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The Interpreters

The Interpreters

By The Interpreters
The Interpreters dissect the fast moving world of brands and technology to find the insightful, salient and ludicrous, for your listening pleasure.
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Growth Hacking v Marketing

The Interpreters

Growth Hacking v Marketing
In this, the second episode of The Interpreters, Nik and Bogdana wonder whether growth hacking is just a part of marketing but by another name, the discuss the specificities of a growth hacking mindset and end up agreeing that the world could use more of both. They also reveal the story behind the name of the Podcast which was created after the first episode got recorded.
March 15, 2021
The burden of digital data
Testing the waters of podcasting, the Interpreters, Nik and Bogdana discuss the avalanche of data for marketing, whether we're really that good at building data-driven brands and question the very relevance of the term.
February 25, 2021