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The Girl Unplugged Podcast

The Girl Unplugged Podcast

By Chigozie Rita Chukwu-ike
The girl unplugged is a weekly podcast dedicated to exploring life issues as an African woman. It is a platform for authentic, hard and heartfelt conversations that inspire mindful living.
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EP68| Doing Wrong With Good Intentions With Daniel

The Girl Unplugged Podcast

EP77| Qualities Of My Dream Man (Bonus episode)
So this is in hope and with the intention that I speak into existence the man of my dreams. I may not know what he looks like but I definitely know the qualities I want him to have. In this episode, I share some of these qualities and why them. Enjoy. Send me an Email: Instagram: @thegirlunplugged
August 31, 2021
EP76| The Naija no Dey Carry Last Mentality With Jae
The Naija no dey carry last mentality is a slogan in Nigeria that represents our excellence, tenacity, and resilience as a people in everything we do. This is our bravado and never-give-up mentality that portrays the hustle culture of the people. This has seen us through difficult times and thriving in every sphere we find ourselves but could it also be detrimental to our well-being and evolution as a people? Find out on this episode as I dissect the Nigerian hustle culture with Jae, host of the Story Time With Jae Podcast. We share experiences and give perspectives on what we think on the topic. Enjoy. Send me a mail: DM on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged Connect with Jae: Instagram @stwjaepodcast
August 27, 2021
EP75| The D&C Episode with Ms Vee
Let's talk about abortion.  Ms. Vee ( on Instagram) and I talk about our perspectives on sexual rights, their accessibility for young adults, the hazards and trauma that come with illegal and unsafe abortion in Nigeria. This conversation was reflective and insightful, as we shared personal experiences. We hope you learn from this episode. Send me an email: DM: @thegirlunplugged
August 20, 2021
EP74| Turning 34- Birthday Q&A
So, what does it feel like to be 34? Well in this episode I answer some of the questions that give a big picture answer of what life has been like for me from my 20's to my 30's. Lessons learned, things I am grateful for, things I struggle with, and what I look forward to going forward. I trust you will love this one. Also hosting this show is Misie of the What she said Podcast. Connect with me on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged Send me an Email:
August 6, 2021
EP73| Girl Talk With Nene- The Hagan Manifesto
Nene has been through several heartbreaks and has sworn never to fall in love again. But she has found herself breaking that promise again and again. In this episode, I chat with Nene about how her experience with heartbreak in relationships has made her a "Hard girl." What makes one a hard girl? Does a hard girl fall in love again after a heartbreak. What does the hard girl manifesto look like? Find out as you listen. Send me an email: DM on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged
July 30, 2021
EP72| "Shaking That Single's Table with One Leg" - Bonus Episode
Let's talk about the reason why we are in our mid 30's and still single. Is it how life is or do we have a hand in it?  This episode is a self dragging one that kind of gives insights into the singles life and how it may not be God's fault when we ask, "God when?" Send me an email: Send me a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged.
July 23, 2021
EP71| Unscripted Talk With Nasa: Coping With Depression In Nigeria.
We continue the series with Nasa as we discuss depression, coping with anxiety and depression, the importance of therapy, and the level of mental health awareness and treatment in Nigeria. Enjoy. Send me an email: DM on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged
July 16, 2021
EP70| Sexual Liberation 101- The Agency Of A Woman's Body
Should you be having sex before marriage?  What kind of sex one should be having as a woman?  Is pleasure reserved for a particular gender during sex and what does it look like?  This episode discusses some of these issues and more as it relates to sexual freedom for women. Honest and undiluted, it should leave you questioning how much you have evolved sexually as a 21st-century woman. Send me an email: Send me a DM on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged Join the Telegram Community Voice chat:
July 9, 2021
EP69| Is Marriage Necessary?- Community voice chat
Yaay! In this episode, we tackle the topic "Is marriage necessary?" as a community. Members of the unplugged telegram channel aired their views and opinion on a Youtube mini-documentary series: Mother vs Daughters: is marriage necessary? We highlight points like; Is marriage an old-fashioned institution? Are there repercussions for not wanting to get married? Is there anything as marrying late? This is an insightful conversation on different views from members coming from varying age groups, cultural and religious backgrounds! Join the telegram channel: Send me an Email: Connect with me on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged
June 25, 2021
EP68| Doing Wrong With Good Intentions With Daniel
Daniel "Briggz" Adisa is the guest on this episode and we talk about the behaviors in our generation that are done wrongly with good intentions. We explore behaviors like cancel culture, unfruitful rebellion, forceful independence, and abuse of mental health. It was an honest and hard conversation that should provoke introspection and the desire to do better. Connect with Daniel on Instagram @volatilewithdaniel Get Free Ebook: Send me an email: Connect with me on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged
June 18, 2021
EP67| Death And Preparedness With Chiemeka
