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The Girl Files

The Girl Files

By Mya Kay
You know those files we like to keep stored away in our mind with all of our hurts, fears, trauma and insecurities? Yep. Those files. The ones that keep the areas of our lives that didn't get healed neatly tucked away. Well, baby girl, we ain't got time for that. We stepping into full healing and wholeness over here at Girls Anthem, a movement designed to equip girls with the tools they need to pursue destiny without compromising their values or their stories. The Girl Files speaks to the areas in our lives that yearn to be touched by The Gospel. Let's get transformed together!
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Heartbreak Hotel

The Girl Files

Heartbreak Hotel

The Girl Files

"Flourish Under Pressure"
2020 has made it feel impossible to flourish under pressure. Our relationships, jobs, careers and purpose were under pressure this year like never before. God is willing to take your pressure and turn it into purpose, but there's a caveat to that -  we have to invite Him into the pressure with us. Discussion points: 3 areas where our teen girls are facing pressure right now 3 gems on how God wants to help you & your family deal with pressure 3 practical ways to invite God into the pressure with you "Warring For My Girls: We Pray Together, We Slay Together" is now available in print and digital formats. My first devotional gives you strategy on how to pray for the girls in your life and helps you draw closer to Christ by focusing on your friendship with Him. Order at Girl File Honoree: Madison Taylor, CEO of Taylor Beauty (
November 30, 2020
Season Finale
In this episode, I discussed what I learned from this season, what I pray you learned; and I share my personal testimony of when I gave my "yes" to God.  Promotion (Coaching, T-shirts/Masks and Workbook): Sign up for coaching here: Sign up for our newsletter & order the Girls Anthem workbook: Follow the movement: @girlsanthemmovement & @writermya Tribute to Chadwick Boseman (Time: 55:00 minutes in, 10 minutes total) Closing Prayer - Powerful, powerful prayer at the end. 
August 31, 2020
Adorned By Words - The Blessing & The Curse
In this episode, I discuss negative words and phrases that may be plaguing your life today. Many people don’t realize how powerful the tongue is and as much as Paul discusses it in James 3:2-6, I think we often overlook that the first place we heard some of these negative words and phrases was in our homes. Key Scripture: James 3:2-6 (TPT) Girl File Honoree: Greta Thunberg, Swedish Environmentalist Activist (@gretathunberg on IG) Free Gem: If you speak to who you want your child to be more than to the negative behaviors that they display, the harvest will be different. Website: Follow the movement: @girlsanthemmovement Follow me: @writermya Don't forget, next week's episode is the season finale for Season 1. Catch up on all episodes now. 
August 24, 2020
Sexual Abuse - From Fragmented to Freedom
Disclaimer: I recommend this episode be listened to with an adult, especially if you are a teen who follows the ministry and are under the age of fifteen.  My goal with this episode is to share my story, wearing my heart on my sleeve in complete freedom so that many of the young hearts attached to the ministry can also experience freedom. I’m walking in healing, forgiveness and wholeness today because of Christ’s love and healing power and I want the same for you. Resources: Healing the Soul of a Woman by Joyce Meyer (Audiobook) Golden Gem: Our real enemy is the devil – his devices have no limitations and his lies are endless; he’s never concerned with how he traps you or who he uses to set off the chain of events that get you bound – his only concern is to steal, kill and destroy. If he can do it through a family member, a family friend, a friend, or a stranger – he will. The enemy always needs a person to do his work, the same way God needs someone to do His. Girl File Honoree: Amika George, Founder and Young World Changer of Free Periods ( Closing Scriptures: Isaiah 61:1-3 (NKJV)
August 17, 2020
The Color Code
In this episode, I discuss how important it is for us to address and heal from colorism in our community.  The Color Code addresses: 1) How God values all of us, our individuality and our respective contribution to the world; and why looking different is key to God’s plan and how it fits into the fulfillment of His plan in the world 2) The value of appreciating your difference and building yourself up by any means necessary 3) The importance of being the girl who supports the "girl" that doesn’t look like you Girl File Honoree: Kheris Rogers,  Follow the movement: @girlsanthemmovement @writermya Website:
August 10, 2020
Failed Friendships
In this episode I discuss:  Top 5 Reasons Friendships Fail (or we feel like they failed) 1) We put pressure on how long we’ve been friends with someone and that translates into, “this should or shouldn’t be happening” at this point 2) We allow too much time to pass without checking on our friends and then, connect only when we need or want something 3) We confuse seasonal friendships/relationships with lifelong purpose mates (purpose mates means anyone assigned to your life to help you live purposeful in every or an individual area of your life) 4) We don’t ask God in the first place about someone’s role in our lives, entering into friendships with people who weren’t designed to be more than a connection for a moment 5) We’re too impatient, judgmental and self-righteous in our friendships, therefore we lack the ability to love righteously. Scriptural Context/Passage: The Book of Ruth Girl File Honoree: Mikaila Ulmer, (her book drops in August 2020, #BLACKGIRLMAGIC) Rate us: Follow the movement: (Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter) @girlsanthemmovement @writermya
August 3, 2020
While the show may have it's place in society, being "insecure" is a very real thing for many of our daughters and young women. Insecurities can plague our lives to the point where we feel we can't be used by God due to some imperfection or insufficiency that we think we have.  It can also cause us to look to our right and left before making a move, something God never intended for any of us to do. In this episode, I spend time sharing my personal stories of the three areas I felt the most insecure, which were:  1) Looks 2) Identity 3) Career/Purpose Then, I give practical steps on how to become free from insecurities and keep them in check (TRUTH BOMB: Some insecurities may never really go away).   Girl File Honoree: Haile Thomas (Her book drops July 28, 2020), Follow the Girls Anthem Movement:, @girlsanthemmovement Rate this podcast: Side note: Arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor. Please and thank you! 
July 27, 2020
Heartbreak Hotel
As girls, we tend to put our hearts down as a deposit on people that we believe can hold our love. But if we've never seen that demonstrated by our designated first love (our biological father), we often end up not getting the proper return on our investment.  Sis, it's not always "him". This episode touches on the importance of recognizing when we are the cause of our own heartbreak and pain and gives practical steps to walk in the "true" freedom God wants you to have.  Scriptures this episodes (The Passion Translation):  1 Corinthians 4:8-10 Psalm 46:1-2 Matthew 5:8 Psalm 34:18 Psalm 55:22 Don't forget to follow us on instagram: @girlsanthemmovement Visit the website and sign up for the monthly newsletter: Girl File Honoree: Zandra Cunningham,
July 20, 2020
What's In Your Bloodline?
Intro - "Bloodline Beats" poem by Mya Kay Scriptures: Numbers 14:18, Ezekiel 18:20, John 8:36 (NKJV) Points:  1) What you don't kill, will kill you (generational sin and generational consequences) 2) The two most talked about gardens in the Bible are significant to where you are and where Christ wants you to be (The Garden of Eden/The Garden of Gethsemane) 3) What garden is worth your agony (where will you continue to sow, water, grow)?  Girl File Honoree: Breonna Taylor (I broke down during this part, so bear with me as you listen) - Stand With Bre Closing Scripture: Isaiah 58:6-12 (MSG) Subscribe to The Girl Files Newsletter:
July 13, 2020
July 5, 2020
July 5, 2020