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The Honey Badger Diaries

The Honey Badger Diaries

By Aaron van Wirdum in lockdown
As coronavirus sweeps the globe...
...civil liberties are threatened...
...physical cash is abandoned... printers go brrr...
...and bitcoin is halvening.
Episode 34: Giacomo Zucco, Milan (Italy) [pt. 2]
Giacomo Zucco (@giacomozucco) is back. This time we consider the economic consequences of the coronacrisis, starting from a praxeological framework. Halfway the interview we forget that we're talking about corona altogether, and we discuss the merits of libertarianism, the non-aggression principle and property rights itself. Tweet (and thread) that started it all: Recorded: May 12, 2020 (epoch 4!) Donations: bc1qs4lkgppnhvqwqefy7u6t3ra8v7t5jyj07tsmyu
May 15, 2020
Episode 33: Leo Wandersleb, Viña del Mar (Chile)
Leo Wandersleb (@LeoWandersleb) is the lead developer of Mycelium and the founder of We mostly discuss, which, as the name suggests, scrutinises wallets, most notably by checking if their builds are reproducible. We also discuss Mycelium, and briefly touch on the coronacrisis situation in Chile. Recorded: May 6, 2020 Donations: bc1qc7ejawwv0mh3mrefvgafsevxgsdhamc3a0vrff
May 10, 2020
Episode 32: Alejandro De La Torre, Berlin (Germany)
The halvening in closing in... Alejandro De La Torre (@bitentrepreneur) is VP at Poolin, one of the world's biggest Bitcoin mining pools. Using Poolin's internal data, he predicts how much hash rate will drop off from the network after the halvening. We also discuss the mining landscape more generally, as well as his Bitcoin Cash and Bitmain past. Recorded: May 6, 2020 Donations: bc1qlp5gr7wcf8e763wn240y8vrps3gpueqk2vkk4p
May 08, 2020
Episode 31: Sathvik Vishwanath, Bangalore (India)
Sathvik Vishwanath (@sathvikv) is the cofounder and CEO of Indian bitcoin-exchange Unocoin. As opposed to Sunny Ray, Sathvik actually is based in India! (He lives close to Bangalore, where Unocoin is based.) We discuss corona in India, Bitcoin in India, and -- especially -- how the supreme court of India overturned the central bank's banking ban for cryptocurrency companies. Recorded: May 1, 2020 Donations: bc1qd3sek0wa04cwpmemc7ahf08s0sdvvdk48u8hmv
May 04, 2020
Episode 30: Ben Arc AKA BTC Socialist, In The Middle Of Nowhere (Scotland)
Ben Arc (@BTCSocialist) is from Wales, but he's sitting out the coronacrisis in the middle of nowhere in Scotland. A tinkerer by nature, Ben has been hacking together PPE equipment with a 3D-printer as well as other tools that could be of use in this emergency. We also discuss the LNBits project he's been furthering, why a socialist is interested in Bitcoin, and more. Recorded: April 30, 2020 Donations: bc1qjqfanh70anpa2ef7u8qhr65kwjxf98q8ywk5c8
May 01, 2020
Episode 29: Kevin Loaec, Lisbon (Portugal) & Antoine Poinsot, Lyon (France)
A Bitcoin topic for a change. Chainsmiths managing director Kevin Loaec (@KLoaec) and Bitcoin developer Antoine Poinsot (@darosior) today proposed a new design for Bitcoin vaults. They came on the podcast to explain how these "Revault" vaults work, and why they are useful. Bitcoin-dev list proposal: Recorded: April 23, 2020 Donations: bc1qkvp06d4ewdrrrxm7wkt855f8we5nc3xy6sr2sy
April 24, 2020
Episode 28: Jason Chew, Selangor (Malaysia)
Jason Chew (@jasonchewyl) is a Bitcoin educator from Selangor, Malaysia. I got a bit bored by talking about the coronacrisis every episode, so I actually spoke with Jason mostly about Bitcoin in Malaysia and the solar power company he used to run in that country, and solar power more generally. Recorded: April 22, 2020 Donations: bc1qkgjrlk6224fzguxzqzxg4mu4zcycgky6ujtgqe
April 23, 2020
Episode 27: Sunny Ray, Not In India Anymore (Apparently)
Sunny Ray (@SunnyRayShow) is a cofounder of Indian bitcoin-exchange Unocoin. He actually moved back to Toronto a while ago, now works at Kraken, and has been getting a bit bored with the whole coronacrisis. So instead of corona in India, we discussed bitcoin in India, universal basic income, artificial intelligence, space travel, and a bit more general bitcoin stuff and more. Recorded: April 19, 2020 Donations: bc1q9cnhm2nsgelx56v8dhtuudtk9uk4me8c45usr3
