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Conscious Leaders Tribe

Conscious Leaders Tribe

By Lindssay Tran
Welcome to Conscious Leader podcast! Each week, we will bring you conversations that will elevate your mind, deepen your awareness and expand your heart to help you unlock your inner leader.

Topics include mindfulness, leadership, spirituality, and personal growth to help you connect to your deepest life purpose, exist in your truth, cultivate love, happiness and inner peace.
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003. Live Your Purpose & Explore Your Highest Potential | Terry Sidhu

Conscious Leaders Tribe

Redefine Monday - Change How You Feel About Monday and Become a Badass by Mastering Your Inner State
Everyday is always dreading about Monday. It’s time we REDEFINE what Monday means and own our lives.
June 01, 2021
Why You Can't Fix Internal Problems With External Solutions
In this episode, I opened up to you about my experience with losing hope in life, feeling like I had nothing to live for. How I had a breakdown because I have been suppressing my emotions over the years. I shared my experiences with bullying and my biggest fear of showing up as who I am, and being seen. How I realized that even in the pursuit of my passion, purpose and dream, I couldn't fill in the internal void within unless I actually work through them. 
April 11, 2021
009. Building a Heart-Centered Culture & Leadership | Lorie Corcuera
A SHARED HUMAN EXPERIENCE - is Lorie's definition of a great culture. Lorie is a heart-centered leader, value driven entrepreneur and CEO at Sparks Creation where she inspires people to create meaningful cultures and workplaces. Join us on this ride of love, fun and connection! In this episode, we discuss these questions in depth: What is at the core of a great culture? How can we build a culture starting from within? Why is it important to ask our team members' about their personal values?  What makes a great leader? What is our Just Cause inspired by Simon Sinek? Bonus: Lorie shares her a daily morning ritual that she uses to set up for a great day ahead. & great lessons that she learned through her divorce. Connect with Lorie on Instagram @loriec8 , learn more about Spark Creations here: Connect with us on Instagram @theinnerleader
May 01, 2020
008. How To Set Boundaries & Create Healthy Relationships | Chelsey Luren
LEARN TO SAY NO! Growing up as kids, most of us didn’t learn how to set boundaries. Setting boundaries is in fact critical to having healthy relationships with our family, romantic partner, and friends. Don’t worry if you haven’t learned it. It’s not too late as Chelsey is here to teach us how to set boundaries so that we can have healthy, and happy relationships :). Tune in with Chelsey and I! Episode notes: 13:00 Learn how to process difficult emotions 19:30 Listen to how anxiety affects us all 34:30 Learn how to set boundaries step-by-step  Have questions about setting boundaries in your own life? Connect with Chelsey on her Instagram @chelseyluren. We would love to hear from you! Send us your feedback or question for the show @theinnerleader.  Feeling extra generous?  Give us a rating :) 
March 28, 2020
007. Self-Quiz: How comfortable are you with yourself? (Bonus quiz inside)
Let’s get curious about being alone! I believe that we can learn a lot about ourselves when we are alone. Although being alone is not the same as feeling lonely. I also believe that the feeling of loneliness can bring about many lessons about ourselves. We often shy away from being alone, or feeling loneliness; but I believe that we can learn a lot about ourselves through these quiet periods in our lives. 00:30 My experience with being alone, and feeling loneliness 4:20 Self-quiz  13:30 Key insight: Solitude is a gateway to our development of deeper maturity 17:40 Bonus quiz: How do I Treat Myself? An act of self-honouring 1. How do I treat my curiosities and interests? Do I follow them and trust them? Do I give them space to be explored and tended to? Do I give them a chance to develop in me? The things that spark joy in me. 2. How do I treat my wants and desires? Do I commit to them and honour them? Do I compromise and settle for less? Do I ask myself courageously for what I want? Am I committed to giving myself exactly what I want? 3. How honest am I with other people? How honest am I to other people about what I think is right or wrong? How does that reflect my honesty with myself? Do I speak, and think for myself with sharp clear honesty? Or do I justify bad behaviours, give excuses, and enable bad habits? 4. How assertive am I towards other people? How assertive am I with myself about honouring my highest version of myself? How assertive am I with myself about honouring and respecting myself? 5. How do I treat myself when someone makes me feel bad? How do I treat myself when I’m in disagreement? How do I treat myself when I’m in conflict? How do I treat myself when other people are treating me badly? How do I treat myself when the situation is not serving me? 6. Am I courageous with myself? Do I allow myself to explore uncharted territories into the unknown that excite me? Or do I stay safe and comfortable at shore where I let fear keeps me at bay? How do my daily activities, time spent, actions taken mirror this? What about my thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and dreams? Do I allow myself to courageously explore? Am I courageously with myself in my exploration of my life? 7. Am I bold with myself? Do I trust myself enough to just go for it? Am I bold towards embracing new skills, activities, relationships, opportunities, events and situations? Do I take charge willingly and unafraid? Do I allow myself to be bold?
March 17, 2020
006. Become an Emotional Intelligent Leader | Sara McCabe
TUNE IN WITH YOUR EMOTIONS.  Sara is a leadership speaker, facilitator, coach and consultant. She believes that everyone can be a leader, and leadership looks different on each individual. What I love most about Sara is her positive energy, and confidence. Tune into this conversation with my dear friend, Sara while we nerd out on leadership! Takeaway Practices: 1. Emotional Awareness Practice: Call out emotions directly in conversation: “I don’t know why but what you said just made me feel upset”. 2. Conflict Resolution Practice: Explain the situation from the other person’s point of view. Find Sara's fun dances along with amazing leadership advice on instagram Find Sara on her website Follow The Inner Leader on Instagram @theinnerleader Subscribe to The Inner Leader podcast on iTunes & Spotify Feeling generous? Give us a rating for our show!
