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The Influential Assistant

The Influential Assistant

By Anna Beam
Helping executive and administrative assistants increase their level of influence not only with their executives, but within their organizations as a whole.
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11: 2020 In Review - An Interview With My Executive
Today I'm honored to host my first guest, my very own executive TJ Deluccia, COO at Engenius as we take a look at this year and talk about an executive's perspective on assisting.
December 21, 2020
10: Canary In The Mine
Email: Insta: @annabeam.ea
December 07, 2020
09: Fear & Bitterness
Parable Of The Talents: Matthew 25:14-30 Email: Insta: @annabeam.ea
November 23, 2020
08: Leading Up
Today we're talking about leading up, speaking into the potential you see in people and evaluating rhythms regularly to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses.
September 25, 2020
07: Anxiety & The Discipline of Self-Care
Today we discuss a very raw confession of my own struggle with anxiety. From panic attacks to seeking out help, I've learned that self-care is way more than a bubble bath - it's hard work, and it takes discipline.
September 04, 2020
06: Losing Respect
In today’s episode we cover the harsh reality that comes with support - you often only see people’s problems! So let’s discuss some pitfalls of what happens when you lose respect for those you’re serving, whether you’re an EA, an office manager, or in a customer support role. Join The Officials - use code JOINANNABATTHEOFFICIALS for three days free The Office Management Portal
July 31, 2020
05: My Biggest Mistakes (So Far)
Today we go over some of the biggest mistakes I've made along my assisting journey - from missing invoices to figuring out how to beat back entitlement. Join The Officials Jeremy Burrow’s The Leader Assistant Podcast Bonus: Favorite Dungeons & Dragons Podcast: Critical Role
July 24, 2020
04: Giving & Receiving Feedback
"We need to talk." Yikes. No one likes feeling in trouble or having to hear about what they did wrong. In today's episode, we talk about maintaining an open posture and perspective while both giving and receiving feedback. Come visit me on Instagram: @annabeam.ea and let's chat about what crazy feedback stories you may have, and what's worked for your teams!
July 10, 2020
03: Gateway vs. Gatekeeper
Today we discuss how to be an approachable gateway for your executive, both internally and externally. Nick Ginsburg's LinkedIn Post Engenius Rebuild Upstate
July 03, 2020
02: Casting Vision About Your Role
Everyone wants to know "why", right? Today we discuss: Establishing "why" for yourself. Establishing "why" for your coworkers. A practical way to help build relationships with your team. It's so important to get good buy-in from the people around you, so start casting vision! Instagram: @annabeam.ea Email:
June 19, 2020
01: Introductions & Upcoming Topics
My name is Anna Beam, and my target for our time together is to spend around 15 minutes sharing some really practical tips for surviving as an admin (especially in a small business)  and send you off into your day feeling encouraged, refreshed, and knowing you’re not alone. Resources Mentioned In Today's Episode: Assistants Together Podcast by Henrietta Barker The Officials by Lauren Bradley Show Instagram: @TheInfluentialAssistant My Instagram: @AnnaBeam.EA Email Me:
June 08, 2020