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Queer Asian Podcast Club

Queer Asian Podcast Club

By Queer Asian Social Club
Formerly known as "The Gaysian Podcast", the Queer Asian Podcast Club is a podcast from the Queer Asian Social Club that aims to create a space in which we can explore the Queer Asian experience. Hosted by the QASC founder Maya Reddy, an American Born Confused Queer Desi, this podcast embarks on conversations with folx both within the Queer Asian community and outside of the community in an effort to empower our stories and experiences and understand the assumptions and attitudes placed upon us.

Get in touch with us at and use the hashtag #QueerAsianPodcastClub
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"No Dating Until Marriage" ft. Crystal Bi-Wegner

Queer Asian Podcast Club

Dripping in Gold ft. Al Sandimirova of Automic Gold
*extreme Gossip Girl voice* bet you thought you saw the last of us? Guess again, the Queer Asian Podcast Club is BACK with an all new special episode to celebrate community this Thanksgiving, but more importantly to celebrate indigenous peoples. This week’s guest is the founder and person behind the brilliant queer, radical, and gorgeous jewelry company Automic Gold - Al Sandimirova a brilliant central indigenous Asian queer and trans person that I am beyond thrilled to be officially texting friends with! This episode is Part 1 of a 2 part “Get to know Al” series this week with part 2 being a feature interview in Issue 4 of QASC’s webzine DIS-ORIENT (releasing on Friday!). This episode we talk about everything from gold to navigating being ethnically ambiguous to finding community, and me just generally gagging over everything Al and Automic Gold stand for. Since recording this interview Al has discovered and reconnected with their indigenous Asian culture and histories in some very powerful ways that we cant wait for you to read about in their DIS-ORIENT feature! You can follow Al and Automic Gold at @automicgold on instagram. And you can follow us on IG at @queerasiansocialclub and read Dis-Orient on our website at
November 25, 2020
"Come for the eye candy, stay for the soul food" ft. Chance Calloway
We're so excited about this week's LONG overdue episode with filmmaker Chance Calloway! We recorded this episode last year, and are so excited for you all to meet our friend, the brilliant and wonderful Chance Calloway. A queer Black filmmaker who is behind one of our favourite shows "Pretty Dudes" and the new Pretty Dudes novel! Both can be found on Amazon for binging and reading (go do that ASAP they are both wonderful). This conversation is a blast, and an important one - where we dive into what representation means and how to empower other marginalized voices even when your project is already about a particular marginalized voice. We also talk about Black and Asian solidarity, trying to find queer spaces as QPOC, and gagging over all the hot guys in Pretty Dudes - a trojan horse of a show that is such a wonderful and pure celebration of friendship that uplifts queer characters and poc characters. Follow Chance at @chancescalloway Follow us on IG @queerasiansocialclub and on twitter @theQASC
July 09, 2020
What Stuffed Animals Are You Quarantined With? ft. Jiavani Linayao
this week we’re with one of our favorites, the hilarious, kind, brilliant and gorgeous Jiavani Linayao ! Jiavani is a queer Black and Filipino actor, singer, writer and comic who co-produces the GaysianAF show at UCB, has hit on Jon Hamm in Between Two Ferns the movie, and has given us the musical origin story of Buffalo Wild Wings through SHUFFLE OFF TO BUFFALO: THE MUSICAL on @offbookpod. Needless to say Jiavani is the best, and this conversation about being queer, what its like being visibly queer Black and Filpino, what its like not being visibly Asian, the importance of representation and trying to survive quarantine is a joy, and so healing. Its like tucking in with a cup of tea and a best friend, so come hang out with us and tell us what stuffed animals youre quarantined with! Follow Jiavani at: @Jiavani Follow us: @queerasiansocialclub (IG) @theQASC (twitter) #queerasianpodcastclub 
June 23, 2020
Activism and Design ft. Robert Diep
While we continue to celebrate, amplify, and fight for ALL Black Lives, we also want to continue celebrating the voices and stories of our queer and trans APIMED community. This week, we are excited to debut Season 3 of the podcast! Formerly The Gaysian Podcast and now the #QueerAsianPodcastClub - celebrating the stories and experiences of queer and trans APIMED folks. This week we’re chatting with our friend and brilliant designer @ravishingrobert about activism through design, the Queer Asian Social Club redesign, finding and celebrating different kinds of social spaces for queer APIMED folks, and coming out to our parents while helping them understand queerness and our experiences. Robert is an absolute joy, and we cant wait for you to get to know him!  You can follow us at  IG: @queerasiansocialclub twitter: @theQASC
June 16, 2020
"The Asian American Films That Taught Us To Be Asian American Are All Queer Stories" ft. Brian Hu
Let's give a warm welcome to SDSU Film studies professor and programming director at PacArts, Brian Hu! On this week's episode, we talk about representation, history of AsAm film, and how the Asian American experience is inherently a queer one. Follow Brian on instagram @husbrian and listen to his podcast on Asian American Pop Culture history "Saturday School" wherever podcasts are found!
