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The Horror Movie Maven

The Horror Movie Maven

By Stacey K Shaw
Come join The Horror Movie Maven to talk all things horror, delving deep into new releases, cult classics, and those oddities you might have missed.

Formerly reviewing horror flicks on Too Much Scrolling, now it’s just me out here in the podcast wilderness talking about the thing I love. Boy that sounds like a horror film in itself!

Join me, won’t you?
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Episode 3 - Best Films Round-up
So things didn't go as planned, with me unable to speak you're getting a episode partially voiced by a robot and compilation of my favourite films I've reviewed in the last year or two. Seeing as most of us are stuck staying in maybe one of these will give you some horror entertainment over the rest of the holiday
December 30, 2020
Episode 1 - Happy Halloween, let's get this show started!
Welcome to the very first episode of The Horror Movie Maven, just in time for Halloween. Not as polished as I'd wanted it, but from humble beginnings and all that right? This episode offers up spoiler-free reviews of 7 horrors to watch over this Halloween weekend and beyond, seeing as going out ain't an option! (Updated)
November 26, 2020
Episode 2 - Thanksgiving, Family, and Feasts
Many of you are busy cooking up a mountain of food for Thanksgiving, so this episode we're looking at films involving this holiday as well as weird feasts, and even weirder families. Also featuring the first Horror 101 segment - Giallo!
November 26, 2020