March 16, 2020
005. Building Authentic Confidence and Connection | Jacob Pace
OVERCOME INSECURITIES.  What if your biggest insecurities were gateway to building solid self-confidence? Who are you authentically underneath the social masks you may have put on? Why being vulnerable is your best bet on building deep connection with others! Tune in on this amazing conversation with Jacob Pace, the CEO of Flighthouse as we explore the effects of social media on our mental health, and the importance of having a self-care routine. This is a fun episode with lots of laughters, I promise!  Connect with us on Instagram at @theinnerleader Subscribe to our podcast :) And if you're feeling super generous, give us a rating!
March 02, 2020
004. Find Your Mission Through Life Adversities | Yzobel Biron
What are you currently struggling with in your life? Could this struggle be the force of change for you? How can you shift your perspectives so that you can see the situation with optimism?  What are some negative self-judgements that you have about yourself or your situation right now?  How can you release the judgement and move into growth? Yzobel and I explore these questions throughout this episode with you. Tune in to find out more! Yzobel Biron's mission is to empower women, creators, and youth through community building initiatives. She is the co-founder of IN. Communications Inc., a communications agency whose mission is to create social impact through relationship building. She's an advocate of empowering women in entrepreneurship, and is the founder of EmpowHer Events, an event series connecting and celebrating women entrepreneurs and freelancers in creative fields. She is also the co-founder of two additional event production businesses: Limitless Panel, a monthly event centred on love leverage, learning, and lifestyle, and Uncover Your Brand, an educational platform providing resources and connections to business owners, freelancers, marketers, and creators to accelerate their journey. She's built a social media following of over 12,600 people, utilizing her platform for self-development and business. She is a previous entrepreneurship mentor with Young Entrepreneurship and Leadership Launchpad Canada, a non-profit organization equipping young leaders for an increasingly uncertain future, and is an undergraduate at Simon Fraser University, specializing in Communications and Interactive Arts & Technology. Follow us on instagram @theinnerleader Give us a rating on Apple Podcast Ask us questions!
February 14, 2020
003. Live Your Purpose & Explore Your Highest Potential | Terry Sidhu
ELEVATE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Terry is a life coach and meditation teacher who's on a mission to e.v.o.l.v.e the human experience. He is here to help you realize what you are capable of.  This is a FULL episode - full of wisdom, inspiration, lessons and love. This episode is perfect for you if you are asking these questions: 1. What is my deepest truth? What is my purpose in life? 2. How do I take off the mask and show up as who I truly am? 3. How do I realize my highest potential? My favourite quote from this episode is, “When you’re existing in your dharma, your true self is coming out. That’s how you exist in the present state of mind. How you exist in this space we call life." 
January 28, 2020
002. How To Find The Right Mentor To Advance In Your Career | Grace Lanuza
Grace is the Founder and CEO at Grace Lanuza Consulting Group housing three subsidiaries Brand Apiary, Clickcruit and Pelota. She is also a Business Mentor at Young Women in Business, Forum For Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Leadership, and the Vancouver Board of Trade.  This episode is perfect for you if you are looking to find a mentor to help you advance in life and business but not sure who to ask, where to look, or how to begin. Grace shares insights and advice from over 20 years of business and leadership experience on how to find the right mentor, build a long-term relationship with your mentor, and lead by example.  My favourite wisdom nugget from this episode is, don't let age stop you from pursuing your biggest dream. Submit your questions for the show & follow us on Instagram:
January 20, 2020
001. How To Be A Leader Of Your Own Life | Kristin Constable
LEAD WITH AUTHENTICITY. Kristin is a Founder, CEO and Whole Life Leadership Coach at the Winning Academy. This episode is perfect for you if you are looking to become a leader of your own life and lead a meaningful life from a place of values. You will learn how to listen to your truth, connect to your deepest values and gain clarity onto your purpose.  You will learn the secrets of goal setting, the power of visualization to help you achieve your biggest goals in 2020. My favourite quote from the episode is, "When we’re not living on purpose it's because we’re not being true to who we are". 
January 12, 2020
Guided Meditation - How To Be Here With Your Emotions Lovingly
This guided meditation is perfect for you if you are going through an emotional time. It will teach you how to recognize and be present with your emotions and hold loving space for them. It will teach you how to honour yourself through it all, and realize that you are strong and capable of handling anything coming your way. It will help you deeply connect to your breaths and body.
January 07, 2020
Introduction | Welcome To The Inner Leader Podcast
Hello there, a secret inner leader! Welcome to The Inner Leader Podcast. I am your host, Lindssay Tran. This is an introduction to welcome you to the podcast and help you learn more about what we’re up to here! You can subscribe to our podcast on Spotify and iTunes at The Inner Leader. Submit your questions for the show at The Inner Leader Instagram account. Let’s connect on purpose!
November 15, 2019