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The Habit Queen

The Habit Queen

By Anya Perry
Welcome to The Habit Queen where amazing habits create your magical reality.
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Episode 55: How to thrive in your life through embodiment and alignment [with Maria Macsay]
Buckle up, my friend! This powerful episode is brought to you by beautiful Maria Macsay, the Embodiment coach, yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and an amazing, magnetizing dancer! We're diving into a deep and fun conversation about embodiment: - What is it? - How to align your body and mind? - What principles could help you feel better in your body and mind every? - How to free yourself through self-care, nourishing food (no diets here), movement and breathwork and so much more! Learn more about Maria here: Website Instagram The books she mentioned: The Slow Down Diet & Nourishing Wisdom by Marc David Freebie: 5 Days to Clarity & Confidence
April 7, 2021
Episode 54: How to stop feeling overwhelmed
Raise your hand if you've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately? What we often don't think about is that feeling overwhelmed is NORMAL. What's not normal (or healthy) is staying in that state. They don't teach this skill in school, but I've got your back. In this episode, you're going to learn: What is overwhelm? The stigma around overwhelm What's happening on physical and mental levels when you get overwhelmed 4 powerful steps to part with feeling overwhelmed fast Loved this episode? Please rate it on iTunes or share your insights on Instagram. Join my Balanced Body&Mind Facebook community Grab a FREE clarity coaching session here.
March 31, 2021
Episode 53: The key to successfully finding peace and balance in your life
Can you have it all? Can you be successful at work, have a healthy body and mind, nourished relationships, and fulfilling hobbies? In this episode, I wanted to share something that was a golden key in my journey to finding balance and peace. Yeah, it took some work. Yes I failed things. But using THIS key and admitting I couldn't go far without it was pivotal in my life. Grab your spot for a powerful 90-minute intensive session here - the early bird ends on 2/28! Let's become friends on Insta. Join my cozy Balanced Body and Mind Facebook community here.
March 24, 2021
Episode 52: Stand in your power and brilliance [with Cordelia Gaffar]
Do you say yes to others but no to yourself? Do you feel like you don't stand up for yourself? Are you treating yourself with kindness and love? We all could definitely learn more about standing in your power and brilliance! In this episode, Cordelia and I are going to cover: How to truly nurture and nourish your mind, body, and soul How to stand up in your power How to use kind and loving words to yourself How to stop self-editing and living up to other's expectations of you. I can't wait for you to dive into this one! Connect with Cordelia: Website Instagram Podcast Books
March 17, 2021
Episode 51: 5 empowering habits that will re-energize you
Are you fighting fatigue? Thinking you're doing all the right things, but your energy is still low? Doing what your neighbor Jessica is doing but no results, still tired? Check out this short and powerful episode and learn 5 powerful habits that can help you get your energy back! Resources: Find out your Four Tendencies here. Identify your Chronotype here. Connect with Anya on Instagram.
March 10, 2021
Episode 50: Playing small and feeling unseen? [with Anna Frandsen]
Ouch, did I just call you out? Most women struggle with more self-doubt and fear of judgment than necessary. We live in comparison, forget who we are, and often neglect this deep desire to be seen, heard, and loved. As usual, it all starts with your mindset - that stuff trickles down everywhere! Today I have a very special guest, Anna Frandsen, to remind you about a few important things. We'll discuss: Why you're playing small and hiding in your pictures, business, work, and personal life How you can start showing up for yourself and overcome the visibility barrier Habits, routines and mindset shifts you need to show up big in your life and become visible Anna's powerful check-in prompt that can replace journaling and help you stay in your power every day and much more Connect with Anna:  Podcast Free FB community Instagram Website  If you're listening on your phone, make sure to screenshot this episode and tag Anna (@anna.frandsen) and myself (@anya.perry) on Insta!
March 3, 2021
Episode 49: The truth about work/life balance
Have you ever wondered if balance exists? Do you feel like you're running fast on the treadmill of life and can't stop (things will fall apart)? In this episode, I'm sharing 3 keys that are absolutely necessary to unlock balance in your life. Also, don't miss out on a special announcement about the grand opening of my 1:1 VIP coaching program (the enrollment is OPEN!). Apply here.  Connect with me on Instagram where I share powerful strategies to get your energy back and overcome the overwhelm of unbalanced life, and share your insights! 
February 24, 2021
Episode 48: Is all stress self-inflicted?
Join me for this short episode to learn what helped me (and my clients) go from being extremely stressed and antsy all the time to living in a state of calm and peace. I'm going to share a few powerful key components to help you handle life's stressors like a champ. Show notes: Share your insights on Instagram, leave me a review on iTunes and don't forget to join my FB community to create a balanced, nourishing life you desire.
February 9, 2021
Episode 47: My secret to having steady and sustainable high energy
So many things can affect our daily energy, and especially after a very eventful 2020 you may feel run down and not sure where to find a solution. In this episode, I'm going to share my secret to having steady energy that lasts longer than you morning cup of coffee. Show notes: Healthy New Year Summit Thursday training in FB group Connect with me on Instagram.
