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By James Dunne
James Dunne is a runner, coach and sport rehabilitation therapist, best known for founding the popular online running resource Kinetic Revolution. Best described as not having been blessed with a typical runner's physique, James helps listeners navigate their running journey, while he explores his training and running performance.
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Ep63: Prepare Your Legs for Running Downhill
Jun 13, 201810:02
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Ep63: Prepare Your Legs for Running Downhill
Jun 13, 201810:02
Ep62: When Did You Last Check Your Blood Pressure?
Jun 11, 201814:53
Ep61: Tina Muir on Learning to Run by Feel & Understanding the Effort Scale
Jun 7, 201813:42
Ep60: How to Estimate Your Sweat Rate. How Much Should You Be Drinking During & After Running?
Jun 6, 201809:02
Ep59: Running Form - Simple Tips to Increase Your Cadence
Jun 5, 201813:25
Ep58: My Pace or Yours? Training with Your Partner...
Jun 4, 201808:28
Ep57: Training Tips for Your First Half Marathon
Jun 3, 201816:36
Ep56: Build Running Strength with this Kenyan Hills Workout
Jun 2, 201807:50
Ep55: Three Lessons Learnt by Running Every Day in May
May 31, 201813:33
Ep54: Yoga for Runners - My Thoughts & Experiences
May 30, 201808:50
Ep53: Running Parkrun as Part of Your Long Slow Run
May 29, 201813:58
Ep52: June Running Challenge - Looks Like I Need to Find More Hills
May 28, 201810:04
Ep51: Road, Trail, Grass, Track... Where Should You Run?
May 26, 201808:28
Ep50: Hard Running Workout with Zero Stress on Your Joints
May 25, 201810:10
Ep49: Running Faster Over 40 & Staying Injury Free
May 24, 201808:29
Ep48: Give Your Running Variety with These Fun Training Sessions!
May 23, 201813:06
Ep47: How Should You Taper for a Half Marathon versus a Marathon?
May 22, 201807:07
Ep46: Five Tips for Creating Positive Running Habits
May 21, 201817:54
Ep45: How to Tell the Difference Between an Injury & Normal Post-Run Soreness
May 20, 201812:07
Ep44: Running on Dry Sand - What Happens to Your Legs?
May 19, 201809:37
Ep43: Holly's Journey from Beginner Runner to Half Marathon
May 18, 201820:10
Ep42: What Should Hypermobile Runners Focus On?
May 17, 201807:20
Ep41: Important Advice for a Runner with Shin Splints
May 16, 201813:01
Ep40: How's Your Running Pace Judgement? Here's How You Can Improve!
May 15, 201805:14
Ep39: Oregon Circuits - Running & Strength Work Combined
May 14, 201808:40
Ep38: Why am I Heavier the Morning After a Long Run?
May 13, 201809:35
Ep37: How to Make Treadmill Running More Effective
May 12, 201805:49
Ep36: Improve Your Running Economy - Plyometric Training for Distance Runners
May 11, 201808:34
Ep35: Calf Injuries in Runners - Don't Overlook These Factors
May 10, 201810:16
Ep34: Try This Before Your Next 5-10km Race
May 9, 201806:14
Ep33: Some Thoughts About Squats for Runners
May 8, 201805:31
Ep32: Upgrade Your Plank - Core Training for Runners
May 7, 201805:52
Ep31: Tips for Running Every Day in May
May 6, 201808:34
Ep30: Making Sense of Your Garmin Running Dynamics Data
May 5, 201810:46
Ep29: Important Tips for Beginner Runners
May 4, 201814:59
Ep28: Tempo Running Workouts: Three Sessions to Try
May 3, 201810:18
Ep27: How to Structure Your Running Warm-up
May 2, 201806:15
Ep26: What Marcus Sladden Learnt in Running 2:54 for His First Marathon
May 1, 201811:24
Ep25: Stretching - Good or Bad for Runners?
Apr 30, 201813:52
Ep24: How to Keep Your Heart Rate Low on Long Runs
Apr 28, 201806:31
Ep23: How to Choose Your Target Marathon Pace & Training Paces
Apr 28, 201807:49
Ep22: Teaching Physios to Analyse Running Form
Apr 27, 201806:33
Ep21: How to Shuffle Your Runs When Life Gets in The Way
Apr 26, 201806:33
Ep20: ITB Syndrome - Some Things You Need to Know!
Apr 25, 201813:29
Ep19: Load Management to Prevent Running Injuries
Apr 24, 201810:09
Ep18: Structuring a Return to Running Programme
Apr 23, 201805:31
Ep17: Running Q&A - Various Different Long Run Pacing Options
Apr 22, 201809:03
Ep16: Summer Speed Training
Apr 21, 201805:38
Ep15: London Marathon Expo & Running Awards Bloggers Forum 2018
Apr 20, 201814:57
Ep14: Hot Weather Marathon Survival
Apr 19, 201810:17
Ep13: How to Refocus After Your Marathon
Apr 18, 201808:22
Ep12: How I've Changed as a Runner & Coach
Apr 16, 201814:55
Ep11: Running Shoe Rotation to Help Prevent Injury
Apr 16, 201806:16
Ep10: How Long Should You Rest After Running a Marathon?
Apr 15, 201807:28
Ep9: Breaking in a New Pair of Running Shoes
Apr 14, 201805:00
Ep8: Don't Get Caught Short on Marathon Day!
Apr 13, 201807:42
Ep7: Exercises for Your Marathon Taper Weeks
Apr 12, 201804:35
Ep6: Winning the Mental Game on Marathon Day
Apr 11, 201805:05
Ep5: How I Lost 10kg to Run a Marathon PB
Apr 10, 201808:37
Ep4: Rotterdam Marathon Debrief - What I Loved & Learnt!
Apr 9, 201825:29
Ep3: Marathon Weekend is Here - I'm Ready for Rotterdam!
Apr 6, 201807:45
Ep1: Welcome to My New Daily Running Podcast!
Apr 4, 201802:37
Ep2: Simple Tip to Maintain Your Speed During Marathon Training
Apr 5, 201805:34
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