April 20, 2020
Episode 26: Kenrick Drijkoningen, Singapore [pt. 2]
Singapore was one of the Asian countries that seemed able to keep the coronavirus under control relatively well, but an outbreak appears to have hit the nation in recent days. Kenrick Drijkoningen (@KenrickLuneX), founding partner at Singapore-based venture capital firm for cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies Lune X, is back on the show to give me an update. Recorded: April 18, 2020 Donations: bc1qgyec7mfxx659vsyz89p6cue9pzvhaj7p83hgwt
April 18, 2020
Episode 25: Stephan Livera, Sydney (Australia)
Stephan Livera (@stephanlivera) is the host of the (you guessed it) Stephan Livera Podcast. He lives in Sydney, Australia, which is in lockdown like much of the world. We discuss the potential consequences of this lockdown for the economy, how we've gotten ourselves into this economic stranglehold, and why all of this may have played out very differently in a world where the Austrian school of economics would have more prevalence. Recorded: April 15, 2020 Donations: bc1qvqv4d9aqmr07ncmldy0umtr9vuflemglc4xrlf
April 17, 2020
Episode 24: Jameson Lopp, Mystery Location (USA)
Jameson Lopp is the co-founder and CTO of Casa, and lives in a mystery location somewhere in the USA. We discuss how the coronavirus interplays with the non-aggression principle (NAP), why (or whether) it's a good idea to get a gun, how bitcoin will perform in this economic crisis, and more. Recorded: April 14, 2020 Donations: bc1qwkztzahhclkah39d00cgxhppat0jhyeyslzfn2
April 16, 2020
Episode 23: Kain_niaK, Inside The Simulation
Was the virus a Chinese bioweapon? Is the Book of Revelations predicting what's coming next? Are we living in a simulation? Three weeks ago, I got a message from prominent r/btc poster Kain_niaK (pseudonym, obviously) telling me that I was right about Bitcoin Cash, that I should read the bible, and survive.  I invited him onto The Honey Badger Diaries to tell me more. Recorded: April 14, 2020. Donations: bc1qpexrhqatye3srph0xdhlrr2haydnpqscduul20
April 15, 2020
Episode 22: Albert Buu, Saigon (Vietnam)
Albert Buu (@subnetmask) is the founder and CEO of Neutronpay. He lives in Saigon, Vietnam, a country that appears to be relatively successful at suppressing the cornavirus so far. We discuss how the Southeast Asian country is doing that, the economic prospects in the region, and Bitcoin's potential there. Recorded: April 13, 2020. Donations: bc1qdwpvhcmcldp7nrr9dzr5vjn0mrsa3wpdx8zg25
April 14, 2020
Episode 21: Adam Back, Silema (Malta)
In case you're new to Bitcoin... Adam Back (@adam3us) is a legendary cypherpunk, the inventor of Hashcash (the technology used for Bitcoin mining and cited by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin white paper), and the CEO of Blockstream. We discuss the coronacrisis in Malta, where he lives, as well as the economic situation in light of the upcoming Bitcoin halvening, airline bailouts, basic income, GPS tracking, and more. Recorded: April 12, 2020 Donations: bc1qgmdxpkjzda4g04jznchkpxecwn0eywradqwq9u
April 12, 2020
Episode 20: Joshua Scigala, Berlin (Germany)
Joshua Scigala (@JScigala), from Berlin, Germany, is the CEO of bitcoin-to-gold exchange Vaultoro. Joshua was a goldbug even before Bitcoin, and a prepper even before corona. We discuss the events in Germany over the past couple of weeks, the economic consequences, the viability of banks and the monetary system, and how we're supposed to get out of this. Recorded: April 11, 2020. Donations: bc1q598jml7jwzfclqhqspmekcjfgka9adqnrtpsvd
April 11, 2020
Episode 19: Marcel Pechman, Campo Grande (Brazil)
Marcel Pechman (@noshitcoins) is a former equities trader turned Bitcoin Maximalist who writes for CoinTelegraph and several other publications. He lives in Campo Grande, Brazil. I chat with Marcel about the coronacrisis in Brazil, and the expected economic consequences from the crisis in his homecountry and abroad. Recorded: April 10, 2020 Donations: bc1qud9he8kwgygjyw2nnnjmalfq28drfp4zk54m8f
April 10, 2020