February 4, 2021
Episode 46: Find your food freedom [with Robin Wisner]
If you're tired of being a slave to food, feeling guilt and shame around your eating habits and tired of all the diets you tried and failed... in this episode of the Habit Queen, my friend and colleague Robin Wisner and I dive into such a hot topic: food freedom. You're going to learn: How to ditch diets and find your food freedom Why the alignment of your body and mind is a crucial component for your food freedom How compassion can bring you massive results What to do if you can't trust yourself around food How to use intuitive eating and self-awareness to break free from dieting and restriction Show notes: 3:15 How Robin found her path to wellness and her food freedom 9:13 Bringing the awareness to how you feel after eating 12:10 What most women are missing when they are seeking food freedom 14:59 How minimizing inflammatory foods can help you 15:57 How getting yourself centered spiritually can help you stay consistent 17:46 Self-compassion as a tool 19:30 How intuitive eating can help you create healthy, nourishing habits 26:38 How you morning routine can impact your progress Learn more about Robin: Website Instagram Her Magical Morning checklist
January 7, 2021
Episode 45: 5 BS beliefs about goal setting
This episode is short, raw, and real. I'm going to debunk 5 BS beliefs about goal setting. that stop you from reaching your fullest potential. If you want MORE from your life, you've gotta set the bar high and avoid common missteps. Learn about these 5 BS beliefs that don't serve you and also a few powerful strategies on how to achieve everything your soul desires without stress or overwhelm.
December 17, 2020
Episode 44: How to set boundaries and stay on track [with Katie Brown]
Are you having a hard time saying "no" to people, responsibilities, or projects? Do you feel like you have no boundaries and your work or relationships suffer? Would you like to be better at staying focused, productive and fulfilled? In this episode, my special guest, Katie Brown, is going to spill the tea on how to   Align the things you're saying "yes" to with your values Say "no" without feeling guilt and shame Avoid burnout and overwhelm by setting proper boundaries Use some powerful tools to stay focused, productive, and on track Show notes: 7:05  Katie's path to entrepreneurship, having 2 jobs and being successful while managing it all 9:00  How to align the things you're saying "yes" to with your values and how to say "no" 12:22 How to avoid the overwhelm and, consequentially, your boundaries being broken 13:44 Pausing and reflecting to avoid burnout 15:29 Powerful mindset shifts to stay on track and keep your boundaries 19:53 Empowering habits that will help your stay focused, productive and on track 24:07 Pausing, unplugging, and setting boundaries for your phone usage Connect with Katie: Website: IG: Group: Free download: Boundaries + Productivity Workbook
December 9, 2020
Episode 43: Breaking through limiting beliefs [with Yolanda Russell]
Do you ever feel like you're capable of more, wanting to do more, willing to play big but something gets in between you and your dreams? Whether you're starting your own business, embarking on a health journey, or simply willing to unlock your inner potential, this episode is going to blow your mind. My very special guest and business coach, Yolanda Russell and I are going to talk about: Yolanda's personal journey, a unique, bold and so inspiring The truth about personal growth, owning your business, and pursuing your biggest dreams One big ugly belief that doesn't serve you and how to part with it Yolanda's signature 3-step process to overcome mindset blocks and other amazing hacks, habits, and shifts you could implement to unlock the next level of your life, health, business, relationships - you name it! As usual, tag me and Yolanda on Instagram and share your insights by screenshotting the episode and sharing it with us! Show notes: 3:53 Yolanda's inspiring story - from a burnt-out nurse exposed to AIDS to a brand and business coach empowering  women 8:34 What challenges, inner struggles, and mindset breakthroughs one can face while pursuing their inner calling and stepping into her highest self 11:57 The most empowering lessons you can learn while you're breaking through beliefs that don't serve you 14:19 One thing that is holding you back 16:22 The 3-step process to claiming your power back and breaking through 20:51 When you stop comparing yourself to others... 26:50 A powerful daily habit that will shift your perspective and serve as daily self-care and much more! Connect with Yolanda: Accelerate Your Brand and Breakthrough Podcast Yolanda on Instagram
December 2, 2020
Episode 42: How to live in alignment (and a business update)
In this free-flowing episode, I’m going to spill the tea and share some exciting news with you and inspire you to look at your life from a different angle. If you feel like you’ve been stuck, struggling and unfulfilled, this episode is for you! As usual, come hang out with me on Instagram and join my Facebook community.
