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Looking for a spot to hangout out with your peeps and discuss crazy happenings in pop culture and its actual worldly ramifications? With a multitude of expletives and the creative-types that love them? Well, come on down! We're here to introduce ourselves. We are Imaginos Workshop. This is The Honeycomb Hideout and we are a PoP Culture Podcast for Ponderous People! So let's get into it!
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Episode 25: Bev Keane is the WORST!!!
'COMBIES!! Y'all have Netflix, right? Have y'all heard of this show called "Midnight Mass"? If you haven't, you really should check it out. 'Cuz it's pretty neat. So neat in fact that Joe and Christine just had to dive into the nitty gritty of this series and geek out all over it! But they aren't geeking out alone over the smorgasbord of spoopiness. Joining them for the discussion is fellow Imaginos Workshop member and founder of, Jon Ross, and he's bringing plenty of horror background to the table! So spoilers ahoy and let's get into this modern, nuanced, and all too gripping and engaging series!
May 12, 2022
Episode 24: Love x Love = RAINBOW EXPLOSION!!
Alright, 'Combies! We about to do somethin' a lil' different this week. WIth as prevalent as relationships and romantic subplots have always been in our fictional media and as prevalent a topic as representation has become in recent years, there's actually a form of relationship that hasn't gotten quite as much, despite its rise in many corners of the public consciousness. And that would be polyamory. Some of y'all may have already heard about it, some may not know what it is at all. Well, don't worry! We've got you covered as your Simp Master Thirst King and Scientist Supreme take some time to educate on and further discuss polyamory, its representations in media, and how it fits into the ever-evolving spectrum of relationships and sexuality. Are you going to learn something? Very likely. In the clumsiest way possible? Oh, most definitely!
April 27, 2022
Episode 23: The Slap Seen 'Round The World and Its Aftershocks
Alright, 'Combies! Y'all heard about the thing, right? The thing that happened? The thing that happened at the place between the dudes? No? You didn't? Well, we all know that's not true. In terms of news that actually was literally all over the internet, the altercation at the Oscars between Will Smith and Chris Rock was definitely it. And like all things that attain THAT level of reach, EVERYONE has a take on it. And Imaginos Workshop ain't no different! BUT!!! It may not be the take that you think. With Mark Dudley in tow, Joe and Christine are about to wade all up into this pool of nitro and things are about to get colorful. So, settle in, 'Combies, because we're about to spill the damn tea!
April 13, 2022
Hoo-boy, 'Combies. We've got a chonky one for you this week. With the release of the fourth film of the Evangelion Rebuild series finally happening last year and there being Eva fans in the Hideout, it only felt right to do a deep dive on all of the films, their plots, cultural impact, and even postulating just how things reached the point for the films to even come into existence. This is a THICC one, y'all, and it's going all over the place! And, considering the content about to be partaken of, yeah, this is an 18+ podcast. And this will be ABUNDANTLY clear with today's episode! So settle in, y'all, things are about to get weird.
March 16, 2022
Episode 21: Hideout Hot Pot - Cancellation Edition!
ALRIGHT, 'COMBIES!! This episode was originally planned to be a lighter episode, a bit more of a fun romp as it were, like the last Hot Pot. But, HOO BOY! The world has other plans! With the topics on deck tonight, this Hot Pot is going to be going HARD on the HEAT. We're talking Joe Rogan, NFTs, and so much more. So come on down, it's time to chill with your homies and go in on this Hot Pot because we've got PLENTY to go around!
February 16, 2022
Episode 20: The Extemporaneous Otaku Expounds on Anime and Manga
Alright, 'Combies! The conversation is veering towards the East this time around, and we brought a friend to help us parse through the odds and ends of anime and manga. We're joined by fellow Imaginos Worksop cohort, Ervin Johnson of Shinig Otaku, and we're going all in on talking about the anime and manga industries, classics, favorites, firsts, and more! So take a seat and settle in for some geeky- OH! I mean, otaku shenanigans!
February 02, 2022
Episode 19: A Sticky Chicken Nugget Breaks Space-Time
ALRIGHT, 'COMBIES! It is 2022 and your crew is back to weather the BS with you! So, as a welcome back after our holiday break, let's dive back into the fray with some bittersweet joy. The long-awaited cinematic event that was Spider-Man: No Way Home came and is still rocking the world with its aftershocks! So, come on down as Joe, Drew, and Christine dig into this massive movie moment and really look at the movie itself and how it has affected all of us. Spoilers ahoy so don't come down if you haven't seen it yet. But if you have, LET'S GO!!!
January 19, 2022
Episode 18: Super Ultra Mega Space Gods and the Friends We Made Along the Way
Alright, 'Combies! We're in the thick of the holiday season, the crew's going to be taking a bit of time off. But DON'T FRET! We'll be back in the new year, around mid to late January. So we won't be gone long. But! We've got a treat for you before our break! The latest MCU offering, Eternals, has been out for a good while now, and what better way to ring in the season than a dense, thought-provoking, mildly spastic, convoluted, but still fun conversation about how Eternals blows the MCU wide open with new possibilities and even more oddities. So come on down and let's get knee-deep into this fun, surprisingly heart-felt, and blatantly weird shit.
