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The History Show on West Cork FM

The History Show on West Cork FM

By West Cork FM
Historian, Kieran Doyle, and his team bring the past to life in this series of interviews and investigations.
Community Radio in West Cork, Ireland - West Cork FM.
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S3 Ep08. The Brigade: Interview with Sam Kingston – The History Show
Documentary maker Sam Kingston speaks to Kieran about his latest project, “The Brigade”, a documentary exploring the experiences of members of the Flying Columns of the West Cork Brigade. Contact the show:
June 19, 2019
S3 Ep07. Sexual Violence during the War of Independence – The History Show
Professor Linda Connolly delivers a talk at “History Scoops” at DeBarra’s Folk Club in Clonakilty, on the topic of sexual violence and violence against women during the War of Independence. Contact the show:
June 19, 2019
S3 Ep06. The Orange Order in Cork – The History Show
Quincey Dougan examines the history of the Orange Order and Orange Lodges in County Cork.   Contact the show:
April 20, 2019
S3 Ep05. Soloheadbeg – The History Show
The Soloheadbeg ambush happened the same day Dáil Éireann met for the first time in Dublin – January 19th 1919. Join Kieran, in Tipperary, for a series of lectures at the Soloheadbeg Symposium. Contact the show:
April 15, 2019
S3 Ep04. William Bence Jones (Part 2) – The History Show
Michael O Mahony as part of the Dúchas lecture series, lectures on William Bence Jones, and the part he played in the land war in Clonakilty in 1880. Part 2 of 2 Contact the show:
April 15, 2019
S3 Ep03. William Bence Jones (Part 1) – The History Show
Michael O Mahony as part of the Dúchas lecture series, lectures on William Bence Jones, and the part he played in the land war in Clonakilty in 1880. Part 1 of 2 Contact the show:
April 15, 2019
S3 Ep01. The History of Desertserges, with Con McCarthy – The History Show
Con’s book examines the rich history of that West Cork parish from the ice age to the revolutionary period. Contact the show:
April 15, 2019
S2 Ep18. Dublin Revolutionary Walking Tour – Part 2. – The History Show
This is Part 2; for Part 1 look for Episode 17 (S2 EP17. DUBLIN HISTORY FESTIVAL & REVOLUTIONARY WALKING TOUR). Dr John Gibney completes his revolutionary walk of Dublin, taking us to Trinity, the Customs house and the Four Courts – as part of the Dublin Festival of History 2018.
December 14, 2018
S2 Ep17. Dublin History Festival & Revolutionary Walking Tour – The History Show
Meet Diramaid Ferriter of UCD who talks about his television documentary on the IRA pension claims files, and walk with John Gibney on his walking tour of revolutionary Dublin.
December 2, 2018
S2 Ep15. The Suffragettes in Ireland – The History Show
Dr Finola Doyle O’Neill talks about the beginnings of the Suffragette movement in Ireland and the most famous events and episodes of the movement.
November 19, 2018
S2 Ep16. Kilmichael – The History Show
Kieran meets local Kilmichael man, Denny Healy, to uncover what really happened at the Kilmichael Ambush in 1920.
November 19, 2018
S2 Ep14. A History of Barryroe – The History Show
Billy Barry in conversation with Paddy Holland reveal stories from the past and speak the hardships of their youth and tales from the WOI. Contact the show on
October 1, 2018
S2 Ep13. John Borgonovo Lecture on WW1 – The History Show
As part of the Clonakilty Lecture series, John Borgonovo from UCC, gives a lecture about naval and submarine warfare in WW1. Contact the show
August 25, 2018
S2 Ep12. West Cork History Festival 2018 – The History Show
An interview with the founders of the festival Victoria and Simon Kingston.
