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The Human Era Podcast

The Human Era Podcast

By Brand Humanizing Institute
Welcome human!
This is The Human Era Podcast, a podcast dedicated to the future of humans in a world that’s increasingly dominated by technology. We discuss everything related to an era where technological innovation will help us be more of what we are - humans.
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Why we shouldn't fear technology as long as it's in the right hands with Marvin Kunz

The Human Era Podcast

Why we shouldn't fear technology as long as it's in the right hands with Marvin Kunz
What happens when Artificial Intelligence becomes more than a tool, but rather a companion? How can social media increase actually being more social and what happens when these platforms fall in the wrong (or right) hands? In this episode, Ferry Hoes talks about these topics with Marvin Kunz, Behavioral and Data scientist at Wageningen University and co-founder of TechLabs Rotterdam. Marvin wrote a blogpost about AI becoming a comparison which you can read here:
August 30, 2022
How character determines your success in the food industry with Colin Knopper
Eating food is a necessary activity for humans to stay alive and healthy. However, eating food can also be a very enjoyable activity which is something Colin Knopper knows everything about. Colin is a marketing professional in the food industry and is also the co-founder of Two Hungry Bois (Instagram: @twohungrybois), a food-and catering company that strives to create great - sometimes a little crazy - food. Colin explains how they try and create an experience around food by being very personal towards their guests and how that helps them in creating fans rather than customers.
August 23, 2022
How datasets and algorithms manipulate our thoughts and behaviors with Alice Bom
Working with big sets of data is common practice in this day and age. We gather large sums of information about basically everything. From medical insights to consumer behavior and from black holes to the deep sea, we have information about everything. But how can we safely work with those giant data sets and the algorithms surrounding it, without harming the people it interacts with? And are we truly in control of our actions or has technology – and the people behind it – have ways to manipulate our thinking without us knowing? I talk about these complicated, but very interesting, topics with Alice Bom. Alice is a data scientist who worked for some of the world's biggest corporations and is now the co-founder of Mountain Platform. Alice gives us an insight into her former jobs, her look at data safety, and ways we can improve organizations using data and technology the right way.
June 15, 2022
Will decentralizing companies help humanity forward with Franziska Golibrzuch
Is decentralizing companies and platforms the solution to creating a better digital world for all humans? And how should we use algorithms in order to avoid discrimination and the spread of fake news through Social Media? I talk about these – and many other – topics with Franziska Golibrzuch, a student assistant at ErasmusX who studies politics, philosophy, and economics in Rotterdam. In this open and honest conversation, we have a hard look at the digital day and age and discuss the past, the current, and the future of technology and its impact on us all.
May 25, 2022
Why automation only works if you understand the human brain with Levi Nijenhuis and Tjan Lee
Would you feel betrayed when the "person" you were talking to online turns out to be a robot? And how do you sell a product or service in a business world that is dominated by automation and an abundance of technology? I talk to Levi Nijenhuis and Tjan Lee, two young and smart entrepreneurs who work in automation, and study its impact on humans and organizations. If you want to read the research which they refer to in this episode, send them an email at
May 10, 2022
How the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure uses technology to keep us safe with Miriam Frosi
The Netherlands has roughly 5500 kilometers of asphalted highways that need to be maintained, repaired, and improved. The Dutch  Ministry of Infrastructure therefore constantly seeks ways to make the roads more sustainable and eco/friendly. To accomplish that goal, they use a lot of technology, while keeping in mind the comfort and safety of us - the people driving their cars on these roads daily. I talk to  Miriam Frosi, Innovation Manager at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure (Rijkswaterstaat) about being sustainable, dealing with transformation, and why you should sometimes just take risks and go for it!
May 03, 2022
How technology and the 9 to 5 impact our mental health with Clara Nürnberg
Technology is a true blessing and at the same time, it can be our biggest downfall. We are currently "always-on" with our laptops, tablets, phones, and dozens of social platforms. How does all this technology impact our mental health? And with all this tech and social pressure, Is it still a good idea to stick to a 9 to 5 culture when we know we're not always at our best during those 8 hours? I have a  conversation with Clara Nürnberg about these - and other - topics in this week's episode. Clara is a Psychology student with an interest in the future workplace. She's done research on the impact of technology on people within organizations.
April 26, 2022
Why humans are the secret to long term growth with Jaran Vromen
Sales and customer service can be enhanced by technology, tools, and smart innovations. However, the one thing that will really set you apart in the long term is the relationships you build with clients, suppliers, and your teams. I have the pleasure to talk with Jaran Vromen about how building the right relationships can really grow a business in the long run, how skills and character can prove more valuable than just your education and we have a quick look at the potential of NFTs for companies.
March 29, 2022
How we humans should control the influence of technology with Ryan Morgan
What do we want our relationship with technology to be like? Human skills and technological innovations can be a match made in heaven. The only caveat is that humans should be the agents deciding which way technology goes. I talk about this and many other topics with Ryan Morgan who’s working on a project called Ghost work ( Ryan is a PhD student at Erasmus University Rotterdam who is researching the relationship between digital labor working conditions and the wellbeing of crowdworkers in Europe. If you want to learn more about Ryan and his work, visit his profile at: 
February 22, 2022
Space exploration, human emotions and social media with Kasia Nowak
Recently NASA launched the James Web Space Telescope, another product of exponential growth in technology. It has a huge potential to teach us more about space than we could ever imagine. I talk about these great achievements with Astrophysics Ph.D. researcher Kasia Nowak. We also touch upon the changes Social Media has brought to our society and how it impacts human emotions and the way we look at other people. What’s real and what is fake? And how does an unrealistic beauty and wealth standard affect younger people? Kasia on LinkedIn: Ferry on Linkedin: Stay tuned & stay human!
January 10, 2022
Why brands need an open mind on innovation to survive with Funs Jacobs
Technology is going to change the way brands and their fans interact, create and live their lives. I talk with Funs Jacobs about Branding, Web3.0, the meaning of empathy, and how the power of organizations is shifting with each new innovation. There will be fewer gatekeepers of creations and products and more power to the innovators themselves. Funs is an expert on Branding and Creative Strategy, an investor, and has worked with some of the most innovative and fast-moving brands to date. Funs suggests to also listen to: Funs on LinkedIn: Ferry on Linkedin: Stay tuned & stay human!
December 22, 2021
An Introduction Into the Human Era (Podcast)
A warm welcome to the Human Era Podcast. In this brief pilot, Ferry explains why we're not only living in the 4th Industrial Revolution but even more so in the Human Era. Technology can enhance our jobs and lives in ways we cannot even imagine right now. This Podcast will be a place where we invite interesting guests to talk about their views on humans, technology, and everything that sits in between. Stay Tuned and Stay Human! The Host on Twitter: @ferryhoes For more about the intersection of Humans and Technology go to: 
December 02, 2021
December 1, 2021
December 01, 2021