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Keeping it Casual with The Girl in Gucci Glasses

Keeping it Casual with The Girl in Gucci Glasses

By The Girl in Gucci Glasses
Are you looking for structure, and someone to catch you up on global affairs? If so, keep looking because you won’t find it here. But if you’re looking for raw, unfiltered authenticity, then you’re in the right place.

Hi gorg, welcome to Keeping it Casual with the Girl in Gucci Glasses. This is the place for the fun kind of people who don’t take life (or themselves) too seriously.

Each week we will chat love, life, sex, health and everything in between.

I might not be your cup of tea, but I’ll be your shot of whiskey.


Jasmine, TGIGG
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Fads, fitness + fake news ft. Lizzy Long
Hot Girl Summer is not only a state of being, but a mentality. And as all of the girls know, it all starts with accountability. So this week I brought on Licensed Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Lizzy Long to answer your wellness questions and provide some general tips for us to all live our hottest summer yet. Fellow influencers, you might not like what we are going to say, because we are about to crush some of your fave diets…and that includes your flat tummy tea. PS: if you just want to shit your brains out, skip the tea, and just buy a laxative. I just saved you $30 and an instagram bullying sesh. You’re welcome. Follow Lizzy on IG: and on the World Wide Web:
May 24, 2022
BONUS: The Money Episode
If money doesn't grow on trees, then why do banks have branches? HA! Okay, now that my dad joke is off my chest (might go add it to my Hinge prompt,) I wanted to have a frank chat about finances. I know - snooze. Or maybe instead of snoozing, you're getting anxiety. And if that's the case, I am here to tell you one simple thing: Money shouldn’t be scary. This week I brought on a financial guru to share not only tax tips but best practices with personal finances. Special thanks to Tax Specialist Gen Anderson for joining us today! For more, check out
May 18, 2022
Don't hate us but...!
Long time no episode, huh? Life comes at you fast, and hopefully, that's not the only thing that's coming.  But don't worry, we are back this week after a mini hiatus and with a hot episode that is going to probably upset a couple of you.  Joined by the always amazing Jessica, we are chatting: Kevin Samuels, Dating, and the big A: Accountability, not that Ass you got with your Tax Refund...Kidding! No body-shaming here! Tune in - or don't...we still love you! For more of Jasmine, check out or TheGirlinGucciGlasses on Insta!
May 07, 2022
Life Really is a Movie ft. Andy of Fat Dude Digs Flicks
Okay guys, so we are a bit late getting this out. Doing all the things can sometimes be draining. But this week I have fellow podcaster and film guru Andy of Fat Dude Digs Flicks on to talk life, movies, and living authentically. Enjoy, and be sure to follow Andy: Apple: Fat Dude Digs Flicks Spotify: Fat Dude Digs Flicks FB: Fat Dude Digs Flicks IG: FatDudeDigsFlicks Twitter: FatDudeFlicks Letterboxd: FatDudeFlicks And check out my guest spot on his pod on Apple and Spotify! --- And of course, you can follow me, Jasmine on your fave social networks: Twitter: ingucciglasses Insta: thegirlingucciglasses Facebook: thegirlingucciglasses Blog:
March 04, 2022
Finding Your Purpose & Yourself ft. Ash
In the mass array of messages we're bombarded with on social and even in our advertising, it can be hard to find our voice and live authentically. Today we will talk about just that - how finding your purpose, can lead you to find yourself.  This episode features friend and content creator Ash, who you can follow below: Instagram: Twitter:  Youtube: And of course, you can follow me, Jasmine on your fave social networks: Twitter: ingucciglasses Insta: thegirlingucciglasses Facebook: thegirlingucciglasses Blog:
February 20, 2022
Shoot Your Shot ft. Destynie Paige
It's no secret I gravitate towards people who are authentic, hard-working, and into chasing their dreams. That's why I'm excited to introduce you guys to today's guest, Destynie Paige. Destynie is someone who like most of us, felt unfulfilled working for someone else. The 9-5 thing just wasn't feeding her soul, so she found something she was passionate about (photography,) and made a living out of it. Tune in to today's episode to hear more about how she made that switch - and how you can too. And read more about Destynie on the blog.  Find more of Destynie here: Blog Feature: Web: & FB: IG: & And of course, you can follow me, Jasmine on your fave social networks: Twitter: ingucciglasses Insta: thegirlingucciglasses Facebook: thegirlingucciglasses Blog:
February 13, 2022
BONUS: And Just Like...WHAT?
Let's get problematic. Okay, maybe not. But we do need to talk about being too woke, and how that doesn't always translate to good television. Case and point: And Just Like That. This week Jess is back, and we are diving into the hot mess that was the Sex and the City reboot.  Spoiler Alert: we are chatting the entire season from start to finish, so if you haven't watched, maybe skip this episode.  Read more about AJLT on the blog at
February 08, 2022
Quit Your Day Job, Not Your Daydream ft. Artist Ruth Weatherford
