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The Jeremy B Hill Show

The Jeremy B Hill Show

By Jeremy B Hill
For those that are on the journey to become the best version of themselves, this podcast is to inspire, teach and give hope along the way. Stories from leaders that have “made it” and from those still on their path, Jeremy shares the realities of the journey of success and what it takes along the way.
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Episode 12 - The Vision For Long Term Success

The Jeremy B Hill Show

Episode 12 - The Vision For Long Term Success

The Jeremy B Hill Show

Episode 14 - Build Bigger & Build Better
Growing up in Southern California with a desire to work with and make an impact on business, Jeremy Holland has developed a reputation as one of the most respected people in Private Equity. No rich parents, no silver spoon, no Ivy League education just hard work and  commitment to learning and growth, he and his team at Riverside have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them build bigger and build better. We talk through his path to private equity, the difference entrepreneurs need to understand between debt and equity and those key traits that set successful leaders apart from others. Riverside Company  LinkedIn  - Jeremy Holland LinkedIn - Riverside 
July 29, 2021
Episode 13 - An Unforgettable Life
As one of the most renowned and exclusive jewelers in the country, The House of Molina has developed a near unparalleled reputation. Alfredo Molina has been the heart, soul and passion behind that reputation for over 30 years.  From humble beginnings in as a boy in Cuba to working today with many of the most exclusive and elite families in the world, Alfredo has sourced many of the rarest pieces in history. A endless passion for perfection and a love for people, Alfredo is truly a one of a kind. Website   Instagram   Facebook   Twitter 
June 06, 2021
Episode 12 - The Vision For Long Term Success
From growing up in Seattle to becoming one of the leading bankers on Wall Street for firms like Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers, Michael returned to Seattle with the vision to develop his Cascadia Capital into the leading investment bank in the Northwest.  His leadership, long term commitment to excellence and incredible team of leaders have now become known throughout the country as the team people trust with their lives work. #investmentbanking #seattlebusiness #CascadiaCapital #PNW #NYC #MorganStanley #UW #SPAC #podcast #leadership #familybusiness #cleantech #agribusiness #robotics Website - Cascadia Capital  LinkedIn - Michael Butler  LinkedIn - Cascadia Capital 
February 14, 2021
Episode 11 - Focused on Creating Value
Married with a young family and while in full time military service as a US Naval Officer, Ryan Hogan in a few short years created one of the leading entertainment brands in the country providing amazing immersive experiences for more than 100,000 monthly subscribers.  Ruthlessly focused on creating the best customer experience,  Hunt-A-Killer has developed a following around the world and was named Inc Magazine #6 Fastest Growing Company in the Country. Website  Facebook LinkedIn Instagram  Ryan Hogan 
January 30, 2021
Episode 10 - Investing for Lifestyle
We all have hopes of someday figuring out the work life balance. “How can I live the way I want to live without being consumed by working all the time?” Justin Donald has spent the last twenty-two years answering just that question. Entreprenuer Magazine has called him “The Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing”.  From early days growing newspaper routes as a kid, to leading national sales organizations his commitment to unlocking the key components of success in every aspect of business has allowed him to develop a process that creates wealth, without creating a job. That discipline in his personal investments drove enough passive income that Justin and his wife were able to leave their jobs in less than two years.  Developing his personal “10 Commandments of Lifestyle Investing”, he has now invested in over 100 companies, multiplied his net worth over eight figures and maintained a family focused lifestyle. Website    Podcast - The Lifestyle Investor     Get The Book  LinkedIn  Instagram
January 17, 2021
Episode 9 - Building An Elite Organization
One of the most exiting Entreprenuers and leaders in the country, Don has grown the DLP Family of Companies to one of the most recognized and well respected real estate firms in the country.  Recognized by Forbes, WSJ, Inc Magazine and others, his uncommon level of belief, paired with a commitment and discipline to investing in great people has delivered an a success that is equally uncommon.  Take note and pay attention, he is just getting started. #DLP #RealEstate #Forbes #WSJ #Inc #Belief #Success Links: DLP Real Estate Capital  DLP Elite  Don - LinkedIn  DLP - LinkedIn  DLP - Twitter  Get The Book !
