corporate intercession? It’s a great question. I believe I have a handful of answers. 
February 16, 2019
Are Spirit-filled churches filled enough?
We need an Azusa style explosion in our churches again!
March 31, 2018
Do we have to go to church?
I hear all the time the "the church isn't a building." It's an excuse to avoid gathering under leadership, which is the definition of the church.
March 25, 2018
Can we be saved if we aren't on fire for Jesus?
The Bible reveals the lukewarm will be rejected by God.
March 16, 2018
Should the Holy Spirit be allowed to redirect church services?
So many people are frustrated with ordered church services. They want God to move more freely. Just what does that mean?
March 12, 2018
Should I leave my dead church?
Many leaders are counseling people to leave dead churches. Is this appropriate?
March 6, 2018
Hollywood is right. Prayer does not work.
If prayer is usually ineffective for most Christians, it makes perfect sense that prayer wouldn't work for the lost.
March 3, 2018
Don't be dependent on your church for fire
You are called to burn night and day, and the lack of fire or depth at your church should not stop you!
March 2, 2018
The Edge of Rejection
Break free from the spirit of rejection in your life!
February 28, 2018
It may be time for you to leave full-time ministry.
A richer and more impacting life may be waiting for you on the other side of full-time ministry.
February 25, 2018
Some plant, some water
A message on how to handle our various assignments in ministry. Some plant, and may never see impact, increase or fulfillment of the vision. As they pass the baton, those who water can experience the fulfillment of the call in that region as God brings increase.
February 25, 2018
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