November 26, 2020
Episode 41: How to master negative self-talk and silence your inner mean girl
If I had a dollar every time a woman told me she is struggling with negative self-talk, I'd have a tall stack of dollars :) But if seriously, how often do we... Self-criticize Judge ourselves too quickly Feel not enough Talk to ourselves too harshly Not recognize our worth? In this episode, I'm going to cover: Where is it coming from, the negative self-talk? How it can influence your emotional and physical state and actions My story of dealing with it  4 powerful steps to silence your mean girls and convert your negative talk into something that serves you. Resources: Balanced Body Community Instagram
November 18, 2020
Episode 40: How to stop getting in your own way (excuses, self-sabotage and procrastination)
Are you your worst enemy? The # 1 answer I get when I ask women what is standing in the way between them and the life they want (healthier body, fit, better mood and hormones, etc) I know you're doing the best you can to live the healthiest life possible, but if you want to stop getting in your own way when it comes to your diet, exercise and mindset - this episode is for you. Things I'll cover: The science behind excuses, lies, procrastination, and self-sabotage The negative effects of those A cool story from my personal research endeavor A powerful exercise to stop coming up with excuses Some actionable ways to power through things that get in your way. As usual, all the cool things are happening in my private Facebook community and on Insta- stories. Screenshot the episode you're listening and tag me with your insights and a-ha moments so I can cheer you on! Show notes: 1:20 One powerful question to ask yourself today 3:09 An un-ordinary research experiment I led on a 20-hour long community (weekly, for a year) 6:27 A bit of science behind the psychology of excuses, lies and other behavioral patterns 9:00 Why are we doing things that stop our progress? 12:26 A fork in the road exercise to minimize your excuses 16: 19 Other powerful tools to overcome excuses and lies leading to procrastination and self-sabotage Books: James Clear, Atomic Habits Gretchen Rubin, Better Than Before Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit Balanced Body Guide (start here)
October 28, 2020
Episode 39: How to trust your body and reach your ideal state of health
Do you find it difficult to rely on your body, trust its inner wisdom, and make health-supportive decisions with ease? Maybe you spend decades limiting yourself and dieting... Maybe you've run your body into the ground with exercise and stress... Or maybe you just want to be connected to it better, to make easier choices and achieve abundant health? In either case, this episode is for you. I'm going to share: My personal struggles with trusting my body (with all the gory details) What is trust and how can this be used as a tool to support our bodies 3 mistakes I see women make when it comes to trust A few powerful solutions to start on your "trust your body" journey Let's dive in! Show notes: 3:10 What is it - trusting our bodies? What's trust? 4:42 My story of learning how to trust my body after decades of destroying and not listening to it 9:36 Physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of trusting your body 12:00 Things women do that DON'T help building trust 18:29 A powerful quote that will inspire you to start learning how to trust your body's signals 20:05 Use these tools to develop inner trust in your body and reach your health goals with ease. Grab this FREE Balanced Body Guide to get started on your health journey. As usual, all the fun conversations are happening on Instagram and in my private cozy Facebook group. Screenshot this episode, share any insights and a-ha moments, and tag me!
October 22, 2020
Episode 38: How to amplify your voice: accept who you are, be seen and heard [with Debra Alfarone]
In this special episode, Debra Alfarone and I dive into discussing some sensitive and important challenges women face in this busy world, professionally and personally: the confidence to show up, the courage to speak up, the tools that help us minimize that shoulder monster and be ourselves. Whether you want to ask for a promotion, ask your partner to hear you up, show up on camera confidently or just want to speak up for the first time ever - this episode is for you. You'll learn: - Debra's empowering story (a high school dropout to CBS reporter at the White House) - How her own story and practice of amplifying her voice brought her to coaching and leading others - How to overcome the challenges that you face when you decide to make your voice heard - Debra's powerful tools to stop the negative voices in your head and show up as you are - and many more nuggets of wisdom from this radiant, talented and supportive soul. Show notes: 3:19 Debra's amazing story 6:47 Why we play small 9:01 How to overcome challenges that you face when you decide to make your voice heard 14:05 How to show up confidently when you didn't master this skillfully yet 19:13 How to build these skills that will help you amplify your voice, accept yourself better and show up for yourself and others 29:37 If you have been super hard on yourself, listen to this bit 35:40 Ask for what you want! More about Debra: Connect with Debra on her website and Instagram.  As usual, screenshot while you're listening to this episode and tag @anya.perry and Debra and share your biggest insights!
October 14, 2020
Episode 37: 5 major meal planning/prepping mistakes
Want to get healthier and ready to be more organized? Failed a meal prepping journey before? This episode is for you. In this episode, you'll learn: Why meal prep can be very beneficial for you 5 mistakes you are making when prepping/making your meals How to simplify things and fix them Show notes: 1:50 Can you live without meal planning or prepping? 2:42 How can it help you personally? 4:21 5 major mistakes you're making when meal prepping and planning and how to avoid them. 16:53  A little surprise for you ( a helpful resource to make your health journey easier) Meal planning/prepping guide: As usual, all cool things are happening on Instagram - tag me in your screenshotted picture of this podcast episode, share your biggest takeaways and ask any questions by tagging me @anya.perry.
October 7, 2020
Episode 36: How to be more confident [with Claudia Mangeac]
This special episode is brought to you by multiple requests from women I coach who felt insecure and uncomfortable in their skin. My special guest, Claudia Mangeac, shared her powerful story where she, an immigrant from Romania and living in London, UK turned her fears and lack of self-knowledge around to become fiercely confident and successful in her career and life.  In this episode you'll learn: - Claudia's impressive story of becoming who she is today - What it takes to find who you are, what you want, and start building confidence skills - Self-awareness, self-trust, and other important tools to becoming more confident - What kind of questions you can ask to start developing this amazing skill - Habits, tools and rituals to help you become radiantly confident Show notes: 3:23 Claudia's story: how she didn't know who she wanted to be, moved to the UK to start from scratch, found her voice, and now is a 6-figure business coach who empowers other women 6:21 Challenges she faced on this journey (surprise: it was not smooth sailing!) 8:01 A mindset shift that may blow your mind 12:08 How she worked through insecurities and lack of confidence: what most women are missing on their journeys 15:19 How to approach failure so it can actually serve you in becoming more confident 17:38 Some really cool tools and practices to support your in your confidence journey 25:12 If you're having negative thoughts about yourself, do this 30:45 Claudia's quirky and helpful habits and rituals  Get to know  Claudia: On Instagram Her website As usual, tag us after listening on Instagram and let us know your biggest a-ha moments and insights!