What do you think of death-as a beginning or as an end? On this episode Chiemeka and I share experiences and our various philosophies on death.  Some of the challenges people face when they loose a loved one  And how we as a society (Nigerians) are desensitized of death. This is a lighthearted conversation that wouldn't leave you eerie but will give you perspective on death and why it shouldn't be feared. Send me an email: DM on Instagram: @theirlunplugged
June 12, 2021
EP66| Who Is This Girl?! - Of Growth, Finding Wholeness and Other In-betweens
Hey, lovelies! This is a prodigal daughter episode on why I have been AWOL on the pod. I know! I know!  It’s unpardonable but maybe after listening you may just find a reason to accept me back to your ears and rooms once again. Let’s catch up! Send me an email: Connect with me on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged
June 10, 2021
EP65| A Kind of Man with Kolo (KKK)
This episode is a chill conversation with a friend on his perception of life. Kolo is the kind of man I find interesting because of his views about life which are not conventional. We talk about the reasons why he is still single, his pursuit of perfection, and the reason why he does the things he does. The theme of this episode can be summarised thus, "Not all men are scum, a scum today can be a Spec today, a spec today can be a scum tomorrow, and a spec and be a spec forever!"  I hope he interests you too. Send me a DM on Instagram: @thgirlunplugged. Email:
May 18, 2021
EP64| Misogyny and Toxic Masculinity in Nigeria with Dante Frank
Dante Frank, host of The Uncomfortable Truths Podcast, and I discuss misogyny in Nigeria and the factors that contribute to it. A major part of it being toxic masculinity. He gives his takes from an honest and sincere point of view. He also shares ways that men can begin to take responsibility for the safety of women in Nigerian society. Send me an email: DM: @thegirlunplugged Listen to Dante's podcast:
May 8, 2021
EP63| What A Time To Be A Woman with Ammie & Ifunenya
A series of events has happened in Nigeria in the past few weeks that have been triggering for women in Nigeria. From rape to molestation and now the death of a young girl InI Umoren who was lured to her death on the 29th of April. Her killer sexually assaulted, raped, and killed her then buried her in a shallow grave. In this episode, I sit with two of my friends, Ammie & Ifunenya to vent and express our pain, fears, and regrets on the issue of insecurity in Nigeria especially for women.  We also share some of the microaggression we have faced as women in our individual lives and the changes we want to see happen to make us feel safe in our society. I'll love to hear from you!  Send mail: DM on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged
May 6, 2021
EP62| Girl Talk with Tomi- Things You Shouldn't Say To A Single Parent
Most of the words said to a Single parent are out of bias, projection, or/and genuine concern for them but they ultimately end up hurting the feelings of the individuals unknowingly.  Tomi Poopola, host of the Ms. P Speaks Podcast sits on the girl talk segment and talks about the things that one shouldn't say to a single parent. Single parenting especially in Africa still comes with a lot of stigma and undeserving negative impressions. We talk about why the stigma, the labels, the challenges we face as single parents, and some of the things that are hurtful when said to a single parent. It was a fun and insightful conversation. Connect with Tomi: Instagram @mspspeakspod, anchor link Let me know what you think of this episode... Send me a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged, send an email
April 30, 2021
Ep61| A Philosophy On Gender with Azubuike Anoliefo
Azubuike Anoliefo, a mystical philosopher sits with me on this episode to dissect the topic of gender. We discuss gender with the lens of mystical philosophy in trying to explain the concepts of masculinity and femininity as non-singular dimensions, and how it affects behavior. Connect with Azubike on Facebook: expand.awareness Instagram: expand.awareness Send me a mail: or a DM on IG @thegirlunplugged
April 23, 2021
EP60| Unscripted Talk with Nasa on Being in an Inter-tribal Marriage.
Being in an inter-tribal marriage is a herculean venture that comes with many challenges and problems. Those who dare, are able to maneuver through these challenges with wisdom and understanding. This is the story of our co-host on this series. Nasa is an Igbo woman married to a Yoruba Man. And she shares her experiences and how she is able to stay married and happy.  In a country like Nigeria with many ethnic groups, one cannot predict where they find love, but wherever they do, Nasa gives insight on how you can make it work amidst the differences in culture and the challenges that come with it. You would find this episode interesting and helpful. Let us know what you think about this episode. Send us your feedback, comments, and opinions by mail at or a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged.
April 16, 2021
Ep59| March In Review & April Life and Pod Updates.
In April we recap on the wins of last month and share the plans for the new month.
April 4, 2021
EP58| The 4 Women Series: Toxic Femininity; Of Labels, Pressures and Obligations!
We eventually get to the last part of this series of the 4 women series, a series 4 part series in commemoration of the Women's month of March. Whooo!  In this episode, I  chose to challenge toxic femininity especially in the ways we are toxic to ourselves. The labels that victimize us, the pressures that lead us to irrational decisions, and the obligations that steal our identity and leave us worthless. This episode is to spark up curiosity to question other ways you could be toxic to yourself unintentionally as a woman and get rid of it!. Be inspired!