November 12, 2019
Hail Satan(na) ft. Leonard Alyashaa aka Satanna the Queen
Hail, Satan(na). Please give a warm welcome to this week's #TheGaysianPodcast guest (and TGP's very own social media queen) hailing all the way from hell, Satanna!  Listen to us discuss all things drag, community work, and the queer Middle-Eastern American experience. Follow her at @stannaqueen
October 30, 2019
"Aunty, your radish earrings? Thats Gay" ft. Jamie Lew, QASC Events Director
Surprise, surpriiiiiise! This week's #GaysianPodcast special guest is the Queer Asian Social Club's one and only Jamie Lew! Jamie is The Gaysian Project's QASC Event Director spearheading with all things event-related. You'll want to listen to this episode for sure as we dissect the stigma queer Asian femme shaming and talk about what led to the Queer Asian Social Club and teasing the upcoming QASC event on October 26: RITUAL. RSVP here: Follow Jamie: @thejamielew
October 15, 2019
On Culture, Sex, and Academia ft. Ada Cheng, PhD
Please welcome Ada Cheng, a Chicago-based sociology PhD professor who specialises in storytelling centering APIMED folxs. Ada is absolutely incredible, and we're so excited to share this conversation that covers everything from the difficulty in defining culture, navigating academia, and finding sexual empowerment. Find her at and on instagram at @sjadacheng
October 01, 2019
DIS-ORIENTing, drag, & SE Asian Deportation ft. Kevin Lam
Hello Gaybies! Welcome, this week's podcast guest, Kevin Lam, a Boston-based activist, and drag queen!   Kevin talks about their South East Asian experience surrounding their activism and work around deportations. Listen to their story and see how drag helped them understand and connect with their identities.    You can follow them on insta at @seavalalycheesaigon 
September 17, 2019
A Breaking Bad-Binch ft. Matt Ketai
Theydies and gentlethems, it's finally back! #TheGaysianProject Season 2 (now Bi-Weekly) podcast officially premiers today.   Please give a warm welcome to this Breaking Bad-Binch (this makes sense in the pod) Matt Ketai, NYC based actor and writer, and learn more about his experience as a queer, mixed, Asian-American. This episode we discuss representation, diversification in mainstream media with a focus on marginalized communities, and queer history.
September 03, 2019
Asian Not Asian Podcast Pls Text Us Back or: Our Response to ANA's Episode 74
A couple weeks ago fellow Asian led podcast, Asian Not Asian Podcast, released an episode (#74) and an accompanying clip from the episode on instagram. Both feature a problematic and hurtful conversation and jokes regarding the the dating habits of women as well as queerness. This is our response, a conversation we hope that will be a growing moment as to why the jokes on ANA were harmful, the importance of accountability, and how we can all strengthen our allyship. With guest Gerrie Lim of The Chasing Color Project
August 08, 2019
This is Akin ft. Peyton and Hubert
On our Season 1 finale we are talking with two of the people behind AKIN, an art collective in NYC focused on uplifting queer and POC artists and creators. We chat with Peyton and Hubert about the incredible work they are doing with Akin as well as their own experiences as queer Filipinx people. Follow AKIN on IG @thisisakinnyc
May 28, 2019
"Constant Guest, Constant Alien" ft. Robin and Daisy of APAIT LA
This week we have two really badass guests from APAIT, an API AIDS/HIV resource and activism group in Los Angeles, Robin and Daisy! This is a fantastic conversation about the stigma of HIV/AIDs in API communities, the performance of masculinity and fear of femininity amongst Asian men, and RuPaul’s Drag Race! On instagram: @apait_ssg ; @robinhamchoi ; @daisynconfusd The Gaysian Podcast can be found on ig: @thegaysianproject and on twitter: @gaysianproject
May 17, 2019
The Diaspora Isn't Just in Europe and North America ft. Actor Premika Leo
This week we’re chatting with Toronto based indo-carribean-canadian queer actor Premika Leo! This conversation is one that isn’t always had in APIMED spaces, especially Desi spaces. That is: the erasure of Indo-Carribean folks from the diaspora.We also get into the complexities of POC representation, and the fact that while there is more queer representation than ever, QTPOC representation is still so minimal. Jump into this episode and get to know Premika and her Guyanese-Canadian Queer Experience!