September 30, 2020
Episode 35 - Healthy habits for digestion [with Melanie Morton]
As women, we often talk about our health - how much weight we need to lose, our ab goals, and sometimes, hormones. But the topic of digestion isn't being brought up enough. The fact is...80% of your health comes from your gut. My guest Melanie Morton and I are discussing this incredibly important pillar of health in this episode; You're going to learn: About Mel's path to healthy living and coaching women How to survive the diet culture and find your way to be healthy What do you get wrong about our digestion? The healthiest habits for digestion Mel's go-to self-care methods Show notes:   3:45 Melanie's path to becoming a health coach 9:40 How she survived the diet culture and found an approach that worked for hundreds of women 17:10 How you can have everything you want for your life and health without killing yourself with excessive methods 19:45 Digestive health: what you need to know 24:27 Empowering ways to improve your digestion 35:05 Mel's go-to self-care habits 40:26 How to get in tune with your body Mel's bio: Melanie Morton is a wife and mom of two living in San Diego with her family. She's the owner of Melanie Morton Coaching and founder of the MILF Methods - a life coaching program for moms who want to create the life of their dreams while providing for their family. She's been in the health and wellness industry for 8 years and in the online coaching industry for the past 3 years. She's passionate about helping women put themselves first, so they can make the greatest impact in the world around them. When she's not on client calls, you can catch her at the beach with her fam, baking, or listening to a true crime podcast. Connect with Mel on Instagram.
September 12, 2020
Episode 34 How to achieve an effortless relationship with food [with Erin Power]
In this episode, I interviewed Erin Power, one of the most knowledgeable and tactical health coaches in the world of ancestral health. Here's what we talked about: Erin's path in the health and fitness industry and her facing some serious health challenges and overcoming them Metabolism and ways to fuel your body to achieve optimal health, get rid of stubborn belly fat and get your energy/life back How to get more in tune with your body and nourish it from within The best rituals and habits for metabolism and effortless relationship with food Show notes: 4:11 Erin's path to becoming a Primal Health Coach and mentoring other coaches 7:43 How realizing a simple truth Erin was able to create an effortless relationship with food 9:03 How she fixed her own metabolic issues and healed pre-diabetes 17:15 What kind of fuel you need to choose for your body to function optimally? 20:49 How to get in tune with your body (hunger cues, fasting and more) 24:47 What to do if you're FFF (Fat, Foggy and Fatigued) 27:54 Rituals and habits for optimal metabolic health 35:02 Some awesome advice if you want to be a fat-burning machine! Connect with Erin: 
September 2, 2020
Episode 33 How to find balance in a healthy lifestyle and life
In this solo episode, I wanted to talk about this ephemeral thing called balance. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, how come some people are super successful at it and stay on track with their habits, whereas others are on a struggle bus? Here's what I covered in this episode: What is balance? Is it possible? Can you let your hair down once in a while and still have balance? Success principles to manage your life in a balanced way 4 rules that helped me create balance in my body and life A special event you can take part in to bring more balance into your busy life As usual, all the cool things are happening on my Instagram page daily - tag me in your insight and a-ha moments after listening to this episode.
August 26, 2020
Episode 32 Sustainable weight loss and habits with ease [with Brianna Wilkerson]
In this episode, I have the pleasure to interview one of my closest friends, a colleague, and a partner in crime, Brianna Wilkerson. We go deep in discussing weight loss, habits for sustainable change, and a fun event she’s hosting this month. Brianna’s bio: Brianna Wilkerson is the Founder/CEO of Made Well 345, LLC. She is a Holistic Health and Life Coach with a heart to see women ditch dieting, lose weight that lasts, and thrive in their lives. She is also an Essential Oils Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils and empowers women to use essential oils as non-toxic solutions for their health, home, and family. Show notes: 3:45 Brianna’s story: from a girl who was bingeing to a fit woman who kept her weight off and got her health back 8:02 Long-term changes vs quick fixes: how to find your focus/clarity 9:16 The biggest a-ha moment from Brianna’s journey that will help you create permanent changes in your health 15:08 What do you believe to be true about your body (and how it gets embodied in your life) 20:50 How to discover healthy habits that will serve you in your journey 26:41 A special event you can participate it for FREE, learn from 30+ health coaches about nutrition and other healthy habits and win prizes Connect with Brianna online: Healthy + Sustainable Weight Loss Community Essential Oils for a Healthy Home and Family Instagram:: Website: Sign up for the summit: tag @madewell345 and @anya.perry in your IG stories when you do!