March 30, 2021
EP57| Productivity And WorkFlow With Muna.
Muna the host of Lifestyle Plug with Muna Podcast discusses her workflow and productive lifestyle with me. We share personal experiences with our routines and work we work with our different productivity personalities to achieve our work goals and get it done! We hope you find this helpful. Connect with me: Instagram @theirlunplugged, Email-
March 26, 2021
Ep56| The 4 Women Series: Being An Intentional Woman For Your Future Self with Cocochi
Do you ever look back in your teens and 20's and wonder the things you would have done better or differently if you had the right guidance? Did your 30's meet you all of sudden and you are wondering what you have been doing with your life? In this episode of the series, I challenge my future self while reflecting on the past.  Also with me is Cocochi, a transformation coach that helps women in their 40's live their best lives. She shares some of her life experiences and we talk about the mindset women should have in designing their happily-ever-after life for the future. Connect with Cocochi: Instagram @realcocochi Connect with me: Instagram @thegirlunplugged, Email
March 24, 2021
EP55|The Mindset Of Sex With Nick Atte
Is there a universal standard for sex that everyone should comply with? Is sex all about penetration? What are the pros and cons of the types of sex?  Nick Atte and I answer these and more on this episode. It was a fun conversation as well as educative. Listen to Nick's podcast: Connect with me on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged Email:
March 20, 2021
EP54| The 4 Women Series: What's Your Lifestyle Sis?
Hi there! This part 2 of the 4 women series questions your lifestyle as a woman. What does your lifestyle say about you? Fascinating, adventurous, daring, or uninteresting? What are the many limiting mindsets that keep you from experiencing life? Too many questions, yea?  This episode seeks to help you identify what your lifestyle says about your approach to life and provoke you to improve your life experiences. Enjoy! Connect with me: Instagram @thegirlunplugged, Email-
March 16, 2021
Ep53|Girl Talk With Misie & Lola- Cooking As A Non-Gender Activity
This Girl Talk Segment pulls out seats for Misie and Lola as we talk about Cooking; as a non-gender activity and our perception of this role as single ladies. Reasons why we enjoy cooking, eating out, and are against societal expectations of us to fulfill this role. We also share some of our expectations from the Male gender as regards this role. Listen in and enjoy... Connect with me on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged. Email:
March 12, 2021
Ep52| The 4 Women Series- Being An Intentional Woman pt1
A 4 part series in commemoration of the women's month of March.  What does it mean to be an intentional woman in a world already full of expectations for what a woman should be? Find out as you listen.
March 10, 2021
EP51| The Vagina And Vaginal Care With Nurse B
This Episode with Brenda Chinwe Orie, a registered trained nurse is an educative conversation on the Vagina and its care. We discussed:  The anatomy of the vagina Misconceptions about the Vagina. Habits that endanger the Vagina The Proper ways to take care of this delicate part of our bodies as women. This is for the ladies and those who love them! Connect with Brenda on FB: Brenda Chinwendu Orie Connect with me: IG @thegirlunplugged, Email-
March 5, 2021
EP50| February In Review: Updates and Reviews For The Month of February
As is customary every first of every month, this is a review of how the month of February went. Updates and plans for March.
February 28, 2021
EP49| The Shoot Your Shot Episode with Jae, Kraziechain & Dastorytella
Do you enjoy banter? This episode has loads of it! This week Jae AKA The energy queen and host of the storytime with Jae podcast with some friends of the podcast sit to discuss the shooting shot culture in Nigeria, with a focus on women and how they suck at this skill of wooing. I hope you enjoy every bit of it! Connect with Jae: Instagram- @storytimewithjaepodcast Send me a DM on Instagram- @thegirlunplugged. Email-
February 19, 2021
EP48| Domestication As A Survival Skill with Kele and Chibueze
Today Kele and Chibueze, two young gentlemen who describe themselves to be domesticated gives us insight into how domestication has evolved over the years throughout human evolution, highlighting the changes in gender expectations as regards domestication. “Domestication is a mindset,” says Kele. “If Marie Curie was in our time she will win more awards,” says Chibueze. They both attest to the fact that domestication shouldn’t be reserved to any gender rather a learned skill that ensures survival, both for a man and a woman. Let me know what you think about this episode. Send me a Dm on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email Connect with me on the Podroom app- Download the app and subscribe to the podcast to chat with me. Connect with Kele on Instagram @ dastorytella Connect with Chibueze on Instagram @kraziechain
February 12, 2021
EP47| Girl Talk With Timmy Tehila On Sex Education In The 21st Century
Which is fair? An unplanned pregnancy, getting an abortion, dying from septic abortion, or a teen knowing the options available to him/her, and making an informed decision prior to the event of a sexual act?  I am talking about sex education for young people.  Quite frankly, the challenge here isn’t the availability of sexual and reproductive health rights options for young people but the accessibility of these options.  Timmy Tehila, hist of the girl's hive podcast, and I sit to have a chat on sex education in Nigeria. We talk about: The gap in communication in society.  The miseducation of young adults when it comes to sex education.  How these gaps can be bridged and young people are fully aware of their rights and take on the responsibility of their sexual and reproductive health.  And why abstinence cannot be the only option.  Connect with Timmy: @thegirlshivepodcast on Instagram. Timmy Tehila on FB.  Send me a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email:
February 6, 2021
EP46| January In Review- Grief Is A Leveler!