December 09, 2021
Episode 17: The Village is Chock Full of Evil Residents!
Alright, 'Combies! We've got some more spoopiness for y'all this week too! This time, the gamers are front and center as we've recently finished the latest entry in the Resident Evil series, 8, otherwise known as Village. Playing the game was a treat and we have so very many thoughts to share about it and our experiences with it. And yes, we will be discussing the THICC giant vampire lady. So, come on down and let's dive into old-world, spoopiness of Resident Evil 8: Village!
November 25, 2021
Episode 16: Blood, Drugs, and the Thirst for Fame
Alright, 'Combies! Spooky month may be over but when have you ever known us to be conventional? Christine is taking the wheel this episode with a review and a question/discussion centering around the sub- AND context of the first half of America Horror Story's season 10 subtitled "Red Tide". There's a lot going on here in regards to themes and messaging and HOLY SHIT, they have a lot to say about Hollywood. As usual, we're deep-diving on the insanity at play here and Christine and Druzy double-down on yeeting Joe further and into the world of horror. It's a helluva ride folks, so get comfy and get ready, 'cuz we're gettin' into it!
November 11, 2021
Episode 15: Black to the Future!
Alright, 'Combies! This week, we're diving into the world of Afrofuturism with one of the founders of Imaginos Workshop and an OG of the Honeycomb Hideout, Mark Dudley! We're going into a lot of the Whats, the Whos, and the Whys, but really going into the crust of what the genre means from a cultural level. On top of that, this episode also includes a number of reading recommendations for those of you that want to get a taste of what Afrofuturism has to offer and let them be your gateway into a wider, world of fiction and fantasy. Reading Recommendations: "Parable of the Sower" by Octavia Butler, "The Fifth Season" by N.K. Jemisin, "BLACK" by Kwanza Osajyefo and Jamal Igle, and "Far Sector" by N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell. Check out these awesome titles and also don't forget to check out Mark's comic "Juda Fist" at: And if you dig any of them, feel free to leave a comment! 
October 27, 2021
Episode 14: VIVA LA KRAKOA!
Alright, 'Combies! Now, y'all know that comics are often at the heart of the geekery of the Honeycomb Hideout but there's still parts of comics we really haven't spent much time with lately. The X-Men has been an especially surprising blind spot of late, so today, we're fixing that! With the House of X/Powers of X relaunch from 2019 having been in effect for a while now and the X-Men still being one of the foremost allegories in comics for minorities, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented peoples, it felt like the right time to finally deep dive on this major turning point for Marvel's "merry" mutants and, I'll warn you now... this will not go the way you think. But don't let that stop you, so come on down and see what we get up to.
October 14, 2021
Episode 13: Hideout Hot Pot - Buzzfeed Edition
Alright, 'Combies! Everyone needs a little reprieve from time to time and thus one of those times has come from the Hideout. So we're doing something a little bit different on today's episode. Christine's taking the reins this time and we're doing... Buzzfeed quizzes! So come on down as we get up to some goof-tacular answers, responses, and tangents, and enjoy some punch-drunk antics from your favorite gaggle of giggly bitches.
September 29, 2021
Episode 12: Bullets, Bombs, Starfish, and Sharks!
UH OH, 'COMBIES! We've got another geek-out episode coming at you and this time? We're rootin' for the bad guys! Not only are we going to be reviewing James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, we're also going to be breaking down the previous film from 2016 directed by David Ayer. This one's THIIIIICCCCCCC, y'all, but fun (that's what she said!), so come on down and geek-out with your homies!
September 16, 2021
Episode 11: When can a Man in a Dress just be a Man in a Dress
Better late than never, eh? Almost missed it but it's STILL uploaded on Wednesday so here we are, 'Combies! This week on the Honeycomb Hideout we're diving back into the depths for our topic and, as is our way, it's a little bit complicated. The history of crossdressing is lengthy and, as was stated, complicated, with some very strong feelings on every side of the issue. So, since we don't shy away from tough topics, Joe and Christine are about to wade right into the deep end of this, try to really parse through, and see if we can't get to the gooey center of this topic! So, come on down! Let's see if we can learn some shit and be better for it!
September 02, 2021
Episode 10: The Greats That Didn't Reach Greatness
Alright, 'Combies! The Hideout is a wee bit low energy this time around but y'all know how we do, that ain't gonna last very long. LOL  The topic at hand this week is beloved but underrated things; properties that we all love but that love don't seem to extend beyond just us or a minimal few. Now, this sounds like a fun, light topic, right? But if you've been listening to us for more than a few episodes, you know that we won't just be leaving it at that level. So come on down, folks! It's Other Wednesday, so let's get into it!!
August 04, 2021
Episode 9: Disability Discorse and its Lack of Representation
ALRIGHT, 'COMBIES! It's Disability Pride Month! As a podcast that puts a lot of effort into addressing diversity and issues of representation and, since the beginning of V3, we've had a discussion planned on the very topic and it finally felt like the right time to discuss this topic, and out of the crew, some of us absolutely have quite a bit to say regarding the frequent misrepresentations of people's with disabilities and how their representations in media have only just recently begun to change for the better but, like many things, still aren't where they need to be yet. So yeah, we're definitely getting deep into it this episode, so come on down and don't miss out on the conversation!