August 19, 2020
Episode 31 How to set healthy boundaries
Does your family not support your healthier choices? Are they rolling their eyes when you're about to go for a run instead of getting comfortable on the couch with an adult beverage? Maybe you're a people pleaser, and constantly find yourself in a pickle, and not choosing what YOU want? In this episode, I wanted to talk about healthy boundaries. I feel like women, especially, are struggling with establishing them. We're going to discuss: How can the lack of boundaries be represented in your life What are boundaries? Why do we need to have them? 3 steps to take to start creating healthier boundaries and becoming more confident and secure in your choices. Show notes: 1:05 Why the heck I wanted to talk about boundaries? 4:15 What happens if you don't have healthy boundaries? 10:10 Do you know your boundaries? 11:40 Learn how to communicate them effectively 13:45 How to stop people-pleasing 15:44 Break up with judgment and own your sh*t As usual, all the cool action is happening on Instagram - tag me after you posted your insights on this episode - I can't wait to hear what you think!
August 12, 2020
Episode 30 How to use your intuition to enhance your life [with Janice Burch]
How often do you get a strong gut feeling about something you want to do? Are you strongly being pulled towards something, but fear is stopping you in the tracks? Do you know how to distinguish between the two and make high-quality, heart-centered decisions? If you said "YES!", this episode is definitely for you! In this episode, Janice Burch and I discussed: How you need to expand while you're learning more about yourself/growing in your entrepreneurial role Why success doesn't happen in silos (and other powerful lessons) How to use intuition in your work and life to make better choices What to do if you think you don't have good intuition How to distinguish between intuition and fear Other practical methods to tap into your intuition Janice's bio: Janice Burch is the founder of Work Soul Flow where she’s an intuitive coach for solopreneurs and organizational leaders. She helps already high-achieving women become their highest self so they can increase their income, impact, and influence. She believes in the transformational power of relying on your intuition to create success over following other people's blueprints and roadmaps. Her clients are able to tap into power so they can work from a place of greater abundance, authenticity, joy, and alignment with their purpose. Show notes: 3:21 Janice's path to entrepreneurship and leadership 10:52 How can you expand your skills and abilities while you're on the entrepreneurial path 11:38 Success doesn't happen in silos 16:50 How to use your intuition in your work/business/life 18:26 If you don't have a good intuition - what can you do? 23:33 How to distinguish between fear and intuition? 28:30 Acting in alignment with your values 30:39 Other rituals and habits to help with intuition Find Janice on Instagram or her website. As usual, please share your insights and a-ha moment with us on Instagram by screenshotting the episode on your phone and tagging @anya.perry and @worksoulflow.
August 5, 2020
Episode 29: Intermittent fasting as a way to find food freedom [with Marisa Moon]
In this episode, my colleague Marisa Moon and I are diving into a very interesting, hot topic of intermittent fasting. Here is a glimpse into what you're about to learn from this episode: How Marisa's life changed because of particular shifts in her nutrition (healing from IBS and combating ADHD symptoms) What is intermittent fasting (IF)? What are the benefits you can get from it? How to do the IF the "right way" Why breakfast isn't always necessary How to implement intermittent fasting to lose weight, reduce cravings and multiply your energy levels What fasting can do for your health and much more Timestamps: 3:04 Marisa's health transformation story 7:17 Overcoming challenges following her lifestyle changes 12:48 What is intermittent fasting? 17:32 What about breakfast, the most important meal of the day? 21:51 How to do the intermittent fasting the right way 26:12 How to transition to IF with ease and make the best out of it (what to eat!) 31:45 RESET method 38:49 Are there benefits for extended fasts (24 hrs +)? 42:30 Marisa's healthy habits for a better quality of life Check out Marisa's bio: Driven by the discovery of her non-celiac gluten intolerance in 2013, Marisa entered the field of nutrition with a recipe blog called My Longevity Kitchen and obtained a certificate in Culinary Arts from Kendall College of Culinary Arts in Chicago. The early blogging and culinary experiences provided Marisa with collaborative opportunities from businesses like the cutting-edge cafe called Hi-Vibe Superfood Juicery. Starting as the Paleo recipe developer and then earning the title of nutrition researcher, content creator, and marketing manager, Marisa wore many hats over the next 5 years. Today, Marisa focuses her practice on 1-on-1 health coaching that fuses together health + life coaching to help busy adults put an end to the confusion about what’s healthy—and finally achieve results that last. Other projects include hosting The Foundation of Wellness podcast, public speaking, writing for the Primal Health Coach Institute blog, and teaching Intermittent Fasting for the LIFEomic community, and inside her signature online course. After 5 years of intermittent fasting in her own life—to combat ADHD symptoms and sluggish energy—and then educating others in workshops, podcasts, and summits, Marisa is becoming known for her flexible I.F. approach that emphasizes nutrient-dense foods and intuitive, enjoyable fasting. You can find Marisa here: Grab a free guide:
July 29, 2020
Episode 28 How to squeeze in a workout on a busy day