Happy New month Originals! Welcome to the month of February. Just here to give you an update about what's been going on in my life. I have been battling with grief after the loss of my brother. It's been so tough and so I thought to share this moment with you as I seek healing and understanding. Cheers! Music: Avicii- Wake me up,  Hey brother. Send me a DM on Instagram: @thegirlunplugged or Email:
January 31, 2021
EP45| Becoming With Clarity with Tolu (the prolistener)
Part three on the becoming series wraps up the series for the month. This one features Tolu-the prolistener. A life coach passionate about helping have a happy and fulfilled life. She does this by coaching people through confusion into clarity, supporting them with strategies, and helping people who feel dissatisfied with life become satisfied. We talk about How to get clarity. How to overcome the struggles that come with gaining clarity. Habits to develop in other to gain clarity. Connect with Tolu on Instagram: @theprolistener Connect with me: Instagram - @thegirlunplugged Email-
January 23, 2021
EP44| Becoming Through Vision Boards with Christabel
Part two of the becoming series features Christabel Ndeokwelu. she is a lawyer and the founder of Vision Boards Nigeria, a community designed to help visionaries go from dream to execution. The community was birthed after she struggled with finding materials to make her vision board and decided to simplify the process for others by curating a vision board package. In this episode, she brings her experience from manifesting 3 vision boards and shared useful insights on how to make your vision boards work for you as you plan for the year. Connect with Christabel on Instagram: @christabel_kn  @visionboardsnigeria Send me a Dm: @thegirlunplugged or Email:
January 17, 2021
EP43| Becoming With Understanding with Taofeeqat Kolawole Odeyemi
In this part one of the Becoming series is Taofeecat Kolawole Odeyemi. A Holistic and Transformational coach and founder of Ayse Coaching and Consulting Limited whose primary purpose is to help individuals co-create holistic transformation in their lives and career. We talk about the journey of becoming and how it looks likes, her personal experience, and pointers that indicate that you are on your own journey to becoming. As we plan for the next 12months of the year, the becoming series hopes to help you find clarity and focus as we dominate in 2021. Connect with Taofeecat: FB- Taofeeqat Kolawole Odeyemi Instagram- pheecatkj I'll love to hear from you!  Send a Dm on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email
January 11, 2021
EP42| First Episode Of The Year: Happy New year, We Made It!
Welcome to 2021! We made it into the new year. How was your Christmas holiday? What did you do? What are your plans for the new year? Let's talk as I share mine: Holiday Experience. My plans for 2021. New developments for the podcast. Gratitude. Enjoy. Let's connect! Send a DM to @thegirlunplugged. Email to
December 31, 2020
Ep41| Celebrating This Christmas Season with Less Pressure with Sarah Oseki
Welcome to the Episode Finale of the Podcast. As the Christmas festivities heightens we discover that it comes with a lot of pressure rather than rest and enjoyment as it should be. Why? Are these pressures self-imposed? How can one maneuver such pressure and enjoy this season as it should be? These are some of this episode highlights as I discuss with Sarah Oseki- the host of the Shetabletalk Podcast. We hope you find the tips on this episode helpful and it enables you to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and friends. Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! See you in 2021! Write to me on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email: I'll love to hear from you! Connect with Sarah Oseki on Instagram @shetabletalkpodcast.
December 24, 2020
EP40| Girl Talk with Queen Raffy on Marital Surnames and Ownership in Marriage.
Sitting on the guest seat on this Girl Talk segment is the amazing Rafiat Akiwande aka Queen Raffy as we discuss a Twitter post that reflects the mindset of most Africans towards marriage, ownership, and bearing marital surnames. Our discussion cuts across culture, religion, and our personal opinion on the issue. We hope you find the chat insightful. I'll love to hear from you send me a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email: Support the podcast:
December 19, 2020
EP39| Questioning Faith And Belief with Zainab Balami
Zainab and I discuss some of the emergences we see especially on social media around ancestral worship and some African traditional religion among young Africans living in the diaspora.  We try to connect the dots on: Why this is happening at this time? Our personal journey to faith. And why convictions are requisite to an unshakable faith in practicing any type of religion.  I'll love to hear from you send me a  DM on Instagram  @thegirlunplugged or email to Support this podcast:
December 14, 2020
Bonus Episode: Unlearning Womanhood and Motherhood -Some Ugly Truths Mama Never Told Me About.
