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Powering Productivity

Powering Productivity

By Suzanne Murdock
Suzanne Murdock is in conversation with the “seasoned pros” sharing stories & top tips on how to be super productive, flexible & really thrive as a small business owner doing what you love doing & keeping those energy batteries tip top! It’s all about connecting people, sharing expertise, growing your knowledge, building meaningful relationships & advocating for each other’s brands. When you build alliances & collaborations with people that actually get you & your business it’s amazing how much you grow in such an energetic way that really reflects you your values!
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Ep.9 Engaging with the changing workplace, with Zoe Ellis-Moore
Suzanne talks to Zoe Ellis-Moore CEO & Founder at Spaces to Places. Zoe has built an 18-year career out of being passionate about commercial spaces and how people engage with them. In her role at Spaces to Places, she works with investors, landlords, franchisees, and operators in the flexible office space. Her approach is built on the concept of marketing intelligence – driving value through research-led market insights that make a difference.  They talk about - balancing consumer need with commercial interest - new models for office leases and set ups - how planning your work schedule can inform where and how you work 6:02 'It's the smaller independents that bring that creativity and vibrancy to an office space' 12:47 'Time is the commodity now' 23:00 'Technology has been the enabler to allow people to have the freedom to work anywhere' This episode was presented by Suzanne Murdock of The Hub Newry It was produced by Emily Crosby Media
July 13, 2021
Ep8. Planning, automation and productivity, with Alison Matthews
Suzanne talks to Alison Matthews of Virtuali. Alison specialises in helping entrepreneurs automate processes around running course / events (online / face to face) to be a virtual set of hands, eyes & ears. They talk about  - automation and planning for an easier working life - collaboration not competition with other VAs - Alison's love of wild swimming and connecting with nature 'You have to have a helicopter overview of what’s happening in the business, how it works and what it’s all about so as you can really see what areas can be more automated and productive.' 13:16 'To me, planning is a massive part of being productive' 20:47 'When you find that niche of what you want to do, it creates lots of energy for you, and then when you talk about it, because you talk about it in a passionate way, other people buy into it as well'
June 25, 2021
Ep7. - Value of business partnerships & being you, with Eimear Flanagan
Suzanne talks to Eimear Flannagan of Away a Wee Walk founder of Away A 'Wee' Walk, set up back in 2013.  Eimear is passionate about helping visitors to Ireland create magical, authentic, spirit-renewing experiences, hiking in the Irish landscape. Suzanne talks to Eimear about her your love affair & business partnership with The National Trust and surviving lockdown as an outdoor business. They chat from the perspective of getting down to business, getting an understanding of she you carves out the time, the energy to focus on the nitty gritty of the business strategy, admin & marketing side of the business. Often very creative, outdoors people struggle in an office environment, so Eimear chats about the secrets of balancing this out....Here's a synopsis of the conversation: - Her collaboration with the National Trust - Surviving lockdown as an outdoor business - Her use of Instagram to increase online presence and reach a whole new audience - Selling Northern Ireland - Avoiding isolation and outsourcing - What productivity means to her 2:53 'I thought, whatever else this virus is doing, it's not taking my business' 16:20 'My focus is on being happy'
June 9, 2021
Ep.6 Being productive with your time & talents, with Yasmin Vorajee
Suzanne talks to Yasmin Vorajee of Tiny Time Big Results, about finding the value in your abilities, her four principles of running a profitable business with limited time, and making the most of the time you have available generally in work and play. We talk about the super concepts and toolkits that Yasmin equips small business owners with: -Nailing your marketing message so that it's clear, compelling  and magnetic -Her amazing, award winning book - 'Tiny Time, Big Results! -Mindset and who you surround yourself with -Being your real self in business, not who you're expected to be -Her programmes and mentoring 5:05 "Business should make you feel really good. You should feel enthusiastic about what you're doing" 20:00 "Focus on the problem that you're solving, and build a business around that" Learn more about Yasmin Vorajee and her work:
May 23, 2021
Ep.5 Becoming financially savvy & daring to succeed with Susan HayesCulleton
Episode 5 with Susan HayesCulleton, “The Positive Economist” and Managing Director of the Hayes Culleton Group. We talk about identifying your financial thermostat, your patterns with money, saving for a 'sunny day', how to really take control and dare to succeed and her amazing work to get teenagers financially savvy. "An awful lot of financial management has nothing to do with money. It's to do with being organised." (8:55) "Think about a rainy day fund as a sunny day fund. It's there to give you financial opportunity." (14:08) "You can of course be good with money. It, of course, can be learned. It's not inherent." (30:56)
May 17, 2021
Ep.4 The future of flexible working with Jean-Yves Huwart
Episode 4 with Jean-Yves Huwart Founder of Coworking Europe launched back in 2010 & founder of Social Workplaces - a consultancy firm focusing in on the education and benefits of coworking and flexible workplaces, leading edge innovation and new workplace models. We discuss how we can take the concept of ‘flexible working’ & coworking and make it work really smartly for us as individuals. How can we use these workspaces to make best value of our time, our personalities to lead to more productive, energetic, connected & happy lives. Are flex spaces for everyone and how do we choose the right space for us. "What they say a workspace should be, in terms of engagement, hot desking, the way people should be able to socialise, small meeting pods, etc. is totally in line with what we used to say in the beginning, and also now, for coworking spaces" (10:07) "What will be amazing to watch now, and to be part in, is this total redesign of the workspace experience that we are going to see" (30:50). Jean-Yves Huwart.
April 29, 2021
Ep.3 The secrets to personal & business growth with Russell Zehtab
Want to know the secrets to personal & business growth that are underpinned by our values, skills & purpose? Tune in to this episode where Suzanne is in conversation with Russell Zehtab - an experienced mentor, educator & coach with an infectious, energetic outlook on life. She has a very diverse background and has dedicated all of her energies in to aiding the advancement and empowerment of individuals from both a business and a personal perspective.  Russell's conceptual framework is 'The Silk Mentoring Empowerment Cycle'. It's an interactive, learning methodology, focusing in on personal skills including confidence, boundary setting, negotiation, authenticity - skills which are all tied together to improve our communication style, language, and expression.  One element of this very much focuses in on the concept of 'nobility' - it changes the way that we engage with each other, it allows for an equality despite our differences in education, background. "What ever has divided us as human beings nobility will allow us to come into a space as equals".  Some of the areas highlighted in this conversation are how "as humans we have really complicated our lives by compartmentalising our learnings in to 'business' & 'personal'. We need to bring this into a holistic approach where it is all in balance as one, otherwise, it is just not sustainable." Russell Zehtab.  learn more about Russell Zehtab's Silk Mentoring Empowerment Cycle here:
March 25, 2021
Ep.2 How to tell your signature story with Eve Earley
In this podcast Suzanne talks to Eve about discovering people's true identity be it within their business or career or life in general. We discuss the toolkits and the processes that she uses to do this including the model to tell your 'signature story' and how to identity your 'why', your purpose and then how to repurposes these tools to reach your target audience. "Let me help you shorten your learning curve and find your true North!" Eve Earley, Empowering Change
February 25, 2021
Ep.1 Introducing Powering Productivity
In this short episode, Suzanne introduces the podcast, who she'll be speaking to, and how it can help your business.
February 2, 2021