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The HIP Senior

The HIP Senior

Let's talk to seniors aged 55+! Amazing stories about hopes, dreams, experience in life and more!
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Guy Kawasaki talks about aging

The HIP Senior

Guy Kawasaki talks about aging

The HIP Senior

Guy Kawasaki talks about aging
One of my favorite marketing guru's, Guy Kawasaki, talks about things when it's concerning aging and feeling it! We talk about him learning to surf in his 60's, outdated technology, and other seniors he respects. It also proved to me that sometimes podcasts don't go exactly how you thought they would ;) #GuyKawasaki #podcast #thehipsenior #activeseniors #seniorsknockingitoutofthepark #howoldisasenior
September 26, 2021
Tony Goes on Vacation
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Tony Massoud is a Daytonian who is active and involved in so many things here in the Dayton, Ohio community. Today we talk about his adventures out west and he and his wife went traveling last month! He also gives some great tips helping you to stay young! You'll have to listen to find those out! He also mentions United Rehabilitative Services here in Dayton - here's their website: Here is Tony's itinerary mentioning his favorite places: May 18, St Robert Plaza, Mo stayed at a Hilton drive 7.5 hours May 19, Drive to Panera, Texas, and stayed at a Hilton. Stopped at a restaurant in Tulsa, The Vault. May 20, Sierra Grande Resort, stayed 3 nights. Had massages and hot mineral baths. Located in Truth or Consequences, NM. Great restaurant, I had Steak & Scampi. Los Arcos Steak and Lobster House. There is another restaurant we ate at twice, take out only, Pacific Grill. Great seafood. June 23, stopped to visit a close friend in Tuscon, AZ and she had a great lunch prepared for us. Stayed about 3 hours and then went to Scottsdale, a 2-hour drive, and checked into the Sheraton Desert Oasis Villas. R stayed three weeks and visited our Kids and grandkids, not every day so there was no pressure to see them or to see us. I golfed 5 times with friends. Spent two days in Prescott to visit our cousin and ate at a Historic Hotel with an awesome restaurant downtown. We went and met our daughter at the MIM, Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, this is amazing. We left on June 13, Palm Springs, and spent two nights and I played golf. June 15, Arrived in San Luis Obispo and stayed at a Hilton, checked in, and met my cousin at Windows on the Water, an elegant restaurant. This is in Morrow, Ca. June 16, drive along Rte 1 to go through Big Sur and Carmel, CA. One of the most beautiful sceneries you have. The traffic was slow going through Ventura but otherwise, it was sporadic. June 17, checked into our AB&B in Petaluma, CA. It was a beautiful apartment with a private entrance and a small kitchen. Saved a lot of money not staying in a hotel. June 18, Then we walked every morning for almost a week around a Nature Preserve. Our son lives in Petaluma and we saw him this day. June 19, Lands End Art Museum in San Francisco, a beautiful art museum. It was a mile to walk along the trail to the Lands End and the Bay was beautiful. After the museum, we went to a Korean restaurant about a 1.5-mile drive. June 20, Incorrect Museum in Napa Valley. "The Incorrect Museum: Vignettes from the di Rosa Collection" and "Ceramic Interventions: Nicki Green, Sahar Khoury, & Maria Paz" are di Rosa’s first major exhibitions, after an eventful couple of years marked by wildfires, changes in leadership and, of course, the pandemic shutdown of 2020. 
July 15, 2021
The Baby in the Window - Linda Amrhein
"I used to be put in the windows of a local body shop as an exhibition - for free babysitting and marketing purposes!" says Linda Amrhein. Linda tells us some stories of her youth and gives some advice about investing in the stock market!
April 19, 2021
Let's go skiing!
Barbara Rila shares with us about staying active as a senior and about her love of the slopes!
March 17, 2021
Jeff and Lana Madly in Love
Jeff and Lana tell us how they met at the age of 71 and fell in love! They also give us online dating advice!
March 16, 2021
Trivia A-Z for Seniors
Steve Vernon from Tampa, Florida - aged 68 tells us why and how he wrote the book 'Trivia A-Z for Seniors'.  This book would be great for activitiy directors at senior homes and centers! His book can be found on Amazon at
March 16, 2021
I marry people!
Jim Clark, one of our favorite seniors, is still actively out there being HIP and marrying people, even during the pandemic! Apparently even not a pandemic can stop true love!
March 11, 2021
What's it like to retire during a pandemic?
Ron Rollins retires from The Dayton Daily News during a pandemic and tells us what that's like!  He also shares with us about his love for painting.
March 10, 2021
Penny Becomes A Model!
"My therapist asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up". I said, "A supermodel!"  She said, "Well do it!"  SO I DID!
March 10, 2021