How many of us sit under some dull fluorescent lighting in an office thinking about how much better life would be if we just left to do our own thing? Way too many, I'm sure. Today on the pod I was joined by Dallas Artist Ruth Weatherford, who did just that. Like all creatives, she knew there was more out there for her, so in 2014 she quit her job, went back to school, and then opened an Etsy shop. The rest truly is history, but if you're even the slightest bit enticed, join us this week for a special episode in our limited Quit Your Day Job, Not Your Daydream series.  Read more today on the blog at Follow More from Ruth on Insta: and the web:  And of course you can follow Jasmine on your fave social networks: Twitter: ingucciglasses Insta: thegirlingucciglasses Facebook: thegirlingucciglasses Blog:
January 21, 2022
Regrets & Resolutions ft. Dr. Ashitey
We're back, baby! Season 2 of Keeping it Casual is in full swing, and today we are bringing in the experts to set you up for success in 2022. I'm excited to kick off the new season (and year,) with Dr. Sarah Ashitey, a board-certified Family Medicine physician who provides comprehensive medical care to the greater Dallas Fort Worth community.  Today we discuss supplements and whether or not they're a scam, as well as why 80% of resolutions fail. Follow Jasmine on your fave social networks: Twitter: ingucciglasses Insta: thegirlingucciglasses Facebook: thegirlingucciglasses Blog: And of course, be sure to follow today's guest, Dr. Sarah Ashitey: Twitter: ashitey_md2 Insta: Sarah.Ashitey_MD Facebook: sarahashiteymd SFMA:  ------ This year, make it a goal to shop small, and sustainable with one of my fave boho retailers: Wild Bohem. Be sure to enter code THEGIRLINGUCCIGLASSES at checkout for a special discount. Shop now at
January 08, 2022
BONUS: Are YOU ready to be the match?
The holiday spirit might be dwindling, but that doesn't mean the spirit of giving needs to stop. While you're at home in your cozy jammies, catching up on podcasts drinking eggnog that may or may not have a little something extra in it, I want to serve you something you won't find on the dinner table tomorrow night: the gift of life. And imagine in this age of matching for love, friends, and connections - you could be a different kind of match and save a life? That's why today I had on Jennifer Hawkins, a passionate volunteer, donor, and supporter of Be the Match. Be the Match is an imperative organization that helps patients battling leukemia, lymphoma, and various other diseases. Unfortunately, however, 70% of patients needing a transplant do not have a familial donor match. But did you know the process to qualify to become a donor isn't nearly as scary as you might think? Tune in today and learn more about how you can save a life.
December 24, 2021
Unzipped & Unfiltered
I don't know how we got to the point of thinking putting acne medication, garlic cloves or dish pods in our privates was a good idea - but in case you needed a refresher in sex ed, I've got you covered. Today's episode features explicit language but is an honest, open space where we break down the various ways to be sexually healthy (and happy). Join Beneath the Brief's writer and host, Devon for an episode where we unzip and talk about it all.  For more sexual health resources in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, check out Prism Health. Needing free condoms delivered discreetly to your door? Check out Also, a friendly reminder that Planned Parenthood offers STD/HIV testing And if you're in Texas, here are some more resources: Texas Department of State Health Services Resource Guide Not in Texas and unsure where to go? That's okay! Reach out to and we will try and get you squared away. The goal of today's episode is to empower and encourage you to be informed - armed even, with the knowledge to make the best choices for yourself.  Trigger Warning: SA is briefly discussed.
December 17, 2021
BONUS: Romanticize Single Life
Oh, hi. Are you ready for a Christmas mini? You know I'm sorry for ghosting you, but sometimes a girl just needs a breather. And my toxic trait will forever be me overthinking everything. Seriously, perfectionism kills.  So I put my perfectionism to the side in order to do a pulse check and let you know, I'm still here. And I'm glad you are too. Now that we got that mushy gushy shit out of the way, I'm here to tell me, single folks, to romanticize their single life. Do not let Jan who barely gets dicked by her hubby tell you how to live your life. Heal yourself and be the best person you can be, and go out and do everything you want to do. I am a firm believer in the philosophy that the best relationships happen when you don't even try. Don't make someone else a part of your identity. Be in love with yourself first. That way, whoever you do meet and hopefully fall for, will only add value to your life. Anyways, enjoy this quickie from me...and be sure to tune in this Friday for a new episode featuring Devon from Beneath the Briefs, a Prism Health of North Texas podcast. We will be talking all things sex, including the parts that some of y'all find taboo (ahem: safe sex, and what to do if shit goes left...spoiler alert - don't put garlic in your vag, please).
December 15, 2021
Too Old for Tinder?
Jasmine is single and ready to...mingle?  Maybe not quite yet. Tune into an episode where Jasmine and guest co-hoe, I mean, co-host, Jake keep it casual and talk about dating in an era of apps. From red flags to bio don'ts - you're going to want to listen.
October 13, 2021
Talking Fall & F-Boys