Episode 18: Harmat Bálint, Budapest (Hungary)
Harmat Bálint (@bharmat84) is the CEO of zkSnacks, the company behind Wasabi Wallet. He lives in Budapest, Hungary, where president Viktor Orbán has used the coronacrisis to seize emergency powers to essentially give himself unlimited power. We discuss this, as well as the coronacrisis in Hungary and beyond more generally. Recorded: April 9, 2020 Donations: bc1qyc2wqrl4c85kdzu9pj6ggmam3xganplyr3208j
April 09, 2020
Episode 17: Sergi Delgado, Barcelona (Catalunya/Spain)
Spain is now the country with the second highest number of confirmed cases in the world. Sergi Delgado (@sr_gi), a developer working on Eye of Satoshi Watchtowers for the Lightning Network, has been in lockdown near Barcelona for almost a month. We discuss how the country is being hit, the new tensions between Madrid and Catalunya (the region that wants independence from Spain), and a potential upcoming contact tracing app which might track Spanish citizens. Recorded: April 8, 2020. Donations: bc1q0wszrt9te8z65q7p6l32a3hjhvm8v2m2zupntq
April 08, 2020
Episode 16: Steven Ettinger, Quito (Ecuador)
Hospitals full of body bags, police enforcing lockdown with paintball guns, bodies in the streets... the coronacrisis is hitting Ecuador hard. Steven Ettinger (@otoluxla) was on his way to a beach town in the Latin American country, when instead he was put into quarantine on arrival, and he is currently in lockdown in the country's capital of Quito. Recorded: April 6, 2020 Donations: bc1qe7uaqn9ev8um3lwhv0cxmwvtzm49vtrvaz5wch
April 06, 2020
Episode 15: Sergej Kotliar, Stockholm (Sweden)
Sergej Kotliar is the CEO of Bitrefill. He's in Stockholm, Sweden, a country that has made a name for itself in recent weeks for taking very light touch on the coronavirus. We discuss what that looks like, and what the crisis means for Bitrefill and Bitcoin. Recorded: April 4, 2020. Donations: bc1q0d2ew49ht6zdquhucvmznuady89qr7eqx04v5n
April 05, 2020
Episode 14: Kristjan Mikaelsson, Reykjavík (Iceland)
Iceland is high on the charts of both coronavirus tests per capita and number of confirmed COVID-19 cases per capita. Kristjan Mikaelsson is the managing director of the Icelandic Blockchain Foundation and a miner on the island country. We discuss Iceland's corona-response, and also touch on the faith of auroracoin and the local mining industry. Recorded: April 3, 2020 Donations: bc1q3yd6xg8kuq2qa7n8vnya24pumt4uueap4du8aq
April 04, 2020
Episode 13: Junseth, Fort Lauderdale (USA)
The 13th episode, so I wanted to make sure it was the worst one. I figured that having Junseth of Bitcoin Uncensored and Junseth's World fame on would do the trick, but he disappointed: the episode actually turned out to be quite interesting. Recorded: April 2, 2020. Donations: bc1q73q4d9ds0w5ef6xmstfm2xrf4hnljmdsac7zxl
April 03, 2020
Episode 12: Greg Slepak, California (USA)
Am I causing panic? Are we being manipulated? Which narratives around and solutions for the coronavirus should we caution for? Greg Slepak (@taoeffect) joins me from the Bay Area to discuss what he thinks is and isn't going on. Recorded: Tuesday the 31st of March, 2020. Donations: bc1qjgzcdsm8lq5t7gsj47veqgfuwf0rmx6zn9z3ar
April 01, 2020
Episode 11: Giacomo Zucco, Milan (Italy)
Writing these intro texts is definitely the most boring part about podcasting. Giacomo Zucco is the cofounder of Bcademy. Everyone knows him. Giacomo gives me an update on the coronavirus situation in Italy, and explains how he thinks a libertarian society would deal with the situation. Recorded: Tuesday the 31st of March, 2020. Donations: bc1qxq4d89306qykx3m6e7jc0qwvfp3tmdkcx3209x
March 31, 2020
Episode 10: Shinobi, Chicago (USA)
Shinobi is the cohost of the Block Digest podcast, and a well-known Twitter troll. He was the first person that I knew that was prepping and warning others to prep. I ask him why, which brings us to a conversation about the potential shift in geopolitics that the coronacrisis might just result in. Recorded: Sunday the 29th of March, 2020. Donations: bc1qal9apw4nh8mf3jcp84nqu5us5jnk65n4ya8qxh
March 30, 2020
Episode 9: Michael Folkson, London (United Kingdom)