How often do you skip movement if your day is full? Are you “busy”? Too tired to move by the end of the day? I know you wear many hats, babe, but I also hear your strong desire to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Skip no more. In this podcast episode, we’re going to cover: 1) My client’s success story – she fell in love with working out 2) Two important pieces behind your excuses 3) 7 powerful ways to squeeze in a workout on a crazy day 4) Way #2 might be my favorite and a game-changer for you Shownotes: 2:36 How my client finally became consistent with workouts and fell in love with movement 5:52 What’s actually going behind your excuses: time management and mindset 7:08 All or nothing approach and where it leads you 9:06 Time management piece 11:11 How to make exercise a priority 13:07 You may need just a bit of knowledge about movement 14:15 7 ways to get a workout done Grab your fitness planner here. One more thing: Screenshot this episode, share your insights and win a giveaway prize by leaving a review and emailing the screenshot to Instagram:
July 22, 2020
Episode 27 Using the outdoors for health [with Kelly Troup]
In this episode, Kelly Troup, PHC shares some unbelievably great information about how you can use the power of outdoors to heal your body. We’re going to talk about: · How to enjoy the sun without guilt/worrying about skin cancer and help your body health · Learn about the benefits of grounding, breathing and walking in the woods · How you can release the pressure of modern life outdoors (play is key) · What unusual outdoorsy habits can improve your mental, emotional and physical health Shownotes: 2:25 Learn how Kelly healed metabolic disease with food in 3 months 5:51 Healthy habits outdoors 101: what happens when you’re outside and how it supports your body 9:43 What other outdoorsy activities you could use for health? 20:08 Walking through the woods as a therapy 22:10 Grounding as a practice You can find Kelly on Instagram @therealfoodrevol and Facebook (Kelly Troup). Had some amazing insights from this episode? Screenshot and share it on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag me @anya.perry so I can celebrate you
July 15, 2020
Episode 26: Food as a self-care method [with Lindsay Taylor]
In this episode, I’m interviewing a very special guest. A fellow Primal Health Coach, educator, endurance athlete, and community mama - Lindsay Taylor. We’re going to investigate an unusual topic of food as self-care and will dig deep into understanding: - How nourishing nutrition can change your life - Keto as a nutrition baseline and how to figure out if it’s right for you - Why Keto, in particular, got such bad rap - Lindsay’s approach to change and mindset shifts - Food as a method of self-care - Where to start if you’re tired of dieting and your body image issues - How to celebrate your body - And much more. Timestamps: 4:54 Lindsay’s path to becoming a health coach, writer, and educator 7:25 Life-changing shift in nutrition/lifestyle 10:30 Discovering Keto 16:30 and establishing it as a baseline for her personal nutrition 17:00 Why Keto got such a bad rap? 23:45 How to do Keto “the right way” 29:30 Body image, diet culture influences and how to break through in attempts to get healthier and nourish your body 37:15 Creating your own rules and looking within to establish mindset practices that empower you 43:00 How to implement steps/habits/rituals or rules while you’re discovering the healthiest way to eat and support your body You can find Lindsay here: Keto Reset group: Mark’s Daily Apple: Primal Health Coach Institute: Her website Instagram:
July 8, 2020
Episode 25: 7 Most Common Sleep Mistakes
Sleep takes up closer to 1/3 of our time on this planet yet we still get it wrong! If you’re a high achiever, hard worker, and wearing many hats, chances are you’re sacrificing your sleep more often than you should. Also, an astonishing number of people don’t even know what good sleep hygiene and habits are! In this episode, we’re diving into: Why do we need to sleep a lot? Quality vs quantity of sleep The negative effects of sleep deprivation + some fascinating data and research discoveries. 7 mistakes you're making when it comes to sleep and how to fix them. Grab your Sleeping Beauty cheat sheet here. BOOKS TO READ: Power of When Michael Breus Caffeine by Michael Pollan Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson One more thing: Screenshot this episode, share your insights, and win a giveaway prize by leaving a review and emailing the screenshot to Instagram:
July 1, 2020
Episode 24: 3 powerful steps to massively improve your productivity
Happy New Year! In this episode, learn: Why even most successful people may struggle with productivity Why do you need to stop referring to yourself as a "Procrastinator" and "Always late" kind of person 3 powerful steps to improve your productivity without any overwhelm This episode may contain some of my biggest productivity secrets. Use at your discretion ;) As usual, most action is happening on my Instagram at
January 8, 2020
Episode 23: One powerful and weird mindset trick to experience more joy daily
In this episode, I’m sharing a weird and fun mindset trick you can try to experience more joy and life every day! Also, you’re invited to the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Academy – doors are open for enrollment! Apply here.
December 19, 2019
Episode 22 What happens when you get extremely uncomfortable
In this episode I'd love to share: - How I was pushed out of my comfort zone multiple times this year - What I learned from it - What's on the other side of discomfort, whether it's a new way of eating you're trying or a new thinking pattern - 3 Lessons you can expect to learn from being uncomfortable And more. As usual, you can find me on Instagram - make sure to share your insights from this episode and tag me @anya.perry!
December 11, 2019
Episode 21: How to deal with distractions, interruptions and other time suckers
In this episode, you're going to learn:  - What are these times suckers? - How distractions and interruptions affect your performance, business, and life - 5 ways to start managing distractions As usual, there is more happening on Instagram. Screenshot this episode on your phone, and tag me (anya.perry) - tell me what's the biggest distraction for you daily?