Fall is finally here! Temps are dropping, and maybe your standards if you're not trying to go into winter alone.'re better than that. I hope. Joined by my special guest, Jake, we kept things casual answering your questions and then diving into our topic of the day, healing since many of you wanted to hear our takes on the subject.  Spoiler alert: healing isn't just cute walks on the trail with your $2,500 designer mutt puppy. It also involves some ugly, snot-nosed cries. And that's okay! Normalize not always having a picture-perfect life. There's some colorful language and talk this episode, so here's your notice: if the occasional f-bomb scares you, or talk of sex is repulsive for you...ya might want to turn around now.  Jokes aside, we hope you all enjoy this episode and know your worth. Stop settling for less than you deserve. We think you're pretty amazing. Add some laughter to your TL and follow Jasmine & Jake: Twitter: ingucciglasses & JB_Mahan Insta: thegirlingucciglasses & jakealex92 FB...if that's still your kinda thing: thegirlingucciglasses & Jake
October 04, 2021
Not a Hell Yes, is a Hell No
Hey, besties! Are you ready to keep it casual? Join Paulina & me as we chat about all things love and dating. But the fun doesn't end there: we also answer YOUR listener questions. Keep up with my girl Miss Lina Jean on the gram (@misslinajean).  If you learn nothing else from this episode, let it be this: if something or someone is not a hell yes, then they are a hell no. Stop wasting your time and energy on anything or anyone not feeding your soul. And on that note, it's time for a new episode...let's get it!
September 26, 2021
Mental Health Matters
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and it just so happens this episode is all about the journey to self-love and acceptance. Join myself and Matt for an episode where we talk about healing, growth, and therapy. Read more about why your mental health matters on the blog! If you are struggling or just need to talk, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7. They offer help in English and Spanish. You can reach them directly at 800-273-8255! Please take care of yourselves. And if you listen to nothing else I say, let it be this: give yourself some of that love you give to others so freely. You deserve it. 
September 11, 2021
I’m a Star Wars Virgin No More!
I was 30, quickly approaching 31. I had never done this before. Many had tried to get me to do it, but it just never felt right. And finally, I kicked off Fall, by Falling for the Force. That's right - we are talking about #StarWars. So grab your lightsabers and get ready to hear what this rookie's thoughts were on the first 3 films.  Guest co-host this episode is veteran Star Wars fan, and keeper of the internet, Mary Cuba. Be sure to follow Mary on Twitter at  - and if you're not, follow my new account - @ingucciglasses Stay tuned for future episodes covering the additional films.
September 04, 2021
Making Your Own Rules
In today's episode I had a very special guest: future celebrity chef Brandon, but for now: Baby Brother! The goal with my pod was to always share authentic stories and words of wisdom from multiple perspectives - either one you have experienced or will be experiencing.  Brandon shares some tips for living your best, and most authentic life and why he takes advantage of it every day. And spoiler alert: he shouldn't even be alive right now, bet you can't guess why... So what are you waiting for? Tune in for another episode of Keeping it Casual with the Girl in Gucci Glasses.
August 27, 2021
V is for Vegan
Being Vegan is more than a diet or movement - it's a lifestyle.  Today on the pod I sat down with Creative Visionary, Matt to discuss the perks to being a vegan, his journey to a meat-free life, and ways we can all be a little more sustainable each day. Follow him on the gram ( and be sure to support his art. Feel like shopping? Check out and be sure to use code THEGIRLINGUCCIGLASSES for a special discount on your order!
August 07, 2021
Bad B State of the Union
Hi, bestie!  We need to sit down and have a little conversation, OK? I think you’re pretty spectacular and I don’t think you give yourself enough credit. You are so amazing and I don’t think you hear that enough, so why don’t you tune in to our first emergency bad bitches state of the union. You won’t regret it. Thanks to some of my faves (Katie, and Matt) for sharing their self-love tips.  Find Katie and Matt on the gram respectively at: and For more tips, advice, and ramblings - check out my blog: PS: I love you, and I think you are doing pretty great. I'm proud of you.
July 27, 2021
Loving Your Life Starts with Loving Yourself
On this weeks episode, I sit down with Paniz (@just.paniz on the gram) and we talk about L-O-V-E. Tune in to hear how happiness, fulfillment, and truly loving your life, begins with loving yourself. From small daily habits to knowing your all begins internally. 
July 23, 2021
TEASER: The Inauguration
My name is Jasmine and I’m here to provide a safe and fun place for you to just shoot the shit. We are going to talk about it all: therapy, sex, breakups, travel, making friends with strangers on the internet, and so on. Plug those earbuds in and tune in.  Want to submit a question or topic?  Cool.  Slide in my DMs or leave a comment on any of my social platforms. You can also submit to the podcast here!  Thanks for tuning in babes.  I promise this journey will be…something. If nothing else, ha.
July 18, 2021