August 13, 2018
S2 Ep11. The History of the Hungerfords – The History Show
Kieran speaks to Michael Harte about the history of the Hungerford family and Cahermore house. Contact the show
August 13, 2018
S2 Ep10. Bishop Paul Colton on COI in the Decade of Commemorations – The History Show
Church of Ireland Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, Paul Colton, explores the C.O.I. role in the decade of commemorations in this eloquent and witty lecture. Contact The History Show on
July 15, 2018
S2 Ep9. The Vikings – a lecture by John Sheehan – The History Show
John Sheehan form the school of Archaeology in UCC, delivered an insightful lecture, as part of Clonakilty Duchas Lecture series, about the Viking silver hordes discovered in Cork and what happened to them. You can contact the show by emailing
June 24, 2018
S2 Ep8. The Life and Times of Sam Maguire – a lecture by Kieran Connolly – The History Show
In this week’s History Show, we feature a lecture given by Kieran Connolly, author of a new book ‘Sam Maguire – The Man Behind the Cup’. Connolly who hails from the same town as Sam Maguire, reveals the personality of the man behind the famous cup, in his lecture. Contact the show
June 6, 2018
S2 Ep7. ‘School Days; the unhappiest days of our lives’ – The History Show
In this edition of The History Show, Kieran speaks to eight octogenarians about their experiences of attending school in 1930/40’s Ireland. Contact the show
May 28, 2018
S2 Ep6. Spike Island – The History Show
Cal McCarthy, historian and author of a history of Spike Island, ‘Too Beautiful for thieves and pickpockets’ delivers a lecture about Spike and Cork harbour, from the Michael Collins House lecture series. Contact the show
May 23, 2018
S2 Ep5. JFK (part 2) – The History Show
Fachtna McCarthy gives part two of his lecture on JFK. This section covers his assassination and West Cork roots.
April 23, 2018
S2 Ep4. JFK – The History Show
Fachtna McCarthy, as part of the Dúchas Clonakilty lecture series, presents a lecture on JFK, looking at his family life, political rise, assassination and his West Cork connections and family roots.
April 9, 2018
S2 Ep3. Spike Island – The History Show
This week Kieran records a lecture about Spike Island’s history and it’s new heritage centre, given by Tom O’Neill, for the Rosscarbery Historical Society.
February 26, 2018
S2 Ep2. Fenianism – The History Show
William Casey, a local historian from Skibbereen, speaks with Kieran Doyle about how Fenianism is synonymous with Skibbereen and why it was such an apt breeding ground for the movement.
February 11, 2018
S2 Ep1. The Walls of Bandon – The History Show
This episode is an interview with Clare McCutcheon, historian, archaeologist and teacher, about the origins of the walls of Bandon. Clare a native of Bandon and a member of the local COI, also gives us an insight into the two of the earliest purpose built Protestant Churches in Ireland; Christchurch and St. Peters.
January 29, 2018
The History Show – Episode 22: Road Bowling with Gretta Cormican
Gretta Cormican, formerly Hegarty, is a local hero in Lyre. Con McCathy interviews Gretta about her times as world road bowling champion, talks about tradition of road bowling and it’s history in west Cork.
June 15, 2017
The History Show – Episode 21: Pre-Christian Ireland with Dan O’Leary
Dan O Leary, a local historian from Rossmore, speaks passionately about the area. Anyone interested in ancient and pre-Christian Ireland will be fascinated by the rich history and archaeology, found in this corner of West Cork. Dan also speaks about the community spirit and culture in the area.
May 30, 2017
The History Show – Episode 20: Liz Gillis Lecture on the Hales Brothers of Bandon
This week we feature a lecture given by Liz Gillis, on the Hales brothers of Bandon. Liz discusses the implications and the impact the Civil War had on the Hales family, who also fought in the War of Independence and were key figures in the revolutionary period.
May 9, 2017
The History Show – Episode 19: U2-60, The Glandore Sub
This week Garda Brendan Cahill talks at a meeting of Clonakilty Duchas Heritage about the German Submarine U2-60, or the ‘Glandore Sub’.