May 10, 2019
The Power of Heritage and Telling Your Own Story ft. Randy Kim
We are kicking off our celebration of APIMEDA Heritage Month with an episode all about the power of connecting with your heritage and telling your own story. Featuring incredible human being, activist and storyteller, Randy Kim who serves on the board of the National Cambodian Heritage Museum and co-produces TALK Stories: an Asian and Asian American Storytelling Series.  Follow Randy's work at: @randall_kimball and find us at: IG @thegaysianproject ; twitter @gaysianproject
May 02, 2019
LIVE at ClexaCon ft. Chantal Thuy, Andrea Walter, Nicole Espinosa, and CB Lee
Coming at you with our first live episode recorded at ClexaCon 2019 from "The Gaysian Project Presents: Celebrating Queer Asian Americans in Media and Fandom" panel! Follow the panelists: @chantalthuy  @andreaannwalter @cblee_cblee @colesmcgee
April 17, 2019
Creating Asian American Culture ft. Author Nishta J. Mehra
This episode is a special conversation with author Nishta J. Mehra, abt her new book "Brown, White, Black" that explores the intersections of identity, religion, and sexuality in her family. We get into so many things including, the role Hinduism has played in her connection to identity, struggling with both assimilating and standing out, and how she and her family are truly creating these beautiful images of Asian American culture. Follow Nishta on IG and Twitter: @nishtajmehra  website:
April 05, 2019
"Heavy Metal Asian Fan" ft. Nicole Espinosa
Feminist, scholar, activist Nicole Espinosa is back on the podcast to talk about fan culture and how it functions in marginalised communities! It is a super-sized episode in which we get into everything from our own fandoms to ethno-historical explanatory models of how we interact with fandom, the need to complicate the things we're fans of, and digging into why queer femme representation is still predominantly white and straight passing.  Follow Nicole on IG: @colesmcgee and on twitter: @decolesinize
March 29, 2019
Nowruz Mubarak! ft. Omid Razavi of Let Me Out Book
Nowruz Mubarak! Happy Persian New Year! We are so thrilled to be spending the 13 days of celebration with Omid Razavi - a gay Iranian Canadian author and illustrator of the Let Me Out book that provides support for LGBTQ+ youth to give them solidarity and encouragement through their processes of exploring their identities. In this episode, we get to talk about his work, what it was like growing up in Ottawa Canada and gaining pride in both his Iranian and Queer identities. Follow Omid: @LetMeOutBook
March 22, 2019
Just Three Indians Talking About Comic Books ft. Kesav and Samarjeet Wable
This week's episode is with filmmaker Kesav Wable and his brother Samarjeet talking about the new short film they made called “Closet Supes." The short is an exploration of queer Desi identity, the first generation Desi American experience, reconnecting with our elders, and superheroes. We are excited to share our conversation that continues to explore the themes of Desi identity, and superheroes, and finding our identities. Follow Kesav and all the news about "Closet Supes:" IG: @KWable Twitter: @bKwa
February 08, 2019
"Planes, Trains, and Intersectional Queer Inclusivity in Golf" ft. Pro Golfer Tadd Fujikawa
This week's episode is just a couple of queer Asian golfers talking about the queer Asian experience. My guest is fellow pro golfer and athlete ally ambassador, Tadd Fujikawa! Tadd is wonderful, he is the youngest player in history to qualify for the US Open in 2006 at 16, he’s made 14 starts on the PGA Tour, and in August 2018, became the first male prof golfer to openly come out as gay. We talk about Tadd's experiences, both of our work in inclusivity activism with Athlete Ally, and so much more!
