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The HR Show focuses on the latest developments and debates within the worlds of HR and Learning and Development. We will be featuring regular interviews with industry leaders and providing top tips on aspects of our world of work
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The HR Show - Easing of Covid-19 Restrictions... Is it a Mistake?
The HR Show returns this week, discussing the easing of the UK restrictions in respect of Coronavirus.   We hear the announcement from Boris Johnson and analyse the content as well as sharing our own opinions on the easing.   Do you think the restrictions should be eased as they are, should face masks be removed?    Let us know by contacting us via email or on our social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @thehrshow
July 06, 2021
The HR Show - New Business Generation - Katie Street (Street Agency) Interview
Welcome back to the second part of this week's HR Show podcast and its a bumper edition.    On this edition we welcome Katie Street to the show for an indepth sit down interview. where we talk about multiple topics including:   Memories of growing up  Being a single mum and developing her own career without sacrifices  How Street Agency was formed  The best place for a dirty burger in Bournemouth  The Street method for new business - the 4 main pillars  Email List vs. Memberships   The benefits of social media, podcasting and content recycling.   The launch of Tanba   This is just a snippet of what is one of the most entertaining interviews I have had the pleasure of conducting with a woman who is truly inspiring.    My thanks to Katie for taking the time to speak with us.    For more information visit the following sites:   Street Agency -  Tanba -    Email Katie directly at
June 23, 2021
The HR Show - New Business Generation Part 1
Welcome to the first of a 2 part special series. Coming up we are talking about new business generation with the wonderful Katie Street from Street Agency, but before that Andy discusses some of the biggest news stories of the week including: The extension of the removal of remaining restrictions Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council on fining overnight beach campers The report in the Daily Mail about home working becoming permanent for all UK employees.  Dont forget that on June 30th 2021, I will be hosting a unique live event for RBHR Consultancy entitled "Business Brunch: Mental Health Awareness". In this live online event we will be discussing all about mental health awareness and what you as business leaders can do to help your employees. Tickets are available for free on Eventbrite by searching RBHR or clicking at this link 
June 23, 2021
June 21.... Will the release happen?
Coming up on this edition of the HR Show, we pose the question of whether the lockdown restrictions should indeed be lifted on June 21st as part of the UK Governments Phase 4 of the Roadmap.  With the increase in cases of the India variant occurring, scientists are warning of a potential third wave hitting the UK if we come out now, but we ask when do we start considering the variants as a way of life similar to the flu? What do you think, I want to hear from you, should we ease restrictions, should we stay in lockdown longer and also how have you found the last year or?  Leave us a voicemail if you are listening on Spotify and they will be played on the show. 
June 01, 2021
Developing Self-Confidence
The HR Show is back for another week and I still have a croaky voice. Coming up this week we will be discussing about developing your own self-confidence. Why is it important, what tools are  there and how can you project confidence even if you dont have it.
May 14, 2021
May the 4th Be With You….
The HR Show is back on the air following a three week period of being unable to record content. Coming up on this rather croaky edition of the podcast, Andy looks at the movie franchise “Star Wars” and discusses how aspects can be linked back to HR and L&D. Some of the topics discussed include: Training and Development – Apprentices and mentoring Teamwork Communication We hope you enjoy the show and we will be back next week with more from the HR Show. If you would like to contact the show you can do by: Email: Web: Facebook: The HR Show Twitter: The HR Show LinkedIn – Connect with Andy
May 04, 2021
Charlotte Carter
This week on the HR Show we are joined by the amazing Charlotte Carter, who is the director of “Mad as a box of Frogs”. Charlotte is inspirational and during this interview she goes into detail about how and why she created her business, how she left the corporate world to provide for her family and much more. For nearly 60 minutes we have an open conversation talking about a whole host of topics including the following; Why she started Mad as a Box of Frogs Plans for the future Mutual love for Holly Willoughby The government and their handling of the pandemic Postman Pat, Frozen and Bob the Builder……. What makes engaging content on LinkedIn “This is not Facebook” – LinkedIn comment About Charlotte: Charlotte Carter is Director of Mad as a Box of Frogs Limited, a LinkedIn marketing and lead generation business. Charlotte is also co-host of YouTube Channel CCTV – Charlotte and Claire TV, talking to people who mean business. Charlotte is now working on launching her second business due to go live in a couple of months. But above all else her most important job is Mum to her daughter Matilda. Connect with Charlotte on LinkedIn 
April 14, 2021
Ramadan and Covid-19
We are back, after a couple of months off we are proud to bring you Season 2 of The HR Show. Coming up on this edition of the HR Show we focus on the impact of Ramadan for employees during this Covid-19 era. We bring you five tips which businesses can look to adopt in order to ensure not only protection under the Equality Act but also ensure fairness to employees of all religions. Those tips include: Communication Flexible Working Annual Leave Harassment Policy Let us know how you are finding managing the return to a new normal as this era of Lockdown begins to (hopefully) come to an end. You can do that in one of many ways Email: Website: The HR Show Facebook: The HR Show Twitter: The HR Show Connect with Andy on LinkedIn
April 08, 2021
Sam Eaton
Coming up this week on The HR Show we welcome Sam Eaton, who joins us for a fun sit down interview to talk her career, positive mindset and her journey in life. It is a fascinating interview and one of the most enjoyable ones which I have had the pleasure of conducting. To contact Sam: LinkedIn: About Sam Eaton Sam Eaton runs MindAbility which has a number of coaching businesses within the group, from neuroscience based coaching through to business coaching. Sam started her career in KPMG, before moving to Goldman Sachs and BSkyB. Thereafter, she helped build a number of businesses and became fascinated with neuroscience and how the data can be used to empower individuals and teams achieve their goals for the betterment of their lives. Sam’s mantra in life is ‘the goal in life is to grow so strong on the inside, that nothing on the outside can affect your inner wellness without your conscious permission.’
