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The Happiness Movement

The Happiness Movement

By Daniel Guzman
A weekly podcast to kickstart your mindset for happiness.

New season, new episodes. Every Wednesday.

Sometimes chasing your dreams can seem like a never ending road!
Join Daniel Guzman, happiness enthusiast, private chef and travel junkie, as he discusses patience, kindness and self-empowerment and how they can be the keys to reaching your destination, while enjoying the scenery.
Each episode contains valuable insights into the things that keep us stuck, what makes us feel unfulfilled and why it's so hard to do something as simple as being happy.

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The Key to Being Happy and Fulfilled: Health, Wealth and Fulfillment
Health, wealth and fulfillment are the pillars of Sustainable Happiness. Knowing how to apply them, alongside gratitude and acceptance, is the key to Happiness.  To learn more visit me at
September 14, 2022
7 Steps to a Happier Life
By choosing to be happy more often you will begin to shift your life
September 06, 2022
The Truth About Happiness
You're not happy cause you're successful, you're successful because you're happy! My mission is to get this message out to as many people as possible. We need to shut out the negativity in the world, by being louder!!!
August 18, 2022
Make More Sales with Happy Employees
Today I break down the importance of having happy employees and what that can do for your business.
August 17, 2022
Reduce Anxiety Live a Happier Life
Does it seem like the more you have and the more you accomplish, the more unhappy you are? If you felt seen, this episode is for you.
April 14, 2022
Why Do Marriages Fail?
Although I know quite a few people who are happily married, me included, I also know some who are not. This episode talks about 2 of the many reasons why marriages fall apart.
November 18, 2021
The Excuses We Tell Ourselves
It's far easier to make excuses than it is to take responsibility, but taking responsibility will get you mych better results.
November 16, 2021
Squeeze That Lemon
Are you going to let life happen to you, or for you? Are you going to play the victim or are you going to become extraordinary?
November 11, 2021
Your Life is Much Better Than You Think
Stop worrying about all these things you don't have that you actually in all honesty, don't even want.
November 10, 2021
Beautiful Mistakes
Don't acknowledge your mistakes in public. Own them and people will believe it was intentional.
November 09, 2021
Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
Be grateful for the life you have.
November 02, 2021
The Stories You Tell Yourself
A 7 minute episode about how your stories sabotage your dreams and what you can do to stop that.
October 29, 2021
The Wise One Inside of You
We all have the answers we need inside of us. Your experiences can guide you if you ask them for advice.
October 28, 2021
Introduction to Sustainable Happiness
THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS! An extraordinary life is not impossible. You were born to change the world and you are tired of waiting for something to happen, aren't you? WHAT DO YOU WANT? If you know the answer to that question, I WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET IT Contact me directly at
October 27, 2021
Be Honest With Yourself
Who are you pursuing that dream of yours for? Most people would say they're doing it for their loved ones. Stop lying to yourself! You can make your family proud by being successful at any job. So really, who are you doing it for?
November 18, 2020
Perfectionism vs. Passion
Be passionate about what you do and what you love. Passion wins over perfection every single time! Times have changed and the old adage of quality being better than quantity, is over. Quality is just as important as quantity!!! In today's landscape, you have to stop chasing perfection or you will be left behind. The message is more important than anything else.    ⭐️ ABOUT ME   I'm Daniel, a promoter of self-empowerment, a music-making machine, a multi-skilled creative, a single-malt scotch 'genießer', a strict but empathetic educator, an individualist, a culinary architect and patient as f.......k!!!!!  Welcome to Be a Hero Creative. Here you can browse through a collection of videos covering music, food, life and the things I've learned on my journey to becoming a happy and fulfilled dude.     ⭐️ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL  And stay tuned for new videos!   ⭐️ SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER   Get a free course "Master Fatherhood, Marriage and Success" when you sign up :)  ⭐️ FOR THE FULL BE A HERO EXPERIENCE FOLLOW ME AROUND THE WEB   Official Website: Be a Hero Podcast: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: LinkedIn:
November 10, 2020
Your Utility Belt
In this Episode I will dig deep into the skills and superpowers that are necessary in order to be the Super Hero your family needs.
September 15, 2020
Self Care
"Everything starts with you. Being in a strong, positive state is essential for success. " This is a precursor to my new Masterclass on How to Become a Super Dad and Dream Husband. This Podcast was the inspiration for the first module of the course., which is now up on at: Have you been struggling with trying to balance being a great dad, a magnificent husband and doing what you love? If you have, you are not alone. My name is Daniel and that has been my struggle for the past couple of years. I can help you get from where you are, to where you wanna be. Discover How To Become A Super Dad and A Dream Husband Almost Immediately... Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Home On this masterclass we'll cover how to stop settling for an ordinary life, by become a father your kids are proud of and the husband your wife dreams of. You can use these techniques to become a super dad an a dream husband, to change your own life for the better, and even to do the work you love! Heck, I even show you how to improve your own personal well-being and the secret to long lasting happiness! In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this incredible masterclass event: * Sweep your wife regularly off her feet and become a role model for your children ... * Improve your own personal well-being... * Long lasting happiness... * Pursue your dreams, without feeling frustrated, stressed out or feeling like everyone needs you and the life you desire is out of your reach... * Enjoy life, roll with the punches and bring positivity into your home... ... and much, MUCH More! Don't miss this breakthrough masterclass that will finally show you how to balance being a Super Dad and an amazing husband, while doing what you love. Sometimes the hardest thing is to ask for help! That's why I'm so excited to share this life changing course with you. Click the link and get ready to become your family's SuperHero.
September 02, 2020
What is Happiness?
This week I talk about happiness. What is it? Why are so many people not happy? and  What are a few things we can do to feel happier?
August 18, 2020
Stop Doing Things Solely for the Money and more
Hi and welcome to Be a Hero's first podcast. I'm your host, Danny and today I will be sharing with you 3 things you need to stop doing if you want to be happier and are ready to achieve your dreams. Stop thinking you need all the answers Stop doing things solely for the money Stop letting shame cripple you I hope you enjoy our weekly podcasts.  Thank you for listening!
August 05, 2020