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By Brenda Suarez
In thehealUPlab, you will learn how to tap into YOUR magic and HEAL UP from your pain to live confidently and FREE. Everything you need is inside of YOU! Let's heal together! #HealUPwithB Follow me on Instagram @healupwithb and visit to make YOUR mind, body and soul transformation TODAY! 🔥
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“Healing STINKS sometimes!”
The LAB is back! This time we’re talking to Emotional Therapy Queeeeen, Arlene (Aguirre) Amora 🧡 listen in to TAP IN to Arlene share her knowledge on the POWER of essential oils, plant medicine, and MORE! She comes to us with 20 years of experience educating and inspiring the world with all-natural spiritual and emotional wellness! Follow Arlene on IG @arleneamora! Don’t miss this episode!! 🌺🍃
January 29, 2021
Let’s FLYYY with Fly-girl REE! 🔥🔥
Music has been a coping mechanism for alllll of us since childhood. We turn to music when we’re feeling any emotion; sadness, happiness, sorrow, excitement, ALL of the above! When we need love, music is always there! In this episode, Fly-girl REE discusses her vision for her progressive movement, EAR HUSTLE RADIO, and taps into how she wants to bring more culture into our community through music events like Open-mic Nights, Oldies Nights & MORE!! 🔥🍂
January 19, 2021
Let’s dive deeper into SEX & PLEASURE with Ianne!! 🦋
HAPPY NEW YEAR/FELIZ AÑO MI GENTE! 🔥 I am BACK & ready to kick off the lab, & this magical year, with none other than, Ianne, Pleasure Coach & fellow Healer in the community! 🦋 She comes with magical experience in her field. TAP IN to listen to us talk about sex, self love, healing & overall pleasure! She’s an amazing sound healer who wants to help you connect back to your body and feeeeel yourself!! 🔥🔥 Ready for the ride?! ☄️🌺
January 6, 2021
Male perspective anyone?!
I was SO excited to continue my path of holding space for other people to share their knowledge with YOU! I introduce you to, fellow Transformation Coach & Motivational Speaker, DENNIS RAY!! 🚨🚨 The male perspective is extremely interesting to me! I’m fully invested in helping men and women come together to build bridges for more understanding. It’s absolutely necessary for collective healing. Let’s dismantle all the toxic conditioning we ALL have and do it together! TAP INNN to listen to Dennis and I talk about self love, boundaries, existing in your purpose, chasing your dreams and MORE!! 🚨🚨🦋
August 31, 2020
RELATIONSHIPS! Parte Uno (Part 1)
Validation, boundaries & our inner-child; family, friends, romance! LET’S TALK!!! 🔥🔥🔥 I look forward to talking a lot more about RELATIONSHIPS in future episodes. This is only the beginning!! TAP IN!! 🦋
August 13, 2020
Juice Therapy with QUEEN MORELIFE!! 💚
Are you interested in supporting a Black-woman owned business? Do you know what juice therapy is? TAP IN and listen to my special guest, Queen MoreLife, of MORE LIFE LIQUID, share her journey on becoming the healer and juice expert she is today!! 🔥 More Life Liquid’s juice cleanses have become a HUGE asset to my healing journey! If you’re interested in boosting your immune system and connecting deeper with your higher self, More Life Liquid’s Juice Therapy is for YOU! Visit for more information! And follow @morelifeliquid on Instagram to stay updated on all things MORE LIFE! TRY JUICE THERAPY WITH ME! 🔥🔥
July 4, 2020
Soultry Sisters STAND UP! ❤️
TAP IN as the founders of “Soultry Sisters,” Alyssa and Toni, give us insight on their community organization that helps women LIVE VIBRANT AND SHINE BRIGHT! 🌟🚨 they are a powerful resource for our communities of color, as they are holding safe space for us to heal holistically and COLLECTIVELY through different events! I can’t wait to see what Soultry Sisters has in store for us next! Find them on all social media handles @soultrysisters and visit their website at ❤️
June 28, 2020
Healing with Alyssa!!
SPECIAL GUEST, ALYSSA, IN THE HOUSE! 🚨🚨 I wanted to do my part for the #blacklivesmatter movement and give a platform to Black women and men to share their personal stories!! Join Alyssa and I for this experiment/episode at #thehealuplab as we dive deep into Alyssa’s healing journey! She’s an artist, creator, activist, educator, healer AND so much more! She’s living in her purpose and pushing for collective healing! TAP IN! 🔥🔥
June 15, 2020
Am I Beautiful?
Tap IN to hear stories about my insecurities and learn TIPS to surpass your own! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! BELIEVE IT! #HEALUPwithB #theHealUPLab ❤🤩🔥
May 18, 2020
Do you believe in sensual MAGIC?
Do you know the difference between sensuality and sexuality? How about SACRED sensuality? Ancestral medicine? Tap IN to this experiment to hear ALL ABOUT IT! 🔥 #HealUPwithB
May 4, 2020
Junk In The TRUNK!
Let's discuss the emotional junk we store in our body! She got a DONK, she got a DONK! 🎶🎶🎶🎶🤣
April 25, 2020
Step into #theHealUPLab to learn many ways that'll help you FEEL YOUR SHIT and feel goooood ❤
April 16, 2020
Everything is going to be OKAY
Join me as I walk you through some MAGICAL experiences that have helped me through traumatic times!
April 9, 2020
Who is B?
I wanted to kick off the first episode of #theHealUPLab with two of my favorite people! Meet my tribe and get to know me a little more from their perspective! Thank you for joining the first E X P E R I M E N T of the Heal UP Lab! Get ready to heal together!
April 6, 2020