February 02, 2021
Mental Health Awareness
Welcome to the latest edition of the HR Show, on this edition we have recorded the show LIVE and streamed out on our YouTube and Facebook channels. If you would like to watch the live video stream then you can do by clicking this link On this edition we are discussing more about mental health awareness, showcasing some tips for us personally to do and giving advice for managers on how they can look after there teams. Andy also shares his own personal experience of mental health and anxiety.
February 02, 2021
Claire Winter
On this bonus edition of The HR Show, I welcome Claire Winter for a sit down interview. Claire is the host of the “Cracking Content” podcast which is available on all the main podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify and others. In this interview, Claire and I discuss the following topics: The origin of her podcast The top tips for delivering cracking content How to build a mailing list Blog to podcast or podcast to blog Clubhouse, Streamyards and ways to recycle content.
January 29, 2021
Covid-19 and Vaccinations
Coming up on this edition of the HR Show, we ask the question should the Covid-19 vaccination be mandatory for
January 28, 2021
My Journey
On this edition of the HR Show, we look at my journey within HR. In this personal account, I discuss how I first knew I wanted to be in the industry, the struggles which I have faced both personally and professionally and where I am now. We discuss the concept of redundancy, which unfortunately is becoming a phrase we are hearing all to often since the beginning of the pandemic. We discuss whether business owners are fully aware of the dangers surrounding redundancy and also how we can help.
January 22, 2021
Breaking Education
On this edition of the HR Show we discuss the current state of the education system. We do this by
January 15, 2021
The Brexit Deal
NOTE: SHOW FORMERLY KNOWN AS JURASSIC HR PODCAST Welcome to the final episode of the Jurassic HR Podcast for 2020. In this episode we are looking at the newly made deal between the UK and EU, which comes into force on the 1st January 2021. We will be looking at the four main areas, providing detail on the content and looking at how this impacts us here in the UK
December 29, 2020
Disciplinary and Grievances (3 Part Series)
Welcome to a 3 part series on the processes involved in a Disciplinary and a Grievance. During the next three shows we will be looking at the investigation process, the hearing and the outcome. Sharing some top tips on how you conduct these and also how to stay on the right side of employment law.
December 28, 2020
Anna Parker-Naples
NOTE: SHOW FORMERLY KNOWN AS JURASSIC HR PODCAST On this edition of the Jurassic HR Podcast, we welcome a pioneer within the podcasting industry. She has overcome adversity as well as issues surrounding her mental health to become a true global force within the podcasting world. In this 30 minute interview, Andy sits down with Anna to talk about her story, to find out how she overcame these setbacks and what it was like to see the level of success she has found as a number 1 best selling author and host of a number 1 podcast on the iTunes charts.
December 08, 2020
Christmas 2020
NOTE: SHOW FORMERLY KNOWN AS JURASSIC HR PODCAST With the 2nd lockdown soon to come to an end and with Christmas right around the corner, we ask the question should Christmas happen this year or not? Are we tempting further lockdowns by forgetting how far we have come and will we see mass gatherings cause a surge in deaths, cases and the 3rd wave.
December 01, 2020
Random Thoughts of an HR Man
NOTE: SHOW FORMERLY KNOWN AS JURASSIC HR PODCAST On this edition of the Jurassic HR podcast, we are discussing some of the major news points of the week, including: Should a Coronavirus vaccine be mandatory? With the vaccine coming, should this be the end of remote working or will companies adopt a hybrid style? Thoughts on Priti Patel and the result of the independent review into complaints Rishi Sunak, is going to be announcing some financial changes next week, we discuss how this may look The views expressed in this podcast are those of JHRC, and are designed to incur discussion and debate.
November 20, 2020
Shelley Poole
NOTE: SHOW FORMERLY KNOWN AS JURASSIC HR PODCAST On this edition of the Jurassic HR Podcast, we welcome fellow HR Consultant, Shelley Poole. With the change to the furlough scheme that was announced earlier today (November 5, 2020) we discuss how this will impact businesses, the differences between that and the job support scheme and also discussing how the cost of employment has changed during this Covid-19 era. If you are a business owner or work within the HR industry and need support and guidance on the restrictions with lockdown, furlough or anything else then please give me a call on 07873874478, email, visit the website at or message me direct on linkedIn by searching for “Andy Evans Chartered MCIPD”. With bespoke packages available, I will be able to your queries into solutions. For any HR Consultants, who want to use the services of Shelley and her company Wellington HR, then visit, email or search for her on LinkedIn at Shelley Poole.
November 05, 2020