Hey, lovelies I hope you enjoy this bonus episode and find it insightful.  I had a need for talk therapy after thinking long and hard about life as a woman, single parent, and mother. It's a bit here and there and random. But I hope you catch a thing or two that will be meaningful for you in the end. It's raw and Uncut. Enjoy! Support this podcast:
December 11, 2020
EP38| The Daddy's Girls Episode
To all the daddy's girls in the house, this is for you!!! The conversation on this episode stems from thoughts down memory lane and evaluating the relationship girls have with their dads when they are little and how it impacts us both positively and/or negatively. It also mirrors the relationship in the latter stages of our lives as women.  Does it wax stronger or grow sour?  Can anything come between a father's love and her daughter?  Are there better ways this relationship can be improved? This one is a banger with 4 amazing guests; Abimbola, Oleg, Ifunenya, and Kele share their experiences and opinions on the show. I'll love to hear from you. Send me a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email Support this podcast:
December 4, 2020
EP37|November In Review And Some Random Stuff
As usual here is a recap of the month of November as we welcome the month of Joy! As we gradually round up the year, thanksgiving and gratitude are still in other. What are you grateful for? In this episode, I share some of the things I'm grateful for as 2020 winds up to an end. I'll love to hear from you! Send me a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email: Support this podcast:  Link to medium article: 
December 1, 2020
EP36|Some Nigerian Love Languages With Afrowendy
Yo! This is another Chill vibes kinda episode. I had this interesting conversation with the amazing Chinwendu Akalonu a.k.a Afrowendy who also hosts a podcast of her own (The Pot of Beans Podcast). We express our opinions on the various ways Nigerian express love including the notorious "have you eaten?" and "how was your night?" I trust you will enjoy this episode. I'll love to hear from you! Send me a DM on Instagram @the girlunplugged or Email Support this podcast:
November 28, 2020
EP35| Unlearning With Ammie.G
This episode marks the last part of the three-part series on the unlearning series. Ammie G signs it off discussing conventional beliefs she has come to unlearn in her life journey. We talk about: Women having a religion Embracing your weaknesses as a path to authentic living. The importance of being liked but the dangers when likability turns into a need. This one ends the series with a bang! Connect with Ammie. G on Instagram: @ammie.G Facebook: Ammie.G.   Link to Ammie's podcast-  I'll love to hear from you! Send me an email: Support this podcast:
November 21, 2020
EP34| Being a Boy Mom With Ronke
Hi there! Today's episode is for moms of boy children. Have you met a mother of all boy children? Do you feel they are superhumans because they can handle the stress of having boy children. Well, in this episode Ronke and I help dispel the misconceptions of having all boy children. We discuss stereotypes for boys, expectations on the boy mom, relationship dynamics between mothers and their sons, the tendency of raising a "mama's boy" and how as a mom you can cope with the various challenges that come with raising boys. This will enlighten and quel any worry you may have. I'll love to hear from you send me your feedback, contributions, or suggestion DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email Connect with Ronke on Instagram @rohskidchen or on Facebook at Aderonke Gabriels-Omolegbe.
November 14, 2020
EP33| Girl Talk with Imaobong on the Netflix series: Self made.
Imaobong Akpan features in this girl talk segment as we review the various themes on the popular Netflix series; Self-made: the life of Madam CJ Walker. We talk about women's financial emancipation, self-awareness and collaboration among women, and a whole lot of other good stuff. She also shares the lessons she gleaned from the series. It is a wholesome conversation with laughter and insightful perspectives. Enjoy! Connect with me on Instagram @thegirlunplugged. Email Support this podcast:
November 9, 2020
Bonus Episode: October In Review and November Plans.
Hi guys! Happy November! Its a new month and this bonus episode is to review October and share some of my November plans with y'all. Enjoy as i share lessons learned in October, ramble and recount some memorable experiences.
November 1, 2020
EP32|Unlearning With Martel Gray
So we continue the unlearning series; a three-part series that started early in the month of October. Today we continue with part 2 with Martel Gray as he discusses some traditions and norms he has come to unlearn as an Igbo man in his life journey. It's an interesting discussion that promises some turning point views and perspectives. Connect with Martel Gray on Instagram @martelgray or Facebook at Martel Gray. I'll love to hear from you. Let's connect on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email
October 31, 2020
EP31|The Endsars Protest: Orchestrated or Coincidence?