July 21, 2021
Episode 8: My Gaming Academia and Its Tournament Arcs
ALRIGHT, 'COMBIES! Joe, Drew, and Christine are tackling a new topic from a new angle. Gaming in its many forms have become suffused into modern popular culture and societal interaction with video games seeming to be at the forefront of our ever-evolving interactive media. It's even evolving to a point where E-Sports are even starting to receive recognition and are even getting funding towards crafting full programs at universities. Considering the frequently dichotomous relationship society seems to have with video games, gaming culture receiving so much more attention is bound to have an effect worth analyzing, so that's JUST what we're going to do! So come on down and check out what your homies get up to with this nugget!
July 07, 2021
Episode 7: The Optimistic Hero's Name is Tested
Alright, 'Combies! It actually happened! The first 2-parter of V3! We didn't get very far in our assessment and review of Invincible last episode, so we just had to come back and finish what we started. Things definitely heat up as we make our way through the rest of the season, so you'll want to make sure that you've seen all of season 1 of Invincible on Amazon Prime before listening to this episode because we're spoiling all of it, even some stuff from the comics. However, if you're all caught up on your comics and cartoons, then come on down and chill with your peeps as we breakdown and share our thoughts on the rest of Invincible season 1!
June 23, 2021
Episode 6: A Big-Hearted Hero with an Optimistic Name
ALRIGHT, 'COMBIES!! Your peeps are here with a whole lotta something interesting this week. This episode we're going to be diving deep into what could actually be described as a pop culture milestone... a surprisingly decent quality adaptation of a superhero comic book property that wasn't made by Marvel or DC! That's right! We're talking about Invincible, the Amazon Prime animated series based on the comic by Robert Kirkman! See? He's not just the guy that made The Walking Dead. With a spectacularly stacked cast and plenty of twists galore, just what's this show's deal? Come on down and find out because we're getting all up into Invincible here in the Hideout! OH! And spoilers ahoy.
June 09, 2021
Episode 5: Waifu Wars and Husbando Hostilities
Alright, 'Combies! We're switching gears a wee-bit for this episode. We've been hitting some pretty topical topics of late, so we decided to have a little fun and have a discussion that will in NO WAY offend or piss off ANYONE on the internet! We're talking about Waifus and Husbandos. y'all, across a wide array of anime, video games, etc. There will be agreements, encouragements, disappointments, or hypothetical suplexes. So come on down, y'all, and join in on the fun! If y'all like this one enough, we might do another one of these because the ocean of waifus and husbandos is vast and, frankly, we barely dipped a toe into it. 
May 12, 2021
Episode 4: Cosplay, Copyright, and Capitalism
Alright, 'Combies! We got ourselves a really interesting scenario to discuss today. It looks like Japan has been discussing a potential new law that could have some extremely complex and far-reaching consequences for cosplay culture moving forward. And on top of that, we also go down the winding road that is the nature and complexity of copyright in general, with a few "What Ifs" and real-life situations tossed around for flavor. So, come on down and let's get into it, y'all!
April 28, 2021
Episode 3: Sex and the Gaming Industry
Alright, 'Combies! Your peeps are back with a brand new discussion and we're getting into it about gaming. As Imaginos Workshop is a very creatively-driven group, looking at things from that standpoint yields a whole mess of interesting perspectives. So yeah, there are definitely some opinions, particularly regarding how sex plays into a game's story and development. And no, we ain't talking about the "fun time" kind of sex this time around (though that could be a later episode all its own), we're talking about the sex of those involved and how sex (the sex of the characters and their effects on the stories and culture surrounding them) does or, in some cases, should play a role. So come on down and get comfy, 'Combies, 'cuz we're gettin' into it!
April 14, 2021
Episode 2: #BORGLIFE
Alright, 'Combies! V3 is underway, the (re)introductions have been made, and our first real topic is certainly a doozy. With the release of the infamous Snyder Cut of Justice League in the news as thick as its been of late, there's one aspect of this story that definitely has drawn our attention and that's the situation surrounding the actor portraying Victor Stone/Cyborg, Ray Fisher. If you haven't been following this story, then you are going to be in for some... well, let's just say that Zack Snyder wasn't the only troubled talent during this production. We're breaking down everything we've been able to dig up pertaining to it and there's  A LOT more than most would think! So, take a seat, 'Combie, we got ground to cover.
March 31, 2021
Episode 1: V3
Hello, present and future 'Combies! Welcome to The Honeycomb Hideout! This is V3! Or Volume 3 for the new listeners. This show has entered a whole new chapter and that starts on a whole new platform! So, we're starting off this new journey is a look back at the show's past and look forward to the new direction, format, and plans to come. As the official podcast of Imaginos Workshop, Joe, Drew, and Christine are here to get down with the deep dives on the bright skies and dingy corners of pop culture because... THIS is a PoP Culture Podcast for Ponderous People, peeps. This is the mission statement episode. Make sure to check out what comes next.
March 17, 2021