January 24, 2019
"When We're Teenagers Everything Happens SO Much" ft. Author CB Lee
Were kicking off 2019 with a great conversation with author and activist CB Lee. Author of the "Sidekick" series, and forthcoming BEN10 graphic novels. This conversation was a blast. We talk about representation in books, accessibility to different forms of media, disrupting images of teenage Americana through QPOC representation, and also CB’s activism and her hopes of what that will look like. Follow her and the amazing stuff shes doing on twitter: @author_cblee and instagram: @cblee_cble
January 18, 2019
DIS-ORIENTing with The Queer Arabs
This week’s episode is with two of the hosts of a podcast called “The Queer Arabs”, Alia and Ellie and I am thrilled that it is the first installment of our “DIS-ORIENT” series! We talked about the erasure of Middle Eastern or South West Asian identities and cultures from an Asian narrative, navigating living in the United States post911 as Brown Asians, and a 30 second primer on the history of the French in Lebanon. Follow @TheQueerArabs & @TheGaysianProject
December 20, 2018
"We're Life Size(d) Too!" ft. Hank Chen
This week's episode is with the wonderful actor and comic Hank Chen, known for stealing scenes in the delightfully queer "Life-Size 2." We chatted with Hank about all things representation. From the immense amount of work it takes to find queer Asian representation, what its like for Hank to be representing, and of course Tyra Banks. Watch "Life-Size 2" on Hulu, and follow Hank on twitter and ig: @hanksterchen and on Facebook at "Hankchenishere" You can follow TGP on ig @TheGaysianProject
December 13, 2018
"Queer South Asians Are Damn Good At Sex" ft. Neha Ghosh of Qunify Philadelphia
This week’s episode is with Neha Ghosh, a Bengali queero, activist and one of the founding members of Qunify Philadelphia. We got into a little bit of everything, from clumsily working through what its like being brown in the US’s sometimes binary racial society, shame around sex, finding our own Desi American culture, colonization, and gagging over Samin Nosrat. Gently stalk Qunify here: twitter &instagram: @qunifyPHL Neha is: @nghosh_32 and we are: @thegaysianproject
December 01, 2018
"I Need to Get to Philly Yesterday?" ft. Quynh-Mai Nguyen of the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
Pull up a chair, pour some tea, and cozy up for a lovely chat with Quynh-Mai Nguyen, the Marketing Director of the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival. In this episode, we talk about everything PAAFF, the importance of providing a platform for Asian and queer Asian stories, and highlights from this year's program. PAAFF runs in Philly from 11/8-11/18.  For more info and to buy tickets head over to Special thanks to producer Andie for the intro. Follow us at: @thegaysianproject
November 09, 2018
"No Dating Until Marriage" ft. Crystal Bi-Wegner
This week's episode is with the amazing Crystal Bi-Wegner, an artist and a co-founder of the Boston based zine for API femmes "Moon Eaters" (@mooneaterscollective). We talk about growing up half Asian, how important art and being an artist has been to her identity, and giving our Asian parents more credit! Follow The Gaysian Project on IG (@thegaysianproject) and join the conversation on twitter with the hashtag #TheGaysianPodcast. Host: Maya Reddy (@mredds) Producer: Andie Wheatley (@andiewheatley)
October 10, 2018
Live from the Analog Lab at Facebook HQ ft. The Aravani Art Project
This week's episode is with the wonderful women from The Aravani Art Project, an art collective based in Bangalore India that is focused on focused on creating space for the Trans community to connect with other communities and cultures in their local neighborhoods. Follow the art project on instagram at @aravaniartproject, and The Gaysian Project @thegaysianproject Poornima: @poornimatravellingsukumar Sadhna: Priyanka: @priyankadivaakar
September 05, 2018
"Its A Kalbolution!" Episode One ft. Nicole Espinosa
Welcome to the first episode of The Gaysian Podcast! In this episode we talk with Nicole Espinosa (feminist-scholar-activist) about beauty standards, how they have effected us as Queer Asians, as well as the May Allure covers, the Met Gala, and the Royal Wedding. Theme Music: Maurice Spears Producers: Andie Wheatley, Nicole Espinosa Consultant: Caty Zick
August 27, 2018
"Crazy Rich Gaysians" ft. Andie Wheatley and Nathan Ramos
We're back from hiatus just in time to celebrate the release of Crazy Rich Asians! There are spoilers in this episode, but what on Earth are you doing listening to us instead of seeing the movie?! GO SEE IT!!! And then join us as we lounge on a comfy couch with some tea in Mar Vista and talk about how stunning the entire cast was, the fact that CRA is as much a queer movie as it is an Asian movie, and how seeing an Asian American story in a studio film made us all openly weep through the entire movie. This
August 15, 2018
"Orientalism Fucked Up A Lot of Shit" ft. Katy and Dahn-Bi of Angry Asian Girls
This week's episode is with Katy and Dahn-Bi from Angry Asian Girls! We talk about everything from how streetwear's use of Asian iconography perpetuates the attitude towards Asian cultures existing to be consumed and looked at rather than seen, as well as queering spaces for AAPI folx. Follow them @angryasiangirls and
June 30, 2018