Four ladies; Adesuwa, Jane, Favour, and Bisi join me in this episode as we decompress from all the negativity around the #endsars protest online. We share our different experiences as young Nigerians fighting for change, the God factor in the protest, what we think about the shift and dynamics so far, our wins and loses in the fight for a better Nigeria. We also shared songs from our playlists for coping with the anxiety that overwhelms us all. This episode was pre-recorded before 20/10/20. The day of the Lekki toll gate massacre. Spirit is low and the content on this episode may not be appropriate but we shared hope and some laughter and we hope it brightens your day and makes you stay hopeful. I'll love to hear from you! Send me a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email
October 22, 2020
EP30|A Chat with Jay Hymnz On The Endsars Revolution In Nigeria.
I sit with James Eze, a creative and young Nigerian, and discuss the current unrest in Nigeria following the #endsars protest. This protest started because of the high impunity of police brutality in the country. We give our individual perspective about what is happening and what we think this revolution hopes to achieve in the coming years in the country. Also in the episode are commentaries from young Nigerians, their resolve, and the hope they see in the coming years for the country. Enjoy. I'll love to hear from you! Comments, feedback, or questions, send me a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email Jay Hymnz comics: 
October 18, 2020
EP29|Unlearning With Olabisi
This episode is the first of a three-part series on Unlearning and we feature a vibrant lady by the name of Olabisola Oladimeji. She is a banker and Data scientist whose passion is writing and enjoyment. In this episode, she shares with us her unlearning process and things she has come to unlearn so far in her life journey. This is not an interview but and experience sharing between the host and the guest. Enjoy. Connect with Olabisi on Instagram @olabisii Subscribe to Olabisi's newsletter Let me know what you think about this episode or any feedback or contributions DM me on Instagram  @thegirlunplugged or Email: Show me some love:
October 12, 2020
Bonus: Life Updates And Other Shenanigans!
Hey, Originals! Its been a while I updated you guys on what is happening in my life and a girl also wants to talk! Chill with me on this episode as we catch up on some beautiful things that are happening currently in my life... Moved into a new apartment and finished the 30-day affirmation challenge. It's a cool one! I'll love to hear from you! Send me a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged. Email
October 6, 2020
EP28| PT2 Girl Talk with 'The Fertile Chick' On Her Books And Deep Themes ft Adesuwa & Olabisi
The concluding part of the girl talks with 'the Fertile Chick'. This episode is in partnership with Satayaa Africa and we sit with Adesuwa Nwokedi aka 'The Fertile Chick' as we discuss her books and the strong themes that come out of them, and how it affects women. With over 16 books written within a space of three years, Adesuwa, a romance writer, has her works on Bambooks and Okada books. Also, guests on the show are Adesuwa Iluobe founder, Satayaa Africa, and Olabisi Oladimeji who bring in different perspectives to the discussion. Enjoy! Satayaa Africa is a community that helps writers and readers succeed by exposing them to invaluable reading and writing resources an network across Africa Connect with Satayaa on Instagram @satayaaafrica. Connect with The Fertile Chick on Instagram @thefertilechickwriter or Website at I'll love to hear from you! Send me a Dm on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email
October 2, 2020
EP27| PT1 Girl Talk with "The Fertile Chick' On Her Books And Deep Themes ft Adesuwa & Olabisi PT 1
Today's episode is in partnership with Satayaa Africa and we sit with Adesuwa Nwokedi aka 'The Fertile Chick' as we discuss her books and the strong themes that come out of them, and how it affects women. With over 16 books written within a space of three years, Adesuwa, a romance writer, has her works on Bambooks and Okada books. Also, guests on the show are Adesuwa Iluobe founder, Satayaa Africa, and Olabisi Oladimeji who bring in different perspectives to the discussion. Enjoy! Satayaa Africa is a community that helps writers and readers succeed by exposing them to invaluable reading and writing resources an network across Africa Connect with Satayaa on Instagram @satayaaafrica. Connect with The Fertile Chick on Instagram @thefertilechickwriter or Website at I'll love to hear from you! Send me a Dm on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email
October 2, 2020
Bonus Episode: Mission and Update For The Girl Unplugged Platform
Its a new month and also the 6months anniversary of The Girl Unplugged! Yay! The vision and mission are clearer and I share this with you on this bonus episode. I am so excited about the outcome and the awesome things that we will build together going forward. It will definitely be a joy ride as with clarity comes speed and growth! Let's do this! Connect with me on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email 
October 1, 2020
EP26| Colorism And Being A Light-Skinned Black Woman
The subject of colorism is a big pie that everyone who tackles it only takes a piece out of the big pie. This episode was inspired by Beverly Naya's Documentary on Netflix called Skin. Rita resonates with this documentary and shares her own experience growing up and living as a light-skinned Black young woman in Nigeria and South Africa. Are there Pros and Cons of being light-skinned as a black woman? Why do we have different shades of brown tones even within the race. Yellow bone, yellow paw-paw, Oyibo pepper. Should they be considered compliments or hate speech? Find out! I'll love to hear from you. Send me a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or email to
September 15, 2020
EP25| QIS: How To Build Self-Trust
Is it possible to trust yourself? Absolutely! In this quick inspiration segment, I share useful tips on how to build self-trust and become more accountable enough to achieve your goals.