Michael Folkson is the organizer of London Bitdevs, and a freelance contributor to Bitcoin Magazine. We discuss the United Kingdom's original herd immunity strategy, the precautionary principle, and what bitcoiners can do while in lockdown. Recorded: Saturday the 29th of March, 2020. Donations: bc1qhlqcjm0kreuj7nkth5rwcj0zw6hxasuveq2955
March 29, 2020
Episode 8: Kenrick Drijkoningen, Singapore
Singapore is one of the Asian countries that has been able to keep the coronavirus under control relatively well. Kenrick is a founding partner of Lune X, a Singapore-based venture capital firm for cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies. While originally from The Netherlands, Kenrick has been living in Singapore for the past ten years. I speak with him on the Singaporean approach, and the difference with the Dutch approach. Recorded: Saturday March 27, 2020 Donations: bc1qlrz6wlyv8cxcv7q4ggw4zp7pvsq655llnf22w4 Eye witness report mentioned by Kenrick:
March 28, 2020
Episode 7: Samson Mow, Shanghai/Victoria (China/Canada)
Samson Mow is the CSO of Blockstream and the CEO of Pixelmatic. Spending his time between China and Canada, he gives his perspective on the coronacrisis in these two countries, and the differences between the eastern and western approach. Recorded: March 26th, 2020. Donations: bc1qmarxjr4y8tk2ae28fctdckak6v5pwu2mk4cgh5
March 27, 2020
Episode 6: David Hsiao AKA Crypto Godfather, Taipei (Taiwan)
Taiwan is only 100 miles of the Chinese coast, yet it has remained relatively clear of the coronavirus. David Hsiao AKA Crypto Godfather is the CEO of Block Journal. He grew up in the United States and is based in Beijing, but has been in Taipei for the past couple of months, where he witnessed the local response to the outbreak. Recorded: Thursday the 26th of March, 2020. Donations: bc1q09kuuxd3z7m96822xh09nhz725ee07dde8y8e7
March 26, 2020
Episode 5: Sjors Provoost, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Sjors Provoost is a Bitcoin Core contributor from Utrecht, The Netherlands. (That's where I live as well.) He's been keeping track of the Dutch coronacrisis developments and the government's coronavirus policy. Recorded: March 24th, 2020. Donations: bc1qefqsq0c3rfpaz58py6h5vpyyznsca9j73ejx6e
March 25, 2020
Episode 4: Maya Zehavi, Tel Aviv (Israel)
In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used the #coronavirus crisis to shut down courts and incapacitate the nation’s parliament, while the secret service is now using GPS tracking to follow every movement of Israeli citizens. Blockchain consultant Maya Zehavi from Tel Aviv shares her perspective on the local situation. Recorded: Monday 23d of March, 2020. Donations: bc1qgwwp432xqxyc0fhq5fx5zf69pxcf3kngyn76g4
March 24, 2020
Episode 3: Mir Liponi, Milan (Italy)
Northern Italy is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe. Mir is the CEO of Satoshi Design and a well-known Bitcoin cheerleader. Based in Milan, Mir has been right smack in the middle of the outbreak, and has been in lockdown for the past two weeks. We talk about how the situation in her region escalated, how Italians are dealing with the crisis, and if bitcoin serve a purpose in this environment. Recorded: Sunday March 22nd, 2020. Donations: bc1qg6qn2xrj79wyynxgaryay3js3upg8md86ee03d
March 23, 2020
Episode 2: Bruce Fenton, New Hampshire (USA)
Bruce Fenton is the CEO of Chainstone Labs, and currently volunteers for I speak with him on the situation in New Hampshire and the USA in general, his volunteer work to help get more ventilators to hospitals, and how bitcoin will perform in these circumstances. Recorded: Friday March 20th, 2019 Donations: bc1qkhfqywuczlehrw9cnt67kz98y2pgzcxeqnneyx
March 23, 2020
Episode 1: Leo Weese, Hong Kong
Leo Weese is the cofounder of the Bitcoin Association Hong Kong. I speak with him on how the people of Hong Kong seemed to have gotten the virus under control in an early stage, and on how the situation has been developing since. Leo also has Italian roots, and offered a perspective on the very different situations in both countries.
March 23, 2020