January 01, 2021
Episode 8 -Don't Quit vs Don't Tell
On our own personal journey of success, often the biggest challenges we meet are from those closest to us.  What do you do when those closest to you don’t understand  how you keep going day after day ?
December 16, 2020
Episode 7 - Working Toward Things That Matter
An overnight success, twenty years in the making. From humble beginnings in Eastern Washington to being recognized by Ernst & Young as "Entrepreneur of the Year" and "One of the Top 100 Most Intriguing Entreprenuers" named by Goldman Sachs, Erik is a brilliant combination of enthusiasm and humility. Today his WestRiver Group is one of the foremost leaders in providing permanent capital to the global innovation economy. Focused on working towards “things that matter”and a belief that diverse teams make better decisions, there is no question about how he seems to have one success after another. #WestRiverGroup #WRG #TopGolf #SVB #Riverstone #SPAC #Investing #Innovation #SeattleBusiness LinkedIn  Website   Twitter 
December 07, 2020
Episode 6 - Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude
A big man with an even bigger personality, Sean has always pushed to find the best inside him.  From early on as “The Rockaway Flash” to providing executive protection services for several of the leading stars in film and music, he always knew he was meant to do more.  From that dream has come more than 40 roles in "One Life To Live", “Notorious", “Gotham", "Orange The New Black”, “Uncut Gems”  and two of the most watched shows on television with "The Family Business" and "For Life.”  His commitment to personal development has brought about confidence and energy that is infectious. #success #podcast #belief #UncutGems #ForLife #TheFamilyBusiness #ABC #BET #BET+ For More on Sean Ringgold: Facebook  Instagram Twitter Wiki
November 25, 2020
Episode 5 -Small Town Kid To Big Time Success
From growing up in small town in Idaho to managing nearly $6B in assets, Greg has always found that hard work, self discipline and patience was a tremendous recipe for long term success. Providing Alignment, Access & Experience near unmatched anywhere, many of the most successful and noteworthy families in the country have come to rely on Greg and the team at Caprock. He is without question, one of the best in the business. #Caprock #FamilyOffice #WealthManagement #SeattleBusiness  Linkedin   URL 
October 26, 2020
Episode 4 - Mental Pushups
A couple of weeks has become several weeks has become several months and is looking as though this may be a year or longer. The things in our lives that made us feel normal and have been put on hold. The affect of removing most of the human elements from peoples lives is having a greater than expected impact on their mental health and emotional well being. So how do you keep your head on straight during the covid quarantine election craziness ? Mental Pushups…….
October 04, 2020
Episode 3 - The Eye of The Storm
There are always reasons to quit. There are always reasons to try again later.  There will always be things in life that are trying to distract you or discourage you from the life you are working towards. No one said your goals would come easy. No one said it wouldn’t hurt at some point. Those that achieve the success you fighting for have learned to live among the chaos. 
September 21, 2020
Episode 2 - From Blue Jeans to Billions
Blue Jeans to Billions, yes really.  John Pennington has started 13 different business including one of the most successful families of private equity funds managing over $20B in assets. From attracting great people to building world class teams with a common goal, John and I discuss, business, partnerships and identifying opportunities in ever-changing economies. Belief - Persistence - Experience - Attitude =  Tremendous Success John is one of the good guys.  Thanks for sharing your story.
September 08, 2020
Episode 1 - Everything Looks Easy From The Outside
We all go through moments of inspiration where life leads to wanting to do more, serve more and become more. We watch as others succeed and think “ if they can do it, so can I “ or “it can’t be that hard”.  The key factor missing from most peoples success equation is persistence and execution. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to share some time with Jeff Pyatt, the CEO of Broadmark (NYSE:BRMK). Listen to his story of going from startup to struggle to success to going public this last year and ringing the bell on the New York Stock Exchange.  How amazing !! Thanks Jeff for sharing the journey with us.
August 27, 2020
Episode 0 - So It Begins....
A quick summary of Jeremy and his background up to today and the motivation to start a podcast to share with you !
August 16, 2020