September 8, 2020
EP24| Does Vision Boards Work? Pt2: Commentaries from Listeners And Their Experiences.
We had anonymous listeners send in their commentaries on their experiences with their vision boards. This is a rich episode as it further widens the perspective on the subject and gives depth to the topic. Are you looking to start your vision board Journey? Then you need to listen to this one! Listen to the Pt1 of Does vision boards work? I'll love to hear from you! Send me a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email for feedbacks and thoughts on any of the episodes of the podcast.
September 1, 2020
EP|23 Girl Talk with Adesuwa on Hair and Self-Awareness
This was a fun and stimulating episode with Adesuwa a one time guest on the podcast. In this episode we talk about our hair as women, and also touched on other topics on beauty and fashion. Like discussions with girls, we couldn't stop as went down memory lane and shared some experiences on how we perceive ourselves as it when it comes to hair and other girly stuff. Listen to segment intro to get in tune with the vibe. Link to Adesuwa's podcast: Do you have any topic ideas for the segment? Or maybe you have a thought or opinion on this topic just send a DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email
August 27, 2020
EP|22 Does Vision Boards work? - A Personal Story
Vision boards are made to sound mysterious and come off as spooky. But is it? Does it work? How does it work? These are some of the questions answered in this episode. it's fun yet informative and will definitely give you a clue or two if you a looking to start your vision board journey. I'll love to hear from you! Send your thoughts, opinions, or feedback on this episode through DM on Instagram @thegirlunplugged or Email to
August 21, 2020
EP21| QIS: Some Weird Things You Should Do With Yourself
What are some of the things considered weird you do with yourself? Even if it looks like walking down the street talking to yourself because you want to make sense of an idea or a thought that keeps nagging your head. Lol, you are not alone! In this segment I share a few "weird things I do with myself and how it has changed my perspective on how I view myself. The QIS is a segment on the podcast where we share quick inspiration or thoughts that bother around self-awareness and personal development. I'll love to hear from you! Send me a DM on Instagram at thegirlunplugged or Email at
August 14, 2020
The Girl Talk Segment Intro
Hey divas! You asked for it and here it is The Girl Talk Segment! Here we talk about all things and everything female. Yess! We are talking about hot gists and gossips, and be sure that the giggles and hmmm will go round too. Listen to Ep 13 and Ep17 to get a feel of the vibe!
August 6, 2020
EP20| "Opportunity Comes But Once": Truth And Facts.
They say opportunity comes only once but how true is this fact? Facts we know are not always true so Rita shares her life lessons so far on how she takes on the opportunities that come her way and why she thinks not every opportunity is a good opportunity. I'll love to hear from you! Send me your thoughts and feedback on this episode on Instagram DM at thegirlunplugged or email to
August 1, 2020
EP 19|QIS: The Mindset Of Trusting Your Process.
The charge to "Trust your process" is no longer new to us but what is the "how" of trusting when everything seems bleak and unpromising. On today's quick inspiration we look at some tips on how to set our mind to trust our process.
July 25, 2020
EP18| To Be Last Born No Be Beans: An Unpopular Opinion About What It Means To Be A Last Child.
 Contrary to popular belief that last-borns have life easy, they are spoilt, and most of them end up to no good, Genevive A.K.A "Last born wey no spoil" shares a different opinion about this subject matter from her personal experience growing up as the last child. To be last-born no be beans and you will find out in this insightful episode. I'll love to hear from you! Please share your comments, feedback, or thoughts on this episode on Instagram@thegirlunpluggedpodcasr or send an email to
July 20, 2020
EP17|Feminine Much? - A Girl Talk on Feminine Ideals And Practices
Today, we have girl talk on some of the feminine ideals and practices girls and young women have to live up to. Is it a one size fit all? Are they realistic? Are the standards flexible to accommodate all the variation in the practices of these feminine ideals? It’s fun and packed with a lot of memories as Rita shares from her personal day to day struggles in meeting some of these standards. How about you? Feminine much? I'll love to hear from you! DM me on Instagram @thegirlwholefthome or Email:
July 10, 2020
EP16|July Don Land: Half Of The Year In Review, Musings and Random Stuffs.
It’s half of the year and we are counting our blessings and celebrating the little wins so far. In this laid back episode, Rita shares her life lessons and updates us on the things she is working on. She also airs her mind on other random stuff concerning some recent disturbing culture she sees on social media. The theme for the month of July is Abundance; creating and making room for abundance. Grab some popcorn let’s recount 2020 so far… I'll love to hear from you! DM me on Instagram @thegirlwholefthome or Email:
July 4, 2020
EP15|QIS - Honoring Your Progress
In today's quick inspiration segment Rita shares a random thought on what it means to honor your progress. Celebrating the little wins and assuring ourselves of the effort we put as we strive for success is important in staying optimistic and focused toward the future. Be inspired!