November 27, 2019
Episode 20: This is what it takes to live without regrets
Are your regrets stopping you from moving forward and creating the life you've always dreamed about? Are they stopping you from achieving optimal health, lean body, or a happy mind? In this episode I'm sharing: One question that most motivational speakers will ask you (and you'll not want to look for answers at first) Potatoes story (embarrassing for me but there were lessons learned) Regrets that I faced and addressed in my life Why massive action to achieve results isn't always the best method and what to do about it 4 steps to take when dealing with regret Enjoy! If you want even a better kick in your rear... Read The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, the book by Bronnie Ware.
November 20, 2019
Episode 19: Habits to Thrive Summit with Deanna Wilcox (you don't want to miss this one)
Introducing my friend and colleague Deanna Wilcox ( who is co-hosting another incredible online event called Habits to Thrive summit (October 28th-November 3rd 2019). Join us and learn: How our personal stories led us to create this amazing event Why we created this event and why we care so much about healthy habits How you personally can benefit from joining the summit Lots of juicy details about the speakers, topics, prizes and more To join, head over to - don't forget about our special VIP access offer - it won't last long!  Cheers to many more healthy habits! 
October 16, 2019
Episode 18: Keeping your social [media] life healthy
In this episode I’ve shared:  How social media and social connections can benefit your emotional, mental and physical health  How they can be detrimental and unfulfilling  The reality of "Facebook depression"  How to build social and social media connections that will make your heart sing  5 ways to keep your social and social media life healthy Tune in and let me know what you think by tagging me on and sharing your story!
September 26, 2019
Episode 17: When anxiety strikes...
In this episode, I'm going to share: How I dealt with debilitating anxiety in the past Why we experience anxiety 5 things you can do to reduce anxiety and feel peaceful As usual, all the awesome conversations are happening on my Instagram (@anya.perry) and on the website: See you there!
August 29, 2019
Episode 16: Dealing with stress? This may be your gift or lesson
In this episode, I'd like to share with you: How I got stressed for the first time in years and how I addressed it 3 questions to ask when you're stressed My top 5 ways to handle stress and a powerful mindset shift that will cast a different light on your perception of stress. Join me in discussing stress management on my Instagram, and please don't forget to review and rate the recent episode.
August 15, 2019
Episode 15: Interview with Karin Velikonja, Glowinface
I've debated on whether I should publish an audio version of this interview or not, and here it is. The full video interview will be available on 8.1. at Karin Velikonja is an entrepreneur, a beautiful soul, an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to face yoga. In this special interview, we talked about:  Karin's path to face yoga Aging, facial muscles, emotional reflections on our face Chinese medicine and face mapping Glowinface program Healthy habits to help your face glow and much more. Check it out. Starting a face yoga practice was one of the best habits I implemented this year (some amazing results!). You can find more information about Karin and her signature program here: 
July 31, 2019
Episode 14: Holidays: they're not about food
In this episode, I'll share: Why I think it's important to switch the focus from food to the social aspect of the holidays My take on holidays and celebrations How to say "No" to people who food shame you 5 tips on how to handle the social gatherings the healthiest way. As usualy, more updates and info can be found on and on my Instagram 
July 3, 2019
Episode 13: Is work/life balance possible?
 In this episode, I'll share some of my current thoughts about work/life balance. Is work/life balance possible? How can we achieve it in the craziness of our world? Why I wanted to talk about balance today? What does balance look like to me? The One Thing by Gary Keller: A balancing act and counterbalance as a way of living. 2 ways I find more balance in my work/life. As usual, more stuff is happening on Instagram ( and on my website 
June 19, 2019
Episode 12: How to create a powerful morning routine
   In this episode, I'm going to share: Why do you need to create a powerful morning routine? What I tried in the past for my morning routine that did not work My morning successful morning routine that I adore How to create a powerful morning routine that works for you! As usual, more awesomeness is happening on  weekly, and on my Instagram daily!  
June 12, 2019
Episode 11: Are your fitness goals healthy?
  In this episode, we're going to talk about your fitness goals. I'll share: My fitness journey and goals How to frame your fitness goals so they keep you healthy and happy Why exercise is inefficient for weight management Questions to ponder in order to set your fitness goals in the healthiest manner possible, always have enough motivation and have fun working out! As usual, you can find more on my website or on Instagram   
June 5, 2019
Episode 10: Self-worth and weight loss: Where to draw a line?
In this episode we're going to talk about self-worth and weight loss. What's self-worth? What areas of our lives do we usually feel self-worthy How to feel more than enough in each area of your life: 4 ways. When do you need to lose weight to feel worthy? 3 steps to cultivate more self-worthiness. As usual, you can learn more about Anya Perry at and by following her on Instagram: 
May 30, 2019
Episode 9: Is Rest Overrated?