May 4, 2017
The History Show – Episode 18: C.O. Stanley
This week we feature Fachtna McCarthy’s lecture about C.O. Stanley, a man who was central to the development of television, radio and radar. This giant of the technological world, lived a considerable amount of his life in Lisselan, Clonakilty. This lecture captures the man and his life’s work.
April 18, 2017
The History Show – Episode 15: Kilmichael
This week in the history show, Con McCarthy meets the son of a veteran of Kilmichael ambush of 1920, Denis Kelly. Kieran and Con also discuss the events of the ambush and the repercussions afterwards.
March 4, 2017
The History Show – Episode 14: Dave McCarthy
Dave McCarthy won a senior  All Ireland medal with Cork foobtallers in 1973. Dave takes us back to what life was like, growing up in his native Clonakilty and the how the game of football has changed so much from when he was playing. He also looks at his summers spent in New York in the 1960’s/70’s and gives us a flavour of  joys, dangers and tensions living in the Big Apple in that era.
February 21, 2017
The History Show Episode 12: The Rise and Fall of Protestant Power and Culture in Bandon
Barry O’ Mahony talks to Kieran Doyle about the history of Bandon. They discuss the strong loyalist Protestant identity associated with the town , the rise of Nationalism and the conflicts during the revolutionary period in the 1920’s.
January 21, 2017
The History Show Episode 11: The RIC in West Cork during the troubles
Kieran Doyle interviews Diarmuid Kingston about the Royal Irish Constabulary in West Cork. His book looks at the establishment of the RIC and their demise during the War of Independence.
December 24, 2016
The History Show – Episode 9: A historical walking tour of Shannonvale
Kieran Doyle and Barry O’Mahony explore Shannonvale and delve into the history of the area. Including an interview with some interesting visitors to the region. References & Further Reading: Denis Kiely: Declan McCarthy:
November 24, 2016
The History Show – Episode 6: Dublin Festival of History – featuring international historians, Robert Gerwarth and Saul David
This week, Kieran attends the ”Dublin Festival of History, which is running for its fourth year. At the festival, Kieran gets to speak with its founder, Brendan Teeling about the festival’s origins. He also gets to interview Robert Gerwarth,  Professor of Modern History at UCD, about his fantastic new book, ‘The Vanquished’ which traces the wars and civil unrest that dogged countries after WWI. He also meets and interviews Saul David, Professor of Military History at the University of Buckingham about his new book ‘Operation Thunderbolt’ which looks at the Israelis rescue of hostages in Uganda in 1976…not one to miss.
October 17, 2016
The History Show – Episode 5: A history of Clonakilty
Local History with Kieran Doyle. John Loughnan, founding member of Clonakilty Dúchas, speaks to Kieran Doyle.
September 27, 2016
S1 Ep 4- Dominic Carroll – Can we believe what we read? – The History Show
Local History With Kieran Doyle. This weeks guest is Dominic Carroll, editor of Ardfield and Rathbarry Journal and copy editor by trade. He talks about how history is constructed. Can we believe what we read?
September 27, 2016
The History Show – Episode 3: The United Irishmen and the Battle of the Big Cross 1798
Kieran interviews Cionnaith Ó Súilleabháin, former Clonakilty mayor and member of Dúchas Clonakilty heritage group about the Battle of the Big Cross, Tadhg an Asna and the united Irishmen in West Cork.
August 24, 2016
The History Show – Episode 2: A History of Miracles – Myth or Reality?
Kieran sits down this week with his good friend Con McCarthy, local historian and theologian, to talk about the history of miracles past and present, faith, matters of the church and saints.
August 24, 2016
The History Show – Episode 1: The Forgotton Man – Henry Coyle and Michael Collins
This week Kieran speaks to Gerry Coyle in Mayo, about his father Henry, who was a close comrade of Michael Collins during the Irish war of independence.
August 24, 2016