June 27, 2020
EP14|Staying Grounded in your Truth with Chiege
Have you ever felt the need to be what you’re not just to be acceptable? Have you had people disagree with you on what you know to be true about you or your experiences? I know right!!!! Living your truth in a world where everyone has an expectation or opinions on how best to live your life and to be. Chiege Ugwuozor shares her story on how she continuously stands in her truth while navigating through her daily dealings with herself and others. Connect with Chiege:  Instagram @chiege_u,  Twitter: chiege_u Facebook : chiege ugwuozor I'll love to hear from you! DM me on Instagram @thegirlwholefthome or Email:
June 20, 2020
EP13|Period Blues and Other Menstrual Nuances: An intimate Girl Talk
Do you think if women had the power and choice to opt-out of period pains and the blues they would go for it? 100 times and over!!!  In this episode, Rita shares her struggles with balancing her life during her menstrual periods and her decision to take her reproductive health seriously. Are there reproductive health practices and wellness activities you want to share with me? Or maybe your thoughts and opinions on this topic of the episode do send me a DM on Instagram @the girlwholefthome or email at
June 13, 2020
EP12|The Nigerian Rape Culture and Rape Apologists with Franklin
Franklin Akunekwe (LLB) shares his view and perspective on the Nigerian rape culture and the different behaviors that enable rape in our society. His opinions cut across the executive and legislative institutions of the society and how they have failed the female gender in protecting their rights to live a dignified and free life. What constitutes rape? Do women in Nigeria have rights to body autonomy? How do we advocate for the female gender in protecting them from rape? Do rape apologists have valid points on the causes of rape? He thoughtfully dissects all these questions and more in this insightful session. I'll love to hear your feedback on this session! Do send me a DM @thegirlwholefthome or Connect with franklin : Twitter(@el_shinkafi)  Instagram (@el.shinkafi)
June 7, 2020
EP11|A Charge!
Its the end of the month and success no longer feels tangible nevertheless there was progress. Yes! Don't lose sight of the many blessings! This is a charge to keep hope alive!
May 31, 2020
EP10|Service over Spotlight with Adesuwa
If there were no accolades, recognition, or public acclaim for the work we do, would we continue to push on with our passions? What fuels your passion? This episode features Adesuwa Iluobe as she shares her journey in building Satayaa Africa, a literary organization born out of her many writing submission rejections. She explores the reason the "Why" of every dream or vision is important. Be inspired! Satayaa Africa on Instagram: @satayaafrica Connect with Adesuwa on Instagram: @hadehsuwah Enclosed anthology: Stories after school ours(SASH): @storiesafterschoolhours Want to send a review? Send a DM @thegirlwholefthome or Email at
May 31, 2020
EP9|Being an Authentic Man in a Feminist World with Chiemeka
In a world of female empowerment and independence being a man will require more than the purpose of being a provider. The character and strength needed to be a man in our fast-changing world are discussed and Chiemeka drives home this topic with a fresh perspective.  Connect with Frank: IG- mr_franqy  Twitter- @franqy325 I'll love to hear your feedback on this session. Do send me a dm on Instagram @thegirlwholefthome or an email:
May 31, 2020
EP8|QIS- Being your own safe space
Let's talk about the ways you can be a safe place for yourself. Follow and share comments on @thegirlwholefthome 
May 23, 2020
EP7|Levels of Authenticity
Rebellion may be required to start off the authentic journey but it requires discipline and commitment to become the best of you are.  The two levels of authenticity explore this journey. be inspired!
May 16, 2020
EP6|Developing a Healthy Mindset with Ammie G
 Ammie G features as the first guest on the podcast. She shares her struggles and wins in overcoming her insecurities and how she developed a healthy mindset. Are your insecurities hindering you from living your best life? Listen and be inspired! Connect with AMMIE G on Instagram: @AMMIE.G ill love to hear from you. send me a DM  on Instagram: @thegirlwholefthome or Email:
April 26, 2020
EP5|QIS -The Simple Things That Make You A Genuine Person
Rita lists out a few points that make one genuine.  why don't you find out!
April 22, 2020
EP4|Probing Negative Emotions is a Sign of Intra-personal Intelligence.
 Rita shares her experience on how she is managing her emotions to keep sane amid the uncertainties of the season and also how she deals with negative emotions when they arise.
April 20, 2020
EP3|QIS - Even Jollof Get Brand!
If Jollof has a brand, why shouldn't you?  Rita answers the question to why everyone should have a personal brand and shares quick tips on how to develop one. 
April 10, 2020
Rita starts to unpack her journey with self-awareness as the first prerequisite to living an authentic life. Be inspired!
April 4, 2020
An introductory episode about what The Girl Unplugged (TGU) podcast is about.
April 2, 2020