In today's episode, we're going to talk about a crucial piece for our health and well-being that is neglected way too often: rest. What areas of life are we refusing to rest in too frequently? What does rest provide to us? Why rest?! 3 habits you could implement today to enhance the quality of your life through rest. As usual, you can find more information about me on or connect on Instagram (
May 22, 2019
Episode 8 The truth about willpower
In this episode, we're talking about all things willpower and how YOU can maximize it in your life. 3:43 What is willpower? 7:00 Willpower and our decision making. Taking control and giving up control 15:20 My 3 hacks to experiment with your willpower 17:12 4 powerful ways to improve your willpower As usual, please let me know if you have any questions. Leave a comments, review or rating (I appreciate those so much!). The books mentioned in this episode: "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield "Own Your Day, Own your Life" by Aubrey Marcus
May 15, 2019
Episode 7: Habits to Thrive Summit with a special guest Deanna Wilcox
NOTE: We had some significant tech challenges recording this episode, please bear with us! In this episode, I’ve invited my friend and fellow certified health coach Deanna Wilcox to talk about: 1. Her practice, coaching and methods she uses to help people thrive in their lives. 2. Habits to Thrive summit we are hosting together this week (May 6-12th – join here: 3. 4 key components to create the most powerful, healthy habits that last. 4. Why you should join our online educational party (and win some amazing giveaways, learn from 19 health professionals, connect with some amazing humans and more!) Find more about Deanna here:  JOIN THE SUMMIT TODAY: 
May 8, 2019
Episode 6: How Tony Robbins changed my life in 48 hours
In this episode, I'm going to share my recent experience at Unleash the Power Within, a signature event hosted by Tony Robbins. You'll learn:  Why I decided to attent the event The details and nitty-gritty about this seminar What transformative changes happened in my life in just 30 days 5 biggest takeways from Tony Robbins's seminar 5 solid reasons for you to attend one of this events What about you? Have you ever experienced an incredible transformation after an event, seminar, movie or a book? Habits to Thrive Summit (May 6-12th) What kind of habits can transform your health? How can you take small actionable steps to massively uplevel your nutrition, fitness, self-care, and mindset? Habits to Thrive is a 5-day online summit (+ 2 encore days) hosted by Deanna Wilcox and Anya Perry +17 more Primal Health Coaches who are passionate about helping you take your health to the next level. This summit is for you if you’re determined to create permanent habits across all areas of your health without the overwhelm and chronic setbacks. In addition to the daily videos, participants will receive numerous free resources and entries to some incredible giveaways! Join us:
April 25, 2019
Episode 5: Motivation is a fable, but how can you stay motivated?
 This episode is going to focus on talking about motivation and how you stay stay motivated to accomplish anything you like. Why some people are highly motivated and others aren't? Can we be motivated extrinsically or instrinsic motivation is key? We'll discuss our resistance, types of motivation that you could use to add a pep in your step, and talk a bit about willpower and discipline. I'll also share 5 crucial steps to take if you want to stay motivated long-term. Learn more about Anya at
April 18, 2019
Episode 4: How to address perfectionism
   Are you a perfectionist? In this episode, we’re going to talk about something that many women struggle with – perfectionism. We seem to endlessly be looking for flaws and trying to make things perfect. We turn into controlling, miserable, and unfulfilled creatures instead of enjoying what we currently have in the infinite pursuit of happiness. I’m going to share: My story as a recovering perfectionist The causes of perfectionism The side effects and negative consequences of perfectionism (and what to do about them) 5 Habits you can implement to conquer your perfectionism. Implement this in any area of your life Learn more about Anya Perry at Leave a revie until the end of April 2019, and win a $50 Amazon gift card. Screenwhot the episode, tag me on social media or email it to to qualify. Recommended reading: Brene Brown "The Gifts of Imperfection" Gabby Bernstein "Judgment Detox" Jen Sincero "You're a Badass"  Allan E. Mallinger and Jeannette De Wyze "Too Perfect: when Being in Control Gets Out of Control" Jason Seib "Body Beliefs" Louise Hay "You can Heal Your Life"
April 10, 2019
Episode 3: How to Cultivate Gratitude and Fulfillment in your life
In this episode, I'm going to share how I use gratitude to achieve fulfillment and balance in my life, relationships, and business. You'll learn: - How I being grateful helped me get through the hardest challenges in my life - 5 ways to express gratitude so you can truly feel it and see its positive effects ( how I use my gratitude journal, priming and feeling gratitude, Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono and other powerful methods) - How to be grateful when things are hard. This episode has been created to help you cultivate your own gratitude practice that will uplift, motivate and fill you up to the rim with feelings of love, balance, and peace. Subsribe and leave a review for my podcast in order to win a $50 Amazon gift card at the end of April (send a one liner email to when you leave a review to qualify). Thank you for your support and time! Learn more about Anya on  
April 4, 2019
Episode 2: How to achieve everything your soul desires
Today I wanted to share something very special with you: my secret weapon to achieving every single goal I ever set my mind to. Whether it's finding my soulmate, immigrating to the country of my dreams or enrolling in the top musical school, I've learned one thing: We have superpowers that can be uncovered and used to support every big and small dream with have. Can you have it all? Heck yes! In this episode I'm going to share with you how I kept going when I felt like I couldn't anymore in the pursuit of my goals and happiness, and what you can do to achieve your goals with ease. Learn more about Anya on 
March 26, 2019
Episode 1: About The Habit Queen
Welcome to the Habit Queen! In this episode, you're going to find out who's Anya Perry and what this podcast going to be about. You can find out more about Anya on her website
March 25, 2019